Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 6, Episode 13 - Quarry - full transcript

When the body of a seven-year-old child is found, the squad again begins to investigate convicted serial killer Lucas Biggs, believing that he molested and murdered the boy. While Biggs can detail every child he ever molested, he swears that he has no memory of this one. Further investigations show that there is another suspect, but before he can be picked up, someone picks him off.

In the criminal
justice system,

sexually based offenses are
considered especially heinous.

In New York City,

the dedicated detectives who
investigate these vicious felonies

are members of an elite squad
known as the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

Good night.

Good night!

Good morning.
You get your confession?

Nine hours. The guy held out for nine hours.

Well, the desk sergeant
asked me to bring this up.

You want a
cup of coffee?

Yeah, and two eggs over easy,
some hash browns and toast.

Coffee's fine.

"'Have you seen this child?
Missing, March 22nd, 1980.

"Jeffrey Ronsen. "

Jeffrey Ronsen?

Yeah. An old missing child flier
and a photo of Yankee Clipper Park.

Somebody wrote an 'X' in the
right field corner. Look at this.

"He is here. "

Jeffrey Ronsen was seven
when he disappeared in 1980.

We spent the entire spring
trying to find him.

Wasn't there a guy
you liked for this?

Yeah, Lucas Biggs. He played
ball in the Independent League.

Liked to pick up little boys and
take them home for extra innings.

The day Jeffrey disappeared, a dozen
witnesses saw him talking to Biggs.

We just didn't have
enough to make a collar.

I remember Biggs. He got popped for
a kidnap-murder down in Virginia.

He's on death row, right?

Not for long. He's slated
for execution next week.

we have something.

Got a hit off the ground-penetrating
radar, started digging.

Found this, a child's
skull, buried face down.

He's still got on
his baseball jersey.

It's gotta be Jeffrey.

This is his neighborhood,
he played ball here.

Maybe leading us to the body was Biggs'
way of getting a stay of execution.

Virginia won't fry him if
our case is active again.

Well, if Biggs is behind this,
he's got help on the outside.

Somebody hand-delivered
that flier and photo.

Which he could've sent to
anybody. Why did he pick you?

These are Jeffrey Ronsen's
dental records.

The two cavities and the missing
baby tooth match the remains.

How'd he die?

Probably a broken neck. See
the breaks here in C3 and C4.

Biggs suffocated
the one boy he killed.

What's up?

The kid started screaming,
he held a hand over his mouth.

Breaking Jeffrey's neck
doesn't fit his MO.

I did say "probably. "

Jeffrey could have
been suffocated

and the vertebrae could've
been broken post-mortem,

when the body was dumped.
I'll call the Ronsens,

let them know they'll have the
remains first thing tomorrow.

Captain, that was Kathy. She's
at the hospital with Dickie.

They think
it's appendicitis.

Go. I'll check in with you later.

I'll set up surveillance at the funeral
in case our tipster decides to show.

I'll call the family, make sure they
don't mind you crashing their wake.

Mr. And Mrs. Ronsen,
I'm so sorry for your loss.

Thank you, Detective.
Guest book's right here.

Please sign in
before the service.

Thank you.

She writes her name
and the pen transmits

everything she wrote
to our wireless receiver.

The magic of
digital pens.

We just cross-reference the name
with the original case files.

Ronald Hooper.

Jeffrey's maternal uncle.
Lived in Seattle in 1980.

Tag him low priority.

Deacon Brinn.

Lived across the street
from the Ronsens,

was babysitting Jeffrey
the night he disappeared,

let him walk home
by himself.

Deacon was the last person
to see Jeffrey alive.

Liv, we're gonna have to interview
Deacon as soon as the service is over.

Copy that.
I got another one.

Avery Shaw.

Played on Jeffrey's baseball team.
A week after Jeffrey disappeared,

Avery remembered seeing
Biggs talking to Jeffrey.

Hang on, what's he doing? He's leaving.

I'll talk to him.

Excuse me, Avery?

You all right?

I'm fine.
Do I know you?

I'm Detective Benson.
You left pretty quick.

Yeah, I couldn't handle
seeing all those people again.

I just wanted to say goodbye
to my best friend. And...

You played baseball
with Jeffrey Ronsen?

He played short,
I played second.

We got a trophy once for turning
the most double plays in a season.

I can remember
when we took that,

Jeffrey yelled at Deacon for
getting his finger in the photo.

Deacon Brinn?

He was like our guardian. He
was older, so he'd walk us home,

make sure we looked
both ways before crossing.

Do you think finding Jeffrey's
body will prove who killed him?

We're looking for evidence.
We're re-interviewing everyone.

Tell me about
Lucas Biggs.

He had this huge
stash of baseball cards.

Everybody from Reggie
to Goose to Tekulve.

He didn't look like a pervert. He was cool.

So you didn't think
that he'd hurt Jeffrey.

Is that why it took you
so long to go to the police

and tell them that you
saw them together that day?

Everybody was blaming Deacon
for Jeffrey's disappearance.

I didn't want them
to blame me.

Even my parents yelled at me because I
was the last person to see Jeffrey alive.

I thought it
was my fault.

Why were you with
Jeffrey that night?

I had to stay home
and baby-sit him,

so our folks could go out to
dinner like they did every Saturday.

But I was 13, I wanted to go to parties.
I was sick of missing all the fun.

So I kicked him out of our
house and told him to go home.

That doesn't make what
happened to Jeffrey your fault.

Well, tell that
to the Ronsens.

They haven't spoken to me
or to my parents since 1980.

Even though they were the ones that let
that child molester, Biggs, into their home.

How did that happen?

Biggs' girlfriend was
the Ronsens' housekeeper.

That's gotta be how he
found out about Jeffrey.

We got nothing
from the funeral.

No unexpected guests, no
changes in anyone's statement.

Just a lot of people pointing
their finger at Biggs.

I guess it's time to talk to the man himself.
I want you on the next flight to Virginia.

You really think he's gonna
talk after all these years?

Maybe to you. If he sent
the map, it's an invitation.

Last time a cop came here, he tried to pin
the death of a boy from Louisville on me.

Where're you from?

New York City.

You're a long
way from home.

You must've heard they're
gonna kill me next week.

Nothing like waiting
till the last minute.

Do you know how
many of your colleagues

have tried to get me to admit
that I killed Jeffrey Ronsen?

Twelve. That'd make you thirteen.
Could be your lucky number.

Your girlfriend, Vivian,

she used to work
for the Ronsens.

Now, tell me, Lucas,

is that a coincidence?

It was the first time I saw him.
I went to pick Viv up from work,

Jeffrey was running
around naked,

screaming about having to get in the bathtub.

His hair smelled
like Mr. Bubbles.

Is that why you went to the
ballpark, to lure him away with you?

I never lured him
anywhere. He wasn't my type.

You sure?

Because I think you went back to
the ballpark that night, Lucas.

I think that you
kidnapped Jeffrey Ronsen,

you molested him
and then you murdered him.

Listen to me carefully.

I never touched
Jeffrey Ronsen.

Then how did you know
where he was buried?

What are you talking about?

Why did you send me these?

You think it's funny?

Next Friday, they're gonna
fry me like a piece of bacon.

Why would I send
you these now?

So we find Jeffrey, the case
stays alive and so do you.

What you don't understand, Detective
Benson, is I'm ready to die.

I've made peace with my Lord.
He's forgiven me my sins.

Jeffrey Ronsen
isn't one of them.

Any luck?

Biggs wouldn't
give it up.

So I guess he's gonna
take it to his grave.

Jeffrey was seven. The boy
Biggs killed was older, right?

Yeah, he was twelve.

So were the other kids
that Biggs molested.

He likes pubescent boys,
not little kids.

Well, maybe Biggs never got
caught with the smaller ones.

Younger the victim, less
likely they are to talk.

Guess who's been drawing
on Biggs' baseball pension

since he's been locked up?

One Vivian Tate.

Jeffrey Ronsen's
old housekeeper.

Biggs' old girlfriend. She's been
living off of Biggs' gravy train

for the last nine years. The minute he
kicks, she's back to paying her own way.

That's a good reason to keep
the ex-boyfriend alive.

If Vivian knew where
Biggs buried Jeffrey,

she could've led you to the body
and Biggs would have never known.

He stays alive,
the cash keeps coming.

I'll go have
a chat with her.

Biggs can't cash
his pension checks,

so I do it for him and put a little
spending money in his inmate account.

And then you keep
the rest for yourself.

I didn't do nothing wrong, he owes me.

I lost a good job on account
of him, no one will hire me.

Because your boyfriend
killed your boss's son.

He didn't kill Jeffrey.

Sure he did.

Just like he killed
that boy in Virginia.

We couldn't prove it until
you led us to Jeffrey's body.

I didn't lead
you anywhere.

You sent me this
map to his grave.

Tell me, what happened?
Guilty conscience get to you?

Have it your way.
Vivian Tate.

What the hell?

You're under arrest
for grand larceny.

I didn't steal anything.

Look, most of that money
went to pay his bills.

Oh, he's been in jail for nine
years. What bills could he have?

Lawyers for his appeal,
his storage locker.

What storage locker?

Oh, my God.

There's gotta be a hundred
baseball caps in here.

Trophies. Each one
from a different victim.

You had no right
to touch those.

They gave them to me
to remember them by.

And I remember them, their
necks, their shoulders,

their bellies,
always changing,

turning from boys into
men right before my eyes.

Shelf six, cap number three, that little
kid with a cowlick from Saint Louis.

Shelf two,

cap number four, little
Mexican boy from El Paso.

They're always there,
waiting for me in my room.

Waiting for me
till I need them.

Tell me their names.

Only if I can
touch them.

Take him
back to his cell.

You know what we do
with old evidence?

We burn it.

Big old incinerator turns all
this junk into ash in a heartbeat.


That hat belongs
to Randy Morgan,

October 17th, 1979.

Macon, Georgia.

I went three for four that
afternoon, drove in two runs.

This could be fun.

Do you wanna go on?

Shelf two,
cap number three,

Benny Giles.
July 31st, 1984.

Bethesda, Maryland.

I hit a walk-off double
down the left field line.

Shelf six,
cap number three,

Freddy Rule. June 1st, 1977. Tampa, Florida.

Larry Jones, July 12th, Charlotte.

Scott Blevins, September 29th, Providence.

Charlie Thomas,
January 10th, 1982.





Eli. Bobby.

Jeremy. Johnny.
Pete. Floyd. Joey. Neil.

Patrick. Ethan. Ephraim.
Zeke. Alex. Daniel.

Lance. Jeremy. Eddie.

The Riverside Eagles.

Jeffrey Ronsen.

I told you I never
touched Jeffrey.

Well, then
whose hat is it?

March 2nd, 1980,

New York City.

Deacon Brinn.

Deacon Brinn was interviewed five
times after Jeffrey's disappearance.

He never said a word about being molested,
not even after Richmond PD arrested Biggs.

You think Biggs
is messing with us?

He had no way of knowing that
we'd already ID'd thirteen hats.

He gave us right
names on all of them.

So where's
Jeffrey's hat?

Maybe he
wasn't wearing one.

Then tell me this, Doc. Why didn't Deacon
admit to Olivia that Biggs molested him?

When you've been lying
to everyone for 25 years,

the lie becomes
like a cancer,

it just keeps spreading
until it's out of control.

By now it's
bigger than he is.

He lied to his friends,
he lied to his family.

He's been editing himself his
whole life just to keep up the lie.

That's incredibly isolating.

The secret always stands between
you and the rest of the world.

Seems like giving it up
would set him free.

He doesn't know how.

After 25 years,
it's who he is.

Maybe it's not.

Deacon has to be the one
who sent us this photo.

He and Jeffrey were friends, they
were both molested by Biggs...

I mean, it
just makes sense.

The execution
is next week.

Deacon can't stand
the thought of Biggs

dying without confessing
to Jeffrey's murder.

Deacon's been carrying
this secret for 25 years.

How am I gonna
get him to talk?

Tell him you already know.

Do you
recognize this hat?

That's the Riverside Eagles.
That was my baseball team.

Where'd you get that?

We found it in Biggs'
storage locker.

He kept souvenirs of all
the boys that he molested.

You were one of them.

He gave me tips, taught
me how to hit a curve ball.

I couldn't believe it when
he invited me to his place.

He treated me
like a grown-up.

We'd drink beers,
we'd watch dirty movies.

And one

day he did

things to me.

He kept telling me that we weren't
doing anything wrong, but I knew we were.

That's why you
sent me this photo.

How'd you know I sent it?

You just told me.

I should've told
25 years ago.

So do it now.

You're the victim here.

Deacon, you've been swallowing
the truth all these years.

It's time to stop.

I went to Biggs' apartment the
night that Jeffrey disappeared.

I just needed
somebody to talk to.

I saw him leaving, so I
followed him to the ballpark.

He was carrying a big bag.

I saw him drop
Jeffrey's body in the hole.

Then he saw me. And he
said he'd kill me if I told.

So you're convinced
Biggs did it?

Mr. Ronsen,
we have a witness

who can help convict Lucas
Biggs of killing your son.

How long would
a trial take?

Well, it could take
a year, maybe two.

That's years of going to court, talking
about what happened, answering questions.

Years Biggs gets to spend
eating, breathing, watching TV...

But in the end at least you'll have the
peace of mind that comes with knowing

that the man who killed your
son will pay for what he did.

We were out having a nice dinner
while that man murdered our son.

Peace of mind won't be coming any time soon.

We just want
this to be over.

Don't stop the execution.


Get your coat.

Engineer called it in. He thought
he saw something go under the train.

The body was cut in two.

Deacon Brinn.
That's his car over there.

He drove out to the middle of nowhere
and jumped in front of the train.

He wasn't ready to deal
with what Biggs did to him.

He'd been burying
it for so long.

He sent you that note because
he wanted the truth to come out.

The truth about
Jeffrey. Not himself.

That was O'Halloran.
He wants us at the lab.

Warner sent over everything she
dug up with Jeffrey Ronsen's bones.

The cotton clothing's long gone,
but his baseball jersey was acrylic.

It's pretty much intact.

The wonders
of biodegradation.

But that can't be the reason
why you called us down here.

This is. Found it stuck
on Jeffrey Ronsen's shirt.

Well, what is it?

Okay, so Jeffrey was chewing gum
when he died, what's the significance?

Jeffrey wasn't chewing gum, his killer was.

Jeffrey was
found face down.

The gum's right there on
the front of Jeffrey's shirt.

So the killer spit out his gum, and
tossed Jeffrey's body on top of it.

Not exactly. Ever notice how
kids love to play with their gum?

My 10-year-old
nephew rolls it between

his fingers and smushes it
before he throws it away.

So did our killer. Now,
run that print through AFIS,

my name would come up
in five seconds flat.

So whose print
is on this gum?

Deacon Brinn.

Deacon killed Jeffrey Ronsen?

It wasn't shame that drove
him to suicide, it was guilt.

My victim is my perp.

Deacon killed Jeffrey Ronsen
and he got away with it.

He had a good life,
a wife and a kid,

there's no way he sent you
a photo of Jeffrey's grave.

I screwed up. I showed
him the photo and the map.

He knew that he had to lie about them so
I wouldn't suspect he'd killed Jeffrey.

But why kill his friend?

He was probably pretty close to
the edge after Biggs molested him.

Deacon was angry at Biggs, but he
redirected that anger towards Jeffrey,

the younger
version of himself.

It's called "identification
with the oppressor. "

Did he simply kill Jeffrey
or did he molest him, too?

I'll bet he molested him.

The kind of trauma Deacon suffered
can warp a victim's sexuality.

So Deacon doesn't want
to be the victim anymore,

he becomes the victimizer.

Until someone put
a bullet in him.

I thought he was
killed by a train.

So did I till
I x-rayed the body.

slug in his heart.

I'd put time of death
around 10:00 last night,

two hours before
the train hit him.

Could Deacon
have shot himself?

No residue
on his hands.

Whoever killed him put him on the
tracks to make it look like a suicide.

Maybe the same person that
led me to Jeffrey's body.

Talk to Deacon's wife. Find
out where he was last night.

Deacon wasn't home.
Where was he?

I don't know. Zeke
and I went out for pizza.

I let him play video games
until the place closed.

And what time
did you get home?

It was

just after 10:00.

Did you hear from Deacon at all that night?

I called his cell phone when we
got back from the pizza place.

Zeke wouldn't go to bed without
saying good night to his dad.

Was it unusual for
Deacon to be out so late?

We were having problems.

Julia, it's important
that you tell me.

I thought he was
having an affair.

Did you confront him
about this?

Six months ago. He said
that nothing was going on,

he just had some things he needed to
figure out, he said he needed some space.

So he moved out.
Where to?

His old apartment.

He sublet it after
we got married.

When things got bad,
he moved back in.

No pictures, no books. Looks like Deacon
used this place as nothing but a crash pad.

Then why'd he keep
his desk locked?

Bunch of mail,
some addressed here,

some addressed
to the other house.

Love letters?

Hate mail.

"You're gonna pay
for what you did. "

Postmarked a month ago.

"Truth time. "

Photo of Deacon
and his family.

There's writing
on the back.

"Before: The perfect American family.
The after version won't be as pretty. "

Deacon's stalker knew about Jeffrey.
Probably sent me the flier and the photo,

hoping that
we'd collar Deacon.

Stalker knew about Biggs, too.

Here's a clipping about Biggs's
execution. The stalker wrote on it.

"He owned you then,
I own you now. "

Deacon said he never told
anyone about the abuse.

So who knew? Pedophiles
like to share their exploits.

Maybe Biggs bragged to our
stalker about molesting Deacon.

Somebody murdered
Deacon Brinn.

Somebody who knew
that you abused him.

I never abused Deacon
or any of the boys.

I loved them. Your love ruined their lives.

I didn't do anything wrong. Come on, Lucas.

You know
that's not true.

What did I do wrong?

I was born with these feelings.
I don't know why I have them.

They were always there. It wasn't
exactly like I had a choice.

Neither did the 117 boys you molested.

I never hurt them.

It never hurt me.

You were abused.

My father left
when I was a baby.

And when I was about nine,

this man moved
across the street.

He was the only one
I could talk to.

He loved me and
cared for me.

And touching me
was how he showed it.

I'm sorry.

I never meant
to hurt the boys.


Deacon Brinn is dead.

And the killer knew
what you did to him.

Just tell me
who you told.

No one. There has to be somebody.

In jail, somebody
who knew you back then.

Somebody who knew
about you and Deacon.

There was a little boy

who used to follow Deacon
and Jeffrey around.

And Deacon used
to look at him

the way I looked at boys.

What was his name?


His name was Avery.

Go! Go! Go!

Avery Shaw?

Bedroom's clear.

John, in here!

Photos of Deacon's prom,

his college graduation.

Avery's been obsessed
with Deacon for years.

Look at this.
Deacon's wedding announcement.

And check this out. A map of Queens
with all these different routes marked,

leading to Deacon's house.

Copies of Jeffrey
Ronsen's missing poster.

Just like the one he sent me.

Look, Deacon's not the
only one he's obsessed with.

"Special Victim,
Special Cop. "

Avery's been
stalking you, too.

Liv, look at this.

Avery's childhood diaries
from 1983, when he was 10.

"I wish I had super powers
hidden inside me,

"the kind that come out when
I need them. Like the Hulk.

"I couldn't stop Deacon.
If I was the Hulk... "

"I could've smashed Deacon,

"pounded his head until blood
came out and he was dead.

"But I'm just me and
I couldn't do anything.

"For me or for Jeffrey. "

So Avery was there
the night Jeffrey died.

Well, according
to Avery's diary,

Jeffrey and Avery were
both at Deacon's house.

Deacon made the boys drink
until they passed out.

Then Deacon raped Avery.

Jeffrey fought back
and Deacon broke his neck.

Avery knew where Jeffrey was
buried because he saw it happen.


He made Avery help
him dump the body

and told him that he was going to
jail, too, because he was there.

Avery's diaries end at 14. But
until then it is all about Deacon.

"I should've stopped him,

"I can't wait till I'm bigger
than him, I wish he were dead. "

Deacon ever
rape him again?

Avery avoided Deacon
in any way he could.

He even talks
about killing himself.

Now he's gonna spend the rest
of his life in jail for murder.

If we can find him. No trace
of him since Deacon's death.

Financials came in. There's no
activity on his credit cards or ATM.

Well, any flights, gas
receipts, hotels? Nothing.

But his bank records show a bunch of big
checks written to a woman in Manhattan.

$1,000 made out to Kimber
Faulk, cashed last week.

Same last month, same the month
before. Goes back at least a year.

He was paying her off.

Let's find out why.

This is Theo,
Avery's son.

Is that why he's
sending you money?

Avery started supporting me the
day I found out I was pregnant.

Same day he left. Said he
couldn't handle being a dad.

Nice guy.

You don't know Avery.

He's the sweetest man
I've ever known.

We were together
for two years

and the only thing we ever
fought about was having kids.

You wanted them,
he didn't.

At least he was
honest about it.

When it came to children,
Avery didn't just have issues,

he had a subscription.

Someone really screwed
him up when he was a kid.

How often do
you talk to Avery?

We don't talk.
He just sends money.

He ever try
to borrow any?


So this $400 you took out of the ATM this
morning, is that still in your wallet?

I spent it on groceries.

Nothing but formula.
Try again.

You said that you
never talk to Avery.

Why does your phone show four
incoming calls in the last two days,

all from Avery?

Where is he, Kimber?
I don't know.

Tell us where to find him or I'll
arrest you for aiding a fugitive.

What's gonna
happen to Theo?

Social Services will
take care of him.

Detectives, let her go, please. She
doesn't have anything to do with this.

Stay back, stand back!

Don't hurt him!

Put your hands
on your head.


I never meant for
this to happen.

Avery Shaw, you're under arrest
for the murder of Deacon Brinn.

You have the right
to remain silent.

Anything you say can and will be
used against you in a court of law.

You have the right to an attorney.
If you cannot afford one...

I killed Deacon.

Because he raped you
when you were seven.


How did you know?

We searched your apartment.

And I read your diaries.

But, Avery,
what I don't know,

is why you
sent these to me.

I thought you'd
figure it out,

arrest Deacon
without involving me,

and then you went
after Biggs instead.

I couldn't let Deacon
get away with it.

So you shot him.


You could've gone to anybody in this
precinct with what you knew. Why me?

I read about you
in the papers,

about how you never sleep
when you're on a case.

About how your whole life
is about helping kids.

Same with my partner, same
with any of my colleagues.

You singled me out,

you stalked me for weeks.


There was just
something about you.

I knew you would understand.
You and me, we're so alike.

No, we're not alike.

You killed a man.
So have you.

I didn't have a choice. Neither did I.

I had to stop him from hurting any more kids.

You did it as payback
for 25 years ago.

No, I went to Deacon's
apartment to confront him.

And he said he was
sorry for what he did,

but he was lying. He was
still hurting children.

How do you know that?
When I went in there,

he was watching a tape.

And what was
on the tape?

Deacon, with a little boy.

John, call Crime Scene, have them
meet you and Olivia at Deacon's.

Find that tape.

If there is one.

Can you arraign
Avery tonight?

Why do you care?
He's a murderer.

Because he's also a victim.

Lights and siren,
we might make it.

Ms. Conrad, how does
your client plead?

Not guilty.

Guilty, Your Honor.
I did it.

Mr. Shaw, please confer
with your counsel.

I know what
I'm doing.

I want to plead guilty.

We should've
checked the VCR.

Well, we were looking for
leads on Deacon's murder,

not America's Skankiest
Home Videos.

Son of a bitch.
Not yet, okay.

Hey, why don't you come up and
sit up on the couch? Come on.

It's more comfortable.
There you go.

He filmed it right here.
Where the hell's the camera?

From the angle of the tape,
it's gotta be right there.

The air vent. What do
they call it, dogfights?

Airplane goes...

Yeah, that's what
this one probably is.

Okay. We got a
fiber-optic camera here,

connected to a DV recorder
and a motion detector.

Starts recording whenever
the sensor is tripped.

I'd say when someone
walks past the sofa.

And the recorder's
wired to the TV.

Is there a tape in there? Yep.

Let's see who
Deacon's last victim was.

What the hell
are you doing?

Something I should've done a long time ago.

Don't'! Don't!
Don't! Don't, please!

I went to Deacon Brinn's
apartment last week,

to see if he was still
the monster I remembered.

You molest your son
like that little boy?

No, no. I would never
do that to my son.

I love him.
Like you loved me?

No, no. Wait, wait, wait. Please,
just hear me out, all right?

Avery, I never meant to hurt
you, you gotta believe me.

Look, I did love you.

He kept lying, pretending
like he gave a damn about me,

just like he
did 25 years ago.

Shut up! I don't
want to hear that.

Just tell me
why you did it.

Because I was so pissed off at the
world after what Biggs did to me.

He said he raped me
because he was confused,

messed up by the pervert
who molested him.

Avery, I was drinking all the
time. I couldn't tell my parents.

I hurt so bad and I just wanted
someone else to hurt as bad as I did.

Why'd you choose me?

You needed a friend. And I
knew you'd never tell anyone.

And I ask him how many other
boys he abused over the years.

And he said, "Dozens,
maybe hundreds. "

Look, you want to kill
me now. I understand.

But it's just not in you.
It's not who you are.

You can't hurt anybody,
you just can't do it.

And I wanted to kill
him right then and there,

but I knew I couldn't
do it in the apartment.

So I forced him
downstairs into his car,

and I made him drive
to the train tracks.

And I shot him.

Avery didn't shoot Deacon.

Fast forward it.

Hold on. Stop,
stop, stop.

Hello? Don't do anything.
I'll be right there.

Where's he going
with that gun?

We dumped the phones.

Only call Deacon
got that night...

Was from his wife.


I thought you already
arrested Deacon's killer.

We arrested Avery Shaw. But
he didn't kill your husband.

Then why did
he confess?

He felt guilty for
not stopping Deacon

when he had the chance.

All those years of
Avery keeping silent,

Deacon was
molesting other boys.

We found tapes that he made in
his apartment. Dozens of victims.

I had no idea.

Yes, you did.

This is one of the tapes that we found.

It's of your son.

I thought there was
something wrong with me.

Deacon wouldn't touch me.

When I found out that Biggs had
molested him, suddenly it made sense.

And you thought about Zeke.

Zeke loves his dad so much,
and Deacon loved him.

I didn't want to ask,
but I knew that I had to.


At the pizza parlor.

I asked Zeke if Daddy
had ever touched him.

He started to cry, he said
he promised not to tell.

So you went home,
you called Deacon.

I told him I was
going to the police.

He said to wait,
that he was coming over.

When he came in,
he had a gun.

He threatened to kill me.

Zeke woke up, started
crying. Deacon got distracted.

I grabbed the gun. I told him I
would shoot him if he came near Zeke.

He said that he was
going to move away,

that he wouldn't
bother us anymore.

He walked out.
I followed him to his car.

I was thinking about
what he did to Zeke

and I couldn't
help myself.

I forced him to drive
to the train tracks.

Then I shot him.

She doesn't deserve
to go to jail.

I should've killed Deacon.
I started all this,

I should've finished it.

Why now?

After all these years, what
made you want to end it now?

Kimber got pregnant
and I got scared.

I didn't want
to hurt the baby.

Hurt the baby how?

Have you ever been afraid
of what might be inside you?

What do you mean?

But I can't
help thinking

there's like
a switch inside of me

waiting to be flipped

just like it did in Deacon.

And then I start hurting kids.

And that's why
I left my son.

You're not
a monster, Avery.

How do you know?

Because you didn't
shoot Deacon.

Because you love
your son so much

that you were willing to
give him up to protect him.

And the truth is,
you didn't have to.

You hear about Biggs?

Prison doc declared
him dead 12:01 a. m.

No last words.

I guess he'd left
enough of a legacy.

How's Dickie?

A handful. He's demanding cookie
dough ice cream and Jackass 24l7.

He reminds me so much of me it's scary.

Didn't know you
were a Jackass fan.

I mean getting
what I want.

According to Kathy, it's not one
of my more endearing qualities.

Before you had kids, you ever
worry what they'd be like?

All the time.
I still do.

At least you and Kathy know
what you're passing on.

Half my genes are drunk and the
other half are violent and cruel.

Look how great
you turned out.

It's not all about
the genes, Liv.

All you can do
is love your kids.

Good night.