Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 7, Episode 8 - Starved - full transcript

Detective Benson goes undercover at a speed dating event to catch a rapist.

(male announcer)
In the criminal justice system,

sexually based offenses are
considered especially heinous.

In New York City,
the dedicated detectives

who investigate
these vicious felonies

are members
of an elite squad

known as
the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

[door squeaking open]

[muffled gasp]

Obey me, or die.

Obey me or die.
(woman whimpers)

He put his hand over my mouth.

I woke up and he
was standing over me.

Did you see his face?

No, he was wearing
a ski mask.

Was he tall, short?

Tall and strong.

What about a scent?
Any aftershave or cologne?

Thought I smelled
baby powder.

Did he say anything
to you, Janice?

"Obey me or die."

Third attack this month.

So far.

I'm very careful.
I always lock the door.

He picked the lock.
He knew that you were alone.

Are you saying
he's stalking me?

We think so.

He attacked the other
two women the same way.

We need to figure out
what you all have in common.

Can you walk me through
your daily routine?

[clears throat]
I don't have one.
I'm a hotel developer.

I spend most of my time
on the road.

Okay, when you're in town,
is there a gym that you go to?

Um, Sports Mania.

I don't go to a gym.
I have a personal trainer.

I'm the firm's only
bankruptcy lawyer,

I don't have time
to work out.

You belong to a church?


Do you volunteer anywhere?

I wish I had time.

Have you applied for a credit
card or a mortgage recently?


Did you fill out any forms
with personal information?

Like, at a doctor's office?


But I did fill out
a questionnaire.

For what?

Speed dating.

Speed dating.

Speed dating.

Invented by a rabbi to match
his students with Jewish mates.

One of people's many
contributions to the world.

Second only to bagels.

How does it work?

You meet ten women
for three minutes each,

first names only.

You write down
the ones you like.

If the feeling is mutual,
the organizer emails you both.

You sure know
a lot about it.

Well, I went through
a little dating slump.

Called adulthood.

Find any women worth dating?

You'd be surprised.
They have events for all types.

Under 30, over 50.

Straight, gay, professional...

Which allows our perp
to zero in

on successful women
in their 30s.

Just like our victims.

Well, all three
went to speed dating events

hosted by Speed Encounters.

But none of them
went out with the same guy.

We got their names.

Ted Kaye, David Clark,
Peter Lowe.

I don't think our perp
was a date.

Why not?

Speed Encounters' organizer
used to be a shrink.

Lost his license two years ago.

For what?

Sleeping with his patients.

It's not what you think.

You had sex with women
you came to you for therapy.

What do you call that?

Exploring new treatments?

With your compass
pointing north.

Look, I learned my lesson, okay?

I lost my practice.

And found an endless supply
of rich, single women.

I didn't rape anyone.

Well, the only link between
those women is you, Jack.

Well, how do you know
it wasn't someone they met here?

They all dated different men.

Maybe not.

A lot of guys don't use their
real name for Speed Dating.

Well, can you find out if a guy
used three different names

to date those women?

I can if he used
the same email address.

[keys clicking]

[computer beeps]

And what do you know.

That's a free service.

So then I'm off the hook?


Let us know if Romeo
R.S.V.Ps to any other events.

Ted, David, and Peter's
our Romeo.

So what else do you
remember about the date?

He paid for everything.

He opened the door for me.

He actually listened
to what I said.

Sounds like a nice guy.

But you all turned him down
for a second date. Why?

He insisted
on ordering for me.

He was a control freak.

Me too.

Even though I told him
I hated sushi.

So how did he take that?

He said he knew I'd like it
if I tried it.

Different names,
the same guy.

And they're all
the same kind of woman.

Smart, powerful, accomplished.

But when they won't go out
with him a second time,

he becomes enraged.

These rapes are about revenge.

He 's a narcissist.

He's trying to repair
his wounded ego.

What's your profile?

He's detail oriented.

He takes pride in his work.

He plans every attack
like a mission.


He could be, he's disciplined
and organized.

And meticulous.

He hasn't left DNA,
fingerprints or a single fiber.

Just the scent of baby powder.

He's perfected his technique.

I doubt that any of these women
were his first victims.

What he's really aroused by
is the total control.

Not the killing.

The guy from
Speed Encounters called.

"Romeo" just signed up
for tonight's event.

He's looking for a new Juliet.

I love cats.

I'm a dog person.

It was like I was
outside my body watching.

You know what I mean?

I felt the same way
when I was abducted.

Ten second warning, folks.
Wrap it up.

Collecting PEZ dispensers
sounds like a very

interesting hobby.

And time's up, folks.

Gentlemen, please move
one seat to your left.

Okay, thank you.



I'm Jim.



Well, you are the most beautiful
woman in the room.

Thank you.

You don't waste
any time, do you?

Just being honest.

I can't believe that you
need help finding a date.

I'm in advertising.

And, uh, the only men
that I meet

are either colleagues,
or clients,

and I don't like to mix
business with pleasure.

Ah, well, I'm on Wall Street.

So my business will not
interfere with our pleasure.

[both chuckle]

Any word?

Not yet.

Well, maybe you're
not his type.

Oh, no, he was interested.

I could feel it, you know?


Think he's our perp?

I couldn't get
a read on him.

Normally, I need two minutes
in the box with a guy

then I know if he's guilty,

[new email chime]


I've got a match.


He wants
to buy Rachel a drink.

I can't remember the last time
I met a woman who had

brains, beauty,
and a successful career.

Wow, it's nice to meet a man
who appreciates all three.

I do.
Thank you.

Ah, that's better.

Would you like
another drink?

Um, sure, I'll have another
glass of cabernet.

No, no, she doesn't
want that.

She'll have a vodka martini,
dirty with extra olives.

Oh, I don't drink vodka.

I think I'll stick
with the wine, thanks.

Trust me, you'll love it.

Would you get the lady
her vodka martini, please?

Thank you.

So how many times
have you tried Speed Dating?

You are my first.

What about you?

I just got back
on the market.

Long term relationship?
A year.

But I knew two months into it
that she wasn't for me.

Too clingy. Insecure.

Well, you kept seeing her.
Had to be something you liked.

She was a good cook.

She kept the apartment

We didn't have any
common interests.

You're looking
for an equal.


I need a woman who knows what
she wants, and how to get it.

What are you thinking
right now?

I'm thinking that it's late.

And I've got
a long day tomorrow.

Rachel, please stay.

Thanks for the drink.

Good night.

What's going on?

We're arresting you
for rape.

Three counts.

I didn't rape anyone.

I'm a surgeon.
I save lives every day.

Big man in the O.R.

My skills are
well respected.
Mmm, like in bed?

I hear you get
turned down a lot.

You got me mixed up
with somebody else.

Yeah, with Ted,
David, Peter--

And Jim.


It's Detective Benson.

This is Mike Jergens.
He's a surgeon.

Why'd you lie?

A lot of women hear doctor,
and they see dollar signs.

I was just protecting myself.

Then why'd you follow me home?

I just wanted
to apologize to you.

You wanted to know
where she lived,

so you can go back
and rape her.

You got the wrong guy.

You meet a girl, you date her,

then you act like
a control freak.

She turns you down,
you stalk her,

and you sneak back later
to rape her.

Guys like you are compulsive.

You follow the same
script every time.

Just like you raped
Janice Clay Tuesday night.

You are crazy.
I'm crazy?

Don't say another word.

Minerva Grahame-Bishop.

I represent Dr. Jergens.

Come on.
They won't bite.

Who's this?



This is my girlfriend.
Cora Kennison.

Your girlfriend?

Thought you were single?

No, Mike and I have
been living together for a year.

Tell the detectives
what you told me.

It's all right, Darling.
Tell them.

Tell them where I was
Tuesday night.

We were home.

All night?
Mike never left?

No, he was right
next to me in bed.

Mike spent half our date
bad-mouthing Cora.

He doesn't love her,
he just needs an alibi.

Which will hold up without any
physical evidence against him.

No evidence?
All three victims ID'd him.

Yeah, as a man they dated.
Not as their masked rapist.

Mike went out with three women.
All three women were attacked.

That's a clear pattern
admissible in court.

Yeah, but it's still

It's not enough to convict.

You should've waited for him
to attack Olivia.

The women were raped
weeks after they dated Mike.

We couldn't wait.

And I can't indict.
Cut him loose.

He's gonna do it again.

Then break his alibi.

I'll take a run at Cora.

I did date her boyfriend.

Mike's at the hospital.

Well actually,
I came to see you.

He said not to let
the police inside.

Well, we could go
someplace else to talk.

No, I better not.

Cora, wait, just--

There's something
that you need to know.

Mike said that you'd
try to trick me.

Did he also say
that we went on a date?

You're lying.

Another detective
took photos.

Well, there must be
some explanation.

There's a coffee shop
around the corner.

How did you and Mike meet?

My last boyfriend
beat me up.

I went to the E.R.
Mike took care of me.

When did you two
start dating?

Last year.

A guy like that...

I couldn't believe
he was interested in me.

Does he ever ask you
to, you know,

do things in the bedroom
that you don't wanna do?


There's nothing
I wouldn't do for Mike.

I love him.
He loves me.

Then why does he
date other women?

I'm not as smart as Mike.

I didn't go to college.

Sometimes he just needs
other people to talk to.

But he always comes home.
That's what matters.

Cora, Mike told me
things about you.

Like what?

(Mike on tape)
But I knew two months into it,
that she wasn't for me.

Too clingy. Insecure.

(Benson on tape)
But you kept seeing her.
You had to like something.

(Mike on tape)
She was a good cook.

She kept
the apartment spotless.

We didn't have any
common interests.

[recorder switched off]

You take really
good care of him.

And he's making you
cover up the truth.

Cora, did he ask you
to lie for him?


Was he home
on Tuesday night?

I'm gonna be sick.

Did Mike
take anything with him

when he left
the house that night?

His gym bag.

Thought he was
gonna work out.

We're gonna need to find
that bag, Cora.

I need your permission
to search the apartment.

Look, I know Mike's a good man.


he raped three women.

I don't believe you.

If Mike is innocent,
then he's got nothing to hide.

So give us your consent
to search the apartment.

Well, well, well.
Latex gloves.

Surgical tools.

Pair of magnifying glasses.

I could pick any lock
with that stuff.

And here's our baby powder.

Mike's a doctor, he knows it'll
stop him from sweating,

leaving DNA.

He's a smart cat.
Why's he out raping?

He's got money, good looks,

a woman waiting on him
when he gets home.

Attacking women's his way
of venting anger.

What the hell
are you doing here?

Arresting you again.

You have the right
to remain silent.

Anything you say can
and will be used against you

in a court of law.

You sure you don't wanna
wait for a ride?

No, I'm fine by myself.

Cora, my cell phone number's
on the back.

I want you to call me
if you need anything.


Sweetheart, I told you
not to talk to them.

I'm so sorry.

It's not your fault, honey,
Not your fault.

Don't worry about it, okay?
We're gonna be together soon.

Don't bet on that.

Found his goodie-bag.
Lock picks and baby powder.

I don't understand.

Honey, I love you, okay?
Remember that.

I can explain everything.

Cora, don't listen to him.

(Judge Donnelly)
What is the basis
of your motion, Minerva?

Cora had no right
to consent to a search,

since it isn't her apartment.

Precedent's clear.

A live-in girlfriend,

a roommate can consent
to a search of a common areas,

and that's where
we found the bag.

Except she doesn't live there.

This is the lease
to Cora's apartment.

That's her legal residence.

This is where she gets her
mail, and is registered to vote

and pays her taxes.

She is merely an overnight
guest at my client's,

and therefore has no standing
to authorize a search.

Were your detectives
aware of this, Casey?

Absolutely not.

I don't need to play
fast and loose.

And regardless
of Ms. Bishop's motion,

the evidence should be allowed.

Under what theory?

Inevitable discovery.

The defendant is our
prime suspect.

We had grounds for a warrant.
We would have found it anyway.

Found what?
My client is a doctor.

Those were surgical instruments
in that gym bag, not lock picks.

Mike Jergens is too smart
to risk arrest

carrying around
burglar's tools,

so he used
a legal alternative.

The victims all
describe a ski mask.

Where is it?

Not recovered,
but we did find baby powder.

My client is a surgeon.
He scrubs his hands constantly.

Baby powder is used
to soothe the skin.

You can't take this seriously.

I take the constitution

The search is out.

Your Honor, the gym bag
is the people's only evidence

against my client.

I move for a dismissal
of the rape charges.

(Judge Donnelly)
I'll leave that
to the Grand Jury.

You have 72 hours to get
an indictment,

or Dr. Jergens walks.

What now?
We start over
with fresh evidence.

So I got new warrants
for Jergens' house,

hospital locker, and car.

Find that ski mask.

This guy is no dummy.
That mask is long gone.

Yeah, so prove
that he bought one.

Check his financials
for purchases.

Oh, Olivia, see, I'm gonna
need your help with Cora.

She's gotta testify.

Oh, I don't think
she can handle it.

She already feels guilty
about turning Mike in.

We need Cora.
You gotta convince her to do it.


Tomorrow. She's my first witness
in the Grand Jury.

I'll break the news.



It's Detective Benson.



Cora, wake up.
Wake up.


SVU portable to central.

I've got a woman who's

I need a bus.
390 W. 23rd Street.

Cora, wake up.

Wake up.

Cora's Blood Alcohol
was .35.

She's lucky she didn't die.

Will she be all right?

For the time being.

But her hematocrit
showed macrocytosis,

and impaired liver function.

The signs of chronic
alcohol abuse.

How could somebody so young

have done so much damage?

Binge drinking.

You're seeing it more and more
in young people.

They don't drink every day,
but then they'll down

five or six
cocktails in an hour.

So your diagnosis
is alcohol poisoning?

Yes, but that's not
her only problem.

I found scarring
on her knuckles,

damage to her tooth enamel.

She's bulimic.

Yeah, I'd say
for quite some time.

Look, she should be in rehab.

Can you admit her?

I can keep her overnight
to adjust her electrolytes.

But we just don't have
the long-term

treatment program she needs.

How you feeling?


Okay, I guess.

The doctor says
that you're pretty sick.

I don't drink
all the time.

I never blacked out before.

I was just
so upset about Mike.

I understand.

But, if you don't stop drinking,

and bingeing and puking,

you could die.

You can't hide it
anymore, Cora.

Mike knew about my problems.

He was trying to help me.

Now I got no one.

If I get you into a program,

will you go?

[knock on door]


Thank God you're all right.

Mom, what are you doing here?

The hospital called, so I've
come to take you home.

Actually, Cora's just agreed
to go to rehab.

I'm sorry, who are you?

I'm Detective Benson,
Special Victims Unit.

What did Mike do to you?

Then why are
the police here?

Mrs. Kennison,

Mike Jergens raped three women.

Cora has to testify against him.

Oh, that man is poison.

Cora, he is why you're drinking.

Now I don't want you
seeing him again.

We'll go back
to Wilmington tonight.

Actually, Cora can't leave.

She's going to be a witness
in the Grand Jury tomorrow.

Novak call yet?

Ten minutes ago,
Grand Jury indicted

Mike for all three rapes.

Oh, good.

Well, don't look so happy.

I'm worried about Cora.

She had a rough time
facing the Grand Jury.

And she still has to testify
against Mike at trial.

She's really fragile.

Well, that's why you
got her into rehab.

Oh, no, the mother
won't let her go.

Virginia says that she can take
care of Cora all by herself.

Love never cured
an alcoholic.

Mrs. Kennison?

She's gone.


We were at Penn Station

waiting for the trains,
and she just disappeared.

This is all my fault.

I should never had
let her out of my sight.

Calm down. What happened?

She went to the bathroom.

And she was in there
a long time.

I thought she might
be throwing up, and I went in.

She's gone.

Do you have any idea
where she could be?

To see Mike.

She's probably at Rikers.

Let's go.
All she could talk about
was saying good-bye.

Mike Jergens is on
a visit right now.

With Cora Kennison?
Don't know.

What, is he seeing a priest?

Guess so.


We're married.

You son of a bitch.

Please, you're
in God's house.

Yeah, I bet you proposed
when you saw Cora's name

on the witness list.

This isn't going to stop her
from testifying at your trial.

Yes, it is. You can't make me,
I'm his wife now.

There's no spousal
privilege here.

These rapes were committed
before this wedding.

That's not the reason
I married her.

Right, officer, take him
back to his cell.

I'll come visit you tomorrow.
I love you, Cora, okay?

Nothing can change that.

Cora, you're mother's very
worried about you.

Mike needs me.
What about rehab?

My husband will help me.

He's never helped you before.

He only lets you drink
so he can control you.

He loves me.

That's why he married me.

Cora, he married you
to shut you up.

Don't you know
that he's using you?

You are the one
that's using me.

Pretending to be my friend
so that you can frame him.

Mike swore to me.

He never raped anyone.

Mike's fingerprints
were on his rape kit.

Well, you planted them.

It was found in his gym bag.

You told us where to look.
Stop it.

He left your bed
to rape three women.

Shut up!

Cora, listen to me.

I know that you know
in your heart that he's guilty.

I don't want him to be.

I know how hard this is--


You have to testify.

You want me to send
my husband to prison?

I want you to tell the truth.


In your initial statement
to the police,

you said that Mike
was home with you

on the nights
of the three rapes.


Is that true?

Why did you lie?

Because Mike told me to.

Do you know where he went?


He didn't tell me,
I didn't ask.

Thank you.

Cora, you married Mike Jergens

after he was accused
of sexual assault.


I love him.

Do you believe your
husband is a rapist?

I don't know.

Was he ever violent with you?


In fact, he saved you
from an abusive relationship.


Did he ever rape you?

No, Mike would never hurt me.

Cora, why are you here today?

They told me
that I have to testify.

And by they you mean,
Detective Benson

and A.D.A. Novak?

Yes, they said I don't
have a choice.

And they said that Mike
raped those women.

But you don't believe that.

You love him.
You married him.

You think he's innocent.


Why are you doing this
to the man you love?

Objection, Your Honor,
she's leading the witness.

(Judge Donnelly bangs gavel)

Would you like
to take a break, Ms. Kennison?

We're in recess
until tomorrow.

[bangs gavel]

I'm sorry.

It's okay, sweetheart.

I love you, okay?

[phone ringing]



Shh. Hold on.
When did Mike call you?

What did he say?

Cora, Cora, how much have
you had to drink?

Okay, shh,
Cora, calm down.

I'm on my way.



Elliot, it's me.
Send a bus over to Cora's.

And call Rikers and have

Mike Jergens put
on suicide watch.


[police sirens]

How drunk is she?

I did C.P.R.
until E.M.S. got here.

What the hell happened?

Hey, what's going on?

Her sats are dropping.
Respiratory arrest.

I just talked to her.
(male E.M.T.)
We need to intubate.

(female E.M.T.)
She's bradying down.

We're losing her.

Tube's in.

(female E.M.T.)
We got a pulse.

Sats are rising.

(female E.M.T.)
Let's go!

Cora's heart is still beating,

but her brain was deprived
of oxygen too long.

Will she recover?

No. Her EEG shows signs
of irreversible brain injury.

But she's awake,
her eyes are still moving.

That's only a brain stem reflex.

She can't see us.

She doesn't follow commands
or respond to pain.

How did this happen?

She probably had
four or five drinks.

But Cora's system was weakened
by her bulimia.

It doubled the impact
of the alcohol.

Okay, well, when will
she get better?

Mrs. Kennison, Cora's
not going to get better.

Is there anything
that you can do for her?

We'll continue to provide
supportive care

and keep her comfortable.

In other words,
not a damn thing!

I'm sorry, Mrs. Kennison.

She drank because you
made her testify.

No, she drank because
Mike called her from Rikers,

and told her that he
was gonna kill himself.

And he's not dead, is he?

You can't protect her.

I'm taking my daughter home.

I don't think that's advisable.

I don't care
what you think!

It's my decision.

Cora's going home.

Virginia Kennison won't
accept the diagnosis.

She wants to keep
Cora's body alive

even though her mind is dead.

Cora and her mom haven't been
close for a long time.

Virginia's gotta
be feeling guilty.

She's not the only one.

I pushed her to testify.

And I subpoenaed her.

How's this gonna
affect the trial?

Well, it won't.
Cora finished her testimony,

so the defense can't
ask for a mistrial.

Too bad the corrections
officers got to Mike

before he could off himself,

and he wouldn't have
to finish the trial.

I'll still convict
the bastard.

(A.D.A. Harbin)

The office has been
trying to find you.

I had my phone off in court.

Judge Donnelly wants you
in chambers now.

This can't be good.

What's your business,

My client is seeking
a court order

to have the feeding
tube removed.

He has no right to remove
Cora's feeding tube.

He has every right.

Cora Jergens is his wife.
The wedding was a sham.

He only married Cora
to keep her from testifying.

She chose to marry my client.

Where as you forced her
to testify.

You couldn't shut her
up at trial,

so you shut her up forever?

This is retaliation, Your Honor.

This is an act of love.

Hold on.

Dr. Jergens, I'd like
to know why

you made this decision.

I've spoken with my wife's

Cora is in a chronic,
vegetative state.

She has no cortical activity,

or EEG.

She'll never recover.

I can't let her suffer.

Don't let him do this.

The law is clear.
I don't have a choice, Casey.

What about Cora's mother?

She wants to continue
life support.

I'm sure this will be very
difficult for Mrs. Kennison

to accept, but she
has no standing.

As Cora's husband,

Michael Jergens is
the next of kin.

So a rapist has more rights
than her mother.

In this case, yes.

This judge is giving Mike
exactly what he wants.

Ultimate control.

He's the wrong person
making the right decision.

You think Cora should
be taken off life support?

Cora's never getting better.

She deserves
to die with dignity.

Mrs. Kennison wants to keep
Cora alive.

She has been her mother
for 30 years.

I think that counts more
than a quickie marriage.

None of this matters.

It's not up to us to decide
when life ends.

So Cora should suffer.

All right, disconnect her.

Who's next?

Are we gonna decide
the quadriplegic's lives

aren't worth living?

What about the severely

We kill them too?

No one's suggesting
we murder the disabled.

The Nazis didn't call it
murder either.

I have to follow the law.

But I would feel a lot
better about it

if I knew what Cora would want.

Okay, who would know that
better than her own mother?

No, she's trying to communicate.
She's fighting for her life.

And did she ever tell you
what she'd want

if something like
this happened?

No, we never talked about it.

But I know my daughter.
And she's not a quitter.

Her father got sick
when she was eight.

They gave him
six months to live.

She went to the hospital
every day.

And she'd sit by the bed,
and she'd say,

Daddy, don't give up.

He lived for two years.

He said Cora gave him
the strength to hang on.

And you are sure
she'd wanna live like this?

I know she'd want to fight.

But how do I stop Mike?

You could file an appeal
of Judge Donnelly's ruling.

A lot of good it'll do.

I mean the law's
not on my side.

And the judge,
she won't listen to me.

There are other ways
to make people listen.

What the hell were you thinking?

Cora's mom went to the papers.
How is that my fault?

You gave her the baloney,
and she made the sandwich.

Says so on page three.

You told her to shout
her story from the rooftops.

She's frustrated
and she's voiceless.

And the law can't help her.

Which is the reason
you have no business

involving yourself
in this mess.

We speak for the victims.
And you taught me that.

Crime victims.

Nobody's committing
a crime here.

Mike Jergens did.

So should a rapist who's been
her husband for a week

get to pull the plug on Cora?

She married him.

He conned her, he doesn't know
what Cora really wants.

And you do?

Her mother does.

Based on what?

Letters, diaries,
a memorable conversation?

A living will?

Based on the mother
knowing her child.

That's not enough.

There's a difference
between law and justice.

Casey, I agree.

But this is not your fight.

Casey, turn on New York One.

Protect the disabled.

Looks like there's
no stopping mama now.

This rapist is
trying to kill Cora.

Do not let him do it.

Please, I know my daughter.
I know she wants to live.

Help me fight back.

This is legalized murder.

Help me send a message
to the judge

to protect the disabled.

Don't let a tragedy
turn into a circus.

Convince Mrs. Kennison
that the case oughta be tried

in a court of law, not
in a court of public opinion.

Lawyers from around the country
are calling to take Cora's case.

Thank you for telling me
to fight back.

I didn't mean for you
to go on the national news.

This should be
a family decision.

Not a public free-for-all.

Well, this has nothing to do
with me or Cora.

People are angry.

They don't want the government
deciding who lives and who dies.

What's he doing here?

Judge Donnelly authorized
this visit.

I don't care,

I don't want him
anywhere near my daughter.

Mrs. Kennison,

I know you don't believe
that I love Cora,

but I do.

And I know she would not
wanna live like this.

You know nothing.

I lived with her every day

for the last year,
you never called her once.

Because you pulled us apart.

I have always loved my daughter.

Why didn't you tell me
he'd be here?

My client doesn't need your
permission to visit his wife.

Is that the consent form?

It's an injunction.

The court has granted
Mrs. Kennison

an emergency hearing
to determine Cora's wishes.

I promised Cora I would never
let her live like this.

And did you have a discussion
about end of life issues?


Would you please tell the court
about that conversation?

One night last summer, we were
driving back from the beach.

There was a terrible accident
right in front of us.

A drunk driver
ran a stop sign,

and T-boned a young couple
in a convertible.

I told Cora to call 911,
and I ran over to help.

How bad was it?

The man was dead.

And his girlfriend had
severe head trauma.

She was unresponsive.

All I could do was clear her
airway so she could breathe.

I was covered in blood,
and then I heard Cora crying.

And did Cora say anything?

She asked me if
the girl was gonna make it.

And I said that if she did,

that she would be a vegetable.

And how did Cora take that?

She said, Mike,

promise me you will never
let me live like that.

That's a lie.
Cora never said that.

Mrs. Kennison--

You bastard!

(Donnelly bangs gavel)

Don't believe him!

Sit down, Mrs. Kennison.

No! I won't let him
kill my baby!

Clear the court.
We're in recess.

What are you doing?

After reviewing all
the medical testimony,

I am convinced that Cora's
condition is irreversible.

Her mind is gone.

And medicine cannot
cure her.

Only an act of God,

a true miracle,
could recreate her brain.

Both Mrs. Kennison
and Dr. Jergens believe

they know what Cora
would've wanted.

But while Mrs. Kennison's

is based on
a mother's instinct,

Dr. Jergens testimony provided
compelling evidence

that Cora's desire
is not to live

in a persistent,
vegetative state.


I am lifting
the injunction.

Dr. Jergens may remove
Cora's feeding tube.

She went peacefully.
Just like she wanted.

Thank you for letting Virginia
hold her daughter's hand.

I know how much
it meant to her.

You're welcome.

Now there's something
you can do for me.

Like what?

Expedite the Death Certificate.

The life insurance company's
gonna need that

before they can
process my claim.

I should've known.

How much you gonna get?

$1.5 million.

I added Cora to my policy
right after we got married.

You were never gonna
kill yourself.

But you knew that Cora
wouldn't live without you.

That's a terrible thing to say
to a grieving husband.

Get him the hell out of here!

Come see me tomorrow.

We need to get started
on my appeal.

Is there anything else
I need to sign?

No, but I do have the results
of the autopsy.

Oh, tell me.

I found widespread cell death
in Cora's cerebral cortex.

The damage to her brain
was irreversible.

So there was never any hope.


There's something else
you should know.

We found a newspaper article
about the car accident

that Cora witnessed.

Was Mike telling the truth?

Cora told a reporter that what
happened to that young girl

was a tragedy.

She said she'd never wanna
live like that.

Thank you.


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