Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 7, Episode 18 - Venom - full transcript

Detecitve Tutuola is torn between his work and family when his son, Ken, is implicated in a crime. While investigating, Detectives Benson and Stabler find themselves with a much bigger crime

(male announcer)
In the criminal justice system,

sexually based offenses are
considered especially heinous.

In New York City,
the dedicated detectives

who investigate
these vicious felonies

are members
of an elite squad

known as
the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

Second straight month
of nights.

My old lady's
leaving me for sure.

No, keep her
on fresh batteries, man.

She'll stay put.

Huh, batteries?

Yeah, you know, for that

small appliance she keeps
under her pillow.

Bigger and better than you.

[mock laughs]

Come on, Kurtz. I'm just
squeezing your tea bag, man.

Hey, wait a second.

Check it out.

[shovel grinding]

Hold it right there!

What are you doing out here?

Nothing illegal.

You're digging up a dirt lot

in the middle of the night.

We need some ID

and a damn good explanation
or we're taking your ass in.

On what charge?

You know the drill.

Assume the position!

Got anything on you, huh?

[handcuffs lock]

Doesn't hurt much.

Well, it will.

Thanks for coming.

I didn't know
who else to call.

What about Fin?

My father's not an option.

You're being charged with drunk
and disorderly conduct,

resisting arrest,
and assaulting a police officer.

That's a felony, Ken!

They're lying.

They're lying?

They're claiming that you
attacked them with a shovel.

One cop slammed me
into a fence.

He--he lost his footing
and went down.

His partner thought
I pushed him.

Next thing I know, I'm getting
wailed on with a f--

With a flashlight and--

I wasn't drunk.

I had a couple
drinks earlier.

That's all.

Did you have a shovel?



Ken, what were you doing

in that lot in the middle
of the night with a shovel?

Look, if you're not gonna tell
me, then I can't help you.

Okay. Guard.

I was looking for something.


A body.

We're trying to get
the charges vacated.

Elliot and Olivia
are talking to Ken now.

There's nothing you can do.

Get outta my way.
You're not
going in there.

That's my son
in there, Captain.

Why didn't you call me?

Because he didn't want us to.

He's over 18
and he's in a lot of trouble.

You plan on making it worse?

I plan on asking him
what the hell he was doing

looking for a body.

When you should be
asking him

why he called Olivia
instead of you.

That's a separate issue

and trust me,
I will address that.

No doubt
with your usual diplomacy.

What goes on
between me and my son

is none of your damn business.

But it is mine.

And right now,

all I wanna know
is whose body it is,

where it is,

and who put it there.

You mind if I listen in?

He's got a few bruises.

He'll be sore,
but he'll live.

And the arresting officers
are getting looked at,

so don't make trouble.

Let's back up, Ken.

Just start at the beginning.

I was having drinks
with my cousin, Darius,

in some dive bar around 9:00
when I overheard this guy

talking about how he'd killed
some woman a couple years ago

and got away with it.

He said he--he raped her
with a knife and buried the body

in the vacant lot.

What bar?

The Deuce.

On 129th and Lenox.

Did you know the guy?


Ken, you're a smart guy.

So, explain to us

why you body hunting
in the middle of the night

based on what some stranger
says in a bar.

I mean--

That doesn't add up.

The way he talked,
it sounded real to me.

You know, he said
the lot was by the park.

I remember that one
being semi-secluded.

I had to know.

So, why didn't you
go to the police?

I didn't think
they'd believe me.

You don't.

Could you describe the guy?

Black. Mid-20s.


Under six feet.
Medium build.

Puffy jacket.

Uh, blue jeans,
white T-shirt.

Okay, did he have
any distinguishing marks

like tattoos, or scars,

anything like that?


Catch his name?

Did you ask anyone else in
the bar whether they knew him?

Did you hear him call
any of his friends by name?

Not that I remember.

So, even if you had found
a body,

you wouldn't have been able
to lead us to the killer.

Is that your story, Ken?

What's your problem?
I-I'm trying to cooperate.

I don't even know
if what he said was true.

[knocking on window]

You practically treated my kid
like anybody off the street.

Why don't you believe him?

His body language
is all over the place.

Think he was trying
to protect somebody?

Or himself.

That story was too soft.

He didn't think it through.

If he put a body out there,
Elliot, why dig it up?

New construction's going on
all over this city.

Maybe he wanted to move it
before some contractor found it.

Well, without a murder victim
this is pure conjecture.

Fine, look, dig up the lot.

See if there's anything
under there.

Till we know who we're looking
for I can't authorize it.

Check the files first
for possible victims

against Ken's statement.

Wait a minute, you're saying
my son's not only a liar,

he's a murderer too.

Look, I don't know,

but you're the first to admit
you really don't know him.

Like you know yours, right?

Tell me, is your daughter
still driving drunk,

or has she moved up
to something stronger?

All right,
take it easy.

Next thing you know, she's
gonna be swinging off a pole.


Walk it off.

Now, that's enough.
You focus on your son.

The interview's over.
Get him home.

And talk to his cousin,

See if he heard
the same story.


You really think Ken's
involved in a murder?

I think he's lying.

I wanna know why.

Oh, my God.

What happened to you?

It's not a big deal, Mom.

Yes, it is.

He got pinched
on a class C felony

and two misdemeanors.

For what?
What do we need to do?

Why are you asking him?

I can handle this myself.


Looks like
you got it covered.

I'm going to bed.

That look doesn't
work on me anymore.

Our son was beaten and arrested

and you couldn't
pick up a phone?

I just found out myself.

I'm looking for Darius.

You know
where I can find him?

What he's got to do with this?

What, something I should know?

Darius is poison
and always will be.

Of course you were never around
much, and that hasn't changed.

You still ain't pulling
any punches.

When I was working undercover,
I warned you I'd be gone a lot.

You weren't gone a lot.
You were just gone.

I must have been around
sometime, or is Ken not my son?

I see your lips moving,

but I still haven't heard
why he was in jail.

Ask him, it might not
have been an issue

if he had to use my last name.

If you haven't heard,

sperm donors don't get
parental rights.


Just tell me
where Darius is and I'm gone.

Al's Auto Body
on Frederick Douglass.


That's Terry's nephew
right there.

It's been a long time, Fin.

Detective Munch.
Darius Parker.

Nice sculpture.

Yeah, you know,

I dabble a little bit.

But, I know you all
not here to discuss any art.

Fin here's not
for the small talk.

Were you with Ken last night?

Yeah, we had a few
at the Deuce last night.

Left around midnight.

Did he tell you
where he was going?

Figured home, just like me.

Is something wrong?

He seem upset?

Man, you know he's always
twisting over something, man.

His grades,
his beef with you.

Being gay.

It's just the way he is.

You hear anyone
talk about a murder?

No. Why?

Your cousin claims he did.

He was digging for a body
when the cops pinched him.


That's crazy.

He didn't discuss going
treasure hunting with you?

There's no way
I would have let him if he had.

Besides, man,
the Deuce is a thug bar.

I wouldn't be surprised to find
a killer or two up in it.

There's a lot of places
to drink, why go there?

Look, Fin, I'm straight, man.

I'm not like I used to be
at all.

No matter what Terry says.

You got a sheet?


assault, narcotics.

But it's all ancient history.

Okay, there's one open
burglary charge.

But, I didn't do it.
I couldn't have.

And why is that?

'Cause I was robbing
somebody else.

It's a joke, fellas.
Lighten up.

I'm not in the game anymore.

Rikers straightened you out?

You know that gated community
doesn't do rehab, man.

I did it for myself.

If I don't care about me...
nobody will.

Well, you may wanna
sit Ken down

and explain that to him, 'cause
right now I can't reach him.

You went pretty hard at Fin.

I only called it like I saw it.

Did you know Ken Randall has
a file in the juvenile system?


I knew there was something off
with that kid.

I got a hit off CARS.

Either Fin's covering for him,
or he doesn't know.

What are the charges?

It's sealed.
I got a request in.

Ken lied to us, Olivia.

You and I both know that.

Kids lie.
Even yours.

Whether you live with them
full time or not.

How are we doing on potential
murder victims?

We have two possibles.

A 27-year old woman went missing
from her work two years ago.

A car was left abandoned.

Any blood in her apartment
or vehicle?


Well, if this guy raped her
with a knife,

there'd be blood
and a lot of it.

Which leads us
to Nina Stansfield.

30-year-old female
and her toddler son.

Disappeared three years ago
from their apartment.

Doesn't fit
Ken's statement either.

He never mentioned a baby.

Well, listen to this.

seven pints of blood

belonging to the victim
were left at the scene,

along with a bloody four-inch
knife with an engraved hilt.

And the lab found vaginal
epithelials on the blade.

There's foreign DNA
on the carpet.

And although it didn't match
her husband, Steven,

he's still the prime suspect.

Let me guess, he has a history
of domestic violence.

Three D.V. calls six months
before she disappeared.

Have Munch check
with the husband.

See if he frequents the Deuce.

[knocking on door]

[door opens]

I didn't kill my wife.

I know you don't believe that.
Nobody does.

But I didn't do it.

According to your neighbors,
Mr. Stansfield,

you and your wife
didn't get along.

Yeah, we had
a lot of problems.

And yes, we fought.
But I didn't hate her.

Or my son, so, why is it you
people still think I'm guilty?

There's no way I would have
hurt my wife and child.

Who else could have done it?

I don't know.

I'd never seen so much--


And even though
there was no body,

they tell me that Nina's dead.

That she couldn't
have survived it.

But where is my son?

The police will not tell me
a thing.

But they sure as hell talked to
my in-laws, my boss, my friends,

and labeled me a killer.

Did you ever have problems
with anyone?

Nothing serious.

Arguments with sitters.

About their boyfriend,
talking on the phone too much.

I couldn't afford sitters
in the first place,

but she just had to go out.

Go out where?

Happy hour.


With her friends.

I don't know.
Reliving her single glory days.

Was she cheating on you?

According to the police,
it's why I killed her.

How could I possibly know
something like that

when I was always at work so she
could be at home with the baby?

You ever go to a bar
called the Deuce?


I'm not welcome
in that neighborhood.

So I have to do
my drinking at home.

Speaking of which,
do you mind?

I'd like to get started.

Husband's a wreck, Captain.

We'll pull the murder book
and go back over the canvass.

That's not necessary.

Ken Randall is now
a viable suspect

in the Stansfield homicide.

I've already started a file

and authorized an excavation

for the lot
for tomorrow morning.

Were you aware your son was
charged with sexual assault

of a neighborhood girl
when he was 16?


Charges were dropped
when the girl recanted.

You ever think she might
have changed her story

'cause she lied to the police?

Well, I intend to find out.

Do I need to remind you
to stay hands off

during this investigation?

No, sir.

Five-year-old vacated charge

is a reach, Captain.

What's the motive?

Where's the connection between
Fin's son and the victim?


Ken Randall and his mother
used to live in the building

across the street
from the crime scene.

But since your partner
already knows that,

I guess lying
runs in the family.

What the hell
do you think you're doing?

Why would you hide
something like that?

I'm trying to protect my son.

From what?

You think he did this?

I think if you can make
a case against him,

it won't matter
whether he did it or not.

Nobody in my department
cuts corners

or goes for an easy close.

And that's your opinion,

And for your son's sake,
you better be grateful

it's the only one that matters.

Body part!

So, how many people are
actually down there?

We found three so far,
with additional body parts

I can't account for.

We'll be digging for a while.

You thinking serial killer?

It doesn't look like it.

As far as I can tell, they're
all male and different races.

No children,
and so far, no women.

I'll know more once I get 'em
all back to the morgue.

This is prime real estate if you
want somebody to just disappear.

It's not the first time

an impromptu graveyard
has been found in this city.

A perfect dumping ground
for the usual suspects.

Dirty cops, drug dealers,
wise guys.

It's possible.

But I can't tell you that until
I put names to the remains.

They used to just put
concrete shoes on people

and dump 'em in the river.

How long is this gonna take?

I'll test what I have
against the victim's DNA.

But, my office is probably
going be working for weeks,

maybe even months trying to
figure out who these people are.

I'm looking for just one.

If I find a female victim here,
I'll walk her through myself.

Am I the first one here?

Munch called.
He's running late.

The sexual assault charge
against Ken Randall was bogus.

Apparently, she was a friend.

She tried to have sex with him

to prove he wasn't gay.

That always works.

Yeah, Ken pushed her away,

and she got bruised.

When her father confronted her,
she lied.

Some friend.

Well, she told
the truth eventually.

Well, let's hope
Ken follows her example.

Hi, I'm Captain Cragen,

and this is Assistant District
Attorney Novak.

Theresa Randall.

Is there somewhere I can wait?

Uh, there's a lounge upstairs,
or you can use my office.

Thank you.

We should get started.

Without counsel
for the defense?

Kathleen Summers.

I'm your lawyer.

And I only have one rule.

You don't speak
unless I say so.

Are we clear?


Anytime you're ready.

Come with me, please.

You and I need to talk.

Talk or yell?

That's up to you.

Do you wanna revise
your statement, Ken?

You can answer that.


You dug up a vacant lot
looking for a body

from a story
you heard in a bar.

You didn't tell us
about the baby.

You left that part out.

What baby?

I didn't hear anything
about a kid.

Did you know Nina Stansfield?

Don't answer that.

It's innocuous, Counselor.

Either he knew the victim,
or he didn't.

That's for you to prove,
Ms. Novak.

My client is not going
to do your job for you.

Were you ever
in the Stansfield apartment?

He's not answering that

He admitted to police
he was looking for a body.

We identified a victim

with his lead.

All that was left of her
was seven pints of blood,

and vaginal cells
on the murder weapon.

She was raped with a knife.

Just like Ken said.

And this young man had knowledge
of the crime

and he lived
right across the street.

Which is all suggestive.

Not substantive.

Anything else?


Volunteer a DNA sample

and get on with your life.

You're not going to get that
without a court order.

And based on this conversation,
no judge will sign it.

You're not doing our son
any favors

by getting him an attorney.

He's the only suspect in what
looks like a double homicide.

I'm protecting him.

From what?

Fin, he didn't do this,
so make him cooperate.

Come on, prison's are filled
with innocent people,

and we both know what color
most of them are.

So, you don't trust
the people you work with?

I don't trust the system.

Not completely.

What you're doing
isn't the answer.

He needs direction.

I can't teach him
how to be a man by myself, Fin.

So, what do you expect me to do?

Be his father,

not his friend.

He knows more about
the situation than he's telling,

and he's lying
through his teeth.

A man wouldn't do that.

At least not
a good one like you.

You looking for something?

The Stansfield crime scene
photos and sketches.

All you had to do was ask.

All you had to do was pick up
the phone.

You have something
you want to get off your chest?

Yeah, you crossed the line.

When my son contacted you, I
should have been the next call.

You think you know
what's right for my son

better than I do
and you don't.

That can't happen again.

Come on.

He asked me for my help.

What did you want me to do?
Say no?

It's not your place to make
decisions for my family, Olivia.

You keep running interference
between me and my son,

you and I are gonna have
a problem.

That wasn't my intention.

I understand.
You're just trying to help.

But, my son and I have
a lot to work out

and we're not gonna get anywhere
with you in the way.

You're right.

And I'm sorry.

But I think the real reason

you're pissed off is 'cause
you're boxed into a corner.

So, what's your next move?

There's nothing I need to do.

Isn't there?

I know that Warner's finished
with her preliminary findings.

None of those bodies
from the lot

match the victim.

That tells me Ken didn't do it.

No, it tells you
that we can't prove it.

We don't have enough evidence
to get a warrant for his DNA.

Do you really want this cloud

hanging over your son
for the rest of his life?

Or don't you want to know?

I'm getting looks from cops
I've known for years.

The same glare we give to humps
in there.

Even if I gotta take the freeze
for the duration,

I'm not gonna sacrifice my kid
for this job ever again.

DNA is only way
to exonerate him.

And what if it doesn't?
I'm his father.

And you're also a cop.

And no matter
how hard you try...

there's no way
to separate the two.

My attorney said not to give you
DNA without a subpoena.

And I'm asking you to go
with Munch to the lab

to volunteer a sample.

It's a chain
of evidence issue,

otherwise your father
would take you himself.

What, your cop friends need
proof I'm not a killer,

or is it you?

It's not them.

You're my son.
I love you.

But a woman's dead, her son's
gone, her husband's destroyed.

That's gotta mean
something to you.

I need you to decide right now
what kind of man you want to be.

I've got your son's
lab results.

Is it a match?

I know it's not.

It's both.

The killer's DNA found
at the crime scene

and your son's specimen have
the same mitochondria.

You're saying they're related?

Ken's cousin.

Are they close?
They're tight.

That explains why Ken was trying
to protect him.

The killer can't be
your son's cousin.

You're looking
for his brother.

That's not possible.

My ex-wife never had
any other children.

DNA doesn't lie, Detective.

Half of these markers
contain the same genes

carrying the same code

in precisely
the same sequence.

The killer and your son
have the same mother.

How'd you find out?

Nobody knows Darius is my son.

Not even Ken.

We checked Ken's DNA
against what was left

at the crime scene.

You should have told me.

It happened before I met you.

So, why'd you give him up?

He had to go somewhere.

He certainly couldn't stay
with me.

I was 16
and his father was a bastard.

You don't know
what he did to me.

Darius looks just like him.

I guess he's starting to act
like him too.

So, why not put him
up for adoption?

Why give him to your mother
to raise?

I didn't give her anything!
She took.

You knew her.

She wouldn't allow blood
out of the family.

Where's the father now?

I don't know.
I hope he's dead.

What happened to you, Terry?

I will not--

I won't talk about that.

Not to you.

Not to anyone.

Well, maybe that's
the real problem.

You don't know what it's like
to have to look at someone

that has the face
of someone you hate!

Every time
he came over to see Ken.

Every time he came
to family functions,

it made me sick.

I can't stand
to look at Darius.

Even now.

Does Darius know
you're his mother?

I don't see how.

My mother's been dead
three years,

and nobody else in my family
would tell him.

Interesting family dynamic.

Damn freak show.

We belong in
one of your textbooks

with the rest
of the fruit loops.

The day is still young.

So, what's our next move?

Pick up Darius.
Put him in the room.

Given his priors, I'd rather
have more ammunition.

You think we need
a confession?

What he said to someone else
is hearsay and is inadmissible.

And I can't put
the knife in his hand.

Wait a minute.

The infant is the key.

Darius confessed to your son

that he raped a woman
with a knife.

He admitted to taking
her body and burying it.

So, why leave out
the second victim?

It bothers him.

Give his maternal history,

I think he was identifying
with the child.

Abandoned by a mother
who didn't want him.

But why kill the baby?

Self loathing.

He's a reject.

A pariah that not even
a mother could love.

Darius may have thought
that he was saving the boy

the pain of living.

Yeah, that makes sense if he
found out Terry was his mother.

But how would he have known?

Your ex was pretty adamant

that didn't happen.

Yeah, she sees
what she wants to see.

Her mother died three years ago
from cancer.

I'm thinking a death bed
confession to her grandson.

That's around the same time

the victim and her toddler
went missing.

Were there any baby items
missing from the apartment?

Nothing's listed.

The suspect had a relationship
with the victim.

Removing the body
was an act of concealment.

A stranger doesn't do that.

We need to know
how Darius knew her.

He spent a lot of time
with Ken hanging out

in the neighborhood back then.

If he just found out
who his mother really was,

the tiniest conflict with the
victim could have set him off.

Especially if Nina Stansfield
was a bad mother.

A surrogate for all the rage
he felt for your ex-wife.

Talk to the husband.
See if he can make an ID.

Mr. Stansfield,
we found a potential suspect

in your wife's murder.

We need you to look
at some photos.

You recognize anyone,
Mr. Stansfield?


Just tell me which one he is.

I will sign my name.

Doesn't work like that.


You told police some items
were taken from your home.

Were any of your son's things
among them?

A rattle.

It was antique.

Passed down
through my wife's family.

Was it silver?

Any distinctive marks?

It was wooden.

Hand-crafted by one of
her great, great relatives.

The family wanted it back,
but I couldn't find it.

I just figured it was lost.

We're gonna need you to give us
a detailed description.

Will a photograph
of my son holding it do?

[items being tossed around]

Gentlemen, let's try not
to make a complete mess.

Talented guy.

What a waste.

Find any baby items?
Nothing yet.

Place is not that big, Judy.

Well, we can always use
an extra pair of hands.



The good news is we found
the rattle hidden

in one of Darius' sculptures.

And the bad news?

We took it to processing,
but after three years,

the lab rats don't think
they can find any DNA

of the Stansfield baby.

Pick him up anyway.

He'll just say he found it
or the victim gave it to him.

You got a better idea?

Well, Darius confessed
to my son.

I think he's ripe to give it up
with a soft touch.

What do you have in mind?

Looks like you talked
to your mother.

I won't help you put
my brother in prison.

I'm only here to support Darius.

Something he never got
from any of you.

Terry's had it rough.

Hey, don't defend her.

Darius is her son
and she threw him away.

Well, you took a big risk
protecting him.

You should have come
to me first.

I didn't trust you.

For the longest time
he's all I had.

No demands, no judgments.

Especially when I came out.

You weren't around.

If you wanna support him,
that's fine.

But, you need to remember he
killed a woman and took a child.

And I need to know
where that baby is now.

This your work?

This yours?

What do you want from me, man?

I just want the truth.

How long have you known
Terry was your mother?

Too long.

Grandma told me.

When she was hopped up
on that morphine.

And begging for forgiveness.

Would have been better
if she took that secret

to her grave.

Darius, it's not your fault.

Hey, tell me something, man!

Why you and not me, huh?

What's so damn special
about you?


Well, then I guess
it's not your fault either.

Ken doesn't think
you meant to kill her.

I knew you couldn't keep
your mouth shut.

I didn't tell anyone!

Don't sweat it.

It's probably why I told you
in the first place.

I got sober.

I changed.

I couldn't live with that guilt
not one more day of my life.

I wanna believe that.

You're very important to my son,

but I won't help you
unless you come clean.

What do you wanna know?

Gotta take you down
to the precinct.

I can't take your confession.

Why not?

'Cause you're my family.

You understand your rights
as they've been read to you?

It's not like I'm new to this.

Answer the question, Darius.

I understood my rights
when I got pinched

on that trumped-up
burglary charge,

and I understand 'em now.

Got a court date next week,

but I guess
it doesn't matter.

You ready?

Let's do this.

How did you know the victim,

Nina Stansfield?

I had a girl back then
used to baby-sit her kid.

What's your girl's name?

I don't want her
mixed up in this.

We need to corroborate
your story.

Then the body should be enough.

I'll take you to 'em.

You admit you killed
Nina Stansfield and her son.

Look, I'm guilty of murder here,

so I'm not going to make
any excuses, all right?

I stabbed her with my knife.

And then I killed her baby.


He was just 14 months old,
he couldn't identify you.

Whatever I tell you
is not gonna change the fact

that he's still dead.

So, let me get through this.

I took their bodies
from the apartment.

I put 'em in a car and drove 'em
to a vacant lot.

Dug a hole and buried 'em.

And that's where they've been
for the last three years.

Should I write it down now?

It's somewhere in here.

I can't be sure, though.

What made Ken go
to the other lot?

After I told him what I did

he started asking
a lot of questions

I wasn't ready to answer.

So you lied.

Look, I'm already in cuffs.
You wanna make 'em tighter?

Got something.

About three feet down,
maybe less.

So be careful.

You did the right thing, Darius.


I'm going to prison
for the rest of my life.

You came forward
of your own volition,

you confessed to your crimes,
and you led us to the bodies.

I think the ADA will take
that into consideration.

Look, I'm not doing it
to get time saved,

so don't speak up for me.

No matter how much
my brother begs you.

Okay, hold it.

Hold it.

Adult female, age 30,
presented with multiple cutting

and stabbing wounds.

There's advanced decomposition,
but I counted at least 15

on the remaining tissue.

Mostly defensive cuts
on her hands.

There are also strike marks on
the radius, ribcage, and pelvis

that match the murder weapon.

Which means there had to be
a lot of force behind them.

The best I can do without
intact organs on C.O.D.

is exsanguination.

What about the baby?

Asphyxia by suffocation.

Despite decomp,

I found petechiae
in the vitreous fluid

and soil in the lungs.

The bastard buried
this baby alive.


How can I help you?

I represent Darius Parker.

Then I only have
one thing to say.

No deal.

I don't recall asking for one.

Then what do you want?

Well, a little pleasant
conversation wouldn't hurt.


How's this?

Your client viciously
stabbed a young mother.

Then took the body and her
breathing, 14-month-old toddler

from the apartment

and buried the boy alive.

I'm itching to put
a needle in his veins,

but I'll settle for life,
no parole.

What a moving speech.

Too bad no one'll
get to hear it.

Omnibus, Casey.

In limine, motion to suppress,
motion to dismiss?

(Judge Preston)
Okay, Counselors.

You've got two minutes.

My client's fifth and sixth
amendment rights were violated.

The police interrogated him
without counsel.

Did he ask for one?

No, Darius Parker
was read his rights,

then he signed
a Miranda card.

Sounds pretty
straightforward to me.

He told police
he had an open case.

I'm the attorney of record.

They conveniently
neglected to call me.

Because no one had to.

Texas vs. Cobb, Your Honor.

The Supreme Court ruled that
suspects could be questioned

on other charges regardless
of representation.

In Cobb,
the defendant admitted

he burglarized
the murder victim's home.

No linkage, no case.

Hmm. Walk with me.

Darius Parker never asked
for an attorney.

Will you stipulate
he informed police

he had an outstanding burglary
charge and a court date?


Then my client didn't
need to invoke.

The right was implied.

The police should've stopped
the interrogation and waited.

It would've cost them
nothing but time.

I have to agree
with Mr. Horowitz on this one.

But, Your Honor--

The police knew
the defendant had counsel

and they ignored it.

There's been a lot of that
going around lately

and that disturbs me.

The confession's out.

And so are any fruits
borne from it.

The judge threw
the confession out.

And my case.

How does a guy walk when he
confesses to a double homicide?

As soon as the victims' bodies
became inadmissible.

And since we can't put either
one of them back in the ground

and start over,
I will never be able to prove

that the baby's even dead
or how he got that way.

Darius knew what he was doing.

The confession, his remorse, the
taking us to the burial ground.

You think it was a setup?

I know it was.

He was looking at five felony
counts on two murders.

He let you know
he was on the docket

so he wouldn't have to spend
a day inside.

You think his attorney
told him what to say?

No one would advise their client
to take that kind of risk.

Besides, they're plenty of
ex-cons who know the law

as well as I do.

There's a lot of law books
in prison.

I can still prove

Nina Stansfield was murdered
without her body

from the blood volume
at the crime scene.

But without the confession
we're back to square one.

Like, it just happened.

So canvass the neighbors,
talk to the family,

dig into the victim's life.

What about his girlfriend?

She used to baby-sit
for the Stansfields.

We can't use anything the
suspect said in the confession.

Then we get the information
through another channel.

You're thinking of your son?

Aren't you?

Well, there's nothing
precluding us

from going back
to the original source.

They've always been close.

Ken'll be able to tell us
who Darius was seeing.

Can't do it.

He belongs in prison, Ken.

Haven't we done enough
to him already

without me putting
the nail in his coffin?

Don't you get it?
He sold you on a lie.

He's only looking
at one count of murder now.

He'll never pay for putting
that little baby in the ground.

Why not?

The courts say
we got his confession

and the bodies illegally.

That means we can't
use it at trial.

We gotta say the murder victim's
son came up missing

the same time she did.

We gotta act
like we don't know he's dead

because we can't use
his body as evidence.

That's not right.

Yeah, well, that's the law.

Do you know why he killed her?

Look, I know you want to blame
this on your mother,

and she does have
a lot to answer for.

But, she did not stab
that woman to death

and put her baby
in a makeshift grave.

That's all on Darius.

What do you wanna know?

You ever meet any of Darius'


This is a list
of the Stansfield babysitters.

You recognize
any of the names?

Angela Boden.

She was crazy about Darius.

Bought him gifts.
Gave him money.

He wasn't really into her but he
liked the way she treated him.

Shame about what happened.

Little Stevie was cute.

Good baby.
Hardly ever cried.

How long did you baby-sit him?

About six months.
I couldn't stand his mother.

Why is that?

Nina was stepping out
on her old man,

but always in my ass
about using the phone,

and how much food I ate,
and who I let in the house.

Old bitch.

I guess I shouldn't
speak ill of the dead.

We understand she had a problem
with your boyfriend.

It's not like she was totally
in the wrong.

Darius did have a temper.

And he got me fired.

How'd that happen?

I used to tell him how she was.

Always going out and not
spending time with the baby.

He saw her out on the street
once, called her a bad mother.

After that
I couldn't have him over.

But, you did anyway.
He was my boyfriend.

I wanted to see him.

She catch you?

She found his knife
in the sofa cushions.

Fired me on the spot.

Told me Darius wasn't
getting it back.

He carried a knife?

It wasn't like how
you're making it sound.

He's an artist.

It was a gift
from me for sculpting.

Cost me 100 bucks.

You know how long I had to work
to save that kind of money?

How did Darius react when he
found out his knife was history?

How do you think?

He went back to get it,
but I guess he was too late.

It's kind of ironic.

If she hadn't kept his property,

her husband wouldn't
have used it to kill her.

We got a signed statement
from the girlfriend.

A history of conflict

between the victim
and the suspect

and ownership
of the murder weapon.

Add that to his DNA at
the crime scene and he's done.

Why didn't the cops question
this witness more thoroughly?

Tunnel vision.

They liked the husband for it
and wouldn't move on.

Happens, Casey.

You have enough to indict,
but can we get him on the baby?

Not unless
I can get him to admit it

with his counsel present.

And for that to happen,

you'd have to make him a deal.

It would have to be considerable
time shaved for him to agree.

And I'm not comfortable
doing that.

Even if it means the baby's
death goes unacknowledged?

And unavenged?

With the compelling
physical evidence,

the witness testimony,

the Stansfield baby,

your client is going to prison
for a very long time.

Don't look so happy.

Hubris isn't attractive.

Especially in women your age.

Darius, let me handle it.

Handle what?

She can't mention the baby.

It's fruit
from the poisonous tree.

I don't need to.

All a jury needs to hear
is that a child disappeared

when his mother was killed.

They'll put it together

It's doesn't matter.

You can't bring charges
against me for the kid.

It hurts, doesn't it?

Not as much as you'd like.

You're gonna get the maximum

on all three charges
that you're facing.

I'm thinking
life for the murder.

Another 30 for the attempt

and the assault--

I smell a horse trade.

I'm reluctant, but I'm willing
to recommend 30 years total

if your client recounts
everything at allocution.

You can't prove intent.

Give us 25 years with
a possibility of parole

and we might have something
to talk about.

We won't.

This is my final offer.

We need the room.

Nobody's going anywhere.

I'm not making any deals.

I want my day in court.

Listen to your mouthpiece
and take the damn offer.

Go to hell!

Kiss my ass
and while you down there,

spread 'em
'cause you about to get done!

This is about the family.

You damn right
it's about the family.

Every last one of you is gonna
have to be in that courtroom.

You're gonna have to testify.

Your lives out in the open
for everyone to judge.

Same way y'all been doing
to me since day one.

They gonna know
what kind of cop you are,

and what kind of husband
and father you weren't.

They gonna know all about
my brother's sexual habits

and his collusion.

And I guarantee
once that comes out,

everybody's gonna wonder why
he's not being charged too.

They gonna think
his cop father

has friends
in your office, Ms. Novak.

And I hope you have
a damn good explanation.

'Cause cover-up makes
for a nice headline.

Never mind
a no-good mother is dead.

And her poor baby is missing.

Even though
the baby's better off.

So, yeah,
I'm going to prison.

But not for as long
as you think.

'Cause once Theresa Randall
takes that stand...

and has to tell the truth...

that festering bitch
is gonna have to claim me

for the first time
in her miserable life.

And let's see her shake me
after that.

So you wanna bury me?

You go right ahead.

'Cause I'm taking you all
down with me when you do.

What are you doing here?

I came to see what I could do.


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