Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 8, Episode 22 - Screwed - full transcript

The trial of Darius Parker begins and his defense focuses on the conduct of the SVU. He exposes several secrets, like Stabler's intervening for his daughter when she was arrested, and Fin during his days as a narcotics cop. Olivia is in trouble for helping her brother.

(male announcer)
In the criminal justice system,

sexually based offenses are
considered especially heinous.

In New York City,
the dedicated detectives

who investigate
these vicious felonies

are members
of an elite squad

known as
the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

Well, it seems like homicides
and murder trials

are a dime a dozen
here in New York City.

Good morning, everybody.
I'm Nancy Grace.

Thank you
for being with us.

We are analyzing
the high-profile murder trial

of the People
versus Darius Parker.

Here in the studio
with me,

former Brooklyn prosecutor
Star Jones.

So Star, what, if anything,
is different about this case?

You have the bodies
of Nina Stansfield

and her little son
found in a vacant lot.

But the jury will never get
to hear anything about it.

Star, I've tried
a lot of cases

with a lot less evidence
than that,

and I believe
you have too.

And we've won them.

But we did not
have these issues.

You have a defendant
who is related

to a detective in the Manhattan
Special Victims Unit.

They ran the investigation.

(female reporter)
Your stepson, Darius Parker,

standing trial for murder.

Do you think
he'll be convicted?

Have you talked
to your ex-wife?

Hey, Detective!

In the highly controversial
pre-trial ruling,

the trial judge in this case

suppressed any and all evidence
regarding the dead bodies.

But why?

Because of the way police
conducted the search.

Which leaves the D.A.
with only a bloody crime scene

and a murder weapon.

(female reporter)
Any backlash
from your colleagues?

Are the bosses
treating you differently?

Care to comment,
Get out of my way.

You just assaulted me
and it's all caught on tape.

I assaulted you?

Hey, back up.
Back up.

Make a hole.

I'm concerned about
the sophistication of the jury.

They want DNA,
mitochondrial DNA.

They may be looking
for that.

they want proof

beyond a reasonable doubt.

Here's the problem I have.

Ever since
the OJ Simpson trial...

Sorry about this,

I heard.
It's done.

I just hope
I have a clean shirt.

What's eating him?

Turn that off.

They want proof--

The hell you doin' here,

It's Mom.
She got served a subpoena.

She's talking about running.

She already knows.

She runs, she goes to jail.

So it's not your problem?

What the hell do you want
from me?

I gotta do my job.

I gotta keep my head down

'cause your brother's
on trial for murder,

and dodge the press
at the same time.

I'm sorry if I don't
give a damn

if your mother
gets locked up.

Excuse me.


I'm looking for Detectives
Benson, Stabler, and Tutuola.

You got us.

You've been served.


We're being subpoenaed
by Darius Parker

as witnesses
for the defense.

My ex could be
a pain in the ass.

I've had some experience
with that.

I'll give her your love.

Keep her out of jail.

Dean, uh, I really can't talk
right now.

So I'll call you back
as soon as I can, okay?

Subpoena was delivered
this morning

right after we had
to fight our way in.

Detective Stabler.

A reporter
from the Ledger

is filing assault charges
against you.

Sounds like fiction
to me.

Well, the press
isn't going away.

This is a big murder trial.

We're personally involved.

So behave.

The fourth estate
is also camped out

at One P.P.

But I don't have
any answers.

Run the case for me,

Nina Stansfield, 35,

and her baby son Stevie
disappeared four years ago.

All we found
at the crime scene

was seven pints of blood
and a murder weapon.

Darius Parker confessed,
led us to the bodies,

then had everything thrown out

because we talked to him

So I can't use his confession
or their bodies as evidence,

but I still have the blood
and the knife.

And Parker's DNA.

Which the defense
will argue he left

when he had sex
with his ex-girlfriend,

the Stansfield babysitter.

Is that enough to convict?

Well, the blade
on Parker's knife

had the victim's vaginal cells.

And the ex-girlfriend
ID'd the murder weapon as his.

Sounds like a smoking gun.

Well, it's not gonna be
that easy.

The defense will try
and discredit this unit,

and prove incompetence.

That's why
I need your jackets.

So we're on trial this time.

You better believe it.

Their records are clean.

I know that.

But I still have
to prove it.

I'll send their files over.

Anything else you need,

call my office.

[Novak's phone rings]

Casey Novak.


I'll be right there.
Something the matter?

Darius Parker's trying
to get out of coming to court.

[door opens]


I asked you to help me
and you bring a cop?

Get out of here.

I don't want you
to go to jail.

I can't testify.

I know you're scared,

but running will only
make it worse.

Mind your own business.

This is my business if I have
to arrest you for contempt.

I can't go into that courtroom.

Darius is your son, Mom,
and you owe him.

I owe him nothing.

What are you afraid of, Terry?

I c--

They are going to ask me
about Darius' father.

Novak needs you
to testify

to put Darius in prison.

I don't care.

Fin's already boxed in.

By running, you give them
more ammunition.

So how much pain
are you willing to cause?

Get the hell out
of my house.

All right, Mr. Braden,

I concede
your client is ill.

But how sick is he?

The doctor wants
to run more tests.

That's convenient.
You should see a specialist.

What, exactly,
is the problem?

Look at me.

I'm sweating.

I feel nauseous.
I'm feverish.

And I have severe
abdominal pain.

You mean a stomachache.

He's prepared to sign

a right of appearance waiver,

and when he's better,
he'll be back in court.

At your convenience?
No, I don't think so.

You didn't get sick
until you saw my witness list.

And you don't want to hear
the medical examiner

describe in gory detail

exactly what you did
to the victim.

Now, how do you propose
to do that without the body?

This is a psychological
tactic, Your Honor.

If the jury
can't see the killer,

they won't associate him

with Nina Stansfield's
violent death.

I had no idea this was
so personal, Ms. Novak.

Once you get to know me,
you'll find

I feel this way
about all my cases.


You know it's your right

to be present during
every moment of this trial.

I don't need you
to tell me my rights.

I'm entitled
to a speedy trial.

I'm entitled to defend myself,
so I'm sitting second chair.

If I'm not there,

my lawyer will watch my back.

So all you need to do
is grant the damn waiver,

then the trial can move on
and justice can be done.

No one here thinks
you're stupid, Mr. Parker.

Give me the same courtesy.

I don't follow.

I think you do.

You have exploited
every strategy

to delay these proceedings.

So I'm denying
your waiver request.

You wanted
your day in court.

You got it.

We found vaginal cells
on the 5-inch blade.

How did they get there?

By thrusting the knife
into the victim's vagina.

And what was
the cause of death, Doctor?


Nina Stansfield
lost 7 pints of blood.

No one could have survived.

Did she die
from one fatal blow?

Blood spattered
on the ceiling

when the blade was yanked from
the victim's flesh says no.

She was chased,
repeatedly stabbed,

and lost most of her
blood volume

on the kitchen floor
where she fell.

Nothing further.

Are you sure there were
multiple stab wounds?


And was all the blood
tested, Doctor?

Yes. None of it belonged
to the baby or anyone else.


Strike that remark
from the record.

The jury will disregard
what the witness just said.


Mistrial, Your Honor?

They're trying
to sandbag me.

There's no way the jury
will forget it now.

I specifically told Dr. Warner
not to mention the baby.

And a slip of the tongue
won't go on the record.

But you can't un-ring a bell.
Was that the idea?

No, Your Honor.

Well, another stunt like that

and both of you
can share a cell.

Step back.

Now, would you classify

one stab wound
after another

as frenzied?

Without the body,
I can't say.

You've testified to everything
else without the body.

Yes, I'd consider
the attack as frenzied.

Isn't it unusual for a killer
not to cut himself

during a frenzied attack?

And yet, you found no traces
of anyone else's blood.

How do you account for that?

A murderer's skill
with his blade.

That's the knife
I bought Darius.

It has a deep scratch
on the handle.

Nothing further.

How often did you have sex

with my client
at the Stansfield apartment?

5, 6, 10...20 times?

I don't remember.

He was my boyfriend.

And how many times a week did
you work for Nina Stansfield?

Twice. Sometimes
three times a week.

Mm-hmm. And did you invite
my client over for sex

each and every time?


Did you use a condom?

Not always.

And who ended
the relationship?

He did.

Would it be fair to say

you were in love with him?

Would it be accurate
that you were upset

when he left and this is
a vindictive attempt

to get back at my client?

Ms. Bowden,
I can only conclude

that he's just not
that into you.


You can twist this
however you want.

But I bought that knife
from a pawn shop.

Nothing further,
Your Honor.

I looked at it every day
for weeks,

hoping it wouldn't get sold

before I made enough money
to buy it.

I said I'm done.

That's the knife
I bought Darius

and you can't twist that.

Your Honor, I'm done.

Call your next witness.

Your Honor, may I request

a short recess?

Teresa Randall's
not here yet.

Half an hour.

She better show by then
or she's in contempt.

I don't want to cause
any trouble.

I just can't testify.

It's not up to us.

Take a seat.

I plead the Fifth,
Your Honor.

Will anything you say
reveal criminal activity?


Well, let me be
more specific.

Will any testimony you give
implicate yourself

in any criminal activity?


Then you can't plead
the Fifth.


I'm sorry, but I refuse
to answer any questions today

or any other day.

Then you leave me no choice.

You are hereby remanded
into custody

until you comply.

Bailiff, remove Ms. Randall.

See ya, Mom.

how are you today?

Let's get to it.

How long have you been
a police officer?

22 years.

And how many times
did you test dirty

when you worked undercover?


Job performance and veracity
of a sworn officer,

Your Honor.

Answer the question.

Tested dirty twice.
I've never used.

Did you work
the Tyrone Hart case?

Objection--we ask for
an in camera hearing

due to the sensitive
and confidential nature

of undercover
narcotics cases.

My chambers. Now.

They can't go on a fishing
expedition, Your Honor.

The scope is very specific.
No bait required.

What does Fin's
job performance

have to do
with the present case?

We have knowledge
of a misconduct.

If he acted
improperly then,

we have reason to believe
there's a pattern.

There's nothing in
Detective Tutuola's jacket

to support that accusation.

There wouldn't be.
Cops take care of their own.

Watch it.

We may be in chambers.
This is still a formal hearing.

Your Honor,
my client is a member

of this officer's family.

He's the son
of his ex-wife.

And he has firsthand

of what went on
in that household.

You can prove misconduct?

Through the detective's
testimony or his son,

my half-brother
Kenneth Randall.


Get on with it.

Now, Detective, did you work
on the Tyrone Hart arrest?


And were drugs and guns
recovered from the suspect?

You already know
I took possession.

And as an undercover
narcotics cop,

were you assigned
a take home vehicle?


Did you leave Tyrone Hart's
drugs and guns

inside of your take home car

instead of logging them
into evidence right away

as policy requires?

It's not the way
you're making it sound.

Yes or no.


And how long did it take you
to submit the drugs and guns

into evidence?

A day.

So how can we be sure

that you didn't keep
any drugs to plant

or hold back any weapons
to drop on future suspects?

And how can we be sure that you
didn't tamper with any evidence

against Tyrone Hart?

I didn't need to.

There were bodies
on those guns

and so were his prints.

He was a paranoid drug dealer.
He killed people.

You admit it...

that you can't be trusted
to follow NYPD regulations.

So why should we
trust you now?

Dad, wait, man.

You told Darius about the guns
and the drugs, didn't you?

Ten years ago.

I mean, I looked
in the glove box

and found the stash.

As usual, you screamed at me.
I was ten.

There you go again.
Will you change the channel?


that right there is why
I always went to Darius.

Mom was so busy blaming you
and you were so busy working,

there was no one to hear me.

How could I know
he'd use it against you?

How could I know
he'd have a reason to?

I wasn't there for you,

You're angry.
I get it.

Get over it, man.

Get a therapist.
Work it out.

I'm not trying
to hear this right now.

[reporters calling out]


[overlapping questions]



How come we couldn't
talk on the phone?

Oh, things are a little
dicey around the office.

Yeah, mine too.

A process server was at the
federal building looking for me.

Good thing he didn't have
access to the upper floors.

Oh, my God, this has
gotta be Matt Braden.

The attorney
in your murder case?

What does he want?

On the stand
to jam me up

over this business
with my brother.

Simon was cleared.
It doesn't matter.

When I helped him, he was
a suspect who jumped bail.

That's a felony.

You cooperated with the FBI
and I cleared you.

And they can still
make you testify.

Look, I can keep ducking
this guy till the trial's over.

Long as I stay out of
his reach, you're fine.

Dean, this is not
your problem.

You helped bring Simon in
and you made it right.

I'm not gonna
leave you hanging.

The problem is,
I can't go home.

Bastard process server
has my address.

Sorry, but
they've got mine too.

[reporters yelling]

Can you believe this?

Look what these bastards
are doing to him.

What's wrong?

Braden knows
about my brother.


I have no idea.

But Porter's
ducking a subpoena

and I'm looking
over my shoulder.

I'll be so glad when
this damn trial's over with.

I can't think.
Can't even focus on my job.

Braden would still
be on your ass,

whether Fin was related
to the defendant or not.

I don't blame Fin.

Sure you do.

Every day
since this started.

Back off, man.
The guy's in hell.

Fin didn't take
the guy's confession.

You did,
and it got thrown out.

The captain was sitting
right next to me.

Did you raise
your concerns with him?

Hey, had I been there, I would
have taken his confession

without a lawyer present too.

What are we gonna
fight about next, huh?

Is everything okay?

I need to talk to you.


The kids all right?

They're fine.

But you're not.

You said you wanted
to work things out.

You said that you were
ready to come home.

Look, Kathy, I'm sorr--

I don't care.

Not about my pride

or my ego

or anything else.

I need you
to come home now, Elliot.

Not for the kids.

For me.

What's changed?

I'm pregnant.

Is Casey Novak actually
trying to lose the case?

Have you seen her in court?

Well, the defense strategy
seems to be working here

because her performance
is lukewarm.

This A.D.A. proved her case.

The victim died
from multiple stab wounds

from a knife belonging
to the defendant.

What more
do you want?

Listen, if you take a look
at the evidence,

it seems as if somebody
along the chain

screwed up the forensics.

And speaking of forensics,

we are now joined by
renowned serologist

and blood spatter expert--

What'd I say about that?


What, are you bringing me
my last meal?

No, you're gonna
get through this.

I want you to know that you
have friends around here.


Especially for making sure
my ex didn't become a fugitive.

Terry's still
refusing to testify?

Like a rock.
Same as always.

Won't talk to me.

She was raped.

She told you that?
She didn't have to.

How many victims have we seen
who act just like her?

Let me show you to your desk.

What are you doing here?

Detective Lake is transferring
in from Brooklyn SVU.

He's gonna pick up our slack
during the trial.

He's gonna stay here after.

So make him feel welcome.

Should Fin be concerned?

There's more than enough
work for everybody, John.

Why don't you do some?
Aren't you two due in court?

Yeah, we're leaving
right now.

Hiding out?

A drug dealing hump's
conviction just got overturned

and I look like a dirty
doped-up cop.

Narco cops fail drug tests
all the time.

I tested dirty 'cause
I sat in cramped rooms

with drug dealers
who sampled

their own product.

When I got buzzed,
it went into my red book.

Tyrone Hart's not walking

'cause you got
a contact high, Fin.

I'd been up 36 hours

when I pinched that bastard
with heavy weight.

I took his guns,
his personal stash.

Then I got a call
to meet a mark

that we'd been
dangling for a while.

Why didn't your handler
send someone else?

Buyers already knew me.

New face would have
blown the deal.

So I made the meet,

then I went home
and I crashed out.

With the guns and the stash
still in your car.

Next thing I know, my kid's
got the glove box open,

a gun in his hand.

Ken told Darius
and he screwed me on the stand.

Darius doesn't have
police file access.

How does he know
all of the details?

Braden's an ex-cop.

Who now works
for the defense.

Somebody's feeding him.

It's gotta be a cop.


You checked the time
two minutes ago.

What's goin' on?


Kathy's pregnant.

I didn't know
you went back home.

I haven't.

I'm pathetic.

Fumbling around like a kid.

So what are you
gonna do?

What do you mean by that?

We're in recess.

I won't be calling
you today, Ms. Benson.

Stabler, you're on
after lunch.

Can't wait.

Hold on, you won't be
calling me today,

or you're not
calling me at all?

As long as we haven't rested,
you're still on the hook.

Well, then, you know
where to find me.

Ah, you know, this is
what I miss the most.


Brothers in blue.

Even when you clip on
the gold shield

to your off-the-rack
polyester blends.

Family. That's what
this trial's all about.

This trial is about
your lowlife client

who murdered a mother
and her 14-month-old baby.

My client
never had a chance,

no one to call,
no family to believe in him.

Or to give him support
or money when he was in trouble.

How do you think that
makes him feel, Detective?

Not half as bad as the victim
when he stabbed her death,

or her son,
who he buried alive.

Too bad they're not here
to tell you about it.

[cell phone rings]


What are you
doing here?

This isn't a good time.

I know it's not.
You're in trouble.

You know,
you could have called me

and told me yourself.

You've been talking
to Dean Porter.

There's no way in hell
I'm gonna let you take the fall

for helping me out
of a very tight spot.

There's nothing you can do
except go be with your family,


You a my family.

That's why
I told your captain

I forced you to give me
the money when I jumped bail.

You did what?

That I threatened to reveal
our relationship.

He already knows
our relationship.

I also said you had no idea
I'd jumped bail at the time

and you just wanted me
out of your life.

Then you lied
to my superior officer.

So did you.


You put your job and your
freedom on the line for me.

You think I'm gonna
stand by and do nothing?

That means a lot.

Just stick to the story
and we'll be fine.

I gotta go.

You sure Braden's eating
lunch here today?

Relax. I got it from
the law firm's receptionist.

She said that he's meeting
with his old boss.

Heads up.

I see him.

Check the car.

It's gotta be department.

He's got a driver.

That means he's the boss.

[camera shutter clicking]

You know him?

I sure would like to.

[camera shutter clicking]

That's Allan James.

Who's that?

He's a lieutenant.

Chief of Detective's
Executive Officer.

How long has he been
meeting with Braden?

There's no way
to find out

without tipping him off.

The X.O.'s an administrator.

What's a paper pusher
want with me?

Leave it alone.

this is my life.

The subject is closed,

Detective Stabler,

what's the penalty
for driving under the influence?


Your Honor, Counsel's objections
are getting tedious.

Is Detective Stabler

Does he enforce the law


Answer the question.

Well, I'm not a traffic cop,
so I'd have to check for you.

Well, the standard charge

for blood alcohol concentration
of at least .08

is a suspended license,
a discretionary fine,

and/or six months in jail.

Didn't you know that?


Was your daughter Kathleen
arrested on a DUI charge

in May, 2005?


Did you ask
the arresting officers

to lose your daughter's
blood samples and paperwork?


In fact, didn't they
deliver her to you

and then bury the evidence?

Didn't you, a police officer
sworn to uphold the law,

circumvent it for personal gain?


You can phrase it
any way you want.

The answer's still no.

[pounds gavel]

Given this line of questioning

and my personal knowledge
concerning this matter,

I must recuse myself.

Detective Stabler was getting
dangerously close to perjury.

I had no choice
but to recuse myself.

You knew about
the DUI?

I did.

Your Honor,
I did not lie.

I didn't ask the cops
to do anything for me.

You didn't have to.
Cops take care of each other.

No one's talking
to you, ki--

Here is proof the NYPD
is corrupt.

It should go on the record.

I'm in no mood
to oblige you, Mr. Parker.

But as a bonus,

I'm gonna resurrect
Kathleen Stabler's paperwork

and charge her with a DUI.

Get your daughter
a good lawyer, Detective.

And hope like hell
for a suspended license,

a fine, and probation.

What are the odds
Darius walks?

Perception is everything,
so could go either way.

'Cause I look like a cop
who tampers with evidence.

Braden's making us
all look bad.

Has he made any accusations
that weren't true?

Braden's got the jury looking
at his client like a victim.

Now, that's his job.

Mine is to put the bastard
behind bars.

I need Terry Randall
on the stand.

What can she give you?

She can give me motive.

I already told the jury
how Nina was killed.

They need to hear why.

Good luck.

I was married to the woman and
didn't know Darius was her son.

I think that she was raped
by somebody that she knew

and that she trusted.

Somebody that was supposed
to protect her

and preyed on her instead.

You think it was
a family member.
[telephone rings]


Terry only has
a younger sister.

But there was
a paternal uncle.

He bullied everybody
in the family.


you go talk to Terry.

See what you can do.

That was IAB.

They wanna sit you down
by close of business today.

[metal clangs]

I know what you want
and I can't help you.

Well, just how long
do you intend to hide something

that happened
over 25 years ago?

You were attacked

and forced to have
your rapist's baby, Terry.

It's not your fault.

So I should just
get over it, right?


I'm still not over it.

You were raped?

I'm the product of a rape.

Did your mother
hate you too?


My mother didn't know
her rapist, but you did.

Who did this to you?

My family is wrecked.

And you want me to get on that
stand and finish him off.


I'm just asking you
to tell the truth.

I did.

They wouldn't even
listen to me.

Couldn't tell my mother.

It would have killed her.

So you suffered this
all alone.

I show up pregnant...

and my mother wouldn't
let me get an abortion,

so I had Darius.

And now Darius
is facing murder charges

and may even get away with it
if you don't speak up.

Don't you at least
owe it to Nina...

and that baby?

I-I lived across the street

from the victim,
Nina Stansfield.

Did the defendant
visit your home?

Against my wishes.

He and my son Ken
are very close.

I didn't want Darius around.
He was bad news.

Was he ever hostile
or violent?

Did he ever threaten you?

He was always

Drugging and getting
in trouble with the cops.

He has a record
as long as my arm.

Isn't that enough?

Prior bad acts, Your Honor.


Strike that last comment.

Answer the question
and nothing more.

I'm sorry.

Do you admit
that Darius Parker

is your son, and not your
nephew, as everyone thought,

including the defendant?


Tell me, why did you
hide the relationship?

When I was 16,
I was raped.

And my, um, family
forced me to have him.

But they couldn't
force me to raise him.

Did you ever tell the defendant
that he was your son?


Well, who did?

My mother.

She told him
on her deathbed.

Did you see the defendant
after your mother died?

Yes. He was...

drunk at the hospital,

at the funeral,
and at the gravesite.

And no one could
control him.

Was he angry?

He was livid.

Especially at me.

When was this,

Two days before
Nina Stansfield was murdered.


Nothing further.

What the hell
you think you're doing?

Detectives Benson,
Stabler, and Tutuola

have nobody to blame
but themselves.

And now the brass have you
to thank for that.

This is about losing
your command.

You made sure I lost my rank

because you couldn't resist

making me look bad
in front of the bosses.

Now it's my turn.

That was 15 years ago.

Some people
would call you obsessed.

I saw the opportunity
and I took it.

You weren't
command material, Allan.

You rose above
your abilities.

Even a turd can float.

If the state
loses this trial

over the perception
of police misconduct,

they'll ask for your

Which they won't get.

Then they'll transfer you
to Outer Mongolia.

Where you'll break.

You see,
I've thought this through.

And what will the bosses say
when they find out

you've been feeding
information to the defense?

I've already put
my papers in, Don.

I'm retiring.

And when I'm done,

even your rabbi,
the Chief of Detectives,

won't be able
to bail you out.

You say I was drunk
and out of control.

Did it ever occur to you
that I was just grieving

the one person
who actually loved me?

Did murdering that woman
make you feel better?

Sustained. Strike it.

I'm not gonna
warn you again.

You claimed
you were raped.

Did you go
to the police?

Did you have
a rape kit done?

Were charges filed?

Answer the question,
Ms. Randall.

Or go back to a cell.


I couldn't face it alone.

Well, did you tell anyone

of this alleged rape?

Yes, but they
didn't believe me.

Have you
ever threatened me

with bodily harm?

Did you say your cop husband
would beat me

if I didn't
stay away from your son?


And how old
was I at the time?

I don't remember.

I was 12.

12 years old.

What have I ever
done to you, Ms. Randall?

You were born.

So in fact,
your hatred goes so deep

that you would do anything,

say anything,
to get rid of me.

Isn't that true?


I've done a lot of things
I'm not proud of,

but I wouldn't lie.

From your own testimony,
that's all you've done.

It's all you know how to do.

One last question.

If you were raped,

then who did it?

I won't answer that question.

Oh, you don't
have a choice.

You see,
I have a right to know.

We all do.

Did you know your rapist?

You leave it alone,

Trust me,
you don't want to know.

My father...raped me.

[gallery murmuring]
That's a lie!

My father raped me.

That is a lie!

And I couldn't look at you

and not be sick.

No matter how much
I hated you, Darius,

I hated myself more.

I know it's unfair.

And I know
it's not right.

But it is the truth.

Which part?

That I'm your nephew
or your son?

That you feel guilty
or that you want me dead?

I submit you've told
so many lies,

not even you know
what's true anymore.

I'm done with this witness.

Are you sure
you want to do this?

It's the right thing
to do.

I need to reevaluate
my commitment to the job.

And if it
comes from you,

the bosses will take it
under consideration.

I gave money
to a fugitive.

I made a mistake.

And if I don't
take responsibility,

then Braden
will hold this over me

for my entire career.

I can't live like that.

If you lose your badge,

you won't have a career
to worry about.

And that's a chance
that I have to take.

Give 'em your statement,

I'm gonna wait right here.

(Judge Harrison)
Has the jury
reached a verdict?

(jury foreman)
We have.

On the charge of murder
in the second degree,

how do you find?

Not guilty.

On the charge of assault
in the first degree?

Not guilty.

[emotional piano music]


[woman singing
in foreign language]


You got something
to say to me?

Sooner or later,
you'll be back here or dead.

Sounds like
wishful thinking to me.

Get in line.

And what about you?

I don't know
what to feel.

Do what I do.

Feel nothin'.

I don't believe that,

Man, Mom said--

Mom said what, man?
The bitch lied.

Come on, man.

You're too old
to be this gullible, Ken.

I stuck by you.

What do you want,
a medal?

I can't do it anymore.

Yeah, well, me either.

I don't want
to know any of you.

You didn't get
a free pass today.

Always the cop.

So what you gonna do?

You gonna follow me
for the rest of my life?

I don't need
to do that, Darius.

I'll never
think about you again.

And that's all
you will do.

[music swells]


[woman singing
in foreign language]


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