Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 8, Episode 16 - Philadelphia - full transcript

Olivia finds her biological brother in New Jersey, but discovers that he is under investigation by local police for sexual crimes. But her obsession with finding him puts another investigation in jeopardy as well as her partnership with Elliot.

(male announcer)
In the criminal justice system,

sexually based offenses are
considered especially heinous.

In New York City,
the dedicated detectives

who investigate
these vicious felonies

are members
of an elite squad

known as
the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

Whatever you say
will be confidential.

But you can still
use it against me.

I'm not against you.

I'm making a recommendation,
that's all.

Tell me about
Olivia Benson.

What do you want to know?

What's she like
as a police officer?

She's experienced,

good with the victims.

People trust her--
they let her get close.

Does she become
emotionally involved?

She does her job,
and when it's done,

she goes home.

Hey, hey, lady.

Let me talk to you
a second--come here.

Back off, I'm a cop.
I'm a cop!

Back off,
I'm a cop.

Freeze! Police!

Drop it! Drop it!

We're police.
You drop it!

Drop it!

Who the freakin' hell
are you?!

Manhattan SVU.

Faulkner and Joyce,
Riverpark P.D.

All right,
that's Detective Benson.

I'm Detective Stabler.

Let's everyone
just calm down, okay?

Just calm down.

What's NYPD doing
in Jersey?

We're working a case.

What case?

Not at liberty to say.


Then you're not at liberty
to return to Manhattan.

You gonna get in the car,
or do we have to arrest you?

[car doors shut]

What are you doing here?

Trying to stop you from doing
something really stupid.

You find your brother,
but that's not enough--

you gotta stalk him?

This is none
of your business.

Yeah, it is.

We're partners.

Not on this--
this is personal.

Are you gonna tell us
why you're here,

or are we going
to headquarters?


[engine starts]

Do you know
why you're here, Olivia?


Doesn't mean that
I agree with it.

Tell me about
Detective Stabler.

He's the best.

Smart, brave, dedicated.

Do you trust him?

He's straight with me,
I'm straight with him.

I could tell him anything.

I already told you
we were following a lead

from a C.I.

Without informing us.

Sorry about that.

Must be a real big case.

It's ongoing.

You're SVU,

so it's gotta be a rape.

Is that why you're set up
on Simon Marsden?

Our house--you talk.
You first.

Maybe we can work together.

[door opens]

I'm Captain Millfield.

You and your partner can go.

I spoke to your boss.

He assured me you won't
step on our patch again.

What case were you working?

Samantha Hawkins.

That's almost
four years old.

Still open.

That your story?


I should rip both of you

for taking guns
and police vehicles

across state lines

without permission.

And you are damn lucky

Captain Millfield didn't
lodge a formal complaint.

You do not go near Jersey
again without my say-so.

Are we clear?
Yes, sir.

And cancel
your weekend plans.

While you were AWOL,

a third man was raped.

Another van
in Central Park?

Gay groups are
shouting "hate crime,"

blaming us for not
protecting the community.

Munch and Fin
are at the scene.

The victim is
in St. Mark's.

His name is
Ronnie Cavelle.

This van pulled up
next to me.

Guy asked how to get
to the Bronx.

So I walked over,

and suddenly the side door
slid open,

and another guy
pulled me inside.

And they started hitting
and kicking me.

Just two men?


Were they wearing hoods?


Can you describe them?

Two average-looking
white guys.

Did they rape you,

I want to be clear
about this--I'm not gay.

Well, it wouldn't matter
if you were.

Rape is rape.

Look, I'm getting married
in two weeks.

I love my fiancée
very much.

She can't find out.
She won't.

You're protected by
the Rape Shield law.

No one can release
your name.

But we've gotta hear
what happened

so we can catch
these guys.

Did they rape you?

Ronnie was raped, and he saw
his attackers' faces.

But he won't look
at mug shots,

and he won't testify
'cause he's too scared

his fiancée
will find out.

So now we've got
three victims who won't talk.

Any luck?
Same story.

Guy gets raped,

then the crime scene
gets driven away.

Every victim's described
a different van.

So unless our perps
are used car dealers,

they're stealing one
for each attack.

No witnesses saw Ronnie
get snatched,

[cell phone ringing]
so the perps must have
followed him

to make sure
he was alone.

We could re-trace
Ronnie's route.

We might get lucky
with the traffic light cams.

You and Olivia take Ronnie
for a walk in the park,

see what it gives us.


Hey, did you hear
the Captain?

Um, yeah.

Can you take Ronnie
on your own?

I got you, Liv.


[knock on door]

(Dr. Huang)

You got it?

Simon Marsden's
juvie record.

From a friend
of a friend

in the Bergen County
Prosecutor's office.

Two counts of joyriding.

The last arrest
was 17 years ago.

Why is his DNA
on the system now?

From a murder investigation
in Jersey City six years ago.

Simon volunteered
his sample

with 40 other young men
who live in the neighborhood.

DNA dragnet.

He was questioned, cleared.

But thanks to some
bureaucratic snafu,

his sample stayed
in the system.

What did he steal?

The file says
women's clothes--lingerie.

A kid stealing
women's underwear,

that's not a good sign.

What else do you know
about him?

He lives with his girlfriend
and her six-year-old son

from a previous relationship.

And he works
as a pharmacist

at an all-night drug store.

Olivia, what are you
looking for?

It's personal.

Something to do
with your father?

I ran my DNA
through a kinship analysis.

Simon Marsden and I
have the same father.

He's my brother.

Where's Olivia?

She had some urgent
personal business,

but we got two possibles
from the park's traffic cams.

Dark van, side doors,
but we didn't get plates.

What's your next move?

Run surveillance on the park,
watch for cruising vans,

any other
suspicious behavior.

Each victim was grabbed

on the inner Park Drive
highlighted here,

south of 72nd Street.

Which means the perps
were trolling Central Park

to find victims.

Cover the drives,
we might get lucky.

And you might not.

With this much heat
on the case,

they might lay low.

Rapes took place on Friday
and Saturday nights.

Tonight's Saturday.

I can't authorize
any more manpower.

Won't need to--
the four of us are enough.

If Olivia's done
with her personal business.

[doorbell rings]

Hi, is Simon home?

He's at work.

Who are you?

My name's Olivia.

I'm an old friend of his.

Is it okay if I wait?

He won't be back
till tomorrow.

I heard he's in trouble
with the police.

He never did anything.

The police don't just
go around making things up.

Look, I'd like to talk
to you about it.

Maybe I can help.

Who are you?

Simon never mentioned
an Olivia.

Well, maybe he has
something to hide.


I have to go.

If you want to see Simon,
come back tomorrow morning.

We should talk.

Call me.

Has Detective Benson
been under stress?

Stress is part of the job.
You know that.

I mean recent stress.

Nothing she can't handle.

I thought I told you
to stay away.


Are you arresting me,
or are you buying me a drink?

Ah, it depends.

Going back
to Marsden's house

when you knew
we were sitting on him?

Not smart.

Well, he works nights.

I assumed you'd be
following him

at the pharmacy.

Oh, so you snuck
behind my back

to talk to his girlfriend.

Listen, if you
know something, tell me.

Marsden's a bad guy.

I don't have enough
to lock him up.

What do you like him for?

Three women
have been stalked

in the last six months.

Has the stalker
made contact?


but they think he's been
in their homes.

Things have been moved,
clothing rearranged.

None of these women
have been assaulted.

No, but it's just
a matter of time.

But what makes you think
that it's Marsden?

All three women go to
the pharmacy where he works.

He's the only link.

He's the only male
that works there?

He's the only one
who works nights.

All the stalking incidents
were during the day.

You said that
he rearranged clothes.

What clothes?

What you'd expect
from a perv--panty drawer.

Did you bring him in?

We got nothing out of him.

To be honest,
without a new lead, I'm stuck.

Look, the case that
I'm working is sensitive.

I mean, if anything breaks,
I'll let you know.

[cell phone rings]
Come on.

You're sex crimes,
he's a stalker.

You've gotta know
he's a rapist.

[cell phone ringing]

It's my partner.
We're working tonight.

You can give me something.

I'll call you
as soon as I can.


We set up?


You get anything?

I know, it's none
of my business.


Liv, what is it?

Tell me.

My long-lost brother
is Simon Marsden.

He might be a rapist.

Like father, like son.

Maybe there's a mistake.

He's stalking women,

That's why the cops
are looking at him.

Just a matter of time
before he hits.

Did you see Marsden?

I talked to his girlfriend.

She's scared.
She stonewalled me.

Well, look, maybe you
should go talk to him.

And say what?

"Hi, I'm Olivia.

Your dad raped my mom?"

And, "Oh, I found you

because I illegally
ran my DNA?"

I wish I never went looking.

You had to find out, Liv.

Last night,
watching him in that window

playing with
that little boy...

I wanted to be part
of a family so much.

I've been alone
my whole life.

I'm sorry,
I'm whining.

You're not.

Family is everything.

[Fin over radio]
I got something.


White Ford Transit
passed me twice and Munch once.

License plate number ATV 768.

[Munch over radio]
I ran the plate.

The van was reported
stolen this morning

in Brooklyn.

Okay, where is it now?

Heading south
on the Drive.

The van can leave
the park at 72nd Street,

or continue south
towards us.

John, stop the van.

Fin, cover
Central Park West.

Liv will take West Drive,
I'll take East--let's go.

[siren blaring]

I'm on my way.

Copy that.

[cell phone ringing]



What is it?


[Munch over radio]
Lost the van--not on the Drive.

Fin, you got anything?

One sec.
I'm still 20 blocks away.

Yeah, sure, we can meet.

There's a bar.

I'm almost at 72nd
on East Drive.

Liv, where are you?

I'm heading uptown
on West Drive.

it's called Joe's Lounge.

What about tomorrow night?

I see a van on 72nd,
but it's doubling back.

I'm blocked.

Liv, go east on 72nd.

I'm on my way.

Turn east and you'll see it.

Tomorrow night.
Can you be there around 9:00?
A white Ford Transit.

Great, I'll see you then.

Liv, do you copy?

Copy, El.

Are you and Stabler
good partners?

We've worked together
a long time.

I can anticipate
what he's thinking,

what he's gonna do.

Yeah, we have a great rapport.

[siren stops]

[police radio droning]

What the hell happened?

I never saw the van.
Because you went
the wrong way.

I told you to go east
on 72nd.

I didn't hear you say 72nd.

Then why'd you say,
"Copy, El"? We had 'em.

[man on police radio]
All cars in the 2-1 precinct,

10-34, male dumped from a van,
Central Park at 102nd.

EMS transporting victim
to Mercy Hospital.

I was out for a walk

when a van
pulled up beside me,

and the driver asked
for directions.

When I went over,

a side door opened,

and a second man
pulled me inside.

And then what?

They punch and kick me.

They called me names.

And then the younger one
went up to start driving

while the older one
raped me.

Then I heard
your sirens.

I was hoping you were coming
to save me.

Obviously not.

Did you see their faces?

Yes, they were white,
short, dark hair,

medium height and weight.

And one had a razor wire tattoo
on his right arm.

Mr. Qinawi,

we'd like you to look
at some photos

of possible suspects.


We need an I.D.
to arrest them.

My family and I
fly home tomorrow.

I will not come back.

Mr. Qinawi, these animals
attacked other men.

Innocent men like you.

Now, with your help,
we can stop them.

I will never tell anyone
what they did to me.

Not even my wife.

We're drowning here, Doc.

You got any ideas?

Given the stigma
of male rape,

I'd say there are
more victims

who haven't come forward.

I was hoping for something
a bit more useful,

like how we can catch
these creeps.

At first I thought
it was a hate crime.

Young heterosexual men
attacking gays.

But the only
openly gay man

was the first victim,
Anton Jaborski.

Maybe these bozos
don't have good gaydar.

Come on,
let's stay with it.

Both attackers
beat the victims,

but only one of them
committed the rapes.

Gotta be personal.

So he's full of self-hatred,
and he turns it on other men.

Yes, but not
because he's gay.

I think it's something else.


You're saying
our rapist was raped?

Where do men get raped?


He deals with the shame
by inflicting it on others.

with the oppressor.

I suffered, so I'm gonna
make others suffer.

Check Qinawi's description
against recent parolees.

See if we get a hit
off one

who reported being
sexually assaulted

in prison.

Most cons don't admit
being raped.

They don't want
to be raped again.

Even so, it's what
I want you to do.

You two check out
the stolen van,

and see if it throws up
any leads.

Olivia, Elliot.

What happened last night?

I think the perps realized
they were being followed

and changed direction.

You had four cars.

Somebody should have stayed
on their tail.

Captain, I--

I gave Olivia
unclear directions.

Is that true?

It was my fault.

I misheard Elliot.

That's all.

I see a van on 72nd,
but it's doubling back.

I'm blocked.

Liv, go east on 72nd.

On my way.

Turn east and you'll see it.

White Ford Transit.
Liv, do you copy?

[Benson, staticky]
I'll see you then. Bye.

Copy, El.

Can you clean up
that last bit?

No problem.

[static noise fades]

[Benson's voice clear]
I'll see you then. Bye.

Copy, El.

Who's she talking to?

I'm sorry,

Lucy couldn't make it.

But I just had to come and see
this old friend of mine.

Oh, I'm sorry.

This is so embarrassing.

I thought you were
somebody else.

I'm very sorry
to waste your time.

Oh, Olivia, you're not
wasting my time.

Or, you know,
should I call you Detective?

What are you talking about?

Well, after I got
your note,

I did some research
on the net.

And it seems that you are
quite the crime fighter, huh?

What--what's wrong?


This was a mistake.

Don't lie.

I know you're with them.

With who?

Those idiot cops

who keep accusing me of stuff
that I haven't done.

Who hang around my work
and my house,

making my life miserable.

Yeah, why would they
do that?

You're the cop,
why don't you tell me.

What do you want
from my girlfriend?

Don't hurt her.

I have never hurt a woman
in my life.

Just tell me
what this is about.

Why me?

Have we met?

No, I thought you were
somebody else.

You saw him,
didn't you?


You speak to him?

It was a mistake.

He's trouble.

Munch called.

They found the van.

Torched and abandoned.

No night watchman,
no security cameras.

The perps just dumped
and ran.

Any footprints?

A couple hundred.
Hey, get anything?

Soda can.

That's toast--
why bother?

Well, with any luck

we'll get a clear thumbprint.

The intense heat etched
the print into the aluminum.

Feel--you can't
rub it off.

And if he's an ex-con--

The prints will be
in the system.

(lead officer)
Police--search warrant!

What the hell?

Get on the ground!
Get on the ground!

Bobby Trapido?

This is your
wake-up call, pal.

Here's another one.
Let go of me!

And what's your name?

Eat me, bitch!

Get down!

It's got a nice ring
to it.

Don't you hurt
my brother!

Oh, a family
of rapists here.

No, I already told you no.

I'm not identifying anybody

and I'm not testifying.

Then more men will suffer
like you.

I'm just about
holding my life together here.

So don't try and guilt me
into anything.

We know the moment
victims talk

about what happened

is the moment
they start to heal.


I got tested for HIV

I'm negative, except
I gotta wait another month

to get tested again,
just to make sure.

It could take weeks
to turn positive!

Look, Ronnie,
the probability--

Screw probability!

The absolute certainty is

I'm getting married
in two weeks,

and I'm not gonna know.

You can't have that
hanging over you.

You've gotta tell
your fiancée.

You don't think
she'll support you?

You don't think
she'd want to see

the men who hurt you

Is she still
gonna support me

when the defense claims
it wasn't rape?

The defense can't dispute
the photos of the bruises

all over your body.

I didn't tell you.

When they were doing it...

I got aroused.

that means nothing.

The body responds

It doesn't matter
who's touching it.

This your fiancée?

The jury sees you
with this beautiful woman,

they're not gonna think
you're gay.

Now, look,
all you've gotta do

is pick out your attackers
and tell the jury what happened.

And you'll be putting away
some real bad guys.

We did everything we could,
Ronnie wouldn't bite.

Okay, we've got
four victims,

two perps, and no case.

And that is piss-poor.

If the victim
won't talk--

It's your job
to make 'em talk.

A job you used
to be able to do.

What does that mean?

You could have had these creeps
red-handed--you blew it.

Captain, there was
only four of us.

All of Central Park,
mistakes can happen.

Yeah, if your heads are
so far up your asses

you can't tell east
from west.

You got a problem with us?
Just say it.

I listened
to the radio tapes.

It was amateur night
out there.

Well, maybe you need
a new squad.

Maybe I need detectives
who care about the job.

Now you're questioning
our commitment?

Where the hell
have you been?

If it's a bad time--

Where have you been?!

Been talking
to my ex-partner.

He's a C.O.
up at Attica.

You were just
shooting the breeze

or did you get
something useful?

Bobby T belonged
to a prison gang.

So what--every con
is in a gang.

You're not hearing me,

He belonged
to a prison gang.

They owned him.

You and Munch
get those cons on tape.

And we'll talk
in the morning.

How far does your loyalty
to your partner go?

I don't understand
the question.

I'll put it another way.

Say you had to choose

between saving a member
of the public--

I already faced
that situation.


I saved my partner,
a boy died.

What would
Detective Benson do?

I don't know.
You'll have to ask her.

Detective Benson.

How do you know
where I live?

I followed you
from the precinct.

You're good at following women,
aren't you?

I want to talk.

I got nothing
to say to you.

I know why
you look familiar.

Where the hell
did you get this?

In my father's stuff.

Where is your father?

He died
ten years ago.


Then why does he
have this?

I don't know,
and neither did my mom.

That's why I kept it.

It didn't make
any sense.

Do you have a picture
of him?

This man raped my mom.

My dad?

I'm his daughter.

No--no way.

No, he was a normal guy.

He loved my mom.

He loved me.

And rapists often lead
double lives.

You can't prove
a word of that.

I prove it.

You're my brother.

You knew about me.

You came looking
for me.

How did you know?

It was chance.

Here you go.

And you're not connected
to the cops

that are watching me?


Do you know why
they're on you?

Yeah, that's crap.

I told you, I could
never hurt a woman.

When you were a kid,
you stole some stuff.

Some lingerie.

For my girlfriend,
as a stupid bet.

And my dad kicked my ass
for doing it.

You've really been
looking at me, huh?

Some people think that
sexual violence is genetic.

Oh, so because my dad
may have raped your mom,

now I'm a rapist too?

Well, I'm not.

I'm happy with Lucy.

I want to marry her.

You gotta believe me.

I always wanted a sister.

And not a brother,
a sister.

So how does it feel?

Whoa, no, no--
not so fast.

You gotta pass
the test.



All right,
you're ten years old.

or chocolate ice cream?


Cap'n Crunch
or Cocoa Puffs?

Oh, Cap'n Crunch.

Dukes of Hazzard,
or Little House on the Prairie?


Quarters or Anchorman?

Come on.


Three out of three.

It's in the blood.

So tell me about him.

Your dad.

He always had his problems,

but he was--

he was always good to me.

That's why I can't believe--

But here you are.

My sister.

You said you found me
by chance?


It was just something
my mom said.

Where is your mom?

She's dead.

So you're on your own now?

Pretty much.

[telephone rings]



Thought you'd want to know,

our stalker finally
popped his cherry.

Raped one of his targets,
Donna Leonte.


Tonight, of course.

What time?
She hasn't said.

She's so traumatized,

she doesn't even know
what day it is.

Well, she better remember,

because up until
three hours ago,

your prime suspect
was in my apartment.

Doing what, exactly?

Three hours--
still plenty of time

to get back to Jersey
and rape someone.

Don't worry,
they can't see you.

Just take your time, Donna.

I--I think number five.

Are you sure?

Number five.

He raped me.

Thank you.

Not much doubt there.

Well, she could have
recognized him

from the all-night

I just hope
your forensics are good.

You're defending this guy?

I just want to make sure
that your case is airtight.

Oh, thank you.
You can go.

Your captain will hear
all about this.

Look, could I talk
to Marsden?


Because I'm pissed
that he tried to use me

as an alibi.

You can listen in.

Why would I want
to do that?

Give her
five minutes.

They're trying to frame me.

I never even met
this woman

I'm supposed
to have raped.


She goes to the pharmacy
where you work.

So do hundreds of women.

I didn't rape her.

I asked Lucy
to send you a package

of photos and stuff.


So you'd get
to know me better.

Being cute with Cap'n Crunch
isn't gonna make a difference.

Why don't you try facing
who you really are?

What's your connection
to Marsden?

He's my brother.

How did you find him?


Nothing to do
with those cold case DNA samples

that Doc Warner ran
for you?

I can't say.

What does your partner know
about this?



if he knows nothing,

why was he with you
in New Jersey

four nights ago?

[door shuts]

Your partner just told me
her good news.

She's got a baby brother.

How did she find him?

I think that's
for Liv to say.

I've put my head on the block
dozens of times for you two,

and you're gonna hit me
with this thin blue line crap?

You've already compromised
one case--

maybe others.

Why should I
keep you together?

Why should I keep you
at all?

[knock on door]

[Munch enters]
Hey, Captain,

remember our man-on-man rapist
Bobby Trapido?

We got two of his Attica
boyfriends on tape.

Just go home.

Yeah, we're in a gang.

It's religious in nature.

The Devil's Disciples.

Was Bobby Trapido a member?

(Con #2)
Bobby, he was gang property.

What does that mean?

We owned him,
we'd use him.

You mean sexually?

When we were bored,
we rented him out.

[tape switched off]

A lot more of that,
and another six cons

singing the same tune.

Can you use this?

You bet.

I'll need Huang.
[tape switched on]

Did Bobby resist?

Sure she did,
at first.

Then we held her down,

and the little princess
enjoyed it even more.

Freakin' fag!

Easy, easy, princess!

Why are you listening
to these pieces of crap?

I've never had sex
with men!

We got six other
pieces of crap

that say you did.

It's a bunch of lies.

It's not, Mr. Trapido,
but it is a disgrace.

You were raped in prison,
but no one did a thing.

That's why we're here.

I'm a psychiatrist
with the FBI.

We want to use your case
to build support

for President Bush's
Prison Rape Prevention Act.

You what?

We're giving these tapes

to Dateline,

so the American people
can learn all about the trauma

that you suffered
in prison.

You can't do that.

Everybody in the country

is gonna know
about you, Bobby.

And it'll do you
a lot of good

to speak publicly about
your sexual humiliation.

don't do this to me.

There's only
one alternative, Bobby.

You go to court,
and you tell the judge

everything you did.

I'll testify that the crimes
that you committed outside

were caused by the crimes
that you suffered inside.

And I'll recommend
any prison time be served

in a psychiatric

where you'll be safe,
and you'll get treatment.

This is your chance
to make it right

for all the victims.

For yourself.

Did you rape this man?



I'm sorry.

That's good work.

Not very ethical,
but we got a result.

I'd like your advice
on something, Doc.

Benson and Stabler.

If you had to choose
between saving your partner

and saving a member
of the public,

which would you do?



I'm done.

[knock on door]

Thought you could use
some company.

El, whichever way this goes,

it doesn't have
to take you down too.

Why don't we see
what happens?

What's this stuff?

Simon Marsden sent it over
to me

so I could get
to know him better.

Get to know him better?

Think he's guilty?

My head says, yeah,
he's guilty,

and my heart says...

how could he be?

He's my brother.

But there's things
about this case

that I don't like.

Like, a good lawyer
could get that lineup thrown out

in a heartbeat.

And Captain Millfield
has focused on Marsden

since the beginning,

at the exclusion
of all others.

What was that name--
the captain's?

Julia Millfield, why?

Carrie Millfield.


They sure look alike.

Captain Millfield's sister went
to school with your brother?

Did Marsden say anything?

I don't think
he ever met her.

I mean, how many of our perps
meet Cragen?

And the one time
that I suggested

that we talk
to him together,

she refused.

Of course I knew Carrie.

I went to school
with her.

And Julia?

Yeah, I knew her,

but I had no idea
she was involved,

or even that she was a cop.

Any reason that she might
have a grudge against you?

We checked her
employment file.

Six years ago
she was working

a homicide investigation
in Jersey City.

Yeah, I remember.

I gave DNA samples.

And I was questioned
by the cops.

But I never saw Julia.

Well, maybe she saw you
or saw your name.

Somehow, your DNA
is still in the system.

That's how I found you.

All right,
why don't we start

telling the truth here?

Does Julia have a grudge
against you?

Simple question: does Julia
have a grudge against you?

It's because
of her sister Carrie.

What does that mean?


We liked each other

and she was my date
at the school dance.

And afterwards, you know,
we were in the car,

and we were kissing
and stuff.

And it started getting
pretty hot

and then suddenly
she pulled away.

I thought she was
just playing around,

so I pulled her back
and kept going.

But I tore her dress
and she started to cry.

And, you know, I said,
"I'm really sorry."

And I drove her home

and she seemed okay.

And then the next day,
her dad came around and told me

I assaulted her.

And that if he ever
saw me near her again,

he was gonna call
the police.

But nothing happened.


I work sex crimes,

I deal with rape victims,

I'm not a rapist.

Well, I don't know
what to tell you,

'cause it all adds up.

The stalking incidents,
Donna Leonte,

and now Carrie Millfield,
where it all started?

I didn't do any of it.

I never hurt Carrie.

You ripped her dress.
It was an accident!

That's not what she told
her dad.

She lied!

Just like
all the other girls?


Why don't you just
admit it?

You're a rapist
like your father.

No, I am not
like my father.

I swear to you,

I swear.

You know me.

How can I know you?

You knew I was
out there,

and you came looking
for me.

That's how you found me.

No, I could never lie
to my big sister.

I could never lie
to you.


Ooh, I haven't seen Marsden
in over 16 years.

I had no idea
it was the same man.

He's got the same name.

And he's the guy
who allegedly

assaulted your sister.

It's hard to believe
you didn't make the connection.

It doesn't matter what
you believe, Detective Benson.

It does matter
what a good lawyer

can make a jury believe.

I mean,
even a bad one can spin

a pretty convincing story
of police persecution

out of this mess.

Let's see how
he spins this.

DNA results from hairs found
on Donna Leonte's panties.

Perfect match
to Simon Marsden.

And just so you know,

after the night nothing happened
with Simon Marsden,

my sister flunked out,
became an alcoholic,

and has been in and out
of psych hospitals ever since.

Still think he's innocent?

Thanks for calling.

Riverpark P.D. went
to pick up Marsden.


He jumped bail.

Does the girlfriend
know anything?


Do you?

What are you saying, Elliot?

You're family, aren't you?

I would never interfere
with an investigation.


And screw you
for saying that.

Look, I'm sorry,
but I had to ask.

Thanks for waiting.

I discussed your situation
with George Huang,

and at his recommendation,
I want you to undergo

an independent
psychological assessment.


So I can decide if
it's appropriate for you

to continue working together.

And if we refuse?

You make my decision easy.

In my opinion,

detectives Benson
and Stabler have

a degree
of mutual reliance

and emotional dependence

that compromises
their effectiveness

as police officers.

In other words?

They're too close.

You recommend
I split them up?

If you want to lose
your two best detectives.

[wolf howling]

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