Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 6, Episode 9 - Weak - full transcript

Benson enlists the help of a former cop turned psychiatrist in apprehending a serial rapist and murderer who attacks disabled women.


I'm Olivia Benson.
I'm a police officer.

Can you open the door?


We're here to help you.
Your landlord gave me the key,

but I'm not gonna use it
unless you say I can.

Can you say something, Colleen?
Let us know that you're all right?

- I'm here!
- Good. Is anybody with you?

No. I'm alone.

Can we open the door?


- Are you hurt?
- No. I just need my chair.

Okay, we're gonna get it for you.

Colleen, that's detective Stabler.
And these are officers Tanner and Galloway.

They're the ones who were
knocking on your door.

- Can I?
- Just get me in it.

You okay? / Yes, yeah.

Colleen, you told the 911 operator

that the man who attacked you
left two hours before you called.

He told me to wait
or he would come back.

And when I heard them knocking,
I thought it was him.

Testing me.

He might still be watching.
He could still come back.

They always say
they're gonna come back.

They never do.

Better listen to this.

10-5 that, central.

Be advised we're receiving
a report of a second sexual assault

at 65 West 95th street
apartment Six-David.

- Another rape?
- That's four flights up.


Law & Order SVU
6x09 Weak

The hallway was empty.

What time was this, Samantha?


We had just gotten in
from the airport.

I put my key in the door, and...

he grabbed me from behind.

What happened then?

He pushed us inside and...

He wouldn't let me
turn on the lights.

He was behind me the whole time.

I woke up and he was just sitting there,
right at the end of my bed.

I thought that I was dreaming.

But then he, he put his hand
over my mouth and...

It's okay, Colleen.
Just take your time, okay?

I don't know how he got in.

- That window's always locked.
- The lock was broken.

Building cheaped out.

These things break if you
blow on them too hard.

She couldn't see up this high
from where she was sitting, though.

Fire escape ladder's
been pulled down.

That made some noise.

Downstairs neighbors
might've heard it.

He rolled me over onto my stomach.

I never saw his face.


Did he seem particularly
short or tall?

How about, uh, smell?
Do you remember a smell?

An aftershave?
Some kind of soap?


Stale. Like a bar.

Did he say anything?

He wanted me to tell him things.

How good he was.

How much I liked it.

And I said it.

It was like he needed it.

To get going.

I don't know and even then,
he couldn't finish.

He got so angry.

And Benjamin started to cry,
and I just shut my eyes.

And then he was just gone.

That the escape route?

- Down in the alley.
- Six flights.

You're gonna have to
print all these railings.

- What's that?
- Condom wrapper.

Guy was taking out the trash.

This oughta give us some nice prints.

I don't think you're
gonna find anything.

He wore gloves. / When did he push
the wheelchair out of your bedroom?

After. He had to do one more thing
to show me how helpless I am.


We are gonna get this guy

because of the information
that you've given us.

That's not helpless.

Now, is there anything else
that you can remember?

Anything else that was
familiar about him?

I don't think I know him.


- he knows me.
- Why do you say that?

He just kept saying that...

I wasn't as good as he imagined
when he first saw me.

He thought I was gonna be the one.

Neighborhood canvas is ongoing.

CSU is still pawing through
the dumpsters in the alley.

Two rapes in under an hour.
This guy's not wasting any time.

I think he stalked the first victim.
Perp sounds like he's seen her before.

And Samantha was opportunity.

That guy's on a binge. The first rape
didn't live up to his fantasy...

He sees Samantha
after he's left Colleen,

figures he has another chance
at finding the perfect girl.

- Only there never is a perfect girl.
- He's gonna keep looking.

I'll run the M.O. through VICAP
back at the house.


St. Catherine's E.R has a woman
who was attacked two blocks from here.

Could be our guy.

Saint Catherine's Hospital
682 Amsterdam Avenue
Monday, November 15

He may have wanted to,
but he didn't rape me.

- Not that he wasn't trying.
- So what happened?

He just grabbed me
right off the sidewalk,

pulled me into an alley,
threw me against the wall.

I screamed.
But that hour, no one's around.

- What time was that?
- 4 something.

I had just gotten off of work.
Paulie's tavern.

He told me not to fight,
that he wasn't gonna hurt me.

But I know that's crap,
so I popped him with my crutch.

Why did you wait before
coming to the hospital?

He got pissed that I was fighting,

so he bashed my head against the wall
I passed out.

Next thing I know, some guy
in a suit is standing over me,

- saying an ambulance is on the way.
- We got blood here.

So Gina, you were on these crutches
before the attack.

Yeah. Knee surgery.

Woman in a wheelchair,
one with a baby,

another with a bum leg.

You think you got a good enough
look at him to work with a sketch artist?

He was behind me most of the time.

White guy.

Hood of his sweatshirt
pulled over his head.

Big sunglasses.

Smelled like an ashtray.

Guess it's not gonna help you
for your sketch,

unless it's a scratch and sniff, right?

Oh, it's great.
Our rapist is the unabomber.

It's more to warn the neighborhood
than to identify the guy.

- And you're sure it's the same perp?
- It's the same M.O., captain.

The only reason he beat up the last
victim is because she fought back.

- Well, why didn't he rape her?
- She was knocked out.

Maybe he only likes them
when they're conscious.

Or something scared him off.

He chooses women who are
physically vulnerable.

We're thinking that
he's new at the game.

Three women in one night. And not
a single one got a good look at the guy.

He's off to a hell of a start.

Something set him off.
Forensics find anything?

No prints, rape kit turned up
spermicide, no semen,

DNA from the blood on the crutch is still
running through the system, nothing yet.

This third victim who wasn't raped,
if somebody scared him off,

they could've seen something.

He attacked her in an alley
at 4:00 in the morning.

Could've been trash collection
or a delivery man. I'll ask around.

If Colleen was being stalked by this guy,
maybe somebody noticed something.

Find out where she's been
the last few days.

French tip nale salone
152 West 93rd street
Monday, November 15

I'm so upset about this.
We all love Colleen.

Comes in for a manicure
and pedicure about once a week.

She said just because she can't walk
don't mean her feet can't be pretty.

Did you notice anyone paying particular
attention to her the last time she was in here?

You know what's kind of awful?

Everybody stares at the girl
in the wheelchair.

Any male clients that day?

Annie. You did a guy's nails
the other day, didn't you?

What a mess.

- How so?
- They were filthy.

And he chewed them half off.
Not much I could do for him.

Like you.

I got some bitter nail polish
if you want.

Uh, thanks, no.
Can you describe him?

- Uh, white. Average.
- Hair color? Eye color?

Sorry. I was looking
at his hands, not his face.

Besides, he was wearing shades.

- Kind of like that?
- Maybe.

Isn't that the unabomber?

- Find Colleen's stalker?
- Everybody saw him, nobody remembers him.

What about Gina's attacker?
Any witnesses could've scared him off?

Delivery guy didn't see her,

but he saw a guy come
running out of the alley,

get into a dark Ford Taurus,
mid to late '80s.

But he didn't get
a license plate number.

Only 20,000 or so Ford Tauruses
in the five boroughs.

Who wants to start
knocking on doors?

Well, why don't we call Wong, get him down
here. At least get him started on a profile.

He's not available.
He's on assignment in D.C.

Three and four,
four of them are three.

Three of them are right.

- I don't think I'm...
- Can I help you?

Unit of measure for chloride and
anhydride and dicarboxylic acid

and unit three and four,
four of them are, three.

three of them are right.

It's the pattern of the principle.
They know the unit.

The over-the-shoulder score,
they got them. / Ma'am?
The over-the-shoulder score,

Do you know where you are?


We're gonna take you
someplace safe, okay?

If this is the principle,
the preamble,

the perimeter of 14 and 17 and 22.

Or, or 36 and 37.

The bonds, underscore...

four and six, four units.

But only three in carbon.



Were you attacked?

Yes, that was the reason
they knew with the, uh,

the signal and the sarin gas
to get over in time.

Okay, why don't we go
someplace where we can...

Hey, you're gonna...
you're gonna hurt yourself.

What the hell is going on?

Could be the victim no. 4.

Get a bus to Bellevue psych
and go with her.

- Pressure 150 over 100.
- Vest, you know your name?

I found this ID in her coat.
Miranda Cole.

Pupils reactive to light.
Pulse 110.

Couldn't get her temp.
Almost bit my finger off.

- Are you taking any medications, Miranda?
- Get away. I'm not going.

- Get Dr. Hendrix.
- Rebecca Hendrix?

Yeah. Miranda?

- Who's Rebecca Hendrix?
- She used to be a cop.

Miranda, listen to me.
Is there anyone we can call for you?

No, no, no, no, no, no.

I want CBC chem-7,
blood glucose, tox screen,

blood alcohol, pregnancy test.

- Give her two migs of ativan IM.
- Stop!

- Stop!
- 20 of geodon, two of cogentin.


Hey, Olivia. / Hi. She may
have been sexually assaulted.

Miranda, are you hearing
voices right now?

Yeah. What are they saying?

It's my fault
that I brought this on.

What's your fault?

Miranda, do you believe
people want to harm you?



Bin Laden wants to...
hide it in plain sight, but I can see.

Miranda, when were you attacked?


I have to leave now.

Miranda, no.
It's okay.

Nobody's gonna hurt you.
Won't you lie back?

And we're gonna examine you, okay?

They wanna stop me.
They can get into my mind.

Miranda, can you describe
the person that attacked you?

What are those?

The nurse just wants to make sure
you're not injured, Miranda.

I know what they are.

- Don't put anything else in me!
- Miranda, is that where he touched you?

No, no, no, no, no, no!
No more listening devices.

Okey. / I know the procedure.
It's the pattern.

Stop! / Nurse.

- Start her on five migs of zyprexa BID.
- No, no, no, no, no, no.

- Let's talk outside
- Stop, stop, stop, stop!

What'd she say?

Well, as far as I can figure,
she was raped by terrorists.

She's schizophrenic. She's probably
been off her meds for a while.

We're gonna try some anti-psychotics.

Hopefully she'll be able
to tell you more later.

It was great to see you, Olivia.

Well, what about the rape kit?

You saw her.
It's too traumatic. It'll have to wait.

Well, do you think she was raped?

Schizophrenics rarely false
report sexual assaults.

And stress often precipitates
a psychotic break.

Rebecca, I'm sure that you cna appreciate
the importance.of getting this done fast.

Our guy attacked three women in one night,
and if Miranda is the fourth,

then any forensic evidence we have
is degrading as we speak.

I get it, but my priority
now isn't the case.

It's the patient. / Who thinks that you're
implanting listening devies into her body?

That's not gonna change in 24 hours.
She's still gonna be mentally ill,

and by then, we could have
more victims on our hands.

We may not have to wait that long.

Broadway Souvenirs
2019 Broadway
Monday, November 15

Victim's Lori Switzer,
24, closing up shop by herself.

Dad called us when she
didn't come home.

Dispatch said this is the same neighborhood
as your other three incidents?

Yeah. Same neighborhood.

Different outcome.

I was hoping your guy
would keep me out of this.

- We sure it's him?
- Best I can tell.

She was raped from behind.

Looks like fingerprint bruising on the nape
of the neck where he held her down.

She struggled, so he put his weight into it.
It snapped her neck.

Defensive wounds
and offensive wounds.

- She fought hard.
- Doesn't look like we've got any fluids.

I'm guessing he used a condom.

I'll try to get something for you
from under the fingernails,

but she kept them short.

Does it appear that she has
any physical disability?

Not that I can tell,
but if I find anything, I'll let you know.

He's evolving.

Getting more comfortable
and more violent.

Doesn't need his victim
to be vulnerable anymore.

Doesn't need her to survive, either.

This is ridiculous.

We have a living victim in the hospital
who might've seen this guy,

- and we can't talk to her.
- The doc says it's too traumatic.

It's always traumatic.

But we need access to the victims
to prevent future ones.

So why don't you ask Hendrix
to cut us some slack?

She's your friend.

- She's a cop.
- She's a former cop.

We went to the academy together,
and then two years later,

she decides that her time
is better spent shrinking heads.

So I seriously doubt that she
remembers what we're up against.

Then we should remind her.


We need to talk to Miranda
and I need that rape kit now.

Well, it's already done.
It's at your crime lab.

I was just about to call you.

Finally a shrink who gets it.

I wish all you guys were cops.

Look, I hope they find something.

I don't want to make
your jobs any harder.

Miranda's responding well
to the anti-psychotics.

You can interview her
whenever you like.

Great. Where is she?

Um, she's...

she's aware of her illness.

She's self-conscious about
how her delusions sound to others,

but she believes they're real.

She thinks she can predict
the next terror attack

by analyzing molecular diagrams.

Did she say anything
about her rape?

No, she's not gonna talk
about that. Look...

I have to warn you about post traumatic
stress in schizophrenic patients.

We understand PTSD.

I know you do.

But Miranda doesn't
just have flashbacks.

She will relive the experience
when she talks about it.

The sounds, the sensations
all come back so vividly,

they seem real.

Look, if you want,
I can sit in to facilitate.

I got time now.

Sounds good to me.

Fine. Let's go.


Do you remember coming to
the police station last night?

Sort of.

Why did you come in?

Something happened to me.

I know you don't believe me.

Miranda, we believe
that somebody hurt you.

What did he do to you?

He read my mind.
I couldn't stop him.

What does he look like?

He controls my eyes, so I can't see.

He teleports,
so he's always behind me.

I can hear him.

"Don't scream, or I'll kill you."

He communicates through the lights.

Someone in Pakistan
tells him how to do it.


Miranda, is this the man
that raped you?

Miranda, stop.

It's okay.

You don't have to say any more.


So we don't know
if she was raped.

She said something about
the man standing behind her.

All the victims were raped from behind.

- That a coincidence?
- Cragen.

Hendrix also said

that schizophrenics often
incorporate details

that they've heard in the media
into their delusions.

I mean, these attacks have been
all over the news.

But she found her way to our unit.

Look, let's be honest.
She's the only thing we got.

She's on 24-hour hold.
Let's try again when she's more stable.

Lab found semen in Miranda's rape kit.
And they got a match.

Raymond Ettinger.

You've got spiders in your eyes!

You are not a real person!

You'll turn me into a broken glass.

Don't be a werewolf.

Don't be a werewolf.
Don't be a werewolf.

Don't be a werewolf!

- You're under arrest ...
- Don't be a werewolf.

- Don't be a werewolf!
- ... for the rape of Miranda Cole.

- Shut up.
- Don't hurt him. He can't help it.

Well, uh, there's a key,
and actually, it's not really a key.

It's, it's made of hair.
Of follicles, you know,

but I mean, I could look at a point
on the wall and crawl right inside.

I mean, actually, that's the,
that's only sometimes.

Sometimes, it's too sticky,
but, you know, he is not my friend.

Oh, not at all. No sir.

I mean, actually, there's
something over us, inside the air.

It's, uh, very funny, actually.

I, I was talking, you know,
at "inappropriate" times.

You know, my mom says, "oh, it's better
to use the pencil, not the crayon."

But I actually think red isn't
the color of blood anymore.

I mean, everything is different.

You guys have really changed.
You should think about that.

Actually, you know, it's only
when I eat the crust.

And the center falls out
right in the middle of the world.

And goats actually had
strings on their toes,

but it was Julie Andrews singing.

No, Ray-Ray.

- Who's Ray-Ray?
- He's a frequent flyer at Bellevue.

He and Miranda must've
had sex in the ward.

- He was discharged this morning.
- You sure the sex was consensual?

Unfortunately, it happens
all the time at the hospital.

And Ray-Ray is not a rapist.

His DNA is in the system for filing hundreds of false
reports about his neighbor trying to murder his cat.

I don't believe this. / Well, look, as far
as Miranda's concerned, this is good news.

She wasn't raped. / I talked to her, Olivia.
I think she was.

The rape kit didn't find
any evidence of spermicide,

which was present in the other
two victims who were raped,

and the only semen
belonged to Ray-Ray.

Which only means she wasn't
raped last night.

Schizophrenics often lose
perception of time.

Something that happened a week ago
they'll say happened yesterday.

And she does fit the perp's criteria.

You find a victim who
has a disability and exploit it.

A schizo off her meds.

Seems like the perfect target.

Schizophrenics are twice as likely as the
general population to be sexually assaulted.

Statistics aren't gonna tell me
when she was raped.


Uh, I can't find my head.

Let's bring Ray-Ray back to
Bellevue and ask Miranda.

Oh, Cathy, is Miranda Cole awake?

She checked herself out, Dr. Hendrix.

- When?
- Couple hours ago.

Soon as the 24-hour hold expired.

No luck?

- In the wind.
- Where does she live?

She wouldn't tell me.
I doubt she has a permanent address.

Then she should have been
kept in the hospital.

We can't force her.

She's allowed to check herself out,
unless a court compels her to stay.

This is exactly the problem
with the mental health profession.

You medicate them just enough
so you can cut them loose,

and then nobody monitors them.

They go off their meds,
and the next thing you know,

they either become the victim
of a crime or they commit one.

Either way, we have
to clean up your mess.

So, what, we lock them up
to make your life easier?

- Is that your solution, Olivia?
- If it keeps them safe, yes.

I left the job because
I got sick of locking them up.

I'd rather treat the criminals
and help the victims.

Do you think Miranda's being
helped right now on the street?

I think we all can agree
the answer to that is no.

So let's find her.

- Any relatives?
- She mentioned a sister.

I'll check her old medical records,
see if I can find a contact number.

Check public records, too.

Where are you going?

To work.

We're gonna need a shrink
if we find Miranda.

She trusts you.

- I already have a job.
- So what are you doing here?

You may not be a cop anymore,

but I know you want to find
this guy as badly as we do.

Apartment Of Margo Sanders
127 East 82nd Street
Wednesday, November 17

Miranda got sick
not long after this was taken,

but back then, I thought
she could do anything.

Her junior year in college,
she got an internship with a senator in DC.

That's when she started telling us
the Soviets were bugging her phone.

Now it's terrorists.

When was the last time
you spoke with her?

She called four days ago.

She was pretty bad.

She say anything about
somebody trying to attack her?

She was rambling about
a man who tried to kill her.

Someone's always trying to kill her.

He hurt her inside, she said.

- God, if I had known it was true.
- There's no way you could have known.

You can't help your sister
if she refuses to be helped.

You have any idea
where she might go?

I bought her an apartment with the
inheritance after our mother died but...

- she rarely stays there anymore.
- Where is it?

Upper west side. Near the park.

And near the other rapes.


It's Dr. Hendrix.

She covered all the windows.

There's not a lamp anywhere.

She said they communicate
through the lights.

Look at this.

Soda can tops.
There must be thousands of them.

She probably uses
them for protection.

Protection against what?

Surveillance, mind-reading,
chemical weapons.

The world trade center.
U.S.S. Cole.

It looks like every plane crash
from the past decade.

What does all this mean?

It only makes sense to her.

She fixates on molecules and terrorism.

Others fixates on the devil
or Jesus or aliens or the FBI.

God, what a way to live. / Yeah.


Blocking! Blocking!
Blocking! Blocking!

I'm blocking you!
I'm blocking you!

- Miranda.
- Blocking you! Blocking you!

Miranda, it's Dr. Hendrix.

Remember how we talked about you
taking your meds so you wouldn't be afraid?

It's not safe.

It is now.

Can you come out? / I've been
blocking him, and he's come in anyway.

- It's not safe!
- Who came in?

Three, and then four!

- Kitchen is wired.
- Three and then four.

Four victims.

It's not safe.

Pants and underwear, Miranda's.

She was raped here.

And she preserved the crime scene.

"Say it. Say you like it.
Or I'll hit you!"

"Tell me what's wrong."

"Tell me I'm a man.
The best man you've ever had."

Miranda, what's happening?

- What is he doing to you now?
- Something is inside.

He is! He hears from the...

the inside out.

He, he has, uh...

- a disguise over his eyes.
- Sunglasses.

His head is made of bugs.
He left one here... to spy on me.

This is blood.

"Say it feels good!"

"Say my name!"

"Say Thomas!"

Come, come on.

We pulled every Ford Taurus
matching this description registered

to a Thomas in five boroughs,
about 150 of them.

Anybody got a rap sheet?

Well, three with violent priors.

No sex offenses.

But only one lives in the middle
of all the rape activity.

Thomas Mathers.

He's a part-time data entry clerk
for an insurance company. No record.

The blood in Miranda's kitchen was a match
to the blood on Gina Kownacki's crutch.

Then, assuming Miranda's name recall
is sound, we got a suspect.

Olivia, run a background
check on Mathers.

See if M.E. Warner's free
to make a house call.

And use your powers of persuasion
to get Thomas to volunteer a DNA sample.

Apartment Of Thomas Mathers
158 West 85th Street
Wednesday, Novembers 17

Thomas Mathers, police!
Open up!

- You're not Thomas Mathers.
- No, Alan Richter.

What's wrong?

Where is he?

He's indisposed.

- What, what's going on?
- Alan, you mind if we talk inside?

Yeah, all right.
Come in.

- Hi.
- Thomas is your roommate?


Who's she?

Dr. Melinda Warner.
I'm the medical examiner.

Somebody die?

You could say that.
Either one of you smoke?

I quit a year ago.

Thomas hates it.

Hey, Al, do me a favor.

Get dressed. We'll wait
for Thomas out here.

Hey, Elliot, check this out.

- Roommates, but one bedroom?
- This guy's gay?

It's a damn shame.

Can you tell me why
you want to talk to Thomas?

We're investigating a series of sexual assaults
on women in your neighborhood.

And you think that he did it?

Not necessarily.

What, what's going on?

They think you attacked some women.

No, we just want to ask you
some questions, Thomas.

You still drive a Ford Taurus?

Yeah. Um, I'm sorry.

Who was attacked? / Can you account
for your whereabouts three nights ago?

Thomas, come on.

He was here.
We went to bed at 10.

Alan, why don't you broadcast it.
They're investigating crimes.

You can't come out
of the closet for that?

- Honey, it's okay.
- Stop it.

I told you.

Hey, Thomas, I need you to answer
these questions yourself.

Now, three nights ago,
where were you?

- I, I was here in bed.
- In bed alone?

- With Alan, okay?
- See? Easy.

Now just give us a DNA sample.
We'll clear it all up. We'll get out of your hair.

No. / No?

I don't want to.

They're not gonna
catalog it as homo blood.

No blood.

Just a swab in the mouth.

I want to put a rush on Mathers' DNA,
but it's a good bet he's not our guy.

Women aren't exactly his type.

Still doesn't explain
what Olivia and John found.

What's that? / Trouble ...

seems to follow Thomas
wherever he goes.

During the 6 1/2 years
he attended Michigan state,

there was a rash of unsolved peeping
incidents all over east lansing.

Don't tell me they stopped
when he graduated.

Yeah, it also stopped when he took
three extended medical leaves.

No peeping reported
during those times.

Then he moved to
Cleveland for two years,

where their P.D. reported several unsolved
breaking and entering incidents.

Female victims, nothing missing.

He was in training
for rape and murder.

Boyfriend alibied him.
Home in bed all night.

Then the boyfriend's either
a liar or a heavy sleeper,

because the night that Colleen,
Samantha, and Gina were attacked,

Thomas' cell phone received
an incoming call at 10:00 P.M.

From his mother in Queens.
Now, at midnight,

there's an outgoing call to mom,

but the cell site use
was in Queens, not Manhattan.

That puts him at mom's house,
not in the vicinity of the rapes.

Colleen wasn't raped
until 2:00 in the morning,

depending on how long
he stayed in Queens.

Plenty of time to get back in the city.

And visit with mom, evening of rape.

- What would freud say?
- I'd rather ask Mrs. Mathers.

Find out how long Tommy boy visited.

Home of Mrs. Mathers
Queens, New York
Wednesday, Novembers 17

Tom didn't tell me
about a car accident.

Witnesses are wrong
all the time, ma'am.

We just want to confirm
his whereabouts three nights ago.

Maybe it wasn't his car after all.

You're probably right.

He would never hit somebody
and drive away.

Let me just get off
this telephone call.

Does the smoke bother you?
I can open a window.

Don't worry about it.

Wouldn't do a damn thing, anyway.
I can taste it.

We're gonna smell like an ashtray
when we leave. Just like our rapist.

Three nights ago, you say.
Yeah, he was here.

- What time was that?
- Oh, a little after midnight.

My furnace broke again. I don't know
what I'm gonna do with that darn thing.

- How long did he stay?
- Uh, about 20 minutes.

Tom tried to fix it that morning too.
But it's still not right.

Let me take a look at him, Mrs. Mathers.
My uncle owned a repair shop.

Aren't you sweet?

The basement is right
down those stairs.

It's nice to have your son
help you around the house.

Oh, yeah.
I have to twist his arm to do it.

He yelled all the time he was here.
He's got his own life.

He can't drop everything
because of me.

All that nonsense.
Still, he's a good boy.

What are you doing here?

Just getting some straight
answers out of your mom, Tommy.

- A lot more than we got out of you.
- You can't come in and harass people.

We're just being helpful.

That furnace is a lost cause, by the way.

Look how dirty my nails are.

Aw, man, you're gonna
need a manicure.

You know where he can go?

He can make an appointment
for me down at our station.

Thomas Mathers, you're under arrest
for the murder of Lori Switzer.

You have the right to remain silent.

So we're thinking
the gay thing is a cover?

It's pretty elaborate. He's been living
with that guy for over a year.

A homosexual rapist is new to me,
but it's not impossible.

Rape isn't about sexual attraction.
It's about power.

Most men would be too difficult
for him to control,

so women make better victims.

Regretting the career change, doc?

Elliot asked me to stop by.

Why would a homosexual man
rape women?

Uh, well...

I guess for the same reason
a heterosexual man does.

I'd have to know more
about his psychopathology.

Why don't you sit in
on the interrogation?

Wouldn't be a bad idea to have as
shrink in there, help us figure this guy out.

Since when are you such a champion
of the mental health profession?

You just said it yourself, Liv.
This is new to us.

I agree.

He's already rattled. Three of you
should be able to get in his head.

This is Dr. Hendrix.

Detective Benson.

Me, you know.

I didn't rape anybody.

Thomas, we're gonna have a hard time
believing you, especially after you lied to me.

You were at your mom's house
when you said you stayed home.

So? I forgot.

- You forgot?
- I got confused.

And so was Alan.

He said you stayed home, too.
Or is he lying?

No, uh, he had a few drinks,
and he didn't wake up.

Then why didn't you tell your boyfriend
you went to your mother's?

He's not my boyfriend.

Because you live with him,
you sleep with him,

- you have sex with him.
- That is disgusting.

- What's disgusting?
- That, I don't want to talk about that stuff.

Now, Tom.

The only person in this room who's got
a problem with homosexuals is you.

Get over it.

You're bleeding.

Uh, it's nothing.
I cut, I cut myself shaving.

So Thomas...

why are you so hung up
about being gay?

From what I hear from the M.E.,
This Alan is quite a catch.

I'm not gay, all right?
I'm just, I'm going through a thing.

Have you ever had a girlfriend?

Lots of guys don't
find the right girl.

That's true, I mean...
being single's not easy.

You would not look at me
twice if I asked you out.

You would not give me the time of day,

so don't pretend you understand
what I'm going through.

I don't need your pity.

You're just looking
for the right girl.

And one day you'll rape her
and live happily ever after.

There's no doubt in my mind he did it.

That guy is the worst liar
I have ever seen.

He's got a built-in defense, he's gay.

No one disputes that.

He's no different
from any other rapist.

Men like him view all sexuality
as sick and depraved.

Sex is equated with degradation
and violence.

Probably blames women
for making him gay.

Look how he instructed the victims
to tell him how much they wanted him,

like if they found him
attractive, he'd be fixed.

Yeah, but ultimately, his sexual
preference is incidental.

He feels helpless.
He wants control.

He'd be a rapist,
gay or straight.

- All right, arrest him.
- Belay that.


Because he didn't do it.

Warner called. Thomas Mathers' DNA didn't
match the blood found at either crime scene.

- Well, could it be a lab mistake?
- She ran it three times.

Cut him loose.

I don't know what to tell you,
but this is wrong.

Thomas Mathers is your rapist.

- We just got proof that he's not.
- Maybe he worked with an accomplice.

Elliot, every victim
told us the same story.

- One rapist.
- Everything else fits.

The car, the smell of cigarettes,
the dirty nails, Rebecca's profile.

- Which was wrong.
- I don't believe it was.

And I can't believe you're taking
a shrink's opinion over actual facts.


We don't even know that
the perp's name is really Thomas.

- What's your problem?
- If Miranda is taking her med's now,

then she's gonna be more lucid,
and maybe she remembers something.

I want to talk to her
without Rebecca.

What's your problem?
She's a cop. That's all I need to know.

No, Elliot, she didn't think being a cop
was good enough, so she quit.

Is that what this is about?
Some sort of inferiority complex?

You know, I get that you're
on the rebound and everything,

but if you could keep it
out of work, that'd be great.


Look, the last thing I wanna do
is get between you and your partner.

Don't worry about that.

But something has been
bugging me about Mathers.

The shaving cut on his neck.

It looked like he hadn't
shaved in at least a day,

so why didn't the blood clot?

I don't know, but what's that
got to do with the case?

Let's find out.

Both blood samples from the crime
scenes had a low platelet count.

That would make the blood
take longer to clot.

Yep. / What would
cause a low platelet count?

Could be any number of things.
Disease, drugs.

Do we have enough blood
to do a tox screen?

Yeah, but we have to know
what drug we're looking for.

Mathers took medical leaves
in college, right?


During my E.R rotation,

patient came in, unconscious,
some kind of allergic reaction.

All we had was his name and
the college ring he was wearing.

I called the school
and got his medical history.

Saved his life.

You want to call Michigan state and
find out why Thomas' blood isn't clotting?

I can't.
I'd lose my license.

But Dr. Elliot can.

Apartment Of Miranda Cole
81 West 91st Street
Thursday, November 18

Miranda, detective Benson's here.

How you doing?

It's the Van der Waals forces.
The weak, non-covalent bond.

Oh, the bug is in the kitchen.

But it's dead.

Evaporating, vapor and gas,
but that's a lie.


Remember when you told me about
what happened in the kitchen?

It's not in the bonds. / Was there
only one man, or were there two?

But I know, I know what to do.

Do you want me to call Dr. Hendrix?

He can teleport with cobalt
and three atoms plus one.

He found them in the library.
He's made of books in my hand.

Miranda, did you
see him in the library?

Is that where the terrorist
followed you from?

He was changing all the words.

He burned it up without fire.

Can you show me
where you saw him?


Is this where the terrorist was?

Uh, he was pretending to read,

but I knew that he
was recording my thoughts.

And he sent them to Afghanistan.

Where was he standing?


Was he standing right here?

Principles of particle physics.

He was reading this book?

They record you and steal
the inside parts of your brains.

It's because of the, um, waves.

The oxygen and the hydrogen.

I, um, I'm blocking it now.
I'm blocking, blocking.


I need you to promise
you'll take your medication.

It will make the terrorists go away.
Will you promise me that?

They're recording you, too.

- Hey.
- His blood isn't his blood.

- What?
- We know why his DNA didn't match

Thomas had leukemia.

In college, his bone marrow ablated
and replaced with donor marrow.

From that point on, the blood he produced
had different DNA from the rest of his body.

We only took a cheek swab.

He knew that the blood would
never match the crime scene.

This is unbelievable.

The problem is the information wasn't
exactly obtained on the up and up.

Sure it was,
reasonable deception.

It's thin, and still not enough
to get a blood warrant to retest him.

This is.

Thomas stalked Miranda,
and this time, he forgot his shades.

Part 46
Friday, November 19

Counselor, I'm denying
the request for bail.

Mr. Mathers, you're hereby remanded
to the custody of the court

pending disposition of this case.
We're adjourned.


Miranda Cole is dead.


She committed suicide, Olivia.
Margot found her this morning.

I wanted to tell you so you didn't
have to hear it from somebody else.

What is this, some sort
of "I told you so" lecture?

Her death had nothing to do with you.

The disease killed her,

the voices in her head that have
been telling her to do this for years.

The voices that got louder
after she was raped.

You can't save everyone, Olivia.

I'm sorry.