Les papillons noirs (2022–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Une Proposition Déterminante - full transcript

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[chaotic horn fanfare playing]


[horn fanfare intensifies]

[muffled screams]

[sharp thud]

[woman] No!

[sharp thud]

- [sharp thud]
- [woman gasps in pain]

[sharp thud]

[sharp thud]

[woman] No!

[woman screams]

- [music halts]
- [panting]

[Nora moans]

[Nora] Come here.


[gentle music playing]

[film projector whirring]

[film projector thunks, stops]

[engine idling]

[lock clicks]

[Albert straining] Oh, shit.

Jesus Christ, my back.



You want some?

[cork squeaks]

[Adrien inhales, exhales sharply]

[recorder beeps]

[tense music playing]

[bell tolling]

[Albert] We kept quiet.

All right?

- Ten years of construction work for me.
- [camera whirs]

And for Solange,

the sale of her mother's house
after she passed away.

A nest egg, as we say.

[cat meows]

- [woman] Because we love Marrakesh.
- [Solange murmurs]

- They're just so welcoming.
- [Solange chuckles]

They're completely different
from the ones we have here.

- Is the temperature okay?
- Yes, fine.


[Albert] It was a business.

Not one of those new downtown salons,
but... but it was ours.

[man] I just need a trim.

And no one here knew us,
the little bastards from the sticks.

- Start with the neck?
- Sure, go for it.

- I'd like the usual.
- Perfect.

[Albert] So she trained me.

And let me tell you a big secret. It...

It really isn't that difficult.

Or maybe I had a knack for it.

[gentle music continues]

[snipping sounds echo]

[cat meows]

[aftershave spritzing]

- So, what do you think?
- It's perfect.

- [man murmurs]
- Very good.


["I Want Your Love" by Chic playing]

[camera whirring]

♪ I want your love ♪

♪ I need your love ♪

♪ I'll share my dreams ♪

♪ And make you see ♪

♪ I'm really there ♪

♪ Your love I need ♪

♪ I want your love ♪

♪ I need your love ♪

♪ Just like the birds ♪

♪ Need sky above ♪

♪ Your love I need ♪

[Albert] A new life.

Simple, ordinary.

[song fades out]

Damn, life was good. [chuckles]

Life was so good.

The Black Lion is having a soirée.

Wanna go?

No, I don't want to see anyone else.

Just you.

[kittens mewling]

[tense music playing]

[eerie female vocals playing]

[mewling continues in background]

[kittens mewling]

- [water sloshes]
- [mewling stops]


[running footsteps]

[toilet lid thuds]


[spits, coughs]

She won't come. Let's go.

Just five minutes.

[Solange shivers]

- I'm not so sure anymore, Albert.
- Hold on.

Trust me, okay?

We talked about it. We agreed, didn't we?

We're fine the way we are, you and me.

And the salon?

Did you think about the salon?


It's... It's just us two.

That's all.

And no one else.

Look at other people, how it changes them.

They stop loving each other.

You know that's not what we want.

We want to love each other forever.

Always, right?

Say it.


Say it.


No one followed you?

- No.
- [woman] Come in.

[Solange sniffles]

[steam hissing]

You, help.

Come on, quick.

Now, lay down.

[Solange shivers]


- [woman] How long?
- Two months.

- [Solange coughs]
- Move down.

- [Solange] Is it going to hurt?
- [sighs]

[woman exhales] Leave us, please.

No, I'm staying.

[woman grumbles] No, you can't.

- Yes, I can.
- He stays.

[woman sighs]

[woman huffs]

[woman breathes deeply]

[metal tool scrapes, clangs]

[places tray]

[inhales sharply]

[clears throat]

[nervous breaths]

Well, you're here. Hold her!

[Solange breathes nervously]

[metal tool scrapes]



[screams, sobs]


[muffled screaming]

[muffled screaming and sobbing]

[muffled screaming and sobbing]

[upbeat pop music plays]




[Albert] August '72.

Our first holiday. Well-deserved.

[woman in crowd] I know.

[woman laughs]

- Let go! It's mine! Hey, don't pull on it.
- Oh, come on!

- You break it, I swear to God.
- [Solange laughs]

[winds camera]

[shutter clicking]

[whispers] Fuck!

This is nice.

Watch. Butterfly.


[Solange chuckles]

[camera winds, clicks]

- [whistling]
- [Solange laughs]

[man] Excuse me.

Allow me to introduce myself.

Steven Powell.

[bell tolls]

What's up?


Life is just one great adventure.

[bell tolling]

I insist that you at least
allow me to buy you lunch.

Come, we'll take my car.

- [laughs]
- [laughs] I don't know.

[psychedelic rock music playing]

[Steven] Well, come on in!

[Steven] Welcome home!

[camera whirring]

Rasoio. These are high quality.

Oh, what are you? A barber?

You a photographer, Steven?

[Solange chuckles]

Some champagne?

- Of course, some champagne.
- Well, of course!

[cork pops]

[Albert chuckles] Whoa.



Real man!

Ah, Castelbajac!

[Steven] Try it on if you want.

[Albert] There you go, there you go!
All of it! Last drop! Last drop!

- [Steven grunts]
- Come here!

[Steven laughs] Woo!

[Steven shouting]

[Steven and Albert shouting]

[all laughing]

[all sighing]

Oh, wow.

Oh, not bad.


[Steven sighs]

[Solange] Hold your glass like that.

- [Solange chuckles]
- [Albert] Wait. What are you doing?

[both laughing]


[Albert and Solange continue laughing]

[Albert and Solange laughing]

- [laughing]
- [Steven winds camera]

[camera shutter clicks]

[shutter clicks]

Oh, that's very good.

That death stare of yours?

I almost feel spooked.

Hey, kiss each other.

- [Steven winds camera]
- [laughs]

I'm not here, okay? Just...

Come on!

Let's make love here. Come on, now.
Love her to death. Come on.

To death.

- [both laughing]
- [shutter clicks]

[shutter clicks repeatedly]

Oh, man! Yes! [laughs]

There it is. There it is.

[shutter clicking]

Okay, stand up.

Oh! [laughs]

[Steven] Come with me. Leave your wife.

She's on her own. Look at her.
Right there. She's happy like that.

- Okay, you, hold this up there. Up there.
- Okay.

- [Steven] Ping, ping, ping!
- [Albert] Okay.

- [Steven] You understand "ping"?
- [laughs]

[Steven] Your wife is gorgeous,
you know that, Albert?

[blows] You got a special one.

All right, Solange. Come here.

[Steven] There you go.
That's it. Very good.

Oh, she could have a great career.

In exchange for what? Uh...

Some small sacrifices, of course, but...

[winds camera]

- [shutter clicks]
- [Steven] There we go.

[Steven laughs]
Yeah, that's it, like this.

This is great.

That's it.


Solange, go to the sofa and lie back.


[Steven] You are so gorgeous.

- Oh, this is sublime!
- [shutter clicks]

Oh my God! Okay.

Yeah, okay. Move your hand there.

With your hand like this. Like this.

Like this. Yeah, that's it. Okay.

[tense music playing]

That's it. Oh, thank you so much.

Thank you so much.

[Solange chuckles]

[Steven] Perfect.

[whispers] Perfect. Thank you.

[Steven moans]

- [Steven moans]
- [loud thud]

[shutter clicking]

[Steven] Just keep going with me.
Stay with me. Stay with me here.

[thunder rumbling]

[Albert seething]

[thunder clapping]

[tense music intensifies]

[breathing rapidly]

[thunder rumbling]

[Steven gasps]

[breathing rapidly]

[Solange gasps]

[Solange whimpering]

[Solange struggles]

- No!
- [Solange] Get off me!

[Solange squealing and struggling]

[Solange screaming]

[glass shatters]

[Solange screaming]

[Steven groaning]

[Steven wails in pain]

[scissors clatter]



[both breathing rapidly]

[Solange sniffles]

[Solange shivering]

[both panting]

[Solange sobs]

[Albert moans]

[both moaning and grunting]

[both moaning and grunting]

[both panting]

[ominous music playing]

There's only you.

Mrs. Mercier, early as usual.

Yes, always.

How was your vacation?

It was quite exciting.

- So, what would you like today?
- [scissors snip]

Could you believe what he did? That pig.

Just like all those motherfuckers.

[Albert] He got what he deserved.

Only I had to do the dirty work, okay?

That's what I would've told the cops
if they had caught me, but

they never did. [chuckles]


And now it's too late.
The statute of limitations is over.


I'm saying this in case you want to

bring the law into this story.

[Albert sighs]

But you do whatever you want anyway.
I don't give a damn.

'Cause I'm gonna croak.

And I don't give a damn about that either.

The only thing I care about
is finishing the story for Solange.

[Albert exhales]

I don't believe a single word of this.

I don't know who you took me for,

but you can find someone else
to tell your stories.

That's it for me. I'm done.

And I'm keeping the money.

You got a problem with that,
call the cops.

[door opens, slams shut]

[dramatic string music playing]

[parking brake clicks]





[dramatic music swells]

[dramatic music fades]

[pop music playing on stereo]

[clicks tongue] You are?

Well, at my place. Pleasure.

Surprise! Abi, Mody. Mody, Abi.

Now you two know each other, huh?

If you say so, Julien.

- How are you doing? [laughs]
- I'm well.

My really name is Abigail,

but everybody calls me Abi.

Abigail, you know, like in the Bible?
She's one of the wives of King David.

One of the four most beautiful
women in the world.

- If only they knew how right they were.
- [Adrien] Hm.

- How are you, honey?
- [Adrien murmurs]

Come on, you could at least
try to pretend you're happy to see me.

I mean, just from
a professional perspective.

[Julien] Because I have many writers,
but you only have one publisher, right?

- Hang on. It's not about that.
- [Julien laughs]

I'm happy to see you,
but you never come to Roubaix. [hesitates]

There something going on?

Oh, really... You really happy to see me?
'Cause it doesn't seem like it.


Oh, sit down. Come on.

[Adrien] All right.

[Adrien sighs] Okay. There, I'm sitting.

- Wine?
- Perfect.

[Adrien claps]

Well, now, uh,

what are you up to at the moment?

Because when you stop calling to whine,
it means something's cooking.

Just constructing and deconstructing.

Okay then, I suggest we jump straight

into the real discussion.

[taps cigarette]

I read it.

All right. [chuckles] What did you read?

[Julien] Well, The Story
of Albert and Solange.

By the way, you'll have to find
a better title, because... [chuckles]

...The Story of Albert and Solange
is not much of a title.

The Bastards.

Catchy. The Bastards, huh?

[Julien] Right?

Okay, fine, look.
Nora sent me the first chapters.

It's not the end of the world.

Fuck, I knew you'd make a fuss
if I said it was awful, but...

but I don't think so.

Adrien, it's incredible.

It's... It's beautiful,
it's forceful, it's romantic,

it's innocent, it's disturbing.

It's a work of pure... A pure Mody.
The comeback. Holy shit.

[Julien's voice echoes]
That scene at the beach. Fuck!

I got fucking blown away.

And I have a feeling you got something
in store for those little bastards.

I can just feel it when I read it.
I know you.

Focus on your work.

Also, I made some phone calls.
Henri can free up some cash.

- Stop your bullshit jobs with old farts...
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.


Be right back, okay?

Well... shit.

[seethes] He's such a pain.

- [door opens]
- [Julien] Could've been worse.

- Does he look all right to you?
- [door slams shut]


[exhales nervously]

[indistinct conversation in background]

[door opens]

What are you up to?

What am I up to?

What's up is, one,
you're doing things behind my back.

But that's how you do things now.
And two, I'm quitting writing that book.

- So stop with your little schemes, okay?
- What are you saying?

I stopped!
What's it that you don't understand?

- What do you care?
- But have you even thought this through?

You've been going downhill
these last years, believing in nothing.

Everything you do bores you.
To you, everything is shit.

And when you finally write
something great, and everyone tells you,

you're giving up again?

Please, Adrien, this isn't like you.

Actually, it's not about you.
It's not just about you.

It's about us. We're... We're stuck, okay?

Do you even realize that,
or are you just totally out of touch?

- Or do you just not care?
- [Adrien sighs]

Do you? Come on.

We've stopped evolving.
When that happens, we die.

It's just the law of nature, you know?


Do you understand, Nora?
I'm not writing that book.

[inhales sharply]

Yeah, but you haven't even explained why.
Please don't do that.

- When you were writing A Great Silence...
- Jesus!

A Great Silence was a fluke! You got that?

Everybody fell for it! Me most of all!

I want to go back to the way things were.

And what about... opening a bar?

We can enjoy life. How 'bout it?

Everything I was good at before,
everything that was easy, goddammit.


I just want to be the man
I used to be, you understand?

Before you got sent to prison?

Then choose, because the man
you were before? I'm not interested.

[door opens]

[door shuts]

I didn't think it was
going to turn out like this. I'm sorry.

Well, neither did we. Uh, what can I say?

We know how he is.

Better we get going before

we upset him more.

[door shuts]

- [Adrien] What are you doing?
- Oh, we're leaving.



[Julien] What... What are you doing?

Well, my publisher
has a new contract for me, right?

[tense music playing]

[keys jangling]

[loud thud]

[tense music intensifies]



[cell phone vibrating]

[vibrating continues]

[vibrating continues, stops]

[tense music swells, fades]

[woman on radio] And a new one
is gradually coming from

the northwest of the country.

- Some precipitation in the form of rain...
- [cell phone rings]

...currently along the Mediterranean region.

- Hardly any signs of snow.
- [phone beeps, ringing stops]

Only light snow in the Roussillon,

the Pyrenees, as well as the south part
of the Massif Central...

[radio audio garbles]

...will remain temporarily calm
before the arrival

of the next weather front
tomorrow arriving from the north.

[radio audio garbles]

- [static hissing]
- ...nothing but cool air...

[static hissing]

[hissing continues]

[brakes screeching]

[distorted feedback whining]

- [feedback continues]
- [window wipers straining]

[radio static hissing loudly]

[radio static fades]

[woman] ...throughout the course of the day,

this northern weather front
is going to spread across...

[radio cuts out]

[engine starts]

[engine revs]

Come right in, Adrien.


[Adrien] Hello.

[Albert sighs]

[recorder beeps]

[recorder clatters on table]



I mean, ready, uh...

I mean, ready to take it seriously?

[upbeat disco music playing]

[man] Four, five, six, seven, eight.

Go! Hey! Back.

[man] Hey!

Arms up high.

That's it. Now turn.

Now get down.

One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight.

There you go, nice and relaxed.

Let it flow.

Come on, let it flow.


[man] And smile! Keep smiling!

Very good!

There you go.

Come on, relax your body. Good.

- [stereo switches off]
- Bravo!

[man] It's not bad, it's not bad!

Try to be synchronized.

[sighs] Mainly try to be synchronized.

And you, look.

Move more. Gotta be like here,
let your hips move.

Come on, bam!

[man] Throw your hips, there.

Bam! Great. And arms up high.

There you go.

Don't be scared to be sensual.

Okay. [sighs]

- [man] Let's start again!
- [disco music resumes]

There are places around here
that only locals know.

For insiders only,

and I am an insider.


- Yeah.
- I love waterfalls.


I love waterfalls too.

Isn't that amazing?

There's the Monkey Waterfall.
It's magnificent.

A little piece of paradise.

I can take you there if you want, but

mum's the word.

'Cause it's the best kept secret
in the area.



All right, today. Why not? Two o'clock?

I'll pick you up
at the campsite entrance? How's that?



And mum's the word.

Because I'm the best kept secret
in the country.

[camera whirring]


And him over there.

What about him?

But... you're married, right?

You got a problem with that?

Uh, no. No problem, it's just...

He's great. He won't bother us.

It's not the Middle Ages.

We're liberated.

[man inhales sharply]

That's what true love is.

Letting your other half be happy.


[sighs excitedly]

Oh, how I agree.

I completely agree with you.


[inhales sharply, exhales]

["Sexe" by Line Renaud playing]


[car horn beeps]

[man] Hey there!

You look beautiful.

- [Solange] Let's go.
- Yeah.

[tense music playing]

[insects chirping]

[man groans]

[man sighs]


It's a ten-minute walk and we're there.

[man sighs]

[kissing and moaning sounds]

[man moans]

[Solange moans]

[Solange gasps]

[man moans]

[both chuckling]

[Solange moans]

[Albert] Hey, I assure you
they all had a chance.

[both moaning]

At this point,

they all could have lived.

And, actually, a few of them did.

A few of them cooled down, backed off.

They left and...


- I don't want to.
- [man chuckles]

Can we go back to the campsite?

What? [laughs]

Hey, hey! What's this about?

Get off!

- What?
- Get off me!

What the fuck? Who do you think you are?

- What do you think you're doing?
- Let go of me! I don't want to!

I said no! Do you understand?!

- [Solange screams]
- You think you can do this to me? Hey!

[Solange strains, screams]


[Albert] But all the others,
the majority of them,

the swines...


[screams in pain]

[Albert panting]

[Solange whimpers]

- [Albert grunts]
- [sharp stabbing sounds]

[Albert] If they knew now,

down to a split second...

[stabbing sounds continue]

[Albert panting]

One small decision.


[Albert] 1973.


[both moaning]

One less swine on this planet.

Jacky Denvers.

We'd find out his real name
in the next day's papers.

Delmas. Jacques Delmas.



[pulsing disco music playing]



[disco plays faintly on radio]

Hey, look. A couple of lovebirds.

He's my brother, not my lover.

[Solange crunches loudly]

- [Solange screaming]
- [hippie 1] Shut up!

Shut up or I'll show you!

You fucking...

[van door slides open]

[hippies groaning in pain]

[sharp stabbing sounds]

[hippies groaning]

[disco music continues]

♪ Love, love, love, love ♪

♪ Love attack
Love, love, love... ♪

[disco plays faintly on radio]

♪ Love attack ♪

[man screams]

[slicing sound]

[disco music continues]


Whoa, whoa, whoa! You're cool!

[man moaning]

[grunts, screams]

♪ Love attack
It's just love ♪

♪ Love attack ♪

♪ A little love, love, love, love ♪

♪ Love, love
Love, love, love, love, love ♪

♪ Love attack... ♪


[camera whirring]

[Solange screaming]

[Solange shrieks]

[man grunting]


♪ It's just love ♪

♪ Love attack ♪

♪ A little love, love, love, love
Love, love ♪

♪ Love, love, love, love, love
Love, love ♪

[both moaning]


[disco music playing faintly]

You wanna stop?

If you don't want to, then me neither.

[disco music continues in background]


[Albert grunting]


[Solange screams]


- [sharp stabbing sounds]
- [successive grunts and screams]


[disco music continues]

[deep moaning breaths echoing]


♪ Love attack ♪ [music fades out]

[bell tolling]

[Albert] The rest of the year,

we were back to our little life
at the salon, and...

- [Solange] Thank you, Mrs. Gallon.
- ...we liked it too.

- Here.
- No one noticed a thing.

That's all for you.

We had understood
the rules of the game, and...

See you in a month.

...we were playing it perfectly.

[door opens]

- Rule number one of the predator...
- [door shuts]

Blend in.

[tense string music playing]

[gentle music box melody playing]

[approaching footsteps]

[music box melody continues]


[melody fades out]

Now, did I know
back then when she... [sighs]

Had I realized
what she'd been struggling with?

Or was I just burying my head in the sand?
I don't know. I don't remember.

All I know is that
it couldn't have been otherwise, you know.

[Adrien sighs] Shit.

I don't understand
how you managed to get away with it.

That is, without an investigation.

- Didn't the police look for you?
- They did.

Every time.

The local police. [strains, groans]

But you know,
today you have DNA, you have...

They're called
special investigation units.

You see them on TV. The profilers.

Back then, they didn't exist.

But at the same time, nobody thought
guys like me existed either.

And obviously we weren't stupid,
which is why every summer

we headed out to a different area.

And we always tried to keep clean,
to clean things up a little.

But I think we must have
left prints almost everywhere.

But no, nothing.

Oh, yes. Yes, once.

It was close.

[sharp inhale] But wait.

I'll tell you just a little bit later.


In chronological order.

In chronological order, we said. [sighs]


Could you give me a photo of Solange?

I like putting faces to names.
It helps me write.


I don't have any photos.

No pictures. Nothing more of Solange here.


I'll tell you about that later.

I'm sorry, you'll have to
use your imagination.

[lighter clatters on table]

[Albert] But understand this.

I'm, uh...

I'm giving you dates, places, names...

[Albert] I'm describing scenes,
I'm giving you, uh, the details.

But that's not the most important thing.

What's most important

is what was going on in our heads.

And that is not something
that can be explained.

You have to have lived it
to understand it.

[somber music playing]

[Albert] And that's where
your talent comes in, Adrien.

It's your job to put it all into words,

to imagine it, to... to immerse yourself.

To feel it.

That's why I asked for your help.

[Albert, on recording]
Eventually, Solange got pregnant again.

Nature knows best.

Life always finds a way in.

She tried to hide it from me, but...

[Albert chuckles]

...nobody knows a woman's body
the way I knew Solange's body.

Would that be a life for a child?
Of course not.

You can look at it any way you want.

- I don't know.
- [knock at door]

There's boundaries, things you can't do...

- [door opens]
- [recording stops]

Come in.

- Hi there.
- How long have you been there?

Oh, ten minutes.
I didn't want to distract.

- It's coming along?
- Well, it's tricky.

I'm trying to immerse myself
in the context of the time.

- Yeah, I can see that.
- [Adrien murmurs]

[clicks tongue] Well, I'm off.
My taxi is waiting.

Where are you going?

I'm going to Zurich.
Flight leaves in two hours.

Wait, that's today?

I said it was tomorrow yesterday,
so, yeah, it's today.

[sighs] Going with Mr. Handsome?

- Yeah, that's right.
- Ah. Ah.

I'm sorry, okay? I'm really focused.

But that's what you wanted, isn't it?

Thursday is when I'm coming back,
so you'll have plenty of time to focus.

[deep sigh]

I know I've been a bit tense lately.

I'm sorry.

- It'll pass, okay?
- [Nora murmurs]

When I'm back, it'd be good for us
to have a talk.


Like a relationship talk?

- That's right.
- [grumbles]

Oh, I can't wait.

[departing footsteps]

[door slams shut]

[somber music playing]

[car door shuts]

[car engine starts]

[car drives away]

[lighter clatters]

[bottle thuds]

[Albert, on recording]
There's things you can't do.

Having a child when you kill people
is just not right.

So I convinced Solange,
and we went back to see the woman.

And after that, we carried on.


[phone keyboard clacking]

[line ringing]

- [phone line clicks]
- Mr. Morel?

Well, this is Jean-Philippe Durandeau
of the Department of Infrastructure.

I'm calling you because the department
is currently considering

a bypass for Route 405 by Kermolon,

and we are consulting the locals.

Yes, well, actually, I... Yes, yes, I did.

I managed to talk with one
of your neighbors this past week. Uh...

Mr., um...

Albert, uh...

His last name is Italian, uh...

Desiderio? Yep, absolutely.

An old man, right?

Oh, in his thirties?

Oh, okay.

[pen clatters]

[line ringing]

- [phone line clicks]
- Mr. Sarfati?

Well, hello. Jean-Philippe Durandeau.

["God Bless" by Hamza playing]

[music plays faintly on radio]

[music halts]

[engine stops]

[faint birdsong]

[Carrel sighs]


[ominous music playing]

[plastic crinkling]

[car engine revs, fades]

[plastic crinkling]

[ominous music intensifies]

[music swells]

[music halts]

[tense music playing]