Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 8, Episode 18 - Responsible - full transcript

The mother of a high school girl is caught having a sexual relationship with one of her daughter's classmates, and she may have supplied alcohol for a high school party where another student died.

(male announcer)
In the criminal justice system,

sexually based offenses are
considered especially heinous.

In New York City,
the dedicated detectives

who investigate
these vicious felonies

are members
of an elite squad

known as
the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

My brother does not hate you.

He booked us
twin beds, Sheila.

Twin beds on our
tenth anniversary.

He's a lousy travel agent.

But sharing that
teeny little bed

sure spiced things up.

Huh? Huh?


Zoey, sweetie,

we're back.


You know, Eve probably
took Zoey to the park,

so we're alone now.


We can try those
new positions...


In our king-sized bed.

Oh, my God.

I'm running a rape kit.

Found semen
on the comforter.

Looks like she's been dead
since last night.

Cause of death?

Her tongue
occluded her airway.

So she was strangled?

I'll let you know
after the autopsy.

Where's the crime scene?

She was in
an upstairs bedroom,

but no sign
of struggle.

Lividity matches
the position

she was found in.

Okay, well,

let's go talk
to the parents.

Well, good luck finding 'em.

Well, then who are they?

The homeowners,
Sheila and Kevin Banks.

And Zoey.

The Chihuahua's
their only child.

Who's this?

No idea.

They've never seen her before.

Was she raped?

I didn't find any signs

of physical trauma
or sexual activity.

What about the semen
on the comforter?

It's old.
Probably the homeowner's.

They should change
their sheets more often.

Cause of death?

like I thought,

but she wasn't



I'm sorry.

She reminds me of my daughter.

Okay, well,
if she wasn't strangled,

how'd she suffocate?

Her blood alcohol
was .40.

Drank herself to death.

She's only 110 pounds.

That much alcohol
in her system,

she threw up,
passed out,

on her own vomit.

Anything to help ID her?

No hits on her prints or DNA.

No match to any
Missing Persons report.

The only other thing I found

were traces of her vomit
on the comforter.

Somebody cleaned
this girl up.

Maybe that same somebody
bought her the booze.

Or helped her
raid the liquor cabinet.

We don't keep
a drop in the house.

Not even vanilla extract.

I'm a recovering alcoholic.

I've been sober
three years.

Who has the keys
to your home?

Only Eve,
our dog walker.

She was supposed to come
twice a day

while we were on vacation.

That's what
we paid for anyway.

And she just
never showed up?

We found our baby
locked in the basement.

God knows how long
she was down there.

Have you contacted Eve?

I've left six messages.

But she hasn't called back.

You have an address for her?

No, we met her
in the dog park.

Zoey ran right up to her.

And usually,

she's a much better judge
of character.

I would never lock Zoey
in the basement.

Somebody else must've been
in the house.

Well, lady, that dog
had no food or water.

Lady. Lady. Hey.

Now, that dog had
no food or water.

So unless you want
the ASPCA and PETA

picketing your home,

I would suggest you start
telling the truth.

Ever since
my business took off,

I've had to outsource
some of my clients.

What, to India?

Local high school students.

But they're all
true dog lovers,

I make sure of it.

Which one of these
true dog lovers

was in charge of Zoey?

Becca Rice.

This her?


No, I have no idea
who she is.

Where can we find this Becca?

I wasn't there.

I didn't walk Zoey yesterday

'cause I was sick.

Hung over?

Ms. Goody Two-Shoes?

I don't think so.

Who are you,
her brother?

His name's Jordan.

I tutor him in math and Spanish
twice a week.

Gotta get those grades up
for college.

You know this girl?


How 'bout you?

Is she dead?

Yeah, in the house

where you were

How do you
explain that?

I don't know.


Who are these people?

Mrs. Rice?


What happened?

We're investigating
an incident in the house

where your daughter
was dog sitting.


I gave the keys to Reagan,

this girl at my school.

So she could throw a party

with her friends
Luke and Mark.

Of all the stupid things.

Look, I am terribly
sorry about this.

Please tell
the homeowners

I will cover
all the damages.

Well, unfortunately,
Mrs. Rice,

it's not that simple.

This girl died
at that party.

Oh, my God.

And without your daughter's

we have no way
to identify her.


Tell them her name.

I--I don't know it.

I didn't even go
to that stupid party.

How about you, Jordan?

Were you there?

Uh, yeah,
just for a little while.

So did you see
this girl there?

Um, I'm not sure.

Well, maybe you can
give us a list

of the names some of
the kids who might know.

Uh, the party's invite only.

There's a guest list online.

Great. Go online. Show us.

[dog barks]

"Get ready
to drive drunk."

Drunk driving's a joke?


It's just
a stupid drinking game

guys play with girls
to get in their pants.

Let's get
to that guest list.

I'm so getting my ass reamed

if anyone at school
finds out I helped you.

"Your hosts:
Reagan, Mark, and Luke."

There she is.

Melanie Tamkin.

"Hard worker,
homecoming queen,

class president."

She wanted to be a doctor.

She doesn't go to our school.

Profile says she's from
Greenwich, Connecticut.

Well, she came
a long way to die.

Melanie never drank.

She was
a straight-A student

for crying out loud.

She was always

Where'd you think
she was this weekend?

At the Math Olympics.

In Hartford.

Did Melanie ever mention

having any friends
in the city?

Hanover Day School?


Were those the kids
who threw the party?

Yeah, it was my party,
but I didn't know

all the kids there.

Word gets around.

Kids invite their friends.

They invite their friends,
you know.

You see who
she came with?


All I saw was her guzzling

a bottle of Schnapps.

Some guy bet
her she couldn't drink

ten shots in ten minutes.

Did she?

She made it
to the third round

before she hurled her way
to the john.

You see anybody help her?

No, but I heard she was
too blotto to walk.

Took two guys to carry her
to the bathroom.

Was she conscious?

No, they threw her
in a cold shower,

but it didn't wake her up.

Then what happened?

Nothing, a couple guys
carried her to the bedroom.

Figured she'd sleep it off.

Did anybody call an ambulance?

Everyone panicked.

One girl said
her lips turned blue.

It was horrible.

No one knew what to do.

Why not call 9-1-1?

Well, one guy wanted to.

He kept yelling,

"She's gonna die.
We gotta do something."

But nobody called.

Everyone was scared
of getting in trouble.

They just wanted to clean up
and get outta there.

Well, we all have curfews,
that's why everyone left.

I mean, that's what I heard

because, like I said,
I wasn't there.

So nobody helped her?

They just left
Melanie there to die?

How could they do that?

They were afraid.

Afraid of getting caught?

They're kids.
They panicked.

They murdered
my little girl.

And I want them
held accountable.

Do we have enough evidence

to charge
Reagan, Mark, and Luke

with Melanie Tamkin's death?

Well, someone
gave her the booze.

We know there wasn't
any in the house.

We can't prove
those kids

meant for anyone
to get that drunk.

It's a party that got
out of control.

These three promised
fun drinking games.

So we can argue that
they provided the drinks.

You can't have a kegger
without the keg.

Collar 'em.

Docket ending 45347.

People versus
Reagan Michels,

Mark Schroeffel,
and Luke Young.

Charges are Criminally
Negligent Homicide

and Criminal
Trespass Three.

(Judge Donnelly)
How do the defendants plead?

Not guilty.

The charges against
my clients are ridiculous.

The People can't prove that
any one of them was present

when this poor girl
lost her life.

They all
made statements

describing what happened
in great detail.

They were there,
and they did nothing.

Their accounts
are all hearsay.

Not one of them saw
what happened to Melanie.

They're merely repeating
rumors they heard.

Neglecting a young woman
in fatal distress

is reprehensible.

But without

there is insufficient

to proceed as a homicide.

However, the charge
of Trespass still stands.

I am releasing these minors

to the custody
of their parents.

I will see you all
back here in two weeks.

And furthermore,
you are under

judicial order
to abstain from alcohol,

and you are forbidden to be
anywhere that alcohol is served,

except in the company
of a parent.

Do I make myself clear?

Yes, Your Honor.

Thank you,
Your Honor.

We are adjourned.

You call that justice?

Mr. Tamkin, please.

You're letting killers
walk free!

Detective Stabler,
would you please

escort Mr. Tamkin outside?


You killed my daughter!

Melanie did not
deserve this.

Help me.

Come on.

What's the occasion, Dad?

I just wanna talk.

About what?

Where's a kid your age
get alcohol?

Dad, what's up?

A girl your age died,

From drinking?

Yeah, think somebody

bought the alcohol
for her.

Maybe she got it herself.

Fake ID?

Or online.

All you need
is a credit card.

It's easier than getting
into an R rated movie.

Excuse me?

How can I help you?

I'll take whatever's
lite on tap.

How 'bout you?


she's gonna have an iced tea.

And I'm fine.

Iced tea.

See? It's easy.

Don't worry, Dad,
I don't even like beer.

If you did,
would you tell me?


Guess I'll just have
to read your diary.

Dad, no one keeps
diaries anymore.

If you want to find out
what kids are up to,

you just read
their web pages.

We post stuff here we'd never
talk about anywhere else.

And no one monitors
these accounts, huh?

Sometimes schools do

to make sure no one's
coming to school

with a shotgun.

Pull up Reagan's blog,
Honey, please.


"The 'rents got me
on a tight leash

after court today."

That means "parents".

I know what
'rents means.

Here's a reply from Reagan
to a kid named Jordan.

"Don't be chicken.

"Fly the coop.
Land at the roost.

You bring the candy."

So they're partying
even after

Judge Donnelly
told 'em not to.

Where's the roost?

I don't know, Dad.

Every clique has
their own slang.

You'll have to ask them.

[door bell rings]

Detective, come in.

What brings you here so late?


She home?


I'm having
a glass of wine.

Join me?

I'm working.

Thank you.

Next time.

Where's your partner?

We don't always
do interviews together.

You two an item?

I noticed you didn't wear
a wedding ring.

Maybe you should've
been a detective.


May I speak with Becca?


I don't know anything
about a party tonight.

I wasn't invited.

Detective Stabler
says Jordan was.

Why didn't you ask him
to take you, Sweetheart?

Mom, we're not
that kind of friends.

Well, maybe if you
paid more attention

to your appearance,
you would be.

Isn't she beautiful,

Mom, don't.


Where could these kids
be partying tonight?

I told you.
I don't know.

Is that the truth,

If you know something,

you need to tell
Detective Stabler.

I heard Luke Young
talking about

having some people over.

His parents are in Aspen.

[knocking at the door]

It's open!

Chug! Chug! Chug!

Chug! Chug! Ch--

Cheap tequila.

What's the matter, Reagan?

You drink the worm?

What are you doing here?

Hey, Jordan, you brought
the candy, huh?

Look at this.

Big screen TV.
Dart boards.

You got yourself
a regular frat house here.

Guess what. You're busted.
Let's go.

No, no, wait, wait.

Um, you don't understand.
We're celebrating.

I got into Princeton.
Early decision.


Check this out.

Hey, that's my inhaler.

I've got asthma, man.

Do you really?

Smells like
an alcohol vaporizer to me.

Isn't that the latest
and greatest in a quick high?

It's illegal in 17 states
including New York.

You guys are breaking the law
all over the place.

I know the judge said
we shouldn't drink,

but you don't get into
the Ivy League every day.

Well, guess what,
you're underage

and the law
doesn't make exception

for special occasions.

I was being responsible.

Yeah, for what?
Getting your friends loaded?

No, I haven't had a drink.

I was gonna make sure

everyone got home safe.

Last time you threw
a party, a girl died.

Come on,
we'd do anything

to change what happened,
but we can't.

Please don't ruin
our lives too.

Save it for the judge.

We arrested Reagan,
Mark, Luke,

and Jordan last night.

I know.

I released them this morning.

Why? Those kids disobeyed
your order not to drink.

They were very remorseful.

They even volunteered

to enter alcohol
awareness classes.

Now, if you'll excuse me

I have a decision to write.

Classes are not gonna
change those kids.

I am not going
to ruin the futures

of four promising
young students

by throwing them
in with gang bangers

and kiddie murderers.

The punishment needs
to fit the crime.

And I think jail,
in this case,

is excessively punitive.

Bad decision.

What did you say?

I said it's a bad decision,
and you know it.

So jail is okay

for these kids,
but not for your own daughter?

When she got caught
drunk driving,

you made those charges

[cell phone rings]

Elizabeth, these kids come
from affluent families.

They think the rules
don't apply to them.

These kids are spoiled,
I'll grant you that.

But I think this
was a wake-up call.

Your Honor.

What is it?

I'll get back to you.

You need to see something.

This was just posted
on Reagan's web page.

My daughter spotted it.

Hey--hey, here's--

Hey, here's to the
Special Educations Unit.


Thanks for the free day
off of school.

Yeah, we really
learned our lesson.

And here's
to Detective Gaybler.


You think he's banging
his partner, man?

Oh, no way.
No way.

It would take a locksmith

to pry that prude's legs open.

And what about that
Judge Diarrhea?

Oh, that old witch.

Yeah, where's her broom?

It's up her butt.


"Up my butt"?

Haul their asses in.

I'll talk to them.

[doorbell rings]

Nobody home.

Well, Jordan's mom
said that he had

an extra tutoring session
with Becca.

Maybe they're
at the library.

What are you? Kidding me?

They're probably
out somewhere
getting bombed.

What are you
doing here?

Looking for Jordan.

His mom said he'd be here.

No, uh, she's wrong.

I don't tutor him
on Thursdays.

Do you mind if we,
uh, come in?

Any idea where
we can find him?

Why? Is he in trouble?

Just want
to talk with him.

About what?


Thought you said
he wasn't here.

He's not
supposed to be.

What are you doing?

Don't come in here.

She's my mom.

And she's hot.

How could--

How could you do this?

Get dressed.

You're coming downtown.

Both of you.


We didn't
do anything wrong.

Looks pretty wrong to me.

Get dressed.

You're sleeping
with a teenage boy.

Jordan's a man.

He's 17.
It's not a crime.

Oh, it oughta be.

You're old enough
to be his mother.


When I was his age,
I was pregnant with Becca.

So you're reliving
your lost childhood?

Is that it?

You don't get it.

When was the last time

a man your age
asked you out?

Oh, we're not
talking about me.

I'm not the one who's
sleeping with a teenager.

It's been a while since
you had a date, hasn't it?

That partner
of yours is cute.

But I bet
he likes 'em younger.

My ex sure did.

I wasted ten good years

on Wally before I found out

he was schtupping
his secretary.

When he ran out on us,
I was angry at first.

But then I realized,

if he could
have a younger woman,

I could have
a younger man.

Your husband leaving you
hardly justifies

you sleeping with
a high school student.

Why are you
so bitter?

Did someone leave you?

Or maybe you had
a chance once.

Someone wanted
to marry you?

You thought you wanted
something more?

And your "something more"
is a teenage boy?

He knows his way
around the bedroom.

And apparently around
your liquor cabinet.

What, you have
to get him drunk

to get him
to sleep with you?


He came on to me.

Asked me to be
his teacher.

So when was
his first lesson?

I don't remember.

When was
your 17th birthday?

October 29th.

Oh, that's about
three months ago.

How long has Becca
been tutoring you?

How long?


Six months.

The law's very clear.

If Lillian started
having sex with you

before your 17th birthday,

that's statutory rape.


She didn't rape me.

I wanted it.

I love her.

Good for you.

When'd you two
start having sex?

On my birthday.
All right?

Oh, okay.

That's a hell of a present.

Were you drunk?

He was served.

But it wasn't alcohol.

And he wasn't complaining.

Look, there were
empty bottles

on your bedroom floor.

Those were mine.

Jordan is drunk.

He was drunk
when he came over.


Again, now where'd
you get the booze

for the party
at Luke's house?

I don't--
I don't know.


Lillian give it to you?


We'll you're gonna
tell me the name

of the person who did
or you're going to jail.


Doing time doesn't seem
to scare him.

Because he knows
it's an empty threat.

Best we can do
is a misdemeanor.

Unless he has
a prior record.

You just said
the magic words.

"Prior record."

Does the date
October 26, 2005

mean anything to you?

Chicago White Sox
won the World Series.

First time since 1970.

It was also the first time

Jordan was arrested

for drunk
and disorderly conduct.

He tossed a beer bottle

through a neighbor's
bedroom window

and then urinated

on her front steps.

You can't hold your liquor,
can you?

The judge took it
easy on him

because he was
only 15,

but you're an adult now.

So what?

So you're looking at
15 days in jail,

a $250 fine,
and community service.

I guess I'll
have to fill in

all the colleges
you applied to.

What do you--
What do you want from me?

All you have to do
is tell the truth

and everything goes away.

The college board
will never know.

I need to use the bathroom.

Jordan, this is
a one time only offer.

I'm gonna throw up.

Jordan, wait.

Hey, let him go.

When can I
talk to my mom?

As soon as Detective Benson's

finished with her.

Becca, you stupid bitch.

You're the reason
we're in this mess.

This is what we get for letting
freaks hang with us.

Cool it, wise-ass.

I'm sorry.

You know, I feel
sorry for you.

What's it like to have
a slut for a mother?

She's not a slut.

The whole school knows
she's banging Jordan.

So do you sleep with all
of Becca's friends,

or just Jordan?

Go to hell.

Just callin' it
like I seem 'em.

Got an eyeful

So did Becca.

Leave my daughter
out of this.

You're the one
who put her in the middle

when you started
screwing her friend.

I told him
we had to be careful.

So hold on, let me
just get this straight.

Out of all
the men out there,

you picked the one boy

that your daughter
has a crush on.

You know, that looks like
you're competing with her.

No, no.

It just happened.

I never meant for Becca
to find out.

I wouldn't hurt her
in a million years.

Well, then you shouldn't
have banged her friend!

You don't understand.

I care about Jordan.

You care about Jordan?

Then why would you
give alcohol to a boy

that the judge
just ordered

not to drink?

I want my lawyer now.

Of course you do.


Well, while you're

waiting for him,

I'm gonna go talk to Becca.

She's a minor.
You can't talk to her

without my permission.
Oh, really?

See, that would be true

if she was a suspect,
but she's not.

She's a witness.

I can talk to her
all I want.

You could start a bonfire
with all the alcohol

this one drank.

What's your poison, Honey?

Shut up,
you dirty old man.

Who you callin' old?

You can't keep us in here!

I'm sure you're daddy
will bail your ass out.

I called him two hours ago.

Looks like daddy thinks
he could use a night in jail.

You finish processing
the princess,

and I'll take 'em all down
to Central Booking.

You can't do this.
I want my parents.

Yeah, and I want
the troops home,

the Kyoto Protocol signed,

and a Tijuana oil job

from Miss February.

Where's Becca?

Thought she was with you.

Hey, have you seen
a teenage girl,

hair pulled back,
brown, glasses?

Yeah, passed me
on the way in.

Looked pretty upset.


Becca, wait, I need you
to come back inside.

No, I'm going home.

Listen, I want
to talk to you

about your mother.

No. No.

You have every right
to be upset, Becca.

I can't imagine
how devastating it is

to see what you saw.

If you had just
left us alone,

none of this
would have happened.

Becca, you know
that's not true.

They've been sleeping
together for months.

You would've found out
sooner or later.

Just leave me alone.

Honey, what your mother
did was wrong.

She hurt you.

You don't understand her.

She slept with
the boy you like.

She didn't mean
for it to happen.

Jordan, he took
advantage of her,

and she--

she was just trying
to help me make friends.

Becca, why are
you defending her?

She's my best friend.

And you're try--

you're trying
to put her in jail.

You're ruining our lives.


Becca give you
anything on her mom?

Oh, no,
she stood up for her.

Even after Lillian boffed
her buddy in there?

Becca blames Jordan.

She thinks that
he seduced her mother.

And Jordan's sticking up
for Lillian.

What a mess.

So let's clean it up.

Jordan was drunk when
he and Lillian had sex.

He's too young
to be drinking.

And his state
of intoxication

negates his ability
to consent to sex.

So we could
charge Lillian

with Rape Two.

Only if he testifies
against her.

You think he'd flip
on Lillian?

He loves her;
he'll deny everything

to protect her.

He knows his testimony
can put her in prison.

Look, Lillian
is sleeping with him

and getting him drunk.

She probably
bought the booze

for all their parties.

I wouldn't be surprised

if Lillian provided
the alcohol

for the night
Melanie Tamkin died.

Look, this isn't just
about underage drinking.

It's about homicide.

Now, I don't have enough
to charge Lillian yet.

But maybe if
we squeeze the kids,

we can get one of them
to rat her out.

This is the second time
in a week that three of you

are here on
underage drinking charges.

And you, Jordan,
have allegedly

supplied the alcohol
on both occasions.

you have made

mockery of my authority.

Therefore, you are charged
with contempt of court.

And face time in
a juvenile facility.

My clients regret
their behavior,

and ask Your Honor

for leniency in light of

their strong
scholastic achievement.

It would be unfairly punitive

to disrupt their education.

I've already
taken care of that.

I've spoken to your principal.

He's decided to place you
on probation.

So for the remainder
of the semester,

you will not be allowed
to participate

in athletics,
extracurricular activities,

or the prom.

Please, Your Honor,
we're really sorry.


I'll see you all
back here in two weeks.

And if you are truly

you will have stayed sober
the entire time.

We will, Your Honor.

I know.

I've ordered daily urine tests
for all of you.

Next case.

[bangs gavel]

So they miss the prom,
big deal.

Well, it is to them.
You see their faces?

This is the first time
that these kids

have taken it seriously.

...and one count endangering
the welfare of a minor.

How do you plead?

Not guilty.


The people ask
for $200,000, Your Honor.

That's crazy, my client
is not a flight risk.

She is the mother
of a teenage daughter

who attends
Hanover Day School.

And she uses the school
as a sexual hunting ground.

that is hardly appropriate.

The defendant is released

on her own recognizance.

And she is also ordered
not to have any contact

with minors,
except her own child.

[bangs gavel]

Now that these kids see
that this isn't a joke,

maybe we can
get one of them

to tell us who bought
the alcohol

that killed Melanie.

Especially if I agree
to expunge the record

of anyone willing
to come forward.

This is all your fault!

How could you do this
to my mother?

Hey, look,
I didn't do anything.

She came on to me.
You're lying!

Becca, that's enough.

Come on.

You completely
screwed up my whole life!

Well, you can
fix this.

Just tell us everything,
and we'll make a deal.

Do I have a choice?

With your record,
Judge Donnelly's gonna be

a lot harder on you
than the other kids.

So I gotta be a rat?

Yeah, that or go to jail.

All right.

Lillian bought the booze
the night Melanie died.



Oh, you suck.

[phone rings]




That Lillian?


Reagan Michels.

Jordan drunk?

Coroner said
his blood alcohol

was three times
the legal limit.

How 'bout Reagan?


Her backpack was full
of library books.

Givin' her a lift home.

Jordan's liver shows signs
of long term alcohol abuse.

How long term?

Three or four years.

80% of high school students
try alcohol.

41% of 9th graders

admit they drink regularly.

Well, Jordan said Lillian

was buying it for 'em.

Yeah, but without
his testimony,

I can't prove it;
I need a living witness.

I'm gonna talk to Becca.

I thought she wasn't

Well, maybe two dead classmates
will change her mind.

Leave me alone.

Jordan and Reagan
are dead.

That doesn't have anything
to do with me.

It does if your mother
gave Jordan the alcohol.

It's your fault
Jordan got drunk.

You wouldn't
leave him alone.

We were trying
to help him.

Yeah right.
Just like Ms. Cramer.

Wait a minute.

Wait a minute.
Who's Ms. Cramer?

Our guidance counselor.

She claims she helps kids,
but all she does

is go behind their backs
and trash talk them.

Did she trash talk you?

No, Jordan.

He told her he thought
he had a drinking problem,

and she ratted him out
to the headmaster,

and Jordan got suspended.

They said, uh,
his problems

put other students at risk.

When did that happen?

After you arrested Jordan
and my mother.

You told him
he was going to prison.

He was so upset last night.

I've never seen him
so freaked.

You saw Jordan last night?

I'm late for
the memorial service.

I gotta go.

Reagan was really pretty.

Kids used to say
that we looked alike.

I really liked that.

It's so sad.

I'm gonna miss her so much.

Jordan was like
a brother to me.

Can't believe I'll never
play lacrosse with him again.

Team will never
take State now.

Would anyone else
like to share their thoughts?

Yeah, I would.

Jordan Owens was drunk
when he killed himself

and Reagan Michels.

He was an alcoholic.

And we all knew it

and didn't
do anything about it.

Took a lot of balls
to say that in there.

It's the truth.

Hey, wait.


What you said in there--
You're right.

Jordan, I knew
he was in trouble,

but I'm not gonna make
the same mistake twice.

What are you
talking about?

Becca Rice.

She's hardcore.
She drinks all the time.


Are you sure?

Yeah, she hides it.

That flavored water
she's always drinking,

it's mostly vodka.

You can't just
barge in here--

We've received information

that your daughter's
been abusing alcohol.

My daughter doesn't drink.

What's in the glass?

I told you,
my daughter doesn't drink.

Just lemonade?

There's nothing else in there.

Then you won't mind
taking a Breathalyzer?

That's absurd.
This is ridiculous.

I need you to blow
into that tube right there.

Blow into the tube.

Blow into the tube, please.

That's it.

.06, she's been drinking.

That can't be right.

Becca, you need
to come with us.

No, please let go of me.
Take it easy.

No, take your hands
off of me.

Easy, easy.

Can you let go
of me, please?

Mom, Mom, Mom,

please don't
let them take me.

Your mom's
coming with you.

Lillian Rice,
you're under arrest

for endangering
the welfare of a minor.

Now, you have the right
to remain silent.

Now, you give up that right,

anything you say
can and will be used

against you
in a court of law.

Motion to suppress evidence

on what grounds,
Mr. Langan?

Detective Stabler entered
my client's home

without her permission,

and illegally
seized evidence.

He had no warrant
for an arrest.

Therefore, the arrest
should be vacated

and the evidence

But Detective Stabler
was escorting ACS.

The evidence,
a glass of lemonade,

was on the dining room table

in plain view.

A test confirmed
that it was vodka.

That drink belonged
to my client,

not her daughter.

Well, then why was
Becca drinking it

when Detective Stabler
and ACS entered the home?

She picked up
my glass by mistake.

Was it also a mistake that
Becca's blood alcohol content

was .06, or that
her eyes were red,

or she was unsteady
on her feet?

She had just lost
two close friends.

She'd been crying.
She was drunk.

Not legally;
her blood alcohol

was below the level
of legal intoxication.

It doesn't matter;
it's illegal for Lillian Rice

to serve alcohol
to her daughter.

Lillian didn't
give it to her.

Becca took it.

Can you prove
that Lillian Rice

served her daughter alcohol?

She was drinking vodka
in her mother's home

with her approval.

Then you get me a statement
from Becca Rice

that assertion,

or your case is out.

Why are you here?

I meant what I said
yesterday at your school.

I'm not gonna let you
kill yourself

like Jordan did.

This is the first time
I've been sober in months.


How's it feel?


When I was drinking,

I didn't have
to face my problems.

Now I do.

Why'd you start drinking?

To feel better.
About what?


It has always made
my mom feel better

when she got upset.

How old were you
when you started?


Did you drink
with your mom?

Not until after
she caught me.

I thought I was gonna be
in really big trouble,

but she said
she didn't mind

as long as
I didn't hide it.

After that,

Mom found reasons
for us to drink.

New boyfriend.

No boyfriend.

New job.

No job.

How 'bout your friends?

Did your mom buy
alcohol for them?

I didn't have
any friends.

No one liked me
till my mom

started passing out
wine coolers.

Then everybody wanted
to be my friend.

She made you popular?

Yeah, for the first time
in my life.



did your mom
buy the alcohol

for the party where
Melanie Tamkin died?

She did, didn't she?


And was Jordan
drinking at your house

the night he died?


Is it true your mother

provided alcohol for you
and your friends,

including Jordan Owens?

Even though she knew
none of you were 21?

She said it was safer
than us being in bars

with strangers
who'd take advantage of us.

Except your mother

was sleeping
with Jordan Owens.

Nothing further.

Who is Tiffany Winston?

Don't look at Ms. Novak
for help.

According to the photo

on this Michigan
driver's license,

you are Tiffany Winston.

Defense Three,
Your Honor.

Becca Rice's fake ID.

Did your mother
get that for you?


So you procured that ID
to buy alcohol?


Why'd you have
to buy alcohol

if your mother
was giving it to you?

Uh, I sometimes
would stop by

the bodega
on my way to school.

Exhibit B.

A credit card receipt
from Courier Wines

for two cases
of Sauvignon Blanc.

You recognize that signature?

It's mine.

Did your mother
order that for you?

No, I did.

But you used
her credit card?

Now, what happened
when she got the bill

for $343?

I was grounded.

But I thought
your mother

was cool
with your drinking.

She was, just not with me
spending her money.

And why,
if your mother

was so cool
with your drinking,

did you feel like
you needed to hide vodka

in your fruit drinks?


I--I don't know.

Because you knew
that your mother

would disapprove.

All that talk
about your mother

condoning your drinking,
that's a lie, isn't it?

No. No.

I--I'm telling the truth.

Before you transferred
to Hanover Day School

what school
did you attend?

Cherry Hall.

And why'd you leave
Cherry Hall?

You were caught
stealing money

from a bake sale.

And when you were caught,
you blamed another student

who was later exonerated.

I was--I was ten!

Becca, you weren't ten
last summer

when you were sent home
from Camp Fingerlake

for lying about
smoking in the woods

where a small fire broke out.

You're a liar, Becca.

And your word
can't be trusted.


When you get in trouble, Becca,
you lie to save your own skin.


That's enough, Mr. Langan.
We'll adjourn for the day.

No deals.

Face it, your case
is going down in flames.

Don't be so proud
of yourself, Trevor.

You attacked
a vulnerable young girl.

Becca's a very troubled girl.

She's always had difficulty
telling the truth.

She's exaggerated
her drinking problem

to gain sympathy.

So your daughter's
not an alcoholic?

Absolutely not.

I live with her.
I would know.

What planet are you on?

She's in rehab.

Those places say
everyone's an addict.

I love chocolate,
maybe I should check in.

That's a great idea.

You might get some insight
into your own problems.

That's it.
Let's go.

Like why you have sex
with teenage boys.

Or why you're
so desperate

to be liked, you buy kids'
friendship with alcohol.

It's pathetic.

Dr. Warner, these are scans

of Becca Rice's
liver and brain.

What do they show?

That Becca's body
has suffered long term damage

as a result of her drinking.

Is she an alcoholic?


47% of kids who drink
before age 14

become alcohol dependent.

Dr. Warner,
what has alcohol done

to Becca's vital organs?

The scan on the left

is of Becca's liver.

The blue areas show
cirrhotic activity.

Meaning what, Doctor?

She has the liver function
of a 40-year-old man.

So she shaved years
off her life span?

Quite possibly.

If she doesn't
stop drinking now,

she could need
a liver transplant

by the time she's 20.

Dr. Warner, what about
Becca's brain?

The orange areas
on the scans

show where Becca's brain
has atrophied.

tests show memory loss

and impaired
cognitive functions.

So by giving Becca alcohol,

Lillian has caused
her brain damage

and shortened her life.


Just stop.

I did it.

I got Becca drunk.
I'm so sorry, honey.

What about
Jordan Owens?

Did you get him drunk
the night he died?

I gave it to him.

And did you give Jordan
the alcohol for the party

that cost Melanie Tamkin
her life?

Ms. Novak, that's enough.

Let me speak.

It's my fault.

I gave Jordan the alcohol.

I'm so sorry, Becca.

I'm so sorry.
I never meant to hurt you.

I only wanted to help.



Is it any good?

It's fine.

I heard you won the case.

Yeah, if you wanna
call it winning.

The girl's gonna be
in rehab for a while.

And the mom
got five years.

Did you bring
your wallet with you?

Fine, Dad.
I'll pay this time.

That's not what
I'm talking about.

Give me your wallet.

Now, remember last year...

when you got arrested
for drunk driving,

I used my badge
to get you off.

It was a dumb mistake.

I said I was sorry.

But you never faced
the consequences.

You're gonna punish me now?

Kathleen, I'm sorry.

But unfortunately,

there's not a statute
of limitations

on being a bad parent.

[wolf howling]

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