Lehiyot Ita (2013–2021) - episodes with scripts

Noa Holander has it all, she's beautiful, she models, she acts for fun and is one of the richest women in Israel. Over the past two years, she has had a highly publicized affair with Pete Evans, one of Hollywood's biggest stars. He's handsome, he's successful, he's rich - it's all perfect. And then they break up. According to the tabloids, he cheated on her. Amos Dahari is a 28-year-old guy still living with his parents in their tiny, cramped apartment. He works at the family business - a combination mini-market and pita bakery. He spends most of his days in front of the oven, barely making minimum wage. When he's not working, he's busy getting an earful from Vanessa - his girlfriend of nine years - who can't wait for him to whip out a ring and propose to her. Tonight, Vanessa decides she's going to do it for him. They both - Noa and Amos - arrive at the same restaurant that night, the snazziest place in Tel Aviv. She's there to get over the breakup, and he's there to appease his girlfriend. They meet by accident in the bathroom, an encounter they'll never forget, which leads to a love story both surprising and bigger than life.