Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 7, Episode 11 - Alien - full transcript

An investigation into the serious stabbing of a grade-school boy uncovers a suspect whose trial becomes about the rights of same-sex parents.

(male announcer)
In the criminal justice system,

sexually based offenses are
considered especially heinous.

In New York City,

the dedicated detectives

who investigate
these vicious felonies

are members
of an elite squad

known as
the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

[horn blares]


Set up the trauma room!

Boy's name is Sean Hamill,

5th grade at St. Victor's.
What happened?

Single stab wound
to the back.

E.R. noticed bruising
on the chest and buttocks
and called us.

Sounds like somebody used
this kid as a punching bag.

Sexual abuse?

No trauma, but we're still
waiting on the rape kit.

Who brought him in?

Some genius threw him out
of a moving car.
Nobody saw the driver.

Anything off
the surveillance cameras?
Security's on it.

Sean Hamill's out of surgery.

He okay?

He's alive.

Hey, Sean,
how you feeling?


It's okay, Sean.

They're detectives.

They want to ask you
about what happened today.

You remember anything?

Last bell. Putting my books
in the locker.

I think I played stick ball
with Joey Sparacino.

Then I was here.

Mm-hmm. How about
after the stick ball game?

I don't remember.

A bully's
been picking on him.

Last week, Sean came home
covered in bruises.

Who did that, Sean?


I was climbing a tree,
and I fell.

Someone beat him up.
He was too scared to say who.


Sean, you gotta tell us.

Later, okay?

I want to go home.

No, Sean.

No, I'm fine. Promise.

Dad, how come
I can't move my legs?

What's wrong
with my legs?


It's okay.
It's okay.

It's gonna be okay.

Principal Parker instituted
a zero tolerance policy
on fighting.

One incident
and you're expelled.

So who did you kick out
this weekend for
beating up Sean Hamill?

No one. He said he fell
climbing a tree. He's lucky
he didn't break his neck.

He wasn't so lucky today.

Someone stabbed Sean
in the back.

He won't walk again.

Now, we're going
to need to interview anyone
who saw Sean today.

Teachers, students.

Starting with you,
Father Justin.

I didn't see Sean today.


Cause the hospital
security tape

shows Sean being dumped
from your car.

That's impossible.

My car has been
in the parking lot all day.

We have a clear match
on the license plate.

But Father Justin's
been in the library

correcting papers
all afternoon.

Okay. So why was his car
at Mercy Hospital?

I leave my keys
on the visor

so parishioners
can borrow it.

We'll need the list.

In the meantime,
we're going to have
to interview the students.

One time this big boy,
he pushed Sean.

He fell down.

What was
the big boy's name?

I don't know, but he's bad.
I saw him smoking.

What about bullying?

I start talking
about people,

they're going to start
talking about me.

You're gonna let
whoever crippled Sean Hamill
hurt someone else?

Just because
I'm a recess monitor
doesn't make me a narc.

Adam, if you know
who beat up Sean Hamill,
you've got to tell us.

Why won't Sean tell you?

He's scared. And I can see
that you are too.

I'm no wuss.

There's this fat kid,
pushes everybody around.

He beat the crap
out of Sean last week.

Can you tell me his name?

Charlie Monaghan.

He didn't hit anybody.

Mr. Monaghan, please.

What'd you do,

He made fun of me.

He said the reason
my girlfriend

won't have sex with me

is cause she's afraid
I'll squash her.

And so
you beat him up.

He made me so mad I grabbed him
in the parking lot,

and I lost it.

What happened today?

I haven't seen Sean today.

I've stayed away from him
ever since last week.

Is there anybody who can
tell us where you were

at 4:00 this afternoon?

Yeah. Emma.

I walked her home
after the last bell at 3:00.

And we stopped
at Farrell's Ice Cream

on the way home.

Emma your girlfriend?

She's his half sister.
She's my ex-wife's daughter.

Where can we find her?

She's been staying
with her grandparents

since her mom got sick.

How long has Emma
been living here?

Just a couple of days

since Kate had to go back
into the hospital.

Kate has lupus.

Sorry to hear that.

Emma, we wanted to
ask you some questions
about Charlie.

Is he in trouble?

Just trying to find out
where he was today.

We went to Farrell's
to get some ice cream

after last bell.

Then he walked me home.

Emma, why'd you tell us
where Charlie was after school?

Why not during classes
or before?

The high school's
in a different building

than the elementary school.

After last bell
is the only time she'd see him.


did Charlie tell you
to say that he was with you
if anybody asked?

Are you saying
my granddaughter

is not telling the truth?

Emma, did Charlie
ask you to lie?


You know how important
it is to tell the truth,

don't you?

Lying's a sin.

A vanilla sin,
not the mortal kind.

But all sins are bad.

So you have to never do them
no matter what.

She's lying to protect
her brother.

Charlie loses his temper,
stabs Sean,

dumps him at the E.R.,
tells his sister to alibi him.

You gonna bring him in?

Uh, we're waiting
for the crime scene report

before we have
another go at him.

Ask and ye shall receive,
unless, of course,

you're Jewish.
I'm not.

Lab lifted over
a dozen prints

from Father Justin's car.

They were all over the place
except for the driver's side.

Pretty smart kid
to be wiping prints.

He wasn't as careful
with the passenger side.

Found this wedged
under the seat cushion.

What is that?
A strand of rope?

CSU said
it's painter's canvas

like the kids use
at St. Victor's

for their art projects.

We always keep a roll
in stock.

Lasts a lot longer than runny
watercolors on paper.

Perp must've wrapped Sean
in this canvas

to keep his blood off
the car seat.

The parking lot
is only 20 yards from here.

He wraps Sean up,
carries him over there,

and then dumps the canvas
after he returns the car.

We're gonna need to look
through the school dumpsters.

Of course.

Well, this is interesting.

Do kids have access
to these?

We teach them
to be careful.

Crime scene needs
to go through this room too.

I'll bring in a team.

But I got something
for you first.

I checked out
the security camera
at Marty's deli

across from the school.

What were you doing
at Marty's?

They got Pixy Stix.

But I saw
the security camera,

and I got an idea.

Video tape shows Charlie
without Emma

buying a chocolate bar
at 4:02.

He said

he walked Emma home
at 3:00.

You're going to jail,

And if we charge you
as an adult,

you're looking
at 20 years.

For what?
He didn't do anything.

Security camera puts you

right outside the school
just 20 minutes

before Sean was dumped

at the hospital.

Clock must be wrong.

I swear I was walking
Emma home.

You really think that a jury's
gonna believe your story?

Especially when Emma's
not even in the video tape?

Charlie, a 12-year-old
will never walk again

because you stabbed him
in the back.

I didn't do it.
I already told you.

I was walking Emma home.

[knock at door]

We got something.

Found these scissors
in the school dumpster.

She means I found them
underneath the tuna casserole.

All she did was
stand there and point.

There's traces of blood

on the blades.
Any prints?

Two. Neither
of them Charlie's.

How do you know that?
We haven't printed them yet.

We don't need to.
The prints are too small.

The size
a seven or eight year old
would leave.

Except an eight-year-old
doesn't know to clean up
the prints

or how to drive a car.

Emma stabbed him?

And then Charlie
cleaned up the mess.

Emma's not lying
to protect her brother.

He's lying
to protect her.

(Principal Parker)
Emma isn't in school today.

She's at the hospital
with her mother,

which, honestly,
is just as well.

It's just as well one of your
students is missing school?

I didn't mean it that way.
Emma's situation
is complicated.

We have time.

When Emma's mother
enrolled her
at St. Victor's,

she told us that
she was a single parent.

She hid the fact
that Emma has another parent,

a woman.

Emma's mom's gay.

So what's the big deal?
Same-sex couples
raise kids all the time.

Yes, but they
don't usually lie

about being gay
and enroll their children

in conservative,
Catholic schools.

How'd you find out
she was lying?

When Kate got sick,

her partner began coming
to school functions.

The Parents Council
was furious.

They didn't want their children
in the same classroom

with the daughter
of a lesbian.

They wanted us
to expel Emma.

So you didn't take them

Well, we had to.

Parents were keeping kids
out of school,

donors withdrew
their support--

What were we
supposed to do?

How about ignoring them?

That's easy for you to say,

but how do you teach catechism
with Emma in the classroom?

is a sin, kids.

"But, oh, that's okay, Emma,

your moms are good people

So why didn't you
expel her?

Because her parents
sued the school.

So Emma returns to St. Victor's
with a target on her back.

Yes, which is why I say

the less Emma is here,
the better it is for everyone.

Excuse me.

You can't go in there.


We need to speak
with Emma Boyd.

I'm Zoe, Emma's mom.

She had nothing to do
with what happened
to Sean Hamill.

Oh, how'd you hear
about Sean?

Kate's ex-husband

He said you think
Charlie and Emma

are involved.

Charlie and Emma
are covering for each other.

And we need Emma to tell us
exactly what happened yesterday.

Well, her mom is dying.

Can this wait?

It'll just take a moment.

I didn't do anything.

Emma, even if it was
an accident,

you need to tell us.

We know that school's
been tough lately,
and kids can be really cruel.

Is that what happened
with you and Sean?

Did he say something mean?

He said I was a freak,
and I was gonna go to hell.


Because I have two moms
instead of a mom and a dad.

we talked about this,
didn't we?

What did we say?

Sticks and stones
may break my bones,

but words may never hurt me.

Emma, Charlie lied to us.

We know
that he drove Sean
to the hospital.

Now, if you don't tell
us the truth, he's gonna
get in a lot of trouble.

I am telling you
the truth!

Emma didn't hurt Sean.

Just like she's never hurt
any of the other kids

who are mean to her
at school.

If the kids at St. Victor's
are so mean,

then why not send her
somewhere else?

Our faith is important to us.

We want Emma to have
a Catholic education,

and St. Victor's is the best
Catholic school in the city.

Seems to me she can't be
getting much of an education
if the kids keep bothering her.

She can deal with them.

She goes to therapy.
If she has any problems,
she talks to me.

Where were you yesterday
at 4:00 p.m.?

You think I drove Sean
to the emergency room?

Did you?

I was here,
with Kate.

Now, how hard

can it be to get the truth
out of an eight-year-old?

You try breaking a kid
whose mother is dying
in the next room.

Emma's been
through a lot, Captain.

In the six months
since Zoe and Kate
took St. Victor's to court,

whole family's
been harassed--

They even changed
their phone number, twice.

It didn't do any good.

Broken windows,

graffiti on their doors.

Zoe's filed six reports.
Nobody's ever been charged.

Since when did New York
become a red state?

It's not just happening here.

A Catholic school in California
tried to expel two brothers

because they were being
raised by a gay couple.

Emma would've been
much better off

if Zoe had just gone along
with Kate's lie to the school.

You think Zoe
should stay in the closet

just to make a bunch
of homophobes happy?

You don't send your kid
to military school
if you're a pacifist.

Not without expecting
some friction.

So you agree
with the school.

I'm just saying
it's complicated.

Being Catholic means
believing in certain things.
Zoe knows that.

But she wanted
to make a point.

Take the school to court.
Win one for the cause.

Somebody's gotta
fight the fight.

But it shouldn't be
an eight-year-old.

Emma's so messed up,
she has to see a shrink
twice a week.

Looks like Zoe could use

some counseling too.

Her LUDs show multiple calls
to one number.

Father Justin.

Maybe she did need
to borrow his car.

(Father Justin)
I don't think Zoe's
ever called me.

Why does your number keep coming
up on her phone records?

Because I gave it
to Emma.

When she first started
having trouble at school,

I told her to call anytime
she needed someone to talk to.

Did she ever mention
having trouble
with Sean Hamill?

All the time.

Sean really did
pick on Emma.

Every chance he got.

I talked to him.
I pleaded with him.
Nothing worked.

You ever
call his parents?
I tried.

I got censured for it.

Still, you knew
Sean was tormenting Emma,

and you kept quiet
to save your own neck.

I like being a priest.

And I am this close to having
the church remove my faculties.

I didn't want the school
to get any bad press.

Spin control's more important
than keeping two kids
from ruining their lives.

I knew I should've
done something.

I guess I was just hoping
Charlie's beating

would make Sean
leave Emma alone.

Did it?

For a week.

But he was just planning
the next horrible thing
to do to her.

After you questioned me,
I went back to the school.

I found this
in the art room.

It's Emma's ponytail.

Sean cut it off.

Then Emma used
the scissors on him.

(Stabler) You remember
seeing Emma Boyd at school
that afternoon?


I think she was there.

Talk to her?


You don't like her,
do you?

You ever pick on her?

Well, I only bother Emma
'cause she's so weird.

She is, huh?

Why is she weird?

Her mom's a lesbian.


It's just wrong.

The Bible says homosexuality
is a sin.

I don't remember
seeing that in the Bible.

Corinthians says gay people
are going to hell.

That's in the New Testament.

The Old Testament
is way harsher.

It says gays
should be put to death.

All right, and...

so that makes it okay
for you to cut off
Emma's hair.

Why'd you do it, Sean?

I didn't hurt her.

It was just a joke!

You went after a little girl
with a pair of scissors.

All I did was cut her hair.

She stabbed me in the back.
And now I can't walk.

It's not fair.

[knock at door]

Elliot, Sean's parents
are here.

Why were you talking
to Sean again?

Don't you need
a parent's permission
to talk to a child?

Sean is
not a suspect.
He's the victim.

Did he remember anything?

Yeah-- that he bullied
a girl at school.

Emma Boyd should have never been
accepted at St. Victor's.

Why, because
her moms are gay?

Look, we pay a lot of money
to give Sean
a private education.

We should have a say in
deciding what he's exposed to.

So you told your son
it was okay to pick on
an eight-year-old girl.

We told him
that he should feel sorry
for people like Emma's moms

and that he
should pray for them.

Well, that's not
the message he got.

Did that girl stab Sean?


Then I don't care

if he called her a fag dyke
whore bitch from hell.

Arrest her.

We know what happened, Emma.

Sean told us.

And you believe
that little monster?

The evidence backs up
his story.

Right down to why
Emma's hair's so short.

She got gum
stuck in it.

Charlie tried to help.
He made a mess of it.

Hey, Emma.

That's not what happened,
is it?

We know what Sean
really did to you.

What did he do?

Emma, what happened?

You been lying to Mommy Zoe?

Yes, I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to hurt Sean.

It's just,
he kept yelling, saying,
"You're a dike! You're a dike!"

And I told him I'm not.
And he said, "Prove it."

And then he went to kiss me,
so I pushed him away.

And then he grabbed me
and cut off my hair.

And said,
"Yes, you're a dike.

And now you look like one."

I was so mad.
I was so ugly.

I grabbed the scissors,

and I hurt him
in the back with them.

He fell down
and hit his head.

And that's when
you got Charlie?

He took Sean
to the hospital
in Father Justin's car.

He told me
to throw the scissors out.

I'm sorry.

I didn't mean to tell
all those lies.

Sweetie, it's okay.

It's gonna be okay.

She didn't mean
to hurt anybody.

We still have to arrest her.

Well, it's late.

Can't it wait until she visits
Kate in the hospital?

Get an attorney
and bring her in by 9:00 AM.

Sean must have
really scared Emma.

She's a good kid.

She's never been in
any trouble until now.

Who's prosecuting her case
in family court?

New guy,
Garrett Gillespie.

I've never met him,
but he's supposed to be
a hard-ass.


We weren't expecting you
until the morning.

Well, I figured
we'd beat the commute.

Motion to suppress
Emma's confession.

On what grounds?

Your detectives
interrogated a minor
without the parent present.

Emma's mom is a patient
at Clinton Hospital.

We questioned her in the
presence of her other mom
Zoe Dunlop.

Kate Boyd is Emma's
biological mother.

And despite Zoe and Kate's
10 year partnership,

the law doesn't recognize Zoe
as Kate's wife

or as Emma's mom.

She never adopted her.

Fine, she's not Emma's mother.

She's still her legal guardian
while Kate's in the hospital.

De facto guardian, yes.

But the state doesn't
afford her the right
to make decisions for Emma.

She's no more her parent
or guardian

that a babysitter would be.

You raised Emma
ever since she was born.

How can you say that
you're nothing more
than a babysitter?

I should have
legal rights over Emma,
but I don't.

So why should I claim them now
when it can only hurt her?

The confession's out.

You wanna talk to Emma again,
go through me.

Casey Novak?
Garrett Gillespie.

I'm handling
Emma Boyd's case
in family court.

It's nice to meet you.

I got a call
from Sean Hamill's parents.

They wanna know
why Emma Boyd hasn't
been arrested yet.

The mom's lawyer
got the confession suppressed.

I don't need the confession
to convict that girl.

There's no question
she did it,

but do you really want to
send her to jail for 10 years?

She jammed a pair of scissors
so far into Sean's back
she severed his spinal cord.

Well, Sean tormented Emma.
He drove her to the edge.

She belongs in counseling,
not juvie.

You're entitled
to your opinion,

but this is my case.

Tell SVU
to arrest Emma Boyd.

what are you doing here?

Where's Emma?

She went to the nursing station
to get some juice. Why?

Ms. Boyd,
I'm Detective Stabler.

I'm sorry.
I'm here to arrest Emma
for assaulting Sean Hamill.

You can't take her.

She didn't do anything.

She told me she didn't.

She told us something
different, didn't she, Zoe?

Please don't do this.

We have no choice.
You promised to bring her in.

What did you do, Zoe?

Deb, stay out of this.

She's my granddaughter.
I wanna know what's happening.

Mom, please.

Mom, Olivia says
I have to go with her.

Someone should
come with us.

I'll go.

No, I'll go.

Both of you...go.

I'll stay with mom.

How'd it go?


I love putting eight-year-olds
in lockup overnight.

Family court judge
will probably
let her out tomorrow.

She can stay at home
until the trial.

Home with her grandparents,
I hope.

James Decker. I represent
Mr. and Mrs. Boyd.

My client would like
to see her granddaughter.

I'm sorry,
but that's not possible.

She's at detention until
her court appearance tomorrow.

You're putting my
granddaughter in jail?

She stabbed Sean Hamill
in the back.

None of this
would've happened

if Zoe hadn't forced
her lifestyle on Emma and Kate.


Your daughter didn't choose
her sexual orientation.

My daughter was happy
being a wife and a mother

until Zoe came along.

So it's Zoe's fault
that your daughter's gay?

It certainly isn't Emma's.

That child needs someone
to look out for her interests.

Which is why the court
has appointed
an attorney for her.

We'll see about that.

The state requests
Emma Boyd

be remanded to
a juvenile facility
pending trial.

She's clearly
a violent child.

Your honor, Emma has no
history of violence

and poses no danger
to anyone.

She should be paroled
to her parents.

I agree.
However, I will require

that she wear
an ankle monitor

and remain confined
to her mother's house.

That's a problem,
your honor.

Emma's mother
is in the hospital.

She has no father
and no legal guardian.

Your honor,
my name is Zoe Dunlop.

Although I am not
Emma's legal guardian,

I'm as much her parent
as her mother is.

Why haven't you
adopted Emma, Ms. Dunlop?

I don't need a piece of paper
to define my relationship
with my daughter.

in this court, you do.

Your Honor, maybe I can
offer a solution.

James Decker, representing
Emma's grandparents.

They often care for Emma

while their daughter's
in the hospital.

They'd be happy to do so again
until this matter is resolved.

Emma belongs
at home with me.

Your Honor,
there is precedent here.

Courts frequently grant custody
to what's been defined
as a non-relative family member.

Only in California.

And not when
a blood relative

is willing and able
to take the child.

I wanna go home
with Mommy Zoe!

(Judge Bernard)
I'm sorry.
I can't do that, Emma.

Ms. Dunlop, you claimed
no custodial rights over Emma
when she was arrested,

but now you want
to invoke them.

You can't have it
both ways.

The court hereby releases Emma
to the custody of
her grandparents.

We will begin fact-finding
on the assault case on Tuesday.

Mommy Zoe!

Oh, sweetie.

Hey, hey, it's just
for a couple days, okay?

It's just for
a couple of days, okay?

Detective Benson,

I heard Emma's trial
started today.

Yeah, it's, um--

it's not going well.

What's going
to happen to her?

Worst case, if the judge
thinks she's a danger
to other children,

she'll be sent
to a juvenile facility
until she's 18.

Can't I help?

I'll testify for Emma,
tell the judge Sean teased her.

That's hearsay.
You weren't there.
You didn't see it happen.

We need proof that
Sean Hamill provoked her.

What kind of proof?

Notes, e-mails,
anything like that.

Did you check
the instant messenger log
at the school?

Computers don't save IMs.

The ones at St. Victor's do.

Principal Parker installed
special software

to monitor the student's

And then I asked why
I couldn't move my legs.

The doctor said the scissors
cut my spinal cord,

which is why I can't walk.

Your Honor, a moment
of the court's time?

Make it quick.

Here's your proof
that Sean's a bully.

"I wanna teach you
a game after school.

It might hurt,
but it'll cure you
from being a queer."

Does that sound like
a sweet kid?

And that's not
the worst of them.

You know I have to share
this with the defense.

The minute that I do,

Sean's credibility goes
right out the window.

And so does yours.

Your Honor, the people
request a half hour recess.

It took Gillespie about ten
minutes to agree on a deal.

Counseling, anger management,
court evaluation wants a month,

and Emma's back
home with Zoe.

Detectives, sorry
to catch you so late.

You need to remove Emma
from Zoe Dunlop's custody.

Mr. Decker, custody matters
belong in family court.

Unless there's been a crime,
it's out of our hands.

Zoe Dunlop has been
sexually abusing Emma

ever since Kate got sick.

We're gonna have to
hear that from Emma.

You will.

She's at the hospital

with her mother right now.

You can't let her
go home with Zoe.

We've never heard any
allegations before.

It's a pretty big coincidence
that this comes out
just after Zoe gets custody.

Emma showed this
to her grandparents.

Why does a grown woman
take pictures of herself in bed

with a naked
eight-year-old girl?

You search Zoe's apartment,

you'll find dozens more
like it.

(female officer)
Nothing unusual
on the computer.

Mostly emails and a bunch
of crappy mp3 downloads.

Tuition bill,
tuition bill, hospital bill.

Nothing here but people
asking for money.

Looks like they had enough cash
to have a little fun.

Coney Island,
Statue of Liberty.

the Met.

Elliot, check this out.

Nude sunbathing.

Emma in the tub
with Zoe.

What's going on?


We've had a complaint.
We need to ask you
some questions.

This is a really bad time.
I'm sorry. It can't wait.

Emma, you okay?


Honey, what's wrong?

Mommy's gone to be
with Jesus.


Where's Emma?

Her grandparents took
her home with them,

but, um...

you and I gotta
talk about these.

What do you think
they are, porn?

You got an eight-year-old
lying naked in the bed.

Emma has always been shy.

Kate and I wanted her to have
a positive body image,

so I took these to show her
how beautiful she is.

Well, giving her self-esteem
is one thing,

but you got her vamped
for the camera

like she's a Playboy model.

If you think these are sexy,

you're the one
with the problem.

She looks like an angel.

You're giving her
a positive body image
with this photo too?

You and Emma
lying naked in bed,

touching her thighs.

Emma's therapist recommended
massage to relieve her stress,

so Kate took these on the last
day of my massage classes.

You think because I'm gay,
I am molesting my own daughter?

If I were straight,
would this even be an issue?

This is not about who you are.
It's about what that girl
said you did to her.

Emma would never say
I molested her.


Mommy's always made me
take my clothes off
and get in bed.

Then she touched me.

Where does she touch you?

Go ahead, Emma.
Tell them.

Mrs. Boyd, would you mind
giving us a minute alone
with Emma?

Where did your mommy
touch you?


Down there.

Did you tell anyone?

She said no one
would understand.

I didn't want her
to touch me, but she said
it would make me feel good.

How did it make you feel?

It made me feel bad.

Bad how?

Like when you tell a lie.

Or when you eat a burger
on Good Friday.

You felt guilty?

Like you were
doing something that
you shouldn't be doing?

I knew it was a sin.

Why was it a sin?

Because girls are not supposed
to naked touch other girls.
It's wrong.

Emma, do you think
that it's wrong

that your mommies sleep
in the same bed together?

God says it's against nature.

Women are supposed
to be with men.

Otherwise they go to hell.

Is that what you
learned in school?

My Grandmom told me.

She said Mommy Zoe
was gonna go to hell
for what she did.

I doubt Zoe molested Emma.

Emma told me she did.

Emma's description
of the abuse
was intellectual,

not emotional.

Kids say that
molestation hurts.

Emma called it a sin.

What do you think
about those pictures?

Well, a lot of doctors
recommend massage
for children under stress.

I would prescribe it for Emma,
if she were my patient.

How do you explain
Emma's allegations?

Alienation Syndrome.

I thought P.A.S. was
when a couple splits up

and the mom brainwashes
the kids into thinking
that dad's a bastard.

Well, the same thing's
happening here,

except that
it's the grandmother
turning Emma against Zoe.

But why would Emma
go along with it?

Her grandmother's
manipulated her into
believing that it's true.

So she used the massages
to convince Emma

that her mother had done
something awful.

It's emotional abuse inflicted
by her loving grandmother.

At the very least,

it's custodial interference.

At most,
reckless endangerment.

Either way, the grandparents
still only get
a slap on the wrist.

Unless we can prove
unlawful imprisonment.


Well, they kept a little girl
away from her rightful home

by making her lie
about being abused.

And the reason
that they did that
is because Zoe's gay.

Which would make it
a hate crime.

It's a D felony.

They could get seven years.

Arrest them.

Oliver and Deborah Boyd,
you're under arrest
for unlawful imprisonment.

What are you
talking about?

You filled Emma's head
with lies

to keep her away
from her mother.

Her mother is dead.

Zoe is ruining
my granddaughter's life.

It's our moral duty
to protect her.

Well, try following
the Eighth Commandment.

Thou shall not bear
false witness.

Emma's grandparents
tricked her

into saying
she'd been molested.

She understands
it's not her fault.

And she understands
I didn't hurt her
in any way.

She's just sad
all the time now.

Her biological mother
just died.

It's understandable
that she'd be upset.

It's not the only reason.
She's scared.

The other night
she woke up crying.

She dreamed
her mom had died,

and the police had come
to take me to jail.

And she kept
calling out for me.

But I couldn't hear her.

No one could hear her.

Thank you.

How long has Emma
been in therapy?
About six months.

Since the kids at school
started making fun of her
for having two moms.

Emma's been attending
St. Victor's for three years.
Why suddenly a problem?

No one knew about her home
situation until recently.

When you insisted on making
your presence known at school.

Kate was sick.

Emma needed a parent
for school functions.

And you needed
to make a point...

that you were gay

and the school
better not discriminate you.

I didn't think the school
would react the way they did.

But when they got angry
at your lie,

you chose to
take them to court.

It was important
to take a stand.

More important
than Emma's happiness.

No, of course not.

He was so miserable
at St. Victor's.

Why not enroll her
in another school?

I didn't want her to be ashamed
that her mothers are lesbians.

You think it's appropriate
for an eight-year-old
to fight your battles?

I have never done that.

If you love her so much,

who did you make her stay
at St. Victor's
even though she hated it?

If I had it to do again,
I would have taken her out
of that place.

But you didn't.

And because of you Sean Hamill
will never walk again.


I know.

I'd change it if I could.

I made a mistake,
and I'm sorry.

Nothing further.

Even after
her mom got sick,

Emma was always
a happy girl.

And then suddenly
about eight months ago...

she wasn't.

What changed?

She was scared...

and lonely.

Zoe was either at work

or at the hospital.

Emma's brother had to walk
her home from school everyday.

What did you do?

My husband and I
asked our daughter if Emma
could stay with us after school.

Zoe didn't like it.

That's when she made Kate
write her will.

She made Kate
write her will?

Kate was getting sicker
and sicker,

and sometimes she didn't
even recognize us.

Zoe wanted to make sure
she got sole custody of Emma.

Mrs. Boyd,
did you persuade Emma

to make false allegations
against Zoe?


I saw Emma was unhappy,
and I asked her what was wrong.

That's all.

Thank you.

Mrs. Boyd,

can you read the signature
at the bottom
of your daughter's will,

right next to where
it says "witness"?

Ray Monaghan.

So Kate's ex-husband
thought she was lucid enough
to co-sign her will.

Kate wasn't thinking clearly.

She-- She didn't
want to hurt Zoe.

She wasn't thinking
of the best home for Emma.

By the best home, do you mean
the best heterosexual home?


I'll rephrase.

Do you think gay people
should be allowed
to raise children?

Ideally, no.

I think children should be
raised by their father
and their mother.

This is why you made up
against Zoe Dunlop,

because your faith
rejected the idea

of a gay woman raising
your granddaughter.

It isn't just about faith.

I have read enough to know
what would happen to Emma
if Zoe raises her.

What would happen?

She will grow up

sexually confused,

She will experiment
with homosexual relationships.

And what makes you
think that?

I have read studies.

Like the one that says
that kids raised by gay couples

are 48 times more likely
to be molested by their parents

than kids raised
by straight parents.

Where did you come across
these studies?

My attorney showed them
to me.

When did he
show them to you?


Please answer the question,
Mrs. Boyd.

During Emma's trial
in family court.

So, just before
you accused Zoe Dunlop
of molesting Emma.


What I read made me
start looking for clues.

Then when we found the photos,

we knew we had to ask Emma
what was going on.

And did Mr. Decker tell you
what kind of questions
to ask Emma?

Your Honor,
this line of questioning

is a direct violation
of attorney-client privilege.

Privilege protects the client,
not the attorney, Your Honor.

I'll allow it.
Go ahead, Mrs. Boyd.

Mr. Decker said to be
forceful with Emma.

He said molested children
often deny being abused.

Sometimes they have
to be led to the truth.

Your Honor, Mr. Decker
clearly coached his clients

into manipulating
an abuse allegation out of Emma.

That's not just outrageous.
It's criminal.

I offered advice on how
to talk to an abused child.
That's all.

Mr. and Mrs. Boyd never
would have accused Zoe Dunlop
had it not been for Mr. Decker.

That's enough.
Counsel approach.

Your Honor, Miss Novak
has absolutely no basis
for these allegations.

And Mr. Decker has
a history of representing
straight clients

fighting custody battles
with their gay exes.

So I get slandered
for choosing
who I want to represent?

You fed your clients
anti-gay material before
custody was even an issue

because you were gearing up
for a fight.

That means you conspired
to keep Emma away from Zoe.
You committed a hate crime.

That's ridiculous.
Not to mention you
can't prove any of it.

Mr. Decker,

at the very least this
is a serious breach
of ethical conduct.

Your Honor--

I have no choice
but to remove you as counsel
and declare a mistrial.

I'm willing to offer you
a plea arrangement

in exchange for your testimony
against Mr. Decker.

Why would we testify
against him?

Because he manipulated you
by using faulty research.

According to the American
Sociological Association,

gay parents are not...

48 times more likely
to molest their kids.

The article I read
says differently.

That article was written
by a man who was expelled

by the American
Psychological Association

for misrepresenting

The American Academy
of Pediatrics

and The National Association
of Social Workers both agree

that kids raised
in gay homes
are just as healthy

as kids raised
in straight homes.

Why would Mr. Decker
lie to us?

To further his agenda.

He wanted to use you
and Emma as an example...

the damage homosexuality
is doing to society.

All we wanted
was to protect Emma.

[knock on door]


Zoe wants to speak
to you.

Emma, why don't we
wait outside, okay?

I wanna know
why they're here.

We're gonna testify
against Mr. Decker.

Zoe, we're so sorry.

We were only trying
to do what we thought
was best for Emma.

I don't believe you.

James Decker
took advantage of them...

the same way
he took advantage of Emma.

I know it would be hard
to forgive them.

It's not going to happen.

Zoe, please.

She's my granddaughter.

And she's my daughter.

You turned my baby
against me.

You convinced her
I was a child molester.

How can I ever
trust you again?

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