Law & Order True Crime (2017): Season 1, Episode 5 - The Menendez Murders: Episode 5 - full transcript

The trial of Lyle and Erik Menendez gets underway. Before the trial begins, Judge Weisberg grants a petition allowing the court proceedings to be broadcast on television.

These boys were
abused from the age of six.

I told Lyle I was sexually
abused when I was a kid,

and he told me he was
molested by his dad.

Terrified into keeping secrets.

Dad said if anyone ever found out
that something bad would happen.

What will I do?

You'll kill me. That's right.

They grew up with no sense of
feeling protected by their parents.

Erik and I killed our parents.

Dad was molesting my brother.

Mom, too. She molested me, too.

They were made to believe
that their parents would kill them.

What Erik said about
Uncle Jose, it's true.

Imperfect self-defense.

And do you believe them?

I believe in our case.

The trial of Lyle and Erik Menendez
gets underway in Van Nuys today.

Uh. Waste of money.

Didn't they confess? MAN
ON RADIO: Yeah, yeah.

The judge is Stan
Weisberg. Remember him?

Yes. He's the genius

who moved the Rodney
King trial to Simi Valley.

They say because it
was a shorter commute.

Yeah, lot of cops
live in Simi Valley.

That's right. The officers
who beat King were acquitted.

No big surprise to anybody.

Except to the people
who got caught in the riots.

I wonder how Weisberg
feels about teeing up the riots

just so he could shave ten
minutes off his commute...

With your permission,
Your Honor,

Court TV will broadcast
this trial gavel-to-gavel.

The public's interest
will be served.

The image of our nation's
courts will be enhanced

by seeing how Your Honor
conducts the business of justice.

We are not doing a public
service announcement here.

This is a trial involving
family violence

and extreme forms
of child abuse.

Some of our witnesses
don't want to appear

on national TV discussing
intimate personal details.

Your Honor, we have no
objection to gavel-to-gavel coverage.

Of course she doesn't.

It's not her witnesses
who'll be intimidated.

I filed a motion to have
their identities sealed

until after they testified.

And now you want to put their
faces on every TV in the country.

I'm sure Court TV can
conceal their identities.

No, no blue dots.

I want the camera out.

I'm concerned that the
camera and operator

will be distracting
to the juries.

Can't your client
hang one of those

department store security
cameras on the wall?

Well, if that's
their only choice.

Good. Petition is granted.

We're adjourned. Your Honor...

We're adjourned, Ms. Abramson.

We will reconvene in chambers

to hear defense counsel
present the legal basis

for their theory of the case.

Erik and Lyle were traumatized

by sexual abuse
by their parents.

Once they threatened to
reveal the abuse to third parties,

their trauma led them to have
a real but unreasonable belief

that their parents would kill
them to keep the abuse secret.

That's imperfect self-defense.

Come on. We've litigated
this case for three years

and now they bring up abuse?

True or not, Your Honor,
abuse can't be used

as a justification
for these murders.

If you instruct the jury

to consider imperfect

they could convict
these defendants

for nothing more than
Voluntary Manslaughter

or even acquit them.

That is up to the jury

when they hear our evidence.

Your Honor, I ask
you not to dismiss this

until we present our case.

Fine. Present your case.

But if you don't convince me,

I will instruct the jury to
ignore imperfect self-defense.

Jury selection begins on Monday.

And how do you feel
about Beverly Hills?

Seems like a ritzy community.

I'd like to live there someday.

Please tell us
what, if anything,

you know about Jose
and Kitty Menendez.

Well, they were rich,

and now they're dead.

Do you think you
could be impartial

even though you're married to Los
Angeles Deputy District Attorney?

Yes. I don't always
agree with my husband.

We'll take her.

We reject for cause.

Denied. And since
you're out of peremptories,

this juror is accepted.

Have you ever see
Erik's face on TV?


Have you ever
seen my face on TV?

No. Some people
would say you're lucky.

I'm striking this juror.

Your Honor, every time the Court
makes a comment about me, it's negative.

Have I offended the court?

You're being overly-sensitive,
Ms. Abramson.

Let's move on.

Easy. Just take a deep breath.

Opening arguments in the trial

of Lyle and Erik Menendez
are scheduled today.

Mom, why would you
say something like that?

Yes, I'm going to
raise a stranger's child.

So what? I married
a stranger's child.

I got to go. I got to prepare.

Yeah, love you.

She says I'll be
a terrible mother.

Laine knows that's
not true. So do I.

She thinks I'm
ungrateful. I'm not.

All her insults growing
up made me stronger.

Hey, tell me what you think.

Pam Bozanich will probably
wear something colorful,

to distract from the fact
that she's the Angel of Death.

What you doing?
You left out a comma.

Punctuation matters,
even in a speech.


What do you think?

Now the defense is ready.

I'm a screenwriter.

I want to soak up atmosphere
for a thriller I'm writing.

Too late, Dominick.

Only 12 seats for the press.

Second row, right
behind the defense.

Vanity Fair pulled
some strings, Bob.

Watch out, please.

Watch out, elderly person here.

Good morning, guys.

Oh, there's Pam.

Excuse me.

There she goes,
Cardinal Richelieu.

Morning. No, I'm sorry.

Excuse me. Oh, my.
Here comes the bride.

Leslie, any significance
to the white dress, dear?

White is the color
of truth, Dominick.

Try it on sometime.

Mr. Arnel, he's the
boy I told you about.

He came to show his support.

Who is Lyle talking to?

That's Norma Novelli.

She puts out a
newsletter for prisoners.

Lyle's writing
an article for her.

He trusts her.

All rise.

Please sit down.

Good morning.

Some of you may have noticed

that there are two juries
in the courtroom today.

The jury that will hear
Lyle Menendez's case

is sitting in the jury box
wearing gold badges.

Erik Menendez's jury is in the
front gallery with the blue badges.

They will move in and
out of the courtroom

according to which defendant
the testimony pertains.


I would like to
thank you in advance

for performing this
important civic service.

I'm sure all of you will
find this a rewarding

and interesting experience.

The evidence will be fascinating
and all of the lawyers are top-notch.

What is he doing,
pitching a TV show?

Now, the Court...

What is that?

The camera you
authorized, Your Honor.

But it's moving.

It's a robotic camera, sir.

It's being controlled
from down the hall.

Now the Court will call the case

of People versus Menendez.

Let us proceed with
opening statements.

Based on our evidence,

it will become apparent
that this murder was unlawful,

unjustified and
wholly premeditated,

and that but for a few mistakes

that Lyle Menendez
and his brother made...

This was almost
the perfect murder.

On August 20, 1989,

Lyle and Erik Menendez
killed their parents.

We're not disputing
where it happened,

how it happened, who did it.

The only thing you're going
to have to focus on in this trial

is why it happened.
And we will prove

that it was done out of fear.

Four days after the killings,

they went to Slavick's
Jewelers in Beverly Hills

and spent $15,000 on Rolex
watches and gold money clips.

It will be your job to decide
what kind of killing this is.

We intend to provide you

with the answer
to that question.

Erik will tell you why
he killed his parents.

Erik was the abused
son of wealthy parents.

He killed his parents
because he could no longer

endure the abuse
and had to stop it.

In doing that, he put
himself in mortal danger.

When he sensed that
danger was imminent,

his instinct to
survive took over.

Now, because his
parents were wealthy,

the prosecution tells you that
Erik and Lyle did it for money.

What do they say when
poor kids kill their parents?

During the course
of this fishing trip,

did it seem to you that the
family was enjoying themselves?

The boys sat at the bow the
whole trip, getting cold and wet.

I couldn't say they enjoyed it.

Didn't you tell police that the
family excitedly pointed to seals

playing in the water
to Mrs. Menendez?

That's right.

Thank you.

Seals? How adorable.

Ms. Abramson, I want no
more gratuitous remarks

in front of the jury.

Captain, who took this photo?

I did. Mrs. Menendez asked
me at the end of the trip.

Captain Anderson,
during this outing,

did it appear to you
that the boys were trying

to stay away from their parents?

They didn't talk
much to their parents.

They seemed... gloomy.


And afraid of their parents?

Objection. Withdrawn.

No more questions.

Blood and brain matter
were dripping from the ceiling.

I observed Mr. Menendez
at one end of the couch.

He had gunshot wounds to
his legs, thighs, torso and face,

and what appeared to
be a point-blank gunshot

to the front of his head.

What else did you observe?

Mrs. Menendez
was lying on the floor

between the couch
and coffee table.

She had gunshot
wounds across her body,

and what appeared to
be a point-blank gunshot

under her left eye.

People's Three.

Detective, please
open the packet

and describe its contents.

Women's size nine tennis shoes.

These are the shoes Mrs.
Menendez was wearing

when she was murdered.

Erik and I wanted to start
a multi-faceted company

that dealt in stocks,
screenplays, inventions,

you know, anything to
develop our status in society.

What classes did Erik say
he took at Beverly Hills High?

Uh, several, but a drama class I
believe is what you're looking for.

Did you have occasion
to visit Erik at his home

after the murders? Yeah.

About a week and a half after.

Just to make sure he was okay.

There was this
computer expert there

from San Diego with
his pregnant wife.

Erik said that Lyle had the guy

erase a family will
from the computer.

He said that the will cut him
and Lyle out of the money.

Did Erik discuss the
murders with you?

Yeah, he asked me,

"Do you want to know
how it happened?"

I said, "Yes."

He told me how Lyle
handed him a shotgun,

said, "Let's do it."

They went into the family room,

parents were on the
couch, and Lyle shot his dad.

Uh, and then he told
Erik, "Shoot Mom."

And Erik shot his mom while
she was standing up and yelling.

Did Erik say that he was
acting in self-defense?


That he was abused
by his parents?


He's lying. KURIYAMA:
Nothing further.

I know, honey. This is where
we take their case apart,

one liar at a time.

I take it,

Mr. Cignarelli, from
the way you're dressed,

that you're no wallflower.

You like attention, do you not?

Yeah, I guess so.

Do you like the fact there's a
TV camera on you right now?

No, not at all.

I'm dressed this way
because this is my future.


You tend to talk very
fast so try to slow down.

Now, you testified that
Erik confessed to you

a week and a half
after the murders.

You initially told police
it was on October 21st,

two months after the
murders, did you not?

The police told
me the exact date

was a week and a
half after the murder.

How would they know what
date Erik confessed to you?

I believe they
coordinated the dates

with when the computer
expert was there.

I guess they put
those two together.

So you're putting your story together
based on what the police told you?

No, I'm not putting
my story together.

There was no expert
at the house, was there?

Erik never talked
to you about any will.

You can twist my story all you
want, okay? I'm telling the truth.

Erik never confessed
to you, did he?

No, he did, okay?

That's why I agreed to
wear a wire in the first place,

to get him to confess on tape.

Did the police use threats
to get you to wear that wire?

No, they didn't threaten me.

So there was no
downside to wearing it?

No, the downside was I'm
doing this to my best friend.

Your best friend.

I'm done.

Hoohoo-hoo, oh, man,

those girls were even
hotter than the last place.

Not as hot as where
we're going next.

Hey, thank you for
all of this, Detective.

Ah, you boys need to relax.

You got a big day tomorrow.

Now, when you get on the
stand, just stick to the script.

Okay. Those defense
lawyers are sharp,

but three words will
get you out of trouble.

"I. Don't. Remember."


Let's go.

It's my time card from Boxer's.

It shows I worked a
shift on August 18, 1989.

Did you give Erik or Lyle
permission to use your driver's license

to buy two shotguns in
California on that date?

No, I did not.

Thank you.

No more questions.

Mr. Goodreau, you and
Lyle were close friends.

You shared confidences?

Uh, yes. Right.

In May 1989, over dinner
at a Chinese restaurant,

did Lyle reveal a
secret about himself,

Erik, and their father?

Um... a secret?

I'll be specific.

Did Lyle tell you that his
father had molested them?

No, he didn't.

But didn't you
tell Glenn Stevens

that Lyle told you that
his father had abused him?

No, I never told Glenn that.

The little bastard.

Ask him about
the Rand interview.

Mr. Goodreau, did you
ever have an interview

with a reporter on
tape in which you stated

Lyle confided that his
father had molested him?

Bob Rand was the only reporter
who interviewed me on tape.

And did you state on tape

that Lyle said he and Erik
were abused by their father?

I... I...

I don't remember.

I thought Goodreau
was my friend.

They're all turning on us.

What's wrong with us?

How could we have
friends like this?

They're just scared, Lyle.

The juries know they're lying.
- Come on.

Hold on, we need you
boys to get some rest tonight.

Can you do that for us?


We can refute Goodreau's
denial with Rand's interview tape.

But we can't use it in court.

It's never been made public.

We only know about it
because Rand played it for us.

There's no basis to
admit it as evidence.

Interesting testimony
today, Mr. Rand.

Yeah, interesting.

Too bad your Goodreau
interview was never broadcast.

Better do the right thing.

Everybody's glued
to it at the office.

Even the Japanese
Barbecue down the street.

Your reviews aren't good.

You defend rich brats,

don't show proper
respect for the judge,

and I don't at all get
why you keep petting Erik

and fussing with his sweater.

Everyone needs mothering.

Speaking of, does Sylvia know
you've been in touch with Sol?

Ira told her.

It's why that rejecting old
woman isn't returning my calls.

Mr. Goodreau, you and
Lyle were close friends.

This is Leslie.

Shared confidences?

- Thank you, Bob.
- Yes, right.

KCAL's number nine, right?

The possible perjury

in the sensational trial of
Erik and Lyle Menendez,

when prosecution
witness Donovan Goodreau

was asked about a
conversation with Lyle Menendez.

Didn't you tell Glenn
Stevens that Lyle told you

that his father had abused him?

No, I never told Glenn that.

Eight months ago, Goodreau
told reporter Robert Rand

a different story.

He told me he was
molested too by his dad.

And Erik was, too.

Now we got him.

And he told me he was
molested too by his dad.

And Erik was, too.

I don't know, maybe
he was just saying that

to make me feel better,
I don't... I don't know.

I'm sorry. Do you know
if he told anyone else?

No, but I told Glenn
Stevens what Lyle said.

Well, Mr. Goodreau,

would you like to amend
your testimony from yesterday?

Take a deep breath,
Mr. Goodreau.

I don't remember that interview.

Lyle never told me
he was molested.

So I never said anything
to Glenn Stevens.

Nothing further.

Donovan never told me anything.

It was the reporter, Bob Rand,

who told me about the
molestation and the massages.

When he was arrested, Lyle
gave you his gold Rolex watch

for safekeeping.

What did you do
with it? I sold it.

To pay for my trip back east.

In the months before his arrest,

Lyle bought you plane
tickets, meals, even a car,

is that right?

Yes. I managed his restaurant.

It was his responsibility
to pay for those things.

To pay for a car? What were
your duties at the restaurant?

I supervised five employees.

I took care of the payroll.

Defense's 39, a
copy of the resume

you sent to
prospective employers.

It says that you
supervised a payroll

of 20 restaurant employees.

So, you went from 5 to 20.

Yes, that was an

An embellishment.

Is that the same thing as a lie?

Sometimes it can be.

And is there anything
else on this resume

that is an embellishment?


Valedictorian at
Westminster School,

is that correct?

Not exactly.

So you were presenting
a false picture of yourself?

You see, at Princeton, we're
instructed to embellish a little bit.

To sell yourself.

So it didn't violate

any personal code of
honor that you have?

Or do you have one, Mr. Stevens?

Yes, I have a
personal code of honor.

And it probably violated it.

Thank you.

Nothing further.

Wait, don't tell me that.

The Board's accusing
me of giving her drugs,

threatening to put her
in a mental hospital,

and forcing her to have sex.

I never had to force her.

We'll answer the charges, Jerry.

But they're threatening to
revoke my license, Ross.

Relax. I'll handle it.

Oziel is the
prosecution's star witness.

This guy who is a menace
to the mental health

of the people of California.

If we are allowed to prove
the nature of this person,

his ethics, his total ineptness,

the jury will not believe
a word he has to say.

Everybody got that? Thanks.

This doesn't change
our plans one bit.

The allegations against
Dr. Oziel have nothing to do

with the testimony he's
going to give in this case.

Excuse me. Thank you.

In November 1989, Lyle
and Erik shared with me

a list of grievances they
had against their father.

It didn't include sexual abuse.

How did they
characterize the killings?

I laid out two kinds
of murder for them:

one premeditated,

involving a plan, a
job to be accomplished.

Or two, a
crime-of-passion killing.

Lyle and Erik
chose the first option

to describe their own crime.

A job to be accomplished.

Thank you.

Dr. Oziel,

from an ethical standpoint,

are you comfortable
being a witness

against former
patients in a case

where the state
wants to kill them?


In your resume,

you describe yourself
as a "sex therapist."

The term pops up many times.

"Sex therapist, sex
therapist, sex therapist."

And you list your
media appearances.

I assume you were speaking

about things associated
with sex therapy?

Probably. I don't recall
those appearances

because they didn't have
that much importance to me.

Enough importance to
list them all in your resume.

When you met the
Menendez family in 1988,

did you tell them that your license
was on probation at that time?

I don't remember.

The probation was for
unprofessional billing practices, right?

Technically, yes.

Let's talk about
your billing practices.

Four days after the murder,
you went to the Bel Air Hotel

to offer your condolences
to Erik and Lyle, is that right?

Well, yes, of course.

And you billed them
$1,300 for that visit.

Well, that reflects the
time I spent with them,

as their therapist.

$1,300 for condolences?

You testified earlier about
feeling threatened by Lyle,

that you and your family
were in mortal danger.

But instead of going
home to ensure their safety,

you went to your girlfriend's.

I wouldn't call
her my girlfriend.

Are you more
comfortable with "lover"?

I'll help you.

Defense's 43.

Is this a poem you wrote to
Judalon Smyth in January 1990?

I didn't write it to Judalon.

"For like a nymph she
strides from the forest

"At daybreak dressed in white

"When no other man
had truly known her,


So, girlfriend? Lover?

Fine. I was afraid that if
Lyle and Erik followed me,

they would find me with
my wife and children.

So instead you went to
Ms. Smyth's and put her,

based on what you told
us and her, in danger?

Erik knew where I lived.

They didn't know about
Judalon. I could hide out there...

How many days did you
hide out at Ms. Smyth's?

Several days.

But during that time,
on November 1st,

did you see patients
in your office?

I did see patients that day.

Eleven patients in your office.

Erik and Lyle certainly knew
where that was, didn't they?

You didn't really feel
threatened, did you?

You just said that to Ms. Smyth

so that she would feel
threatened... Objection.

Approach, Your Honor? Come on.

Ms. Abramson is putting

before the jury a legal
issue that's been resolved.

Look. This jury has a right
to assess his credibility.

We're not challenging
whether or not he was in fear.

We're saying he told Ms.
Smyth they were in danger

because he exploits people

by exercising
domination over them,

by putting them
in fear... I'm sorry.

By isolating them...

Do you want to do
this in front of Dr. Oziel,

because he's right here. Yes,
I don't care if he's listening.

Ms. Abramson,

move on from this
line of questioning.

And did you fail the law
school whispering course

because everybody can
hear your stage whispers.

Dr. Oziel,

isn't it true, rather
than being afraid,

you saw Erik's confession as
an opportunity for financial gain?

No, that's not at all true.

You don't remember
telling Ms. Smyth

in a phone call recorded by her,

"Judalon, there's 14
million involved in this,"

Fourteen million being the approximate
worth of the Menendez estate.

I don't recall making that statement,
but, you know, I might have.

Have you talked about writing a book
about your experience in this case?

Yes, I have.

Were you hoping to make
a lot of money off this book?

Was that on your mind? - No.

What entered my mind
was that being a witness

in a case like this
is like being on trial.

It's like this experience, actually,
that we're having right now.

Good luck with that, Dr. Oziel.

I'm done with this witness.

So now we've heard the
prosecution's whole case against you.

They haven't proven anything.

I mean, there was no testimony

about us hating our
parents or wanting money.

They're going with
the evil seed theory.

Their best theory is hatred.

I'm not a guy who hates.

We will get our
chance on Monday.

This weekend, we
want you boys to go out

and use the exercise yards.

Just work up a sweat.

Let's go.

I have to run.

I'm meeting the
birth mother tonight.

She's six months pregnant.

Six months?

At the rate we're going,
she's going to give birth

in the middle of the
trial. I thought of that.

Well, Leslie, I wish
you'd told me earlier.

How can you possibly handle
this trial and a new baby?

I can handle it.

Just like you did
when you had Lila.

Just like women have been
doing since God knows when.

Six months pregnant.

I remember when I
was six months pregnant.

I was not a happy camper.

It's going to be okay.

What if she's not in the best
frame of mind to meet us?

And what if she doesn't like us?

What if I say
something... You won't.

You don't know that.

She's ready to meet you.

All right.

Oh, sweetheart,
you look so beautiful.

They want to put
the parents on trial.

The prosecution used a
parade of pathological liars

to concoct a fantasy
about Erik and Lyle.

We want to talk about
what really happened.

Judge Weisberg, presenting a
history of the Menendez family,

starting with Jose and
Kitty Menendez's childhoods

is the only way to give
the jury a full understanding

of Erik and Lyle's abuse.

How can the events
from 40 years ago,

before the defendants were
even born, have any relevance?

If we get the chance, Lester,

we will connect the
dots for you and the jury.

I happen to agree
with Mr. Kuriyama.

The victims' teething
problems are not relevant.

You can start your family history
with the defendants' childhood.

Now I warn both of you ladies
that if you bog us down in minutiae,

I will cut you off.

Watch out, I'm gonna blitz you.

Ooh, little Erik, I'm so scared.

Oh, six. Aw.

That's a hit.


They're back in.

Kitty wouldn't kiss and coo
Lyle when he was a baby.

She didn't like Lyle.

She seemed to resent him.

Can you give us an example?

When he was two
and he was hungry,

she let him climb on a
chair, get on the counter,

and get his cereal.

Did she make a
move to grab the baby?


But when I did, she stopped me,

and she said, "Lyle
can fend for himself."

I didn't understand.

She once told me the boys
had broke her marriage.

How did you brother Jose
treat his sons in your presence?

He was brutal.

Once, when Erik
lost a tennis match,

he called him a sissy in
front of the whole crowd.

Defense's 52.

Do you know this photo?


Jose put Erik on a chin-up bar,

and left him there,
to toughen him up.

He thought it was funny.

Erik was terrified.

Who took this photo?


She thought it was funny too.

Ms. Cano,

do you think your
brother loved his sons?

I think he did.

You can love somebody
and still hurt them,

you know?

Uh, I'm not sure, Ira.

Yeah, I understand.

I will get there
as soon as I can.

I'll call you.

I love you too, honey.

Sylvia had a heart
attack. She's in a coma.

They don't expect...

The doctors don't
expect her to live.

It's too late for the red-eye,

but we can fly out first
thing in the morning.

Oh, I can't do that.

I have to be in court tomorrow.

There's important testimony.

It's too late to get
a postponement.

I can leave tomorrow night.

I tried, Tim.

She pushed me away.

She threw my father
out for another man.

She pushed everybody away.

This is more important to
me than I ever was to her,

and if she can't wait
for me, well then...

What else is new?

We were playing war in
a field behind the house,

pretending to hide
from the Russians.

And then this
helicopter, a real one,

suddenly appeared in the sky.

We got scared and
ran into the woods.

The Russians are
gone. They ran away.

Andy, does your dad
give you... massages?

No, my dad's not really around.

Do you think other kids get
massages from their dad?

I don't know.

My dad massages my pecker.

I wonder if that
happens with other dads.

My dad doesn't do that.

I can ask my mom.

No, you can't.

You can't tell anybody.

Did you tell your mom?

No, she'd get mad at Dad.

Massages are starting to hurt.

I want him to stop
everything he's doing to me.

You got to swear never to tell.

I swear.

I didn't really get what
he was trying to tell me.

I was too young.

Thank you, Andy.

Mr. Cano.

You didn't share this
story until almost a year

after your cousin Erik
was arrested, correct?

I promised him I wouldn't.

You love your cousin, don't you?

You'd say or do
anything for him?

Well, not anything, but I am...

Nothing further.

Redirect, Your Honor.

Andy, would you lie for Erik?

No, I wouldn't lie for him,

and I wouldn't lie for
anybody under oath.

I spent vacations
at the Menendez's.

I felt welcome there.

The whole family, the aunts and
uncles, were very special to us.

And did anything happen
to change your view?


When I was 15, Lyle
came up to the guest room

where I was staying.

I thought he wanted
to say goodnight.

Can I sleep here?

Why? Is something
wrong with your bed?

I want to touch you down there.

What did you say?

I want to play, like this.

Stop it, Lyle, that's not nice.

Me and Dad touch
each other down there.

What do you mean, down there?

Our penises.


Aunt Kitty. Lyle just told me...

It's weird. He said Uncle
Jose touches him on his penis.

You're making things up, Diane.

Lyle would never
say anything like that.

You should know better.

Come on, mister,
you need to get to bed.

It was never
discussed after that.

I convinced myself
that I was in the wrong,

but I...

I started noticing things.

There was never any warmth
between my cousins and their parents.

When Erik was 11, I
tried to give him a hug,

but Aunt Kitty stopped me.

She said...

He needed to grow up.
He was too much of a baby.

What other behavior
did you notice? All right.

I'm gonna end this line
of questioning right now.

Your Honor, this
is relevant to our...

I've heard enough
family minutiae.

Defense is beating
a dead horse here.

Your Honor, I move for mistrial.

The Court's comments
in front of the juries

are prejudicial
and inappropriate.

Motion denied.

Ms. Vandermolen,
you are excused.

Your Honor, I ask
that you reconsider.

Court will recess.

It's okay. Don't
you worry about it.

You know, Erik,
this is our life.

We had a dozen more witnesses.

Weisberg cut us
off at the knees.

I don't know if it's me
or the boys or the abuse,

but Weisberg has got a bug
up his ass about something,

and it might cost
our boys their lives.

What's wrong?

I'm sorry I got here too late.

It's okay. Mom never
regained consciousness.

She was so proud of you, Leslie.

I really think so.

You must be Leslie.
We recognize the hair.

We live across the
street from your mother.

Such a sweet lady.

Aw, thank you so
much for coming.

You're that lawyer,
the one from TV.

Well, how can you
defend those monsters?

Excuse me?
Killing their parents.

It's the worst thing imaginable.


Using your kids for sex,

warping them, destroying them,

destroying your
future generations.

That's the worst sin, lady.

You can't talk to
my wife that way.

My daughter can talk to
anybody any way she wants.

What's more, she's right.

Come on, kiddo,
walk me to my cab.

I missed you, Daddy.

I missed that voice
cheering me on.

Those people are
just ordinary Joes.

You know, I expect it from them,

but Weisberg's a judge.
He should know better.

He called it "minutiae."

Sex crimes, minutiae.

He's not making the connection

between the killings
and the abuse.

He's not the only one.

Did you read
Dershowitz's column today?

He called your defense
"The Abuse Excuse."

"A national abdication
of personal responsibility."

Just goes to show you,

being a Harvard professor does
not make you a human being.

What is that?

It came in the mail from
the adoption agency.

Handsome devil. Oh.

I feel like I want to call her.

Tell her how beautiful
he is. I wouldn't.

It's late. It'll sound like
you're checking up on her.

Write her a letter.

Or better yet, America Online
has an email service now.

We can set you two
up to write to each other.

Sounds like a
recipe for disaster.

I prefer talking to people.

Screw Weisberg.
Screw Dershowitz.

Once my boys take the
stand, everyone will get it.

They will see the connection

between the abuse
and the killings.

I will make them see it.

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