Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 6, Episode 12 - Identity - full transcript

Complications ensue in the investigation of a gang member who fell off a building after the victim that he tried to rape bit him in self-defense. Her twin sister confesses to the crime, seemingly impossible due to the evidence until the secrets regarding the sister's true genetic identity are revealed.

In the criminal justice system,

sexually-based offenses
are considered especially heinous.

In New York City,

the dedicated detectives who investigate
these vicious felonies are members

of an elite squad known
as The Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

You have arrived at your destination.

This doesn't look like a hot
after-hours club to me, Herb.

It's covered with graffiti.

Lemme see the address.
Maybe you punched it in wrong.

No, this... This dump is the right place.

It doesn't make sense.

Those models were totally into us.

It's 2:30.

I think we should just call it a night.

And you wonder
why you don't get laid, Melvin.

I'm a scared little girl.

Someone might mess up
my frilly dress...

A bus just took off
with the car's occupants.

They see anything?

Just the windshield up close
and personal when the body hit.

Building's got no windows.

Must've taken
a nose-dive from the roof.

With his pants around his ankles.

Maybe he solicited the wrong
hooker and she rolled him.

Don't think she'd have left this.

- $2,000.
- All in fifties.

Not quite fat enough to cushion the fall.

Judging by the blood spatter
on the hood,

his heart was still pumping
when he hit the windshield.

Luis Vega.

Just turned 25.

Looks like he died two blocks
from his house.

Then he was slummin' it.

Check this out, he's got a Rolex,
diamond studs.


- That's not his initials.
- Could be his girlfriend's.

So...they like having sex in
dangerous places, this happens.

Then this girlfriend's got some
serious issues with the relationship.

Why do you say that?

She left deep bite marks
on his penis.

Law & Order SVU
6x12 Identity


That's the bogue got
scraped off the windshield--

A little respect for the dead, please.

We ran your dearly
departed through the system.

Possession, assault,
petty theft, and burglary.

No sex assaults?

He did a bullet upstate
for knocking over an OTB.

- Got out six months ago.
- And went right back to his old ways,

judging by the two grants in his pocket.

Not to mention the bling.

Any leads on a girlfriend
with the initials "S.C.A."?

That's no lady, that's a gang.
Stone Cold Assassins.

This wasn't the M.O. of a gang hit.

Well, maybe the guy wanted out,
and one of the gang girls set him up.

It's not like there's any retirement plan.
It's blood in, blood out.

He is a rapist.

I knew Luis Vega sounded familiar.

I took a DD-5 on a rape
a couple of months ago.

Complaining witness was an
18-year-old named Claudia Hernandez.

Don't tell me Novak pled out
the gangbanger.

No, Claudia recanted
before I could track him down.

But maybe she decided to take
justice into her own hands.

Let's see if we can't put Claudia
on that roof with Luis.

Netty's Fruit Market
136 East 116th Street
Thursday, January 6

How you doing, Claudia?

Long time no see.

- What do you want?
- A few words about Luis Vega.

I dropped those charges.

Yeah, well someone
dropped him off a roof last night.

Look, I had nothing to do
with him or that gang no more.

You didn't say you were a member of
the Stone Cold Assassin when we first met.

Maria. Can you take over for me,

Look, I never made it into the gang.

Yeah, but you tried.

Once you're in, you live the sweet life.

- But I couldn't pass initiation.
- Which was what?

Ladies choice. I tossed the dice.

See how many gang members
she'd have to have sex with.

I rolled an 11.

I made it through three.

But I couldn't take it no more.

- Was Luis one of the three?
- No.

He was number four.

You changed your mind,
but he took his turn anyway.

I was almost home.

Got me in the stairwell.

- But why'd you drop the charge?
- ' Cause I wanted to live.

The thing is, you're alive and Luis isn't.

You think I'm the only girl
he ever raped?

A lotta rubies had trouble with him.

Looks like two of Luis' rubies,
glued to the pinball, as promised.

Damn it.

Popo in the house.

Ladies, sorry for your loss.

I didn't lose. I'm high score.

I'm talking about
your gang brother Luis.

We ain't no bangers.

Sweetie, you have "S.C.A."
stenciled across your nails.

Gotta belong somewhere, yo.

Where, with a bunch of guys
who abuse you?

Assassins take care of us.

- How?
- By using you as drug mules,

pimping you out, beating you up?

It's better than the crap I get at home.

- How old are you?
- 16.

- Yo, Carmen, our slices are up.
- Well, Luis was 25.

He ever mess with you?

Luis wasn't even hardly
in the mix no more.

He only came around
for the fringe benefits.

Meaning he raped you too.

The girl who killed him was
just trying to defend herself.

Okay? Defend herself.

Now, we don't want your boys
retaliating against her.

Talk to us.

Protect yourself.

Or at least one of your sisters.

Wasn't no sister that killed him.

Just some crazy-ass
homeless girl, deaf mute.

But not ugly, though.

Everyone knows
Luis liked to mess with her.

What makes you think
she killed him?

Word on the street,
she been sleeping up on that roof.

Where can we find her now?

Saint Anne's Homeless Shelter
330 Tenth Avenue
Thursday, January 6

70,000 displaced souls just in this city.

I haven't met them all.

She's young, pretty and deaf.

- Why you looking for her?
- Stone Cold Assassins think

she killed one of their members,
Sister Peg.

Most likely in self-defense
as he was raping her,

but we doubt S.C.A.'s
gonna split that hair.

Hey, where you going?

You won't find Katie without me.

And I know sign language.

That's her.

She's teamed up with Betty.

She must know that she's in danger.

She's 50 blocks from where
she usually sleeps.

Upper East Side garbage
has better pickin's.


These people are here to help you.

- She can lip-read.
- Relax, we just wanna talk.

We just wanna talk.

You have a history with this guy Luis?

She said she wasn't up there
last night.

She slept at Grand Central.

Who said anything about last night?

I got there after.
Saw him dead on the car.

We have a homicide that we can't
close without your cooperation.

She swears she didn't do it.

The Stone Cold Assassins
are looking for you.

You're not safe on the street,
so for your protection,

we're gonna bring you in.

No, let her go, let her go.
She won't talk to you.

- I gotta talk to her.
- She trusts me.

Now, I'll work with her.
Bring her down to the precinct.

Let's go find Betty.

We have to talk to you
about your friend Katie.

How do you two communicate?

She reads my lips, I read her notes.

Has she written you any notes
recently about Luis Vega?


Well, maybe we could
see some of her notes.

- Do you have 'em in here?
- You can't have it!

Luis pays us $50 for this stuff.

Why, what do you got in there?

Luis had a roll of fifties on him.

- I got 38 bucks.
- I got 24.

Hey, Betty! Betty.

I'll give you $62 for those bags.

62, right there.

- Done.
- Good.

Lots of papers.

Not just any papers.

Utility bills, credit card bills...

Hundreds of 'em.

Everything you'd need
to steal someone's identity.

Betty, you and Katie working for Luis?

Luis pays a lot of street folks to do this.

Any idea where Luis takes this stuff?

Federal agents.
Everyone stay where you are.

Hands where we can see them.

This warrant allows us
to search the premises.

Carmen, hey, thanks for volunteering.

Why don't you give me
a little office tour?

I was just playing computer games!

It looks like a spreadsheet to me.

We got names, addresses,
dates of birth, social security numbers.

And people call me paranoid
for shredding my junk mail.

Blank credit cards,
embossing machines.

Like printing their own money.
Ten million victims last year.

Cost banks and consumers 50 billions.

Six months tops, probably suspended.

No, no, no, no, no.
That's why the Feds are here.

Mail fraud, ongoing criminal conspiracy.

- They'll be trying you under RICO.
- Never heard of him.

Sweetheart, it's a law that'll keep
you in jail 'til your old and wrinkled.

Unless you wanna tell me who
can call the dogs off Katie.

I ain't talkin' to no police!

Let's go meet Rico.
Whoever the hell he is.

This street gang used the homeless
to rack up over a million bucks?

Doesn't anybody read
their credit card bills?

They never got 'em.

The gang would file a change of
address to a private mail drop,

and then apply for new cards.

Lot of victims don't even know it yet.

Yeah, and they're not going to
'til they go buy

their dream house with their perfect
rating, which is now in the toilet.

Sister Peg?
What's the matter?

I-I promised to protect her.

I told Katie she'd be safe in my shelter.

You were supposed to bring her here,
where is she?

Everybody was asleep.

I just left the room for a minute.

And then he ran right into me.

He said he'd come back if I talked.

What did he do to Katie?

He slit her throat.

Gangbanger cut her ear to ear.

He was sending a message,
cutting her vocal cords.

- It was completely pointless.
- Yeah, we know.

I don't think you do.

I had a forensic odontist
make a mold of her mouth

to compare with the bite marks on Luis.

- They don't match.
- He killed the wrong girl.

Without a doubt.

I'm still waiting for DNA results
from saliva off the bite marks.

But I did run a chromosomal analysis
to narrow down a few genetic traits.

Well, great, we'll print up flyers,
hope somebody recognizes her genes.

We've all got 23 pairs of chromosomes.

The 46th strand determines gender.

It's a Y chromosome.

Yep. Luis was up there with a man.

There. Halfway up the courtyard.

It was dark, but I think that's him.

It is.

That's the banger the Stone Cold
Assassins sent to kill Katie.

Come on, you gotta see this.
Five minutes.

I'll leave the door open.

Come on, baby.

Good decision.
Take a hike, he's mine.

I know you?

Why you play me like that after
everything we've been through?

The hell?

You're under arrest.

Hector Ramirez.

- You have the right to remain silent...
- You got the wrong guy!

Anything you say can and will be
used against you in a court of law...

Oh, what do we have here?

Gravity knife.

What, are you stupid enough to carry
the murder weapon with you?

- Who you calling stupid?
- You, Stupid.

- You killed the wrong girl.
- I didn't killed nobody.

Luis wasn't on that roof with Katie.

- He was doin' a guy.
- You're lying.

He has a dragon tattoo on his left wrist.


Stone Cold Assassins.
Go back to the car.

- I'm not afraid of this coward.
- You should be, bitch!

You think you're a big man?

Killing a deaf girl when she's asleep?

She wasn't asleep.
She was scared and begging.

Be careful of his teeth.

We gotta make a cast to match
the bite marks on Luis' genitals.

- What?
- Is that why you killed Katie, huh?

She see you with your boyfriend?

- I'm no maricon!
- You're a filthy liar.

You say Katie was begging?

- She couldn't even speak.
- She tried!

Kept mouthing.

Wasn't me.

Making this retarded hand signal.

Uncuff his hand.

What was it?

What was it!

Doesn't make sense.

That's the sign for graffiti.

So this is what Katie called home.

Graffiti central.

Luis' body hit the car down there,
and this is the only way up.

Katie didn't get here after the attack.

She got here during it.

She must've been trying to tell Hector
she saw somebody else up here.

Someone with a can of spray paint.

Well, this is old and weathered.
You know, it's been here for a while.

But that looks new.
Maybe that's our guy.

There's a signature inside the 2.

- S.Y.K.
- Rival gang?

Luis comes up here to rape Katie.

Instead he finds another
banger tagging his turf.

And he teaches him a lesson
by making him his bitch?

S.Y.K. isn't going for it.

So he bites down, barrels into Luis...

He falls.

Rolls down the slope.

Three stories down, splat.

- Right onto the car.
- Totals out a damn fine Beemer.

So who are the B22Bs?

B, 2, and two Bs.

Born To Be Bad.

Originated out of a hoity-toity private
school on the Upper East Side.

A gang of bored rich kids?

Not a street gang, a writing crew.

This was just a graffiti artist?

Anti-Graffiti Task Force removed
16 million square feet of that art last year.

All at taxpayers' expense.

They deface property.

They're criminals, not artists.

They get street cred for style,
volume, and degree of risk.

Like a three-story billboard in Harlem.

Yeah, highway overpasses, bridges,
inner walls of subways.

- We've had more than a few casualties.
- So what's S.Y.K.?

That's the tagger's signature.

He's calling himself "Sick."

- You run across him before?
- Know S.Y.K.

They've got a S.Y.K.O.
Says he pronounces it "psycho."

Real name's Logan Stanton.

Hanover Day School
88 East 91st Street
Friday, JAnuary 7

What would I be doing in Harlem?

Graffiti Task Forces says you get around, Logan.

Subways, water towers.

Headmaster said you left your mark
on every nook and cranny of this building.

It was a phase. I got over it.

Being "Syko"?
Why would you call yourself that?

My therapist said it was a desperate
cry for attention.

But you worked through it?

Yeah, a hundred hours of community
service did the trick.

Hey, that's my locker.

Looks like someone still has
the aerosol monkey on his back.

Logan, you need to tell us
what happened on that roof.

I don't know how to dumb
this down for you any more.

It... wasn't... me.

You sprayed your name
at the crime scene.

Someone ripped off my tag.

Yeah, he went into a dangerous

risked his neck climbing up those
girders just to hand you the credit?

- Why would he do that?
- I don't know.

People just like screwing with me.

Story of my life.

Logan, we understand
that you're scared.

I'm not scared!
I'm pissed!

So maybe you think you're
in too deep and you can't get out.

Sometimes there are extenuating

You just need to be straight with us.

Tell us exactly what happened
up there, and this will be okay.

There's nothing to tell!

I was home in my bed.

So we should talk to your parents.

How would they know what I do?
They don't give a crap.

Do you get off torturing people like this?

- Relax, sit down.
- Get me out of here!


Get me out of here!

Get me out of here!

I called you in because
he was wigging out

after Elliot and Olivia collared him.

What do you think?

Aside from his anger issues,
he's paranoid and unstable.

Why is he in there without a parent?

- They're on their way.
- You're forgetting I used to be a cop.

They're in there practically
spoon-feeding him Self Defense.

He's an underage suspect.

You're manipulating the situation

to get a confession out of
an emotionally disturbed boy

without an advocate in his corner.

Captain, the kid's parents are here.

Put 'em in my office.

He needs them in there.

And I need to hear their account of
Logan's movements that night,

before he gets to talk to them.

Mr. and Mrs. Stanton,
thank you for coming down.

There's been a horrible mistake.

Tell him, Lindsay.

Captain, this is Logan's twin sister.

My brother was home.

I saw him.

I saw him when I got up and
went into his room.

In the middle of the night?

He always falls asleep
with his TV blaring.

It woke me up.

- Now, what time was this?
- 2:30.


I remember thinking, "2, 3, 4,"
right in order.

Well, just because his TV was on,
doesn't mean he was in there.

I went in to turn it off.

He threw a book at me,

he called me "Butt-face," and
he told me to get the hell out.

Well, in that case, this should
be easy to clear up.

Will you authorize a DNA swab?


But our attorney says that Logan
shouldn't say another word to you.

I hear the DNA came back
on Logan Stanton.

Perfect match to the saliva
on the bite marks.

He was on that roof with Luis.

Well, what do we do now?

Well, "we" thought it would
be more humane

not to pick him up at his school,
so we're picking up at his house.

How many children have you had
who caused the death of their attackers?

You have to appreciate

how much that compounds
the trauma of the sexual assault.

And you have to appreciate that
this is an open homicide.

He's gonna have to work with us.

I don't have to tell you
the staggering statistics on

how few boys report their rapes.

- No, you don't.
- And there might be other factors.

If Logan is homosexual, he may feel
he somehow brought it on himself.

He's coming to terms with his sexuality,
he's conflicted, it's a theory.

Mind if I come with you?

Station Residence
523 East 79th Street
Monday, January 10

Doesn't make sense.

Logan, get down here!

Well, obviously Logan had
Lindsay lie for him.

This is a nightmare.

Logan, you have to tell
these people the truth.

No one's blaming you.
They're here to help you.

What the hell are you talking about?

Why did you lie to us?

You swore on your grandmother's
grave it wasn't you.

It wasn't!

- What's going on?
- Logan, please.

- You're gonna have to come with us.
- Where are you taking him?


Why won't you listen to me?

I can listen to everything you have to say.

- Who the hell are you?
- I'm a psychiatrist.

Logan... Logan.

I told you no more shrinks!

Get your hands off of him!


- Are you okay?
- Yeah, I'm fine.

Emergency Services?
Dr. Hendrix, admitting two EDPs...

This is all your fault!

Why didn't you protect him?

You said you just wanted to help me!

I knew you were lying!
I knew it!

Pretty pal for swinging got there.

You fractured one of my partner's ribs.

I'm sorry.

Assaulting a police officer is
a very serious offense.

I was trying to protect my brother.

We weren't there to hurt him, Lindsay.
Your brother is a victim of a crime.

No, he wasn't.

I was.

You were on the roof with him?


I was alone.


That's not possible.

His writing crew won't let girls in.

I figure, if I put my tag someplace cool,
they'd have to take me.

It was your brother's tags.

I wanted them to be close.

His is Syko.

Mine is Syke.

With an "E."

I just didn't get to finish.

So, tell me what happened.

I had just finished the "K."

When I heard this tug on my leg.

And he put me down on this ramp.

And he was about punch me.

And then he saw I was a girl.

And he said he had better for me.

And he whipped his pants.

So what you do?

I bit down hard as I could.

And he stud backs and off the edge.

This what your brother told you?


It happened to me!


this is not possible.

It was your brother's DNA.

The tests prove it.

I have to talk to Logan.

Please, you have to let me see him,

Why is she taking the blame for him?

They're twins.

They develop closer bonds than
most siblings.

There are documented cases where
one twin thousands of miles away

knew the exact moment
when the other one died.

What, Lindsay empathically
sensed when Logan was attacked?

He obviously gave her the details.

But some twins are
so enmeshed that Lindsay

might actually feel like she's
the one who was attacked.

Or Logan is the alpha twin, and he's
coerced her into covering for him.

He's here.

You always let your sister fight
your battles for you?


She nearly took me out defending you.

She was pissed.

She knows you have
no business with me.

Why is she trying to take the fall for you?

What are you talking about?

She told us what happened on that roof.

She gave us details only you could know.

How could I tell her about something
that didn't even happen!

I understand how difficult
it is to talk about this.

But you're only making it
worse for yourself.

I need to talk to Lindsay.

There's no reason to drag
your sister into this.

I'm not saying another word
'til you let me talk to my sister.

I think you should put them together.

This is a homicide investigation.

What could it hurt?

They've already collaborated
on their stories.

Excuse me.

- We got a statement yet?
- Close.

He channeled it through his sister,

but can't admit that it happened to him.

Kid was sodomized.
He's hung up on it.

Well, does he realize he could
be charged with murder?

Everyone knows this was self-defense.

But if he used more force than necessary,

it's involuntary manslaughter.

Casey, can I talk to you in private?

The twins were born here at Bellevue.

I just pulled their medical files.

You might want to subpoena them.

Why? What's in there?

Well, I can't say they're at risk,
but there are several red flags.

You're asking me to get a subpoena
for a fishing expedition.

I need specifics.

- I can't tell you.
- I can't help you.

What if I tell you what's not in there?

I've never run across anything like this.

Entire chunks have been redacted.

Well, that usually means someone's
trying to hide something.

- So order the complete files.
- I can't.

Their therapist pulled me off the case
right after they were admitted.

I've already overstepped
my bounds by reviewing these.

If there is a case, you've tainted it.

I had to find out why they've been
seeing this particular therapist.

Why? Who is it?

A sex therapist.

What sexual problems
could these children have?

They are abnormally close.


They're desperate to see each other.

I want to see how they interact.

I'm sorry for dragging you into this.

No whispering.

Well, can we talk in private
for a minute? / We can't allow that.

Come on, Lindsay.

Why don't we all sit down?
Logan, sit here.

So let's talk about who was on that roof.

It was me.

Crux nor lumbash.


Crux nor lumbash.

Tash no plix!

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Time out.

- None of that.
- Spazdo carst.

What the hell are they saying?

It's a made-up language.
My twins had one when they were young.

Clof ung zaust.

- Disto woost.
- Lancton dinton carst in zu?

Hey, enough.

Guys, English only.


No. No, no, no, no. No more gibberish.
Talk to us...

- Dr. Hendrix.
- Dr. Blair.

These are my patients.
I thought I took you off this case.

The detectives are interviewing them.
I was just observing.

I'm Casey Novak.
I'm the ADA on the case.

- So you are their therapist?
- Yes.

May I ask what you're seeing them for?

I'm afraid that's privileged.

Have these detectives worked
with children before?

It's their specialty.

If you'll excuse me,
I think my patients need me.

Well. I guess he won't be
working with us.

Their doctor won't talk,
their parents won't talk.

Who else is gonna know what's
going on in this family?

521 East 79th Street
Tuesday, January 11

I take care of the Stanton's house,

- not the kids.
- How long have you been with them?

Eight years.

It's a good job, I would like to keep it.

Would you say that Lindsay and
Logan are overly affectionate?

Sometimes they go days without
speaking to each other.

What's that about?

Usually after they see the doctor.

You mean their therapist?

When they come home, they lock
themselves in separate rooms.

Won't even look at each other
at the dinner table.

You ever ask them what that's about?

They went through a lot of nannies.
Talk to them.

I was only with them for six months.

Know why they were seeing a shrink?

Well, I'd assume it was over the fighting.

- With the parents?
- Each other.

They're violent little urchins.
I couldn't handle 'em.

Fist fights, wrestling?

Knock-down drag-outs.

So Logan battered his sister?

It was usually instigated by Lindsay.

So why was Lindsay so angry?

There was so much tension
in the house.

Was Logan ever...
inappropriate with her?

No. It was the mother.

Picked at her constantly.

- For what?
- Everything.

Her hair, her clothes, makeup.

And she'd force her to take these pills.

Said they were multivitamins.

What do you think they were?

All I know is A,
they were prescribed by a doctor.

And B, I gave one to Logan once.

Mrs. Stanton went ballistic.

Was Lindsay sick a lot?

Poor little thing was always
in and out of the hospitals.

But that was back when
she was a toddler.

What was wrong with her?

Chronic bladder infections.

That's a lot of female trouble for
such a little girl.

Never kept her down, though.
She was a handful.

Always running around
the house buck naked.

- Who undressed her?
- She did.

Her mom would buy
her the cutest dresses,

and she would just rip 'em right off.

You know, she did have
some scars down there in her

little area.

Lindsay suffered from urinary reflux.
She eventually had to have surgery.

Well, that might explain
the internal vaginal scarring.

But not the external.

I don't know where you're getting this.

My daughter doesn't have any scars.

Right, and you're not slipping
her birth control pills.

Why would I? My daughter's 14.
She's not sexually active.

Well, we know that
you're giving her something.

Weight loss pills.

Why are you telling her
they're vitamins?

She's very self-conscious about her...

appearance. And we're just trying to help.

Well, we understand that
you sent her to a sex therapist.

Along with her brother.

Is there something going on
between them?


Oh, my God.
Of course not.

If you know they're having sex,

and you've allowed it to continue
under your roof,

we can arrest both of you for endangering
the welfare of your children.

Okay. We're done here.

Get out of my house.

That pushed some buttons.

He's just pissed they ran
out of excuses. / Detectives!

I overheard you
with Mr. and Mrs. Stanton.

You're wrong about them.

You're wrong about the children.

So why don't you set us straight?

A couple of weeks ago,

Mrs. Stanton was so upset,
she had to be sedated.


She caught Lindsay
in a very passionnate kiss.

- With her brother.
- No.

Another girl.

Lindsay's a lesbian?

That kinda blows the incest theory
out of the water.

Not necessarily.
Maybe it was non-consensual.

Would explain her violence towards
Logan and his control over her.

- And send her to the other team.
- Dr. Hendrix.

You've got something.

You're looking at the wrong person.

It wasn't Logan on the roof.

Well, who do you think it was?


Well, that's not possible.
DNA doesn't lie.

The twins were born July 14th, 1990.

Lindsay's birth certificate was
re-issued six months later.

Why is that?

That's what I wanted to know.
I had no right to, but...

I pulled Amelia Stanton's hospital records.

"Baby Boy A" and "Baby Boy B"?

She gave birth to identical twins.

Lindsay's genetically male.

Was there any defect or deformity?

No. Amelia Stanton gave birth to
two perfectly healthy boys.

What the hell did they do to her?

You mean him.

What happened?
You just had to have a boy and a girl?

It was a freak accident.

They do it hundreds of times a day.

It's supposed to be a routine procedure.



They took off too much?

They use, um, some sort of device...

to remove the foreskin.

It malfunctioned. Burned him severely.

We spoke to all the experts.

And they all said that
he would never be normal.

He... he could've stayed a boy.

Never a fully functioning one.

Couldn't they have given him
a prosthesis?

Not until puberty.

And even then...

would never fool anyone.

Imagine the abuse he'd take
in locker rooms.

The humiliation of explaining it
to the girl he fell in love with.

We couldn't put him through that.

You thought a sex change operation

would be easier on him?

What else could we do?

Dr. Blair convinced us it was the only
hope our child had for a normal life.

He found us the leading surgeon
in sex reassignments.

He promised us that it would work.

He promised us.

As long as we were committed to
raising her as a girl.

Office Of Dr.Preston Blair
Bellevue Hospital
Thursday, January 13

Any plastic surgeon will tell you it's
easier to dig a hole than build a pole.

I don't think it's quite that simple for Lindsay.

It entailed a few operations.

A suprapubic cystotomy
to enable urination.

Removal of the testes.

And of course a penectomy
for the remaining penile tissue.

Slap a bow on her, call her a girl, huh?

And, those special "vitamins" that her
parents are shoving down her throat?

Estrogen, right?

Starting at puberty, it's important
she develop feminine characteristics.

You mean breasts.

And hips. It's all a part of the package.

In order for the experiment to work,
she has to look like a girl.

Be treated like a girl.

And taught to act like a girl.

Your "experiment" didn't work.

- I disagree.
- Lindsay's...miserable.

What 14-year-old girl isn't?

Mister, you can't change
someone's sexual identity.

Children are born psycho-sexually
neutral, a blank slate.

Gender identity is determined
by nurture, not nature.

Just because you raise a boy
as a girl doesn't make him one.

That's because he still is physically a boy,

and therefore can't be completely
and objectively treated as a girl.

Lindsay was physically made female.

Treated as a female.

And believes she is a female.

That's insane.

I'm curious, only a handful of people
know about Lindsay's transformation.

And for her own good,
they never talk about it.

- How did you find out?
- Confidential.

That information came to us during
the course of a criminal investigation.

I assume you'll be dropping those
charges against Logan.

I discharged him from the hospital.

Well, surely you can
appreciate our confusion.

Our ADA is gonna take
a statement from Lindsay

and I think that's gonna raise
a few questions for her.

It is imperative that she never
be told she was born a boy.

You don't think that's
gonna come out now?

Not if I can help it.

For her welfare,
I insist I be allowed to be there.

And that's...

everything that happened.

He tried to rape me.

I bit him, and he fell off the roof.

It was self-defense.

I'm not gonna press charges.

You just need to sign your statement.

But I don't understand.

Just sign it, Lindsay. Then we can
put this unpleasantness behind us.

But you said my brother had to do it.

They were wrong.

Well, how could that happen?

You gonna take this one, Doctor?

- It's very complicated, Lindsay.
- Stop it!

Could you just tell me what's going on?
I feel like I'm going crazy!

Dr. Blair.

- Can I have a word with you?
- This is not a good time.

I'm afraid I'm gonna have to insist.

And I'm afraid I'm going to
have to ask you to leave.

You know something, don't you?

You've got to tell her.

The only thing I have to do is report
your unprofessional conduct

to the Medical Review Board.


You were born a boy.


Dr. Hendrix! / There was an accident
right after you were born.

Lindsay, don't listen to anything
they're telling you.

Shut up!

I knew it!

I never once felt right!

I always thought I was a freak!

You are a perfectly normal girl.

You've got to hold onto that.

Why didn't anybody tell me?

Why didn't you tell me?

It was for your own good.

What was my name?

That's not important.
We can't go backwards now!

What was my name?

Your name was Lucas.

You are finished.

You spring cleaning?

Seems I've lost my privileges here.

Dr. Blair made good on his threat.

Gives me time to prepare
for the hearing over my license.

- I'm sorry...
- You did the right thing.

For a cop.

Look, the good news is,
Lindsay has stopped taking estrogen.

She's decided...

He's decided to change back
to his true genetic gender.

Benson. / A lot of painful
operations ahead for her.

At least the right person's finally
making the choice.

Cragen wants us back at the house.

Take care.

Logan would like us to file charges.

Against whom?

Dr. Blair.

Well, I-I think his theories are dangerous,
but unfortunately, they're not illegal.

He and your parents did what
they thought as best for Lindsay.

He molested us.

He says it's been going on for years.


What'd he do to you?

He used to show us pictures.

Of adults having sex.

Did he touch you?

Just to put us into our positions.

It's okay, Logan.

You just tell 'em what he did next.

H-he used to make me and my sister...

... like...

pretend we were having sex.

It was part of their treatment.

Something tells me you got more
out of it than they did.

It was important to differentiate
their gender roles.

Hers had to be learned.

Well, there was nothing wrong
with Logan. Why was he there?

He had to be there.
They're identical twins.

Which makes him the perfect
experimental control.

They're living proof that nurture,
not nature, determines sexuality.

And what did making them have
sex with each other prove?


There was never penetration.

But it did the job for you, right?

It clarified things for Lindsay.

She had to be programmed.

It's perfectly natural for young children
to explore each other's bodies.

Dr. Blair, do you realize that disseminating
pornography to a minor is a felony?

I showed them art books.

Doctor, I saw the art in your office,

and even I was uncomfortable at
how many phalluses were on display.

That's because you're a bourgeois
American, completely uptight about sex.

It's what screws up your children
and turns them into sex offenders.

You lost me at bourgeois.

So you're saying that children would be
healthier if they were sexually active.

All I'm saying is people should
be more open about the human body,

and not put taboos on it.

So you're not denying
any of the allegations

that Logan made against your practices.

Denying them?

I'm writing a book about them.

Did it come in yet?

$6,000, courtesy of the
Crime Victim Boards.

Thank you.

I know how hard it is to get this
released to a non-family member.

But now I can give Katie a proper burial.

- Blair made bail this morning.
- He can afford it.

I'm surprised he sat in jail for three days.

Wheels of justice move slowly.

Especially when a file clerk friend of
mine misplaces the paperwork.


Have they set a trail date for
Katie's killer yet?

Yes, March 3rd.

But we're gonna need to go over
your testimony before that.

She's been receiving threats.

She's the only one who can
I.D. Hector Ramirez.

We really appreciate you doing this.

At least I'll be giving Katie a voice
in the courtroom.



We'll be right there.

Dr. Blair's been murdered.

Someone bashed his brains in.

Left the murder weapon.

Any prints?

We probably got DNA.

Was he raped?

Killer spit on him. I found traces
of dried saliva.


This is from the security camera
in the hallway.

Is that Lindsay or Logan?

Still got the hood up, can't tell.

So which one killed Blair?
Lindsay or Logan?

He's only answering to Luke now.

We've been grilling them for hours.
Their stories are locked.

They went to a movie together,
they got the ticket stubs to prove it.

Double feature. Alibis one of them
through the time of the murder.

Why only one?

An usher remembers seeing
two kids with matching parkas,

one of them left during the second reel.

And he has no idea which one.

We already have the DNA
from the original case.

We know it's gonna be one of 'em.

Identical twins, identical DNA.

Yeah, but Lindsay was taking estrogen.
That's gotta distinguish hers from his.

She stopped taking it.
Five days ago.

Which is exactly the amount of time
needed for it to work its way out of her system.

Could we charge both of them?

And what?
Have two separate trials?

Dual theories of the crime give each
of them grounds for dismissal.

They came up with the perfect crime.

Until you get one of them to flip.

That's not gonna happen.

They're way too close.