Law & Order True Crime (2017): Season 1, Episode 2 - The Menendez Murders: Episode 2 - full transcript

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LESLIE: Fifteen
shots from a shotgun.

There's only one thing that
can generate that level of anger:


José and Kitty Menendez,
sons Lyle and Erik.

Are the boys suspects?
Everyone's a suspect.

No one's been
officially eliminated.

My father's a
strong disciplinarian.

My mother was the
great tragedy in all of this.


This is my therapist, Dr. Oziel.

I heard the phone
ring. Was that your wife?

It was about a
patient, Erik Menendez.

JUDALON: The one
whose parents got killed?



What's wrong?


Hi. I am Leslie Abramson.

I'm here to see my
client, Roberto Lopez.

He was injured.

He's stable. He's out of danger.

Good. Let's go back to bed.

I want to see him.

She just said he's okay.

Come on, we're meeting the
adoption lawyer in five hours.

I want to get some sleep.

I need to make
sure Roberto is okay.


is this how it's gonna
be with the new kid?

You're gonna be the absentee
mom, like you were with Laine?


First of all, the new kid is
going to have two parents.

Secondly, you knew
what you were getting into

when you married me.

This is one of the things

you were getting into.

Thank you.

Ma'am. Yeah.

Roberto, honey, it's Leslie.

Oh, my God, look at you.


This man has been
laying here for hours

and nobody's washed his face?

He's all sewn up.

It won't do him any harm.

Fine. I want a bowl of water

and a towel, right now.

My goodness, I'm sorry, honey.

I'm gonna get you all washed up.

It's okay.

Oh, boy, look at you.

All right, I'm gonna
be very gentle.

I'm gonna make you look like
your handsome self again, okay?


LINEHAN: Lyle bought a
new Porsche, Erik a Jeep.

They bought watches,
clothes, stereos...

Maybe this is
how the rich grieve.

What about their alibi?

Movie. No ticket stubs.

We haven't located the
car they were driving.

A Ford Escort.

We need a break
from the police gods.

If you get one, page me.

And heads up, Mr. Reiner's
planning a run for state AG.

He'll need headlines.

We'll do our best.

Most of this spending is Lyle's.

He erased the computer
files about the will.

He seems to be driving this.

Older brother. Makes sense.

Tips from psychics.

Inquiries from
agents and producers.

Don't you have an agent, Les?


A call from a Donovan Goodreau,

New York area code.

Says he's...

Lyle's best friend.

Looks like we're
going to New York.



It's Lyle.


What's that asswipe doing there?

Just working on the
script. Lyle, I... I'm...

I can't stay here anymore.

I don't feel safe.
Erik, settle down.

Nothing will happen to
you. Come stay with me.

I'll get you on a redeye
on a private charter.


I'll take care of you, buddy.

So this is where
it happened, huh?

So how about it, chief?

How'd it go down?




You know, Uncle Carlos' friend
thinks we should invest in a condo.

Maybe in the Marina. Yeah?

But if you're gonna
live at UCLA...

I'm not going to UCLA.

I'm turning pro.

My coach thinks I'm ready...

It was Dad's dream.

I keep thinking of him,

sitting there, encouraging me.


He was yelling at you, Erik.

Sorry we didn't get
a chance to clean up.

We came right from the airport.

I didn't think you'd really
fly all the way out here

just to talk to me.

Nothing to worry about, Donovan.

We came east to talk to everyone

connected to the
Menendez family.

Well, I read about the
murders in the paper.

I tried calling Lyle.

He changed his number.
I haven't seen him

since I moved out
of his dorm last May.

How's he doing?

Is he okay?


Was that how you
met, in the dorm?

No. His girlfriend
Jamie introduced us.

I was at Princeton. You
know, money was tight.

I was sleeping in my truck.

Lyle let me crash in his dorm.

That was nice of him. Yeah.

We bonded because of our dads.

They're both take-charge
hardass types.

Lyle complained about his dad?

He was happy there was
2,000 miles between them.

I met his dad.

I went out to LA
with Lyle last Easter.

He actually prepped me.

Lyle and me kicked around ideas,

like a college circuit
for rock bands.

LYLE: Don't tell him that.

He knows the music
business. He ran RCA.

And give him a plan,
like a business plan.


My glass has been sitting here
empty for the last ten minutes.

My dad always gives
waitresses a hard time.

Yeah, my dad gives
everybody a hard time.

What about your mom?

Does she cut you any slack?

Look, you can't
repeat this to anybody.

My dad had an affair
that really hurt her.

She's turning
into a basket case.

I could kill him for
what he's doing.

I didn't make a big deal.

People say that
all the time, right?

Like, he'd just been saying

what a great guy his dad was.

People at his work said your
brother could be demanding.

Did you ever see
that kind of behavior?

José had high standards for
the people who worked for him.

The same standards
he had for himself.

What about at
home with his family?

High standards there too?

My brother didn't
coddle Lyle and Erik,

if that's what you mean.


Is Erik up?

Erik slept over last night.

Lyle, why don't
you come talk to us

while your aunt
gets Erik out of bed?

The ticket stubs for Batman?

I don't know where,
unless they're in the car.

Erik's car, the Ford
Escort? That one.

Is that one of the watches
you bought after the memorial?

Before the memorial.

You know, that was sort
of a reaction, to everything.



Erik and I are concerned that
things we think are unrelated,

we'd rather they not
get out to the press.

Nothing's getting out
to the press from us.

I read an article that
said my dad was shot

eight times from
three feet away.

Then my grandmother
reads this...

That's from the coroner, not us.

Like this stuff about
organized crime?

That's the worst thing
my dad could imagine,

to be associated with that.

I won't believe it
until I see something.

Well, that makes two of us.

ZOELLER: We're not
here to nail you. Yeah.

People think police are jerks.

Generally we are, but...

We're not gonna be with you.

I... I have a question
that I've wanting to ask.


If I would have gotten a gun
from my parents' bedroom

and walked out of
the house with it...

Which maybe I would've done

if I was in a different
state of mind...

What would the police have done?

Told you to drop the gun.

Not just shot and killed me?

Not after the
911 call from Lyle.


But normally that's
a pretty good way

of getting yourself killed.

You thinking about
hurting yourself, Erik?

No, no.

No, I was just curious.

Right. Yeah.

Um, have you
spoken to Jerry Oziel?

He's a psychiatrist.

No, we never heard that name.

I had to see him after
the Calabasas thing.

He... He had many meetings with
my parents. He'd be able to help you.

Well, you'd have to
give him permission

to talk to us because there's

confidentiality, but...

Okay. Yeah.


We got to go meet
Jamie and Kelly.



Don't wear that
while you're in LA.

Someone might steal it.

Really? Yeah.

Bad guys have
been driving around,

following people home,
and robbing their Rolexes,

selling them for $2,500.


Where can I sell
mine for $2,500?

Erik, don't forget
to call that doctor.

GERALD: No, you told the
boys they weren't suspects,

and I asked you to notify
me if they became suspects.

And now I find out you
named them as suspects

in a warrant application
for phone records.

You lied, Detective.

No more interviews
except through me.



Just got my wee-wee
slapped by Chaleff.

Well, I'm sure you deserved it.

Records show calls
to a Glenn Stevens.

He lived in the dorm with Lyle.

Lyle called him twice
the day after the murders.

LESLIE: Manslaughter
is a good deal, Roberto.

We hung this jury, but who knows
what the next one's gonna do?

Okay, Miss Leslie.

I trust you like family.

I'll take the deal.

Good boy.

The shyster lawyer.

You know, Abramson, I
still think I should kill you.

That you, Willy?

It's always a delight
to see you, pal.

Yeah, you too,
Goldilocks. Former client.

Threatened to kill me every
day if I didn't win his trial.

I got him a hung
jury. He walked.

Well, he doesn't sound grateful.

I'm not sorry. I did my job.

We're not gonna BS you,
Glenn. Lyle and Erik are suspects.

Not triggermen, but
maybe they ordered a hit.

Lyle's always telling me

about how brilliant his dad was.

Are you sure? No.

We suspect, but we don't know.

Okay, 'cause...

Lyle made me a partner in this
restaurant chain we're setting up, so...

In other words, you
got a good thing going,

so maybe you're
holding out on us?

What? No, no, I've told
you guys everything.

Well, did you know
he wears a wig?

He started going bald
up here in high school,

and his dad started
making him wear a wig.

How about that?

You seeing Lyle anytime soon?

No, him and Erik
went back to LA.

Hey, a reporter from the LA
Times called to interview me.

We don't mind.

Tell the whatever you want.

You know he's gonna shoot
his mouth off to the Times.

It's okay.

We can use it.


(GRUNTS) Our lawyer
said I can't talk to you.

I just wanted to give you this.

Today's LA Times.

Lyle's buddy, Glenn
Stevens, told some reporter

Lyle's a suspect.

A suspect? Why
would he say that?

Ask Lyle.

Everything okay between you two?

I got the vibe he
bosses you around.

You'd better go.

Keep it.

Glenn says the reporter
twisted his words.

He swears he told him
the cops think I'm a suspect.

Why would he even
say that to a reporter?

The reporter got him confused.

You know Glenn. He's
a dumb hockey jock.

Just calm down.

I can't. I can't stand it, Lyle.

People drive by the house,
looking in the windows.

No one's looking
through the windows, Erik.

It feels like it.
You don't live here!

You don't know. You're far away.

No one's going
to hurt you, Erik.

Just remember
what Dad taught us.

Master of our emotions.

"If I feel fear, I
will plunge ahead."

You're a Menendez.

You're gonna do great things.


When did he call?

Give me his number again.

Erik Menendez, sounds urgent.

Thanks, honey.
I'll be home soon.

Erik, it's Dr. Oziel.

I can see you first
thing tomorrow...

That works.


Everything will be
fine, Erik. I promise.

It sounds like a
severe anxiety attack.

Come in.

Have a seat, Erik.


Can we go for a walk?


I keep having this
dream I'm being chased.

I see my parents...

I think it would be
better if I was dead.

We did it.

We did it.


KIDS: Trick or treat!

I love your costumes.

Great costumes. KIDS: Thank you!

You're welcome!


OZIEL: You should
sit down, Lyle.

I want to talk to Erik alone.

He told me everything.

How you shot your parents.
Where you bought the shotguns.

Oh, God. Erik.

I had to tell somebody.
I wanted to kill myself.

I don't want to fight
with you, Lyle. I love you.

How much could you love
me when you trust a doctor

more than your own brother?

This is just great. We
have a very big problem.

He could go to the
police... OZIEL: I wouldn't.

The therapist-patient
relationship is confidential.

Excuse me. Erik.

No, Erik... no, no, no.

Hey, Erik. Erik.



Your tone is very menacing.

Now, I think you and I
should go back in and talk.

I don't have anything
to say to you.

Good luck, Dr. Oziel.

Laurel. Laurel.

Listen to me very carefully.

I think we're in danger.

A patient just made a
very troubling confession.

I want you to take
the girls to a hotel.

Leave the house
as soon as possible.

Do it.

I'm dictating this
session I had with Erik

and, ultimately,
Lyle Menendez...

Lyle, I'm sorry.

I just wish you'd
come to me first.

You didn't tell him, did you?

About that?




I'll figure something out.

Lyle Menendez told a friend

he wanted to kill his father
because he cheated on his mother.

Then there's the erased
will. This is all you have?

Look, these boys
aren't criminal geniuses.

If you hadn't treated them with
kid gloves, they'd be in jail already.

They will be,
Mr. Reiner. They better.

The McMartin case
goes to the jury next week.

After they convict, the
attention will be on this.

On you, Detectives.

On your success or failure.

No, I took those steps only to
protect myself and my family.

But I'm reassured that you
agreed to another session.

I want to help you
work out the issues

that led you to
kill your parents.

I don't want to work
anything out with you.

It could help if
you were arrested.

A record of our sessions
could show remorse, Lyle.

If you felt guilty about
the money you'll inherit...

This wasn't about the money.

Everybody thinks we
were this perfect family.

But we were a disaster.

How do you mean?
A disaster, Lyle?

I'm still having those
thoughts about hurting myself.

I want them to stop.

What we did to our
mom was horrible.

You told me she was depressed.

That she wanted to
end her life but couldn't.

In that context,
you did her a favor.

That's it. We're done here.


No, you know what, it sounds
like he's trying to blackmail us.

We need to make sure
he keeps his mouth shut.


Lyle, what are
you talking about?

Look, I'll talk to Mr. Chaleff.

Maybe he can deal with Oziel.

Look, that's crazy,
okay? I never said that.

You bragged at a frat party
that Erik confessed to you

and you were gonna
make millions off the story.

You said the same
thing to a tennis coach.

Look, I...

Erik told me how him and
Lyle shot their parents, okay?

But then he said, "It
could've happened that way."

So I didn't know if I should
actually believe him or not.

We need Erik on tape.

You're gonna wear a wire.


I do know what
you're talking about.

SERVER: Burger and fries.

Thank you. And the
swordfish goes here.

This spinach... This
spinach is mushy.

Do you have spinach
that's, like, spinach?


By the way, happy birthday.

I'm what, like, two, three days late?

Yeah, I had a
huge birthday party.

Me, myself, and my
brother. Really big.

I would have been there,
chief, except you didn't call me.

You missed the best part.

A healing Mass.

It was my aunt's idea.

A healing Mass?

Like with a real priest? Yeah.

No, he heals the soul.

He starts doing
this thing in Latin.

I went through a trance
for, like, ten minutes.

I could not open my eyes.

Then I saw this swirling
circle like this, and...

I'm going through
the center of it,

and then all of the sudden,
I saw my parents in heaven.

I was praying in front
of them on my knees.

I hope you liked the
new draft of the script.

Yeah. I'm just excited.

No, it's good.

It's really good.

Your parents would be impressed.

Yeah, I want to write
the story about that.

What about?

Kid kills parents, somebody
else kills kid's parents.

We dramatize it, completely
change the names.

You know, make it
about... You know what?

Don't even mess
with that. No, I know...

There's so many people
around saying, like...

"So-and-so killed
your parents," and...

I'm gonna find out. I'm gonna...

I'm gonna blow
the guy's brains out.

You already told
me you did it, right?

No, don't even mess
with that anymore.

You know I didn't
kill my parents.

There's no way
that I could have,

especially in the
way that it happened.

The police think it
could have been us.

Makes no difference to
me because we didn't do it.

Here, give this to the
waiter. I'm going to the john.

I guess that didn't help much?



For God's sake.



"I can't live without you"?

What kind of nonsense is that?

I can't be alone anymore.

Please let me stay with you.


At my house, with my family?

Please, Jerry.

Don't leave me by myself.

Next time I'll really do it.

Okay, okay.

Just stop, stop.

I'll call Laurel.

I'll... I'll come up with
something. Just stop...

Stop crying, stop crying.

Make me better, Doctor Daddy.

I've asked Dr. Oziel to conduct an
extensive psychological assessment.

Whatever you tell
him is confidential.

Your secrets are safe here.

OZIEL: Have a seat.

We'll hold three
sessions a week to begin.

Maybe more
later. I can't do that.

I have to be in Princeton
for my business.

Whether you attend or not,

it doesn't affect my fee.

Let's start.

I do feel sorry for her, Jerry.

Maybe a normal family
environment will do her some good.

But you have to promise me...

My interest in her is only

as a concerned mental
health professional.

Once I get her stabilized,

she'll move back
to her own place.

We're gonna miss the movie.

Have fun.

Bye, Daddy!

They're gone.


What's the matter?

I owe so much money.

I need $5,000.

You want me to make you a loan?

A loan?

You should just give it to me.

If you leave by the
end of the week.

You can't kick me out.

Don't you like
having me right here?

For you.

We can have all the sex we want

once you're back
at your own place.

If you kick me out,

I'll go to the cops
and I'll tell them

that Lyle and Erik
confessed to you.

Don't even joke
about it. You'll be killed.

The boys can't kill me

'cause they don't know who I am.

If you turn them in,

I absolutely would
tell them you did it.

I have an arrangement,

and you're not gonna mess it up.

You hear me?

Larry childproofed his house.

It's crazy.

You can really get carried away.

Can you leave
that there, please?

Can you turn the
volume up a little bit?

and Kitty Menendez.

So this is our nooner?

You, me, and the
Menendez brothers?

It doesn't add up.

These boys did not want
for anything growing up.

Rich greedy brats.

That's not what the
people who know them say.

Good athletes, good
students, polite, well-behaved.

People like that don't just wake
up and turn into Charlie Manson.

Their disconsolate
sons, Erik and Lyle,

are seen here
ushered in by family

shortly before the service.

Nice serve, Erik. Aunt Marta.

Noelle, this is my Aunt
Marta, the one from Miami.

Erik talks about
you all the time.

Nice to meet you.

Erik, can I speak
to you for a minute?

Yeah, yeah.

Is she new?

Yeah, I met her in Lake Tahoe.

Her parents are therapists.

She really gets me.

That's good.

Erik. Yeah?

I need to talk to you about
these bills from Dr. Oziel.

$7,000 just for
December? Just pay him.

Aunt Marta, he's really helping.

And anyway, we're
gonna settle the estate,

and everything'll
be great, all right?

All right!

Nice improvement
in the footwork.

Keep it up. Sure, yeah.

I'm starting to feel ready.


So Mark thinks I can qualify for
the Tel Aviv Open next month, and...

I don't know, I'd...

I'd really like you to
be there, if you can.

It's right in the
middle of midterms.


I wouldn't want to distract you.

My mom would be happy.

She was always giving me
deadlines to get a girlfriend.

REPORTER: The jury in
the McMartin preschool trial

found Ray Buckey
and his mother not guilty

of 52 counts of molestation.

The jury deadlocked
on another 13 counts.

A mistrial was declared.

We're retrying Buckey.

Pam, you'll lead
the prosecution.

Elliott'll take over Menendez.

You're taking me off Menendez?

Mr. Reiner, the police
think they're close to a break.

And frankly, retrying Buckey

doesn't seem like a
good use of our time.

Buckey's guilty,

and you're going to convict him.

That's my gal.

A retrial's a loser.

It's eye candy for the election.

It's time to show you're
a team player, Pam.



Did someone move the furniture?

Judalon did.

She said I had terrible taste.

But that's not all.

Tell your father
what she said to you.

She said that she was
having an affair with you

and that she was just
gonna take Mom's place.


That you and Mom are
gonna get a divorce...

Honey, that's not true. And
that she's gonna take care of us

because you and Mom
don't love us anymore.

None of that's true.

None of that's
true. We love you.

She's in the maid's room,
Jerry. I want her out now.

You lunatic.

They're lying. You're out!

Jerry, I can take better
care of you than she can...

Shut up! Take
your stuff and leave.

You can't do this.

I'll go to the police.

You do that,

and I'll be the least
of your problems.

Now pack.




What law firm are you with?

And how do you
spell her first name?

Okay. Can I put you
on hold for one second?

A lawyer representing
a Judalon Smyth.

Never heard of her.

Lawyer says she's
Dr. Oziel's girlfriend.

He says she heard
Erik and Lyle confess.

Sir. I'm Dr. Jerome Oziel.

This is my house. Dr. Oziel.

I'm Deputy District
Attorney Elliott Alhadeff.

We have a search warrant for
six audiotapes with information

on the murders of José
and Kitty Menendez,

including statements
taken by you.

We also want your
appointment books

and keys to any safety boxes.

Do you understand
what I just explained?

I'd like to make it clear
in no way shape or form

did I violate confidentiality
or know anything

about this search, as evidenced
by the state of undress of my wife.

I just want that clear.

(MUTTERING) That bitch.

How do you do?

I'm Lyle Menendez.

I'm developing a chain of
buffalo wings restaurants

near colleges
throughout the country,

and I'm interested
in your location.

You ready to go, buddy?


Police! Turn off the vehicle.

Here, hang on to it for me.

Keep your hands
where we can see them!

Put them up! Let's go! Out!

Get out. Get out.

Let's go! Let's
go, out of the car!

Stay put right there.

Lyle Menendez, you're under
arrest for the suspicion of murder.

In the vehicle. Watch your head.



Aunt Marta? It's Erik.

Where are you?

I'm in Israel for a tournament.

Listen, Aunt Marta, they...

They arrested Lyle.

And I have to go
home to surrender.

This lawyer, Robert
Shapiro, arranged it.

I'm flying through London.

I'll get you a flight
that stops in Miami

so Andy and I can
fly with you to LA.

We know you and
Lyle didn't do this.

Thanks, Aunt
Marta. I have to go.


This is Mr. Shapiro.

He arranged your surrender.

Just do what the
detectives say, Erik.

Erik Galen Menendez, you're
under arrest for suspicion of murder.

LYLE: Erik?

Lyle? Is that you?


I can't believe Shapiro
surrendered Erik

without preconditions.
This is a pill case.

When the boy flew
back through London,

Shapiro could have forced
Reiner to extradite him

from the UK with a promise
not to seek the death penalty.

Shapiro might've cost your
client his life. What a dummy.

Well, it didn't
occur to me either.

Look, I may have conflict issues
that are gonna push me off this case.

Each kid needs his own lawyer.

Jill Lansing can
step in for Lyle,

but would you consider
representing Erik?

I think it might be a good fit.

What's the evidence
against them?

Audio notes from a shrink.

Erik made admissions
during therapy sessions.

That's privileged. DA is
never gonna get those tapes in.

The DA seems to think they fall
under an exception to the privilege.

Hi, Erik.

I'm Leslie Abramson.

Thank you for
coming, Ms. Abramson.


I skipped lunch.

But I bought trail mix.

I know you're an athlete,
so you probably eat healthy.

Thank you.

I like trail mix.


I read that your father's
family is from Cuba.

It's an interesting
history, Cuba.

Cortés, you know,
the conquistador,

was the mayor of
Santiago in the 1500s,

before he went off to Mexico.

Yeah, I read about
that in my history class.

Do you like history? Yeah.

Yeah, me too.

So, um, Mr. Chaleff tells me
that you have been very upset

since your parents died.

Very upset about
your mom, especially.

She didn't deserve it.

You know...

It's all right, honey.

I know you're scared.

Whatever happened, Erik,
whatever you did or did not do,

I will not let you
get rolled over.

Do you understand
what I'm saying?

I will not let them
roll over you.


you want to tell
me what happened?

There you go, buddy.

Hi, Lyle. I'm Leslie Abramson.

Nice to meet you.

Trail mix?

So Erik and I had a good talk.

Are you gonna take our case?

If I feel I can believe in it,

I will do it.

No matter what,
there's a couple of things

you need to know
to protect yourselves.

You do not talk with anyone
but your lawyer about your case.

That includes those nice
deputies that brought you in.

They're not your friends.

Everything you tell them
goes straight to the police.

That includes other inmates.

Jail is full of informants.

Snitches, rats, all trying to beat
their cases by making yours, okay?

Erik said he liked
you. He trusted you.

I liked him too.
He's a very polite kid.


If I take the case, I
would represent him,

but I would want to lead
the defense for both boys.

Can you tell me
anything about Erik?

His home life with his parents?

Jeopardy dinners.

José used to quiz
the boys at dinner.

The Pershing is
a nuclear missile

that the Reagan Administration
wants to put in Europe.

But the Soviets
don't want them to.

Why not?

Why don't the Soviets want
Pershing missiles in Europe?

Because it's too
close to Russia.

Look at this.

Look what Erik is doing.

Don't you think this is sissy?

Don't you think it's
about time Erik grows up

and eats his whole meal?

This is what a
little faggot does.

He plays with his food.

Come on, José.

All kids are picky.

Go ahead, faggot, eat your food.

Two counts of murder
with special circumstances

have been filed against
Lyle and Erik Menendez.

A warrant was
executed to seize tapes

from a Beverly
Hills psychologist.

Isn't there a
doctor-patient privilege?

Not when there's a continuing
threat of violence to others.

What about a motive?

Well, it's been our
experience that $14 million

provides ample motive for
someone to kill somebody.

Thank you.

After a month's long
campaign of harassment

against these young men,

after violating their Sixth Amendment
rights and finding zero evidence,

the Beverly Hills Police
and the district attorney

gave up any pretense of legality

and invaded the privacy

of a person's relationship
with their doctor

by seizing the notes
of Erik's psychologist.

Based on this ill-gotten
hearsay evidence,

Erik and Lyle
are sitting in jail.

But it's worse than that.

Mr. Reiner, who wants
to be our attorney general,

is at war with the most
basic social contract we have,

the doctor-patient privilege.

Any one of us who sees a doctor, or
consults a lawyer, or confides in a priest,

a minister, a rabbi,
had better be worried.

Because Mr. Reiner doesn't
give a damn about your privacy.

Someone has to stop him.

And we will.

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