Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 6, Episode 22 - Parts - full transcript

When the head of a woman is found with traces of semen on it, the detectives suspect they have a necrophiliac. But they learn that they're dealing with a black market organ ring. John learns that Amy Solway, a person they sent to prison is looking for a kidney. As are the parents of a young boy.

In the criminal justice system,

sexually-based offenses
are considered especially heinous.

In New York City,

the dedicated detectives who investigate
these vicious felonies are members

of an elite squad known
as The Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

You think he's going a little fast?

Damn right he is.

What are you doing?
Slow it down.

- You see always driving?
- Yeah.

We don't do that.

Billy thinks this is Nascar,
and he's Richard Petty.

Where's he going with that one?

Since when do we do
two cars at once?

We don't. He's showing off.

Billy, what are you doing?

Whoa. What the hell was that?

I think it's a lady's head.

What do we got?

Female. Early in mid-20s.
Her head, left leg,

and right arm were in the car.

Dismemberment's not a sex crime.

This one might be.

I found traces of semen
in her throat.

Guy didn't even let her gargle.

The head and extremities
are barely decomposed.

Probably dead less than a day.

- You get prints?
- He cut her hand off at the wrist.

Maybe he knew she'd be in the system,
didn't want us to be able to ID her.

So why leave the head behind?

Maybe the other parts
are somewhere else.

He left us this.
Take a look. / Got ink.

- "Leon." Could be her boyfriend.
- Or an ex.

One more thing.
See this surgical scar?

From a knee replacement.

We can get the serial number
from the prosthesis, trace her from that.

Any idea what was used to cut her up?

I can't tell you the weapon,

- but it was no hack job.
- What do you mean?

Each part was skillfully
disarticulated at the joint

by someone who knew
exactly what they're doing.

Like a butcher.

Or a doctor.

Law & Order SVU
6x22. Parts


What are we dealing with here?

Probably a sexual sadist.

What, because he had oral sex with her
before he chopped her up?

You sure it wasn't afterwards?

It doesn't matter.
With a guy like this?

the brutality is more arousing
than the intercourse.

- So he tortured her.
- I don't think so.

There's no coagulated blood
on the cut points.

Which means, he disarticulated
her after he killed her.

You're a sadist,
where's the fun in that?

Could be some wacko who wanted
to see how her parts worked.

You know, like, when a kid
pulls the wings off a butterfly.

Anything from missing persons?
Nothing off the head's description.

We don't even have enough of
an M.O. to feed to VICAP.

All we know is this woman was murdered
sometime in the last 24 hours.

Unless his perp kept her parts
in the refrigerator.

Or his stomach was full.

We got a Hannibal Lecter
running around town?

I doubt that he's a cannibal.

Then where's the rest of her?

Discarded somewhere else.

Or maybe he made
a lampshade out of her.

Like Ed Gein, he made them
out of his victims' skin.

We don't need to canvass
any interior decorators.

What do you got? / the company that
made the knee replacement traced

it to to V.A. up at Fort Hamilton.

You know I can't discuss a patient.

This one's dead, doc.
V.A. said you replaced her knee.

You recognize her?

Manette Combs.

Was it drugs?

Why do you say that?

Manette was in and out
of detox a few times.

- For what?
- Vicodin.

Manette did a tour of duty in Iraq

until her supply company was attacked
by insurgents last year.

Army shipped her home
with a knee full of shrapnel.

You put her on painkillers.

Well, she needed them.
It alleviated the pain but,

she was already hooked.

When I stopped prescribing the vicodin,
she turned to heroin.

How do you know?

She came in.

High, begging for drugs.

I tried to, to talk
her back into rehab.

That was the last time I saw her.

You have an address?


Manette wasn't the same
when she came home from the war.

I guess I knew this would happen.

Why is that?

The army was Manette's life.

Straightened her out.

After all the trouble
that she had in high school.

She wanted to go back
when she recovered.

But they gave her a medical discharge.

She never got over it.

When's the last time you saw her?

Maybe six, seven months ago.

You know where Manette was living?

She wouldn't tell me.
She didn't want me to go looking for her.

But I'm sure that she
told her boyfriend.

- Was his name Leon?
- Leon Shragewitz.

- How did you know?
- His name was tattooed on Manette's ankle.

I'm not surprised.

She was crazy about him and
He really cared about her.

- Leon live around here?
- No, Williamsburg but,

he works over in the Bronx
at a Kosher slaughterhouse.

He's a butcher.

You need to talk to Leo?
What for?

We think he may have
witnessed an accident.

What kind of accident?

How about letting us ask the questions?

Leon called Sunday.

Said he was sick,
didn't know when he'd be back.

Haven't seen or heard from him since.

- Lousy schnorrer.
- Well, maybe he really is sick.

It's the girlfriend.

Always has to leave early
because of the girlfriend.

Can he come in late
because of the girlfriend?

She's such a problem,
why doesn't he just get rid of her?

- Okay, we're gonna need an address.
- Stay here.

Looks like Leon had a little
obsession for Manette.

Yeah, maybe a fatal attraction.
He's been missing a week.

She's chopped up,
and he's a butcher.

Think that's enough for a warrant?

You find Leon, you tell him
he's one day from being out of a job.


Police, Leon.
We're coming in.

Looks like Leon took a powder.

Must've figured he did enough
butchering for one week.

This place is awfully neat
for a single guy.

Neat? He's compulsive.

Look at that.

The guy puts lables on his
meat dishes, his dairy dishes.

Looks like he's gonna forget.

labels here, too, on every shelf.

- Think Leon's got a little OCD?
- Or else he's just so rigid,

that he can't stand anything
being out of place.

Including his women.

Observant men like Leon
might have trouble dealing

if someone disobeys god's laws.

You think he killed Manette

because she put a dairy fork
in the meat drawer?

Manette had semen in her throat.

The Bible says that you're not supposed
spill your seed except to procreate.

So if she tempted him
and then he gave in,

then maybe he hated himself so much
that he took it out on her.

There's blood on these work boots.

Guy works in a slaughterhouse.
Blood may not be human.

Yeah, but the DNA on Leon's
toothbrush should be.

None of the blood
on Leon's boots is human.

And the DNA from his toothbrush

doesn't match the semen
from Manette Combs' throat.

So we got another guy in the picture
that could've killed Manette.

Well, maybe Leon murdered her
after he caught her with somebody else.

Maybe whoever
she was shooting up with.

Tox screen turned up
opiates in her system.

Well, my money's still on Leon.

We just gotta find him.

- I might be able to help you.
- How?

I ran the opiate sample from Manette

through the gas chromatograph

Took the signature,
sent it to the lab for comparison.

With what?

GC signatures from samples of vouchered
drugs taken off the street.

Because heroin and cocaine are always
cut with some other substance,

the percentages show up
differently on the graph.

Can we find out where
Manette bought her last shot?

Already did.

Heroin sold under the street brand name,
"Shock and Awe."

Narcotics task force seized a couple
of kilos last month in Crown heights.

Can I help you officers?

- You know her?
- Nope.

- We're not narcotics.
- Hey, I'm clean.

Tell you what,
if you don't start talking,

you're really gonna see
some "Shock and Awe."

You know her?

Name's Manette, but I haven't
seen her since last week.

- You sell to her?
- She's got money.

Where does she get her money?

- You know, works for a living.
- She's a pro.

We like to think we're freeing
these uptight Hasidic guys

from their religious
sexual oppression.

Doing god's work.

Any idea who the last oppressed soul
is that Manette worked on?

- It was me.
- What happened?

Yeah, I'll tell you what happened.

I pay her 20 bucks.

We go into the alley.
She does her thing.

I'm zipping up.

And this crazy man runs up
and starts slapping her around.

- Is this him?
- Yeah.

Anyway, she told him to get lost,

and he's screaming at her, saying
she gotta come with him.

And she tried to get away,

but he draged her towards
Nostrand avenue.

He's been around here since then?

Yeah, like he never left.

All week, in and out of
that synagogue across the street.

Put this on.

- I look Jewish to you?
- Respect.

Leon Shragewitz?

Ye, yes.

Police. We need you
to come with us.

We met in the park.

I could tell that she needed help.

I told her that God could stop her suffering
if she became observant.

When did you find out
about the drugs?

She was high one night
when she came over.

Did that make you mad?

She told me what happened
to her in Iraq.

I felt sorry for her.

Not sorry enough to keep her around.

I wanted to marry her.

But first she had to be clean.

And she wasn't strong enough.

Maybe she was too strong.

You couldn't control her.

You like to be in control,
don't you, Leon?

Is that why you killed her,

or is it because you caught
her going down on some skel?

She made herself unclean
by touching him.

So you chop her up.

What? What are you talking about?

Leon, I want you to tell us
where the rest of her is.

You, you think I butchered
Manette? I loved her.

Then why'd you kill her?

She promised to stay clean,

but she wouldn't stop
using the drugs.

And then I saw what,
what she was doing to that man.

It must have really
pissed you off.

She had desecrated her body.

I, I pushed her.

She fell down the stairs
into the subway.

And when I went to check...
I went to check on her,

she was dead.

I wanted to throw myself
in front of a train.

But suicide is a sin.

When did this happen?

Last Friday around 4.

Swear to god,

I swear to god I did
not mean to kill Manette.

Well, I've heard better stories.

I think he's telling the truth.


Because he swore to god?

Because he had less than an hour
and a quarter to chop her up,

take her to the junkyard in Inwood,
and get back before Shabbos.

No way Leon's gonna be anywhere
on Friday after sunset except in shul.

Someone picked up a dead Jane Doe

in the subway station
at Nostrand and Eastern parkway.

Last Friday, 4:40 in the afternoon,
in one piece.

Look, if Leon didn't butcher
Manette, who did?

Last week's subway Jane Doe?

I performed the autopsy myself.

And she was all there?

Physically, yes.

Cause of death?

Heroin trip.

This girl didn't O.D.

I meant she tripped on the subway stairs
because she was high.

Snapped her C-1 and C-2
vertebrae on the way down.

Damn junkie broke her neck.

Actually, someone did it for her.

There were no signs of strangulation.

No attack or defensive wounds.

Her boyfriend copped to helping
her down the steps.

You ruled it accidental.

I stated we found
no evidence of foul play.

So what happened, you packed
her as a homeless junkie,

and just didn't try to ID her?

Of course we did

Well, when you got her,
she still had her fingers.

I mean, all you had to do was run
her prints through the system.

She's a war veteran.
Manette Combs.

They're on file.
That's impossible.

The first thing we do
on a Doe is run prints.

You personally?
No, one of the assistants.

Mark Mogan had this one.

Where did he send her?

The same place we send
all unclaimed bodies.

Potter's field.

Luckily, they hadn't buried her yet.

Saved us a bundle in exhumation fees.

Doesn't look like
it was tampered with.

What's left of her remains
have been in here over a week.

You might wanna use the vapo rub.

Let's hope the rest
of her is in there.

Resting in pieces.

Someone at the Brooklyn M.E.'s
office sandbagged us.

Yeah, I'll bet
his name is Mark Mogan.

Look, man, I just process
them and ship them.

Does that process include leaving
your semen in Manette Combs'
severed throat?

- No, that's insane.
- So is raping the dead.

You know abusing a corpse
is a crime, Mark?

I never abused anybody.

Three dozen unclaimed bodies
you processed and shipped

are being exhumed right now.

- Why?
- To see what's in the caskets.

What's it gonna be?

Some more violated corpses
or just more beanie bodies.

Listen, it's not
what you're thinking.

Oh, you have no idea
what I'm thinking.

I was performing a public service.

Yeah, even the dead need
a little loving.

I only took junkies and bums.

They didn't contribute anything
to the world while they were living,

so I helped them contribute
a little after they died.

- By chopping them up?
- I didn't chop them up.

- I donated them to science.
- Donating my ass!

How much did you get?

Two grand a body.

- But the benefit of medical research...
- Who'd you hawk them to?

Who'd you hawk them to?

A guy named Russ Bianco.

I call a number,
and he meets me.

You Bianco?

Yeah, where's Mogan?

Ah, he couldn't make it.
He knew I needed the cash.

Name's Elliot.
I work in the morgue with him.

You got a city ID?

Fresh off the slab.

- Uh, he's not an addict.
- No.

That guy's in better shape than
the stiffs Mark usually sends me.

Brain hemorrhage.
Tox screen clean.


Nice gig Mark's got going here.

How's your supply?

Always looking for more.

One of my cousins works
in the Manhattan morgue.

Make sure he's discreet.

You see something you think
I'll like, give me a call./ All right.

You wanna give me a hand
with this guy? / Sure.

Bet he's got plenty of hands
and other pieces stashed somewhere.

Maybe he's dipping them in wax,

- passing them off as sculpture.
- What?

A classic Vincent Price movie.
You gotta see it.

I'd rather see here Bianco's
hauling Mr. Dead body.

Hudson medical school?

I can't believe they'd hire
a sleazoid like Bianco.

Looks like he's an outside contractor.
Does that jacket say UPS?

It says APS.
Anatomical procurement services.

Cooler's too small for our body.

He didn't have time to cut it up.

This is unacceptable.
The order was for 20 knees.

Well, the students will just have to share.

My students are surgeons
getting CME credit

in advanced arthroscopic techniques.

These people are not
accustomed to sharing.

Actually, they won't be a problem.

I'm sorry, there is
no auditing of this course.

We're not here to audit the course.

We're here to audit the school supplies.

This medical school
buys thousands of body parts.

But I assure you,
all the paperwork is in order.

Where do you think
you're going, Frankenstein?

Well, I just make deliveries.
I don't know where they come from.

- Russ Bianco, you're under arrest.
- For what?

For snatching bodies
and selling the pieces.

Look, I didn't steal anything.

I work in the mortuary
as st. Mark's medical center.

I oversee the anatomical
procurement services.

Yeah, they confirmed that.

Okay. So we provide specimens
to schools and researchers.

It's illegal to profit
from the sale of body parts.

Look, we only charge for their
transportation, storage, and processing.

It is a vital, legal service.

And it's all above board.

As long as the bodies are
donated, not paid for.

Who donated the body
in the back of your van?

I don't know, but I can
get you the paperwork.

You have any paperwork
on Manette Combs? / Who?

Manette wasn't an organ donor.

She never willed
her body to science.

And you bought her corpse from
Mark Mogan at the Brooklyn M.E.'s office.

Chopped her up, sold her parts.

And then dumped
what you couldn't sell.

I don't know what
you're talking about.

That's not what you told me before.

Make sure he's discreet.

You see something you think
I'll like, give me a call.

What, you set me up?

Her face ring a bell?

We found her head,
her arm, and a leg.

Where's the rest of her?

Ask my lawyer.

Bianco doesn't have a stolen leg
to stand on, does he?

No, he ripped off donated bodies from
his employer and then sold them.

And when he couldn't fill his orders,
he bought a few stiffs from the city morgue.

Yeah, where was he keeping them?

St. Mark's would've noticed
the extra inventory.

So he can't be storing
his bodies there.

Just got Bianco's financials.

He makes a hefty payment every
month to Randy's wine locker.

Maybe he's an oenophile.

I don't know what that is,

but I can tell you he doesn't
spend anything on wine.

Those storage places
are climate-controlled.

You better call the M.E.

Hands, feet, knees,

heart, liver.

It's a one-stop chop shop.

Just plain creepy.

Ah, and this must be
an unprocessed donor.

Scar on his back still has stitches.

Vertical incision
parallel to the spine.

Avoiding the paraspinus muscle.

And for those of us
that aren't doctors?

His kidney was removed.

For some medical student
to practice on.

We got a big problem here.

Yeah, trying to figure out
who all these parts belong to.

I'm talking about this incision.

It started to heal.

How is that possible?

This man was alive when
Bianco took out his kidney.

Novak's waiting for your ruling
So she can indict Russ Bianco for murder.

I don't think there was a murder.

John Doe here died
of a pulmonary embolism.

Blood clot to his lung.

So taking out his kidney
didn't kill him?

Embolism can happen after any surgery.

Or butchery by Bianco.

Bianco didn't operate.

Judging by the technique, this
surgery was performed by a pro.

- What was wrong with him?
- As far as I can tell, nothing.

Your victim had no signs
of renal disease.

And no one matching his description
had a kidney removed recently

at any hospital in the tri-state.

Only reason I can think to remove
a healthy kidney is to donate it.

Or to sell it on the black market.

- You gotta be kidding me.
- Bianco's selling parts from dead bodies.

Gotta be a lot more money
in live ones.

Sure he wasn't found in a hotel
room in a bathtub full of ice?

With the telephone next to him
and a note to call 911,

that's just an urban legend, captain.

How we doing on John Doe's ID?

Thomas Taylor, 34.

Took a collar for
shoplifting last year.

No known address.

This much tooth decay?
Hasn't seen a dentist in years.

He's probably homeless.

So Bianco was recruiting
poor people off the street.

You got a desperate guy.
Bianco offers him a couple grand.

He'd sell his kidney
and his mother's.

And Bianco jacks up the price
and flips it to some rich dude.

Yeah, another example of how
the wealthy get better health care.

People wouldn't be buying kidneys
if there were enough donors.

You think selling organs
should be legal?

Why not? People can sell
their blood, sperm, and eggs.

Of course, there's more where
that stuff came from.

You only need one kidney to live.

There would be more to transplant
if people were allowed to sell them.

What about those that
can't afford to buy one?

Are their live worth less
because they're poor?

Sixteen people in this country die
every day waiting for a kidney.

Rich and poor.
We need a system that will save more lives.

Well, until the law is changed,

we're gonna have to collar the surgeon
and whoever bought John Doe's kidney.

Then start with the national
transplant clearing center.

Everyone on their list waiting
for a kidney is a potential suspect.


A subpoena?

These people are sick.

They have a right to privacy.

I'm sure the NTCC doesn't condone
the sale of black market kidneys.

Of course not.

The most critical patients should be
getting first crack at these organs.

Regardless of wealth.

How many people are we talking about?

5,000 in New York state
waiting for kidney transplants.

Last year, we had about 1,000 donors.

What happened to the people
who don't get one?

Some died.

The lucky ones are still
on dialysis, waiting.

We're doing our best to encourage
more people to donate.

There you go.

700 names.

New York first.

John, you see who's
at the top of the list?

I saw.

Amy Solwey.

- John.
- Thought you were still in prison.

- I got out three months ago.
- How?

Compassionate release.

I had the transplant,
but rejected the kidney.

Guess the state didn't want
to pay my hospital bill.

- How did you find me?
- NTCC list says you're next in line.

- For once, the sicker I am, the better.
- How sick?

End stage renal failure.

And now, heart damage.

So any day now.

As soon as some perfectly
healthy person with my blood type

is murdered
or has a terrible accident.

Kind of hard to pray for.
Waiting's got to be rough.

Better than the alternative.

You ever think of going
on the black mart?

You gonna bust me if I say yes?

People say it's wrong
to sell a kidney.

But then, how come
they pay everyone else?

The transplant team. The NTCC.
The hospitals.

The people who make
the rules aren't dying.

Why did you come here?

Because you have type-A blood,

and we find a guy who died after
selling his kidney on the black market.

Also type-A.

I don't need his kidney.

I'm at the top of the transplant list.

You should be starting at the bottom.


I'm number 37.

I've been waiting for five years.

But the sicker ones keep
moving up the list past me.

You having any problems, Carmen?

Not yet.

But I'd like to get off
this thing and have a life.

In Peru, you can get
a kidney in 48 hours.

People line up around
the block to sell them.

Surprised you're not
on a plane right now.

I would be.

If I had 100 grand to pay
for transplant.

Here, I'll probably die waiting.

I've been waiting seven years,

and I'm sick of nurses and doctors
and hospitals and praying.

Man of your means has other options.

Buy a kidney? No.

I've had a good life.
No regrets.

I'd rather leave
the money to my grandchildren.

But you'd know where to go
if you changed your mind.

Everybody does.

We used to talk about it
all the time in my dialysis group.

Can you give us a name?

I could, but it would
only be a rumor.

And I don't necessarily
believe it's wrong.

Then why didn't you do it?

Because we spent 90 grand
on our wedding.

There's nothing left.

Now she's gonna die because I can't
even afford to save her life.

Staying positive is better for Kyle.

It looks like it's working.

How long has he been sick?

Oh, since he was three.

Kyle has polycystic kidney disease.

We didn't know
when we got pregnant,

but James and I both carry
an abnormal gene that causes PKD.

How long has Kyle
been on the NTCC list?

Two year. But, uh...

we just keep praying for a miracle.

So anyone suddenly
come into a kidney?

The only folks that dropped off
the transplant list died.

John Doe's kidney could've gone
into someone from out of town.

Let's focus on finding
the surgeon and the next buyer.

James McGovern?

He was debt free, so to speak,
until two weeks ago.

McGovern took out a second mortgage.

Cash advances on his credit card.

And drained Kyle's college fund.

- The TOF?
- $125,000.

Which was wired yesterday into the personal
account of our favorite local body snatcher.

Russ Bianco.

Okay, I made a deal with James McGovern.

So you admit you sold him a kidney.

Did I say that?
See, I don't think I said that.

He wants to be a wise ass,
let's let the feds deal with him.

Yeah, they're gonna need someone
to testify against me,

so good luck. / You really enjoy
playing god, don't you?

I'm saving lives.

I'm a hero, man,
I'm the future.

I connect the needy with the need.

Yeah, you're a real humanitarian
using the poor as spare parts

suppliers for people with money.

The donor gets paid,
a dying person lives, everybody wins.

Especially you after
you get your cut.

What, I'm not entitled?
I assume all the risk.

It's business.

You know how many bodies I see come through
my hospital mortuary each week? / No.

Accident victims.

Kids with healthy, beautiful
transplantable organs at their loved ones

won't sign a consent to donate.

That's their choice.

You wouldn't be saying that
if it was your mother.

Or your wife, or your child
that were dying.

You know, you'd be begging
for my phone number.

Well, your number's up.

Feds will be putting you away
for ten years easy.

But give us the transplant surgeon,

and we'll see to it
that you're home by Christmas.

Oh, man.

You guys didn't hear
a word I said, did you?

This guy thinks
he's the second coming.

Well, he's got a point.

- Are you an organ donor?
- Yup.

I thought Jews had to be buried
with all their body parts.

I figure the Big guy
will give me a pass

if I leave a piece of myself
to help someone else.

- What about you?
- I told Kathy I wanna.

Did you check off that little
box on your license?

- No.
- Why?

- I don't know.
- I know why.

You're afraid to face
your own mortality.

- Well, who isn't?
- We're all gonna die, Elliot.

The only question is when and how?

You pulled Bianco's LUDs?

- Fin?
- Yeah.

Amy Solwey's been calling Bianco.

Everyone who needs a kidney
knows about Russ Bianco.

What's the big deal?

Well, you called him a couple dozen times
over the last two months.

You're at the top of the NTCC list.

What do you need a guy like that for?


In case my next transplant
doesn't work.

Really? What is Bianco paying you
to find buyers for his hot kidneys?

I do it for nothing.

Going to jail for assisted suicide
didn't teach you a damn thing, did it?

Sure it did.

Now I help people live
instead of die.

Amy, you're still breaking the law.

Arrest me.

We don't want you, we want the surgeon
who's performing the transplants.

He's saving lives.

Give us his name,
or you're going back to jail.

No jail's worse than living
in the prison of a sick body.

You'll be living in both when they take
your name off that transplant list.

That would never happen.

When the NTCC finds out that you've been
trafficking in black market kidneys,

they're gonna cross you
right off the list.

You'd let me die?

Give us the surgeon's name.

We'll make sure no one knows
that you were involved.

Oh, god, no, no.

Mr. McGovern, you're under arrest.

- Stay here with your son until we get back.
- Please, you can't do this.

- Where's Dr. Robert Swan?
- In the O.R.

This is my son, please.

You can't go in there.
You'll contaminate the room.

Who the hell are you?

Police. Please stop
what you're doing.

I have to close
this man's incision,

and you have to get out of here
before he gets infected.

- Where's his kidney?
- Right there.

- And it's going into Kyle McGovern.
- No, it's not. It's evidence.

And you're under arrest for
trafficking in human body parts.

Now close him up.

I've got less than 24 hours
to transplant that kidney.

Doctor, you're not transplanting anything.
Just, please, get changed.

I'm not going anywhere
until that doner wakes up,

and Kyle McGovern
is transferred to a hospital.

- What happened to Kyle?
- He's in hypertensive crisis.

His blood pressure is through the roof.

He needs a kidney in the next few days.

- He's on the transplant list.
- I have a kidney for this dying boy.

The law says that you can't
save him this way. Now, doctor...

please go check on your patient
before we take you in.

That boy shouldn't have
to suffer because of this, John.

NTCC decides who gets the organs.

Maybe they can work this out.

Okay, bring Swan and McGovern in.

Once everything's under control, I'm gonna
tell the NTCC we've got a kidney.

- We can't accept that kidney.
- Why not?

Our guidelines strictly forbid transplanting
any organ that's been paid for.

- These are extenuating circumstances.
- Doesn't matter.

Using that kidney would irreparably
tarnish our reputation.

Screw your reputation.
That kidney will save a child's life.

We have a hard enough time
finding organs.

Word gets out we're accepting them
from people who've been paid,

the whole system would fall apart.

- Everyone would want money.
- So that's it.

You're just gonna turn your back
on a healthy kidney.

I'm sorry, detective.
But I have no choice.

John, the NTCC won't take it.

Doesn't matter.

Swan says Kyle is too unstable
right now to take the transplant.

I'll see you back at the squad.

Thanks for coming in.

Where are they?

What are you talking about?

Well, I just spent the last 15 minutes
looking for Munch, McGovern, and the doctor.

They're not here?

I checked interrogation,
interview upstairs.

Only place I didn't try
was the men's room.

- You try Munch's cell?
- Yeah. No answer.

You know, Dr. Swan had to make sure
Kyle and the donor were okay.

Maybe there's a problem.

Come on.

What the hell is going on here?

Casey, take Ms. Solwey
out to the car.

Leave her out of this!

We didn't drag her into this.

John, relax.

Why'd you bring her here?

Amy's next on the transplant list.

That kidney would've
been hers anyway.

You're doing what we're
trying to stop, John.

That kidney was bought and sold.

So let's just throw it away.
She dies.

I know that you care about her.
But you can't do this.

- If that was your son in there...
- It's not my son in there.

We're not talking about my son.

When you collar James McGovern,

you tell him your son's life
is worth more than Kyle's.

I gotta collar you, John.

You arranged this.
Novak saw you here.

You don't think Swan gonna give you up
to get himself a better deal?

Why would I do that?

Did he ask you to put
that kidney in Amy Solwey?

He didn't. It was my idea.
I knew she needed a transplant.

You can arrest me now, detective.
I'm ready to go.

Detective Munch brought
you here tonight, didn't he?

He is in a lot of trouble.

He did it for me.

I would never say that in court.

Read my lips carefully.

John Munch never came
to your apartment tonight.

He never brought you here.

In fact, you don't even know
where this place is.

You got it?


Detective Stabler.

What are you doing here?

- Have you arrested Mr. McGovern?
- Yes.

What's gonna happen to him?

Have to hand him over to the FBI.

He'll probably go to prison.

For trying to save his son's life?

Because he bought that kidney.

He had no choice.

His son will die without it.

I know why he did it.

There's nothing I can do.

I gave you Dr. Swan's name,
because I was afraid to die.

If Kyle McGovern dies,

I'll live with that
the rest of my life.

And so will you.

It's time to go.

You think we could stop by the hospital
on the way to downtown?

I can't.

Kyle will panic if I'm
not there when he wakes up.

I spoke with your wife.
She's at the hospital.

You don't understand.

When Kyle got sick,

he asked me what happens
when you die.

And I told him it was...

I told him it was peaceful,
like going to sleep.

And he was afraid
to go to bed so...

so I promised him...

that I would be there
to wake him up.

I have to be there.



Hey, Kyle.

Your mom's in the cafeteria.

Where's my dad?

He asked me to be here
when you woke up.

Why didn't he come?

Kyle, your dad loves you very much.

He'd do anything in the world
to make you well again.


he did something wrong.

Did he rob a bank or something? / No.

Did he hurt anybody?

He broke the law.

He broke the law
to get you a kidney.

He was just trying to help you.

why is that wrong?

John, what you did
took a lot of balls.

Yeah, well, I gotta
be able to sleep at night.

Just came from the federal court house.
James McGovern is pleading out.

- How much time did he get?
- 18 months.

No one should have to choose
between obeying the law
and watching their child die.

At least the judge postponed
his surrender date for six weeks.

Then he gets to bury Kyle
before he goes to prison.

No, John maybe not.

The NTCC moved Kyle up
to the top of the list.

What about Amy?

She just went to the hospital.

Kid on a motorcye cracked up
doing 140 on the B.Q.E.

Kidney's a match.

Hello, John.

Where are you going?


Something happen to the kidney?

I don't want it.

- Why not?
- Kyle McGovern's gonna die.

We'd both have a kidney
if it wasn't for me.

If I turn it down,
it goes to him.

You could die waiting
for the next one.

I'll take my chances.