Leva Life (2023-…): Season 1, Episode 1 - The Premiere - full transcript

As Nora, a journalist, experiences a sudden and intense stomach ache, an exciting career opportunity emerges. However, amid another episode of pain, Nora receives life-altering information that completely upends her world.

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Can you slow down a little?

- My feet really hurt.
- Doris!

- Are you pinching my butt?
- No, I'm not!

Doris, you get so damn handsy
when you're drunk.

- I don't!
- Hunting for your sugar baby!

No, stop it!

- What's wrong with you?
- Nora!

- Oh, God!
- Get up! You're too slow.

No, don't drop me!

- Wait, we've bought beer.
- Oh God, we're falling.

Some Philip guy. I may have
promised him an after-party.

- What? You're working.
- I know!

I know! I'm gonna drop you.

- Run!
- What the hell? Come on. Hello?

Because I'm size 36.

- You're not size 36.
- I promise I am.

- I have long feet.
- In Dubai maybe, not Sweden.

Guys, I'm panicking, it's so late.
I'm gonna oversleep.

Nora, wait up. I've bought beers.

- Who was he?
- Someone I talked to tonight.

He was nice,
I didn't want to be mean.

Oh, come on.

I didn't even know why
we were running.

Guys, seriously.

Look. Look at this.

- Wow.
- Seriously, take it in.

So beautiful.

Seriously, this is life.

This, right now, right here.
This is life.

This is... This is life!

This is life!


Nora, I need the blister bandages!

Hello? Are you asleep?
My feet are totally wrecked.

Hi. Here, don't go in there.

- Oh, thanks.
- I just threw up, so...

Oh my god, are you okay?

Um... Yeah, like, just hungover.
And so fucking late.

But, you barely drank anything
last night.

Goddamn fucking shit machine.


- Is that your breakfast?
- Mm.

- Nora, eat some real food.
- There's smoothie.

Have you sorted out the list
for tonight?

You're under my name.
I've got to go.

We'll meet you at five to,
or the line will be too long.

- Yes, love you.
- Love you!

Nora, hi.

- Hi, Dad.
- I was just on my way up to you. Hi.

Right, okay.

Sorry, did we make plans?

No, I just had a client meeting
nearby, so I thought...

You mentioned
you had a dripping tap.

I've fixed it. Thanks anyway.

- Oh. Good.
- I'm in a bit of a hurry.

- Okay.
- Yeah.

- Oh, yeah, your post.
- Thanks. It's just junk mail, so...

You don't have to bring it,
I can get it.

It's fine, I'm very happy to.
There's something exciting.

Here, look, from England.

Oh, you opened it.

Yes, I got curious.

I thought maybe
it was something urgent.

You haven't mentioned this.

It's just an expression of interest
kind of thing. Just for fun.

Okay, it's just you've studied
for awhile now, and...

you've got a pretty good job now...

- Pretty good? It's a tabloid.
- That's good, right?

But they might fire me
if I don't go now.

See you, love you.

Love you, bye!

Excuse me?

What does stipulation mean?

Google it?

Sorry, I have no idea.


I'm sorry, are you okay?

You look a little pale.

Yeah, um... it's just...

I was out late last night.

Oh, you were partying.

Are you hungover?

- I guess I'm a little hungover.
- Right. Party party.

- So that's why you're an hour late?
- Sorry, it won't happen again.

No. Okay.

It's really important to be here
for the morning brief.

I'll give her my notes.

Good. We're flexible but you can't
show up to work hungover.


I don't like telling you off.

It's just that I have...

- high hopes for you.
- Of course.

I messed up, I'm sorry.


The party I was at last night,

Molly was there with some guy.
I got a picture.

- What, she's got a new boyfriend?
- They were flirty at least.

Hang on. Here.

You can ignore me
in the picture but...

Oh... Wow, this is great!

This is exactly what I meant
when I said I have high hopes.

Great, Nora!

You know what, email that to me
and I'll send it to Tessan.

Shouldn't we check
with management first?

No, we can go with flirty.

Um... I'm just thinking
out loud here.

What do you know
about the new Petra Mede film?

Some new comedy that's premiering
today, red carpet, crazy guest list.

Petra Mede of course,
and that influencer, Nattis.

- Her name's Nathalie.
- She's got a small role.

Nathalie Eriksson?
We went to high school together.

That's great, then you've got an in.

Um... Here's what we'll do,
you'll do the premier tonight.

- But, I've kind of...
- That's Sara's.

Yes, thanks. And I've prepared
everything, questions, clothes...

Yeah, but we're giving
Nora a chance here.

It'll be punishment
and trial by fire.

- Punishment?
- You won't get any overtime pay.

It'll even out with being late.
Be on time!

What time tonight?

Go over the specifics with Sara.

- Did you have to be late?
- Work has to come first

if I want a permanent position.
What do I do?

Well, maybe tell your boss
you couldn't do it.

- Now your problems are ours.
- Yeah.

You get it's not the same
when you're not here.

I'll get you in, I'll go, then I'll
be back. It'll be really quick.

You're the best
but you're the worst at planning.

Maybe I should take over
Ranya's bachelorette tomorrow

if you're so busy.

- I've already planned it.
- It's fine.

You have to prioritise work.

I'll sort of the decorations,
the wigs.

You'll get the bubbles
but I'll sort out the rest.

Okay, fine.


- The line isn't moving at all.
- No.

If we'd been here on time
we might have been further.

Not Dad too.

- He'd freak out if I move to London.
- He'll get over it.

His face when he saw
the brochures...

Access for people on the list only.

What, you're on the list too?

Are you on the list?

Forty-year-olds are getting in.

- Thanks.
- Bye, see you later.

I'll be right back, see you...

Go on. Just make out with some
celebrity, I'll forgive everything.


Can I get a smile from both of you?
Thanks, you look lovely.

Nattis! Hey! You're amazing. Joey!

- Where do I look?
- I heard the movie's great.

- How was it working with Nattis?
- She's a real rising star.

- You think so?
- You do anyway.

He's just saying that
because I'm here...

I think so too.
Have a good night, thank you.

- Where does the press stand?
- Over there.

Hey, excuse me,
you're right in the way.

There. Dotter.

Excuse me, a picture.

- Oh, um...
- Bianca!

- Um...
- Bianca, where's Phillipe?

- Hey, look! What are you doing?
- I'm coming through here.

You recognise me?
We met in the kitchen.

- Yeah, I know.
- You can't be bothered googling.

And you can't close a fridge.

That's right. My name is Milo.

Oh, okay. Have you seen...

Hey! Dotter!

Have you seen Mede?
I need a quick quote from her.

A quick quote?
Are you in a hurry or something?

Yes. Or... no.
But, have you seen her?

You missed her,
she was here and left.

- Really?
- You look great!

Come on, check that fucking movie
out. It'll probably suck.

It was trashed at the screening.
I guess she doesn't want to be here.

But I got good pictures of her so
it'd be good to have some copy...

Yeah, um... Have you seen Nattis?
The influencer?

She went in with Joey.
They're wearing blue.

- Okay.
- Run! Talk to her.

Hey! What was your name?

Nice. Hey, guys!


- Hi!
- Nora! Oh my god!

- Congratulations on the movie.
- What are you doing here?

- Well, I'm working at...
- It's been ages.

When did we see each other last?

Crazy how time passes.

I don't even remember when I last
saw you. Come on, let's go.

I think it'll be great.

It'll so fun to see it.

You were always the best
in our school plays.

How sweet of you say.
That makes me so happy.


Okay, honestly,
the shoot was... chaos.

It was totally...
It was like a toxic vibe.

The director was so mean
to Petra the whole time.

He wasn't happy
with any of the takes.

We had to do them over and over.

One time,
instead of saying thanks,

he grabbed a banana and threw it.

Like, we'll throw that out.
So crazy.

- I just... It was chaos.
- Wow.

So good. Or.. not.. good.


But, hey...

My stomach feels terrible.

I need to...

Right, um...





Nora, are you in here?

Excuse me?

Oops, sorry.

- Hi, Victor Leksell!
- Hey!

Nora from "Allt sedan sist".
Oh my god, you look amazing!

Thanks, you too.

So, when's your next tour?

Tour, that'll probably be
after next...

Oh, no...

Oh, no?

I just mean that it's so far off.

- Oh, right.
- That sucks.

Oh, dear! Are you okay?

Yeah, well...

- Did you need anything else?
- No, what do you mean?

Oops, thanks, Victor.

What the hell are you doing?
What going on?

You getting it all out?

Are you okay?

Do you often have stomach issues?

Did you eat or drink
something weird?

Could you have gotten
a bit pregnant, maybe?

- Oh, God, I really hope not.
- No.

I think it's just stress.


I think it'd be best
if we took you in.

No, I have to work.
Do you think Victor noticed?

It doesn't matter.
You're in a lot of pain.

I'll drive you, my car is here.

I'm going to Duo later.

You're going clubbing?

Let's go, okay?

Thank you for being here,
but you can go home if you want.

My dad is on his way, so...

Did you go to Duo's opening?

Yeah. Well...

My friends are there, but...

You blew off your friends to go to
an awesome celebrity party instead.

Exactly. What a dream.

Sucking up to influencers.

What do you really want to do then?

I don't know.

Or... well...

I was going to apply for a master's
in foreign correspondence in London.


But what? That sounds amazing.

Of course you should do that.

Yeah, but you have to
have been employed...

Or permanently employed for at least
six months, so that's why I...

Okay, well, you'll get a permanent
position here,

do it for six months
and then get out as fast as you can.

Ow, fuck!

Is there anything I can do?

Hello? Can we have some help
over here?


Nora? Hey, are you okay?

They're going to help you.


They're going to help you,
it will be okay.

We'll look more closely at this,
so if you could print some more...

We'll look more closely at this,
so if you could print some more...

Right, um... I see why
you've been in pain, Nora.

You have a cyst
on one of your ovaries.

You'll have to stay the night
and see a specialist in the morning.

Stay? Am I...

Am I going to sleep here?

This cyst, it's... it's pretty big.

It's 12 by 14 centimetres.

That's about the size of a...
of a handball.

Unfortunately, we can't rule out
that it might be a tumour.