Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 6, Episode 20 - Night - full transcript

After a young woman is found raped and murdered near a nightclub with five hundred dollars stuffed into her mouth, Benson and Stabler follow the fingerprint trail on the money to attorney Jason Whitaker, whose sole responsibility seems to be handling the trust for the wealthy Duvall family. Soon detectives are convinced that Gabriel Duvall is their rapist, but don't have quite enough evidence to put him away. Novak is working on both the case and a terrified former victim when she is brutally attacked in her office late at night.

In the criminal justice system,

sexually-based offenses
are considered especially heinous

In New York City,

the dedicated detectives who investigate
these vicious felonies are members

of an elite squad known
as The Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

That was sick bro.

Dude, you are such a wuss.

You keep screwed up
but tried it again, man.

I racked myself on that one.

Just not your night, huh?

May it is.

See dough.

- Lets go buy some beers.
- Yes dude.

Oh my god, they are everywhere.

- One hundred dollars.
- Nice / So much.

Oh man.

Dude she is dead.

Talk about putting your money
where your mouth is...

- How many bills?
- Five, all hundreds.

You ID her?

Jane Doe, no wallet or ID on her.
Definitely raped.

Panty's torn, bruising to the breasts,

condom lubricant on the thighs.

Hell of a lot of blood.
Was she stabed?

Just head laceration.
Scalp wounds bleed heavily.

So she chocked on the money.

I think she died of heart failure.

Found these pills in her pocket...

He scared her to death by raping her.

He's going for fellony murder.

Probably a prostitute. But what's
with the money in the mouth thing.

I've never seen it before.

Maybe its perv's twisted way
of paying her.


Got something?

Footwear impression in blood.

Not a full shoe print
but distinctive waffle tread pattern.

- One of the skate border's?
- No, their snikers are flat soled.

This is more like rubber soled slip on.

- Think you can track the blood?
- Way ahead of you.

Already called for canine.

Good boy.

Perv lives here,
I'm pinning my shield on the pooch.

Open up police!

What the hell do you want?

Is there anybody inside?

- How is that any of your business?
- Answer the question?

- I'm alone.
- All clear!

Check this out.

Dry blood on the sole.

- Hey that's my purse.
- Your money too?

I found it.

- You robbed the corpse.
- She was dead.

There was nothing I can do to help her.

You helped yourself to the money?

She couldn't take it with her.

Neither can you.

Law & Order SVU
6x20 Night(1)


This makes exactly five thousand dollars,
all in hundreds.

Any prints?

Just your skate punks'
and litte miss grave robber.

Captin doesn't want the press to know
about the cash.

You ran the signature through VICAP?

No matches.

We are thinking that our victim
is a prostitute.

Munch and Fin are
canvassing the working girls.

Ask if any of them use this brand.

Condom wrapper,
stuck to one of the bills.

The victim's prints were on it.

Took condom with him?
Smart rapist.

I don't think there was a rapist.

This could be consentual sex gone bad.

- How did you get that off the wrapper?
- It's from the Box.

It says sex club run by women.

Come again?

That's the idea. It's a party where women
live out their sexual fantasies.

This place is three blocks
from the crime sceen. Thanks.

The Box 78 Trinity Place
Tuesday, March 1

- So what exactly do you offer?
- Oh, whatever you want.

Striptease, role play, girl-boy,
girl-girl, no rules.

But no sex ad's on premises.

Want to hook up afterwards?
That's your business.

Sounds great, how do I join?

Well, apply with an erotic essay describing
your sexual interests, and a photo.

You keep photos of all your members?

We destroy them once you are accepted.

We just want to ensure applicants are
height-weight proportionate.

And you definitely pass that test.

If you are worried about privacy,
don't be.

Guest list use code names.

All you have to show is
a membership card.

And what about men, can they join?

No, but members can bring dates,

if they are into guys.

Ready to sign up?

I don't think so.

We are not doing anything illegal.

Ladies, I'm not here to hassle you.

This woman was murdered last night
couple of blocks from here.

Either one of you recognize her?

Didn't a girl complain that
some guy got rough with her?

Our bouncer through him out.

He was a real sadist.

Whipping this girl.
She told him to stop and he didn't.

- You see this happen?
- Nope.

I got the word to 86 the guy,
so I escorted him to the street.

- Did he go quietly?
- No, he didn't want to.

He flashed a lot of cash in my face.

And you can't bribe me,
I showed him the door.

- But he kept hanging around outside.
- What for?

He said he was waiting for the woman
who brought him to the club.

- I told him to move on.
- Did he?

Not until I gave him
some encouragement.

How much encouragement?

I just roughed him up a little.

I checked his bag of tricks.

The freak
had cuffs, and whips, and big ass knife.

- What did you do with the toys?
- I gave them back.

Even the knife?

No way.

And he gave me some sob story
about needing it for work.

he says he is a chef
at that restaurant 'soriellos'.

This is insane.

I can't believe that little bitch
called the cops.

- It was just a game.
- What kind of game?

Little master-slave action.
She was looking for it.

Just walked up to you and begged you
to beat the crap out of her.

Ya, with a leash around her neck.

She said she wanted to play,
she got sassy,

so I lashed her with my crop.

She flips out, had that
security goon bit me up.

I don't get off on being hurt.

So you dish it out,
but you can't take it.

So you hung around for little pay back.

No, I went home and
put ice on my face.

Were you alone?

Yes, once Lola comes down
she will drop the charges.

And after couple of more months
in the scene

when her sexuality is more evolved,

she will be ready for me.

Is this your Lola?

Wow, I like it rough, but not that rough.

And that's not Lola.

Alright, thanks.

I checked with the Box.
Five women use Lola as a code name.

Any of them african-american?

One. Her real name is Sarah Miller.
She is a ad exec.

- Fin's checking her whereabouts now.
- It's wasting his time.

Sarah Miller is on a slab in the morgue.



That was Fin. Sarah Miller
never showed up for work.

Never checked in.


Apartment Of Sarah Miller
312 East 79th Street
Tuesday, March 1

Not at home or at work.
Are you satisfied?

I'll find the super,
get him to let us in.

Who is it? who's there?


Sarah Miller?


I've taken six showers since last night.

I was so upset I couldn't even call
in sick.

I didn't know what to say.

So I stayed home.

You think that man
who attacked me killed a woman?

Can you tell us what he did to you?

We were flirting,

and then he got rough.

He grabbed me,

pushed me on my knees,

pushed his crouch in my face

and when I started to leave,

he started whipping me.

Do you remember seeing him with
any other woman at the party?

After it happened I hid in the bathroom

until a friend of mine told me,
he was gone.

But earlier I saw him
coming onto a couple of girls.

Could she have been one of the girls?

I know her.

She kept me company
in the ladies room.

She say he bothered her?

You've got it wrong.

She is the bathroom attendant.

It's Margariette, my daughter...

my beauty pea.

When she didn't come home,

I thought she went straight
to her second job.

Where is that?

An office bulding on Broadway.

She was a cleaner. 8 years.

Never missed a day.

Did she suffer?

She had a massive heart attack.

It would have been very quick.

Her heart was always weak.

She had Rheumatic fever,

but the doctor said if
she took her pills...

- margariette...margaritette...
- I'll take you home.

Mr. VuClair, your wife called me.

- I'm so sorry.
- Thank you.

I guess it took a murder to finally
get your attention, huh?

And you are?

I'm Mildred Contana.

I run the New American's Justice center.

And I think it's a travesty the police dept

doesn't care about undocumented women.

Ms. Contana, you've got it backwords.

We don't care
what the victim's legal status is.

Oh really?

But why is that sick son of a bitch
still raping women in my community?

What makes you think that all these women
were attacked by the same man?

You found money on the body,
didn't you?

He attacked 16 women in last 3 years.

And those are just the ones I know about.

All of them undocumented cleaning women

raped on their way home from work.

So why didn't you come to us?

I tried.

I went to my precint,

I told them women were being attacked.

I even gave them a description of the rapist.

Do you know what they said?

That their hands were tied without a victim.

We can't do anything
without a complaint, either.

- Is there anyone willing to step forward?
- No, they are terrified.

These women would rather suffer
than risk being deported.

Well, staying silent isn't
gonna make him stop.

Let us talk to them, and explain that
the police are different from immigration.

No, this is not going to work.

These women come from a place
where the police are corrupt,

justice is for sale, and
no one gives a damn about poor people.

They are not going to trust you.

Then he will keep on attacking them

because he knows they won't say anything.

You can tell us.
You want us to help you?

We need their names.

Hi, Yolanda Martinez.

Never heard of her.

- Please it's very important.
- I don't know no Yolanda.

Yes, my name is Ami Nashanti,

but I'm quite sure
I've never been a victim of a crime.

- Yes, but I would still like to talk to you.
- Sorry.

Go away.

- Please go.
- Miss Zergin, it's important.

Mildred Contana sent me.

She told you?

Yes, because she knows I can help you.

Come in.

I wasn't going to tell anyone,

but it hurts so much to keep it inside.

It will get better if you go to counseling.

I can't. If anyone finds out,
I'll be an outcast.

In my religion, a woman
must be a virgin when she marries.

- You are Muslim.
- From Bosnia.

You have any family here?

My brother Milan.

Oh, you have to go before he comes home.

He's become very traditional.

Nina, I promise your brother's
not going to find out,

but I need for you to tell me what happened.

I can't.

He raped a lot of women, Nina.

The one who he attacked last night,


Please help me stop him.

I work nights, cleaning offices.

I was on my way home,
coming out from the subway.

He dragged me into an alley.

Raped me.

Did you see his face?

I'll never forget it.

The way he looked at me afterwards.

He smiled, said thank you.

And handed me cash like I was a prostitute.

That was more money
than I make in 6 months.

I lay there in that filthy alley,
thinking at least I can pay the rent.

Nina, you have nothing to be ashamed of.

No, why do I feel so dirty?

Everyday I think I should burn the money.

Do you still have it?

I couldn't spend it.

Please get it out of here.

Hold on, I'll get it.

It's my brother, Millan. He's early.


- Who are you?
- Police.

I'm looking for witnesses to
hit-and-run last night.

I didn't see anything.

That's what I just told her. Sorry.

Thank you for your help.

These bills have never been in circulation,

so I should be able to lift
some great prints.

Spray on a little Ninhydrin.

Steam accelerates the reaction.

I got your prints.

A lot of smudges.

Three good ones.

The first print unidentified.
Probably the victim's,

- and two hits.
- Who have we got?

Tobias Gaynes.
Hmm, no wait uh,

he is bonded employee at the
Manhattan Bank & Trust. Probably tellar.

And who is the other one?

- Jason Whitacker.
- Criminal record?

No, he was fingerprinted
by the bar association.

Law Offices Of Granger,
McCullum & Kerstetter
Office Of Jason Whitaker
Wednesday, March 2

Come on, come on, come on,
somebody bet into my set, please.


Oh! I suck at this...

Excuse me?

Oh, my poker, idiot chasing
inside straight draw,

and hidden in the river.

Now you have me at disadvantage.

Detective Stabler,
my partner detective Benson.

What can I do for the NYPD?

Tell us where you were last night.

No where exciting, that's for sure.

What are you guys investigating?


Wow, how did my name come up?

- Fingerprint hit.
- Oh, on what exactly?


Oh, way I get my prints on a lot of dough,

but I'll hit a straight suit.

Back to the question, last night.

- I'm afraid I can't answer that.
- Why is your fingerprint on that money?

Why don't you explain to us or
we'll bring you in.

You can't.

I have nothing more to say.

- So you think Jason Whitaker is your perv?
- Well, the guy says no,

but he got pretty rattled when I told him
his prints were on the money.

Rattled, how?

He said he couldn't talk about it.

Well, sounds like he is
protecting one of his clients.

No, Whitaker's prints...

were on the money because
he gave it to our rapist.

Ya, tries to clear himself,
he's pointing his finger at his client.

He can't do that.

Can you get a client list?

Ya, do you know what firm
Jason Whitaker works for?

Uh...ya, Granger,
McCullum & Kerstetter.

Wait, wait, as in Lionel Granger?

Hey Lionel! Have uou got a sec?

What's up?

I was just wondering about one of
your associates, Jason Whitaker.

Wondering if he is available?

You've got good taste, Casey.

Between you and me,
he will make partner this year.

He is corporate, right?

Trusts, and Estates.

Well, just one estate, the Duvall Family.

As in Clay Duvall of the ball bearing fortune.

Eleanor Duvall took quite a shine to Jason.

You know, I've seen her
on some of the best dress lists.

She spends a lot on clothes but
she gives even more of her wealth away.

Mine as well.
Family is dying up.

No kids?

Just one son, Gabriel.

Probably leave it all to his cats.

He's that eccentric.

He can discuss quantum theory,
but can't balance his check book.

Good thing mom's there to bail him out.

Duvall Residence
38 East 91st Street
Thursday, March 3

That portrait was my mother-in-law's idea.

She gave it to my husband
as a wedding present.

I'm Eleanor Duvall.

Nice to meet you.
Detective Eliot Stabler.

What can I do for you.

Actually, I'm looking for your son.

Gabriel? Oh, he hasn't lived here in years.

This address is on his Driver's license.

Oh, he never remembers
to update those things.

Unfortunately, he never remembers to pay
his parking tickets either.

Oh, I'm not surprised.

Gabriel has all the money he needs,

and he never remembers to pay the bills.

His head is in the clouds,
or on those computers.

I'll write you a check.

Mrs, Duvall.

Mrs, Duvall. I'm sorry.

He's gonna have to come down
and deal with it in person.

Yes, of course,
I'll give you his address.

I paid those ticket, I know I did.

Cancelled checks must be
here somewhere.

I should have scanned them
unto my hard drive.

You are a computer guy.

Oh, I freelance, but this is my real work.

Teaching computers how to see.

- See what?
- Visual data.

To process it the same way
humans do to optical clues.

The algorhythm's complex,
very hard to create,

some people
say impossible, but I will do it.

Cancelled checks are here somewhere,
I just can't seem find them.

You can sort all that down at the precinct.

I only have two hours and I have to get back.

No problem, it will take 15 minutes.

I have to be back by 8.

- Coat?
- Yes, my coat.

I got him, go get Nina.

Is Nina home?

Are you joking?
I saw you arrest her two hours ago.


The police.

Coming home from work,

I saw two cops with guns
put her in a car.

Did they say where they are taking her?

Why are you asking me?

You are the one who did this.

We never had any
problems until you showed up.

We didn't take your sister.

And who did?

The neighbors comfirmed
the brother's story.

Two cops took Nina away,

but there's no arrest in the system,
no outstanding warrants.

Munch and Fin talked to her boss,
he said Nina didn't show up for work tonight.

So what are we dealing with?
Impersonaters, Feds?

I talked to the FBI.
They don't have her.

How much longer can we keep Duvall?

We are running out of reasons to hold him,
and Eliot's running out of patience.

He is some kind of odd ball genius
who won't shut up about computers.

Once we let him go, we are never
gonna get him back without his lawyer.

Is that him?

Is that why Nina dissapeared?

Did you tell him who she is?

Ms. Contana, we really can't discuss it.

Hey, I'm not stupid.

You have a suspect.
Nina is gone.

Something terrible has happened to her.

I should have never given you their names.

We will find Nina, and
we will arrest the rapist.

- I have to go. I'm late for dinner.
- Got a date?

I'm hungry. I can't disrrupt
my eating schedule.

I get hypoglycemic and use up
the glycogen stored up in my liver

if I don't have glucose
my mind's blood sugar plummets.

I'll get you something to eat.


What do you want?
Burgar? Sandwich?

No, it's thursday.
Meatloaf night at the diner.

Blueplate special is meatloaf,
mashed potatoes, mushroom,
gravy and green beans,

but I don't eat the green beans.
I don't like green.

I'll tell you what. I'll have
my paperwork done in few minutes.

You have plenty of time for your meatloaf.

No, they run out.
I have to go now.

I can't disrrupt my eating schedule.
My mentation will be affected.

My research requires
absolute concentration.

Give me a few minutes.

Meantime, you want a cup of coffee,
maybe a can of soda?

I don't want anything.
I have to go.

That's my boy.

See, Gabriel's too smart for your tricks.

He's not gonna leave
a DNA on a soda can.

- Come on, let's go.
- Just being polite.

Ya, ya, this is about parking tickets.

Next time you want to talk to my client
you call me first.

I can't get a cab, lost my wallet.

- Can you take me home?
- Sure, sure.

You can drop me off at the diner.

Have some meatloaf with me.
It's very good.

They make it with pork, beef, and veal,
they grind.... / Is that him?

Lets go back inside.

Wait a minute.
Are you talking about food?

What the hell is wrong with you?

Who is that woman?
Why is she shouting at me?

Do I know her? I'd remember
but I've never...

Police maybe be through with you,
but I am just getting started.

Stay out of this.

You are gonna pay for what you've done.

Hey, come near my client again,
and I'll have you arrested for harassment.

Oh, do I look scared to you?

Hey, you are out of your league.

Why don't you just stick
with your wet back washer women?

I'll take the stairs,
you tell me when you find Nina.

Did you tell Whitaker that Nina's
an undocumented janitor? / No.

Then why did he mention
wet back washer woman?

Someone's been leaking information to
Whitaker about our case.

They checked our files, sold Nina out.

Could be any one in this precinct,
the department for that matter.

I figured out where Nina is.

Immigration & Customs Enforcement
26 Federal Plaza
Friday, March 4


- Why did you turn me into immigration?
- I didn't.

They are deporting me back to Bosnia.

My parents were killed in the war,
my home destroyed.

I have nothing there.
You did this.

It wasn't me.

Oh, I don't believe you.
Who else could have?

It was the rapist.
Nina, listen to me.

We have a suspect.

We were about to have you
make an identification.

Don't stop trusting me now.

Please get me out of here.

Nina had applied to political asylum
three years ago,

but her claim was denied,

was about to be deported
when she disappeared.

You left her alone for three years,
why pick her up now?

We received information linking her
to the radical islamic cell.

From where?

Anonymous tip on our hotline.

She is a cleaning woman, not a terrorist.

The mistery caller, that's the defense
attorney of the man who raped her.

Can you prove that?

If I could, I would charge him
with witness tempering.

Nina still needs to be de-briefed
by homeland security.

When she comes up clean,
will you cut her loose?

I can't.

Deportation order's legal.
My hands are tied.

Violence Against Women Act has
a provision granting temporary asylum

to victims of crime who
cooperate with prosecuters.

File that paperwork. She is all yours.

- Am I legal now?
- Temporarily.

After the trial,
I can petition for permanent status.

- Thank you.
- Your help is all the thanks I need.

- Did you tell Milan I was raped?
- No, but you should.

Who is this?

This is ADA Novak.
She is a lawyer who works with us.

You freed Nina?

It was nothing. She never
should have been locked up.

Thank you.

- Ride back to the office?
- No, take them home.

I got a stop to make.

Casey, Lionel said you
are interested in me.

You don't waste any time.

Neither do you.

Wait, sit down, what can I do for you.

Bring in Gabriel Duvall for a line up.

Who's looking at him?

The rape victim you are about
to have conveniently deported.

I got her status legalized.

She is not going anywhere.

Where we going tonight?
Having dinner?

Special victims.

I made a reservation.

I don't know.

Just take your time.

Number 2.

He raped me, I'm sure.

We'll give you some privacy.

Good job.

Looks like your boy's going down.

She would say anything
to remain in this country.

She picked my client because he is
welthy and he is in the society pages.

We have the money. / With my fingerprints
on it, not Gabriel Duvall's.

What are you going to do, charge me.
Come on Casey, you've got nothing.

Wow, wow, wow...

Jason, they are going to put me in jail.

- Can't you do something to stop them?
- Gabriel, don't worry.

You arrest my client now, the judges
dismiss his arraignments.

Mr. Whitaker!

Mrs. Duvall.
You shouldn't have come down here.

Everything's under control.

Doesn't look under control to me.

Mother, these detectives think
I've commited a crime.

Well, Mr. Whitaker is going to
set everything straight.

Gabriel will be coming home with us,
won't he?

Let him go.

Sweetheart, are you alright?

Think I have a cold. I don't why.

I've been taking my vitamins.
Even I can be sure.

Well this place must be full of germs.

Have Mrs. Bianco make some of
your favorite chicken soup.

Where are your manners?
Use a hankerchief.

Gabriel, that is disgusting.
Throw it away.

Here we go..

That sucks.

Maybe not.

Present for me?

That's a knot to close
dozen unsolved rape cases.

There's more on the tissue than
Gabriel Duvall's mucous.

Looks like mascara and foundation.

Margariette VuClair's make up was
smeared all over her face
when her body was found.

I'll type the cosmetic brand,

see if I can match it to what Margariette use,
but I'll need extra time.

You just get us what
we need to nail this basterd.

If the tissue links Gabriel Duvall
to Margariette's murder,

the case won't go to trial.
He will plead out.

Will Nina still get asylum
if she doesn't have to testify?

Ya, am pretty sure,
but I'll check with the immigration.

Novak, sex crimes.

Ya, send him up.


You holding out on me?

No, not seeing anyone.

If they are from Whitaker,
they are going straight to trash.

Hey, you feel like a cup of coffee?

Every second, of every day.

- Good. I'll go.
- Thanks.

Hey, agent Tim Herdman, please.

Oh, right. Could you have him call back
Casey Novak at the DA's office?


Casey, I had to go three blocks
to find an open coffee shop.

If you went home,
I'll kill ya.

How is she doing?

Head trauma. She's still out.

Did you see anything?

Perp was gone when I got there.

DA's office has a lot of
surveillance cameras.

I'm on it.

What do you want?

You can't come here.

Let me see your hands.

What's going on.
What do you want?

Show me your hands.

My lawyer says you are
not allowed to talk to me.

You have to get out of here.
Now, get out.

You are a smart guy, right?
Wore gloves?

Gloves? I don't wear gloves.
I don't like the way my hands feel.

Where were you tonight?

You have to leave me alone,
or I'll call Jason!

Call your laywer,
call your mommy for all I care.

They can't protect you from me.

I didn't do anything.

It's my question.
Where were you tonight?

Just got back from the diner.

Roast chicken, cream corn, carrets...

Shut up!

You better pray someone
saw you in there.



Don't get up. It's okay.
Don't move.

What happened.

You are in the hospital.
You were attacked, Casey.

You got a concussion, and
a couple of broken ribs.

- Who did this?
- I was hoping that you can tell me.

Didn't anyone see it?
There were so many people there.


In the squad room.

No honey, that was this afternoon.

You were attacked at night,
after dinner in you office, remember?

We were talking and I went to get coffee,

and you don't remember?

No, no, it's all blank.

It's okay, Casey. It's okay.

Just gonna take a while for
your memory to come back.

Did he...did he rape me?


Why can't I remember?

You don't have to.

We are going to find this guy.

Eliot's at your office right now,
going through your surveillance tapes, okay?

We got main camera,
and cameras by the elevator.

Your partner said Novak got a call from
security about a flower delivery?

There he is.

- He signed in. You check the log?
- Just scribble.

- Security guy describe him?
- Doesn't remember anyone.


Guy never took his gloves off.

Come on Gabriel.
Show me your face.

That your guy.

I'm from Sarajevo.

I was tortured by Karadzic's murder squads.

I don't scare easily.

Then doing the hard 20 in Attica
shouldn't be a problem for you.

Lock me up.

Takes a real man to beat
a women half to death.

She got what she deserved.

What, by trying to help your sister?

She made my sister untouchable.

She took away her future.

How did she do that?

Tell me how she did that.

That lawyer forced her to
relive her humiliation in public.

Now the world know
she is no longer a virgin.

Your sister was raped.

She's gotta deal with it, so do you.

A man will never have her.

She ashamed herself, and our family.

So, this is about you.

I got her honor back.

You got nothing back.

You have no idea what an honor is.

You are no better
then the man who raped Nina.

Hitting that lawyer wasn't enough.

I should have killed that bitch.

My sister Nina will never testify.

Eliot! In my office, now.

You barged into my son's house
in the middle of the night.

You threatned him.

I was investigating an attack
on an assistant district attorney.

Which he did not commit.

- I didn't know that at the time.
- But you would have,

if you had investigated.

Captin tells me that you have been
a policemen for almost 20 years.

- That's commandable.
- Thanks.

Do you like your job, detective?

Yes, ma'am.

And I suggest you stay away from my son.

The police commissioner is a friend,
so is the mayor.

Don't make me call them.

Is there anything else, Mrs, Duvall.

I think an apology is in order.

I'm sorry.

Not to me. To Gabriel.

In light of the circumstances,

I think it would be inappropriate
for detective Stabler

to have any further contact with your son,

but please tell him that detective Stabler
is sorry for the misunderstanding.

Very well. Good night detective.

Good night ma'am.

Captin! / Save it.

I probably would have thrown
Gabriel Duvall out the window.

We may have a bigger problem anyway.


Nina Jurgan. Brother says
she doesn't want to testify.

She backs out, Gabriel walks.

I'll talk to her.

- Let Novak do it.
- She's not back at work.

I don't think she wants
anybody to see her yet.


I can't speak to you.
I promised my brother.

I know how hard it was for you to tell me
what had happened.

I know what it's done to your family.

But no matter what you decide to do,

nothing will stop me from prosecuting
a man who raped you.

What do you want me to do?

Testify in a grand jury.

Once I get an indictment,
we can arrest Gabriel Duvall.

Casey, I'm so sorry.

Oh God, I heard what happened.

Why don't you save it
for someone who cares.

- Hey, no joke, I'm serious.
- You are making me late.

- I have grand jury time booked.
- I don't think you are will be using it.

Judge Triller's ordering
to remove you from your case.

On what grounds?

I want you, as defense witness.

Office Of Assistant District Attorney
Casey Novak
Wednesday, March 9

Hell of a strategy.

Nina lost her virginity,

was afraid of what her traditional
muslim brother would do if he found out,

so she lied about being raped.

Whitaker wants to use Milan's attack
on me to bolster his case.

He is violent, therefore Nina's afraid

so she made up a story
about being raped by Gabriel Duvall.

It's compelling argument.

I can win this motion.

A, I'm up in front of Judge Triller,
he loves me.

B, with the way I look,
I'm gonna get the symphathy vote.

Casey, I'm taking this case
away from you.

You can't.
Not after what I've been through.

No one wants to win this case
more than I do.

Which is exactly why you can't try it.

Whitaker was right.
You are too immotionally involved.

I've already reassigned the case.

- To who?
- Tracy Caber.

She is a homicide ADA.
She is not used to live victims.

Nina won't be able to relate to her.

She will have to.

Cause Tracy's putting Nina
on the grand jury tomorrow morning.

Remember there are
no surprises in the grand jury.

You know what I'm going to ask you,

so just answer my question,
and it will be just fine.

Okay I'm ready.

Good. / Hey, Nina.

Miss Novak, so glad to see you.

I just want to wish you luck.

You are up.


Casey, I thought you were off the case.

I am.

Looking for Caber? / Ya.

Warner finished the analysis
on tissue from Gabriel's pocket.

It had more on than
just the dead girl's makeup.

DNA from her blood?

Her tears.

Go call on the son of a bitch.

My mother relayed your apology,

though I do appreciate this personal delivery
of perverbial olive branch.

Would care to join me?

I recommend the pork chop,
but not the peas.

Right, they are green.

Stand up.

- I'm not done with my dinner.
- You are done.

I thought you were ordered
to stop this harassement.

You are hurting me.

You haven't begun to see what hurt is.

Gabriel Duvall, you are under arrest for
the rape of Nina Jurgen,

and for the rape-murder
of Margariette VuClair.

You have the right to remain silent.

You give up that right,

anything you say can
and will be use against you in the court of law.

You have the right to an attorney...