Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 8, Episode 17 - Sin - full transcript

A gay male prostitute is murdered, and the investigation reveals that a pastor who preaches extreme intolerance toward homosexuals may have had a relationship with him.

(male announcer)
In the criminal justice system,

sexually based offenses are
considered especially heinous.

In New York City,
the dedicated detectives

who investigate
these vicious felonies

are members
of an elite squad

known as
the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

We've got a young male,

laid out between the graves,
covered in a tarp.

Laid out?

On his back,

with his hands crossed
across his chest,

like he's in a coffin.

Who found him?

The gardener came in
to clear the path.

No clothes, no I.D.,
no eyes.

And he was sodomized.

It's got ritual killing
written all over it.

Pluck out the eyes,
arrange the limbs,

cover the body,

then dump him
in a church yard.

Could be
a satanic cult.

Or someone who wants us
to think it is.

We'll start a canvass.

Let us know if you get anything
off the body.

First, help me catch
some of those crows.

[crow cawing]

See those scratches?

Birds did that?

I found human skin
in their claws.

They gripped the sockets

while they had his eyes
for breakfast.

Well, the birdies
didn't rape him.

I don't know who did.


just spermicide
and lubricant.

Okay, so you got
a cause of death?

He was suffocated
with this.

The killer shoved
this bag of pills

down his throat.

That's crystal meth.

The tablets have writing
on them.


United Wa State Army.

That a new rap group?

It's a rebel group based
out of Southeast Asia.

One of the biggest
drug producers

in the world.

Someone killed our John Doe
to send a message?

Well, if it was
shut up and spread 'em,

he got it
loud and clear.

What do you want
with the DEA, Fin?

How 'bout
the Wa State Army?

You've got my attention--
what's up?

100 tabs of crystal meth
shoved down a corpse's throat.

I haven't seen
Wa State product around here

since 2005,

when we busted up their heroin
and meth import racket.

Maybe you didn't
bust 'em that good.

Who's, uh,
who's the victim?

No I.D.

So who are these
Wa State freaks?

They call themselves
an army,

but they're just down and dirty
narco traffickers.

Produce 200 tons
of heroin a year

out of northern Myanmar.

They usually fly
under the radar.

Not this time.

Our corpse was sodomized
and suffocated,

then dumped
in a churchyard.

What church?

Blessed Virgin of Guadalupe.

She's a popular saint

in the Mexican
and Colombian communities.

Sounds more like the Mexican
and Colombian cartels

wanted the Wa State
off their turf.

So who's our dead
white guy,

and what's he doing
with Wa State meth?

Even money
he's a local dealer.

I'll run him through
our database.

DEA ran our victim's photo
to every agency,

from Secret Service
to Homeland Security.


The canvass was a wash.

Nobody in the neighborhood
knows him.

No hits on his prints
or DNA.

Missing Persons came up empty,
and so did VICAP.

So all we got left
is the media.

Well, let's be smart
about it.

Photoshop this to make it look
like he's alive.

Release it to the press,

and say we have a man
in a coma at St. Mark's.

Request the public
to help I.D. him.

Yeah, and invite his killers
to come and finish him off.

Well, that's why you'll all
be playing doctor at St. Mark's.

Elliot, Olivia,
take the first shift.

I'm sorry, there's nothing
I can do about it.



Something wrong?


We were supposed
to have a drink tonight.

I'm moving back home.


We haven't decided.

That's why we were going
to have a drink.

John Doe's got
a visitor.

Police, don't move.

Don't shoot!

Who are you?

Rhona Antrim.

I'm looking for my son.

This--this is Richard.

What's going on here?

Is this some kind
of sick joke?

Where's my boy?

Why don't we go grab
a cup of coffee.

I haven't spoken to Richard
in two years.


He dropped out of medical school
to become an actor.

I told him
I would cut him off,

but he didn't care.

Did he have
any drug problems?

W-what did he
get himself into?

We think that Richard
may have been selling drugs.

Oh, God.

Do you know where
he lived?


He sent me
a birthday card.

[voice breaking]
I was going to write to him.

He lives
in Washington Heights,

half a block away from
Blessed Virgin of Guadalupe.

Collection notices,
unpaid bills.

If Richard was dealing,
he wasn't very good at it.

Nick Benchley.

Must be his stage name.

This place has got
to be sanitized.

There's no computer,
phone's missing.

I can't find
an answering machine.

This connects
to a camcorder.

Hidden behind
the books.

And the book shelves.

[knocking on wall]

So what do you think?

He was recording
drug deals

to blackmail the buyers?

Until somebody got tired
of paying him,

and whacked him.

Works for me.


I stepped on something.

Cell phone.

It was until you crushed it.

Whoever cleaned out the place
must have missed it.

Hopefully, Morales can
put this back together.

Liv's twinkle toes did
quite a number on this.

SIM card's corrupted.

Lost all the stored data,

but I was able to restore
the last text message.


"Pick up tonight
at 2836 Astoria Blvd."

Message received
yesterday morning.

Can you check the number
that message came from?

Prepaid cell phone.


You got an address?

A warehouse
in Jackson Heights, Queens.

That's a Colombian

I asked a patrol car
to do a drive-by.

The warehouse
has boarded-up windows,

and security cameras
on the door.

at the stash house.

Police department,
search warrant!

Let me see your hands!

(second officer)
Hands in the air!

Police, get your hands
up in the air!

Get your hands up
in the air!

[loud heavy metal music]

Turn down the music!

What are you doing to her?

we're rehearsing.

We open next week.

This is our
Satan's House.

Your what?
It's a play.

People walk through it
like a haunted house,

to show them what happens
if they lead a sinful life.

[girl giggles]

What was your sin?

Having a partial-birth

You dream this stuff up?

No, I'm not
a writer.

We buy
the Satan's House kit.

It tells us how
to do everything.

Like using raw meat
for the dead baby.


Isn't it great?

Oh, this coffin
over here,

it's for
an AIDS victim.

Satan dances around it,

"I tricked him
into thinking

he was born gay."

We're not afraid
to use humor.

You think AIDS
is funny, huh?


Why do you do this?

To lead young people back

to the righteous path,

and get them involved
in our church.

New souls.

[cell phone rings]

This guy was supposed
to be here last night.

Did you see him?

No, I've never
seen him before.

How 'bout you?

But we get a lot of volunteers--
I don't know 'em all.

That was Munch.

He's got something.

While you were raiding
the righteous,

I was wallowing
in depravity.

I googled in
Richard Antrim's alias,

Nick Benchley,
and look what popped up.

It's his own personal
porn site.

It's more than porn--
he was an escort.

"Young stud looking
to party with hot guys.

You pay, we play."

PNP--party and play.

It's gay code for sex
on crystal meth.

So much for the Wa State

He wasn't dealing drugs.

He was using it
to fuel his sex life.

How much you wanna bet
that missing camcorder

has got some
X-rated footage on it?

No wonder the perp
sanitized the apartment.

I ran Tricky Dick's
cell phone records

and got us a lead.

Most of the calls
come from hotels

and pay phones.

Johns looking
to hook up.

Who did Richard call?

A lot of people
for a minute or two,

but he had some long chats
with someone

from New Souls Church
on Long Island.

That's the same church
that does the Satan House thing.

You're gonna love this.

"New Souls Church,

founded by
the Reverend Jeb Curtis."

He's one of the loudest
antigay voices in America.

And someone
in his flock

is screwing
a male prostitute.

I'm sorry, Detectives,

Reverend Curtis
is not available.

I'm Trent Labette, the church's
financial director.

Can I help you?

Yeah, do you know
this man?

Name's Richard Antrim.

He was also known
as Nick Benchley.

Uh, I don't think so.

Well, someone here
talked to him.

There must be
some mistake.

Our congregation
is diverse,

but it's not that diverse.

What is this about?

Murder--he's dead.

I had no idea.

I was glib, I'm sorry.

Well, you can do penance.

Whose extension
is 3131?

I can't give out
that information.

Fine, we'll just come back
with a search warrant.

It's Reverend Curtis's
private line.

Where's the reverend now?

Preparing for the funeral
of his eldest son, Jonathan.

He was killed
in Afghanistan.

I was so proud of Jonathan
when he enlisted.

He knew the dangers
of serving his country

during a time of war.

But his faith
made him strong.

I draw my strength
from the Lord,

and from my family,
as he blessed me with.

Hannah, kids,
come and join me.

Who has ten kids nowadays?

My reading today
is from the Book of Samuel.

Not even Catholics.

"The beauty of Israel
is slain

"upon thy high places:

how are the mighty fallen..."

Two of those kids were
at Satan's House last night.

Another connection
to Curtis.

Why don't we wait
till tomorrow

to talk to Curtis?

He's a murder suspect.

Richard Antrim's mother
also lost a son.


First thing
in the morning then.

Mrs. Curtis, we'd like
to talk to your husband alone.

Hannah and I don't have
any secrets.

Okay, do you know
this man?


Can you explain why
he called your office

four times
in the last three weeks?

Strangers call my office
for counseling

all the time.

Okay, so where were you
two nights ago?

Are you accusing my husband
of something?

Honey, it's okay.


I was speaking
at a prayer meeting

in Manhattan.

And what time
did that end?

then I came home.

Arriving when?

Oh, I don't know.

After midnight.

Two hours.

Why'd it take so long?

I went to the beach.

To pray for my son.

I feel close to God there.

Did anybody see you?


It was cold.
No one else was around.

My husband's answered your
questions--what's this about?

Richard Antrim,
also known as Nick Benchley,

was murdered
two nights ago.

He was a male prostitute.

You can't possibly think
my husband had something

to do with that.

Mom, Dad,
there are reporters outside.

And there's
more coming.

Can they do that, just--
just come to our door?

There's nothing
to be afraid of, Hannah.

Reverend Curtis, we need you
to come down to our station,

make a statement, please.

Let's go.

(female reporter)
Here he comes!

(male reporter)
Reverend Curtis,
Reverend Curtis,

are you a friend
of Nick Benchley, sir?

Did you know
he was a prostitute?

What about your children--
do they know, sir?

Were drugs involved?

Did you know
he was murdered, sir?

(female reporter)
What was the nature
of your relationship, Reverend?

What will you tell
your congregation?

Who the hell
tipped them off?

(female reporter)
Were you doing drugs,

(male reporter)
Did your children know, sir?

Was he the only man you've
been having sex with, sir?

(female reporter)
Can we get a statement, sir?

Do you need a lawyer,


Did you have a sexual
relationship with this man?

How could I
if I never met him?

That's how we found him,
dumped in a graveyard.

The birds had
gotten ahold of him.

I had nothing to do
with his death.

You know, our crime scene techs
are the best in the business,

and they're gonna find
a fingerprint

or a hair
or a speck of dandruff

that puts you
at Richard Antrim's apartment.

No, they won't.
I was never there.

You have nothing
to connect me

with this unfortunate man.

We've got four phone calls
from Richard to your office.

I get many
anonymous calls,

lots of them from gay men
seeking a way back

to a healthy life.

Look at yourself,

I mean,
maybe you need counseling.

Hiding behind
your wife and kids

while you sleep
with male prostitutes,

and preach against gays.

Homosexuality is a crime
against God,

and I am His servant.

I would never violate
His law.

[knock on door]

Forensics are back.

Well, Reverend,

guess we'll find out
the truth now.

I thought shoving
the bag of drugs

down the victim's throat
suffocated him.

I was wrong.

These are
Richard Antrim's teeth.

The small brown particles
on his incisors

are fragments of leather.

Which I matched to a sofa

in the victim's apartment.

Microscopic analysis show
the abrasions on the pillow

match Richard's front teeth.

You used this pillow
to suffocate him,

and then you shoved meth
down his throat

to make it look like
a drug deal gone bad.

Your theory might prove
what happened,

but it doesn't
implicate me.

That's where you're wrong.

DNA doesn't lie,

Richard fought hard.

The killer had to use
all his strength to subdue him.

He worked up a real sweat.

Sweat on the pillow
that matches your DNA.

We got a sample
from your handkerchief.

Even has your monogram
on it.

Your test must be wrong.

Here's your DNA,

here's a sample
from the pillow.

Six alleles
from the pillow sample

are a perfect match
to you.

What about the others--
why are they missing?

The tanning solution
in the leather

partially degraded the DNA.

But the six alleles
are more than enough

to arrest you for murder.

A six-allele match is not
gonna hold up in court.

I know, we're just trying
to rattle him.

We'll need a confession.

I think there's a way.

Many evangelicals believe
that the Bible

is the literal word
of God.

That's why Curtis
has ten kids.

I'm not following
the connection.

Curtis and his wife
are probably part

of the Replenish Movement.

The name comes
from Genesis.

"And God said,

"'Thou shalt be fruitful
and multiply

and replenish the earth.'"

They believe that
they should save America

from the evils of feminism,
birth control, abortion.

They want their children
to become soldiers of the Lord.

That's why so many of them
join the military.

Like Curtis's three
oldest boys.

If he takes the Bible
so seriously,

what's he doing
having an affair

with a male prostitute?

Because he suppressed
his sexual desires,

and channeled them into
having as many children

as he could.

But the problem
with repressed desires

is that they eventually

So let's play
the religion card.

Work on his guilt.

Are you ready to tell me
what happened, Reverend?

We live in different worlds,

In my world,
God's word is infallible.

In yours,
you worship science.

No, I just turn to science
for some answers,

and to God for others.

You can't serve
two masters.

I am a Catholic.
I go to church.

Well, then, we have a lot
in common.

I believe that.

I also believe sin
will be punished.

And forgiven.

But the sinner
has to repent.

Now, the evidence proves
you committed this crime.

God knows that I'm innocent.

I understand why you need
to say that.

To keep your good name.

Spare your family
and your church

from the humiliation
of a scandal.

But what I don't understand
is how you can sit there

and refuse to confess
to a sin.

My sins are between
me and God.

Let's go.

Why did you bring me here?

Because the evidence says
you killed Richard Antrim.

That means nothing to you,

so I want you to tell me
in front of God

that you're innocent.

God forgives all sinners,

but there's no forgiveness
without repentance.

Oh, my God...

I am heartily sorry
for having offended Thee.

I detest all my sins because
I dread the loss of Heaven

and the pains of Hell.

But most of all because

they have offended Thee,
my God,

who art all-good.

I firmly resolve,
with the help of Thy grace,

to confess my sins,
to do penance,

and to amend my life, amen.

I will take responsibility.

God forgive me.

I killed him.

Docket ending 4038.

One count of murder
in the second degree.

A.D.A. Casey Novak
for the People, Your Honor.

Barry Moredock
for Reverend Curtis.

(Judge Cohen)
How does the defendant plead?

Not guilty, Your Honor.

I'll hear the People
on bail.


That's unnecessary,
Your Honor.

It's hard to imagine
a defendant

with deeper ties
to the community

than a preacher with a wife,
nine children,

and the full support
of his congregation.

He murdered a gay prostitute,
with whom he was having

a clandestine affair.

He led a secret life
that was condemned

by his own preachings.

No one here knows
the real Jeb Curtis

or what he's capable of.

We'll split the difference.

Bail is set at
a half-million dollars.

Your Honor,
New Souls Church

will post the bond today.

And Reverend Curtis
will be back

in the pulpit tonight

giving thanks
for his deliverance.

But he never should have been
subjected to this ordeal

in the first place.

He confessed.

Well, now, that's going
to be quite a problem

for Miss Novak.

The confession is
the sole underpinning

of the case,

and you're going
to throw it out.

I am?

The confession
was obtained improperly.

In violation
of my client's rights.

I beg your pardon.

The defendant was advised
of his rights,

and signed a Miranda card
waiving his right to counsel.

Looks good to me.

My client signed that

before he was coerced
into confessing.

With what,
a rubber hose?

Not physical force,

Oh, please!

What did he do--
did he hurt your feelings?

Detective Stabler forced me
to go to my church.

I'll take it from here.

In Ashcraft v. Tennessee,
the Supreme Court ruled

that an improper
interview environment

renders a confession

because it violates
the "free and voluntary" rule.

So you're saying
it was the church

that made him confess.

Your detective
intimidated my client,

manipulated him
by using his faith.

Reverend Curtis
was threatened

with the loss
of his immortal soul

in a house of God.

For a devout Christian,
that threat is far worse

than any physical act
of violence.

What's next, flushing
the Bible down the toilet?

You're not on a pulpit,
Mr. Moredock.

And your detective's

isn't exactly righteous.

The church is not
an interrogation room.

Now, I'll research
the case law

and issue my ruling
on Monday.

looks like Judge Cohen's

gonna throw out
Curtis's confession.

What are you talking about--
how'd that happen?

There was your little stunt
at the church.

It violated the 5th
and 14th Amendments.

I didn't verbally
or physically abuse that guy.

Yeah, but you did imply
that he was gonna be grilled

for an eternity
on the devil's barbecue.
No, I didn't!

Casey, I took him to his church,
and I said a prayer.

That's all I did.

I'm sorry, Elliot,

but the Supreme Court
still calls it coercion.

Okay, so we don't have
a confession.

What do we have?

Richard Antrim's
phone calls to Curtis.

Only proves that
they knew each other.

We have Curtis's DNA
on the pillow

in Richard's place.

Yeah, but it doesn't prove
that he killed him,

only that he got
all hot and bothered

while they were having sex
on the sofa.

What about the text message
Richard got the night he died,

talking about the pickup?

It came from
a prepaid cell.

It doesn't help.

I'm talking about
the actual message, "Pick up."

What if Curtis
was meeting Richard

to pay him blackmail?

Follow the money.

I'll draw up a subpoena
to search his bank records.

I don't think the Reverend
would like you snooping

through our finances.

That's a subpoena,

not a party invitation.

So get us the records
or go to jail for contempt.

On second thought,

you should see
how we spend our money.

Every penny put
in the collection plate

helps Reverend Jeb
do the Lord's work.

And does that include
supporting the meth habit

of a gay hooker?

We don't turn our backs
on any sinner.

Judge not,
lest ye be judged.

Great, then why don't
we leave it to the courts.

The Reverend
is innocent.

He would never commit sins
of lust and deviance.

Then why does he keep
a love nest?

Monthly checks
to Landers Realty Corp.

for $2,400.

Those funds were drawn

on the Reverend's
discretionary account.

Landers Realty just happens
to own the building

where Richard Antrim lived.

What kind of outreach
do you think the Reverend

was doing there?

If he was supporting
Mr. Antrim,

I'm sure it was to cure him
of his unnatural desires.

We're gonna need this ledger
and all your bank statements

for the past two years.

No telling what
unnatural transactions

our forensic accountant
will uncover.

(Mrs. Curtis)
Detectives, Trent told me
you were here.

Mrs. Curtis,
you okay?

I--I told my husband
I was going grocery shopping.

I've never lied
to him before.

Well, you must have felt
that you had to.

I've been praying about this
all night.

And then Trent called
and told me what you found.

It's a sign.
I knew I had to tell you.

Tell us what?

Can we go inside?

Jeb and I built this church
from nothing.

Just the two of us.

When he first started
his ministry,

there were 20 members.

Now we have to hold
two services on Sunday

to accommodate
the congregation.

You have a lot
to be proud of.

Now it's all
falling apart.

I don't know
what to do.

I-I want to be loyal
to my husband,

but I...

I can't let him
tear my whole family apart.

What is it, Mrs. Curtis?

Last week,

Jeb and I were working late
in the sanctuary.

The phone rang,
and I ran to get it.

The call was for Jeb.

I didn't realize
that the answering machine

had already picked up.

Jeb took the call
in his office.

And so the next morning,
I played the messages,

and their conversation
was recorded.

(Reverend Curtis)
This is Jeb Curtis.

It's Richard.

I told you not to call anymore.

It's an emergency--
I need more money.

For drugs.

I told you,
I won't support your habit.

You said you'd take care of me.

Not like this.

You'll be sorry.

[recorder off]

Did you ask your husband
about the call?

(Mrs. Curtis)
He told me
it was a lost soul

from our street ministry.

Mentally ill,
a very sad case.

I believed him.


Jeb was the only man
I ever kissed.

The Lord gave us ten beautiful
and innocent children.

But he betrayed me.

He betrayed us all.

Taking drugs,

and having sex with a man.

How--how could he do this?

I'm sure that he never meant
to hurt you.

He always preached
against homosexuality.

And then he changed.

Suddenly, he started
to preach acceptance

and tolerance.

He was only trying to justify
his own depravity.

He must have been
fighting his feelings

his whole life,

and just couldn't
do it anymore.

What am I supposed
to tell my children?

They love their father.

I'm sure he loves them.

He's a sodomite...
and a murderer!

And what am I supposed
to do?

Smile and play
the adoring wife

while they drag
my whole family

through the mud?

We are on the cover
of every tabloid,

and it's only gonna get worse
once the trial starts.

Won't it?

Won't it?!

You said you'd take care of me.

Not like this.

You'll be sorry.

Plead guilty, Reverend.

Spare your wife
and children.

Appealing to a man's love
for his family.

Casey Novak must realize
what a weak case she has,

putting you up
to such a cheap trick.

She didn't.

Your wife loves you.

Do you really want
to put her

through the humiliation
of a trial?

What about your kids...
your congregation?

Do they deserve this?

Even if your confession
is thrown out,

we've got the tape
and bank records showing

you were paying
Richard Antrim's rent,

and your DNA on the pillow

that you used
to smother him with.

Reverend, you're going
to jail.

So why not
face the facts now,

and make this
a whole lot easier on everyone?

All right,
I'm responsible.

Reverend, don't.
Please, let me speak.

I am responsible
for Richard Antrim's death,

but I will answer to God
for my actions,

not an earthly judge.

And God will not
find me guilty.

How can a man of God
confess to murder

and think God's not gonna
have a problem with it?

A man of God is no different
from anyone else.

God forgives us,
if we repent.

So the Reverend Curtis
can commit murder,

then say a prayer--

his sins are forgiven, huh?

Don't be a wiseass,

Say you come to confession,

admit to lusting after
another woman.

I give you penance,
your sin is forgiven.

How's that any different?

And if I commit murder,
what are you gonna tell me?

Say five Hail Marys,
we'll call it a day?


I'm gonna tell you
to take responsibility

for your actions.

That's what
he keeps saying.

"I am responsible,"

but not that
"I murdered him."

Is there any evidence
that someone else was involved?

The evidence
is circumstantial.

Even the DNA's
a partial match.

You think he's covering
for someone?

Sometimes the very devout
hold themselves accountable

for sins
they haven't committed.

[cell phone rings]

Excuse me, Father.


I'll be right there.

Curtis has been shot.

Reverend Curtis took two rounds
to the gut--he's touch and go.

We found the gun
in Curtis's office.

He was shot there,

somehow found the strength
to crawl in here,

then ended up
over there.

Any prints
on the gun?

No, sorry.

There's blood
on the lectern.

He wanted to die
on holy ground.

I don't think so.

There's blood on the Bible.

The Song of Solomon?

"Thou hast ravished my heart,
my sister, my spouse;

"thou hast ravished my heart
with one of thine eyes.

How fair is thy love,
my sister, my spouse!"

Love poem from a man
to his wife.

Mrs. Curtis.

I've been expecting you.

You're gonna need
to come with us.

What are you doing?

You can't take her away.
It's all right, Paul.

Lucy, take care
of your brothers and sisters.


Do you want a lawyer?


Tell us what happened.

Is he dead?

He's still unconscious.

why did you do it?

I had my first child
when I was 19,

and my tenth
when I turned 40.

Every moment that I had,
I gave to them,

and to my husband.

My family is my life.

I made a vow for richer,
for poorer...

in sickness and in health,

till death do us part.

This is my confession.

"I tried with all my heart
to forgive my husband.

"Lord, forgive me.

"My anger and my pride
are stronger

"than my faith
in You.

(Mrs. Curtis and Benson)
"I shot my husband
because he betrayed me,

"our children, our church.

"I hope his death takes him
from this world of sin,

and into Thy kingdom,
O Lord."

You know what is screwed up
about this?

There's too much
begging the Lord

for forgiveness
after the crime,

not enough mercy
before it.

I blame religion.

What else kept Curtis
in the closet?

Having all these kids

just to try to convince himself
that he's straight?

I think he is.

The Song of Solomon.

The guy's dying,

but he's reading a love poem
to his wife?

Or he's trying to tell us
that his wife shot him.

Okay, but I've been
to Catholic school,

and believe it or not,
I've read the Bible

a couple of times.

If he wanted to point
the finger at her,

he'd have chosen...


Okay, so if he's not gay,

why was his DNA
at the crime scene?

We've been thinking
it was contaminated

because we had
a partial match.

Now, what if there's
another reason?

You mean, like,
if it was one of his sons?

He's got five of 'em.

They were all in town
at the time.

Could be any one of 'em.

Well, even if Curtis lives,
he's never gonna give that up.

Although sometimes,

brothers share their secrets
with their sisters.

I can't talk right now.
I have to get lunch ready.

It won't take long.

Hey, kids, we just need
to speak

to Lucy for a minute...


Thomas, Margaret, Ruth,

can you take Abi outside
and play?


What's wrong?

Is my dad worse?

No, no,
he's doing all right.

Actually, we're here
to talk about your brothers.

Is someone in trouble?

You tell us.


You know, Lucy,

I know your family's
very close.

And I bet your brothers
tell you things

that they don't tell
your parents.

Like what?

Like being gay.

That's crazy.

Crazier than your father
being gay?


I don't know.

I don't want
to talk about this.

Lucy, we're just trying
to help you.

It's okay.

But we need for you
to tell us the truth.

Which one of your brothers
is it?

He needs your help.

It's--it's Paul.

He told me he had...
those feelings

a year ago.

He was scared.

He didn't know
what to do.

Does your father know?

He found out.

I don't know how--
I didn't tell him.

What did your father do?

He sent Paul away
to be cured.

Paul said it worked.

He didn't have
those feelings anymore.

I don't think you can change
who you are.

Oh, my God.


Paul killed that man.

Where's Paul now?

At the Satan's House show.

They're closing it down
because of what's happened.


Sorry you can't
put on your show.

It's okay.

Must have been hard,
having to laugh

at a gay man
burning in hell.

What do you mean?

She means we know.

You know what?

That you're gay.

I'm not.

Richard Antrim
was your lover...

and you have no reason
to be ashamed.

We met at last year's
Satan's House auditions.

We got together.

I was happy.

So what went wrong?

My dad found out.


I don't know.

But he sent me away

He paid Richard off
to never see me again.

Well, that didn't work.

I couldn't stop thinking
about him.

So we started
seeing each other again.

You sent a text message
to him

the day he died.

I asked him
to pick me up

after the Satan's House

We went back to his place.

And did you murder him
because you felt guilty?

I loved him.

When I left
to come back here,

Richard was still alive.

Well, if you didn't
murder him, then who did?

You know who.

My dad.

He must've found out
I was seeing Richard again.

It's all my fault.

I wanted to be cured.

I didn't want
to hurt my dad,

but I couldn't change
the way I feel.

I mean, how can it be a sin
if God made me this way?

Why couldn't my dad

Why did he have
to kill Richard?


I want to see him.

I need to tell him
that I'm sorry,

but I can't change
who I am.

(Reverend Curtis)
I know you can't change.

Maybe a year ago
I didn't...

but I do now.

You're not angry?

You're my son.

It wasn't Richard's fault.

I wanted to go
to his apartment, Dad.

I wanted to see him--


Don't say anything more
in front of the detectives.

You think I killed Richard?

I swear...

I thought you did,
because you found out

we were seeing
each other again.

Oh, my God.

I was trying
to protect you.

I thought I failed.

I already lost
one son.

I couldn't bear
to lose another.

If you didn't kill Richard,

who did?


who else knew
about the relationship?

Trent Labette.

He saw Paul and Richard

at last year's
Satan's House show.

He followed them.

He saw them kissing
in a car.

He said the scandal
would destroy our church.

He insisted I intervene.

Trent was the only person
who knew

we were going
to your home

the day after
your son's funeral.

he called the media.

He was trying
to take you down.

I have never been anywhere near
this man's apartment.

Well, our techs are searching
your house, Trent.

What do you think
they'll find?

Richard's computer,
his answering machine?

His camcorder?

You don't want to talk
to us now?

Reverend Jeb's gonna have
an awful lot to say to you.

He--he's all right?

Yeah, he's with
his son Paul right now.

You know,
a crazy thing:

he's accepted Paul
for who he is--

a gay man.

"If a man lie with man
as he lieth with woman,

"both of them have
committed an abomination:

they shall surely be
put to death."

And that's what you did.

"Their blood shall be
upon their own heads."

Richard had done nothing
to you.

I was doing God's will.

So why not claim credit
for it?

Why let Curtis
take the blame?

His faith was weak.

He deserved
to be punished.


I asked them to bring me
to see you.

I should have talked
to you.

Told you everything.

We didn't trust each other

Can you ever forgive me?

I already have.

[wolf howling]

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