Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 8, Episode 19 - Florida - full transcript

Benson (Mariska Hargitay) hears from her half-brother (Michael Weston), who is on the run because of sexual assault charges. He continues to claim his innocence, though because evidence continues to pile up against him, Benson reluctantly agrees to help in the investigation.

(male announcer)
In the criminal justice system,

sexually based offenses

are considered
especially heinous.

In New York City,

the dedicated detectives

who investigate
these vicious felonies

are members
of an elite squad

known as
the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

Well, you guys
are pretty confident.

You got your little circus act
down cold.

And I respect that.

So how about throwing
a little respect my way?

Well, you know
what I respect, Mikey?

It's Michael.

Mikey--that you
came on down here

and decided to talk to us
without lawyering up.

Innocent people
don't need a lawyer.

You know, I gotta disagree
with my partner, though.

I don't respect liars.

Is it just me
you got a thing for,

or all men?

Oh, you're the one
with the "thing" problem.


Those two girls
said you got soft

when you raped them.

Is that why
you hate all women?

What I hate
is a bull dyke.

Who gets a little power
and thinks she has to use it.

Bull dyke--is that
what you call women

that won't
sleep with you?

You got a problem
with your eyesight?

I don't have issues
with the ladies.

Well, there's gotta be
some reason

you got soft, Michael.

Shut your mouth.
Before you shut it for me?

Just like you did
to those two girls

by beating the hell
out of them?

What happened there?
Maybe he's one
of those metrosexuals.

Michael, you gotta prove
that you're not a switch-hitter?

No, but I'll
prove it to you.

Easy there, tough guy.

[forced chuckle]

Detective Benson.


I need you now.

Them's the breaks.


I almost had the bastard.
I don't understand.

You remember Agent Porter?

Look, I'm not going
back undercover.

I'm not working
for domestic terrorism anymore.

Agent Porter
is with the Bureau's new

sexual offender fugitive
apprehension task force.

Well, we don't have
any perps in the wind.

It's not an NYPD case.

We're looking for a guy
out of Jersey who jumped bail

on stalking
and rape charges.

Perhaps you know him.

Simon Marsden.

What makes you think

that I can help you
find Simon Marsden?

I think
you know where he is.

I need you to come with me.

Look, I'm sorry,
but I have a rapist

who's ready to spill, so...


with 'em...

or without 'em.

Three days ago,
Simon Marsden

cashed a postal money order

for two grand at a bank
in Matamoras, Pennsylvania.

Isn't that up
by the Poconos?

The money order was purchased
at the post office

a half a block
from your apartment.

Same morning
you just happened

to cash in a CD
for the exact same amount.

And you think
I sent Marsden the money.

I know you did.

Big as life on the post office
security cam.

Show me.
I don't have it.

So where is it?

Being enhanced.

At our digital media
recovery lab in Washington.

By the time
they're done with it,

I'll be able to read
the serial number

on the money order
while it's still in your hand.

What do you want?

The truth.

Simon Marsden
is my brother.

His father

raped my mother.

And she got pregnant with me.

You said you wanted
the truth.

You know, we want him.

Not you.

I don't know
where Marsden is.

He called my apartment...

from a disposable
cell phone.

Are you gonna
arrest me now?

Are you gonna call me
if he contacts you again?


Get the hell out of here.

By the way...
today's your lucky day.

How's that?

The surveillance camera
at the post office

was broken
the day you were there.

Your tax dollars at work.

So who dimed me?

She said you'd know.

Well, look who's here.

Detective Benson,

what brings you
over the river today?

Your big mouth.

What do you want?

You out of my private life.

You're running
my financials?

What, are you
tapping my phone too?

Whatever it takes
to lock up Simon Marsden.

You're treating me
like a perp!

Yeah, you're
acting like one.

You alibied
that scumbag.

Because he was
in my apartment that night!

And after he left,
he raped Donna Leonte.

His hairs were
in her underwear, Detective.

He took his rage out
on an innocent woman

because you wouldn't
screw him.

You're crazy.
Try looking
in the mirror.

A sex crimes cop
in love with a rapist?

Sound perverse to you?

Go to hell.

No stalkings,
no rapes

since your precious Simon
left town two months ago.

Still think I'm crazy?

Thought you'd
be home by now.

Took another round
with Thatcher.

Cragen didn't think
you'd be back.

Well, neither did I.

Tough day.

Munch said you left
with some suit.

Munch should mind
his own business.


Just my F.B.I. case agent
from the undercover gig

needed some information.

Well, I went at "macho man"
for two hours,

and, uh, he wouldn't
spill the beans.

He'd, uh...
only speak with you.

No time like the present.

Is this really necessary?

You tell me--is that
what the girls asked you

when you tied them up?

Hey, what happened
to your partner?

He said you were
too afraid to talk to him.

That little kitty
couldn't even stand up to you.

Ah, but you can.
Oh, yeah.

Look how long
it took you to come back.

You think I'm afraid of you?

What the hell
was that for?

What's she doing?
Thatcher's an anger rapist.

She's just trying
to rile him up.

She better
rile herself down,

or I'm taking her
out of there.

Is that how you get off?

You like your guys
in chains?

Yeah. Do you like
your women at knifepoint?

Those big boys in prison

are gonna love your prissy
pervert ass up there, huh?

Now I get it.
I get it now!

You got a thing
for perverts.

Is that why
you do sex crimes?

Someone diddle you
when you were a kid?

You daddy's little girl?

You bastard.
Tell me you raped 'em.

You raped 'em!
Didn't you? Huh?!

Right! You raped 'em!


Just admit it!

Stop! Ohh, please!
I did it, yes!

That's enough!
Get off him!

Get off me!

What the hell
is your problem?

We got a confession,
didn't we?

And what part of that
do you think

is gonna stand up
in court?

A five-year-old
could have done a better job!

Then go hire one.

I have had it
with your crap.

We are not finished yet.

You get your hands off me.

You go home. Now.

What was that?

Thatcher got
what he deserved.

No, I'm talking about you.
What are you doing?

Oh, the poster boy for rage

is gonna tell me
how to control my anger?

Liv, what's going on?

The feds nailed me
for sending Simon money.

Cragen wouldn't
let you near here

if he knew the feds
were charging you.

They're gonna
cut me a break

if I turn him in
when he contacts me.

His DNA is on the victim.

The cops in Jersey
have him cold.

I knew that
when I sent him the money.

So why'd you do it?

He's my brother.

You don't even
know the guy.

Look at what
he's doing to you.

Cragen wants me
out of here.

[cell phone ringing]


Simon, where are you?

Yeah, I'll bring the cash.

Don't move.


Self-help section.

How appropriate.

When did Simon call?

Uh, about two seconds
before I called you.

Where's the meet?

In the café.

Look, let me
talk to him first.

Did you bring the money?

What are you gonna do?

I'm going home.

What's wrong?

You kidding me?

You screwed me.

I broke the law for you,
and I got caught.

I could lose my job
and go to jail.

I'm sorry.

But it'll be okay
once we prove I'm innocent.

Save it, Simon.
I'm done.

Please, Olivia,
don't give up on me.

You raped that woman.

No, I didn't.

I thought you believed me.

I tried,
but DNA proves you did.

You think I'm a rapist?
Then why'd you help me?

Because I didn't wanna believe
that my own brother

could do such a thing.

You're so screwed up,

you can't believe
there's good in anyone.

Simon, wait!

I'll take the alley!
I'll take the back!

[tires screech]

You okay?

That was Simon's car.

My brother tried to kill me.

We should be out in Jersey
sitting on his house.

He's too smart
to go home.

Well, he's certainly
not coming here.

You're done with this.

The hell I am.

What is all that?

It's stuff
that Simon sent me.

So we could get to know
each other better.

Maybe there's
something in here that--

that will tell us
where he went.

How'd he find you?

I ran my DNA in the system,
and he turned up.

And then I made the mistake
of tracking him down.

You sure you never
met him before that?

Yeah, I'm sure.

Then what's he doing
with a picture of you here?

He found it
in his father's stuff.

It turns out...that the dad
was keeping track of me.

Wow...not exactly
your average rapist, was he?

senior class picture.


You should have
seen mine.

I had a mullet.

I had feathered hair
and wore acid-washed jeans.

Moorepark Mustangs.

Where's Moorepark?

It's up near Orange County.

Wait a minute.

I remember seeing
an old address for Simon.

[flipping pages]

93 Ogden Avenue.

Maybe the mother
still lives there.

We gotta check this out.

Can I help you?

Does Mrs. Marsden live here?


I'm agent Porter
with the F.B.I.

We need to talk to her
about her son Simon.

Well, Simon,
he was here yesterday.

Okay, do you know
where he went?

No idea.

What about his mother?
Does she know?

Well, even if he told her,

she's not gonna
be able to tell you.

How come?


Well, early onset.

Her short-term memory's gone,

but she's still got
some of her past up there.

Sharon, honey,

you have some visitors.

Have we met before, dear?

Uh, I don't think so.

Yes, fr--from the newspaper.

The one Joe had.

You saw the picture?

Joe showed it to me.

He said it was
his little girl.

She looks just like you.

Joe told you
he had a daughter?

Yes, he got
a girl pregnant.

A long time ago,
before we met.

Oh, don't tell Simon.

He doesn't know.

He always
wanted a sister.


do you know
where Simon lives?

In Florida.

He has a beautiful house
on Route 94.

Joe left it to Simon
in his will.

Did Joe ever go and try
to find his daughter?


he said
he called her once.

Her mother answered.

But he hung up.

[choking up]
Did he ever see me?



What else did he say?

Please try to remember.

Who are you?

Okay, I'll be there
in a couple hours.


Operations found
a Route 94 in Kendall,

just south of Miami.

There's two plane tickets
waiting for us at LaGuardia.

Waiting for us?

Well, Simon
I don't think would risk

using his I.D.
in an airport.

So he's either driving
or taking a train or a bus.

We get down there fast enough,
we may just beat him.

Thanks, but I think
I'm gonna pass.

I thought
you wanted closure.

I do, but...

not with Simon.

With his father.

You heard
what Simon's mother said.

He has a picture of me.

I need to know who he was.

You gonna be okay?


Go, get your plane,
so you're not late.

Call me.

I will.

Stay out of trouble.


Excuse me.

Can I help you?

Yeah, I'm, uh,

looking for some information
about the death of a man

named Joe
or Joseph Marsden.

And you are?

Detective Olivia Benson,

I'm Dr. Pressman,
one of the coroners.

Are you from Missing Persons?

Actually, Special Victims.

Joe Marsden's name came up
in a rape investigation.

If you can tell me he's dead,
I can stop chasing a corpse.


don't want you to go home

How long ago did he die?

About ten years ago.

[beep beep]

No results found.

And he died here
in Orange County?

He did.
It's gotta be in there.


Did he have
any next of kin?

He had a son named Simon.

And a wife named Sharon.

[punching keys]

[beep beep]

Simon Marsden's in here.

But as a son
of one Joseph Hollister.

Can you tell me
how Mr. Hollister died?

[beep beep]

Tox screen found
traces of Halcyon,

which he probably
took for insomnia,

and alcohol in his system.

Deadly combination.

So it was an accident?

No...his death
was ruled a suicide.

The booze and the pills
were found with Mr. Hollister

at his office
at RPB Food Distributors.

Joe was chronically depressed.

It got so bad, my dad made him
see a shrink back in '69.

The doctor
put him on medication.

Did it help?

Yeah, till he
started drinking.

He tipped a few too many
one day

before he picked up Simon
at school,

and almost killed both of them
in a car accident.

He go to jail?

Sharon divorced him.

She went back to using
her maiden name of Marsden,

and never let him
see Simon again.

Hold on.

Now, here's Joe and Simon
at a company picnic

back in '76.

They were really close.

He loved that kid
to death.

Do you think
Joe killed himself

'cause he lost Simon?

Oh, probably.

Joe didn't leave a note,
but Simon was all he had.

He still had his job.

You didn't fire him.

We owed him.

Joe was the best salesman
that ever worked here.

He signed up restaurants,
school districts,

colleges 50 years ago
that are still clients today.


Columbia University?

Till they defected
to the competition.

You graduate from there,

Uh, no.

My mother did.

She, um...

she worked
in the dining hall...

to pay her way through.

Hollister's company
delivered food

to the dining hall
where my mother worked.

And you think
that's how he saw her.

It's the only connection.

Did he rape any other women?

He was never arrested,
so I searched the archives.

I listened to the statement
my mother gave the police.

[man on tape]
Please state your name, Miss.

[woman on tape]
Serena Benson.

Tell me what happened.

I was raped.

And then I looked
for similar attacks

from around the same time.

I found two more cases

where victims worked
in dining halls.

Campus library,
close to midnight...

One at Hudson University,
the other at Manhattan Tech.

Something hit me from behind.

When I came to,
there was a man on top of me.

He had pushed up my dress
and was...

He engaged in sexual


What did he say to you?



I don't remember.

Which is it, Miss?

or you don't remember?

Please, I have to stop.


When was the last attack?

That's when you said
Joe Hollister

started his treatment
for depression.

Are you saying depression
caused him to rape?

Anger brought on
by depression.

He was a young guy,
strong sex drive.

He must have raped
to make someone else

feel as crappy as he did,

or else to give himself a sense
of control over his life.

Or power over another's.

Men don't usually
stop raping once they start.

Back then, he was probably
prescribed Tofranil or Elavil,

tricyclic antidepressants.

They probably both
could have killed his sex drive.

And why did
he start drinking?

The drugs probably
stopped working.

And then, when the alcohol
didn't kill his pain anymore,

he must have thought
suicide was the only option.

But this isn't
just about Simon, is it?

Simon gave these to me.

He found them
in his father's stuff.

He kept track
of your mother...

to know about you?

He told his wife,

Simon's mother,

that he had a daughter.

My mother was a drunk,
just like him.

It was 1967.

Abortion was a crime.

She wasn't married.

You think your mother
lied about being raped?

He kept track of me.

What rapist does that?

The evidence
against Joe Hollister

is just as strong

as the evidence
against your brother.

I don't know for sure
that Joe Hollister

attacked these women
and my mother.

You've got to face
the truth, Liv.

My mother lied to me.

About so many things.

What if this
was one of them?

She's dead.
I can't ask her.

I need to know...

if the man that fathered me
was really a rapist.


Jane Willet?


Well, before
I was married.

Who are you?

Uh, Detective Olivia Benson.

You went
to Hudson University.

100 years ago.
What's this about?

I wanted to ask you, uh...

about the night that
you were attacked on campus.

Has he attacked
someone else?

You recognize him.

From where?

The dining hall
I worked in at college.

His company
supplied the food.

Why didn't you identify him
to the police?

I was pretty wild
back then.

I didn't think anybody
would believe he raped me.

Did he ever try
to contact you afterward?


Please go away.

And don't
come back again.

I hope they're not
making you do that paperwork

because of Michael Thatcher.

He's done.

Without a confession.

The victims ID'd him,
and we have DNA.

Captain, what happened
the other night...

what I did
and what I said...

that's not me.

I know.

Porter called.

He told me what happened
at the bookstore.

That he's not
gonna charge you,

'cause you kept your word.

You need a rest.

You got plenty of time.

Take it.

How long?

You'll know when
you're ready to come back.

Thank you.

[keys jingling]


[door closes]



You trying to get yourself
shot, Captain?


We need to talk.

What do you want?
Your help.

Porter's cut me
out of the loop.

He won't return
my phone calls.

He's out of town.

When's he coming back?

I don't know.

Are we done?

Look, I know I shouldn't have
treated you the way I did.

I get it.
I'm single too.

You meet a guy,
you think he's the one.

The other shoe drops,
but you still have feelings.

No, you don't get it.

I don't have romantic feelings
for Simon Marsden.

He's my brother.

[keys clink on table]

Your brother?

So that's why
you've been protecting him.

I know that he tried
to rape your sister

when they were
in high school.

I just...

I just didn't
want to believe it.

He's family.

I understand.


It's my fault
he raped Donna Leonte.

I screwed up
your investigation,

and I don't want him
to attack another woman.

I'll call Porter for you.

And do whatever else

you need for me
to do to help.

A statement from you
could go a long way

toward a conviction.

Mind coming to my office?

In the bookstore,
where did Marsden tell you

he was going
before he fled?


I assumed that meant

to his house
here in River Park.

Were you able to ascertain
where he really meant?

Agent Porter and I
interviewed Simon's mother,

uh, who has Alzheimer's,
but was able to tell us

that Simon
was at their home

on Route 94 in Florida.

That's how Simon's mother
said it?

Route 94 in Florida?

Porter's there,
which is probably why

neither of us
has heard from him yet.


Got a second?


Our chief.
Give me a minute?

Take as long
as you need.

Okay. I'll take care of it.



Sorry about that.

One sec.


Uh, I'll be there
as soon as I can.

[snaps phone shut]

Uh, no worries.
I actually have to go too.

That was my captain.
Something just broke on a case.

Do you mind if we
pick this up tomorrow?

No problem.

You won't forget
to call Porter?

I'll call him
on my way to the office.

Thank you.

Next time, call me

on one of the 364 days
of the year

I don't have a date.


What are you doing
with Jersey's photos?

You know, the less
you know, the better.

This one's sort of...
off the books.

What do you wanna know?

If it's legit.

The crime report
says that the victim

yanked the hair
off her rapist's head.

Someone's lying.

Hair has three stages:

anagen, when it grows;

when it's in transition;

and telogen,
when it's resting.

Now, anagen hairs
have strong roots.

Pull 'em out, and you're
gonna get the root sheath.

Even some skin and blood.

Okay, so what kind of hair
is this?

No sheath, no other
tissue attached to the root.

This is a telogen hair.

Which means it was never
yanked out of anyone's head.

Yeah, because telogen hairs
fall out on their own

in the shower
or on your brush.

Now, it's possible that
the hairs fell out spontaneously

and landed
where they were found.

But it's more likely

that somebody
took it out of his comb

and planted it as evidence.

You've done a couple hundred
rape cases.

How many head hairs have you
found in a victim's underwear?

Captain Millfield's not here.

Well, can you
call her at home?

She's out of town.

Look, why don't you
check with your chief,

because the three of us were
here in her office last night.

I thought she was
on bereavement leave.

She had a death
in her family?

Three nights ago.

You a friend?


I'm surprised
she didn't tell me.

Her baby sister OD'd.

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.

How'd you find me?

O'Halloran told me about
your midnight rendezvous.

Didn't take a brain surgeon
to figure out the rest.

We've gotta find Millfield.

She framed Simon
for the rapes,

and I can prove it.

Do you have him in custody?

Wasted trip.

For all we know,
he's never been to Miami.

Well, we have to find him
before Millfield does.

The sister overdosed,
and she's gonna blame Simon.

How do you know all this?
It's a long story.

Are you sure that they
never lived in Florida?

The mother was very specific.

She also has Alzheimer's.
She didn't know her own nurse.

She knew me.
I'm part of her past.

Why would she make up
some house

on Route 94 in Florida?

Route 94 to Florida?

That's upstate.

There was a police camp

that my father
took me to every summer.

I remember that sign:
Route 94 to Florida.

It's in the Catskills.

Is it near Moorepark?


That's where Simon and Millfield
went to high school.

She figured it out.

Simon's father
left him a house in the will.

I'll get operations
working on an address.

Tell them it's
under the name "Hollister."

That's Simon's car.

No sign of Millfield.

Must have just gotten here.
It's still warm.


Come with me.
Take the back.

Simon, please.

[Julia moaning]


Get out of here, Olivia!


In the mirror.

Julia, what happened?

He shot me!

Julia, where were you hit?

Right side of my gut.

Simon, you gotta let her go.

Get out of here, Olivia!

We can talk this out.

There's nothing
to talk about!

Look, you gotta
listen to me!

Now I need you to calm down.

Stop stalling.
I know the cops are out there.

There are no cops here, Simon.

We're alone.

[cell phone ringing]

Liv...I'm on.


how much blood
have you lost?

I don't know.

I can't tell.

I've got pressure on it.

My partner's inside
with a taker.

I got 'em on an open line.

How many hostages?

One, cop from Jersey.
She's been shot.

We gotta go in.
No, the guy's unstable.

Look, we try
taking him out,

he could kill the hostage
and my partner.

Hostage negotiator
will be here in ten.

It's his call.

Julia, tell me
what happened.

He grabbed my gun...

and shot me.

Because she was
gonna kill me.

Oh, he's lying, he's--

he's lying.

I know you're not lying,

Julia framed you
for Donna Leonte's rape.

She planted your hairs.

Ohh! I did not!

I got proof, Julia.


Are you trying
to trick me again?

I'm trying to help you.

Why now?
Because I should have

believed you all along.

Now listen to me.

You're gonna let her go.

And I'm gonna
take her place, okay?

[Simon, scoffing]
No, no.

No way! No way!

It's gonna save you...

from a murder rap.

Now, if she dies,
I can't help you.

What, I let her go?

I let her go,
and then you shoot me?

I won't shoot you.

I would never do that.

What about
those other cops?

There are no other cops.

It's just the two of us.
You gotta trust me.

Now, how did Julia
get hurt?

It was an accident.

I didn't mean
to shoot her.

[helicopter approaching]

Oh, God.


You lied to me!

You said you were all alone,
and you told them I was here.

Now, I know that this
is all my fault.

And if I--if I would have
believed you,

none of this
would have happened.

So I'm gonna
come in there now, okay?

No, you don't.
Don't, or I kill her.

She dies, Simon, you die too.

If she doesn't
tell you the truth,

I have no reason to live.

Simon, we gotta
figure this out.

Tom Nickerson, state police.
I'm the negotiator.

Elliot Stabler.
My partner, she's inside.

Your partner's
way off script.

The hostage taker's
her brother.

Shut up and let me think.

Patch me through
to the land line in the house.

[telephone ringing]

That's gotta be
the negotiator, Simon.

Pick up the phone.

I'm only talking to you,

Listen to her.

Answer the phone, Simon.




Hi, Simon, my name is Tom.
I'm with the state police.

I'm not going to jail.


Mount up!
We're going in!

Hold on, listen!

He shot the phone!

He shot the phone.

Nobody's hit.
Everybody's okay.

Who's out there?
Stand down!

Who's out there with you,


Get out!

Get out, or I shoot her!

Simon, listen to your sister

and put the gun down.

You got five seconds!

Don't be a fool.


Three! Two!
Go, go.

I'm leaving.

He's gone.
It's just us now.

Simon, he's gone, okay?
He's gone.

It's just us now three.

That's what you said before.
Why do you keep lying to me?

I don't know, why'd you try
to run me over the other night?

Run you over?
Are you crazy?


Why would I try
and hurt you?

I don't know, Simon.
It was your car.

Same car that's parked
in the driveway.

My car is in the garage.

Stay where you are.

Get out of here, Olivia!

I'm unarmed, Simon.
Is she out of her mind?

You just have to calm down.
I don't care!

Give me five minutes.

Give me five minutes.

Just take it easy.

I just wanna talk to her.


'Cause I want the truth.

Julia, why you driving
the same car as Simon?

It's a rental.

The exact same make
and color as his?

Uh, luck of the draw.

I don't think so.

That was you the other night
at the bookstore.

You tried to kill me.

I was chasing Simon.

You were trying
to set him up.

You wanted me to think
that it was him.

I wanted you to realize

how dangerous he is...

and turn him in.

Why are you trying
to ruin my life?

You ruined my sister's life
when you tried to rape her.

All I did to Carrie
was kiss her.

When she said stop,
I stopped.

She told me...
she begged you to stop...

and you didn't listen.

You tore her dress off,
you groped her--

I tried to kiss her!
And she freaked!

She went crazy!

She was terrified
because you attacked her!

No, no! I didn't!

Simon, drop your weapon.


Don't make me shoot her.

Drop your weapon.

Elliot, don't.



what did she say?

What did Carrie say
the night she freaked out?


What difference
does it make?

It does.

Just tell me what she said.

She was yelling
all sorts of stuff.

"Get off me.
Don't touch me."

She started hitting me.

And then she curled up
in a little ball.

She started crying.

You see?
She was scared to death.

Not of Simon.

That's who
was trying to rape her.


was Carrie molested?

Of course not.

Listen to me...

a girl doesn't
freak out like that

when a boy kisses her.

You don't know
what you're talking about.

I see it every day.

A boy kisses a girl,

and she flashes back
to the abuse.


did she tell you
that she was molested?


And who did she say
abused her?

She said our father
got into bed with her.

She was high all the time.
I didn't believe her.

Because you didn't want to.

Just like I didn't
wanna believe

that my father was a rapist.


My father never touched me.

I know.

And that's
how it happens sometimes.

They just pick one.

I just...

Oh, God, I thought
all the things she said,

it was because the drugs
were making her crazy, I--

Oh, maybe she'd be alive
if I'd listened.


your sister didn't
turn to drugs

because of Simon.

And she's not dead
because of you

or because of Simon.

She's dead
because of your father.


I know.


I gotta tell you...

What do you gotta tell us?

I was gonna shoot Simon...

to make him pay
for my sister.

I--I put my gun on him.

He grabbed it,
and it went off.

It was an accident.

And why did Donna Leonte
identify Simon in the lineup?

I--I convinced her that,
if she didn't,

he would rape somebody else.


It's okay.
I'm sorry.

Julia, stay with me.

Come on.

Stay with me.


Just stay with me.

Give me the gun, Simon.

She's gonna die.

Now give me the gun.

You gotta give me the gun.

Okay, we're clear!

Get the medics in here!

Get the medics inside!

Check the vitals...

The medics have
Captain Millfield stabilized.

They think that
she's gonna make it.

Are you charging Simon?

In light of her statement,

that's a pile of paperwork
I don't need to do.

I'm sorry.

For everything.

Me too.

We gotta get going.

Where are you taking him?

My office.

I need his help
unraveling this mess

that Millfield made.

He's lucky.

If it was me...

I would have shot him.

Thank you.

You too.

[car door slams]

For what?

Trusting me.

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