Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 8, Episode 15 - Haystack - full transcript

A young boy is kidnapped, and the suspects include the boy's mother and her ex-boyfriend. When the mother finds out she is a suspect in the kidnapping, she takes matters into her own hands, compounding the tragedy and further complicating the mystery.

(male announcer)
In the criminal justice system,

sexually based offenses are
considered especially heinous.

In New York City,
the dedicated detectives

who investigate
these vicious felonies

are members
of an elite squad

known as
the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.


Uh, you're--
you're screaming.

Are you Edvard Munch?
Dial M For Murder?

The Boston Strangler?

She said it was a movie--

Stop talking.
You're not allowed to talk.

Did you hear that?

Did you just hear a sound
from Kendall's room?


Uh, Nightmare on Elm Street.

I'm just gonna go check
real quick.

Postcards from the Edge.
Oh, I know!
I know!

You don't even know what
you're talking about.

It's a movie.

No, no, wait!
You're choking.

Asthma attack.

She's choking.
You blew it.

You're Marie Antoinette.

Home Alone.

[suspenseful music]






Kendall Kozlowski,
13 months.

Mom put him to bed at 6:00,

missing when she checked
on him at 10:00.

Window to the fire escape
wide open.

Forced open?

No locks or window guards.

Dusted the frame
and fire escape.

Negative for prints.

Surveillance cameras,
witnesses on the street,

neighbors with a view?

Patrol's been canvassing,
but nothing so far.

Find me something.

Hi, Laura.

I'm Detective Stabler.

Is there news?

Not yet.

Is that a photo?
May I look at it?

My mom made that sweater

for him for Christmas.

I'm never gonna
see my baby again.

We'll do everything we can

to find out whoever
took your son.

I know who took him.


Dan Kozlowski.

My ex-husband.

Rap sheet came back
on Kozlowski.

He's got priors for burglary,
possession of stolen property.

How about the mother?

Squeaky clean.

Want to help me
with an interview?

Yes, please.

No, no, no.

You don't leave that desk

until you review every piece
of paper on the Judkins appeal.

You know, Captain,

this is a, uh,
missing child's case.

I could use a hand.

Well, then I'll help you.

I just think Laura would
open up a little better

with a female there.

I can get the case review
done next week.

No problem

Save it.

go talk to Laura.

Your ex-husband isn't at home.
Any idea where he could be?

You could check
the nearest OTB.

Okay, he's a gambler?


Probably betting
on the time it takes

before Kendall
needs his diaper changed.

How long were you

and Dan together?

One year, nine months,

and three miserable days.

Marrying him was--

the worst mistake of my life.

So why'd you do it?

I got pregnant.

I didn't want
to raise a child myself.

I wasn't in love, but, um...

I thought Dan
would make a good father.

And for a while, he was.

What happened?

He started spending his time
at the tracks,

and pretty soon,
he'd maxed out my credit cards

and cashed out the bonds
that my mom bought for Kendall.

Well, if he doesn't care
about Kendall,

why would he kidnap him?

'Cause last week he came to me,
desperate for money.

I didn't have any.

So he wanted me to call
my parents and borrow it.

And I told him to piss off.

And he told me
I would be sorry.

Well, you don't think that

he'd hurt Kendall
to get back at me, do you?

Had he been violent before?

He used to, uh, lose big
at the tracks,

and he'd get drunk
and come home,

and take it out on the walls
and the furniture.

And there was one time that
I thought he was gonna hit me.

What happened?

I threw him out.


I've been hit before.

It wasn't gonna happen again.

[knock at door]

[door opens]

Highway's got Kozlowski.

All over Manhattan-.
high speed chase.

Hey, what.
What--what is it?

I'll be right back.


stop right there!


Perp's by the river!

Dan, Dan.
Dan, wait!

All right,
let's just be cool.

Let's just talk.

Let's just talk,
all right?

Let's be cool here...



Don't jump.

Current'll drag you
out to sea.

Call EMS and tell 'em
we got a baby in the water!

We need a bus.



Do what?

Why'd you--
He was your son!

I didn't do nothin'.

What did you say
about my son?

Easy, easy.

Divers got something.

Divers got something.
Take it easy!

Come on.
Let's go.

Open it.


About eight kilos.

Where's my son?

You tell me.

I told you.
I don't know.

Then tell me about the drugs.

What's that have
to do with Kendall?

You trade the baby
for a bag of blow?

Are you crazy?

I would never hurt my kid.

So where were you last night?

Why'd you have the coke?

You know, pal--

you know,
you love your kid so much,

you better stop worrying
about your ass

and start helping me
find your boy.

Now, what were you doing
last night and why?

What were you doin'?!

Yeah, you love your kid.

I got a habit
of playing the ponies.

After Laura threw me out,
my luck went stone cold.

I got in deep with
this loan shark, Vinnie D.

He sold my debt to this dealer,
Bernardo, who needed a mule.

So a drug dealer's
gonna trust a man in debt

with 50 grand worth
of cocaine?

He told me if I messed
with his product,

he'd kill my family.

Oh, God.

You've gotta
give me back the coke.

Hey, you've gotta
give me Bernardo.

I was supposed
to make a delivery.

If I don't show with the coke,
he's gonna hurt Kendall.

You're not gettin' these drugs.

You're gonna get
my son killed!

Tell me where Bernardo is.

Last chance.
Tell me where Bernardo is.


At his stash house.

In the Bronx
on the Grand Concourse.


Nobody move!
Search warrant!

Let me see your hands.
Let's see those hands.

Hands up!
Let's go!

Come here.
You, come here.

I want a lawyer.

I want a lawyer.

I want a lawyer.

Put your arms up.
You're gonna need one.

All this blow here,

your parole officer
hasn't even been born yet.

But I'll tell you what,

I'll put a good word in
with the judge for you

if you talk to me
about Dan Kozlowski.

White Dan?

So the little punk
gave me up?

Boy's not here.
What boy?

You holding
White Dan's son hostage

while he makes the delivery
for you?

I don't know anything
about any kid.

You know somethin'?
This is your lucky day.

'Cause I don't care
about your coke,

I don't care about you.

I just want
to find this boy.

I don't know nothin', man.

Where is he?

I don't know nothin'
about the kid.

White Dan here last night?


Was Dan here last night?

Are you gonna talk
to the judge?

You got my word on that.

Now, was he here last night?
Yeah, he was here.

The count was off.

He had
to re-do the package twice.

He was here till 10:00.

You're sure Dan
didn't take Kendall?

The timeline doesn't fit.

He was in the Bronx
until after 10:00.

There's no way
he could've made it here

before you discovered
Kendall missing.

That boy's my whole life,
you know?

I do know.

Now, look, I need you
to be strong for me.

I need you
to help me out here.



have you noticed anyone

recently paying too much
attention to you or Kendall?

The last couple of weeks,

I felt like someone
was watching me.

What does that mean?

I would turn around,
and no one would be there.

Or sometimes a car
would take off,

or I'd see someone disappear
around a corner.

I thought I was being paranoid
or that Dan

was hassling me.

Tell me everything
you did yesterday,

from the moment you woke up.

We went to the park.
It started to rain.

So I took Kendall
to the movies,

and I picked up snacks
for the party.

Write down
all the places you went,

everyone you talked to,

anyone who might
have seen you and Kendall.

There was a woman
at the movie theater.

Oh yeah,
I remember her.

Well, you take a lot
of tickets.

What was memorable
about her?

I warned her
about our no-crying-baby policy,

told her if her kid acted up,
she'd have to leave--no refund.

Don't tell me
you had to kick them out.

No, her kid slept
through the whole picture.

I told her
come back anytime.

You notice anybody
following her,

paying a lot of attention
to the baby,

saying, "What a cute boy"?

No, you couldn't even
see him.

She had him in one
of those strollers

with the plastic cover
over it.

That's how I like babies--
not seen or heard.

Kendall was always
a quiet baby.

That is the only reason
I agreed to babysit.

Why'd she need you
to watch the kid?

Uh, Laura went out

to get food and wine
for the party,

but she couldn't
carry it all herself,

not with the stroller,

so I came by to help.

Did you notice

whether the window
in Kendall's room was open?

I never went in there.

Kendall was napping,

and Laura didn't want me
to wake him.

If you think of anything else,
just give us a call.

Well, if someone
was stalking Laura Kozlowski

to steal her child,
the guy's a ghost.

No one saw him.

No one saw the baby either.

The girl at the theater
sees a stroller,

Mom says the kid is sleeping.

And again he's asleep
six hours later

when Garrett shows up.

When was the last
verified sighting of this kid?

Friday afternoon.

Laura picked him up
from the babysitter at 5 p.m.

So from Friday until when
she calls 911 Saturday night,

no one ever saw Kendall.

We've only got Laura's word
that he was alive and well.

You're thinkin' Laura
killed her child.

Your people already did this.

Why are you wasting time here?

You could be out looking
for Kendall.

Whatever happened
started here.

Just want to make sure
we didn't miss anything.


What are you doing
to my carpet?

Allow us
to do our jobs, please.

I don't understand
what destroying my house

has to do
with bringing my son home!

That's not the question
you should be asking.

Excuse me?

A mother
with a missing child

asks what more
she can do to help.

She doesn't
impede the investigation.

I'll get out of your way.

What's your read?

Barely took the gloves off.
She went ballistic.

I got something.

That's the same sweater

Kendall's wearing
in the photo.

That's not all.
You got clothes.


She dumped everything.

Is that blood?

Warner will tell us.


"Patient: Laura Kozlowski."

Well, this case
just hit the big time.

The whole city is watching.

Well, if it isn't Cindy Marino,
the poor man's Geraldo.

Detectives, any news on the case
of Kidnapped Kendall?

What's in the box?

New evidence?
Any comment?

Miss Marino must be here

for the obligatory
grieving mother footage.

There's nothing better
than a parent's worst nightmare

for must-see TV.

I remember when the news

was more important
than the ratings.

Very funny.
Thanks, yeah.

Shut if off.

Guys, you gotta
give me something,

or I gotta report the cops

are sitting around
scratching their asses.

I wonder how the baby's sonogram
wound up in the garbage.


I can't get DNA
from the blanket.

Contaminated by the trash?

It's not blood.

I'd say strained peaches.

You have a gizmo
to test for baby food?

Best gizmo there is.

I fed so much of this stuff
to my kid,

I could smell it
in my sleep.

Why'd she kill him?

Same old story:

abuse, shaken baby,
could've been an accident.

One time, Dickie
busted his head open

on the corner
of a coffee table.

Okay, there
was blood everywhere.


I thought
I was gonna lose him.

Now that's an accident.

But you don't dump a body

and blame it
on the other parent.

People would rather
believe a story like that

than admit mothers
can kill their own children.

I'm so sick of it.

I know.

Go home, get some sleep.

I will.

Hey, I got something for you.

Figured you wouldn't want
to wait until morning.

Well, give it up.

Several strands of hair
on a screw

from the fire escape ladder,

like the perp banged his head
on the way down.

Could they be Laura's?

No, wrong color.

They're blond, not brown.

Someone else was definitely
on the fire escape.

My guys are bringing the hairs
down to Warner for DNA testing.

Ah, could be old.

Nah, not likely,

with all the rain
that we've been having?

I think this may be our first
solid lead on the taker.


Cindy Marino's got
an interview with Laura.

I heard a noise,

and when I went to check
on Kendall, he was gone.

Had you been drinking?

Um, a little bit,
but I wasn't drunk.

Smoking pot?

A neighbor says
she smelled marijuana smoke

coming from your place
that night.

And it wasn't the first time.

We missed that one.

America wants the truth,

Yeah, I--

I smoked a little.

So you admit
to breaking the law.

What other crimes
have you committed?

Maybe we should hire Marino

to run Interrogations.

Sources close
to the investigation tell me

you're the prime suspect,

I would never hurt Kendall.

You threw his sonogram
in the trash.

Why would you do that?

You hated that child,
didn't you?

No, I loved Kendall.

Tell the truth.

You killed him.


You get out of my house
right now!

This is a train wreck.

For the latest
in breaking news

on the Kendall case,
stay with Channel Ten.

I'm Cindy Marino.

Now back to you
in the studio.

[turns off TV]

If we did that to Laura,

we would have every victim
rights group in the country

picketing the stationhouse.

Well, who tipped Marino off
about the sonogram?

I did.

[rings doorbell]

it's Detective Stabler.

I'd like to talk
with you.


it's Detective Stabler.

M.E. says the death
was instantaneous.

She didn't suffer.

I thought
Laura had lied to me,

so I sicced a reporter
on her.

Laura still
could've killed Kendall,

then topped herself because she
couldn't live with the guilt.


Did Laura leave a note?
A confession?

Is the Kendall case closed

now that the prime suspect
is dead?

You are the devil,
you know that?

Just doing my job.

Someone has
to ask the tough questions

when the cops
don't have the balls.


Come on.
Let it go.

Let it go.
Come on.

Marino is sleazy

and unethical,
but you knew how she operated.

I didn't mean for her
to go that far.

Yeah, it's morally

but it's not a crime.

Tell Laura that.

Warner called.

The DNA from the hairs
on the fire escape

aren't the perp's.

They're Kendall's.

And that gives us nothing.

Well, maybe a little more
than nothing.

She also
ran Dan Kozlowski's DNA

to compare to the hairs.

He's not the baby's father.

Why didn't Laura
tell us that?

Maybe she didn't know
who the father was.

The babynapper must've known
Kendall was his.

You don't snatch a baby
on a hunch.

If the biological father
took Kendall,

we're back to square one.

Go see Dan Kozlowski,
find out if he knew

he was raising
another man's child.

I can't believe
Kendall's not mine.

Everybody always said
he had my eyes.

Any idea who
the father could be?

When Laura and I hooked up,
I was seeing other girls.

I never asked if she
was seeing other guys.

We were together for a month.

She got pregnant,
said the kid was mine.

And you never doubted
Kendall was yours?

He is mine.

I was raising him.

When Laura and I split up,

I fought like hell
for visitation.

My life's a mess.

I don't have much to offer,
but I love my son.

Did Laura ever talk
about her exes?

Yeah, one time
she had this nightmare.

She was thrashing,

"Paddy, Paddy.
Please don't hurt me, Paddy."

She woke up sobbing.

I asked her who Paddy was.

She said one
of her old boyfriends

who used to beat her.

Tell me more about
this Paddy.

She wouldn't talk
about him.

I told her
to get counseling.

She said she wasn't crazy,
didn't need a shrink.

Anyone else
she might've confided in?

Yeah, she was always
gabbing to Garrett.

Before Laura married Dan,

she kinda hung out
with a rough crowd,

mostly at Attica.

She visited inmates?

No, Attica, the bar.

On Avenue A.

That's where
she met Paddy,

and he was kind of bad boy.

I think
that's what turned her on.

Then he started
becoming really possessive

and then accusing her
of cheating

and kicking the crap
out of any guy

who even looked at her.

He abuse her?

Yeah, I'd see her
with bruises.

She'd give me the whole,

"Oh, I just walked
into a door" excuse.

I told her to leave him,

but she said he swore
he'd kill her if she did.

So how'd it end?

Well, Paddy vanished.

And Laura said that
he was mixed up in a murder,

that she was totally terrified
he was gonna come back.

But he never did.

So Kendall
could be Paddy's child?
Do the math.

It's so obvious.

And I asked her about it.

She got so upset with me

and told me
never to mention it again.

What's Paddy's last name?

I don't remember.

I only met him once

'cause Laura knew
I could not stand him.

You know where
I could find him?

Temper like his,
my money's on prison.

Did you check Corrections
for a white male,

first name Paddy
or Patrick?

Over 5,000 hits.

Okay, well,
you can't snatch a kid

if you're incarcerated.

Checking recently released.


Can you narrow it down?

Well, Kendall's 13 months old,

so he had to be conceived
around April of '05.

Paddy had to get locked up
after that.


Well, I'm not looking up

all those ex-cons.

Don't bother.

You're not gonna find
your needle in that haystack.

How do you know?

This is Kendall's
Y chromosome.

Every boy inherits
an identical copy of the Y

from his father.

I ran this Y through CODIS

to see if his father
was in the DNA databank.

He's not.

Okay, so we got a dead end.

Well, not if we
try something new.

I want to run
a low stringency DNA test.

These are DNA alleles.

When I run for DNA,

I look for that perfect,
one-in-60-million match

along all of these alleles.

But what if I
were to look for a match

of four or five alleles?

You get a lot more hits,
but not the perp.

It's likely
he's related to him.

We'll dig up fathers, brothers,
uncles, cousins.

You find family members
by using the perp's DNA?

Yes, but only if they're
in the DNA databank.

So you
can find any family member

as long as they have a record?

46% of incarcerated criminals

have a relative
who's been locked up.

I guess some things
really do run in the family.

So you want to throw out
a DNA dragnet

and see what you catch?

That can't be legal.

Well, they use it in England
all the time,

but it's never been tried
in New York.

So when Melinda came to me,
I checked,

and New York law
says it's allowable.

Well, it shouldn't be.

Why not?

Because it doesn't
prove anything.

The DNA could turn up some
long-lost great-grand uncle,

or it could be some meaningless
genetic coincidence.

Kinship DNA isn't proof,
just an investigative tool.

It's a violation
of civil liberties.

You go after me
because my dad's a perp?

That's guilt by association.

Well, I'm more worried
about a missing child

than your civil liberties.

Can you make it
hold up in court?

I'll sure as hell try.

Let's shake the family tree,

see what falls out.

This is Kendall's DNA.

I ran it through
the DNA databank

looking for match
on four alleles.

And we got nine hits:

"John Heschalk, Dave Trobert,
George Kendall"--

That's gotta be it.

She named the baby
after the boy's real father.

All right, so now we gotta

figure out the relationship

between George
and Paddy Kendall.

If Paddy was abusive, why would
Laura name her son after him?

A batterer's control

over his victim doesn't stop
when the relationship ends.

"George Kendall,
career armed robber.

Currently doing 25 to life."

Why are you asking
about my relatives?

We're trying
to locate the father

of a boy whose mother
just passed away.

Cute little bugger.

And you think someone
in my family could be the dad?

You ready to be a grandpa?

I wish.

Can't be.

Never had kids.

Gave the best years of my life
to the State.

Well, he's related
to you somehow.

Anybody in your family
called Paddy?

We're Irish.

All the boys have been called
Paddy one time or another.

You have any brothers
or sisters?


Any of them have sons?

Michael passed young.
Bridget and Kate are nuns.

Maeve had a couple of kids,
all girls.

But my brother Sean,
God rest his soul,

his wife Peggy
had a whole mess of boys.

You can't come in.

Not without a warrant.

I'm just trying
to find the father

of an orphaned child.

All right.

Would this be the child
you're lookin' for?

You come to my house,
bold as brass.

You tell me some sad story
about a motherless boy.

And all the time,
you're planning

to pin a kidnappin'
on one of my sons.

I'm just trying
to find the father.

My brother-in-law may
have fallen for that line.

But my mother
never raised any fools.

Now you get off my property.

[dialing phone]

Melinda, it's Elliot.

I need you
to pull the birth certificates

on all children born
to Peggy Kendall.

11 kids, all boys.

We pulled the DMV photos.

Meet the sons
of Peggy Kendall.

We thought we
were good Catholics.

Any of them named Patrick?

Oh, it's not gonna be
that easy.

All right,
so Paddy is a nickname.

Or we're barking up
the wrong family tree.

No, no.

The name Kendall--
that's not a coincidence.

This is the family.

Just got to figure out

which one of you boys
is my perp.

I subpoenaed every agency
I could think of,

and I can rule a few
of these boys out.

John and Peter
are both in the Marines.

They've been deployed to Baghdad
since 2002.

Simon's still in high school,

so it's unlikely
he's the father.

And Bart was killed
in a DUI last year.

So that brings us down
to lucky number seven.

Okay, so let's get a warrant
for DNA on all of 'em.

Oh, sorry, no dice.

The low stringency analysis

is too circumstantial.

Once I narrow it down
to one suspect,

then I can get
a blood order.

Okay, so I'll
get a history

on the seven boys,

see if I can link one
of them to Laura Kozlowski.


They just found Kendall.


Came back from a call,
went upstairs to finish dinner,

someone rings the bell.

I open the door.

There he is in a box,
fast asleep.

That's when I recognized Kendall
from the paper.

Any outdoor
surveillance cameras?


Hey, little man,

we've been looking everywhere
for you.

He seems fine.

We're just gonna run him over
to Mercy for a full check-up.

We'll meet you there.


Detective Stabler,

is it true

that Kendall Kozlowski
has been found?

You want an exclusive?

You bet.

Contrary to Channel Ten

Cindy Marino's
libelous accusations,

Laura Kozlowski did not
kill her son Kendall.

He's been found alive.

Come on.

Kendall's fine.

Well-fed, no dehydration,
not even diaper rash.

Someone took
very good care of him.

I'm looking
for baby Kendall.

Where is he?

Excuse me, sir.
Are you a family member?


Can I help you?
Who are you?

I'm his father--

James Kendall.

I bet your friends
call you Paddy.

I don't have time for this.

It's late.
I need to take my son home.

Well, Kendall's
not going anywhere

with you until
the DNA results get back.

Take a look at him.

He's my spitting image.

It's not your name
on his birth certificate.

Laura didn't know she was
pregnant when we broke up.

She married another guy
on the rebound,

but now that we
were getting back together,

she was gonna fix all that.

Laura never mentioned you.

She was keeping it quiet
till the divorce was final.

How come you never
came forward

when you heard your child
was missing?

I didn't know.

I was in my cabin upstate--
no phone, no TV.

Pretty convenient timing.

You come back a couple hours
after your son reappears.

Any luck finding the guy
who took him?

I've got the guy.

Then why haven't
you arrested him?

No, uh...proof?

Not yet, but I'll get it.

Well, you let me
know when you do.

I'd love to see the bastard
brought to justice.

[knock at door]

[door opens]

DNA is back.

He's the father.

Would that be
the test results?

Now if you'll excuse me,

I need
to take my boy home.

Got a car seat?

Excuse me?

I can't let you leave here
without one.

State law.


I'll have my mother
bring one down.


Who is Grandma's
little angel?


You know, I'm going
to take you back to my house

and I'm gonna tuck you in,
yes, I am.

Any more stalling tactics?

Then we'll be leaving now.

Come on, Ma,
let's go home.


Hey, pal,
Daddy's here, huh?

Get away from him.

That's my son.

Like hell he is.

Okay, who
is this crazy bitch?

She's my mother,
and we got a problem,

you talk to her
like that again.

This is Paddy Kendall.
He's the biological father.

He's a psychopath.

And I hear you're a drug mule.
Why aren't you in jail, man?

I got a deal

for testifying
against the drug dealers.

Lucky for you.

And lucky for him

that his real Daddy's here

to take him away
from this very, very bad man.


Leave him alone!


That's not right.

He hit him first.

Get out of here.

I'm the father, damn it.

Arrest that guy for assault!

Don't push your luck.
Don't push your luck.

Get outta here.

Get outta here.

Ma, get the baby.

Come on, Ma.
Let's go.

No one can get away

with treating a son of mine
like that.

This is wrong.

Can't you do somethin'?

We don't have anything

on Paddy Kendall.

He's completely clean.

Hey, what about the rumor
he was involved in a murder?

Just that: a rumor.

Paddy's never even been
brought in for questioning.

This is crap.

Paddy was not getting back
together with Laura.

She was terrified of him.

He kidnapped that baby,

and we got close,
Mommy tipped him off,

and that kid was returned.

But why leave the kid
at the firehouse

after going to all that trouble
to steal him?

Because Laura's suicide

gave him custody.

He returned Kendall

just so he could
take him right back-- legally.

Laura did not want Paddy
to have Kendall.

We gotta do somethin'
about this.

How can you be sure
she wouldn't want him

to have the kid?

Look, Laura
was in the middle

of custody battle
with Dan Kozlowski.

All she had to do
was tell the court

that he wasn't the father.

That's the end of
that fight.

But she never told anybody
Paddy was the father.

I can argue that theory
in court,

but there's still a hole.

Why didn't Laura
tell us about Paddy

when Kendall disappeared?

Because he was out
of the picture.

She didn't think
he knew about the kid,

and she definitely didn't
want him finding out from us.

If we question him,

he might file for custody.

Paddy beat Laura.

She didn't want him anywhere
near that child.

Can we document
the domestic violence?

She told Dan about it,

and one of her best friends,
a guy named Garrett,

saw the injuries.

That enough?

I have an idea.

You're not putting my grandson
in foster care.

The police

and the District Attorney
made us aware

of your son's history
of domestic violence.

But that's a pack of lies.

Still, until we've done
a psychological assessment

and a home-study,
Children's Services

cannot allow Kendall
to remain with your son.

Over my dead body.

ACS has the legal right
to remove Kendall.

If you interfere,
you can be arrested.

Thank you.

I've got a very good lawyer.

We'll get him back.
This isn't over.

I'd call that a good day

for the People.

We've still gotta prove
Paddy's the kidnapper.


Yeah, can I help you?

You've been served.

Can you believe this, Casey?

Casey Novak?

Cool, you
just saved me a trip downtown.

Paddy's suing me
for harassment

and violation
of his civil rights?

Me too.

Thought prosecutors
had unqualified immunity.

So did I.

ADA's immunity is limited

if they step outside their role
advising the police

in the investigative phase
of a criminal case.

In other words,
Casey shouldn't

have been playing cops
and robbers with you, Elliot.

Well, does Paddy

have a case against us?

Well, according
to the suit,

you conspired
with Detective Stabler

to deprive Paddy Kendall of his
civil and constitutional rights.

Did you?



Guy sounds like
a douche bag.

But his suit has merit.

Oh, do what
are we supposed to do,

just sit back and let him take
everything we've got?

You get yourself a lawyer.


City represents cops.

You trust a civil servant

to save your house
and your pension?

Well, what choice
do we have?

My client, Paddy Kendall,

has committed no crime.

And yet these defendants
have trampled...

his civil rights.

They have used science
to infringe his privacy,

interrogated his relatives,

and manipulated
Children's Services

into taking custody

of his only child.

These defendants believe
Paddy Kendall is a bad man.

And yet they have no proof.

And that makes them mad.

And what do they do
when they get mad?

I don't know
about Defendant Novak,

but Defendant Stabler

has a dangerous track record

of beating up suspects.


(Judge Cutress)
Mr. Granger, are you going
to introduce proof

of this assertion at trial?

We most certainly are,
Your Honor.

We have five witnesses
prepared to testify under oath

that Detective Stabler

used excessive physical force
against them.

(Judge Cutress)
Very well.


We will prove
Defendant Stabler

with Defendant Novak

to violate
Paddy Kendall's civil rights

and those of his minor child,

and we ask for a judgment

of $10 million
against each defendant.

Detective First Grade
Elliot Stabler

has been a dedicated officer
of the NYPD

for the last 18 years.

He has an impressive
case closure rate of 97%.

Senior Assistant District
Attorney Casey Novak

has been a prosecutor

for the last six years.

She has a conviction rate
of 71%,

much better than
the national average of 44.

They have commendations,

awards, medals,

letters from grateful victims

who have received justice
because of their hard work.

But none of that matters
because that man,

Paddy Kendall,
has come before you

to tarnish their good name

and their impeccable record
of service

to the people of this city.

He is a liar...

a violent man...

a batterer.

I don't believe
a word he says.

And by the time
we're through here...

neither will you.

You have no, uh...

criminal record,
do you?


I've never
even been questioned

by the police
before this all happened.

Do you use, uh,

drugs or alcohol?

I'm not a drinking man.

My father was a drunk,

and I promised my mother

that I'd be a better man
than he was.

So in contrast
with Kendall's mother,

who confessed to drinking

and smoking pot
on national TV

and his stepfather
who is a petty criminal,

a gambler and a drunk,

you are an upstanding

Objection, Your Honor.
(Judge Cutress)

Nothing further.

on keeping your record clean.

I'm sure you'll agree

that just means
you haven't been caught.

Elizabeth, you know better.

Well, if you're such

a perfect father,
can you explain

to this court why

you have never paid
child support?

Laura didn't want me to.

You never visited your son.

She brought him by
to see me,

behind Dan's back.

Do you have proof of that?

I didn't know I needed it.

You didn't even know

you had a son.

Laura was so terrified,
she hid Kendall from you.

The first time
you held your son

was when you stole him
from his crib.


What's this then?

His sonogram.

I've been involved
in my son's life

since the day I made him.

And those two aren't
gonna stand in my way.

This is a totally improper way
to introduce evidence.

I'd like the opportunity

to have that photo examined
by my experts.

Hey, Paddy.

You've got a hell
of a nerve coming here.

But not a lot of brains.

I'm calling my lawyer.

Good, 'cause
you're gonna need him.

James "Paddy" Kendall,

you're under arrest
for kidnapping.

Take your hands
off my boy.

Don't worry, Ma.
I'll be home by breakfast.

You have the right
to remain silent.

If you give up that right,
anything you say can

and will be used against you
in a court of law.

This is harassment.
I'll have both your jobs.

I don't think so.

We found these things

in the alley
outside Laura's apartment.

I thought she threw them away
after she killed Kendall.

In fact,
I forgot all about them

until you started waving
that sonogram around in court.

We each had a copy.
It doesn't prove anything.

That's where you're wrong.

The night that
you kidnapped Kendall,

well, you grabbed some
of his stuff.

But it's awful difficult
to carry a kid

and a bag down a fire escape
in the dark, isn't it?

So you dropped the bag--
it broke--

and you took what you could,
and you left.

Pretty story,
but where's the proof?

Your client's

There is a perfect thumbprint
on this.

It's the second sonogram

that he left behind
in the alley.

No mother
would ever throw that away.

It's circumstantial.

I've won cases with less.

That and the death
of Laura Kozlowski

will melt the jurors' hearts.

You saying I killed her?

You might as well have.

If you hadn't kidnapped Kendall,
she'd still be alive.

At least that's the way
the jury'll see it.

What are you offering?

You drop the civil suit

and give up
your parental rights,

I'll drop down
from Kidnapping One

to Custodial Interference.

That's an E felony,

so you'll only get 1 1/2
to three years.

Beats the hell
out of life.

Yeah, I'll take the deal.

Tell me one thing: how did
you find out about Kendall?

My mother...

saw Laura on the street
with the boy.

He looked just like me
when I was a baby,

so she knew he was mine.

She always wanted
a grandson,

so she wouldn't
give me any peace

until I told her
I'd get Kendall for her.

Said she'd pay
for everything he needed,

buy me a new car.

Yeah, that was good work

on the bluff
with the fingerprints.

For a minute there, I didn't
think they'd go for it.

Lucky Granger didn't ask
to see proof.


I can really take him?

He's all yours.

Hey, buddy.

You going to meetings?

Every day.

Haven't had a drink
in a week.

No gambling either.

I gotta save all my money
for diapers.

And your apartment?

So clean you
could eat off the floor.

There'll be
a formal hearing,

but if you stay straight,
it looks good for you.

Paddy's out
of Kendall's life forever.

I don't know
how to thank you.

Good luck.


Sorry my DNA
fishing expedition

got you into hot water.

It was worth it.

Otherwise, we never
would've broken the case.

Sooner or later,
the courts are gonna

resolve the issue
of kinship analysis.

It may not be around for long.

Well, we'll use it
while we can.

Your partner already has.

I got a hit on the sample
she gave me.

Would you give her
the results?


I heard you
got Paddy Kendall.



And, uh, Warner asked me
to give this to you.

You had
a kinship analysis done?

Yeah, it's for a cold case.

You're not working
any cold cases right now.

What is it?

Liv, whose DNA
did you have tested?


I have a brother.

( wolf howling )

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