Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 8, Episode 2 - Clock - full transcript

The detectives investigate the disappearance of a 17-year-old girl with Turner's Syndrome, a genetic disorder that contributed to her being teased and bullied at her prep school. Meanwhile, Stabler meets his new partner, former Warrant Officer, Detective Dani Beck.

In the criminal justice system,

sexually-based offenses
are considered especially heinous.

In New York City,

the dedicated detectives who investigate
these vicious felonies are members

of an elite squad known
as The Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

When did you know Janey and
Connor were missing?

We were just learning about the Q-ball
on Apollo spacecraft

and how it is held together
by the rubber band.

When miss Phillips said
it was time to go.

so we lined up to hand back
our museum recorders

and Connor and Janey were just gone.

They didn't even say good-bye.

That's so rude.

Did you see Janey and Connor
talking to any grown-ups?

Just to miss Phillips.
She's our teacher.

Are Janey and Connor friends?

Well, Connor has a crush on her.

And he always sticks up for her
when she gets picked on.

Who picks on her?

I do not pick on Janey.

She made fun of me because I said
"epi-tomey" instead of epitome.

So I pushed her into her locker.

You push her into anything today?

Even if I wanted to,
I couldn't have.

She was being escorted
by her personal bodyguard.

You mean Connor.

Could they have run off together?

Connor's psycho enough.

- No one else hangs out with Janey.
- Why not?

'Cause she's a freak.

Kids her own age don't want
anything to do with her.

Aren't Janey and Connor the same age?

No, Connor's 13 and Janey's 17.

She sure doesn't look it.

Janey has a genetic disorder
called Turner syndrome.

That's why she looks so young.

- Why are they in the same class?
- They're not.

We're a small prep school
for gifted children,

so the honors clubs takes
seventh graders to seniors.

Did you notice anyone suspicious
around Janey or Connor?

I, I didn't.

God, help me.

When did you notice
they were missing?

Not until the curator told me that
they hadn't returned their cassette players.

That's why he still had their IDs.

Sign-out sheet says Janey has
cassette player number 159.

Connor has 160.

People walk off with
these things all the time.

So the museum installed
a tracking device into each one.

You can even set it
to find a specific player.

- What range?
- 500 yards.

159 is out of range.

160's somewhere nearby.

CSU is on it.

Okay, signal's coming from
behind the fence.

Don't see any security cameras.

Only the ones inside
watching the collections.

All right, it's in the bushes.

Here we go.

- Number 160.
- That's Connor's.

Hold up.

initials, C.W.

- Connor Wesley.
- There's blood on the laces.

Kid must've fought back.

Connor's father just got
a ransom call for $300.

For two kids?
What is that, some kind of joke?

Caller sounded young. He wants
the money dropped off at a video arcade.

Says he's got a gun.

If the money's not there in an hour,
he's gonna use it.

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Law & Order SVU
8x02. Clock





What did you find out?

TARU's in place
on the Connor family phone.

The kidnappers haven't contacted
Janey's parents yet.

But the father's on a plane
to Vancouver.

- What time did the flight leave?
- 11:15.

We're checking the flight manifest.

- Anything yet?
- Negative.

Money's still there.

I got a possible here.
White male, about 5 foot 5.

He's got blue jeans
and green fatigues.


We got a bite.


Where you going, pal?

I didn't do anything.

I didn't do anything.

Is this your lunch?

What's this, bologna?

A guy said he'd pay me 50 bucks
to pick up the bag.

All right, delivery boy.
Where you taking it?

I promised to keep my mouth shut.

Maybe a little jail
will help you open it up.

Jake Taylor.
556 West 112th st.

Cathedral parkway exit off Riverside
is the quickest route. I swear.

Police! Get your hands in the air!
Where's the gun?

What gun? / The gun you said you were
gonna use on Connor over there.

I made it up.

You scamming us, Connor?

Yes, sir.

How'd the blood get on your shoe?

I squeezed a raw steak on it.
So you'd think I got hurt.

Anyone else here?

Where's Janey?

Who's Janey?

I'm gonna let you boys in
on a little secret here.

Filing a false kidnapping report,
that's five years in prison.

Stop jerking us around.
Where is she?

Who called in the ransom?

I did.
But it was Connor's idea.

I lost 300 bucks betting on baseball.

This was the only way
my dad would give me...

Where's Janey?

She, she stayed at the museum.

No, she didn't.
Janey's gone.

- When's the last time you saw her?
- When I split.

She made sure miss Phillips
wasn't looking,

gave me the signal to go.

Look, you cooked up this phony kidnap
scheme to squeeze your old man for money.

- Why'd Janey run away?
- I don't know.

- She have problems at home?
- No.

Her dad's real cool.
Loaded too.

Owns all these hotels.
Gave her anything she wanted.

- What about her mother?
- Never met her.

She took off when Janey was little.

Listen. Something made Janey run.

They tell me you're her bodyguard.
What does she need one of those for?

Janey gets picked on.

- By who?
- Everyone.

They think she's a geek.

When she ran for student council president,

they booed at her so bad,

she had to skip school for a week.

So if I'm elected to the student council,
I'm gonna make really big changes.

I've got cool ideas.

Like what?

Like making it okay to go
off-campus for lunch.

We already do that.

But it's against the rules,
and it shouldn't be.

They should treat us like adults.

And electing a little girl
is gonna get them to do that?

Principal said they were
pretty rough on her.

Girls with Turner syndrome
are incredibly bright.

But they can have trouble
connecting with kids their own age

because they don't go through
the same stages of puberty.

And they don't look their age.

These girls often don't grow breasts,

they rarely get their periods,

and they usually don't grow
to be taller than a ten year-old.

Janey's a 17-year-old
trapped in a child's body.

Which could be dangerous for her.

She looks like a little kid,
wandering the streets alone.

A pervert's walking fantasy.

The Amber alert is out.

I'll have Munch ride TARU
on the museum security camera tapes.

Elliot, you head over to Janey's house.

Father home yet?

No, he's on his way.
But the grandfather's home.

I'll take Fin.

Hey, Elliot.

FYI, chief of D's called.
They're working on a new partner for you.

No, I'm fine with Munch and Fin
until Olivia gets back.

Well, that may take a while.


What are you doing here?
Is everything all right?

I need to talk to you.

A couple days ago, you were
never gonna speak to me again.

You really screwed up things
between me and Kevin.

Good. I don't want you
to see him again.

It's not your decision.
I love him.

What do you mean you love him?
You're 17 years old.

So I can't love anyone?

Look, you're too young
to be serious with anyone.

Mom says you're overreacting.

Well, I'll talk to your mother
about that later.

Now you're gonna be late for school.
Wait here. I'm gonna drive you.

Hey, Kathleen?

I hate you!

Everything okay?

Man, you're lucky
you don't have daughters.

Cragen wants us to interview
Janey's family.


This way, detectives.

I'm Tate Speer, Janey's grandfather.

- Have you got anything?
- Not yet.

This is all my fault.

I should never have let Janey
take that school trip.

You often keep Janey out
of school functions?

She's delicate,
requires constant supervision.

But you let her go today.

She begged me.
And she loves museums.

They're usually safe, aren't they?

Now some sick son-of-a-bitch
has taken her.

We're gonna need to see her bedroom.

There's quite a few plaques here, awards.

Looks like she's a smart kid.

She loves science and math.

She makes better grades than
most of the boys in her class.

She have a boyfriend?

She's only a child.

Any boys call or come over?

Mr. Speer, is there a reason
Janey might've run away?

Problems at home maybe?

No. Absolutely not.

My granddaughter is happy.

She was kidnapped.

Where were you this morning, sir?

I was here with my staff.
Do you want to question them, hmm?

We will. / What about your business?
You have any enemies?

Anybody who'd like to hurt you
or your son financially?

We laid off some people about a month ago
renovating one of our hotels.

Everyone got a nice severance package.

And Janey's mom?

That drunk. She walked away
from Janey when she was five.

We don't talk about her
in this house.

Yeah. Fin.

Wait, what are you doing with that?

A lot of kidnappings start
in internet chat rooms.

Janey might've met someone online.

I seriously doubt it. We only
allow her ten minutes a day on-line.

Still, it's best if we let one
of our techs take a look at it.

That was Munch. TARU called.
They found something.

This is what we got off
the museum security tapes.

If you look at the screen
near the rear door,

you'll see Connor make his exit.

What about the girl?

Patience, my friend.
10:05 A.M.

Janey's left the main group.

Gets approached by a stranger.

The woman offers her something.

Whatever it is,
Janey took it.

And goes with her.

- That's all.
- No, it's not.

- What is that, a logo?
- Yep.

I enlarged it, cleaned it up.

Angelini's deli.


That's her.

Maia, I'm detective Stabler.

Were you at the Manhattan
science museum this morning?

Nathan sent you, didn't he?

Nathan Speer?

Janey's father.

Oh, you know Janey.

I'm her mother.

- Where is she?
- At school.

Isn't she?

Why are you here?
Has something happened to her?

- You tell us.
- No.

What's happened to her?

- Just come with us, lady.
- What's he done to her?

What's the bastard done to my baby?

He's taken her.
He's taken her, hasn't he?

I swear.
I don't know where Janey is.

Why were you at the museum?

She asked me to meet her.

She said she needed baby pictures
for some school project.

The way it looks
on the security camera,

Janey wasn't too happy to see you.

Nathan must've taken her.

It's just the type of sneaky,
underhanded trick he'd pull.

Well, he's halfway
to Vancouver right now,

and the flight record shows
Janey's not with him.

So let's try again, okay?

Well, then he must've
paid someone to take her.

Why would he?
She lives with him.

Because two months ago,
I filed for joint custody.

How long have you been out
of your kid's life?

12 years. / 12 years. Now all of a sudden,
you want back in just like that?

Not just like that.

Three years ago, I got sober.

I asked Nathan
to give me another chance.

He said that Janey had forgotten me.

So he's a jerk.

It still doesn't make any sense
for him to snatch her.

Last week, Janey told the judge
she wanted to live with me.

The judge makes his decision next week.

You don't think
Nathan would do this?

Ask him why he took Janey to Vancouver
last month to look at schools.

Ask him why he made her promise
not to tell me.


We got a hit off the Amber alert.

A woman thinks she saw a girl
matching Janey's description

being pushed into a silver Lexus SUV
at 87th and central park west.

Three blocks from the museum.
What time? / 10:30.

You got a description of the driver?

Male and tall.

But check out the family vehicle.

Silver Lexus SUV.

Who had the car this morning?

Greg Hartley drove it to school
with Janey and uh,

He's Nathan's assistant.

He drives Janey most days.

Greg, these detectives wanna
ask you a question.

After you dropped Janey off today,
what'd you do with the car?

Brought it back.
I've been working here all day.

- You didn't run any errands?
- No.

- Where's the car right now?
- In the garage.

Not like we have the only
Lexus suv in Manhattan.

We gotta start somewhere.

Right where it's been all day.

Well, why don't...
we make sure of that?

10:10, camera seven.
Silver Lexus still in its spot.

Fast forward.

Who's that?

A guy getting into the Lexus.
Do you know him?

Not from behind, no.

Fast forward.

Pause it right there.

Now do you recognize him?

Never seen him before, no.

What's he doing in your car?
How'd he get the keys?

Not from me. The key's been in this box
since Greg gave them to me this morning.

Let's find out
when that car came back here.

Car's back,
and our mystery man is gone.

12:25. Plenty of time to take Janey,
bring the car back, and cover his tracks.

We're gonna need that tape.

Crime scene unit will come
down here and go over the Lexus.

It's the lab.

Janey's backpack.

Found it in a dumpster
two blocks from the museum

along with her museum cassette.

Changed her clothes.
Any prints?

At least twenty sets.

Take time to go through them.

But I found something else.

A broken drug capsule
in the bottom of the backpack.

Had some kind of gel in it.

I asked Dr. Warner to take a look.

I analyzed the gel.

Mainly ethanol and water.

The only active ingredient is testosterone.

What's she doing with that?

I traced the lot code
and made some calls.

The gel's being used in an experimental
study on women with pituitary problems.

- Not on the market yet.
- Who's doing the study?

One Dr. Alexander Shulman.

If it's okay with you,
I'd like to tag along.

Find out how a 17-year-old girl
gets her hands on this stuff.


I'm running a clinical trial
on women with short stature.

But I'm also doing a side study
on girls with Turner syndrome.

Does that include Janey Speer?

She was one of my first volunteers.

How does the gel help girls
with Turner's?

Same way it does those
with pituitary problems.

Builds bone and muscle mass
and increases libido.

Wait a minute. You're trying to increase
the sex drive of girls who look like kids?

Women with Turner's get their
periods late and menopause early.

So they have very little time
to have a normal sex life.

I'm just trying to help them.

Was Janey sexually active?

I can't divulge personal information.

Well, let's see what your funders say
when they find out you've been testing

your medication on underage girls
without parental consent.

Janey Speer's file with
a parental consent form.

It's signed by her mother.

Maia Graves.

Yes, I took Janey to Dr. Shulman.
But only because she wanted to go.

Janey's dad know?

- No. He'd freak out.
- I'll bet he would.

How about the judge in your custody case?
Does he know?

You can't tell him.

Janey did that for herself.

She's very strong-willed.

What does that mean?
You're the parent. You're in charge.

Have you got kids?

That's none of your business.

You have.

Wait and see what happens
if you get pushed out of their lives.

See how much influence you have then.

Let's get one thing straight.

You weren't pushed
out of Janey's life. You left.

And I'll never forgive myself.

When I found that Janey had Turner's,

I couldn't cope.
I ran away.

But I am sober now.
And I am trying to get to know my daughter.

By hot-wiring her libido?

Kids experiment,
especially bright kids like Janey.

I'm only trying to create
a safe environment for her to do so.

Nathan still thinks
she's 12 years old.

She looks 12 years old.
He's trying to protect her.

Typical father.

You'd rather lock your daughter
up in a convent

than admit that she's a woman.

Janey is not a child.

I am trying to show her
the real world.

Has she shown any interest
in boys lately?

She never has her head out of a book
long enough to notice them.

Even when she's here,
she prefers to surf on my computer.

She uses your laptop?

Nathan has some stupid rule not allowing
more than ten minutes a day on-line.

I'm gonna need to take that.

Do you think she met someone
on the computer?

You're the one who wanted to
introduce her to the real world.

Do you know this man?

No, I've never seen him before.
Did he take Janey?

I don't know.

But I'll keep you posted.

Maia's computer
answered a lot of questions.

Janey's home laptop was clean,
but she'd been using terminal services.

You mean she was running
another computer through her own.

She's a smart kid.

Used remote desktop on her computer
to operate Maia's.

So every website she visited,
every person she talked to on-line

was registered to Maia's computer,
not her own.

So where was this little
brainchild going on-line?

Some not very childish places. learn the tricks of love.
Make him your sex slave forever.


That sex drive gel was working overtime.

What else you got?

Maps of the museum.

And emails between her and Connor Wesley
two days before they both disappeared.

Janey to Connor.
"You wanna make it look real,"

"so you have to leave something
with blood on it."

"Otherwise, they'll just think
you ran away."

Any chat rooms?

None, but the last couple of weeks,
she visited a service-offered site.


Was she looking for a gigolo?

No, but she got chatting
with a Dan O'Schell.

Did she arrange to meet him?

He gave her the number at Old Whiskey's
pub where he's a bar back.


That's our guy.

Yo, Danny. I gotta talk to you a minute.
Come here.

Wait in line.

What the hell are you doing?

- Where's Janey Speer?
- Who?

- Remember now?
- That weird kid?

I picked her up on 87th and
dropped her off in Battery park.

- Where in Battery park?
- Corner of west Thames and south end.

- She meet anyone?
- No. Just walked away.

You used her dad's car.
Where'd you get the keys?

She mailed me the key.
Told me where the car was.

So you just picked up this girl
and dropped her off downtown.

- Why would you do that?
- She paid me. 200 bucks.

I haven't even spent it yet.
There's the key.

She didn't tell me
what to do with it.

That's a strange story, Dan.
Why should we believe you?

She hired me.
I wished I never would've met her.

Who is this girl?

Janey helped Connor set up
his fake kidnapping.

She hired a stranger
to drive her across town.

She had her mom bring
baby photos to the museum

like she was leaving home for good.

She visited websites advertising
sex positions and lingerie.

Not to mention juicing on testosterone.

What's she up to, doc?

It goes way beyond the normal
teenage curiosity about sex.

Has she been to any chat rooms
or met anyone online?

Not that we've seen. But she could've
met someone in one of her dad's hotels.

Family keeps her on a pretty short leash.

It's hard to see how any stranger
could get close enough.

But what kinda guy wants
to have sex with a girl who looks 12

apart from a pedophile?

It might look like she planned it.

But I think she's being manipulated

by someone who wants to mold her
into his ideal sex object.

Yeah, a child he can have sex with legally.

So who's Janey's svengali?

Start at home.
Which man is she closest to?

- Dad, grandpa.
- She's the only female in the house.

And grandpa's wound
a little bit too tight.

He freaked out when we touched
Janey's computer.

But if he's already got her,
why the elaborate vanishing act?

- Stabler.
- Maybe she was gonna tell the truth.

He panicked.
He set up the kidnap.

Got enough money have somebody
squirrel her away somewhere.

Cops picked up Janey's father at Kennedy.
They're bringing him straight here.

Present him with the evidence.
See what he's got to say.

Why not throw mom into the mix?

Parents in the middle of a custody battle
get so furious with each other.

They sometimes say more
than they intend.

Brought your lawyer, Mr. Speer?

I arranged to meet him here.

To offer moral support.
My client is extremely upset.

Seven hours stuck on a plane.

All I could do was think
how Janey must be suffering.

Do you know anything yet?

We have evidence
Janey ran away to meet someone.

We found these websites on her laptop.

Can you help us with it?

Janey would never visit these sites.

They must've popped up when she was
researching something else.

Like how to get testosterone?

- What?
- To increase her sex drive.


She must've introduced Janey
to this trash.

Do you have any proof of that?

Janey was happy,
living in a loving home.

Then three years ago,
her mother, who deserts her

when she was five, waltzes back in
and demands to be a parent again.

Ever since, Janey's
been depressed and agitated.

Now I see why.

Was it true that Janey told the judge
she wanted to live with her mother?

Maia manipulated Janey
into saying that.

All I'm saying is
if my ex breezed back in

looking for custody of my kids
after I did all the work,

I wouldn't be waiting around for
some bogus decision by a judge,

especially if I had money
and a place like Canada to run away to.

This is preposterous.
Are you accusing my client...

I thought you were only here
for moral support.

Mr. Speer, I need you
to be honest with yourself.

Why is Janey itching
to get away from you?

- You son of a bitch.
- That's it. We're leaving.

Where is she?

You tell me.

I'm not the one hiding
behind a lawyer.

You took her. God help us
if this judge leaves her with you.

At least she won't become
a drunken slob.

The only reason I got drunk was

because you cared more about your
damn hotels than me

or your daughter! / You drank
'cause you couldn't face your own child.

You ran away.

Well, I'm back. And I'm gonna stop
you from smothering her.

By giving her drugs to have sex?

- Oh, screw you, Nathan.
- Has the booze rotted your brain?

- No, screw you!
- Okay, you all...

I am the only parent in Janey's life,
and you are never getting custody of her.

Where are you hiding her?

- You bastard!
- Easy, easy, easy!

Interesting that Nathan brought
his lawyer with him.

I know Van Allen.
He's an immigration specialist.

He often handles custody cases
where one parent is a foreigner.

So he would be really helpful if a parent
wanted to remove his child to Canada.

And if Nathan moved Janey while she's
the subject of an ongoing custody case,

he's guilty of custodial interference
and parental kidnapping.

And Van Allen knows that.

The way Van Allen's behaving
it's like he thinks Nathan did it.

He's probably afraid
of being implicated himself.

He should be. I've been checking
the Speer family LUDs.

Over the last few days, there've been
a half a dozen calls to an Annabelle Paz.

- Who is she?
- A travel agent.


I remember the calls
because they came in early,

usually from Mr. Speer's car
on his way to work.

Where was he looking to go?

Somewhere warm.
The Caribbean.

I suggested Hawaii,

but he was only interested in islands
under French or British jurisdiction.

- Planning a long trip?
- Didn't say.

But he wanted open tickets.

- Tickets plural?
- Yes, for him and his daughter.

They came in a couple days ago
looking to purchase.

Did he get them?

No, I think he was
a little put off by the price.

Why? That family's loaded.

Dad said he wanted to pay cash.

Now, uh.
is that the little girl?

Yeah, that's her. Sweet little thing.
Obviously loved her dad.

Is her dad in the photo?

Yeah, that's him.

That's the guy who came in with her?

Yeah, that's Mr. Speer.

No, that's Mr. Speer's assistant.

- Where's Greg Hartley?
- He left.

He never said anything to me.
Is he involved in this in some way?

How often was Greg
left alone with Janey?

Drives her to school ever day,
takes her to her music lessons.

- Oh, my god. You're not...
- Where'd he go?

He said he was feeling sick.
I guess he went home.



He's gone. He was right
under our noses the entire time.

Under the Speers' nose too.

Check this out.

Boots. Paint, plaster.
Some still fresh.

I thought he worked in the office.

This boot has something shiny on it.

Crime lab needs to take a closer look.

Yeah, and we'll take
a closer look at Greg Hartley.

No hit off Greg's prints.

Anything off his financials?

Mr. Hartley doesn't own any property.
He spends all his time at work.

Credit cards and LUDs
offer no clues.

Lab got something off his boots.

That shiny stuff was marble dust,

a real pricey travertine
imported from Italy.

- How does that help us?
- I called grandpa Speer.

They're renovating
one of their hotels downtown.

The foyer's gonna have
a nice new marble floor.

- Hotel closed during renovations?
- Yep.


What the hell did he do to her?


We need a bus.
235 Church street.

We got a 17-year-old,
barely conscious in severe pain.

Janey, stay with me.
Where's Greg?

It hurts so much.

Did he rape you?

Hang in there, sweetheart.
Just hang in there.

She's going into shock.

That son of a bitch really
did a number on her.

He drugged her too.

Hang in there for me, Janey.

You're gonna be all right,
but you gotta hold on, okay?

You hear me?


- I'm gonna ride with you.
- Sure thing.

What's going on, Greg?

Is Janey okay?

What the hell do you care?

Greg Hartley, you're under arrest
for the rape and kidnap of Janey Speer.

You have the right to remain silent.
If you give up that right,

anything you say can and will be used
against you in a court of law.

Elliot. / Come on, svengali.
Lay some of that sweet talk on me.

- Any news on Janey?
- No, nothing yet. She's still in the ER.

Your wife is here.

What's up?

Kathleen's locked in her room,
refusing to come out.

You wanna tell me why?

I told her I didn't want her
to see Kevin anymore

and it would've been nice
if you'd back me up on that.

Well, then you should've talked to me.

We both agreed
the guy's no good for her.

No, we agreed to talk to her together.
But you went off half-cocked.

Well, all right.
I did what I had to do.

Well, that's refreshing.

Okay, what is this?
If you got something to say, just say it.

Why haven't you signed the divorce papers?

It's been months, Elliot.

You won't talk to me.

You won't talk to my lawyer.

The kids are asking
if we're getting back together.

I've run out of things to say.

- What do you want?
- An answer.

I don't know.

I guess that's an answer.

Call your daughter.

I swear to you,
I did not rape her!

Yeah, you did.

Over and over. You hurt her so badly,
you left her screaming in agony.

I didn't do that.
I don't know what happened to her.

You raped her,
that's what happened.

We had sex.
It was consensual.

What do you mean consensual?

Look at it.
You just see yourself over here!

You're a 30-year-old man.

Who is this?

That's a child.

That's not consensual sex.
That's child rape, you scumbag.

She's seventeen!
She's not a child!

She sure as hell looks like one.
Little girls turn you on, big man?

I didn't break any law.
Janey wanted me to have sex with her.

And you said, "fine, baby,"

"buy yourself some lingerie
and practice your sex positions"?

Janey did that all herself.
She's curious.

Curious about getting drugged too?

I don't know what that is
or where she got it.

Why don't I believe you, Greg?

Why don't I believe one word that's
coming out of your pedophile mouth?

Ask Janey.
She'll tell you the truth.

I would never hurt her.

I love her.

Do we know what's in the syringe?

- Not yet.
- Hope it's something illegal.

Otherwise, I've got no reason to hold him.

Sexual consent law isn't based
on how old someone looks,

only on how old they are.

We gotta find out
if he coerced Janey in any way.

Soon as she's out of surgery,
we'll talk to her.


Janey sustained serious injury
to her reproductive system.

The surgeon had to remove an ovary.

What the hell did he do to her?

Isn't it obvious?
The bastard nearly raped her to death.

There is no evidence of rape.

Then what happened?

- Was Janey trying to get pregnant?
- Why?

- The syringe she used had menopur in it.
- That's a fertility drug.

Taken without a doctor's supervision,
it's extremely dangerous.

It can cause ectopic pregnancy,
enlarged and hyperstimulated ovaries.

That's what caused the damage.

Will she ever be able to get pregnant?

Janey has mosaic Turner's,
so it's possible.

But abusing the menopur
has made it less likely.

- Can we talk to her?
- She's in there.

Do you know where
she got the menopur?

Not from me.

Why don't we go in and ask Janey?

How'd you get the menopur?

I bought it on-line and
had it sent to Greg's address.

Did he want you to get pregnant?

No, I told him
they were hormone injections.

So I'd get breasts.

I really wanted to get pregnant.

Sweetheart, you're only 17.

Don't you understand?
I don't have much time left.

I'll go through menopause
in a couple of years.

Most women have more than
20 years to have a child.

I'm lucky if I have five.

There's egg donation, adoption.

I don't want somebody else's baby.
I want my own.

You nearly killed yourself.

You don't need to be thinking
about children.

You need to graduate
and go to a good college.

Dad, I am not a child.
Stop telling me what to do!

You did this.
You put these crazy ideas in her head.

This happened under your roof
with one of your employees.

Oh, you're just dying for your day
in court to say that. / Stop it!

Please just stop fighting!

You two should wait outside, please.

Okay, baby.

We'll be outside.

So what's the truth about Greg?

I love him.

- And he didn't force you?
- No.

If anything, I persuaded him.

Did you ever think why
he's interested in you sexually?

You mean because I look so young?


Boys my own age think I'm a freak.

They'll never date me.

Greg and I have so much in common.
We love the same movies, the same music.

We can talk for hours.

He loves me for me,

not for my body.


he's never settled down
with any girlfriends his own age.

He's 30 years old.

What is it, Janey? Tell me.


I know people will disapprove,
but so what?

- He loves me.
- He left you in agony in a hotel room.

He ran away.

He went to the drugstore to get me
some painkillers. He came back.

That's why you were able to arrest him.

I know what I'm doing.

I'm going to live my life.

This girl is being pulled apart
by an overprotective father

and an overly permissive mother.

I think Janey knows what she wants.

I think we should listen to her.

Yeah, and let Greg Hartley
have what he wants.

Janey will always look significantly
younger than she is.

When she's 30,
she's gonna look 17.

Is Greg Hartley a pedophile then?

Look, I got a problem with any
17-year-old dating a 30-year-old.

Well, you may not approve,
but legally,

a 17-year-old can sleep
with whoever she wants to.

You can't tell me Janey's little
girl looks don't turn him on.

Even if that's true, lots of women shave
and starve themselves to look younger.

It's a pervasive male fantasy.

The dirty cheerleader,
the naughty schoolgirl.

And that makes this ok?

I once had a patient, Renee.

Renee was born a male, and then
underwent surgery to become a female.

She fell in love with a straight man.

And even though he knew
that she was genetically a male,

he never saw her that way.

To him, Renee was a woman.

People are weird.

So you think Hartley sees Janey
for who she really is, huh?

I'm saying I'm not so sure it's our right
to judge her sexual choices.

If she and Greg Hartley
are really in love,

who are we to try and stop them
from being together?

- If being the operative word.
- Bottom line,

Janey and her family are gonna
have to sort this mess out on their own.

No, they're not.

Patrol just responded
to the Speer house.

Yeah, I ripped it up.

Tate called me to pick up my stuff.

And when I got here,
Nathan tried to buy me off.

What are you talking about?

That's a check for $20,000.

That's what he thought
his daughter was worth.

- That true?
- Yes.

We'd pay more to get him out
of Janey's life.

I'm not leaving Janey.
I love her.

You say that again,
I'm gonna kill you!

- Easy, Mr. Speer.
- Get out.

Make sure he leaves.

We saw Janey at the hospital this morning.

She said as soon as she's better,
she's gonna go live with him.

I don't know what I can do.

File a pins with family court.

It's a person in need of supervision.

Convince the court that
Janey needs to live at home.

It's only good till she's 18.

But a couple months might be
all she needs to get over that creep.

If my lawyer calls you, would you testify?
I mean about Greg?

It would help if there was
something to testify about.

Did you do any background checks
on Greg before you hired him?

- Previous employers, references?
- Of course. Why?

Something Janey said.
Or didn't say.

Could I have a copy of that?


Detective Stabler, in your opinion,

should Janey Speer be allowed
to live with Greg Hartley?


Because she's too young?

Because she doesn't know Greg Hartley.

What do you mean?

Four years ago, Mr. Hartley was fired
from a job in Nassau county

for having an inappropriate relationship
with his employer's 15-year-old daughter.

Your honor, this is a completely
unsubstantiated accusation.

Mr. And Mrs. Bianchi are waiting outside
to tell their story if you'd like.

You'll get your chance, Ms. Walsh.

Go on, Mr. Van Allen.

Were charges filed against Mr. Hartley?

No, according to the Nassau county
detectives, the girl refused to testify

'cause she was, quote,
"in love with Mr. Hartley."

In your experience as
a special victims unit detective,

what does this tell you about Mr. Hartley?

He's attracted to little girls.

A suitable companion for Janey Speer?

- No.
- Thank you.

Before we come to Mr. Hartley,

what is your opinion
of my client, detective?

- Do you think she's bright?
- Yes.

Could she function in the outside world,
hold down a job, for example?

I guess.

In the Nassau case, no criminal
charge were filed against Mr. Hartley.

Because the girl wouldn't testify.

Because nothing happened.

- Her parents think something did.
- They think.

But as far as the police
and the courts are concerned,

Mr. Hartley is innocent
of any wrong doing.

Well, he got away with it.

You have a 17-year-old daughter,
don't you? / Objection!

Detective Stabler's
personal life isn't relevant.

This witness clearly has a personal
bias in this case, your honor.

Why else would he go trawling

through New York state
digging up dirt on Mr. Hartley?

Do you have a daughter, detective?

I have three daughters and one son.
And they have nothing to do with this.

Despite the fact that you're separated
from your wife and hardly see your kids?

Don't you talk about my family.

Despite the fact you once pulled your
17-year-old daughter's boyfriend out of a car

and threatened him with violence
if he didn't leave her alone?

That has nothing to do with this.

It has everything to do
with this, detective.

Because it affects your ability
to view this case.

When you look at Nathan Speer,

you see a man, a father like yourself,
who is about to lose his daughter.

That's why you're going
after the man that Janey loves. / No!

I'm going after a pedophile.

Janey, do you understand
that if you live on your own,

you could be cutting all
financial ties with your family?

If that's what my dad wants to do, yes.

Do you have a plan?

I'll finish high school
and go to college.

Major in business like my dad.

How will you pay for this?

I'll get a job.

I'm really good with computers.
I can work from home.

Where would home be?

With my boyfriend Greg Hartley.

Is Mr. Hartley happy
with this arrangement?

Yes, Greg loves me.

I know everyone thinks it's weird,

but part of having Turner's
is accepting who I am.

I have accepted it.

I don't think it's fair that my father,
or anyone, should break us up

because they can't accept
that I'm a woman.


- What's going on?
- Butt out. She's my girlfriend.

Your girlfriend?
Show me some ID.

Take a hike, lady.
She's not showing you anything.

- Hey, I'm talking to you.
- Are you nuts?

No, you are.
Molesting a child in public?

Stop it, please!
He's my boyfriend!

- Stop, leave him alone!
- I'm a cop.

And you're under arrest.

There a problem here?

Creep was making out with that girl.

- Get her off of me.
- Please tell her.

Creep's legal.
Girl's 17.

She's 17?

Janey, come here.

You sure you wanna do this?

Let's go home.

You just gonna let them walk away?

It's what the court ordered.

What's it to you anyway?

- You're detective Stabler, right?
- Yeah.

Captain said you'd be here.

I'm Dani Beck, your new partner.

Welcome to the world of grey.

?ڸ????? - NSC ?ڸ???