Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 8, Episode 1 - Informed - full transcript

When a particularly brutalized rape victim resists all efforts to help her, Olivia takes her as a cause and turns up an old acquaintance during the investigation.

(male announcer)
In the criminal justice system,

sexually based offenses are
considered especially heinous.

In New York City,
the dedicated detectives

who investigate
these vicious felonies

are members
of an elite squad

known as
the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

I'm sorry, but we have to take
the urgent care cases first.

I wouldn't have come to the ER
if it wasn't an emergency.

We appreciate that,
Mrs. Weinman.

I have been waiting
two hours.

It's gotten worse.


Stop scratching.
It itches!

And burns!

I just need
a prescription.

Wait your turn.

Go kill
another coat, lady.

Please tell me
I get to go before her.

I understand
you won't let any of our doctors

examine you.

That's right.
I'm a social worker.

My name's Tanya Majeski.
What's yours?

I just need
the morning after pill.

You're bloody and
you're covered with bruises.

Were you raped?

No, I made a love connection.

Have you reported this
to the police?


Let me call Special Victims
for you.

That's okay.

You should let a doctor
run a rape kit.

I should try
a different ER.

You don't have to do that.

A doctor will give you
emergency contraception

and antibiotics
for any possible STIs.

Hey, you okay?

Yeah, never better.

Can you tell me
who attacked you?

Who are you?

Detective Olivia Benson,
Special Victims Unit.

I told that social worker
not to call you.

Listen to me,
it's not too late

to go back in there
and do a rape kit.

I can't tell you
how many women

regret not doing one.

I can't listen
to another lecture.

My car is right here,
will you at least
let me drive you home?

No, thanks.

Here, I'm gonna
give you my card.

Take my card
if you change your mind.

I'd just throw it away,
and I don't like killing trees.

Will you tell me
your real name then?


How did you find me?

I got the medallion number
off your taxi.

I'm sorry, Haley--
Who told you my name?

The building super.
What gives you the right?

Listen, I don't want to
cause you any more stress,

I just had to make sure
that you were okay.

It's none of your business.

[dog barking]

A lot of battered women
who don't press charges

go back to abusive partners.

You think
my boyfriend did this?

Did he?

Justin has never
hurt a living creature

in his life.

Well, where's Justin now?

We don't live together.

I haven't told him yet.

(Mr. Delphy)
Can you keep it down,

It's 3:00 AM.
What's going on here?

Sorry, Mr. Delphy.
She's leaving now.

As soon as you answer
a few more questions.

[dog barking]

(Mr. Delphy)
Shut those f-ing dogs up!

where were you attacked?

I haven't changed my mind.
I just don't need you
broadcasting my business.

It could be a serial rapist,
Haley. And their violence
only escalates.

Now, I know you don't want
what happened to you

happening to other women.

I don't know who he is.
So describe him for me.

I didn't see his face.
What did you see?

Walk me through what happened.


You haven't bathed yet.

I fed the dogs first.

I was just running the water
when you showed up.

Now, if you'll excuse me...


Haley, please listen to me.

I just wanna
soak in the tub.

You can still do
a rape kit.

You can leave now.

Once the evidence
is washed away, Haley,

it's gone forever.



Lock the door
on your way out.


Haley, I'm leaving you
my card

in case
you change your mind.

I won't.

Evidence for DNA testing
is usually logged in

at the desk.

Can you sign right there?

And it's normally
delivered by patrol.

Must be a VIP for you to be
walking it in personally.

And I need a rush on it.

Just like everyone else
in line.

This guy's
a real sexual sadist.

There you go.

Hold on, I need to give you
a receipt.

He beat her to a pulp,
shaved her head.

Didn't use a
safety razor, so...

I don't want her
ending up here.

I have a rape kit coming?

She refused it.

Lucky we got the panties.

Sign here.

You know,
the French Resistance

used to shave the heads
of female collaborators.



I ever tell you about the year
I spent in Paris?


Nice outfit.


You were wearing it

Yeah, I caught
a case last night.

I haven't been home since.

61 on my desk?

Haven't typed it up yet.

It was
an unknown assailant.

He battered her,
shaved her head.

You run the M.O.?


But I found this photo
archived on the Internet.

[chief reading out loud]

Our rapist
is getting his ideas

from The History Channel?

These are women
who cooperated with the enemy

or slept with them.

A jealous boyfriend?

Victim says no.

I checked the DIRs.

There's no
domestic violence calls.

What does she do
for a living?

Super says she works
at a food co-op.

Well, if she
was collaborating,

who's the enemy?

fast food chains,

pesticide producers.

They're poisoning our bodies.

I can't imagine Haley
was friendly

with any of them.


All our produce is organic.

What's Haley's position here?

She's in vitamins
and homeopathics.

And of course
she's a co-owner.

She inherit it?

I don't think you understand
how a co-op works.

All our employees
are co-owners.

Same as our members.

So the profit margin's
not very high.

It's not our
primary objective.

We're more concerned
with community.

Well, anybody
in the community

give Haley a hard time

Cindy, did you close
with Haley last night?

No, she had to leave
at 8:30.


One of her groups
had a meeting.

Uh-huh, and what group
was that?

The one her boyfriend runs.

Ah, Justin, you know where
I can find him?

The Broken Spine Bookstore
on Houston.

He's the owner.

And what was
the meeting about?

A free exchange of ideas.

Still protected
under the Bill of Rights.

I'm just asking if Haley
made it to the meeting.

What do you want next?

A list of books
individual customers

are buying?

You know, cops in Denver
tried that.

The Supreme Court
shot them down.

Justin, that's not
what I'm here for.

You know, a few of our
fundamental liberties

are still intact.

Like the right to read

whatever we choose
without fear

of government intrusion.

What's CAUSE?

Who told you about that?

It's right here
on your table.

Community Activists
United Saving Earth.

Saving the earth
from what?

Abuses of human, animal,
environmental rights.

Justin, I got to tell you,
for such a bleeding heart,

you don't seem too concerned
about what happened to Haley.

What are you talking about?

Your girlfriend was brutally
attacked and raped last night.

So when's the last time
you saw her?

Uh, at the meeting.

We finished at around 11:00.

You didn't take her home?

No, I had to do inventory.

Did she leave with
another member?

Yeah, at the same time.


I'm not giving you
members' names.

Even if one of them
raped your girlfriend?

Nobody in the cause
would do that to anyone.

Would you submit to
a DNA swab?


Why not?

It's the ultimate
invasion of privacy.

Do you know if
Haley's boyfriend

was here last night?

No, I didn't hear 'em.
And he's hard to miss.

Always on his soapbox
about something.

She have any visitors?


You at 3:00 AM.

Anybody before that?
No, I'd have heard.

The dogs bark like crazy.

Was I glad
to see them go.

Go where?

She gave 'em all away today.

She's always finding homes
for mutts.

But this is the first time
she's ever been dog free.

Is Haley home now?

Without the dogs?
Who knows?

Don't move.

I wanna see hands.

It's okay.
Let's stay calm.

I'm not here to hurt you.

Ms. Benson?


What's the FBI
doing here?

No, no, no, no.
You first.

What are you
working on now, Dana?

I still go by Star

You undercover now?
No sign of foul play.

Well, he slashed up
her furniture pretty good.

He obviously had a knife.

No blood spatter.

He tossed the place.

He was looking
for something.

Who are you calling?


Don't bother, my ERT boys
are on the way.

Feds have to
process this scene.

This is no time
for a pissing contest.
I got a rape victim in trouble.

Hey, if she gave
the pups away,

she went into hiding.

I figured she skedaddled
before you got here.

You have any idea
who he is?

Nope, do you?


Her boyfriend Justin
won't give us his DNA,

but he's a conspiracy nut.

Oh no,
he's not paranoid.

He is being watched
by the government.


considers ecoterrorism

our number one
domestic terror threat.

You're investigating
Justin's group CAUSE.

He runs
the local chapter,

but they're all over
the country.

I know,
I looked 'em up.

But they're against
people driving SUVs

and wearing fur.

They're a harmless
non-profit group.

We believe
they are funneling money

into radical
environmental groups.

What does this have to do
with Haley's rape?

CAUSE is a fertile
recruiting ground

from something called
Earth Defenders Group-- EDG.

Are you familiar with them?

Let me show ya.

August, 2003.

There is an arson spree

sport utility vehicles.

Now, the damage is totaled
at $2.5 million.

Now, New Jersey, 2005.

The homes of the employees
of a pharmaceutical company

were vandalized.

EDG is against animal testing.

Yep, and the company
refused to stop.

So was anyone hurt?

No, not yet.

But the targets continue
to receive death threats.

Oh, and another thing
EDG is against.

They got a great big problem
with urban sprawl.

Now, this was a new construction
out on Long Island.

They put up a sign that said,
"If you build it,
we will burn it."

So you know for a fact

that Haley's
a member of EDG.

No one advertises
their membership.

It's a decentralized group...

with no
official leadership.

And the smallest cells
act autonomously.

So it is almost impossible

to track them down.

So how'd you manage
to infiltrate it?

I didn't.

Haley did.

Haley's FBI?

No, no, no, no, no.

She's my
confidential informant.

So they must have
found out.

That's why
they shaved Haley's head.

Five years ago
Haley was a wild child.

18, doing cocaine,

dating some
mid-level distributor.

The Feds opened her up,

took down
most of the crew.

a Colombian supplier.

And she's been an informant
ever since?


She worked off that beef
long ago.

She went into rehab,
cleaned herself up.

And then went
the opposite direction.

Ended up sneaking into
some research lab,

releasing all kinds of
fuzzy little creatures.

That's what you
got her on?

She smashed two
electron microscopes

and a centrifuge.

She was facing serious time.

So you blackmailed her.

These environmental
radical groups,

they are playing with fire
and explosives

and it's just a matter of time
before someone gets killed.

Was she wearing a wire
last night?

Of course.

Star, they found out.

You got her raped.

If it was a member
who raped her.

I need your membership list.
I know that you have one.

No. No. I been working
this thing for over a year now.

You can't just traipse in there
and jeopardize everything.

This is a rape case.
Of a Federal informant

who, by the way,
I happen to have become very...

very fond of.

And I will hunt down
the man who hurt her.

I've got his DNA.

Now, all anybody
has to know...

is that we're investigating
a rape.

That's it.

She's my girlfriend.
Why would I rape her?

Well, maybe she betrayed you.

With another man.

Did you catch her
having sexual relations

with anybody?

You don't know Haley.

No, that's true.

Long time no see.

What are you,
busting my balls?

I took
one lousy sick day.

Blue flu.

That's right,
don't tell the captain.

Hey, Finn, could you help us

find an available
interview room?

I'll be there
in a minute.



If you're gonna make it
look like

I'm part of a conspiracy
with you, at least
let me in on it.

What are you
talking about?

I came here to give you
DNA results.

There's a match
in the system?

What's his name?

I can't tell you.


I advised her not to.

My lab's reputation
is spotless.

Don't put it
at risk again.

Melinda, wait.

Olivia, my office.

Your 61
on the Haley Kerns rape.

No victim's statement,
TPO's blank.

We're still working it out.

Is this
a cooperating complainant?

She was too traumatized
to say much.

But she gave you
her panties.

You stole them.

I collected them.

You were kind enough
to leave your card for Haley.

She called an hour ago
to speak to your superior.

Is she okay?

She said you harassed her
at the hospital.

Followed her home and forced
yourself inside her apartment.

She had to lock herself
in the bathroom
to get away from you.

Her attacker obviously
threatened her not to talk.

I got DNA that otherwise
would have been lost.

There was a hit.

Why can't Warner
give it to me?

Because you broke the law
to get it.

The panties
weren't in plain view.

Haley said
the bedroom door was closed.

I didn't tell her the DNA
was already processed.

She said she would sue
if it was.

Or if she
or any of her friends

were further harassed
by you.

Somebody's forcing her
to say that.

The feds put her in
with some dangerous people.

Then why aren't the feds
handling this?

They are.

We've been working it jointly.

No, you're not.

Pull her out of there.

Her apartment
was torn to shreds.

This girl is in danger.

She was supposed to
report to me yesterday,

but I haven't heard squat.

Well, I wish you luck
tracking her down,

but you'll have to do it
without Detective Benson.

Well, that just
mucks up everything.

Can we at least
finish questioning Justin?

There a shortage
of interview rooms

over at the Federal Building?

I can't take him there.
Why not?

He thinks I'm SVU.

Cut him loose.

The fact that there's
a DNA hit at all

means the rapist
is in the system.

Justin's isn't.
I checked.

Okay, I'll run back
and I'll run my numbers

of suspected EDG members.

And I'll let you know
if I find anything.

Oh, that's great.
Don't recycle.

You know, you keep doing that
and the ecoterrorists win.

I recycle sometimes.

Is your captain around?

You just missed him.

How about our partner?

No, they kicked her home.

She hadn't slept
in three days.


I've got a suspected
EDG member

with a statutory conviction.

Mitchell Hissam.

He hooked up
a couple years back

with a girl
at a landfill protest.

Turns out she was
still in high school.

Stat rape and sexual sadism
are two different monsters.

Yeah, but maybe this one
is two-headed,

considering that Mitchell
is the one

Haley left the meeting with.



How do you know that?

My ERT boys came through.

Found this hidden
in her apartment.

That was a pointless meeting.

Come on, Mitchell,
you know Justin's a pacifist.

I know he wouldn't approve
of what we're doing Saturday.

Listen, about that...

What, you're not getting
cold feet, are you?

Ow, Mitchell, stop it.

You committed to me, Haley.

There's no
backing out now.

You're hurting my arm.
Let go!

And that's where
the recording ends.

Any idea where we can
find this guy?

He's a nature boy.

He has a place about an hour
outside the city.

And I have a warrant.

You pick a mean lock.


We should be able to hear
his car coming up the road,

but let's keep the lights off
just in case.

Where do you think
Mitchell is?

Probably at a midnight
tree hug.

Not many places
to hide a girl.

Nope, but I bet there's
a lot of other little goodies

stashed around here.

Oh, no.

Tofu patties.


Garden burgers, hot dogs,
veggie steak?

At least he walks the walk.

The Anarchist's Cookbook.

Required reading
for extremists of all--


Is that dynamite?


Do not drop it.

I wasn't planning on it.

Put it back
in the freezer...

carefully but quickly.

Call the bomb squad.

No time.

It's crystallizing.

If the temperature goes up
more than three degrees,

it'll explode.

Let's go.
Ladies first.

That was some kind of
adrenaline rush.

What kind of idiot would put
dynamite in the freezer?

I know it's just
a couple sticks--


[gasping for breath]

That was close.


Are you okay?

Oh, God.


Yeah, I need
an ambulance, please.

Two, three--

We have got to find Haley.

It's clear Mitchell's
got something big planned.

How long was he out?

Only two, three minutes.

Where else could he have
stashed her?

Ma'am, he's got
a concussion.

I know that.

You're a jinx.
Who, me?

Last year at the courthouse
when I got shot,

you were there.
You're bad luck.

No blood in his ear.

It's probably not
a skull fracture.

You hear that?
You're gonna be fine.

Every time you show up
I nearly get killed.

You're still
above ground, hon.

Maybe I'm your
good luck charm.

Ma'am, you need
to come along as well.

You need stitches.
This is just a little scratch.

Can you fix me up real quick
and can you point me

in the direction
of the local sheriff?

Most of the cabins
around here

are owned by hunters.

Their idea
of communing with nature

isn't quite the same
as Mitchell's.

Elliot told me to tell you
you're nuts.

That's just
the concussion talking.

Middle Creek keeps flooding
because of the beaver dams.

They set traps,
Mitchell keeps springing 'em.

Has he hurt anyone,
blown anything up?

(Sheriff Bailey)
Paper ran an article
about Will Tonkin's

record kill
last deer season.

Cabin burned down
right after.

Do you think
Mitchell did it?

Think it.
Can't prove it.

You ever see Mitchell
with this girl?


Pretty thing.

I don't know how
he'd explain her

to his girlfriend.

Mitchell's got
a girlfriend?

Persephone Free James.

Runs an organic greenhouse
called Persephone Seeds

just north of town.
Can't miss it.

I sell seeds over the Internet.

200 varieties of heirloom.

Where's Mitchell,

I water them with this
organic compost tea.

No herbicides.

No fungicides.

They look real tasty.

Well, try one.

Thank you.

Mmm. Mmm-mm.


Corporate agribusiness
creates these hybrids...

that resist disease
and bruising,

but they are completely

have you seen this girl?


Did you know that they
make square tomatoes now?

Watermelons too, for easier
transport and packaging.

Well, that is just wrong.

I know.

Now, your boyfriend

tied up this girl.

He shaved her head
and he raped her.

You don't
have a problem with that?

Mitchell would never
hurt anybody.

Then why does he have dynamite?

Prison is gonna be
real hard on you, girl.

They don't serve
organic food there.

Why would I
go to prison?

For harboring
a domestic terrorist.

Then what is gonna happen
to all your little babies?

They're all just gonna rot.

Now, if you don't
want that to happen,

I suggest you tell us
where Mitchell is.

I'm supposed to meet him
later today.

Good. Where?

Back in the city
in front of Gen-Eng Foods.


(woman's voice)
Join the fight
against bio-devastation!

Join the fight!

Thank you, I will.

[protestors shouting]

There's Haley's boyfriend.

They haven't
done enough testing

on genetically altered food
to know the extent

of the risks!

There's Mitchell Hissam.

...has impoverished farmers!

We genetically alter food
to grow in climates

where it never grew before.

We feed the starving.

(woman's voice)

You line your own
greedy pockets

at the expense
of people's health!

We undergo stringent
FDA testing.

Hey, if the ingredients
aren't hazardous,

then why don't you
identify them on the label

as genetically altered?

Answer the lady's question!

You first.

Mitchell Hissam,
please come with us.

I haven't done anything.

This is a peaceful


You leave your dynamite
at home?

(man's voice)
He's innocent!

You had no right
to be in my home.

I got a warrant
says I did.

Where's Haley, Mitchell?

How should I know?

I haven't seen her since...

The CAUSE meeting
on Monday night?


You spying on
CAUSE meetings now?

It's a well-respected,
law-abiding organization.

Unlike EDG.
So what'd you and Haley
talk about that night?

civil disobedience.

Oh, yeah? And where
did that topic lead you?

The corner of 14th and 8th.
I took a left,
she went straight.

She said her apartment
was only a block away.

So he knows
where she lives.

Someone else took her
the rest of the way, not me.


I heard Haley's voice.

I turned around, she was
arguing with some guy.

Well, you're supposed to be
all about

saving poor little
defenseless creatures.

How come you didn't
go to her aid?

I was about to.

But they walked off
arm in arm.

They got into
an obscenely huge SUV.

I remember thinking,
you hypocritical bitch!

Okay, so could this alleged

have forced her
into the vehicle?

They both got into
the driver's side.

Is he making this up?

He really sounds convincing,

but sociopaths always do.

You saw the DNA report.

Is he Haley's rapist?

You advised me not to look.
I never did.

The FBI's been
keeping an eye on

your little group EDG for
quite some time now, Mitchell.

What's to watch?

From what I hear, EDG members
are everywhere but nowhere.

Yeah, but they like to brag
about their actions
on the Internet.

Post pictures.

Now this here,
this is some poor millionaire

bought up ten acres of pristine
wilderness out on Long Island,

tried to build himself
a little home.

A three member EDG cell
burned it down.

See that man
in the middle, Mitchell?

That could be you.

It could be anyone.

The incendiary device they used
was an IED.

What's that?

Improvised Explosive Device.

This particular one
used dynamite.

Right, I hear
that forensics experts

can link
two separate explosions

to two separate
sticks of dynamite

from the same batch.

Domestic terror charge
is gonna put you under

40 years
to life, Mitchell.

It'd be in your best interest
to tell us where Haley is.

I don't have a clue!
He's not very bright.

Nope, obviously not.

Dum-dum tried to put dynamite
in a freezer.

You put a cop
in the hospital, Mitchell.

Do you have any idea
how bad it is for you, Mitchell?

Do you?

You can't keep
raping the earth!

This little campfire is nothing
compared to what's coming!

What's coming, Mitchell?

What's coming?
We're listening.

Don't worry.

You won't be able
to miss it.

It's gonna
light up the sky.

EDG has something big
in the works.

That's gotta be enough
to let us check the DNA now.

The threat of
a terrorist attack

and the rape
are two separate crimes.

Unless they aren't.

What if he attacked her
because she found out

what EDG had planned?

We don't even know for sure
he i the one who raped her.

We would if we checked
the DNA.

Pull in his girlfriend

Lock her up tight
for me.

All right.

I sure hope he told her
what's going on.

'Cause he is never gonna
give it up to us.

Haley is who
we need to find.

She's the one
who knows something.

Fun and games are over.

I need to know
once and for all

if Mitchell is the one
that raped Haley.

Let's go.
He in his office?

Left with Novak
a while ago.

What do you mean?
Where did they go?

Just tell us
if the hit off the DNA

was from Mitchell Hissam.

I can't believe
you're asking me that.

I know
it's ethically questionable,

but if it isn't him,
she'll never know we looked.

No, I can't believe
you're asking me that,

'cause I was
about to call you.

I was called
to a homicide this morning.

John Doe, single gunshot wound
to the head.

I printed him,
got a pop in the system.

Who is he?

He was
a convicted drug dealer

named Zander Owens.

Got out of prison
two weeks ago.

What's that got to do
with us?

DNA match you're asking about
wasn't to a Mitchell Hissam.

It was to this guy.

Haley's rapist.

It doesn't make sense.

Why would Haley
kill a drug dealer?


That's why she wouldn't
tell me who raped her.

Or let us run his DNA. If we
knew who he was, she couldn't
go back and kill him.

Is there any chance that Zander
is connected to Mitchell?

Could he be
a member of EDG?

I didn't see any community
activism on his rap sheet.

Then why did he shave
her head?

All we know about him
is he was just

released from
a federal penitentiary.

For drugs.

Haley was
an informant before.

The Feds are the connection.

(Agent Lockwood)
Haley's intel
gave us Zander Owens

with a pound of powder.

Got him a nickel
in Lewisburg.

Detective Benson.

This is
Special Agent Lockwood.

Haley's former case agent.

Back when she was
dating drug dealers.

Zander Owens
was her boyfriend.

The one that
she informed on.

Now, did she testify
against him?

No, confidential witnesses

Confidential informants don't.
Their identity is protected.

Well, you know what?

You did a piss poor job
on this one, Lockwood.

It's obvious that Haley
was the informant.

She's the only one in the whole
gang didn't go to prison.

Was she notified
of Zander's release?

B.O.P. doesn't tell us
when these people get out

unless they
make a specific threat.

Which Zander didn't.

You guys
don't talk to each other?

Not about
classified information, no.

My SAC was the only one who knew
that Haley was my informant.

Okay, Zander went away
for drugs.

Why was his DNA in the system?
Took part in a gang rape
in prison.

Nice guy. Excuse me.
[phone ringing]


Peggy Sue,
where you been?

No, that's okay.
Yeah, we'll meet at
our regular place in an hour.

Peggy Sue?
That's what I used to call
my baby sister Margaret.

It's the code name
I gave to Haley.

Why is she
resurfacing now?

Zander's dead.

She doesn't know
we ran his DNA.

She thinks
she got away with it.

Shot of wheatgrass, please.

Thank you.

Long time no see.


I had a personal thing
I had to take care of.

Involving a really bad barber?

This was for a protest.

Against hair?

Shampoo manufacturer.

They test on rabbits.

Hold them in a vise,
pin their eyes open.

Squirt in their
acidic shampoo.

It's sadistic.

It's unconscionable.

But it's not the reason
you're bald.

What are you doing here?

You're under arrest, Haley.
For what?

For the murder
of Zander Owens.

Not so fast, Peggy Sue.

I can explain.

Tell her I'm working
with the FBI.
Prove it.

Why don't you tell us
what you found out

about EDG's next attack?

You set me up.

Why didn't you come to me
right away?

What did Mitchell Hissam
tell you EDG was planning?

You think
I'd still help you?

People could be hurt.

What happened
to your philosophy

of non-violence?

You must have gotten
too close to EDG members.

Maybe they
brainwashed you.

I was raped.

And I'm sorry
about that, Haley.

I truly am.

But I can't help you
if you don't talk to me.

You can't just take justice
into your own hands.

Why didn't you
let me handle it?

I would have
gotten Zander.

Or you know I would have.

I thought we were friends,

Why didn't you come to me?

I couldn't.

When Zander and the others
were busted five years ago,

there was a stash
of drug money.

I took it.

How much?


You know you're required
to turn that over to the FBI.

While Zander
was torturing me,

I convinced him
that I had kept the money

safe for him,
just needed a day to get it.

He said if I didn't,
he'd hunt me down and kill me.

You should have
told me about this

a long time ago.

I would have protected you.

Like you protected me
from being raped?

Haley, where is
the money now?

I donated it to charity.

What charity?

Cancer research,
animal rescue missions,

disaster relief funds.

I thought it was better
than the government war chest.

That's real sweet, Haley.

But I know you.

You took a life.

I know you wanna make amends.


Tell us
what EDG has planned.

The recorder's
back at my apartment.

We found it, it ran out
right before Mitchell

got to the details.
Come on, Haley.

Work with us.

Cells don't disclose
their target

ahead of time.

Mitchell only knew
his pickup point.

And Persephone's.

He invited me along.

What is Persephone's

She owns a greenhouse.

She has access to some kind
of fertilizer they need.

And what did
they want you to bring?

Diesel fuel.

If I showed up,
I could wear a wire.

And we could follow you
to the target, young lady.

She's not going anywhere
but arraignment.

Would you just hear me out?

She committed murder,
I'm not letting her out

to play with the FBI.

No, we don't play
with domestic terrorists,
Ms. Novak.

Casey, there's no other way
to find out what they're gonna
burn down.

Yeah, or blow up. Do you know
what you get when you mix
fertilizer and diesel fuel?

Oklahoma City.
She can just tell you
the target.

I don't know
the full deal.

Only the top guys do.

There's no way to tip off
the authorities in advance.

If you're worried
I'll run, don't.

I just want to help.

Hey, and I will personally
deliver her back here to you

when it's all over.

She has to wear
an ankle bracelet.

I'll do you one better.

She'll have a cop
with her.

Now, you're sure that
nobody's ever met Persephone?

Mitchell had only been
dating her a few months.

He had to be positive
he could trust her
before he enrolled her.

This is her first event.

Bearded guy
reading the newspaper?

That's Russ, right on schedule.

Hi, Haley.

Russ, have you ever

met Mitchell's girlfriend?

No, but I've heard
good things.

Good to meet you,

Okay, this way.

Our boy Mitchell's
not joining us tonight?

Change of plans,
but he made sure

that I brought
the right stuff.

Show me.


Oh, good.

So what's the target?

I don't know yet.

You ever hear of Andy Dell?

Who hasn't?

He's like one of
the founding members of EDG.

Out of Oregon, right?

Yeah, well, he's already
at the target.

So what line
are we taking?


We need to collect
two other people.

Cleaning staff just left.

You've got 15 minutes

before the other guard
comes back.

Okay, the CEO's office

is in there
and to the right.

I'll see you downstairs
in ten.

Why is Russ
going back downstairs?

Andy Dell
assembles the bombs.

We just hand these
off to him and go.

He must already be
in the office.

Go ahead and take
the ones downstairs.

The ringleader's--Oh!

We got a problem.

Get up here quick.

Don't come in here.
Don't come in here!

Haley, tell me where
Andy Dell is, okay?


He was the security guard
who let us in.

Haley, let's talk about this.
Let's be smart about this, okay?

I need you to calm down.

He infiltrated Gen-Eng
months ago.

Mitchell's the bomb expert,

but it's real simple.

You can learn it
off the Internet.

Okay, I just need you
to calm down now.

You should
go back downstairs now.

You know
we can't do that, Haley.


Get out of here.

No, no, no, no, no.

Hey Liv, what caliber gun
do you use at NYPD?


Oh, mine's .40.

But that gun there,
that's a 9 mil.

Ah, mine's 10.

Just don't
come any closer.

And you know what they say,
size does matter.

Haley, put the gun down.

What are you doing?

Making a statement.

You played me
from the beginning.

This company produces
hazardous food

and tests on animals.

No one was
supposed to get hurt,

but things have changed.

Haley, listen to me.

Let's be smart about this.
Let's talk this through.

I know that
we can work this out.


I can't bear to see
animals in cages!

I won't die in one!

What are you gonna do?

You're gonna
kill yourself?

It's not worth it.

I don't wanna hurt
either of you.

But I'm not
letting you take me.

I'm not letting you
set that bomb off, Haley.
You know I can't do that.

Come on, I know you understand.
Haley, it's not worth it.

- Leave!
- Haley, come on, we can
work something out.

I mean it!


We could have
stopped her.

You could have wounded her.
You didn't have to kill her.

You shoot to kill.

You don't second-guess
a terrorist.

That's how innocent lives
get lost.

Come on.
We're not done yet.

Let's go.

You're sure that Haley
didn't tell anybody

I was a cop?

You were with her
the whole time.

When would she
have had the chance?

If they knew,
they would have run.

Come up.

Where's Haley?

The feds killed her.

What about Andy Dell?

He got away.
Andy always does.

Is there anyone else
we haven't talked to?

Well, I guess
that just leaves you, miss.

Come on.

What's your name?

I'm not
telling you anything.

You think we haven't
had our eye on you for a while,


Come on.
Thank you.

Are you okay?

Take these things off me.

You were great.

You gather any intel
on Andy?

Andy's probably
headed back to Oregon.

I've got Mitchell
and Persephone.

Solitary lockdown.

No communication
with other prisoners,

no mail, no phone calls.


Because we want you
to make bail...

and jump as Persephone.

Star, I can't do that.

Andy thinks you're
a bona fide member of EDG.

You have successfully

Do you know
how impossible that is?

Andy Dell has gone back
to Oregon.

Yeah, I know.

Thank you very much,
but I already have a job.

For Haley?

I thought you got
blown up.

Yeah, why put me
out of my misery, you know?

Welcome home, man.
Glad you're okay.


What's with Liv's desk?

Little early for
Spring cleaning.

Where's Liv?

Temporary reassignment.


I can't say.

She still working with the feds
on that ecoterror case?

Can't say.

How long she gone for?

Real estate is at
a premium around here.

We need the desk
for your new partner.

My temporary new partner.


She wouldn't leave
without saying anything.

That's something my partner
would do, not yours.

What is this, a joke?


(female voice)
We're sorry,

the number you have reached
has been disconnected

or is no longer in service.

Please check the number
and try your call again.

[out of service dial tone]

We're sorry,

the number you have reached
has been disconnected

or is no longer in service.

[wolf howling]

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