Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 8, Episode 9 - Choreographed - full transcript

A model is found dead. They learn she was poisoned. They focus their attention on her husband whom they learn has a temper, is a philanderer, and is in need of money which his wife has. They later learn that the husband of the woman he was seeing, was the one who did it. And they learn he did the same thing to his wife and she is dying. He could help her but because he's under arrest he can't, so they try to find a way.

(male announcer)
In the criminal justice system,

sexually based offenses are
considered especially heinous.

In New York City,
the dedicated detectives

who investigate
these vicious felonies

are members
of an elite squad

known as
the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

[crickets chirping]



Can't we go to your house?

My parents are home.

I want my first time
to be special.

What could be more special
than Central Park?

The Four Seasons.

[twig snaps]


[dog barks]
[girl screams]

What the hell?

Grab his leash!

What, boy?
What's wrong?

Nice timing, Marmaduke.

He's really wound up.
I know how he feels.

Hey, mister.

Is this your dog?

[gasping hoarsely]

Oh, my God.

Are you okay?
What's wrong?

Who did this to you?

[gasping continues]

I'll call 911.

Were you raped?

[gasping harder]

[stops breathing]

What'd she say?


When I asked
if she was raped,

she nodded her head yes.

And you didn't see
who attacked her?

Just his back.

He was running away.

Okay, well, you two know
you shouldn't be

in the park this late, right?

give 'em a ride home?

Sure thing.

Come on guys.
I'll take you home.

Three bags full, huh?

One's an ATM card
from the victim's pocket.

Name's Danielle Masoner.

Bank should be able to give us
her address. What else you got?

Receipt from Café Gabriel,

which is probably where
she got this.

A coffee cup.

It was on the concrete
a few feet from where she fell.

This is time-stamped at 9:18.

That's about an hour ago.

Probably the last stop
she made.


Our outcry witness says
she was raped.

No fluids.

But I'll run a kit.

She's pretty bruised up.

Put up a fight.

No scleral petechiae.

So we can rule out

The kids who found her said
she was gasping for breath.

Some scratches,

but no bruising
on her throat,

and no cervical damage.

So no broken neck.

Well, what do you think?

Woman goes for a walk
in the park with her dog.

Perp jumps out of the bushes
and attacks.

She has a coronary.

Literally scared to death.


Danielle's been modeling
since she was a kid.

Was the most beautiful woman
I ever saw.

Did she always walk the dog
alone at night?


She felt safe with Lucy.

I went with her
unless I was rehearsing.

You're an actor?

I run a dance company
called Radialus.

I'm the artistic director
and choreographer.

I'm gonna need
a recent photo of Dani.


I'm the only one
who called her that.

I'm sorry.


Take your pick.
[doorbell rings]

Oh, Wes.

We're so sorry.

Cops are here.

I'm Detective Stabler.

Glenn Cheales, hi.

This is my wife Naomi.

I was at rehearsal with Wesley
when you called.

Are you a dancer also?

No, they're the artistic ones.

I'm just a computer nerd.

So what happened?
Right now, we don't know.

Our medical examiner
seems to think

she might have had
a heart attack.

There was no coronary damage.

Then what killed her?

I don't know.

Well, there's gotta be
some explanation.

If she had
a seizure disorder,

maybe sudden death
in epilepsy?

Well, her husband said Danielle
was in perfect health.

I don't know.
She was a model.

Could it be drugs?

No needle marks,
and the tox screen was clean.

Rape kit?

Your witnesses must have
interrupted the perp.

Well, I'd like something
to tell Wesley Masoner

about what killed his wife.

So would I, Elliot.
I'll keep at it.

So you working this alone?


Where's Detective Beck?

Uh, Dani went back
to warrants.

You gettin'
another new partner?


They've run out.


Could it have been
an allergic reaction

to something she ate?

She was a model, Elliot.

The only thing in her stomach
was coffee.

That's me serving her
last night.

Danielle ever come
in with anyone?

Not that I noticed.

Who's that?

Local homeless guy.
Likes our coffee.

Loves our heat.

Seems to be eyeballing her
pretty hard.

He ever bother her?

No, she usually bought him
a cup of coffee.

Think he had
a little crush on her.


Some sleep and fresh eyes
would probably help.

Nah, I'm good.

You've watched that tape
a dozen times.

I just wanna make sure
I can ID him when I see him.

Where you planning
to look?

Well, there's a...

homeless camp in a tunnel
near the spot

where she was killed, so...

If you're gonna
stake out Central Park,

you take somebody along.

Well, you offering
to be my partner?

I'm not your type.


I don't know.

Maybe I'd have better luck
with a guy.

Women keep leaving me.

You may have
another chance.

Oh, Dani change her mind?


Olivia's back.


I'm a police officer.

I'd like to talk
to you a minute.

What's your name?

Put your hands
on the cart, please.

Put your hands
on the cart.

Do you have any sharp objects
or needles in your pockets?

What's the matter?
You're not gonna talk to me?


What's your name?

Is this how
you pick your prey?


[grunting and panting]


You beat up a guy

who can't talk.

He has a severe case
of Broca's aphasia.

What's that?

Speech disorder
caused by a stroke.

Mr. Keener's memory and
cognitive function are intact.

But he can barely
form words.

Well, if he can't speak,
how do you know his name?

Well, we've been treating him
here for two years.


What's he doing living
in a tunnel?

He was a successful attorney.

He lost his job,
then his insurance,

and he's been homeless
ever since.

After two years
on the street,

he perceives everything
as a threat.

Well, he attacked me.


The Halidol calmed him down.

You can talk to him now.

How am I gonna interview him
if he can't speak?

Is that you next to Danielle?


Is that a man or a w--

Okay, that's a man.

Is that the man
who hurt Danielle?


What color is his hair?

What color is his hair?

Is it black?

What's--I don't know
what that is.

Is it red?
How 'bout red?

Is it the color of my hair?
Is it brown?

Like that?

You here to give me a hand?

Well, Cragen called me.

After what you did
last night,

I've been assigned
to be your handler.

The guy pulled a knife on me.

Your hair.

Is it--is it--
the color, is it like mine?

Is it brown?


Shake, turn.


His hair is salt-and-pepper.


[groans louder]

[banging on board]



That's okay.
We're getting somewhere.

[continues groaning]


Broken arm.

Broken arm.

Coffee cup.

Coffee shop.

Coffee shop.


Okay, so the man
that we're looking for

with the salt-and-pepper hair
and the broken arm

you saw in the coffee shop.

So why couldn't Dani cut it?

Couldn't deal
with the victims.

But you liked working
with her.

She didn't have
to handle me.

How'd you like working alone?

I didn't.

Check out the guy who just came
through the door.

Looks like a bad break.


How'd it happen?

None of your business.

Yeah, it is.


I would never hurt Danielle.

She's one of my
closest friends.

How close?

Until a couple weeks ago,
I was living with her and Wes.

Why, you new in town?
No, no, no.

Born and raised.

My boyfriend and I broke up.

He got--he got the co-op,

and, uh, Danielle
just took me in.

So to thank her,
you took her out

for a cup of coffee
and a beating?

No, we met for coffee,

and out of nowhere,

she just had a seizure
and collapsed.

So you just let her die
on the concrete?

No, no, I ran for help.


You're a liar.

There was only one
911 call that night.

Why you gotta be so rough?

Because you still got
one good arm left to break.

You know, my partner's got

a real anger management

I thought he had it
under control,

but apparently,
I was wrong.

Well, trust me.

I've had a bad
couple weeks here.

He will break your arm.

All right.

I wanted to help Danielle,

but I didn't know
what to do.

I saw some kids
coming back with the dog.

I figured they'd call 911,
so I took off.


I was a little paranoid.
About what?

I might have had
a small amount

of recreational drugs
in my system.

You let your friend die

because you were high,
after this woman

took you in when you had
no place to go?

It was Motel Hell.

You see what happened
to my arm?

Her husband tossed me
down the stairs.

For no good reason, right?

I accused the bastard
of cheating on Danielle.

With who?

I don't know.

Well, then, how do you know
he was cheating?

I overheard them
having phone sex.

Did you tell Danielle?


Wes said he'd kill me
if I ever opened my mouth.

I mean, you see
what he did to my arm?

Did he ever threaten Danielle?

He told whoever he was
on the phone with

that he'd be
a free man soon.

I didn't think
he'd kill her.

Hi, there.
Can I help you?

No, no, no.
Stop, stop, stop!

Awful, terrible, crap!

Erica, go back to Baltimore,

where nobody cares
if you're two counts behind

and 20 pounds overweight.

From the top.

Mr. Masoner.

I'm surprised to see you
back at work after your loss.

Well, it's the only thing

that keeps my mind
off Danielle.

Look, I'll be right with you.

Uh, we're just about to take
a five-minute break.

No, you're gonna
take it now.

It's gonna be a lot longer.
We open next week.

Mr. Masoner, I'm sure
you can make room

on your dance card
for me.

I am not having an affair.

Not anymore.

You can only cheat
on the living.

I didn't kill my wife.

And I never cheated
on her.

Oh, her friend Steve
says you did.

He's a pathological liar.

With a broken arm
that you gave him.

When he caught you cheating
on Danielle.

He didn't catch me
doing anything.

I caught him.
Doing what?

Lines of coke
off my glass coffee table.

So he just fell
down the stairs on his own?

He tripped down the stairs,

in every sense
of the word.

[door opens]

Why does it come
as no surprise

that you started this interview
without me?

We were just consulting
with Mr. Masoner

about his wife's death.

Hoping he'll solve it
for you?

You can't even figure out
how she died.

We know it's a homicide.

Tarot cards?

Or did you call
the psychic hotline?

Are you through?
Yeah. You got nothing.

My client lost his wife.

And you've lost your mind
if you think he had

anything to do with this
senseless tragedy.

If you've built anything
resembling a case,

give me a call.

In the meantime,
give this grieving husband

time to mourn.

Well, that sucked.

Danquiss knows
we have no evidence.

We need the mistress.

What's Masoner's alibi
for the time of the murder?

Said he was at rehearsal
all night.

Well, let's check that
with members

of the dance company.

I already met one of them.

Naomi Cheales.

Mr. and Mrs. Cheales.

Detective Stabler.

And this is, uh,
Detective Benson.

Got a few questions
for you.

Come in.


That's a neat trick.

I built the system
for keyless entry.

I keep an RFID chip
in my wallet.

How's it work?

Radio frequency

One of my husband's hobbies.

Ask him about his robot maid.

Pretty soon, I'll be spending
all day at the spa.

Honey, better get this stuff
in the kitchen.

Ice cream.

Here, I'll help you.

Thank you.

Naomi's exaggerating.

It's not a robot.

It's just a voice-activated
vacuum cleaner.

You build gadgets, huh?

What's Wesley Masoner do
for fun?

What do you mean?

Well, we keep hearing
about this affair of his.

Who told you that?

Okay, so you knew
about it?


Glenn, come on.

Danielle was your friend.

Just tell me the truth.

I feel like I'd be breaking
the guy code of silence.

You'd be breaking the law.

Obstruction of justice.

Was Wesley cheating
on his wife?



Every time I saw them,

he was like
a love-struck schoolboy.

Sounds like
the perfect marriage.

It was.

They were a great couple.

So there's no chance

that Wesley ever cheated
on Danielle?


He cheated on her
all the time.

So there were other affairs.

Nothing like this one.

He said this one
was the love of his life.

And does this one
have a name?

Jen what?

I don't know.

Address, profession?

All I know is Jen.

So you get an affair,
I get a fairy tale.

Wonder what Dani
would have said?

The victim.


That's what--
I just said that.

Something bothering you?


Hey, here's
the contact list

for the members
of Masoner's dance company.

Any Jens or Jennifers?

Stage manager's name
is Geneva Dworkin.

I don't date guys.

And nobody ever
calls me Gen.

What's your name?


Was Wesley here
the night his wife died?

He's here every night.

He get any action
on the side?

In the aisles,
in the wings.

One time I saw him
up in the catwalk.

He always date women
from this company?

Every season, there's a new
wide-eyed ingenue.

[cell phone rings]
Current one named Jen?

I don't know.

Either he's being
more discreet,

or he's dancing solo.

Or he's dating someone
outside the company.


Do you remember if he took
a break that night?

Dinner break,

from 8:00 to 9:30.

But he spent it
in his office.

You sure about that?

Warner's got something
for us.

Oh, so you're recycling

old partners.

Welcome back, Liv.

What's so important?

Just Cause of Death.

Danielle's tox screen
came back positive.

You said it was clean.

For the standard drugs.

I ran a more comprehensive test.

She was poisoned.

With what?

A lethal dose of a chemical
called dieldrin.

It's banned in the U.S.

Was it put in her coffee?


Wearing protective gloves,

he probably rubbed it
on her skin.


I missed the dieldrin

because it was covered
by a bruise.

The poison causes bruising?

No, dieldrin induces
violent seizures,

which could explain
why your witness thought

Danielle was nodding yes
to being raped.

And why her clothes
got ripped up.

Can you tell when
she was poisoned?

No more than 30 minutes

before she collapsed.

That's around the time
she got to the coffee shop.

Pause it.

She's rubbing something
off her arm.


Poisoned just
before she came in?

Syncs up with the time
Wes was taking

that dinner break
in the office.

So he snuck out,
put the poison on her,

and got back
before he was missed.

Why not get a divorce?

'Cause there's no money
in that.

Hey, Liv.

I should've brought
some "welcome back" cupcakes.

I ran Danielle Masoner's

You don't have to be Heidi Klum
to rake in the dough.

Danielle Masoner made
a lot of money.

Paychecks from Vanguardienne,

These are
top fashion magazines.

She was making
over seven figures.

But Wesley Masoner's

dance company
can't make payroll

without a sugar mama.

Guess who that is?

Danielle Masoner.

Bankrolled her husband
for ten grand a month.

But her estate's worth
much more than that.

If she's gone,
he gets it all.

That explains why

my four exes never made good
on their threats.

There's nothing to inherit.

Well, except for your
Warren Commission memorabilia.

I'll call Novak,

see if I can get
a warrant to toss the loft.

You won't find anything.

I'd never hurt my wife.

You mean you wouldn't throw her
down the stairs

and break her arm.

You're smarter than that.

He's not smart enough
to get rid of these.

Got Neoprene gloves.

And dieldrin.

That's not mine.

I've never seen that before.

Why are you harassing me?

Hello, my love.

Sorry I'm late.

My cab was--


Or should we call you Jen?

Wesley didn't kill Danielle.

You two were doing
the mattress mambo.

You're covering for him.
He's not a murderer.

And you're not a liar.

Are you, Jen?

What's with the code name?

Wes only used it when he
was talking to my husband.


He, uh, got off
on telling Glenn

about our sex life.

I asked him to stop.

How considerate of you.

Who are you to judge?

You don't know
the first thing about me.

Well, I know you've been lying
to us for three days.

About an affair,
not a murder.

They're connected.

Your boyfriend's wife
is dead.

I was with him in his office
when she died.

He couldn't have done it.

Well, then, there's only one
possible explanation.

That you and Wesley
killed her together.

Naomi didn't kill anyone.

Neither did I.

How many times
do I have to say it?

Till you're blue
in the face,

but you're still going
to Attica.

I think I missed something.

How did you jump
from adultery to murder?

Same way your client did.

With the help of a poison
called dieldrin.

Vial under your sink.

You telling Naomi
you'd be a free man soon.

Damn it, I didn't mean it
like that!

Enough, darling.

Let's step outside.

You got the dots,
but you can't connect them.

Sure I can.
I've got the poison.

You can't link the dieldrin
and my client.

It's circumstantial.
Wife dead.

Rare poison found
under husband's sink.

I'll take that kind
of circumstantial

over three eyewitnesses
any day.

Convenient, though,
isn't it?

My client had never seen
that vial

until Detective Stabler
discovered it.

Are you saying
I planted evidence?

I'm not ruling it out.

You are a piece of work,

The dieldrin could have been
left there

by the previous tenant.

The Masoners only moved
into that loft

eight months ago.

Do juries always believe
these fairy tales

you make up?

Like I'm Tinker Bell.

It's a gigantic load
of crap, Stella.

Even for you.

Do you know something
I don't?

Did you find
my client's fingerprints

on the vial or anywhere near
the crime scene?

Didn't think so.

Bottom line is,
you can't put Masoner

anywhere near Danielle
at the time of her murder.

He was with his mistress.

Unsavory, unpleasant,
but true.

Now that your gang's all here,

I'll let you get
back to destroying

the integrity of our
criminal justice system.

Man, I tell you,
she leaves,

the room temperature goes
up five degrees.

Naomi swears that she
and Wesley were together.

It's gonna be
a tough alibi to break

if nobody saw them
leave the theater.

We have to tie him
to the dieldrin.

Warner said it's banned
in the U.S.

Wesley take any recent
European vacations?

No, but why go overseas?

These days, you can buy anything
over the Internet.

Let's see if Uncle Sam's
been watching.

I love to see
my tax dollars at work.

Homeland Security keeps tabs

on illegal chemical sales

They're cheap
and dangerous as hell.

They're an attractive weapon
for terrorists.

Have you ever heard
of dieldrin?


Killed a few
endangered species

and a farmer or two.

Been banned here since '87.

Well, is it easy
to get domestically?

Not even for a pretty lady.

Out of production
a long time.

But still available
to bioweaponry enthusiasts

on the Asian black market.

Or on the Internet.

Yeah, we recently busted
an outfit in Jakarta,

and we're moving
in on two more.

One in Bangkok,
another in Kanagawa, Japan.

Can you cross-check our suspect
with their shipping records?

Anything for you.


Wesley Masoner.



He's not
in the Jakarta records.

But we've got
MUIR databank access

for the other two.


Kanagawa's a hit.

Behind door number three
is one vial of dieldrin,

paid for by your man Masoner.

I'll print you a copy
of the shipping receipt.

[cell phone ringing]

It's Kathy.
Gotta take this.

Thank you for your help,
Agent Hellerman.

Yeah, you bet.

So listen, uh,

I got a wild idea.

How 'bout you and me--

Why don't you save
your energy to hunt terrorists?

Everything okay?

Dickey got suspended

for busting some kid's
lip open.

Oh, look at you,
glowing with fatherly pride.

Just glad you and Kathy
are still talking.

Do you have
the shipping receipt?

Yeah, right here.

Mr. Masoner.

Three weeks ago,
you became the proud owner

of a 2-gram vial
of dieldrin.

I never bought any dieldrin.

Oh, so you didn't use
your credit card

to order it?

And you didn't sign
for the delivery?

Well, somebody stole
my credit card.

Forged my signature.

Okay, we call this
the icing on the cake.

I didn't do it!

What the hell
is going on?!

Don't say another word.

For once, your lawyer's right.

I don't need a confession.

I have enough evidence
to put this down clean.

We'll see.

Danquiss will push

for Man 2.

Yeah, right,
using the Twinkie defense.

Probably extreme
emotional disturbance.

You think
the jury'll fall for it?

Not if you help me
line up witnesses

who'll testify
to what a creep Masoner is.

Well, that shouldn't be
too hard, huh?


May I speak with you?

I'll be up in my office.

What's up?

Well, I know this
might sound crazy

and, uh, a little paranoid.

But ever since
Danielle was killed--

I don't know, I...

Glenn, what's wrong?

My wife didn't come
home last night.

You think something
might've happened to her?

She didn't call you?

You know where she is?

She's here.


You need to talk to her.

Good call.

I figured she'd be
more likely to talk

if he confronted her.

How could you do this to me?

I felt smothered.

Why didn't you tell me?
I tried.

You wouldn't listen.

I love you.

You don't love me.

You--you want to control me.

They're not the same thing.

You're surrounded
by artists.

Talented people.

I've always asked myself...

[laughs softly]

why did you choose me?

Because I loved you.


But you never believed it.

I just couldn't take
your insecurities.

They pushed me away.

To who?

To Wes?

To your boss?

What, were you gonna sleep

your way to stardom?

I'm sorry.
Did you screw him in our home?

In our bed?

No, I would never do that.

Just shut up!

I don't wanna hear it!


Glenn, wait!

Oh, what a mess.

Naomi, look.

What you did is not
the worst thing in the world.

Things happen.

People fall in and out of love
all the time.

I thought Wes
would help me.

He said I could dance
two leads.

Every season.

I feel terrible.

I didn't want Glenn
to find out like this.

Naomi, are you okay?


You okay?



This is Detective
Olivia Benson.

She's not breathing.

I need a bus
at Manhattan SVU right away.

Here you go.

Oh, I don't drink
soda anymore.

Any other major changes
you wanna let me in on?

Well, you're the one
who traded in

your suits for jeans.

Maybe you should tell me.

I'm just trying
to stay comfortable.

So what do you think?

Wesley poison her?

Well, she's got the same
symptoms as Danielle.

we have stabilized

Mrs. Cheales,
but her condition may worsen.

She was poisoned, right?


She had Alpha-1
Antitrypsin Deficiency.

It's a genetic condition

that slowly eats away
at the liver.

She's been ill
for some time.

Is that why
she collapsed today?

No, her blood pressure

due to an infection
in her shoulder.

From what?

An un-sterile injection.

What kind of doctor
would do that?

Yeah, good question.

I excised this
from her shoulder.

I don't know what it is.

Uh, that's an RFID chip.

And I think we know
who put it there.

Naomi doesn't.

I asked her.

So whoever did this to her
must've injected it

while she was unconscious.

High-tech way of keeping tabs
on your cheating wife.

Guy invented a ho-jack.

If Glenn's been tracking Naomi,
he's known about the affair

for a while.

Computer geek like Glenn

can probably get his hands
on dieldrin.

Glenn framed his wife's lover
for murder.

If you don't install
the service pack on the cluster,

you leave the network vulnerable
to a back-orifice attack.

That must hurt.

Hello, detectives.

You don't look surprised
to see us.

Please don't make a scene.

I work here.

Not for long.

Glenn Cheales,
you're under arrest.

I didn't kill Danielle Masoner.

Oh, we'll get to that.

We're here about your wife.

What the hell
are you talking about?

Why would you implant

an RFID chip
in your wife's shoulder?

I was keeping tabs on her.

Keeping tabs on her?
She's a human being.

You're aware of that, huh?
Not a pet?

She was cheating on me.

That doesn't give you
the right to tag her.

RFID is the wave
of the future.

I'm just ahead of the curve.

In 15 years, everyone will be
implanted with a chip.


Where do I sign up
to opt out of that?

The backwards attitude
of a typical Luddite.

You're not even capable

of understanding
this technology.

(male officer)
It's simple.

This is an RFID
chip reader.

Glenn installed it
in a lock mechanism.

Yeah, he said it was
for keyless entry.

Well, it can also be used
to record

come and go times
if somebody's wearing a chip.

Or has one implanted.

This reader's only part
of the puzzle.

So what are
the other pieces?

Two more chip readers.

I pulled this one
from the door

at Wesley Masoner's loft

and this last one from the
entrance to the dance theater.


Each of these kept a record

of each time
Naomi went through a door.

He had her coming and going.

So how did Glenn get
the information

from the readers?

Wireless uploader
for travel data

on any computer or PDA.

This is Glenn's hand-held.

He uploaded her travel data
and analyzed her movements.

He knew exactly
when she was with Wes.

Technology's made it
easier than ever

to spy on anyone.

Family members,
even strangers.

Not everyone's a snoop, Munch.

Do you use spyware
to monitor your kids?

Do you?

There's no way my kids
surf the net

if I don't know
where they're going.

Yeah, you call it
concerned parent.

I call it Big Brother.

Glenn Cheales is not
a concerned parent.

He's a killer who tracks
his wife like cattle.

And now we have to link him
to Danielle Masoner's death.

You can't prove anything.

We can't prove you killed
Danielle Masoner, huh?

It's all adding up, Glenn.

We've got the RFID chip
from Naomi's shoulder.

You know, I smell
another murder charge.

What do you mean?

See, here's the problem
with these techie types.

They sing the praises
of new technology,

yet they have not a clue
what it really costs.

Would you two just tell me
what you're talking about?

Hey, what are you doing?

Let's go.

Field trip.

There's your RFID chip.

Your wave of the future
in action.

You didn't tell me
she was sick.

It's your fault.

You wanna play with needles?

You should learn
to sterilize them.

What's wrong with her?

She's septic.
Infection in the bloodstream.

Let me see her.

No, first you come clean.

You don't understand.
She has a liver condition.

We know all about it.

Start talking.

I'll tell you everything.

Just let me see her.

I've gotta make her

why I did it.


How long has this chip been

in my shoulder?

Three weeks.

One night, before bed,
I drugged your tea.

I never meant to hurt you.

Why did you do this?

I thought you
were cheating on me.

I was right.

Do you feel better?

I was afraid
I was gonna lose you.

I've never loved anyone
as much as I love you.

Oh, God, you're so obsessed.

You killed Danielle.

You don't understand.
No, I do.

You killed her
to frame Wesley.

And now
you've killed me, too.

Naomi, please.

I love you.

[heart monitor beeping]

[heart monitor stops]

(woman over P.A.)
Code Blue to 3 West...

We need a doctor
in here now!

What's happening?

She's coding.

Save her.
Come on, Glenn.

She's in shock.

I can't get a pulse.

Don't let her die!

Glenn, while Naomi's
still alive,

you're looking at assault.

You'd better talk now,

or you're facing
double homicide.

Now, if you don't confess,

there's nothing that we can do
to help you.

She's asystolic.

Open the line.

I got it.
I'm wide open.

I'm gonna need another
IV setup here.

Wes took the love of my life,
so I took his.

Charges over transport.
I'll get it to monitor two.

I killed Danielle.

Crank up the oxygen--at 100.

Let's go.

Come on, come on, come on!
We gotta get her to ICU.

Let's go.

Where are they taking her?
I've gotta go with her.

First you tell us
what happened

the night you killed Danielle.

I followed her.

Pretended to run into her
by accident.

Then I spilled some
of the chemical onto her arm.

Put it under Wes's sink.

The next morning,
after I met you.

Just tell me Naomi's
gonna be okay.

Glenn Cheales,
you're under arrest

for the murder
of Danielle Masoner.

Get the hell outta here.

Your captain told me
you'd be here.

I came to say, uh, thanks.

For bagging the right guy.

And screw you for putting me
through hell.

Hi, Glenn.

Did you try to kill
Naomi, too?


Get him outta here!

We can't have him leave
the hospital.

Come on.



Enough, enough.

He's a murderer!

Get outta here!

Get out of here.

What the hell
were you thinking?

I don't follow you.
Your procedure.

You took a suspect
to the hospital

to visit his wife?

Well, it worked, didn't it?
I got a confession.

Which may be thrown out
due to your coercive tactics.

Oh, no, wait a minute.

This isn't charm school,

We were leaning
on a killer.

You did more than lean.

Glenn Cheales is
in central booking,

beat to hell.

Elliot broke it up.
He took his time.

That is sloppy,
reckless work.

W-what's the deal?
You rusty?

Is this your first case back?

Hey, Casey,
you're out of line.

And what's your excuse?

Are you done with the
character assassination?

That depends.

You finished flushing my case
down the toilet?

Naomi's doctor just called.

Her liver failed.

How much time
does she have?

Without a transplant,

48 hours.

Is there any chance
of a donor?

Only if we let a killer
out of jail.

Her husband's a match.

They were tested
years ago.

He can donate a lobe
of his liver.

No, he can't.

Why not?

Because he copped to murder,

and you placed him
under arrest.

He's no longer eligible
to donate.

But he would have been

if you hadn't gotten him
to confess.

So how do we make this right?

You can't.

Not without a special

from the Corrections

You want me
to cut this guy loose

so a doc can cut him open?


Absolutely not.

This woman is going to die.

And the guy responsible's

in my custody.

Cheales isn't going anywhere.

But we're talking
about a trip to the hospital.

Not to Club Med.

Cheales is a murderer.

You wanna be one too?

Your actions determine

whether a woman
lives or dies.

There's no way in hell

that I can let him out
to donate an organ.

He's a-a flight risk.

Look, the guy's trying
to save his wife.

Inmate in Kentucky

wanted to donate
his kidney

to his dying son.

Minute he got to the hospital,
he ran.

Cheales will be

under constant guard.

Not with my men.

I don't have the manpower,

and I don't have the bucks.

Look, we will take
full responsibility

for transporting him
and guarding him.

That's very generous,
but it doesn't matter.

I allow this,

tomorrow I'm drowning
in requests

from every prisoner
in this system

to be let out so they
can donate their organs.

Naomi Cheales
is an innocent woman

with 48 hours to live.

You have the power
to save her.

Heard your surgery went okay.

Doc says she has
a good chance.

I can do my time,
knowing Naomi's gonna be alive.

Thank you.

I love you.

How you feeling?


Are those from Wes?

My mom.

Wes hasn't even called.

Take care of yourself.


Tell Glenn I said thanks.

Love's a bitch.

Tell me about it.

You know, we've been partners
all these years.

I don't even know
your blood type.


How 'bout that?
Me, too.

I'd give you a kidney.

Not if I gave you
mine first.

( wolf howling )

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