Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 8, Episode 4 - Uncle - full transcript

A homeless man is suspected of murder. As the case unfolds, so do Munch's family secrets.

(male announcer)
In the criminal justice system,

sexually based offenses are
considered especially heinous.

In New York City,
the dedicated detectives

who investigate
these vicious felonies

are members
of an elite squad

known as
the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

I was a block away
writing up a guy

for urinating in public

when I received
the 1054 to this location.

Who called it in?

Dispatch said
a concerned coworker,

Sean Darringer.

Male or female?

Uh, not sure.

He or she said Ms. Travino
didn't show up for work today.

Requested someone
check in on her.

It's not even noon yet.
It's a little early to panic.

Actually, it was too late.

Super let me in.
I found them in here.

There's more than one?

Gabriella Travino
and her daughter Illaria.

Raped and tortured
side by side.

You ever hear anything
this freaking sick?

What is that,
packing tape?

Wrapped tight.
No way to breathe.

He just looked at her face
while she suffocated.

Hands are bound.

Breasts and genitals

A sexual sadist gets off
on pain and humiliation.

Doesn't track that
he'd cover them after.

Is this how you found them?


They were both naked.

I was trying
to be respectful.

Got the sheets
from the linen closet.

She can't be
more than ten.

Got something in her fist.

come over here, please.

Detective, put on your gloves
and come over here, please.

Full rigor's set in.

That means he killed them
at least 12 hours ago.

Shouldn't we wait for the ME?


Hold her wrist.

Come on now, honey.

I know you got something.
Give me a dog tag.

It's a crucifix.

The monster's religious?

Little girl didn't pull it
off her killer.

It's her mother's.

She was reaching for her.
Must've grabbed onto it.

Maybe it gave her
some comfort.

She was praying for help.

It never came.

[siren blaring]

Where are we,
Detective Beck?

I just needed some fresh air.
I'll be fine.

I meant, where are we
on the double rape homicide?

No doorman, but it's
a security building.

Perp had to be buzzed in.

Not unless he lives here.

We've got a call in
to the landlord

for a list of
all the male tenants.

Or mom could've been
unlocking this door.

He comes up behind her
with a weapon.

Well, she's never taken
a self-defense class.

Doesn't know to do this.

She freezes.

Perp blitz attacks
her through the door.

Big risk of being seen
by a neighbor.

Not if he slipped in
behind her,

then attacked her
as she entered her apartment.

What do we know
about the victims?

Single parent mom.

According to the neighbors
she was quiet.

Had no boyfriends,
no frequent visitors.

Worked as a receptionist
at a law firm.

Criminal defense?

No, business litigation.

But...take a look at this.

A lot of hardware.

She was desperate to keep
someone out.

For a single mother
living in the city,

that's pretty
standard fare.

They don't look new.

But they do look

No sign of forced entry.

Which takes us back
to the likelihood

she knew her attacker.

Or maybe
the little girl did.

I can't imagine
the man who did this

ever being a friend
to either one of them.

Who was the primary target,
the mother or the daughter?

Vaginal trauma is
more severe on the child,

but that's due
to her prepubescence.

Every sick thing he did
to one he did to the other.

Any chance there's
more than one perp?

DNA would tell us,
but there's no sign of fluids.

He wiped them down
with bleach.

Knew enough
to cover his tracks.

This is not a beginner
we're dealing with.

He's probably already
in the system.

Good news is
the tape he used

is the same kind we use
to collect hair fibers

and fingerprints.

If he left any,
we'll find 'em.

Just so you know...

everybody loses it
their first kid case.

I'll get used to it.

When that happens,
transfer out.

No answering machine.

Metro Bell.

It's past due.

No wonder.

Gabriella didn't
make much money.

This is a pay stub

from the law firm of
Folsom, Young, and Klein.

Yes, I'm the one who called.

Gabby was so reliable.

I knew something
had to be wrong.

Was somebody
threatening her?


As Gabby found out
the hard way,

life can be short,
so why don't you just jump

to whatever it is
you're holding back?


Her daughter Illaria
was hospitalized

with asthma last year.

Gabby couldn't
pay the bills,

so they sent her account
to collections.

Collection agencies
hound you to death.

They don't murder you.

Isn't a firm this big
required by law

to provide
health insurance?

Gabby worked a 32-hour week.

she wasn't full time.

So they used a loophole
in the law

to screw her out of
her health care.

I felt bad, so I let her
borrow from petty cash.

How much she tap it for?

About 500 a month.

But she always repaid it

before they reconciled
the accounts...

which happens today.

Gabriella had to come up with
that money over the weekend.

How was she gonna get it?

I don't know.

She never took him
up on it,

but Gabby said her landlord

was always offering
to subsidize her rent.

She was a beautiful girl
living hand to mouth.

I offered
to do her a favor.

A favor is
when you help someone

without asking
for anything in return.

You offered a tenant
free rent in exchange for sex?

In America it's called
quid pro quo.

On the NYPD, it's called

Well, she never did me,
so no harm, no foul.

You sexually harassed her!

Hey, don't touch me
again, bitch!

Hey, look, why don't
we all settle down?

You never had a boyfriend
pay your bills?


You ever been married?

Larry, sit down.

So you banged a guy
for a few years,

and now you collect a big
fat alimony check, don't you?

My husband's killer
is doing life in Attica.

Maybe you would be
cell mates.

I'm gonna put this
in my locker.

[door slams]


So how much of a discount
did you offer

to have sex
with her ten-year-old?

No, no, I am no pervert.

Well, tell me, Larry,

do you have keys to every one
of your tenants' apartments?

Gabriella only
turned me down

because she found a sugar daddy
with deeper pockets.


Who would that be?
I don't know.

I saw them going
out the door

two Saturdays ago.

All I heard was,
"Outside the office

you don't have
to call me Mr. Williams."

Gabriella Travino
and I weren't dating.

He means no one
at his firm

knows they were
having an affair.

Yeah, they have that
pesky policy against it.

Think of
the potential liability

involving the power

Like an attorney
and a receptionist?

I'm a first year associate.

With my student loan debt,

he net worth was
probably bigger than mine.

Gabriella was
desperate for money.

She try to blackmail you,
Mr. Williams?

She never asked me
for a penny.

I feel terrible
about what happened,

but one of the partners
set up this match

with a new client
weeks ago, so...

Ask for a rain check.

You need to come down
to the precinct with us.

No, I don't.

I did go to law school,
you know.

Now if you'll excuse me.

Eh, just wait for him.

I'm not that patient.

And tennis bores me
to tears.

So, um, no chance of us
finding your semen

on any of her clothing?

[Williams running up steps]

It was flirtation.

Once. Once.

We had sex in my office.

Well, we got a witness that
puts you at her apartment.

A week ago.

She wanted me
to meet her daughter.

I took them on a picnic.

She told me she was
in love with me.

I'm 28.
It freaked me out.

How'd she take it
when you dumped her?

I never got a chance.

Picnic ended when Gabriella

saw a creepy old guy
hugging the kid.

Her kid, Illaria?

She and her friend
were handing out

our leftovers
to the homeless.

Illaria's playmate said not
to be mean to the old bum.

He's their friend.

What did you friend in the park
talk to you and Illaria about?

He never talked.

How often would you
and Illaria see him?

Every day.


We brought him food.

Why would you do that?

So he could eat.


If he didn't talk...

what would you do
with him?

Did he ever touch you?
Or Illaria?


Lupe, you know
that's not true.

He was hugging her.
You saw him do it.

It was just a hug.

That's how he said
thank you.

Could you bring us
to meet him?

It could've been us
this happened to.

You should round up
all the homeless

and lock them away.

We don't know that
he did anything, Mrs. Rojas.

You're not gonna
hurt him, are you?

No, honey, we just
need to talk to him.

Down here.
We followed him.

Sometimes he sleeps
in there.

You two wait here.

Anybody home?

Do we need a search warrant
for a cardboard box?

Believe it or not,
I think there's precedent.

But screw it.

It's full of rags.
[man coughs]

Sir, could you please
step out here?


Dani, Dani.

Take a look.

He doesn't fit our profile.

Even if he wasn't too old,
our killer's organized.

There's no way he could be.

Sir, it's getting late.

You're not allowed
in the park after dusk.

He's got blood
on his hands.

You hurt?



You got any weapons
on you, sir?

All right, we're gonna
search you for weapons.

Is that all right?

I think that's a yes.

All right.
Got any needles?

Sharp objects on you?

Box is wallpapered
with newspaper clippings.

All of them sex crimes.

And a lot of them
about kids.

Let's go.

Quite a collection
you got here.

"Dad trades
teen daughter for crack."

"Man wearing George Bush mask
pulls girl into alley,

sexually assaults her
Halloween night."

At least she assumed
it was a mask.

We never did
catch that guy.

"Prostitute contacts
police after watching

"customer's home video
of the rape of a child.

"Detective Elliot Stabler

of Manhattan SVU said--"

The search of Edward Hasker's
residence yielded

numerous videos of children
performing sex acts.

Did you save this article

because you're a fan
of my partner?

Or, um, were you a customer
of this child pornographer?

"Man injected
with HIV-tainted blood

at sex party."

This guy we got.
Real sadist.

Maybe you went to
one of his parties.

You into that?

Sexual sadism?

The sexually sadistic killer

suffers from
an overpowering compulsion

to inflict pain
upon his victims,

both physically
and psychologically.

It's not the act
of inflicting pain,

but rather the suffering
of his victims

that arouses him sexually.

Why do you have
all these clippings?

There's gotta be a reason.

Was there gonna be
a new clipping today?

About this little girl?

Where you going, pal?

Okay, let's take it easy.
Just take it easy.

You recognize that girl?

Girl from the park?

You trying to tell me
you don't remember her?

The little angel
who fed you sandwiches?

Who hugged you?
Who tried to help you?

You don't feel a little bit
bad about how she died?

Take a look at this.

Unlike the majority
of serial killers

as anger retaliatory

who typically commit
their crimes quickly,

the sadistic offender luxuriates
in the entire process

of murder and torture,

often drawing it out
for hours.

He is driven by fantasies.

He must totally
dominate his victims.

He rationalizes his actions.

He feels no remorse
or guilt.

And he is not moved
by compassion.

He is most likely a white male
from a middle class background.

He's cunning and accomplished
at deception.

He will save media accounts
of his crimes.

Look, pal, you're gonna
help us out here.

You've got clippings
from SVU cases.

All of them from Manhattan.

Now, why do
you have them?

Why do you have them?

[pounds table]
Say something!

I think...
[thunder and lightning rumble]

I-I think...

they tell me who I am.

Who am I?

You tell us.



I think...

I'm supposed to be here.


Because of Illaria?



Why her?

The victims were chosen
in advance.

The crime
was carefully planned.

In homicides,
victims are mutilated

for a variety of reasons.

For example, cut into pieces
to dispose of the body

or burned to conceal
the identity.

However, if the perpetrator
is a sexual sadist,

the autopsy will show...

The wounds were inflicted

40 cuts, and they felt
every last one of them.

Cause of death

Due to airway obstruction.

Tape came off
a roll like this.

Acrylic, two inches.

Much too common
to trace.

The tape was serrated
at both ends.

I think he used
something like this.

I bet we find one of those
in his rape kit.

Along with a box cutter.

I'd say that's what
he cut them with.

Tape, box cutter.
Maybe he's a mover.

I think he's a biter.

He made the cuts
in an X pattern,

but there are crescent-shaped
wounds underneath.

He bit 'em, then slashed
through the marks

to cover his tracks.

I'm working on recreating
the bite marks for you.

Let's go find a mouth
to match the marks.

You might be looking for
a guy with scratches on him.

Mom fought like hell.

Broke off two fingernails.

That must've hurt, huh?

You gotta keep this clean
or it'll get infected.

What happened there?

I don't know.

That's convenient.

Stop picking
at the scabs.

I'm just gonna clean it.

I won't lie to you.
This is gonna sting.

Guess he doesn't mind pain.

You enjoying that?

Listen, these clothes
smell real bad.

I brought you
a clean shirt.

You want to toss these out?
That okay?


You should change
the dressing tomorrow.

Try not to get it wet
if you bathe.

Not that there's a big risk
of that happening.

These are going
straight to the crime lab.

What's wrong with him?
Why isn't he talking?

Most likely
he has Alzheimer's.

If he's not demented,

he's doing a hell of a job
faking it.

Dani's all over the map
on the Travino case.

She's got a homeless suspect
at the hospital

and the victim's landlord
in the holding cell.

I thought the landlord's
alibi cleared.

She's holding him on
solicitation and coercion.

Hey, I'm being
unlawfully detained here

by some psycho
chick dick named Dani.

I'll send her
your regards.

She may be hot,
but she's setting you up

for a major lawsuit.

Hand him over to Vice.

Tell Dani that's not
what we do here.

Captain, phone company
sent over the Travino LUDs

and a CD of her phone messages.

Listen to this.

(computer voice)
Monday, 9:52 AM.

Hi, I'm calling about the ad
you posted at Meyer's Market

for a girls' 20-inch
Pink Princess bike.

I'd like to set up a time
to come and see it.

Gabriella was desperate
for money.

She was selling
her kid's bike.

Pink Princess bike.

Tells the perp there's
a little girl in the house.

Maybe he called
and got her on Sunday

and asked to come see it.

Normally cautious mom
buzzes him into the building,

unlocks her locks,
and welcomes him right in.

He finds a beautiful woman
and child all alone, attacks.

There was only a couple
of calls on Sunday.

This one's from a pay phone,
so we can't trace the user.

We could dust the phone.

He wiped off the bodies,
so he wiped off any prints.

He couldn't have wiped off
the ad at the market.

Herbal Viagra.
Lost cat. Car for sale.

There it is.
Pink construction paper.

"For sale,
girl's Pink Princess bike."

With Gabriella's
home phone number.

Only two tags are missing.

We know one is from the woman
who left the message.

And hopefully the other one
is from our perp.

Could you spray this, please?

[fingerprint duster spraying]

I can them all through A-FIS.
Got one pop.

Brent Allen Banks.

Sexual assault record.

For a rape and kidnap
he did 13 years ago

when he was 17.

While his parents were
out of town,

Brent lured a 15-year-old girl
to his apartment.

Tied her up.

Raped and tortured her
for ten hours.

She escaped naked,
covered in bite marks.

Why isn't he still in jail?

First offense.

He was sentenced to 14 years.
He only served seven.

Let's grab Stabler
and go pick him up.

Hey, crazy broad,

what's it gonna take
to get me out of here?

Who the hell
put you in there?

Her. She's nuts!

Keys, I need the keys.
Taylor, open this up.

You know him?

Yeah, we're old buds.

Not him.

What happened?

What are you doing
in New York?

What are you doing
in here?

John, I don't think
this guy knows you.

Who is he?

His name is Andrew Munch.

You locked up my uncle.

Well, that's great.

If you're Florida's
premiere retirement community,

I'd hate to see the worst.

How did my uncle
end up in New York?

Uncle Andrew, come back.

Hey, watch yourself.

This guy reeks.

Meet Brent Allen Banks.

Maybe you should put
a name tag on him

so you don't mix him up
with my uncle.

Yeah, well, they got me mixed
up with someone all right.

I'm just here
to clear things up.

Sit over here, Andrew.

Yes, I'm aware he wasn't
in assisted living.

Or nursing care.

He was in an independent
living condo,

in perfect health with
all his mental faculties.

What the hell did
you people do to him?

Uncle Andrew...

they say that
you told your neighbor

you were coming
to visit me in June?

Have you been here
for four months?

Out on the streets?

I don't know.

Don't you remember me?

I'm your nephew, John.


So, what's the profile?

He'll talk for hours
if you let him.

But will he admit anything?

Not on purpose.

He thinks
that he's too smart

to divulge anything

And he thinks
we're dumb enough

to tell him
everything we know.

Appear confident,
stay calm.

Try to suppress
any personal feelings

that you have
about the crime.

He's not gonna believe
we want to be his friend.

Then don't try to be.

That's just gonna cause him
to lose respect for you.

He loves attention,
so be patient.

You can't let him
push your buttons.

What did you two goons
do to my uncle?

John, he had blood on him.
Contact with the victim.

So you whip out your
collapsible torture stick

and give him a good whack
to the head?

John, that's not
how it went down.

Look, we'll talk
about this.

We gotta start
the interview.

The ER doc says
your uncle has Alzheimer's.

Well, doctors are idiots.

Last time I spoke to him,
he was all there.

When was that?

June 22nd, his birthday.

And your uncle had a collection
of crime clippings on him?

So they say.

Well, that's
a good sign.
Of what?

An active brain.

Buried somewhere
is the knowledge

that you work
for Special Victims.

You uncle was compulsively

clipping articles
involving sex crimes

because he was trying
to trigger that memory.

Could you take
a look at him?

Well, I'm just another
idiot doctor.

Thank you for your cooperation.

We just have
a few questions...

I have watch the beginning
of this interview,

but I'll be right in.

Tell us, where do you work,
Mr. Banks?

I'm an independent contractor
for a soft drink distributor.

You stock vending machines.

And I start
pretty early, so--

We know
you're a busy man,

and we don't want
to waste your time.

I appreciate that.

So if you could
just tell us one thing.

Have you ever seen
that ad before?



I don't have a kid.

Do you want kids,
Mr. Banks?

Not at the moment.

I want to be straight
with you, Brent.

Your fingerprint
was found on that ad.

How do you explain that?

I don't know.

Was it hanging in
Meyer's Market by any chance?

As a matter of fact,
it was.

Well, I was in there
this weekend.

I didn't notice
this particular ad,

but I did look at an ad
for a treadmill.

Maybe I touched the bike ad

while I was reading
the other one.

Andrew, can you tell me
what this is?

I don't know.

Just...take a guess.

What do you think
it's called?

A pen?


Now, Andrew, I'm gonna read you
a list of words right now,

and I want you
to listen real carefully.

Are you ready?

I don't know.

It's all right.
Just...just listen.





Can you remember
any of those words?

Sorry, I don't
remember the bicycle ad.

What's your favorite form
of torture, Mr. Banks?

Excuse me?

A lot of people like
to practice sadomasochism.

What is it
you like to do?

I'm not into S&M.

We all know
that's not true.

Maryellen Seaver has
the scars to prove it.

Remember her?

The girl you raped
and tortured 13 years ago?

Well, Mr. Banks served
his time for that.

It was seven years
in prison, wasn't it?

I was wrongly convicted.

We had consensual sex.


Yeah, that's right.

Maryellen had so many
bite marks on her body

doctors couldn't
count 'em all.


one man's bite is
another man's hickey.

Your uncle was misdiagnosed.

I knew it.

ER doctors have to
treat 'em and street 'em,

but even if they didn't,

it would take a trained

to distinguish what he has
from Alzheimer's.

Well, what does he have?

I gave him the mini mental
status exam.

Now, in Alzheimer's
answers might be paraphasic.

For instance, saying "penge"
for "pen,"

or "walk" for "watch."

And if they don't know
an answer,

they would
confabulate one.

But he didn't answer at all.

Well, it took
a lot of prodding,

but the few answers
that he gave were correct.

So what does that mean?

I think that he's suffering

from pseudodementia
of depression.

He's so depressed
he's demented?

His depression is so severe

that his neurotransmitters
are zapped.

He's nearly catatonic.


My father killed himself
when I was 13.

Andrew's his brother.

And look at him.

So, I suppose that means
someday I'll wake up

and no longer be the life
of the party.

Not necessarily.

Unlike Alzheimer's,

of depression is treatable.

With what?

If he started
on antidepressants,

he could be functional
within a week.

Uncle Andrew, what did
you do your bandage?

You gotta leave that on.

Dermatillomania is very common
with severe depression.

Derma what?

Compulsive picking.

But how did he get
the original wound?

I see this injury a lot
with the homeless.

When the weather gets cold,
they sleep on heating grates

to stay warm.

They get burnt.

I don't have any wounds on me
that I know about.

Would you consent
to an examination?

No problem.

Would you like Detective Beck
to leave the room?

I don't mind.

I've got nothing
to be ashamed of.

Why don't you come over here
and take a closer look?

I don't want you
to miss anything.

Better check the back.

Take your time.

Nice love handles.

I don't think so.

You must be seeing things.

How about scratch marks?

See any of those?

You can put your shirt
back on, Mr. Banks.

Anything else?

A few more questions
if you don't mind.

Anything I can do to help.

He didn't have
one scratch on him.

Maybe she didn't hit skin.

He on the other hand left us
three good impressions

on this gum.

Canine, premolar,
and molar.

I thought he'd never
spit it out.

Thank God he didn't
swallow it.

The deepest bite marks
were on Gabriella's breasts.

This my computer-generated
recreation of one pre-slash.

Looks like a match.

Enough to compel an order
for a full forensic cast.

I think you found
your guy.

Detective Stabler,
how's the world treating you?

Mr. Munch.

Please call me Andrew.

I'm here to drag
my nephew to lunch.

All right, well, I'll see
if I can find him.

In the meantime,
that's his desk.

Why don't you wait
for him?

Oh, uh...

I would like to pay my respects
to your beautiful partner.

Yo, Dani.
You got a visitor here.



Almost didn't
recognize you.


I've been on them
for ten days,

and I feel like
a new man.

Well, you look like one.


Listen, I, um--
I want to apologize--

No, no apologies necessary.

The man you met
ten days ago was not me.

The real me
you should get to know.

Maybe over dinner?
Say, in Paris?

Well, when I get to Paris

I'll take you up
on that, okay?

Excuse me.

I need to speak to someone
about Brent Allen Banks.

Will you excuse me?

Of course.

Please have a seat.

How can I help you?

My name is Maryellen Seaver.

Yeah, I recognize you
from your picture.

You were Banks'
first victim.

I read that his trial
is coming up.

I'd like to testify.

We really appreciate that.

But I don't think
the judge will let you.

No, I have to.

I was supposed to face him
in court 13 years ago,

but I couldn't.

They made a deal with him
so I wouldn't have to.

You were only 15.


If I had testified...

he might still be in jail.

And that woman
and her little girl

would still be alive.

You can't testify
at his trial.

But you can speak
at his sentencing hearing

once he's convicted.

You'll help guarantee
he gets life without parole.

God help me, I wish New York
still had the death penalty.

If they did, I'd put
the needle in his arm myself.

I told you we should've
left earlier.

They started
ten minutes ago.

Will you relax?
It's just a pre-trial hearing.

Yeah, but I have
to be there.

Look, there's no jury,
no fireworks.

It's very boring.

I'm not going there
to be entertained.

He slaughtered
the little girl

that tried to help me
when I was sick.

You remember.
I remember.
Come on.

And I met
the living victim.

He ruined
that girl's life.

And I vowed I'm gonna be
in the courtroom for them

every day.

Can an individual
be matched to bite marks

on human skin
with 100% certainty?

100%? No.

Why is that?

The human body
isn't a flat surface.

It's not the best material
for making impressions.

And if the victim struggles,

it could distort
the bite image.

In this case the bite marks
were all slashed.

So how did you match them
to my client?

I placed an overlay
of pictures of the bite marks

over a cast of
the defendant's teeth.

I'm sorry.

I thought the bite marks
were destroyed.

I took digital photographs,

then enhanced them
using software--

Enhanced them?

You mean you altered them.

You Honor, the defense
is trying to distort

the use of accepted

in presenting evidence.

I'm not the one
distorting evidence.

The People's expert
just admitted

she wasn't gathering

She was creating it.

Your Honor,
may I address the court?

Uncle Andrew, sit down.

(Judge Bradley)
Who's this man?

This so-called attorney

is telling outright lies.

But you can see that,
can't you?

Sir, you need to be quiet.

Your Honor, I'm sorry.
This man is not well.

I hope you're not stupid
enough to fall for this.

She's trying to trick you.

Court officers.

What is wrong with you?

Why are you trying
to set this monster free?

Remove this man.
Uncle Andrew, please.

Come on.

is coming, buddy.

I know a detective
who has big plans for you.

Get him out of here
before I throw him in jail.

You can't bar me
from these proceedings.

Do you really not know
what he's done?

He's the one that should be
put to sleep like a rabid dog.

If you don't euthanize him,

you're either corrupt
or you're an idiot!

Dani, did you tell my uncle

you were gonna kill
Brent Allen Banks?

He says you did.

Why would he say that?

I don't know.
That's why I'm asking.

John, I haven't
seen your uncle

since he came to take you
to lunch last week.

What did you talk about?

Running away to Paris

But nothing delusional.

Nothing homicidal.

I guess he's not as well
as I thought.

Of course,
I want Banks dead.

I knew it.
You did say that to my uncle!

No, I--

I said it
to the original victim.

He must've overheard.

You were interviewing her
out in the open?

Don't you know anything
about Special Victims?

I was bonding
with a victim.

I know how it feels

when a killer can't be given
the death penalty.

Brent Allen Banks is free.

Free on bail?

Free to go
and kill again free.

Don't tell me this
had anything

to do with my uncle's
meltdown in court yesterday.

No, though that
was special.

We just finished
the suppression hearing.

The bite mark evidence
was thrown out.

Well, get it back in.

Judge already ruled on it.

And because that evidence
was our case,

he threw out
the indictment.

How could you
let that happen?

I guess I suck.

Look, the defense
trotted out

their "I'll say anything
for a buck" experts.

The judge just
got snowed.

That's it?

I have leave

to re-present the case
if we find new evidence.

Well, Banks needs to be
locked up till we do.

Not without probable cause.

Legally, you can't
touch him right now.

Open up.

How'd you know I'd be here?

I knew.

I'm off the clock.
I'm on my own time.

So am I.

We should break up
the shifts for overnight.

Graveyard or early?

Doesn't matter.
I don't have any place to be.

What do you want?
Doesn't matter.

Do you live in this car?


Serving warrants,
I pretty much did.


Are you in the middle
of restoring it?

It was his baby.

He worked on it
for two years.

He didn't get to finish it.

Your husband's car.

He never wanted anyone else
to touch it, so--

So you got stuck
with it like this?

I'm sorry.

[cell phone rings]

Hello, who's this?

How'd you get--

Slow down. I can't understand
what you're saying.

It's Munch's uncle.
What's wrong?

Dani, what are we gonna do?

How could
they let him out?

You have to do something.

You have to do
what you said.

You have to kill him before
he defiles one more angel.

You have to save them.
Are you gonna do that?

Tell me.

Tell me you're going
to kill him like you said.

I never said that.

You did.
You promised.

Don't you remember?
Andrew, where are you?

It's pure evil.
He's not human.

It's okay to kill him.
Will you?

No, listen--
[line clicks dead]


I'll call Munch.

Doctors. Turned my uncle
into a raving lunatic.

It sounds like he's manic.

can trigger mania

in a small number
of patients.

Uncle Andrew!

This is not how I left
my apartment.

It's not my uncle
when he's normal.

He obviously had
a manic episode.

You think?

He was looking for something.

My address book.

That's how he got
Dani's phone number.

Maybe that's where he went.

I just had
her phone number.

He doesn't know anybody
else in the city.

He probably went
to the precinct.


do you keep a gun
in the house?

You think he'd hurt

It's possible.
It's in a lock box.

It's child-proof.

I don't think
he could get it.

Well, in a full
manic stage,


It's here.


Do you bring files
home from work?


Is there one here

on Brent Allen Banks?

[closes lock box]

Got a girl approaching.

Hope she doesn't
live in the building.

We should be allowed to post
a warning sign on his door.


Son of a bitch.

She's there to see him.

He lured a girl
to his apartment?

Well, she's going in.

So are we.

No, no, just wait.

Just take it easy.

She knows him.

How could she not know
about him?

He made all the papers.

He's grabbing a bag.

We gotta go in.

No, we don't have
any reason to go in.

Just take it easy.

Oh, no.
What's he doing here?

Elliot, Dani, I knew
you wouldn't let me down.

Did you take care of him

What's the game plan?

To get you out of here.

No, we've got to--

We've got to do something.

I can't just sit at home
climbing the walls

not knowing what
he's gonna do next.

I'm crawling out
of my skin.

John, John.

We've got your uncle
outside Banks' building.

You've gotta come down
and pick him up now, now.

Dani, Dani.

Look, stay here.

Your nephew's
on his way.

Just stay here.

Where you going,

Okay, listen.

Can you watch
his house for us?

Can you do that?

I can do that.
Thank you.

[horn blares]

Uptown, downtown?


Halfway down the platform.

That bag's gotta be
his rape kit.

I say we confront him--

We don't have
probable cause.

Her dead body's gonna
give us probable cause,

but I'm not waiting
for that.

Dani, listen to me.

You gotta be patient.
Be patient.

Take the north side.
We'll just split it.

[train horn blows]

[train wheels squeal]

[train horn blows]



No! No!

Nooo! No! No!

No! No!

what have you done?!

We did it.

We did good.

We did it, Dani.
We did good.

[brakes squealing]

Sorry I'm late.
Is Munch here yet?

He's inside.

Look like he's right back
where he started, huh?

You all set?

I can't.

You can't what?
Go in.


Hey, Dani,
Munch reached out to us.

Come on.


Thanks for coming.

Maybe you can talk
some sense into him.

Uncle Andrew,
you got company.

Hi. You remember me?

Remember our game plan?

Tell him he wasn't

for what happened
down on the subway.

You had something that's
called a psychotic break.

You just have
to stand trial.

They'll find you not guilty
by reason of insanity.

They'll send you
right back here to get well.

Just take your medication.


The right ones this time.

Ones that'll work for you.

No medication.

I told them no.
I've got rights.

But in a couple of weeks,
you'll be better.

And then the doctors
will have no choice

but to let you go.

But I was responsible.

You want
to punish yourself?

Spend the rest
of your life

a prisoner within
your own mind?

But I've gotta pay
for what I did.

I just want
to say good-bye.

Good-bye, John.

( wolf howling )

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