Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 6, Episode 11 - Contagious - full transcript

After a car accident a nine-year-old girl is examined and it's found she's been sexually abused. Out of fear and desperation, the girl blames her soccer coach for molesting her. Soon a slew of other girls claim they also have been raped by the same coach. During the investigation, Benson has to try keeping Stabler from falling apart.

In the criminal justice system,

sexually-based offenses
are considered especially heinous.

In New York City,

the dedicated detectives who investigate
these vicious felonies are members

of an elite squad known
as The Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

Sonya Purcell, 33.
Drunk driver T-boned the family car.

She driving? / Front passenger.
Full intrusion.

Any other passengers? / Husband
and nine year-old daughter, Holly.

On the two buses right behind us.
Decompressed her three times.

She's tachy to 110.
BP's 90-palp.

Pupils reactive.
Responds to painful stimuli.

Larry Purcell, 35, driving the car.

Got himself a compound
tib-fib fracture

when the transmission
came through the floor.

- Larry, can you hear me?
- My wife... my daughter...

We're taking good care of 'em.

We're gonna take you up
to surgery now.

Fix that broken leg.

Okay, here we go.
Let's go, let's go!

Holly... Holly, I'm Dr. Turk.

You got a nasty bump on your head.
Anything else hurt?

- My stomach.
- Were you wearing your seatbelt?

Yes. / Okay, let's get you inside,
take a look.

Here we go.

C-spine's clear.

- Where's my mom and dad?
- The doctors are helping them.

Show me where your tummy hurts.

On my bellybutton.

Sometimes when you're
in a car accident,

and you wear your seatbelt
like you're supposed to,

the belt can hurt your tummy.

Please take off her pants
and underwear.

- Stop it! Don't touch me!
- No, no, we're just gonna

- make sure you're okay.
- No! No! Please don't do it!

All right, Holly. Holly.

I want you... Holly, Holly.

I want you to close your eyes.
Try to rest.

I'm gonna go check in
on your mom and dad, okay?

Page the shrink on call.

I'm Dr. Hendrix.

You must be Holly.


I just saw your dad.
The doctors are fixing his leg now.

When can I see them?

As soon as they get out of surgery.

Dr. Turk told me you got pretty upset
when he tried to take your pants off.

I didn't want him to.

- He needs to examine you.
- I don't like him.

I'll get you a really nice doctor.
A girl, like us.

And I'll stay here with you.
How's that?

I guess so.

See? I told ya.

- That didn't hurt, did it?
- No.

- Am I okay?
- Your tummy is fine, Holly.

You were right.
She's been abused.

I'll call Special Victims.

Law & Order SVU
6x11 Contagious


What made you suspect abuse?

She kicked the attending

when the nurse tried to
take her pants off.

- She looks pretty calm now.
- It was a male attending.

Dr. Sanada's a pediatric
sex-abuse specialist.

She found scarring and thinning
of Holly's posterior forchette.

You do a rape kit?

Only swabs and a visual inspection.
Holly was too upset to do an internal.

Dr. Sanada would like to examine
her with a colposcope

to see if there's any tearing
of the hymen.

- What's she waiting for?
- Parental consent.

Her mom and dad were pretty
banged up in the accident.

- They're both in surgery.
- Well, it shouldn't be a problem.

Parent would wanna know if their kid
was being abused.

You'd want a doctor to do
a gynecological exam

on your nine year-old
without asking you? / Look...

the longer we wait,
the more evidence is lost.

You're right, but if Holly's
scared by swabs,

a speculum's gonna
really freak her out.

Well, we can sedate her first to
minimize the trauma. / Let's do it.

This isn't life or death.

And anesthesia comes
with some risk.

And the hospital will have my ass
if we're not covered legally.

I'm gonna make a phone call.

I got it.

Court order giving
the hospital authority

to do the colposcopy on Holly,
including sedation.

Her parents are in surgery.

Are you gonna stay and explain
this when they're out?

I can't. I've got an arraignment
in an hour.

You wanted this, you're gonna
have to take the heat.

I'll...I'll tell her parents
why we couldn't wait.

Let me know if you find anything.

How soon can the doctor
do the procedure?

Right away.

One of you should come in with me.

If Holly discloses as she's going
under, I'll need you to memorialize it.

I'll go.

Exam 2. Ten minutes.

Holly, this is Detective Stabler.

Hi, can I come in?

He's a policeman.
He has something to tell you.

We caught the guy who hit your car.


Holly, the nurse is going to
put the IV in your arm now.

It'll only sting for a second.
You ready? / No.

I wish my dad was here.

You'll see him in a while.

What's your most favorite thing
you like to do with your dad?

I got twins your age, and
we like to go to the beach together.

My dad takes me to the beach, too.

We build sand castles.

I don't like needles.

Okay, hold onto my hand.

Now, close your eyes
and pretend that

you're at the beach building
sand castles with your dad.

And if it hurts, you squeeze
my hand really hard, okay?

What do you do
when something hurts?

I think of my kids.

- Is that it?
- That's it. You did great.

We're ready. Holly, you're going to sleep now.

When you wake up,
it'll all be over, okay?


- Will you be here?
- I have to go back to work.

But if you need me,
you tell Dr. Hendrix,

- and I'll come running back, okay?
- Thanks.

How'd everything go?

Holly came through it great,

and we discharged her
to her grandparents.

The results are another story.

Small, unhealed tear and
scarring on the hymen.

- Holly was abused.
- We gotta talk to her.

Talk to her father first.
He's out of recovery.

Drunken bastard ran a red light.
I never saw him coming.

We're not here about the car
accident, Mr. Purcell.

It's about Holly.

The doctors swore she's okay.

She is, but when the doctors
examined her, they found other injuries.

What injuries?

She may have been sexually abused.

- Did she tell you that?
- No.

But the doctors did
a gynecological exam.

Without asking me or her mother?

You were both in surgery.
We asked the court for permission.

This is a big mistake. My daughter
was not sexually abused.

- Mr. Purcell, the evidence...
- Because she fell off her bike

and hurt herself between her legs.

You want proof, ask the doctor.

Happened two weeks ago.

Holly fell on the right bike pedal,

spikes caused an injury to
her posterior forchette.

So we just had her poked and
prodded for nothing.

Maybe not.

The report doesn't mention
the tear to the hymen.

And the tear hasn't healed.

It probably happened
within the last week.

Can you say that for sure?

No. / Well, you better be sure before

we put this little girl through
any more hell.

You saw the same fear
in her eyes I did.

Olivia, you should do the interview.

No, I thought I had
a rapport going with her.

You know, I interview
little girls every day.

Still, she'll feel more comfortable
talking to a woman about her own body.

We still need to get the father to agree.

What if he's the one abusing Holly?

He wasn't lying about the bike injury.
He let the doctor examine her.

- I don't think he's our guy.
- Good, 'cause we'll need his help.

- For what?
- The interview.

He can give us information,
tell us if Holly's being truthful.

You'll wear an earpiece
so I'll be able to talk to you.


Bellevue Child
Advocacy Center Interview Room
Thursday, October 14

So Holly, what you like to play?

Video games, but only
when I can't go outside.

What do you do outside?

Go to the park.

Dad and I ride our bikes together.

Last time we did is when she fell.

Ask about their last ride.

So do you and your dad go
riding every weekend?

- Used to. But I stopped.
- How come?

'Cause my mom and dad say
it's getting too cold outside.

We didn't say that.

Doctor wanted to give her time to heal.

Don't let that go.
Confront her about the accident.

Now, your dad said that
you fell off your bike.

Yeah. Hit a wet spot and skidded out.

Did you hurt yourself?

Just a little.

I skinned my knee. It was bleeding.

It was barely a scratch.

Let's push Holly just a little harder.

Talk about the other injury.

Your dad told me that you hurt
yourself someplace else, too.

- Yeah.
- Where?

Between my legs.

That must've hurt a lot.

- I don't remember.
- Why won't she talk about it?

She did when it happened.

Go for it.

You know, Holly,

the other night I was at the hospital

with Detective Stabler
after your car accident.

And I talked to the doctor.

When she looked between your legs,
she said that you were hurt.

But it wasn't from falling off your bike.

Yes, it was.

No, Holly.

That would've been impossible.

Sweetheart, why are you crying?

I'm afraid.

What are you afraid of?

I can't tell you.

- Why not?- Because he'll hurt me.

Who'll hurt you, Holly?

Honey, who will hurt you?

Holly, has this person hurt you



He touched me

between my legs.

Made me touch him.

Can you tell me his name?

Please don't make me tell.

Holly, listen to me.

If I know who he is,

I promise you he will never
hurt you again, okay? / He will!

He has a gun.
He showed it to me.

He said if I ever told anyone
what he did,

he'd shoot me.

Just like he shot that girl in the park.

Laura Swift, eight years old.

Student at St. Mary's in Queens.

Disappeared last May from a school
picnic at Flushing Meadow Park.

I remember her body
was never found.

Talked to Queens homicide.

Only evidence was
some blood spatter

and a shell casing found in the
boathouse at Meadow Lake. / It fits.

Holly and Laura, the same age,
so he's got a type.

Then he told Holly
he already shot a kid.

Bragging about his body count
to a nine year-old.

Scared her so bad,
she's afraid to tell us who he is.

He knows he can control
his victims by threatening them.

Garden variety pedophile
would never kill a victim.

This guy is a violent child molester.

He's not afraid to use that gun.

Long as he's out there,
Holly's life is at risk and she knows it.

Which is why I'm not sure

we're gonna get anything more
than this partial disclosure.

Well, Holly copped to the abuse

when we told her that we knew
what the doctor found.

Every time we've confronted her
with the facts, she's opened up.

The problem is we're all out of facts,

and the Laura Swift case is cold.

- Any ideas?
- Waiting may be the only way.

We push her too hard,
she could have a psychotic break.

Holly's gotta talk.

You're the shrink.
You got anything?

Well, there is something
I haven't tried yet.

Bellevue Hospital
Sonya Purcell's Room
Friday, October 15

I'd like to do a deeper
psychodynamic interview

with Holly using projective techniques.

Like drawing.

Holly can barely eat or sleep.
I don't want to make it worse.

The pressure on her isn't
coming from us, Mr. Purcell.

It's coming from the man
who molested her.

Holly's never gonna feel safe
until we arrest him.

I just don't think she can
take another interview.

I won't ask her any direct
questions about the abuse.

This will be more like psychotherapy.

It'll give Holly a safe way to open up.

- I don't know.
- Mrs. Purcell,

this man has threatened
to kill your daughter.

He claimed to have murdered
Laura Swift last year.

If we let you do this,

can you promise us
it won't hurt Holly? / No.

But I will talk to her alone,
without the police,

and I'll let her set the pace.

And if she doesn't want to talk?

I'll stop.

I saw your mom today.

She looks great.

She told me she's
coming home soon.

- Finished.
- May I see?


Wow. / What should I draw next?

How about a picture of yourself
doing something?

So this is your dad and
your mom and you.

Who's this?

My grandma and grandpa.

I'm staying with them until
my parents come home.

You like it there? / Sort of.

It smells like cats.

Do you like cats?

I'm more of a dog person.

Me too.

Is that your house?


It's Lily and Anna's.

Who are they?

My cousins.

What's their last name?


I go over there to play with them.

They live across the street from me.

Well, they're not really cousins.
Sonya and I went to college together,

and our girls have known
each other all their lives.

We've been Holly's Aunt Julie and
Uncle Mark since she could talk.

Does Holly spend a lot of time
with your daughters?

She's here more than she's home.

Sometimes I kid her folks that

I'm gonna have to put another bed
in our girls' bedroom.

She ever confide in you?

Maybe tell you things she
wouldn't tell her parents?

No, Holly...
she's not secretive, you know?

Mark, she did come to me recently.

About what?

She was having trouble at school,
someone was teasing her in class.

You're a hard worker.

You must do really well in school.

- I like my classes a lot.
- What's your favorite?

Art. / I can tell.

Put a lot of details
into your own house.


pretty curtains.

But why are the shades
down in this room?

Because the person inside
wants to sleep.

Do you have a favorite
teacher at school?

Mrs. Wheeler.

Guess what she teaches.


I wish I could show you.

- I painted a really...
- ... Great tiger.

So much detail,
expressive use of color.

Holly's very talented.

I'll bet not many other nine year-olds
reference Picasso in their works.

Well, that was her assignment.

But I'm sure you didn't come here
just to look at Holly's pictures.

She ever come to you with
any problems? / Never.

But I'd hope she would if
something were bothering her.

Notice any change in her behavior...

Moody, depressed, or
withdrawn? / No.

Those are my high school students.

Holly has been at the school nurse
a few times this month, though.

You know why?

A stomach ache a few weeks ago,

and then last week she was holding
a pair of scissors the wrong way.

I reminded her to cut
away from the body,

but a moment later,
her hand was all bloody.

Do you think it was an accident?


- How do you know?
- 'Cause Holly's got a pattern.

Tuesdays and Thursdays,
she has Art, then Gym.

The last three weeks, right after Art,

she's come here
with some injury or ailment

so she can get out of P.E.

What do you do in gym class?

We play soccer.

Who's that girl over there by herself?

I don't know.

I hate gym.

How come?

I don't like changing in front of
the other girls.

They tease me.

I hate soccer.

- Excuse me.
- Yeah, can I help you?

- Is that the girls' gym class?
- Yeah.

- What's the teacher's name?
- Uh, I don't know.

- You new here?
- No, they have a substitute.

Coach D. went home early.
He's got a big game tonight.

- What's the "D" stand for?
- Dobbins.

Mark Dobbins is the gym teacher?

And our best coach.

I mean, the football team's been
city champs eight years running.

- I gotta go.
- Thanks.

Uncle Mark didn't tell us
he was Holly's gym teacher.

He teaches gym.

And you don't like gym.


Why not?

My tummy hurts.


I don't want to talk anymore.

Just a little longer.

No! / Holly, please, tell me
what's wrong?

Don't make me say!

I'm scared.

I know.

I know, but you've gotta trust me.

No! Please!

Tell me your secret, Holly.
Tell me.

Is this the person who hurt you?


Who is it, Holly?

What's his name?

Who is it, Holly?
What's his name?

Uncle Mark.

I didn't want him to!

I told him to stop, but he wouldn't!

- Run it!
- Come on, now! Von B!

Hit Von B, he's open!

Come on, hit him!

Yes! Nice catch!

- Dobbins!
- Game's over.

What...What are you talking about?

We're talking about a little girl who
trusted you, and you molested her.

Mark Dobbins, you're
under arrest for sexual abuse.

You're kidding me.

You're wrong.
You're making a mistake!

You're a busy guy, Mark.

Teaching gym.

Coaching girls' soccer,
gymnastics, and

still find time to
give private lessons, huh?

Those lessons help pay my mortgage.

So seeing the little girls in
leotards is just a bonus?

I also coach football.

And you run a sleep-away camp
in the Poconos during the summer.

You spend an awful lot of time
alone with kids, Mark.

And that makes me a child molester?

You ever been to
Flushing Meadow Park?

Sure. My girls love the zoo and the...

and the science museum.
What does that got to do with anything?

Laura Swift disappeared
from Flushing Meadow last year.

You were in the park that day.

Queens Homicide interviewed you.

Along with 1,000 other people.

I don't even know this girl.
Why would I kill her?

Did you say she was dead?

Not me.

Maybe Mark here knows
something that we don't know.

It was all over the news.
Everybody thinks she's dead.

Well, I'll tell you what I think.

You snatched Laura Swift,
you raped her,

and then when she threatened
to tell, you murdered her,

and you hid her body.

You laid low for a while, but

you wanted another girl.
Holly Purcell was perfect.

I never touched Holly Purcell!

She's at your house all the time.

She's in your class at school.

You couldn't stop thinking about her.

Holly's like one of my own daughters.

You give "private lessons" to your
daughters too? / You're disgusting!

- How dare you!
- I'm disgusting?

- Holly told us what you did to her.
- Then she's lying!

You tore her up and she's
got the scars to prove it.

I don't know what in hell is
going on around here!

But I'm not saying another word!
I want a lawyer!


- Take it easy.
- I pushed him too hard.

He would've lawyered up
no matter what.

What happens to Holly
when that dirtbag makes bail?

He's not going to.

Two other girls at Chestnut Academy

just outcried to their parents that
Dobbins molested them.

When are you gonna
put that bastard in jail?

- We already have.
- My Nicole is scared to death.

You can't let him out!

Dobbins can't hurt her anymore,
but we needyou both to calm down.

How can we be calm after
what that man did to our girls?

God knows how many others
he's abused! / Ladies!

You could help us,

but please...

Did Danielle and Nicole talk
to each other about this?

No. Nicole told me,
then I called Donna.

She said her daughter told
her the same thing.

We heard he molested Holly,
so I called her mother,

and she said to see you.

- Will the girls have to testify?
- We're a long ways from there.

First they have to tell us
what happened.

Please don't do that.
Let us tell you what they said.

We can't charge Dobbins
with abusing them

unless they describe what he did.

Can we come in with them?
They're just little girls!

I'm sorry,
but the only way their accusations

will stand up in court is
if we talk to them alone.

I was afraid to tell.

- But then Holly did.
- Nicole, how do you know Holly?

We're best friends.

- And so's Danielle.
- We're all in the same class.

And do you guys, um...

do stuff together after school?

Well, we play soccer.

So what happened at soccer?

Mr. Dobbins said to come
with him to his car.

He told my parents he'd take me home.

Then he drove me to his house.

And what happened at his house?

He took me to the basement

because that's
where all the toys are.

What happened in the basement?

He made me take my pants off.

And then he touched me
between my legs.

Then he pulled his pants down.

He made me touch him.

- He said he would shoot me...
- if I ever told anybody.

We don't need a psychic.

If you're that good, who's gonna
win the Super Bowl?

I'm not evading your question.
What is your question?

Hold on.

- Special Victims Unit...
- How many?

Three walk-ins, five more calls.

All parents from Chestnut
Academy saying

that Dobbins may have
abused their kids.

Word travels fast.

Well, you know,
a couple hundred people

at that football game saw
us collar Dobbins.

He's locked up, the kids feel safer,
they go home and tell their parents.

Get the callers in here.
Novak's gonna want statements.

Captain, we got
the Ledger and Channel 3

both on hold wanting to know
what's up with Chestnut.

Tell 'em no comment.
Refer all press calls to DCPI.

- Hey, how's Holly?
- She's a mess.

Not eating or sleeping,
wetting her bed.

She didn't tell me anything.

Even though she knows
Dobbins is in jail?

She still thinks he can
get to her. What is this?

Other possible incidents
Dobbins could be connected to.

We have six girls gone
missing in the last year.

All around Holly's age
and description.

The last two rows are all missing
girls in the tri-state area,

also in the last year.

Get Dobbins' mugshot in an array.

I want every one of these victims
and witnesses reinterviewed,

see if anybody can ID him.

Captain, if he murdered Laura Swift,

who knows where
he went to find another victim.

- We gotta get his photo to the FBI.
- It's done.

I got the search warrant
for the Dobbins' house.

It's good for any forensics and the gun.
It's a license to look anywhere.

I'm gonna tear the place apart.

There's nothing in the car.

Crime Scene's flatbedding it
to the lab to check for blood.

Computers... check 'em
all for kiddie porn.


My husband's not that kind of man.

Your husband's a child molester.
You should talk to your daughters.

He never touched them.

The victims were abused in this room.
They described this basement.

The inside of his car.

How it felt when he touched them.

You should make sure
your kids are okay.

My husband would die
before he hurt a child.

He was never alone with
any of those girls. I was here!

You were right here, you
didn't do a damn thing about it?

It was happening right under your roof,

and you tell me what
a great guy your husband is?

- Lady, you're as sick as he is!
- Elliot

I gotta get out of here.
I'm losing it.

It's okay, Elliot.
You gotta calm down.

I nearly punched that woman
in the face in there.

I can't do this anymore.
I can't do this.

You know, this is tough on all of us.

It was never this hard.

Look, you're under a lot of stress
right now.

Why don't you go home
and get some rest?

The house is empty.

Call Kathy.

Call your kids...

- and go see them.
- It's not the same.

How do you walk away?

You just don't walk away
after 20 years.

How do you walk away?

Told you not to eat that
supermarket sushi.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

- Find anything?
- No gun, but take a look at this.

Erie County District Attorney's Office?

Dobbins has a sealed arrest in Buffalo.

What's the charge?

Soliciting a prostitute.

She solicited me.

What does this have to do
with the charges against my client?

That girl was only 15 years old.

She was drinking in a bar
for God's sake.

She didn't look like she was 15.

Is that the best you can come up with?

It was 18 years ago.
I was depressed.

My fiance had just left me.
I was trying to forget...

- Mark, stop talking.
- No, no, I want to explain this.

She hit on me.

And then she says something like it

would be 100 bucks or
something for the night,

and before I could tell her no,
some drunken cop

on the next barstool jumps up and
slaps handcuffs on me.

The DA dropped the charges.

Ten years later,

I'm married, I got a kid,
I got another one on the way.

My football team wins the county
championship. I'm in the paper.

The same cop who busted me sees it.

And he calls the school board.

They fired me on the spot.

And the state pulled
my teaching license.

Well, you don't need a license
to teach at a private school.

Nobody would hire me
because of that arrest.

That letter...

That letter got me my job at Chestnut.

Well, it was very nice of
the Erie County DA to write it for you.

- You know.
- That you forged it?

I had to.

I got screwed then just like
I'm getting screwed now.

While you're in the confessing mood,

- why don't you go the distance?
- He's innocent.

Don't put Holly, Nicole, and
Danielle through the trauma of a trial.

Give Laura Swift's mother and
father a body to bury.

I didn't murder anyone.

And I didn't abuse those girls.

I'm gonna make sure the judge
maxes out your sentence

when you're convicted.
I will see you in court.


- What time is it?
- It's five to 8:00.

How'd you know I was up here?

Well, you didn't answer your phone
last night or this morning.

- We catch a job?
- Not yet.

- Give me another hour.
- No time.

Novak called.

She's prepping Holly for her
swearability hearing.

She wants you there.

What does she need me for?

She wants to make sure that
Holly's comfortable testifying.

Cover for me, will ya?

Holly asked for you.

I'm done.

You know, running away's
not going to help.

I'm a little too beat for the dime
store shrink routine right now.

Elliott, that little girl is counting on you.

You quit on her now,

and you're just another man
that she can't trust.

That's not who you are.

Supreme Court Part 38
Tuesday, October 19

- Where is Miss Novak?
- She'll be here soon.

Where do I sit?

That big chair is for the judge,
and you'll sit right there.

Wanna give it a try?

Have a seat.

- This is scary.
- Yeah, a little bit.

I sit up here all the time, though.

Do they make you swear to
tell the truth? / Yes.

Miss Novak said the judge is
gonna make me swear to tell the truth.

First, he's gonna ask you

if you know the difference
between the truth and a lie.

And do you get in trouble
if you tell a lie?

Holly, what's the matter?

- I don't want to do this.
- How come?

I don't want to get in trouble.

Why would you get in trouble?

I told a lie.

Uncle Mark didn't do anything to me.

You know who was raped.
Why is she recanting?

It happens a lot.

Her Uncle Mark's gone to jail,

she sees her cousins crying,
missing their daddy,

she wants things the way
they used to be.

Think the family's pressuring her?

Or Mark Dobbins got to her.

If he did, then we got him
for witness tampering.

I'll check the jail phone records.

We should also talk to
the other two girls.

Way ahead of you.

Are you scared of something, Nicole?

I'm scared of Mr. Dobbins. / Why?

He's mad at me for telling.

Did Mr. Dobbins call you?


Well, then how do you know
he's mad at you?

Because my mom says
he's a very bad man.

Well, what else does your mom
say about Mr. Dobbins?

He hurts little girls, and I have to
help you put him in jail.

Son of a bitch.

Can I go home now?

Excuse me, Captain.

Hi, Danielle. Do you remember me,
Detective Stabler?

Hi. / Hi.

I know how hard it is to talk about
what happened.

Especially having to remember all the
stuff that you're supposed to say.


who helps you remember?

My mom.

She keeps asking me questions.

What questions?

Did Mr. Dobbins touch me,
did he take off my pants...

And what do you tell her?

I told her no.

But she kept asking me and asking me.

I didn't want her to be mad.

So I said yes.

Their mothers are full of crap.

They knew Holly had been molested

and they badgered their daughters
into saying they were too.

I've been chasing a bunch of lies.

We all have been.

No one could've seen this one coming.

Try telling that to Dobbins.

It's his life and reputation
that've been shot to hell.

He didn't do a damn thing.

Holly, Nicole, and Danielle
all named Dobbins.

Their stories matched.

I bought into the hysteria.

Hysteria is like a disease.
It's contagious.

And the guy who raped
Holly is still out there.

Captain, we gotta spring
Dobbins from Rikers.

Call Novak.
Get her into night court.

Trial Part 38
Tuesday, October 19

In light of this new information,
Your Honor,

the People request that the indictment
against the defendant, Mark Dobbins,

be dismissed in the interest of justice.

Mr. Langdon, anything for the record?

Just that we're stunned that people
charged my client

with these heinous crimes
without proper investigation.

Mr. Dobbins, the court offers
you its sincerest apologies

for putting you through
this terrible ordeal.

I'm dismissing the indictment.

You are free to go.
And we're adjourned.

Thank you.



I..I don't know what to say.

How long have we known
each other, Larry?

Holly's like my own daughter.

I didn't believe it at first, I swear.

How could you think I would do
those awful things to her?

She was abused!

Someone hurt my little girl.

When those two other girls
said it was you,

what was I supposed to think, Mark?

We just wanna get back to our lives.

Let's go.
Come on, sweetheart.

They're never gonna forgive us.

We helped spread the poison.

You told those other girls' parents
what happened to Holly?

My wife.

Yes, I called their mothers
to warn them.

I thought I was doing the right thing.

There's no question
your daughter was molested,

but Mark Dobbins didn't do it.

Well, then why did Holly accuse him?

Because she's so afraid of her abuser,
she named the safest target.

Holly, you have to tell us the truth.

- Who hurt you?
- He'll kill me.

He won't if you tell us who he is.

- Detective Stabler will put him in jail.
- No!

He said he'd sneak out and come
to our house when we're sleeping.

He said he'd shoot me and you.

And Mom.

Holly, it's okay.

It's okay.

Mrs. Purcell, why don't you go take
Holly and get something to drink?

Come on, sweetheart.

Now what?

I think you should take Holly out
of town for a few days.

You really think this guy's gonna
hurt her? / Holly does.

And that's not gonna change
until he's arrested. / How?

When you don't even know who he is?

Sending Holly out of town isn't gonna
stop this guy from molesting another kid.

Or killing one.

But it's the only way for
her to feel safe again,

which just might help her open up.

We just don't have that time.
We've gotta get inside of her head now.

Gimme those drawings.

The ones Holly did for me.

What are you looking for?

Maybe she already told us.

These drawings depict
Holly's inner life.

See in this one she drew
herself without hands.

Feels powerless, disconnected
from her parents.

She doesn't want them to know
about the abuse.

This is Holly's bedroom.

Why is that the only one
that's blacked out?

She doesn't want anyone
to see inside. She feels ashamed.

And this one, all these kids are
playing here together

and Holly's standing over here
by this big guy.

Who she identified as her abuser.

- Oh, no.
- What?

I assumed that was Mark Dobbins,

because I accepted what Holly told me

without even considering
it could've been someone else.

Well, you're not the only one
who jumped on that train.

Well, she was telling us
who abused her.

Look what he's wearing,
a maroon and white jersey.

- Coaches don't wear those.
- But students do.

Maybe our perp's a football player.

That's not a football uniform.
That's more likea rugby jersey.

With a yellow stripe on the sleeve.

I want to apologize to you, Holly.

You were trying so hard to tell us,

and we just didn't understand.

Holly, we looked at your pictures again.

Now, remember the one that you
drew of the soccer game?

Excuse me.

Excuse me.
Talk to you a second?

Yeah, hey, what's up?
How are you?

Me? I'm good.

That yellow stripe on your sleeve
I don't see it on the other guys' uniforms.

I'm team captain,
so I'm the only one who has it.

I thought this was your Uncle Mark.

But it isn't.

It's a Lacrosse player.

I know because of the shirt
that he's wearing.

The other day when you were watching
the fourth grade girls play soccer,

I didn't catch your name.

Kevin Wilcox and
I wasn't watching them.

I was practicing.

I also know who he is.

Detective Stabler is going to arrest
him and put him in jail.

And if you tell me his name,
he's never ever gonna get out.

You were practicing or fantasizing?

What are you talking about?

Holly Purcell.

She drew you.

Picture's worth 1,000 words, huh?

Please, I need you to tell me his name.

Kevin Wilcox.


You're toast. Holly Purcell just
ID'd you as her attacker.

Last week she said it was Coach D.

That girl can't keep her story straight.

That's because you scared
the crap out of her

when you threatened her with your gun.

- I don't own a gun.
- What do you call that?

Not mine. / That's funny, I found that
under the spare tire in your car.

Well, I don't know how that got there.

I do.

Trunk's your secret hiding place.

That's where you keep your gun
and the little girls you shoot with it.

I didn't shoot anyone.

Yeah, you did.

- Laura Swift.
- Who?

You left a shell casing
in the boathouse, genius.

Lab matched the tool marks from
the firing pin to that gun right there.

And then there's the other problem
with your car.

You know, you think your trunk is clean,
but no matter how hard you scrub,

we come along with
a little bit of luminol and

all those blood spots that you missed

they light right up.

- You... you're bluffing.
- You're dead meat, punk.

You're a child molester. You're the
bottom of the food chain in prison.

How long you think it's gonna
take his fellow cons

to find out he's a baby raper?

I make a few calls. A week, tops.

- You can't do that.
- Who's gonna know?

They're gonna rip your
cherry ass apart.

Unless you tell us where
you buried Laura Swift.

Hey. Wilcox give it up?

Copped to raping Holly.

Said he buried Laura Swift
in a vacant lot in College Point.

I'm going there now.

I'm going home.

Why don't you stop at your desk first?

Happy Birthday, Dad.

Think you got enough candles
on that cake?

We always have a cake.

Olivia called and said you'd be here.

- Mom lent me the car.
- How's she doing?

Okay. How 'bout you?


- You have to make a wish.
- 'Course I do.

I'll be right back.

Mr. and Mrs. Dobbins...

Please. Don't.

Chestnut Academy fired me.

They said forging that letter
damaged my integrity.

Set a bad example for the students.

I'll never get another teaching job.

We're selling the house,
moving in with my parents upstate.

I'm sorry.

I wish none of this had ever happened.

Me too.

Your kids are waiting.