Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 6, Episode 15 - Hooked - full transcript

When the body of a teenager is found with her older cousin's I.D., Benson and Stabler investigate only to learn that that the teen had been part of a group who had 'hooked up' online. As their investigation intensified, they realized that the victim was the object of an older man's obsession, but before they can arrest him he also turns up dead.

In the criminal justice system,

sexually based offenses are
considered especially heinous.

In New York City,
the dedicated detectives

who investigate these vicious felonies...
... are members of an elite squad

known as the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

If you point your telescopes north,

you can just make out Cancer, the Crab.

And just below it is Ursa Major,

also known as the great bear.

I got something great and bare right here.

- Let me see, let me see.
- Let go!

- I can't see her.
- Emmet, she's right there.

You're supposed to be looking at the sky,

not spying on people.

- Whoa.
- What's the matter?

I think she's dead.

A bunch of scouts stargazing
from the roof up there spotted her.

They're looking down to see stars?

More like peeping at other heavenly bodies.

Never got that merit badge.

How'd you I.D. her?

Found her bag in the
alley next to the building.

Perp tossed it over the side,

cleaned it out first,
but missed her driver's license.

Allison Downey.
Address in Yonkers.

Must be a good one.

This is an $800 dress.

Out on the town,
picked up the wrong guy.

Who cracked her skull with
something blunt and heavy.

We didn't recover the weapon.

- Fluids?
- None. But her panties are pulled down...

- ...and there's trauma to her vaginal area.

- How long has she been dead?

Based on body temp and the cold weather,
I'd say between 20, 24 hours.

That's last night between 8:00 and midnight.

There's no drag marks.

And if you used a gun or
a knife to force her up here,

why use a blunt object to kill her?

Okay. She must have known him.

They came up to the roof to have sex.

She changes her mind,
he rapes her, clocks her,

tries to make it look like a robbery.

Both roof doors are locked from the inside.

Maybe our perp's someone from the building.

Have Munch and Fin do a canvass.

We'll do notification.

It's my daughter.
It's Allison.

Mrs. Downey,
we are very sorry for your loss.

Can you tell us when the last
time you saw Allison was?

Yesterday morning.

She's been living with us since
she graduated college.

But she often goes into the city to
stay with friends over night.

Did she tell you who they were?

- I didn't ask.
- Did she have a boyfriend?

A guy she met at school.

He lives in Boston.

Mrs. Downey, can you tell us how we
can get in touch with your husband?

Oh, God, it's him.
I can't tell him. I can't tell him.

Mom? / Allison?

Oh, God! Oh, God!
They said you were dead!

They said you were dead.

Law & Order SVU


Where did you find my license?

In the purse of a murder victim in Manhattan.

Any idea how it could have gotten there?

I lost it. I had to get a new one.


Check this out.

Who's this in the picture with you?

- My cousin Lisa.
- Where does she live?

In Queens. Glen Oaks.

Could she have taken your license?


I mean, it's possible.

Lisa's younger than you are, isn't she?

She just turned 15.

You gave her your license.

I'm sorry.

She was going out with this college guy.

And he was into music,
and she begged me for my license... she could get into clubs with him.

She didn't do drugs,
never got in trouble.

- I thought it was okay.
- This, uh, college guy...

you know his name?

She never told me.

Cause of death is a massive

cerebral hemorrhage due
to blunt force trauma.

Crime Scene still hasn't
found the murder weapon.

Any idea what we're looking for?

Something metallic with a rounded end.

Ball-peen hammer?

There were metal fragments in the wound.

I sent samples over to a metallurgist.
Hopefully, he can narrow it down for us.

- How old's this bruise?
- I'd say about four to six weeks.

Somebody gave her one hell of a black eye.

Probably why she had on so much makeup.

That, and she wanted to look grownup.

She's 15 years old.

What kind of parents let their kid go
out clubbing on a school night?

Ask her father. He's here.

It's Lisa. Oh, God, my baby!


Who'd do this?

- We're still investigating.
- You find the son of a bitch.

Do you know where Lisa was
Monday night between 8:00 and midnight?

I talked to her that afternoon.
She said she was going out...

... for pizza with some friends.

When was the last time you saw Lisa?

Monday morning.

Before I left. I'm a truck driver.


You remember what she was wearing?

Her school uniform.

You sure about that?

You don't think I know
what my kid wears to school?

It's just that when we found Lisa,
she was wearing an $800 cocktail dress.

You know anything about that?


Her cousin said that she was
dating an older guy.

Lisa never told me she had a boyfriend.

- Her mother know?
- Her mother died nine months ago.


I checked Lisa's attendance.
She went to all of her classes on Monday.

Last kid you'd think something
like this could happen to.

Why's that?

When her mother died,
Lisa took over the household.

She cooked, cleaned,
and still managed to get good grades.

She kept it together,
even though her mother was gone,

and her father was never around.

Guy's gotta make a living.

Of course, but so many parents
work such long hours,

they're too tired to deal with their children.

When kids don't get the attention
and affection they need,

they look for it elsewhere.

You think Lisa was one of those kids?

I don't think so.

The only time I ever had to call
her in was over the sex bracelets,

and I'm sure that was just peer pressure.

Sex bracelets?

Different colored bracelets the girls wear,

signaling which sex acts
they're willing to perform.

Uh, yellow's hugging, purple's kissing,

red is for a lap dance, blue is for oral sex,

and don't make me say what black is for.

And Lisa was wearing 'em?

Well, all the girls in her grade were.

But to be honest with you,

I don't know which girls were doing
it and which ones weren't.

Well, who would know about Lisa?

Ask Angela Agnelli.

She was Lisa's best friend.

The bracelets were just a stupid joke.
We all wore them.

I called them sex bracelets,
and all of a sudden it was like this

- big thing with the boys.
- What boys?

Just some guys in our class.

They started calling us sluts because
we weren't interested in them.

- So Lisa didn't have a boyfriend?
- None of us do.

Boys are way too immature,
and, anyway, we're too busy.

Doing what? / Studying.
Lisa was really focused on college.

It's what her mom wanted.

Can I go? I've got Spanish.

- Sure.
- Thanks.

How many teenage girls do you know
who are too busy to have boyfriends?

None. That was T.A.R.U.
Morales has something.


- Lisa's BlackBerry.
- Where'd you find it?

Dumpster back of the building
next to where she was murdered.

Tossing it in the dumpster shouldn't
cause that much damage.

I think your perp tap-danced on the thing first.

Didn't want us to find his name on it.

Unfortunately, water or some other
liquid got inside and fried the CPU.

So how do you know it's Lisa's?

The flash memory card was pretty beat up,

but I was able to extract some data.

Mostly stuff you'd expect from teenagers.

One place she went I think
you'd find interesting.

Teen singles web site.

I got Lisa's username
and accessed her profile.

"Likes: Tattoos and six-packs.
Dislikes: Piercings, ugly guys."

I also found some of her emails.

Lisa's handle is Queens Teen.

"Queens Teen: I'm so bored."
Quick Nick: Me too. Wanna hook up?

Queens Teen: We can play
Bill and Monica again."

Nick's not the only one.

There are others... lots of others.

Her dad's on the road all the time.
She's got the whole house alone.

Pretty much do whatever she wants.

Any idea who this Quick Nick is?

I got his name from the site's webmaster.

Neighbor of Lisa's out in Queens.
Nicky Sims.

Lisa who?

Oh, yeah. Yeah, I hooked up
with her for a while,

but that was, like, months ago.

- Hooked up?
- Yeah, you know.

You do it with no strings attached.

Friends with benefits.

Okay, so why did the benefits stop?

'Cause Lisa got bored.

Said it was time to move on.

How long were you two dating?

Only ugly people date.
Look, I gotta fly...

And you didn't care that she dumped you?

No. I was hooking up with, like,
three other girls anyway.

Who else was Lisa hooking up with?

Practically every cute guy at school.

The girl was on a mission.

- And you weren't?
- I'm more into girls.

Lisa was for a while, too,
when she got tired of boys.

How long did that last?

Until she started doing the older
guys she met on the Internet.

She wasn't scared of having sex
with people that she didn't know?

Why would she be?

You chat with them online first,
and you can check their profiles.

Lisa was looking for mature men.

- She find any?
- Yeah, she really liked one.

- You know his name?
- No, but Lisa's friend Angela might.


Hi. / You forgot to mention that Lisa
was hooking up with half of Queens.

Because she wasn't doing that anymore.

You dress up like that to do your homework?

- Everyone dresses like this.
- Including Lisa.

- So what?
- So you lied to us.

I'm sorry,

I didn't want you guys to think
that she was a slut and tell her dad.

Who is the older guy that she met online?

It was a college student.

He took her to some clubs,
got her some clothes.

He was rich.

She was really into him
untilhe started getting jealous.

About what?

Her hooking up with other guys.

Got so mad, he hit her once.

Did she tell you that?

No. But she had this big, black eye,
and she said she ran into a door.

- But I knew he hit her.
- What's this guy's name?

Andy Wall.

I don't know any Lisa.

Well, maybe you know
her as Allison Downey.

That's not her name?

She used her cousin's
licenseto get into clubs with you.

She was only 15.

Oh, my God. But she's dead?

- How?
- Somebody beat the hell out of her.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a second
You think I killed her?

I would never hurt her.

We split up.
I haven't seen her in months.

You're still talking to her.

We dumped your phones.

- You called her the day she died.
- Friends talk to each other.

So, what, you bash her head in
when you ran out of words?

No, I didn't hurt her!

Now, we hear that you got so worked up
when you found out about all the guys...

...she was doing that
you smacked her around.

I loved her. / Pissed you off
then when she broke up with you.

That's not what happened.
I dumped her.

But you loved her.Why dump her?

Because when I confronted
her about the other guys,

she acted like I was the one with the problem.

I never hit her,
and I swear I didn't kill her.

Where were you Monday night
between 8:00 and midnight?

- I was studying for a mid-term.
- Anyone vouch for that?

Yeah, my whole study group.
I was there till 3:00 in the morning.

Cramming for an examon
Camus' The Stranger.

Same story from all five study buddies.

Lisa slept with guys she met on the Internet.

Killer could be anywhere.

You know, when we were kids,

our parents told us that we were
too young to date just one person.

Now you pray your kids only date one person.

I'm sure Lisa's father would agree.

- What now?
- Warner called.

Lisa had HIV.

Every kid she slept with's been exposed.

A third of the sexually teen in this country
have a sexually transmitted infection.

So any one of the boys Lisa was
hooking up with could have infected her.

And ever other girl he had sex with.

- That's a lot of kids at risk.
- More than you can imagine.

This is a model used by the CDC to
calculate the spread of HIV in urban areas.

Once there are a certain number of carriers,

which we call critical mass,

the disease begins to spread exponentially
among those who don't use condoms.

The red dots on the screen represen
teach person infected in just one week.

And that's after two weeks.

Now imagine that happening
in one part of Queens.

We're talking about an epidemic.

Any way to get the names of those red dots?

Each HIV infection has to be reported,

but the names are kept anonymous.

But I made a list of Lisa's partners from
her web pages and the interviews you did.

The health department will notify
the ones they can locate.

If Lisa confronted the guy who gave her HIV,

maybe he murdered her to keep it a secret.

- Did she even know that she was positive?
- Yes.

Lab found traces of Combivir
and D-four-T in her blood.

Someone was prescribing her anti-retrovirals.

So we find this doctor.
Maybe he knows who infected her.


I know one of these boys.



Uh, see you later.

Dad, what are you doing here?

I need to talk with you.

- You and mom are getting a divorce?
- No, no, no.

I wouldn't tell you this way, anyway.

That boy Jed that you were going
out with...What's his last name?

- Uh, Baldwin. Why?
- When did you go out with him?

A couple of months ago.
Why are you asking me this?

- I don't want you to get the wrong idea.
- Okay.

But...did you do anything with him?

- You mean did we have sex?
- Yes.

- That's private.
- I know.

- Then why are you asking me?
- I can't tell you.

So then why should I tell you?

Because I'm your father,
and it's really important.

I didn't have sex with Jed.

Did you do anything else with him?

No, that's why he broke up with me.
Because I wouldn't.

You okay, Dad?

Yeah, I'm fine. I'm fine.

I love you.

I'll pick you up Saturday.

You're welcome to take a look,

but your people already searched the room.

Mr. Downey...

has Lisa been to the doctor lately?

No, our, um, medical insurance
was through my wife's job.

We lost it when she died. Why?

Traces of two medications
were found in Lisa's blood.

- She never told me she was sick.
- She didn't want you to know.

She had HIV.

Oh, God.

Who gave it to her?

We don't know.
That's what we're trying to find out.

Have you noticed any pill
bottles around the house?


We only got one
medicine cabinet in the bathroom.

I would have seen them.

Mr. Downey... did Lisa have a job?

She was supposed to
be studying, not working.

Why? / This closet is filled
with designer clothes.

Thousands of dollars worth.

Her allowance was 25 bucks a week.

- Any idea who bought her these?
- I don't know.

It's like I don't know anything about her.

Most of her clothes come
from a place called Her Boutique.


D-four-T. Combivir.
Prescribed by Dr. Derek Tanner,

Whitestone Hospital Center.

Lisa was just in here
last week for a follow-up.

I, um, saw her picture in the paper.

Do you know who killed her?

Well, we're hoping that
you can help us find out.

Now, do you know how Lisa got exposed?

You know HIV information is confidential.

But, Dr. Tanner, we have reason to
believe that Lisa was sexually active

with a very large number of partners.

I told her to contact all of them.
I referred her for counseling.

I did everything I could legally do.
But I couldn't force her to do any of it.

Right, now, what about the
people she may have infected?

Look, get a release from Lisa's
father and I'll tell you everything I can.

I want to help you, I do.
But I have to protect my patients.

Lisa didn't have insurance, so she had
to pay for the medication and all those clothes?

Must have cost her thousands of dollars.

I bet college boy Andy wasn't so generous.

Maybe she had a sugar daddy.

We can start with the bags in
her closet from Her Boutique.

That's the dress Lisa was wearing.

- Can I help you?
- Yeah, police.

Can you tell us if you've
seen this girl in your store?

I don't remember her.
We get a lot of customers.

Has any one of them
bought this dress recently?

I'll look.

- Last one we sold was Monday.
- Paid for with a credit card?

Cash, but I wasn't working then.
So I really can't help you.

Do you have a surveillance system?

There's Lisa.

Sale was registered at 11:10 A.M.

- Who's the guy?- Brian. He's one of the managers.

Where's she going?

Probably to the fitting rooms, back here.

He's going with her. I've never had a
male manager help me try on clothes.

- Can you fast forward?
- Sure.

- Stop.
- Stop.

Right there. There she is.

Time code says they
were gone for over 10 minutes.

That's weird.

Sales in the system,
but she never went near the register.

Maybe Brian bought it for her.
Is he working today?

He's taking sales inventory in the stock room.

What's that sound like to you?

Yo! Brian!
Hey! Hey, hey.

You're in trouble. / Elliot.


I don't see what you're so upset about.

You're selling yourself for clothes.

No, I'm not.

- Brian just likes to buy me pretty things.
- Yeah, in exchange for sex.

Have a seat.

I do not have sex with him.

No? Then what do you
call what you did to Brian?

- It's only oral.
- Oral sex, Angela.

So what? It's the same thing
I usually do when I hooked up.

At least this way,
I get something out of it.

Louis Vuitton bag, Prada shoes,
Dolce & Gabbana top.

That's at least two grand right there.

You're telling me that one
guy spent that much on you?

It's not like I do this all the time.

You want to wind up like Lisa?

No. / So she was hook in gat
the mall with you, right?


Until she started using the hotel.

What hotel?

The Barrington.

She used to bring me little
soaps and shampoos.

When did she start
turning tricks at the hotel?

Couple months ago.

- But I never did.
- You still use the stock room.

I only did it for clothes!
But Lisa was way into it!

Especially after the guy told us
how much money we could make.

What guy?

He picked us up at the mall.
We were... we were window shopping.

That's how we got guys to buy us stuff and...

He said that we could make
some real money at this hotel.

He works there?

At the front desk.

I think his name was Jerome.


Here's your room key, Mr. Stabler.

Is there anything else I can get for you?

Well, you know, I'll tell ya,

I'm, uh, a little stiff after my long flight.

How about a massage?

How much for your best one?

- Well, that can be quite expensive.
- Well, that's not a problem.

You just make surethat she's
young and good at what she does.

I think I can find what you're
looking for in, say, half an hour?

- Hi. I'm Brandy.
- You're late.

I wanted to look pretty for you.

You're awfully cute.

- So how much?
- hour.

2,000 for the whole night.

Two, three.

I gotta ask you something.
Why do you do this?

God, you're not one of those, are you?

- No, I'm one of these.
- Crap!

- Can't interest you in a freebie?
- Not tonight.

So, Brandy, tell me...

What's Jerome's cut?

- What do you think I am, a pimp?
- You bet.

Okay, so the girls throw
me a 20 once in a while.

You're recruiting them from shopping malls

Brandy says that you take 70%.

You gonna bust my balls for something that
happens in every hotel in the country?

And you're gonna tell me every
hotel in the country has child prostitution?

What are you talking about? Brandy's 19.

Yeah? This girl was 15.

Never seen her before.

Why don't you take a better look,
unless you want your high-class hotel... find out you're
being questioned for murder?

Murder... Allison's dead?

Oh, well, now he knows her.
Her name's Lisa.

Haven't seen her for months.

Were any of your guests
particularly fond of her?

There's one guy always asked for her.
Didn't want to see anyone else.

Can you describe him?

Early '30s, reddish-blonde.
Good-looking guy.

First time he stayed with
us was for a medical convention.

Derek Tanner?


Dr. Tanner's with a patient right now.

- What was that?
- You're gonna tell me what I wanna know!

- Oh, damn it
- I don't know anything!

- You knew Lisa had HIV!
- That's enough!

- Mr. Downey!
- He's crazy!

- Inside, let's go!
- In here.

I want him charged. Yeah, well,
you're the one who's gonna be charged.

With what? Having sex with
his 15-year-old daughter.

What is it?
You wanna go to jail too?

I want to find the guy
who killed my little girl!

That is my job, and you're
gonna let us do it!

And the next time,
I'm gonna lock you up!

Lisa's gone, my wife's gone!

What difference does it make
what happens to me?!

I have seen a lot of good people
who have lost everything.

Thought they had nothing left to live
for after a loved one's murder.

But you gotta keep going.

Think about Lisa. Your wife.

Would they want to see
you sitting in prison?

You can get through this.

Have you got a priest you can talk to?

Yeah, I guess.

What about Dr. Tanner?

I'll deal with him.

- How'd it feel? How'd it feel?
- Get off me!

Screwing a 15-year-old.
You like that?

- I didn't know she was 15.
- You're a liar!

- You were banging her for weeks!
- Come on. She came on to me.

- Where, the high school?
- I was in town from Providence for a convention.

She approached me in the hotel lobby.

- She was beautiful.
- She was 15!

She said that she was 21!

Look, I never paid for sex before.

But that night I did, and it was incredible.

- You're pathetic.
- I couldn't stop seeing her.

- I was addicted.
- So why'd you kill her?

- I didn't.
- You knew she had HIV.

You knew your love affair
would come out sometime.

You think I care about that?

I quit my job to move here
so I could be with her.

I gave her everything that she wanted!

I loved her.

- You okay?
- Yep.

What a world.

Same as always.

No, things have changed.

Maybe you have.

Yeah, maybe.

You lose a family, whew.

That's when it all starts to disintegrate.


You have great kids.

That's what Lisa's father thought.

Check out Dr. Tanner's alibi?

We had to let him go.

Hospital said he worked a
night shift on Monday.

It's almost impossible for him to
get away for an hour to kill Lisa.

Yeah, well, he did claim
that he loved her. / Really?

Then why was he about to go back
to his family in Rhode Island?

- He was married?
- With a kid.

I just talked to his wife.
Tanner was broke.

Credit cards were maxed out.

He spent all his money on Lisa.

Now he's begging his wife to take him back.

Maybe Lisa didn't want him to go.

Let's check out what else
Dr. Tanner forgot to tell us.

No pulse.

I told him. I told him!

You think Lisa's father did it?

Who else?

I said to stay away from Tanner.

- I didn't kill Tanner.
- You were in his apartment.

Your fingerprints were on the doorknob.

All right, I followed him home.

I had to find out who hurt my baby.

I went upstairs,

the door was open, I went inside.
But he was already dead.

Tim, listen to me.

I know you've been through a lot.

Losing your daughter,
finding out she had HIV.

I mean, my God.

And if I'd found out

she'd been with an older man in some hotel...

I'd have shot the bastard too.

What are you talking about?

Are you saying my little girl was a whore?

Lisa was a good girl!

He murdered her, didn't he?

I didn't shoot him.

But I sure as hell wish I did!

Crime Scene searched Downey's truck,
his car, his house... no gun.

He could have tossed it anywhere.

They find anything in Tanner's apartment?

So far, the only prints are from Tanner,

Lisa, her father, and one unidentified person.

Tim Downey is still our best bet.

Captain, Downey did not know
Tanner had sex with Lisa until I told him.

I don't think he's our guy.

- What'd you guys find?
- Nothing more in Tanner's apartment.

But we found this in his locker at the hospital.

Scarf from St. Tabitha's high school.

- It's gotta be Lisa's.
- Well, then, she has two,

because I found one exactly
like that in her closet.

There's a monogram on it. "AA."

As in Angela Agnelli.

Locker number 503.
Right here.

It's not exactly your school uniform.

Hey! You can't go in there!

School says we can.
Locker's their property.

- But that's my stuff!
- What's on the tape?

I don't know. It's Lisa's.
She asked me to hold it for her.

Why don't we take a look at it?

- Don't be shy.
- A little girl-on-girl action.

Don't be shy.

There's our scarf.

- And there's our Dr. Tanner.
- Hey, baby, I got somethin' for ya!

Did we contact Angela's parents?

They're in Europe.
They gave us permission to talk to her,

but they didn't want to interrupt their trip.

That's nice.

Tanner videotaped his own little love train.

That explains why he had Angela's scarf.

She knew about Lisa and
Tanner the whole time.

This is humiliating.

Y-You didn't watch it, did you?

Yeah, we did.

I didn't wanna do it,
but Lisa begged me.

She said that she needed cash,

and Dr. Tanner was willing to
pay us a lot of money.

How much?

$500. Each.

It's true.

Angela, you have lied to us about everything.

We're trying to catch the person
who murdered your best friend,

and you just keep lying.

Because I didn't want
youto find out what I did.

- So what else have you done?
- Nothing.

I swear.

What about Lisa?

She made some other videos.

A lot of other videos.

She was doing hardcore?


She took me to a porn store and

showed me all of her DVDs.

She said I could use the
video as an audition tape,

and I could make a lot of money.

I never wanted to do it again.

Who was Lisa making movies for?

Some guy named Max.


Okay, Gina, that's great,

great. Now take him over to the couch.

That's it.

Okay, move the camera.

Let's get the camera in.

Max Long.

- Police.
- Gaa! Cut!

- We're filming here.
- Not anymore.

We're not doing anything illegal.
What the hell is this about?

Child porn.

What, you think I'm stupid?
I don't make that stuff.

Yeah, well, then who's this?

Trudi Strutz starring in
"Trudi, Madly, Deeply."

What are you talking about?

- That's Allison. She's 19.
- No, that's Lisa. She's 15.

And she's dead.

No, I checked her driver's license.
She's 19. I have it on file.

It was her cousin's.

Well, you can't bust me for this.
It's an honest mistake.

- This is child porn
- Where were you Monday night?

- Filming... "Wendy Does the White House".
- Where?

An apartment on Eighth Avenue,
till 2:00 a.m.

You think I killed her?

That girl was like a daughter to me.

You get off watching your
daughter have sex?

She wanted to do porn.
You should be talking to her boyfriend,

- not harassing me.
- Who's the boyfriend?

Derek Tanner.
Guy's obsessed with her.

We've already spoken with Dr. Tanner.

- He's a doctor?
- Was... treated Lisa for HIV.

- She had HIV?
- Let's not pretend you don't know.

You think I'd be filming if I did?

I gotta shut down production,
call my actors.

Get'em all tested.
You gotta give me some time.

Sleaze bag's talking to his lawyer.

All we've got him on is promoting
the sexual performance of a minor.

He's gonna make bail in five minutes.

- What about Long's alibi?
- Clears him for Lisa's murder.

Not for taking her the final step into hell.

How did this happen?

Six months ago,
she was just another 15-year-old.

Till she started hooking
up with half of Queens.

After that, it's no big deal to have sex...

...for designer clothes or
prostitute yourself in a hotel.

And she ends up as
Trudi Strutz, porn star.

- She ends up dead on a roof.
- You better take a look at this.

Hospital was investigating
Doc Tanner's billing.

He gave a bunch of patients fake
names and social security numbers,

so nobody could tracet
he tests he ran on them.

- HIV tests.
- And STDs.

- Who was paying?
- Company called Long Video.

As in Max Long.

Tanner was giving HIV tests to
Max Long's porn stars.

Which means Max was lying.
He knew Lisa had HIV.

Why would Tanner risk his
license to do the tests?

Because Max Long was blackmailing him.

Max knew that he was having
sex with a 15-year-old.

It still doesn't explain who killed Lisa.

Take a look at this. Max said his
porn shoot was at 695 Eighth Avenue.

Lisa was found at 590 Ninth.

- It sounds like they're blocks apart.
- They're both on 44th Street.

They could back onto each other.

John, Fin, get up there.
See if there's access across the rooftops.

Olivia, Elliot, check with the crime lab,
where they are in forensics.

About time. My client's been extremely cooperative.

Forensic metallurgists found
traces of brushed aluminum...

... in the wounds on Lisa's head.

Just like the tripods you use.

Lots of things are made of aluminum.

That is true, but the tripod head,

like this one that we found in your client's office,

had Lisa's hair, skin,
and blood in the screw threads.

So, Max...

... why'd you do it?

I don't know what you're talking about.

You knew that Lisa was infected with HIV,

and you let her go on making porn.

I told you I had no idea she was positive.

Saw the hospital records.

Test results were sent to you.

Plus, your alibi is not very good.

To get from the porn shoot
on Eighth Avenueto the building

where Lisa was found on Ninth Avenue...

... takes under three minutes.

Adjoining roofs.

That was clever.

20 people will swear Mr. Long was
working at the time of the girl's death.

We'll see. Why don't you
comewith me, Mr. Long?

I'm sure you recognize the cast of
Wendy Does the White House.

What are they doing here?

We thought they'd want to know that you
concealed Lisa's HIV status from them.

And I thought you were the porn
producer with a heart of gold, Max.

All that stuff about caring for your actors,
that... really got to me.

I do care.

Okay, I admit I made a mistake with Lisa, but...

Yeah, you did, and they're pissed.
You exposed them all to HIV.

- I didn't want to start a panic.
- No, you didn't want to stop filming.

I had a chance to chat with your cast,
and they had a lot to talk about.

Like how whenever Lisa complained,
you slapped her around to shut her up.

And how you left the set for 20 minute
saround 10 P.M. the night Lisa died,

to shoot some establishing shots.

You even took your camera
and your tripod with you.

You knew a child with HIV would ruin you.

So you told her to meet you up on
that roofand you beat her brains in.

- Problem solved.
- Fascinating.

But it's all speculation. / You think?

A 15-year-old victim and a big,
ugly porn producer with motive,

means, and opportunity.
I cannot wait to get this in front of a jury.

And once we get you for Lisa's murder,
then we'll get you for Dr. Tanner's.

I didn't kill...Tanner.

- We're gonna prove that you did.
- You won't.

Mr. Long was at a charity dinner last
night along with several hundred people.

There's a table full of witnesses.


Max Long, you're under arrest
for the murder of Lisa Downey.

You have the right to remain silent.

Anything you say can and will be
used against you in a court of law.

Mr. Downey.

They told me you got the guy that
killed Lisa. I wanted to say thanks.

How are you doing?

Ah, I'm getting there.

I know how much you loved Lisa.

You look after yours, okay?


Max Long didn't kill Tanner.

- I know. I checked his alibi.
- No, no, no.

We got more than that.

The lab called.
The mystery prints in Tanner's apartment...

... match the prints on the
videotape of Angela and Lisa.

Bye. See ya.

- Hey, what's up?
- What's up?

We found the man who murdered Lisa.

It was Max Long.

Wow, so I guess it's over.

Well, he didn't kill Dr. Tanner.

Do you know who did?

No. Why would I?

This tape that we got out of your locker.

Lisa didn't ask you to keep it for her.

- She did.
- For once, don't lie to me.

I swear. / There's gunshot
residue on the tape.

Your fingerprint is in the residue.

You went to Dr. Tanner's apartment,
you took your father's gun.

Why'd you shoot him?

I asked him to give me the tape.

He said he couldn't,
because he would go to jail.

All I kept thinking was...

... that somebody would see it.

And my life would be ruined.

I pointed the gun at him and...

He grabbed it.

And it went off.

I'm sorry!

I'm so sorry.

I just wanted my life back!