Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 6, Episode 21 - Blood - full transcript

After a young woman's baby is tossed out of a car, Benson and Stabler investigate to find out what happened, and after learning the young woman is addicted to prescription painkillers, their investigation leads them to an elderly woman named Jenny Rogers, who lives with her son Kevin and daughter-in-law Carol. The young woman finally identifies Carol Rogers as the person who sold her the drugs, but when detectives go to confront Carol, they find her body and are left trying to uncover who really killed Carol.

In the criminal justice system,

In the criminal justice system,
are considered especially heinous.

In New York City,

the dedicated detectives who investigate
these vicious felonies are members

of an elite squad known
as The Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

- What do you think you're going, huh?
- Leave me alone!

- You know what I want, bitch.
- Stop, please!

- Come on, give it to me.
- No!


Let's get out of here.
Take the car!

My baby...

My baby!



Victim's name is
Samantha Beavan, 21.

Two freaks attacked her
in the club.

She got away,
they followed her, stole her car,

and threw her nine-month-old
baby out the back.

He survive?

He's still breathing.
Car seat saved him.

Mom and kid are on their way
to st. Vincent's.

They rape her in the club?

She was orally sodomized
in the stairwell.

But so far, no witnesses.

She have any idea
who attacked her? / Nah.

She said she couldn't see
their faces.

Might have an eyewitness.

Security camera covers that
service entrance over there.

We'll pull the tape.

What makes a mother
leave her baby in the car

while she goes out clubbing?

No broken bones or head trauma.

He's one tough kid.

Thrown from a moving car,
not even a whimper.

And what about Sam?

Pretty shook up,
but only cuts and bruises.

Did you do a rape kit?

She wanted to nurse Joey first.

Ms. Beavan, two detectives to see you.

- She was just here.
- How many exits?

Two. Main entrance and
the ambulance bay in back.

I'll take the front.


Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Hold on.

Sam. I'm Olivia Benson.
I'm a police officer

and I'd like to ask you
some questions. / I'm okay.

You were sexually assaulted
and you need to be examined.

- But I just, I wanna go home.
- I understand that.

I just need to ask you a couple questions
about the men who attacked you.

Please. Joey's real tired.
Let me take him home.

Maybe you should have thought about Joey
before you left him in a car.

I know, it was stupid.
But I was only going to be a minute.

They were looking for a bartender
and I really need the money./ Miss Beavan.

Miss Beavan.

- You need to come inside.
- No. We're both fine.

Your son isn't. mHis tox screen was
positive for opiates. Painkillers.

I don't understand.
I'd never give Joey any drugs. / Sam.

You were breastfeeding.

You could have killed him.


Sam Beavan is waiting
in the interview room.

What took you so long?

ACS found two priors.
Social worker had to remove the baby.

Sam has a bad habit
of leaving Joey alone.

Security tape from the alley.

Really did a number on her.

- You get a look at their faces?
- Nope, this is it.

- Before you ask,
- no sign of the car.

Sam tell you
why she was using painkillers?

She slipped down some subway steps.

Hurt her back, doctor prescribed oxycodone,
she got hooked.

Along with more than
a million other illegal users.

They call it hillbilly heroin.

You crush it, snort it, get 12 hours
worth of pain meds in one hit.

So we investigate a rape while we
prosecute her for child endangerment.

Or we get her into treatment
and find the guys who attacked her.

That baby could have died
while mommy was trying to score.

- So we punish her for being raped?
- Look again.

They're patting her down.

They're drug dealers.

- She probably owed them.
- Which means she knows them.

Get the tape over to TARU,
see if they can give us faces.

Liv, Elliot, go jog the young lady's
memory about her attackers.

I told that other detective
I never saw them before.

It was dark.
They grabbed me.

Right, and you told us you went
to the club looking for a job.

Owner says they never had one,

so why don't we start again, okay?

You went to the club
looking to buy drugs...

No, I was attacked!

Why are you treating me
like I'm a criminal?

Because your baby's toxicology
report makes you one. / Sam.

You still put your baby at risk.

Now, if you help us,
we can help you.

I'll call social services,
we'll get you into rehab.

The sooner you do that,
the sooner you get baby Joey back.

What do I have to do?

Tell us who attacked you.

His name's Jake Lumet.

Sometimes he sells me pills.

And the other one?

I never saw him before.


Jake Lumet.

Jeez, what a tip.

Looks like somebody's been
having themselves a good time.

He's conscious. Call a bus.

Oh, you puke on me,
I'll kill you.

Okay, this guy's high.

Tell the paramedics
to load up on narcan.

- He's gonna need it.
- Yes, we've got a drug overdose.

What have we here?

Paid for by medicare.

Jake's robbing old people
and beating up junkies.

Who'd he steal the meds from?

Prescribed for a Jenny Rogers.

Jennifer Rogers live here?

Um, Jenny just went to the store.

We'd like to talk to her.

Well, I'm Carol.
I'm her daughter-in-law.

She's not in any trouble, is she?

Should she be?

Well, she's getting sort of
forgetful and wanders off.

She taking any pain medications?

Mm-hmm, yeah.
She's got terrible sciatica.

She mention losing her meds?

Maybe somebody stealing them?

You mean like a mugging?
Oh, god, yeah.

Two days ago, she came home with
an awful bruise on her face.

And she insisted
it was nothing, but, um,

but she'd slipped, you know?

Where can we find her?

You know what,
I'm gonna come with you, okay?

She should be home by now.

Thank you.

- Jenny.
- Oh, hello, Carol. / - Hey.

Um, these are police officers
and they wanna talk to you.

Hi, Jenny. I'm Olivia.
And this is Elliot.

What are you drinking? / Tea.

Oh, Jenny, how could you?

I'm sorry. b/ It's okay, sweetheart.
She just started doing this.

She knows we're hard up,
and she's trying to help out.

By letting her beg on the street?

We asked her to stop,

but we can't keep her shut up
in the apartment all day.

Some bruise you got there, Jenny.

Well, I fell in the street.
It's very icy.

Is that when you lost these?

It must have been.

Did somebody take them from you?

Were you attacked? / Yeah.

Do you know by who?

I wanna show you some photos.

See if you can pick out the person.

Take a look.
See if you can pick him out.

Well, go on.
The police'll protect you.

Maybe him.


Good morning, Jake.
Wakey wakey.

Hey, hey, hey, hey.

Hey, what'd I, what'd I do?

Same old, Same old.

Sodomized a woman,
stole her car,

and almost killed her baby.

Hey. Look, man,
I'm sick here, okay?

I need a doctor.
And a lawyer.

You're under arrest.
Samantha Beavan gave you up. / Who?

The woman you forced to have sex.

Hey, look, man, I haven't
had to force any woman...

Jake, we know you attacked Sam.

We have you on a security camera.

Yeah? Yeah, well,
show me a picture.

Just give up your partner

and we'll put in a good word
for you./ Yeah.

Look, I don't got no partner.

You guys ain't got Jack, man!

Stop busting our balls.

We got Sam and we even got
the old lady you assaulted.

Eyewitness says that you hit her
and took her painkillers./ What painkillers?

The ones you stuffed up your nose
and left scattered all over your crib.

You mean Jenny's?

She sold them to me.

That Jake's a liar.
If she sold him drugs,

why'd she pick out his photo?

Will her I.D. of Jake stand up?

Well, she's a bit senile.
We found her panhandling on the street.

Well, she's broke.
She could be dealing.

There's been cases of medicare patients
selling their prescription drugs.

Buy for $10, sell for $250.

Get George W. on the phone,
that's one way to fix social security.

I just talked to ACS.

Sam Beavan's kid spiked a fever,
back in the hospital.

Is it serious? / He's in ICU.
May have pneumonia.

Is this caused by his mom's drug use?

The oxycodone made him lethargic.

He aspirated milk into his lungs.


Sam's a nursing mother trying to
take care of her nine-month-old kid.

And Jenny Rogers
is just a sweet old lady.

So why does this pathetic junkie
need to beat up helpless women?

Maybe he gets off on it,
or he's trying to intimidate them.

Check the security tape.

Jake's partner's the one that's
dishing out most of the punishment.

Well, the problem is,
Sam says she doesn't know him,

and Jake won't name him.

All right, have Novak charge Jake
with sodomy, grand larceny,

kidnap, and attempted murder.

When he's looking at 20 years,
he'll cough up a name.

Yeah. Someone just coughed up
Sam Beavan's car.

Dumped it in Queens.
CSU's bringing it in now.


- What do you got?
- Car's wiped clean.

We'll run hair and fibers,
but that'll take time.

You could've told us that before we
schlepped all the way down here.

Not all bad news.

Found these in the back
under the passenger seat.

One's still got some in it.

He wipes the car, but leaves these behind?
That's some kind of stupid.

Well, one of them had to climb
in the back to toss out the baby seat.

Pills must have slipped
out of their pocket.

These are two prescriptions for oxycodone
made out to Jenny Rogers.

Old lady's scamming us?

Remember that routine with the cup?

"What are you drinking?"
"Uh, tea."

Panhandling's a pretty good cover
if you're dealing on the street.

We should bring the whole family in.

- Got a call from a friend at the 1-5.
- Yeah, and?

It's your daughter, Kathleen.
They picked her up for DUI.

They're holding her at the precinct.

Go ahead.

Excuse me, officer Crawford?

Hey, how are you?
Elliot Stabler.

- Thanks for the heads-up to Fin.
- Ray Crawford.

What happened?

A car did an illegal U-turn on 23rd,

patrol pulled it over,
your kid's at the wheel.

Cops smelled booze on her.

- You book her?
- Yeah.

She never told us who she was.

We didn't know she was your kid

until we found your
courtesy shield in her wallet.

- Can I see her?
- Yeah. This way.

- Daddy!
- It's okay, it's okay.

- I'm so sorry.
- It's okay.

Why didn't you call me?

Why didn't you tell
the officers who I am? / I was scared.

All right.
I'm sure you were, baby. / No.

I was scared what you'd do.


Is everything okay?

Yeah, I'll handle it.

I'm sorry.
She went to a party...

And you just let her go.

- Elliot. She is 17 years old.
- I know. Look, we'll...

Take her home.
We'll talk about it tomorrow.

- Dad.
- Good night, baby.

Oh, my...

Don't ask.

- Get anything?
- I waited for you.

Jenny's son? / His name is Kevin.
He works as a security guard.

Carol, Jenny, hi. Kevin, I'm Elliot.
Thanks for coming down.

Like we had a choice.

Dragging my mother out
in the middle of the night.

You'd think this was a police state.

- Kevin, please.
- Kevin, relax.

No one's forcing you to stay.

We'd just like to know
what a guy that we pulled in for rape

was doing with your prescriptions.

The guy that attacked her
was a rapist? / Mom.

- Did he do anything to you?
- No. He just pushed me.

Thank god he only stole your pills.

He said your mom sold
him the drugs. / What?

You're gonna believe a rapist?

I know mom's getting on,
and she loses stuff all the time,

but you've got some
nerve accusing her.

Kevin, why don't you and Carol
grab a cup of coffee

and let us talk to your mom alone.

So you can make her
say what you wanna hear?

Like maybe the truth?

Are you calling us liars?

No, we're just wondering

why your mom went to two doctors
in the last ten days

for the Same pain killers.

And how your mother's pills ended up
with two different drug dealers.

- Okay. Let's go. Come on.
- No. Stop it.

- Mom.
- Kevin, stop it!

I'll answer your questions.

You know, selling your pain meds...

- is a very serious crime.
- I didn't.

Jake Lumet says that you did.

Who the hell is Jake Lumet?

Jenny, you picked his photo out.

Did he attack you or not?

No, I made a mistake.

Did another man attack you?

Two men?

I don't remember.

Do you remember going to
two different doctors?

I have very bad arthritis.

Carol said that you had sciatica.

She has that too.

Sometimes I lose my pills,

and I wanna be sure I have enough.

Did you really lose your pills, Jenny,

or did you sell them
because you needed the money?

Okay, so who do we believe?

The junkie rapist
or the crying granny?

She's either selling,
or she's in real bad shape.

80 mgs every six hours?

That's enough to numb a moose.

Could the doctors be in on it?

The pills Jenny had would fetch
about five grand on the street.

A doc in Kentucky made a million bucks
off illegal scrips before he got caught.

Unless Jenny was running
the scam on her own.

I mean, a sweet old lady
like her asks for pain meds,

who's gonna think she's a junkie?

What about her loving family,
Kevin and Carol?

Checked their records.
Both of them clean.

All right, Elliot and Olivia
can talk to Jenny's doctors.

Find out how bad she was hurting.

Wait a minute.

The only thing that connects
our two victims is Jake.

He bought pills from Jenny,
sold them to Sam.

But we still don't know anything
about his partner,

except everybody's too scared
to give up his name.

All right, you and Munch
light a fire under TARU.

They gotta help us find this creep.


Been playing with your
security camera footage.

Took me a while
to find anything useful,

but if you look here,

I isolate and enlarge the image,

increase contrast,

and for six frames, we've got...

Jake the flake.

What about the other perp?

No shot of the face.
But look at this.

Check out the manicure.
Our perp's a woman.

Oh, my god.
Why do I have to see this?

I should be at the hospital.
Joey's real sick.

Just tell us who she is, Sam.

- I don't know.
- Sam.

Did you think that
we wouldn't believe you

if you told us that you were
attacked by a woman?

We know that women can be
more vicious than men

when it comes to sexual assault.

With men, it's business,
take what they want,

money, drugs, sex.

With a woman, it's personal.

Especially if their victim's younger
and prettier than they are.

Now, you gave us Jake.
Why not this woman?

I'm afraid.

You don't know what she's like.
She'll kill me.

Like she nearly killed your baby.

Look, Jake was driving.
She threw Joey out of the car.

She would've killed him
without a second thought.

What is her name, Sam?


Carol Rogers. Police.

I'll check the other rooms.


Looks like she bled out
from a knife wound. / Elliot.

All this stuff is Jenny's.

She lives in a closet?

What's going on?

Oh, my god, Carol.

Don't, don't touch her.
Let me go!

- Kevin, please.
- Let go of me!

- Who did this?
- I don't know.

But you'll contaminate
the crime scene. Sit down.

We got footprints.

They don't lead anywhere.

Killer must have wiped them clean.
Those are small shoes. Woman's? / Kevin.

Where's your mother?

She should be here.

Is there any way that these are hers?

Oh, no.
Oh, mom, no.

Checked airports,
bus, train terminals, no sign of Jenny.

How can a little old lady
just disappear?

- What about Kevin's alibi?
- He's at work.

He's a security guard
at a furniture warehouse.

How far from his apartment?

Couple of miles just
over the East river.

Security officers make rounds alone.

Maybe he slipped out,
stabbed his wife, slipped back in.

See if it's possible.
But what's his motive?

Carol's making money selling drugs.
We checked with the bank.

The account was in her maiden name
with more than 20 grand in it.

And Kevin didn't realize?

He's no genius,
but if he did find out

that Carol was squirreling away
some cash for a rainy day

and wasn't gonna share it with him,

there's your motive right there.

All right, now, one of
Carol's fingernails broke of.

Yeah, CSU's still looking for it.

She might have
got a piece of her killer.

The knife has a textured handle.
No prints.

Well, and what about the footprints?

CSU says it's a woman's shoe,
size seven.

Okay, so we're looking at Jenny

- or one of Carol's junkie clients.
- Or Sam Beavan.

Who's been staying at the hospital
since her kid is in the ICU.

I just find it very hard to believe

that a little old lady has the strength

to stab to death
a streetwise 30-year-old.

Only takes one good blow
to the right spot.


Well, Carol wasn't
the only death yesterday.

Sam's baby died.

She left the hospital
right after it happened.

Could she have gotten
to Carol's before you two?

The hospital's a lot closer
to Carol's than we are.

Find Sam.





- Sam, are you okay?
- Go away.

She's high.
SVU portable, I need a bus

- at 415 west 98th...
- Sam. Sam. I need you

to tell me what happened.

My baby. I killed my baby.

Sam, where did you go
after you left the hospital?

I don't remember.
Who gave you the drugs?

Did you get them
from Carol? / No.

- I hate her.
- Sam.

Sam, look at me. Look at me.
Carol's dead.

Did you kill her?

She got me hooked.

I'm glad she's dead.


I can take them now.

They can't hurt Joey anymore.


You dump the calls?
Okay, thanks.

That was the crime lab.

CSU found bloody fingerprints on a payphone
outside of Carol's apartment.

The only call that was made
around the time of the murder

was to a storage house in Queens.

Crazy broad calls last night,

asks what time we close.

Makes me wait 40 minutes
because she lost her key,

and then forgets to
return the spare.

Her name Jenny Rogers?

Yeah, this is her unit.

Crazy bitch shut it from the inside.


- Jenny, are you in there?
- Hey, you can't do that.

Jenny. What are you doing?

I've come home.

You can't stay in here.

Yes, I can. The gas station
across the road has a bathroom,

it's quite clean.

My mother made this.
She said it would keep me warm one day.

Are these your parents?

Yeah. That's me in the middle.

And all this stuff was theirs?

Yeah, I stored it here
when I sold the house.

I think I need to do some rearranging.

Jenny. What's wrong
with your apartment?

Carol is what's wrong with it.

That's why you've come, isn't it?

- Did you kill her, Jenny?
- Perhaps.

I should get a lawyer.

Yeah. Perhaps you should.

This is a tragedy.

- It's a homicide.
- No, it was self-defense.

Now, how do you figure?
Carol was unarmed, Jenny stabbed her.

She finally cracked
after suffering years

of financial, emotional,
and physical abuse.

Now, how can you go
with an elder abuse defense

if Jenny never reported it?

Because she's one of a million
and a half victims who never do.

You don't believe me,
tell your detectives to ask Jenny

why she had to sell
her parents' house.

I needed the money for Kevin.

He, he had some bad luck.

He, he had a business venture go wrong.

They often do in Atlantic city.

Gambling debt.

Then he had an accident at work.

After a liquid lunch.

His back was never the same.

No, he needed pain killers.

And then Carol got him
hooked on the other stuff,

marijuana and cocaine.

That's where the money went.

But Carol had lots of cash.

Because she was dealing drugs.

Kevin never had any money.
He had to ask her.

Jenny, did Kevin or Carol
ever hurt you?

Carol was cruel.

She would stroke my arm
like she was being all loving,

then she would grip it and twist.

How about Kevin?
Did he ever hit you?

He didn't mean to hurt me.

What happened the night
that Carol died?

You don't have to answer, Jenny.

Yeah, she's right about that.

But with this evidence,
a jury will convict...

without you ever saying a word.

But, if Carol made your life hell,

then the jury's also gonna
take that into consideration.

Jenny, you need to tell us
your side of the story.


CSU found Carol's missing fingernail.

Warner faxed over this report.

What's going on?

There were blood and skin fragments
under one of Carol's fingernails.

She got a piece of her murderer.

Jenny, DNA says the blood's from a man.

Now, you know who that is, don't you?

I came home from the store but,

- I never went back into the apartment.
- Why not?

I heard people arguing, real angry.

Then a scream,
and the door opened and I hid.

And a man ran down the stairs.

- Kevin.
- Yes.

I went in and I saw Carol.

I pulled the knife out of her,
but I couldn't stop the bleeding.

I heard you found my mother.
Why didn't you call me?

We wanted to talk to her first.

What the hell is she doing in there?

Telling us how you
murdered Carol. / What?

Why would I kill my wife?

Because she robbed you blind.

Don't listen to them, mom.

Don't say anything! / All right,
all right, that's enough, come on.

Get off of me!
I didn't do anything!

Scratch says you did.

Kevin Rogers, you're under arrest
for the murder of Carol Rogers.

You have the right to remain silent.

Mom, what have you done?

Anything you do say can be used
against you in a court of law.

You have a right to an attorney.

If you cannot afford one...

You okay?

Tough one.

Especially for the mom.

What happened at the 1-5
two nights ago?

My kid got in trouble.

- Good night.
- Why didn't you tell me?

Nothing to tell.
I took care of it.

Patrol issued a summons
for a moving violation,

they brought Kathleen
down to verify I.D.

After you got everybody
to make her DUI go away.


What are you saying, captain?

Somebody starts digging,
they're gonna find the paper trail.

Radio tapes from the sector car
telling dispatch they stopped a DUI.

Look, if it comes back to me,
I'll take care of it.

What about the guys who
stuck their necks out for you?

Well, they've got kids.
They understand.

That the message
you wanna send your kids?

That the law only applies
to certain people?

I'm taking care of my family.

And given the chance,
I'd do it again.

Am I interrupting something?


- Arraignment go okay?
- Yeah.

Kevin was denied bail.

I'm gonna need your reports
as soon as possible.

Detective Stabler
will type up his DD-5's now.


On the day of the murder,

what happened when you
went back to the apartment?

I heard people arguing inside.

I didn't want to go in,
so I hid on the stairs.

Then I heard a scream.

What happened next?

Someone ran down the stairs.

- Who was that man, Jenny?
- Objection. Leading the witness.

She just testified that she heard
an argument between a man and a woman.

As the woman in question now has a knife
sticking out of her chest,

"Someone" has to be a man.

Or a woman who sounds like a man.

All right, Mr. Delroy.

Miss Novak?

Who did you see running
down the steps, Jenny?

I was hiding.

But I didn't see him.

You didn't see him?

No. I was too scared to look.

Let me remind you
of your grand jury testimony.

Read that.

Read it, the part where you say
you saw your son, Kevin,

running down the stairs.

I never saw him.

You lied to the grand jury?

I was angry at Kevin for
marrying that awful woman.

I wanted to punish him.

You realize you're
committing perjury.

You could go to prison.

Did you see Kevin
run down the stairs?

I didn't.

I'm nearly 70.

I get confused.
I'm very sorry.

I'm sure you are.

Nothing further.

Move for dismissal, your honor.

Only the testimony of Mrs. Rogers can put

Without it, the people don't come close
to making a prima facie case.

- Any more witnesses, miss Novak?
- No, your honor.

Then I have no choice but to
grant the defense's request.

The case is dismissed.

Mr. Rogers, you're free to go.
Mrs. Rogers, you may step down.

I don't know what to say.

I, I really thought Jenny
was strong enough to testify.

That was Rikers.

Maybe she would have been.

If she hadn't visited
her son last night.

How the hell did you
let that happen?

I can't stop a mother
from visiting her son.

Looks like we can't stop a son
from beating up his mother, either.

You gonna charge Jenny
with perjury?

Well, what's the point
of sending her to jail?

She's still the victim.

Well then, there's nothing more we can do.
She's made her bed.

Yeah, on a mattress in a closet.

You know, if we don't do something,
Kevin's gonna keep right on abusing her.

It's over.
We're not social workers.

Yeah, what is it? / Deirdre Bathurst
from adult protective services.

I'm here to see Jenny Rogers.
May I come in?

She's inside.

You can't come in.
You're trespassing.

Get out. / Miss Bathurst is legally
entitled to a police escort.

- Hi, Jenny, how are you?
- What for? I got no beef with you.

She's entering a dangerous home.

Haven't you heard?
The guy who lives here is a murderer.

I didn't murder anybody.

You should be looking for
the guy who killed my wife,

not bothering innocent people.

But what are you doing?

Checking to make sure
Mrs. Rogers has adequate food.

I haven't done the shopping yet.

You need to do that, sir.

- I got her lunch.
- What, french fries?

Next thing you know you'll be telling me
that ketchup's a vegetable, huh?

Hey, Jenny, how you doing?

I'm fine.
Please, leave us alone. / Okay.

You heard her, she's my mom.

I love her, and I'm
gonna take care of her.

I've even given her
my room to sleep in.

What are your stinky sweats
doing tucked under the pillow?

This is police harassment.
Get out.

Jenny, this is my card.
You call me anytime, okay?

Get out!

Have a nice day.

- I'll visit every two days.
- That's it?

Our maximum case load is supposed
to be 30. I have nearly 50.

Some of them in a lot worse
shape than Jenny.

You saw the fridge, you saw the
cupboards, there's nothing in them.

She's sleeping on the floor.

Jenny was eating and she was clean.

Unless she makes a complaint
or we see concrete evidence

of abuse, we can't act.

I'm sorry, detective,
but that's the law.

Thanks, anyway.
Thank you.


What's going on?

I don't know.
What's going on?

Cragen's pretty steamed.

Kevin's lawyer claims
that you harassed him.

Kevin Rogers' attorney has filed
an official complaint against you.

Of course he has.
Captain, look.

Kevin's gonna do anything
to keep his punching bag at home.

How many times do you think
you can break the rules

and get away with it?

You stay away from him.

Thank you.

It's after midnight, Jenny.

Oh, what are you doing here?

You were told to stay away!
I'll tell my son!

Fine, let's go wake him up. Come on.

No, don't. Please.

Just leave.

If I leave, will you go back inside?

Or are you too afraid?

I, I gotta get some money.

My son lost his job
because of the trial.

If I don't help out,
we're gonna get evicted.

Kevin is a big boy,
he can take care of himself.

Look, Jenny.

Let me take you to a shelter.

They'll give you a bed for the night.
Come on.

No. I'm staying here.
If you don't mind,

nobody will give me any money
with you hanging around.

Jenny Rogers, you're under arrest
for disorderly conduct.

How am I being disderly, huh?

Obstructing traffic.
Let's go.

Don't you have a family
to go home to?

How much can you
make doing this?

Oh, on a good day,
$20 an hour.

People feel sorry for me.

He do that to you?

I burnt myself on the stove.

You know, I see guys
like him all the time.

Usually after they've raped
or beaten up a woman. / Yeah.

Now, Jenny.

All you gotta do is just tell me
what he did to you.

That way, we can get him
the treatment that he needs.

Where, in prison?

He burns you, he hits you,

he makes you beg out on the street
in the middle of the night.

Jenny, he murdered his own wife.

Do you think prison'll fix him?

He'd be lost.
He'd really go bad.

Like he's good now. / No.

You think I'm blind.
But I know my son.

- I know what he did.
- Then give him up.

Do you have children? / Yes.

What would you do
if one of them got into trouble?

You would help them.
It was my job

to bring Kevin up right,
and I failed.

I won't fail him again.

So don't ask me to betray him
because I never will.

What are you doing here?

I called your home, I called your cell,
I called the desk.

They said you signed back in.

- Why don't you tell me what you're doing?
- I just didn't want you to get in trouble.

You haven't done anything stupid?

We just keep losing people.

The baby, Sam, even Carol.

I just didn't want another victim.

What is she gonna do?

I'm taking her back to her son's.

Good night, Liv.
Go home.

You want a way out?

Don't think there is one.

Maybe there is.

I talked to corrections at Rikers.

They say Kevin was jonesing
real bad when he was in there.

He's still using.
He's gonna be looking to score.

Explains why he made Jenny
go begging at midnight.

Do you know where he'd go to buy?

More or less. But we're gonna have to
get more creative than them.

- What'd I do now, man?
- Get in the car.

I swear to you, man, I'm clean, all right?
I changed my ways... / Shut up!

Okay. We need a favor.

This guy's looking to buy.
We want you to sell to him.

- What's wrong with his own dealer?
- He's on vacation.

Look man, I told you.
I changed my ways, all right?

- Wait, wait...
- Change back.

I want you to sell him this
for half a g.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.
What about my overhead, man?

That's the favor, Naldo.
You don't, I'm busting you.

- All right, where does he score?
- We'll take you there.

What if Kevin doesn't
show up today?

Come back tomorrow.

Relax, man.
Narcotics is all about waiting.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Got him.

Okay, come on,
Naldo, move in.

- He's not buying.
- Just wait.

Okay, Naldo, get clear.

Go. Choke on it.

He's all yours.

The product's in his right hand.

Freeze. Police.
Hands in the air!

Come on. / What's up, man?
I'm just out for a walk.

- Spread them.
- Come on.

- I haven't got anything.
- What's this, then?

That's three and a half grams
possession with intent to distribute.

That's a class C felony.

Three to six years.

They'll deal that down to a one-year
mandated treatment upstate.

That good enough?

Good enough.

This just came in.

Victim's a student at Hudson U.,
Raped and stabbed.

Address is 221 West 14th street.

- Paramedics are on the scene.
- Got it.

Did you know they arrested Kevin?

I heard.

It was you, wasn't it?

Jenny, he needs help.
And now he's getting it.

- Help in jail?
- It's a program.

Kevin has a chance to get better

and you can live your life
without being afraid.

What life?

You took my son away?

What have I got to live for now?