Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 6, Episode 5 - Outcry - full transcript

A missing teenager found beaten and tied up in a college dormitory under construction claims that she was raped by three students, but as the investigation proceeds and information obtained...

In the criminal justice system,

sexually-based offenses are
considered especially heinous.

In New York City,

the dedicated detectives who investigate
these vicious felonies are members

of an elite squad known
as The Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

Took the family to see
the Statue of Liberty yesterday.

Give me your tired, your poor,
your homicidal, taxi drivers.

Kids loved it.
You know how long her schnoz is?

4 1/2 feet. We took the tour too.

Got us another bum.

Hey! Hey, you in there!


Oh, Lord!

- Please, don't hurt me!
- Nobody's gonna hurt you.

Call an ambulance, Jeff!

What the hell you waiting for?!

I know her.
Look at this.

She's that girl that's been
missing since Friday.


It's Tandi McCann, all right.

Workers found her tied up
with duct tape.

They the ones who called the press?

Yeah, hot line's been
all over the papers and TV.

What is this building?

Hudson University's new dorm.

- Is Tandi hurt?
- She's pretty shook up.

All she said is she was raped.

Stop taking photographs, okay?

This is my daughter.

If she doesn't wanna go,
she doesn't have to go.

Sir, your daughter needs
to be seen by a doctor.

I will bring her in later.

I want to take her home
and get her cleaned up.

Her mother is worried sick.

Let's calm down here.
Are you her father?

I'm her stepfather.
Who are you?

I'm Detective Stabler.
My partner, Detective Benson.

You the ones that called these vultures?

No, Mr. McCain, we're here to help.

Tandi's been through enough already.

- No, Daddy, just take me...
- That's it! She's comin' with me!

I'm sorry, Mr. McCain,
but Tandi is a minor,

and under the Social Service law,

she needs to have
a medical examination.

- I'm her father. Don't I get a say?
- Take her to St. Catherine's.

Daddy, don't let them!

Daddy! Daddy, please!

- It's okay, baby. I'll meet you there.
- Daddy! No!

- That's what's best for Tandi.
- Yeah, well, we'll see about that.

Social Services law?
What was that crap?

If Tandi goes home,
we lose our evidence.

Bastard gets away with it,
and he rapes another kid.

Liv, you crossed the line.

That girl is too young and
too scared to think for herself.

So you're gonna think for her now, huh?

What else could I do?

Law & Order SVU
6x05 Outcry


What's happened out there, Olivia?

Stepfather tried to pull
Tandi out of the ambulance.

Liv just did what she had to do
to make sure we have a case.

Well, dad's telling the press you
lied to him,

and deliberately ignored his wishes.

His wishes?

I thought we act for the victim,
not her parents.

Problem is, now he's threatening
to withhold the rape kit.


He's upset. His daughter's

- They just want this to go away.
- Okay, I'll talk to Tandi.

No, no. Elliot will.

You bumping me off this case?

Look, the dad is madder
than hell at you.

Give him some time to calm down.

Tandi's mother is on her way in.
Talk to her.

Do you really have to put her
through this?

We do rape kits on every victim.

And if you don't give us
permission to use it,

the chances of IDing the
assailant are pretty slim.

You do want us to find him,
don't you? / Of course, I do.

Then let her talk about
what happened.

- That's the best way to deal with it.
- All right. But I'm staying.


Come on.

Could you give us a minute?

Hi, Tandi. I'm Elliot.
Can I ask you a few questions?

I told my dad everything.

Can you tell me, too?

I was walking to the bus stop...

... and these men asked me
if I wanted to go to a party.

I said no, and they grabbed me,

and they dragged me to that room.

- How many men?
- Two or three.

- I'm not sure.
- Can you describe them?

Um, it was dark. I don't know.

Well, were they short, tall,
black, white...

I don't know.

Can you describe
what they were wearing?

- Some kind of uniform.
- Good.

Well, it's Monday.

Did they keep you in the same room
all day Saturday, Sunday?

They said if I tried to escape,
they would kill me.

Please. Please,
I want to see my mom.

Now, Tandi is still in high school.
What was she doing at Hudson?

She's taking an advanced
placement course over the summer.

To get college credits?

She wants to go to Columbia
to major in English and French.

She's bright, works real hard,
never causes any trouble.

Now, she was studying there
Friday night?

She called to say that
she was working late at the library.

By 11:30, we got worried.

Ronald went up to the university
to look for her.

I called her friends.

So your husband was home with you?

- Yes.
- And who called the police?

I did, around 4:00 a.m.

Why did you wait so long?

I told you, because Ronald was
out looking for her.

Why are you making this
so hard for us?

I'm just trying to help your daughter.

Well, then, please,

let me see her. / Ok.

Her rape kit is negative for fluids,
but positive for spermicide.

- Our attackers used condoms.
- Can we prove it was rape?

Her thighs are heavily bruised.
Her hymen is torn.

I mean, she definitely had sex.
And she's a virgin.

Any trace evidence of the perps?

Construction guys that found her
let her clean herself up a bit.

Destroying most of the forensics
in the process.

- What do you got?
- Nada from CSU.

But campus security broke up a party

at Rochester dorm around
11:30 Friday night.

Where's the dorm?

Across the street from
where Tandi was found.

The place is crawling with army cadets

taking summer classes
in military leadership.

Tandi said her attackers wore uniforms.

When she was heading home
from the library,

did the bus stop here?

She had to pass Rochester dorm.

Talk to the dean and everybody
who was at that party.

Hudson University
East Quad
Monday, August 16

I do regret what happened,

but you shouldn't jump to conclusions

just because military personnel
live across the street.

We just want to talk to them.

I'm afraid I can't release any names.

Unless there's direct evidence
of their involvement.

My students have a right to privacy,
and I have a duty to protect them.

A girl was kidnapped and raped
on your campus, Dr. Lyne.

What's your duty to her?

We have our own disciplinary

If a student is found to have
committed an offense,

it'll be handed over to the police.

We know all about college procedures...

Rape victims intimidated,
persuaded to drop charges.

I'm sorry.

I will talk to the parents of the
cadets who attended this party.

If they wish to make a statement,
that's their choice.

Now, you're on private property,
and I must ask you to leave.

College is closing ranks.

Not tight enough. Head of campus
security was a cop at the 29.

He gave me four names of the
students he questioned

at the party in Rochester dorm
Friday night.

And their class schedules.

All right, we should wait till they
leave campus. / Divide and conquer.

Tony Storr?

- What is this?
- Police business.

- See this girl Friday night?
- Yes, sir, I did.

- Where?
- She was at the party at our dorm.

- Are you sure?
- Yeah, she invited herself.

She's sixteen, Mr. Delvecchio.

She said she was 21.

- Said to who?
- I don't know.

Acted like she was 21.

How did she do that?

You know, drinking, dancing,
having a good time.

- She dance with you, Joe?
- No, sir.

Why not? It's your party.

You're a good-looking guy.
She's a nice-looking girl.

- I already got a girlfriend.
- Was she at the party?

- No, sir.
- Were there any other girls there?

- A couple, maybe.
- You know their names?

No, sir. Just sort of bumped into them.

- You see Tandi leave?
- Nope.

She must have slipped out.

Tandi's face was on the TV and
the newspapers all weekend long.

How come you didn't report seeing her?

I guess I just didn't put two
and two together.

Yeah, I can see where that'd
be a problem for you.

Mr. O'Connor.

Trevor Langan of Henshall
and Langan.

Your family's instructed me
to act on your behalf.

You have no right to question
my client on university property.

Your client is on a city sidewalk.
I can question him all I want.

Did you wear that uniform Friday night?

- Don't answer that.
- Why not?

'Cause it's immaterial.

Not to me.

It is to me. Which means
this interview is over.

Come on, Mr. O'Connor.

- He give you anything?
- Yeah.

- Tandi was at that party Friday night.
- That's what my guy said.

You think that little detail just
happened to slip Tandi's mind?

Let's go ask her.

McCain Residence
Queens, New York
Monday, August 16

- Has Tandi said anything yet?
- Have you got any leads?

- Hey, Jim.
- Anything you can tell me?

Yeah... Go home.

You know him?

Friends from high school.
Jamie Barragon.

- Tandi's big news.
- Yeah...till the next big news.

Detectives, can we
get a statement, please?

Were you at that party, Tandi?

Of course, she wasn't.

Some of the people there
say she was.

What people?

Army cadets.

They're lying!

Those are the uniformed bastards
that raped her.

Tandi, we're on your side.

We just need to know exactly
what happened, that's all.

Tell him, baby.
Were you at the party?

No! I was walking to the bus stop,
and they grabbed me.

Why is everyone telling lies about me?

God, I just wish you'd all
just leave me alone.

All four cadets say
Tandi was at the party.

Are you sure she's not lying?

Even if she was there, it doesn't
give anybody the right to rape her.

Anything from the crime scene?

Well, CSU just finished doing
elimination prints on the family

and the site workers,
so I wouldn't hold your breath.

Well, I got a press conference
tomorrow at 9:00,

and I would like not to look like
a complete idiot.

Let's use the press.

Give 'em a little information.
See if it kicks up a lead.

Like what? / Those four cadets
weren't the only ones at that party.

Why hasn't anyone else come forward?

You got anybody you can trust?

The guy covering the Tandi
case for the Ledger.

He's an old buddy of mine.

The poor kid has been
through enough already.

Why do you have to make her life
more miserable?

Because she's news.

Tens of thousands go missing
every year.

What makes Tandi big news?

Same reason Chandra Levy and
Elizabeth Smart were big news.

They're young, cute, and white.

Whatever it takes to sell your paper.

Is there any sexual assault?

You know I'm not gonna answer that.

Please... why else would
the sex cops be involved?

Jamie, I'm not going there.

Are you still focusing
on the university?



You want my help, Elliot,
you gotta throw me a bone.

We're...interested in talking to anyone...

... who was at a party
in Rochester dorm Friday night.

Well, maybe you should
be talking to Tandi.

We hear she was partying up a storm.

Where'd you get that?

The cadets' lawyers?

They're just trying to dirty up the victim.

So she is a victim?

Come on, Elliot, off the record.

Are you looking at the cadets
who threw the party?

Off the record?

You bet.

What is this? Student rape:
cadets questioned.

Byline's Jamie Barrigan.

That who you talked to last night?

- I didn't give him any of this.
- Well, he got it.

Now he's named two suspects
and outed Tandi

as a rape victim to the entire country.

Let me just talk to the son of a
bitch. / No more talking to the press.

I want to contain the damage,
not spread it.

Gotta get up to Washington Heights.

911 came in from a cadet's girlfriend.

Manhattan SVU. Detective Tutuola.

Take it easy.
Tell me what happened.

Uh, we were walking along the street,

when these bastards started
calling Joe a rapist.

And they chased him into the street,
and straight into a car.

We get the guys that chased him?

They disappeared,
just as soon as his head was...

Why did the papers print his picture?
He never hurt anyone.

It's okay, Detective, we got him.

Pulse is slow and thready.

We need to scoop and run.
Let's go.

Hospital says Joseph Eglee
is still unconscious.

- He's gonna make it?
- He's stable.

- You can't blame Elliot for this.
- I don't, but IAB might.

Just tell them exactly
what you told the reporter.

Chief of Detectives, 11: 00.

- Chief.
- Don.

- You Stabler?
- Yes, sir.

Why don't we take this in my office?

A high-profile case with the media
on it like the measles,

and you go and name
our main suspects.

I didn't name anybody.

So it's just a coincidence

that the paper's quoting a source
close to the investigation.

- Why the hell did you do it?
- We needed a lead, sir.

Reporters can go anywhere cops
can and get people to talk easier.

This one certainly got you talking.

Sir, I authorized Detective Stabler

to give the journalist something
on background.

I don't believe he gave any names.

Personally, detective,
I'd dump you back into uniform,

but that would look like we're admitting guilt.

So we have to back you up.

He can stay on the McCain case,
Don, but no contact with the cadets,

and zip your mouth around the press.

Elliot, don't beat yourself up over this.

The bastards put that kid in a coma,
they out Tandi as a rape victim.

I helped them do it. / The press
says that Tandi is a public figure.

That makes her fair game.

There's nothing that you can
do about it. / Oh, yeah?

Come here, you son of a bitch!

Hey! Hey!
Come on, cool it!

Cool it? You nearly got that kid killed.
Are you out of your mind?

- I didn't chase him into traffic!
- You made damn sure somebody did!

- This is not my fault!
- Whose fault is it?

Some other reporter had the names
of the cadets from someone on campus.

My editor just put two and two together.

Right, including that bit about
Tandi being raped? To hell with you.

You're the ones who gave that away,
just by being there!

Look, I'm sorry, El.

If I didn't run with this story,
somebody else would!

I got a job to do, too, you know.


Might have a lead for you.

We got a tip this morning some guy
owns a bodega near Hudson U.

He says he swears he saw Tandi
in his store Saturday afternoon.

Why aren't you splashing that
all over your front page?

'Cause we check our sources.

We can't confirm a word this guy says.

He's got no security cameras,
nothing. Plus, he's a weirdo.

- What's his name?
- Fred.

The store's called Grummond's.

She was standing right
where you are.

What a little cutie.

- Tandi McCall.
- Tandi McCain.

- And what time was this?
- Uh, 4:30, 5:30 Saturday.

She came in, kind of sneaking around,
hiding her face.

Bought a soda and a sandwich.

- You got a receipt?
- Yep.

Like I told that reporter, I can sniff
out trouble the second it walks in.

Sausage and egg sandwich
and a can of Club cola.

Was Tandi alone?

Seemed to be, but she was jumpy.

Fred, it's obvious
you got a good memory.

You think you'd recognize her again?

Sure, I could.

That's her.

You've been very helpful.
Thank you.

Ben, it's Liv.
Look, can you check the lab

for food wrappers and soda
cans found at the crime scene?

- Yeah, great. Thanks.
- Don't get your hopes up.

- He didn't recognize Tandi's photo?
- Recognized my daughter Kathleen.

Plenty of junk stuffed behind
the walls, under the floor.

People use the place like
it's a camp site.

But this is definitely from a
four-day-old sausage
and egg sandwich.

You can tell all that from those little,
bitty crumbs?

Nope, from the label.

Well, what do you know?
A partially-crushed can of Club cola.

I guess Fred wasn't as
big a flake as Elliot thought.

- What else you got?
- Roll of duct tape.

The end tear matches
what Tandi was bound with.

We'll run it all for prints.

McCain Residence
Queens, New York
Tuesday, August 17

I'm sorry, you can't come in.

Tandi's too upset to talk right now.

The whole world knows she was raped,

and the papers say you guys gave it up.

That's not true. We never release
the identity of rape victims.

Oh? Well, tell that to
those people out there.

Hanging around here like
we're some kind of freak show.

Mr. McCain, the quickest way
to get the press away from here

and Tandi back to normal is
if she just tells us everything.

- She already has.
- Not quite.

Her fingerprints are on a food wrapper
in the room where she was found.

Yeah, so? Maybe the bastards fed her.

Apparently, the food was
purchased by Tandi

three blocks away from Hudson
University on Saturday afternoon.

When, according to Tandi,
she was being held captive.

We also found her prints on a roll
of tape...that she was tied up with.

What are you saying?
She tied herself up?

We don't know.
That's why we need to talk to her.

Please, Mr. McCain.

The press are
on her side at the moment.

They find out about this,
they could turn.

I don't know about any food.
I was held prisoner.

We know that, and nobody's blaming
you for what happened.

We just need to understand
how you managed to escape.

I didn't! / Well, then,
how did the food get in the room?

I told somebody I was hungry.

And one of them took me to the store.

- Did he come in with you?
- He waited outside.

He said somebody was gonna watch me,

and if I said anything, he would kill me.

Tandi, I want you to
take a look at these photos.

Tell me if you recognize anyone.


They said that they know where I live,
and they would come after me.

Tandi, I promise that they will
never come near you again.

And we will protect you.

But you've got to help us out, okay?

Tandi... look at the photos.

Him. He's one of the cadets.

What about here on the second page?


Are you sure?

They raped me.

How do you know that?

Okay, good enough.


What's going on?

My journalist buddy,
trying to make nice with me,

says that channel three news has
something we'll want to see.

Channel 3 News
74 West 66th Street
Tuesday, August 17

Detectives, this is
a videotape of the party

at Rochester dorm last Friday night.

- Where'd you get this?
- Confidential source.

We'll be airing it on the 11:00 news.

You can't do that.
This girl is a victim of sexual assault.

Sorry, she's a public figure now.

And from the looks of this,
not a victim.

I'm seizing the tape because
it's evidence in an ongoing inquiry.

It's our property.

I'll get a warrant to seize it,

and an injunction to stop you
from airing it.

You can't do that. It's censorship.

I'm protecting a rape victim.

Stay here. He does anything
with that tape, arrest him.

New-York sweap shield protects
a victim's identify.

Alleged rape victim, your honor.

When you play the tape,

you'll see that Tandi McCain was
perfectly aware that she was being filmed.

She was intoxicated, therefore,
unable to consent.

Also, the tape is evidence
in a criminal investigation.

It should be given to police,
not broadcast across the country.

If you're arguing for prior restraint
of publication, Ms. Novak,

let me remind you of the First Amendment.

- Was the tape legally obtained?
- Yes, your honor.

And channel three believes
the public has every right to see it.

That's the same self-serving
spin a network

put on airing the Andrew Luster tapes.

They claimed that people had a right
to see a rape victim being violated.

It's salacious, not newsworthy.

This video is of genuine
public interest, your honor.

Not least because it
dramatically contradicts

the girl's own statements to the police.

How do we know the video
was made that night?

What if it's been edited?

We have the only copy.
It has not been edited at all.

- And you can prove that?
- I'm sorry, Ms. Novak.

But the First Amendment trumps all.

However, I'd hate for
your station to be sued

because it aired a tape
from the wrong night.

So you'll surrender to the NYPD

for 24 hours pending
authentication, hmm?

Anything else?

We need the name of the person
who shot the tape, your honor.

He or she is a material witness
to the events leading up to the rape.

The source is covered by
journalistic shield, your honor.

You get the tape, Ms. Novak,
not the auteur.

Technical Assistance
Response Unit
One Police Plaza
Wednesday, August 18

Luckily, we got him.

He just doesn't know it. Watch.

I want you to look to Tandi's right
as she moves towards the mirror.

There he is. Freeze it.

Zoom in.

- Can you clean it up?
- Patience.

Just a few more mouse clicks.

That's Luke Delvecchio.
I interviewed him.

- Real bottom feeder.
- There's something else at the end.

- See in the background?
- Yeah, Tandi's leaving the room.

- Anybody follow her?
- Nope.

Tape stops right after that.

So Delvecchio must have
seen her leave.

You and Elliot ask Tandi
about her performance.

Munch and Fin will bring
in the bottom feeder.

Yeah, I shot the tape.
So what?

- Why didn't you tell us before?
- Because I wanted to sell it.

There's nothing wrong with that.

Tandi McCain is 16,

so we've got you for promoting
the sexual performance of a child!

What are you talking about?

That word too big for you... try child porn.

Seven years in Attica.

- You're making this up.
- Call your attorney, ask him.

Or tell us what you did to Tandi,

- and we'll cut you a deal.
- I didn't do anything!

You saw her leave the party.

Your perv film stops
the moment she walked out.

You followed her,
and you raped her. / I didn't.

She looked sick,
so I asked if she was okay.

- She told me to leave her alone.
- And you did?

I went back to the party.

Look, I'm kind of shy around
pretty women, all right?


Didn't know she was, not till
she was on the news.

You knew she was missing.
Why not say something?

We could get thrown out of the
cadets for giving a minor alcohol.

So you kept quiet.
That's courageous.

I know I should have said something,
but I didn't touch her, I swear!

If she says different, she's lying.

Tucker Construction
634 Broadway
Wednesday, August 18

My daughter is telling the truth.

You saw the tape, Mr. McCain.
Tandi was at that party.

And she was drugged.
She'd never act like that.

People are gonna believe
what they see on that tape.

I don't even know how to fight this.

I had to send her to her aunt's
to get her away.

Now she's gonna get crucified on TV.

- Please, Mr. McCain, listen to us.
- You listen to me.

My wife's at home on bed rest
because of the stress.

And you'll do anything to make an arrest,

even if it means turning
my daughter into a slut.

It doesn't matter what was on that tape.

It matters that your daughter was raped.

- She doesn't sleep around.
- We're not saying that.

Look, Mr. McCain, I know how scary

it is being the father to a teenage girl.

Don't you tell me you know how I feel!

You don't know jack.

You know the most common reason

women make false rape allegations?

To explain away a consensual
sexual encounter

when confronted by
a boyfriend or a parent.

You son of a bitch.

You accusing my daughter of lying?

Hey, Ron.

Is everything okay here, huh?

Oh, yeah. Fine.
They're just leaving.

This is crap, Liv.
He's covering for her.

She was raped, Elliot.
He's trying to protect her.

You'd do the same thing.

I would do anything to find the son
of a bitch who did it.

You know, let's remember one thing.
That guy is her stepfather.

She's not his kid.


It's Cragen.
Crime lab has something.

Iodine fumes react with skin
secretions to bring up latent prints.

She just blows through a tube.

And the heat of my breath covers
the target area with iodine vapor.

A perfect hand print.

Which is exactly what we've got here.

Two clear handprints
on the stack of sheet rock.

Know who they belong to?

We did elimination prints on the family.

Got a perfect match.

Tandi's stepdad, Ronald.

He has access to herevery day
at home,

but he drags her onto
a building site to rape her?

Sure explains why he didn't
want us talking to Tandi.

And why she didn't want to talk to us.

Let's background him.
See if there's any dirt.

I do construction, building supply.
You know, anything that turns a buck.

And Ron McCain's been with me ever

since he came here from
Nassau county.

- I wish all my people were as loyal.
- Any problems?

He had a heart attack
about a year ago,

so I took him off construction,
made him yard foreman.

I meant problems with
his behavior or with the cops.

Anything like that?

You gonna tell me what this is all about?

Just a routine inquiry.

Yeah, routine, my ass.

This is about Tandi, isn't it?

If you people think that Ron McCain
had anything to do with this,

you must be desperate.

He loves that girl like she was his own.

Tandi's birth father still around?

Oh, that loser stayed behind eight
years ago, when they moved here.

Ron have any trouble at home?

When he first started dating Alice,

he said that things were
kind of difficult with Tandi.

- What kind of difficult?
- Ah, there were some allegations.

But he said it all settled down.

July, 1995, Nassau County
Police Department.

They had a complaint of
abuse against you.

It's a crap charge brought
by my wife's ex-husband

because he was jealous that
I was dating Tandi's mom.

It says right there that the complainant
was Tandi Wetherby, age seven.

Bastard put her up to it.
Keep reading.

Cops investigated.
Dropped all charges.

Because Tandi withdrew
the allegation. / Yes!

Is that what this is about?

Got tired of attacking my daughter,
so you're coming after me.

Were you ever in the room
where Tandi was raped?

No. Why?

Because your handprints
say that you were.

On the sheet rock right next to
where Tandi was found.

We supply sheet rock.

It must have ended up in that building.

That's quite a coincidence, Ron.

There have got to be hundreds of
other prints in that room besides mine.

We got a better explanation for you.

Tandi's not a girl anymore.

All grown up, beautiful woman.

Your wife's pregnant.
Hard not to notice Tandi.

You are sick.

The night she didn't come home,
you went looking for her.

Like I told you! / But you didn't
tell us that you found her.

Now, you saw her
coming out of that party.

You wanted to be mad,
but she was drunk.

Maybe she was flirting with
you a little bit. / Shut up.

So you brought her to the dorm and
did what you always wanted to do.

- You bastard.
- Oh, come on, man. She is a peach.

You're only her stepfather.

What's the big deal, huh?

Ronald McCain, you are under
arrest for assaulting a police officer.

You all right?

You have the right to remain silent.

Anything you say can and will be
used against you in a court of law.

You have the right to an attorney.

If you cannot afford one,
one will be appointed to you.

Do you understand these rights
as I have read them to you?

McCain was released on bail.

His boss Mike Tucker
signed the bond.

Nice boss.

I just wish we could have kept McCain
locked up while we worked on Tandi.

If someone had accused me
of molesting my kid,

I'd want to beat the crap out of him, too.

What, now you're saying he
didn't do it? / I don't know.

The only I do know is that we're
not running this case. The media is.

Tandi McCain was always news, Elliot.

We made her bigger news
the second I talked to that journalist.

We're trying to catch the bad guys,
they're trying to make headlines.

Different agendas.

Coming up, the truth about what really
happened in tonight's top story.

Our exclusive interview
with Tandi McCain.

Turn that up, please.

- You're saying it didn't happen?
- I made it up.

The whole thing?

I stayed out late, and
I was afraid I would get in trouble,

- and everything got out of control.- What the hell?

I'm so sorry.

What about the two men
you said raped you,

one of whom is still in the hospital?

- Are you sorry about them too?
- I really am.

The police made me name them,

and they showed me pictures, and...

Because I want it to end.
I want to be left alone.

Do your parents support you in this?

Yes, we do.
Tandi's been through so much.

- Oh, that girl sure knows how to cry.
- She's not done crying yet.

Arrest her.

Are you sure?

She obstructed us every step
of the way. Arrest her.

Captain, how does that help anything?

It's gonna stop her lies.

Bring her in.

- What charge?
- Filing a false report.

Where are you taking her, detectives?

Is she under arrest?

Tandi, have they arrested you?

What's the charge, detective?

Is it because you went on TV?

Tandi, you got anything to say?

Mr. McCain,
do you have any comments?

Why are they taking Tandi away?

Are you going down to the precinct?

Ms. McCain, why did Tandi lie?

- Who arrested a rape victim?
- She said she wasn't raped.

Tandi McCain has done nothing but lie,

and she nearly got an innocent
kid killed in the process.

We have to send a message.

What, by dragging a teenager
out of her home?

Look, Liv, every false allegation of rape

just makes it harder for
the real victims to be believed.

Look, the girl obviously didn't
know what she was doing.

She seemed clear enough
when she recanted on national TV.

If she was telling the truth.

You're convinced she was raped?

We found spermicide, remember?

Which could mean
she had consensual sex.

Then why was she so traumatized

that she hid on a construction
site for two days?

Look, maybe she didn't tell us the truth,

but I'm not sure that
she told it on TV, either.

And what do you think
the truth is, Olivia?

Her stepdad's been
sitting right next to her.

He put her up to it?
Can you prove that?

Let me talk to her one more time.


Not gonna get her alone.

Dad's in there with her.

Do you think you can get him out?

You're right, I'm wrong.
You didn't rape your stepdaughter.

Now, why should I believe that?
Tandi says she wasn't raped.

But then, if I believe that,

then I've got to believe
she lied about everything else.

She lied about going to the party.
She lied about being raped.

Now, all of a sudden, he's telling
the truth? Come on, Ron.

That poor girl has told so many lies,

she doesn't even know
what the truth is.

Why are you doing this?

To make you face the truth.

If you've got nothing to hide,
let us talk to Tandi alone.

Find out what really happened.

I'm not gonna put her
through that again.

Because she can't take it
or you can't?

What are you afraid of, Ron?

She's gonna blow the lid off
your happy family?

It was a happy family.

I made sure of that.

She's already had one father failure.
I wasn't gonna make it two.

Ron, the only way you can fail
her is by denying the truth.

What is this place?

Oh, we use it to talk to children
so that they feel more at home.

It's a lot more comfortable than
some of those other rooms.

- I'm not a child.
- I know that.

But you're only 16, and
you've been through more stuff

than most adults can handle.

You must feel like a giant
weight was lifted off you

since you went on TV and
said the rape didn't happen.

- It didn't. I made it up.
- A lot of rape victims say that.

They start down one road,

and then they realize how tough it is,
and they back off.

It's easier to say that you made it all up.

I told you, nothing happened!

- But that's not true, is it, Tandi?
- It is! Why don't you believe me?!

Because I saw the evidence.

Because I saw the blood.

And the bruises.

You were raped, Tandi.

You've blocked it all out.
But it's gonna come back.

- And you have to face it.
- I don't want to face it.

I know that you're protecting
somebody because you love him...

- ...or because you're afraid of them?
- I don't have to stay here.

Who are you so scared of,
Tandi? / No one!

- Is it your stepdad?
- Please, just let me go.

I'm not gonna let him hurt you.

But tell me why are you so afraid
of him? / I'm scared for him!


Because I don't want him to die!

If he raped you, he's not gonna die.
He's gonna go to jail.

- He never touched me.
- Then who did?

Tandi, please tell me.

Tell me.

I can't. I can't.

My dad's got a bad heart

And he said if I said anything,

then my dad would lose his job...

... and his insurance.

My mom is pregnant.

Who said that?

Who said that?

It would just kill him.

I don't believe it.

You know?

Mike Tucker, my boss.

My friend.

- Tandi accused me of rape?
- Multiple rapes.

Where am I supposed to
have done this?

In the dorm rooms that
your company's building

for Hudson University last Friday night.

- I wasn't near Hudson on Friday.
- First lie.

You called campus security to
close down the cadet party.

How would I know about a party?

Oh, second lie...

campus cops said that you were
working late in your on-site office.

Now, before you go for the hat trick,
I want you to think

how easy it'll be for us to check
your phone records.

I'm sorry. I made a mistake.

I did call security.

We have a lot of trouble with
the students breaking into the site.

Were you worried that they were
gonna interrupt you raping Tandi?

I've known Tandi since she was eight.

I watched that girl grow up.

I supported her family
when her dad was sick.

I've loved her like a daughter.

And to suggest that
I might harm her...

well, that's disgusting!

I'm touched, but you still raped her

and then threatened to destroy
her family if she told anyone.

Tandi said that about me?

- I don't believe you.
- Why not?

- She's terrified of you.
- She's terrified of you.

I see what you're doing here.

First, you go after the cadets.

Then the father.
Now it's my turn.

You people are so desperate
to close this case,

you'll put the screws to anyone.

Who's next? Her mother?

Not gonna sugar coat this, Tandi.

The defense is gonna chop you
to pieces on the stand.

They're gonna drag up every lie
you told, every change of story.

It's gonna be a tough trial.

What should I do?

I don't know, sweetheart.

What would you do?

I think that has to be
Tandi's decision.

But I've known many rape victims
who've regretted not going to court.

And I've never met one
who's regretted it.

Win or lose?


Even if you do lose,

you've already faced your attacker
and named him for what he is.

Trial Part 27
Thursday, October 14

Why did you lie to the police
about being at the party?

Because I knew it would upset
my mom and dad.

Did you falsely identify

Joseph Eglee and James O'Connor
as your attackers?


Though you knew they were innocent.

Yes. / Why?

I was exhausted.

And the press were outside
our house all the time.

I hadn't slept in two days.

The police showed me photos.

And I hoped that if I named someone,
it would all just stop.

I did a terrible thing.

I'm sorry.

What did happen that night?

I left the party because
I was feeling sick.

And I was walking outside, and...

- I met Mr. Tucker.
- What did he do?

He was angry with me
because I stayed out so late.

And he told me that
he would show me

a place where I could get
cleaned up before I went home.


... then he took me onto
the construction site.

- To the unfinished room.
- I thought he was a still angry.

But then he told me...

... how sexy I looked.

And how much I had grown up.

And then he kissed me.

And he brought his hand up my skirt.

I... I begged him to stop,

and...he held me down,

and... he told me that I wanted it.

And then he raped me.

What happened next?

He told me...

...if I told anyone,
he would fire my dad.

And that the stress would kill him.

Then he left?


He raped me again.

And then he gave me
$20 to take a taxi.

I didn't know what to do.

So for two whole days, you hid.

I was so ashamed.

I just wanted to crawl into a hole
and never come out.

Thank you.

No questions, your honor.

The young lady changes
her story every two minutes,

who who knows
what version we'd get here?

- Your honor...
- Behave, Mr. Kressler.

Any more witnesses, Ms. Novak?

The people rest.

We would like to recall
Detective Stabler

as our first witness, your honor.

What is a false rape allegation?

It's an unfounded accusation of rape.

What is the most common type?

When a woman uses rape to explain
away a consensual sexual encounter.

You see a lot of that in your work?

Not a lot.

Well, according to
the FBI crime statistics,

nearly 10% of all rapes
turn out to be false allegations.

Some sources put it
even higher than that.

Is there a question here? / Yes.

Did you at any time believe
that Tandi was lying?

Yes. / She lied about being tied up.

She lied about the cadets.

She even snuck out to a store
by herself to buy food,

and then she went on TV
and admitted she was lying.

She recanted.

- She was terrified.
- Really.

- You arrested her.
- For filing a false report.

And after you arrested her,

didn't she try to change
her story again?

She told us the truth.

You mean she told you
what you wanted to hear.

- No, she said..
- Come on.

With all the publicity around this case,
you had to get a result.

Even if it meant accusing
an innocent man. / Your honor...

Nothing further.

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury,
have you reached a verdict?

We have, your honor.

On the charge of rape in
the first degree, how do you find?

We find the defendant not guilty.

Mr. Tucker, you're free to go.

Court is adjourned.

Tandi, over here! / Tandi, how
do you feel about the verdict?

- Do you think it was fair?
- Are you sorry you went to court?

I'm just sorry I didn't win, that's all.

What do you do next, Tandi?

I'm gonna go to school
and get on with my life.

All right, that's all.

- It's Tucker!
- Mr. Tucker!

I'm sorry, Tandi.

Don't be.
You were right.

I don't regret it.

Thank you.

- For what?
- For not being afraid.

- Detective Stabler?
- Yes?

My name is Alison Luhan.

And I want to report a rape.

When did it happen?

Six months ago.

Do you know who raped you?


Mike Tucker.

Mr. Tucker, do you feel
vindicated by the verdict?

What are your feelings toward
Tandi McCain? / Were you angry?

Do you blame Tandi?