Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 5, Episode 9 - Control - full transcript

The Detectives find themselves hunting for a person who cut off a man's genitals, and left him to die. But what starts out looking like a homeless-crazy man may have done the deed, further investigation reveals a much more sinister reason behind why Mr. Gorman was butchered. Olivia finds herself re-visiting the abduction and rape of a woman she didn't believe four years earlier, because the woman was drunk, and her complaint sounded too outrageous.

In the criminal justice system

sexually based offenses are
considered especially heinous.

In New York City,
the dedicated detectives

who investigate
these vicious felonies

are members of an elite squad

known as
the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

Grandpa, who
made the world?

That's a tough one,


Well, because some folks
say God made it,

and others say
there was this big bang,

and the world just appeared.

I don't think so.

Who do you think

made the world?

Bob the Builder.
That's his job.

Help me!

( yelling )

Oh, my God!
Help me!

( yelling )

Get me his shoes.

Sir, can you tell me
exactly what you saw?

First he's
jabbering nonsense.

Then his belly was
bleeding like a...

stuck pig.

Next thing I know,
boom, he falls.

So, what did you do?

I grabbed my
I ran down.

I got to him. He was
still babbling away.

I called 911.

Sir, could you make out
what he was saying?

"It's a mistake.
It's a mistake."

What have we got?

Name of the victim
is Horace Gorman.

On his way
to St. Mark's Hospital.

The medics think
he'll make it.

Was there any sign
of sexual assault?

In a manner
of speaking.

Still haven't
found the package.

What package?

Mr. Gorman's.

His penis and testicles
were cut off.

And they're still missing.

I wish I could tell you,
but it happened so quickly.

What's the last thing
you remember?

Oh, uh, the train
doors opening,

stepping out on
the platform.

Then... it's all a blur.

How about the people
on the train?

Anyone following you,
watching you?

I don't know.

I keep my eyes
to myself.

The man
that found you said

that you kept saying,
"It's a mistake."

What did you mean?

I must've been delirious.

Do you remember

or seeing anything
when you were attacked?

Last thing
I felt

was something hitting
the back of my head.

And then darkness.

Anyone around
when you

regained consciousness?

There was a wild man wearing

black rags.

A homeless guy?

Yeah. He
was screaming.

Screaming what?

Crazy rants about, uh...
a Judas tree.

Then he ran off.

I crawled toward the light,
and, uh...

( sobbing ):
saw what he'd done.

Oh, God.

I'm not a man anymore.

Maybe Mr. Gorman
didn't want to be
a man anymore.

You think he wanted
his johnson hacked off?

Well, Mr. Gorman's
doctor said

that the blade
that severed his genitals

was very sharp,
like a scalpel.

He could have been
a member of some cult.

In ancient Rome,
priests of the goddess Cybele

would castrate themselves
to achieve divine status.

How the hell
you know that?

The Internet.

So, either Gorman
was snipped by a homeless guy,

or had a voluntary penectomy--
not a word I get to use
every day.

What do we know about this guy?

62, single
and rich.

Retired at age 30.
Dabbles in historic

You know how he
made his fortune?

He invented the
games you find

bottle caps.

I never win at that.

They're rigged.
It's a scam to sell soda.

Gorman's clean--

no arrests, no history
of mental illness.

Even if
a butcher did this,

there'd have
to be sutures.

He's not going to let him
walk out of there bleeding.

Maybe Gorman freaked
in the middle of the procedure
and left.

I Googled "castrator,"

and up pops
this Dr. Amos Dudayev.

He runs a genital chop shop
up in Riverdale.

Guys actually pay him
to do the deed.

You know, the 2 train
runs south from Riverdale.

Gorman could've got clipped
by Dr. Weirdo,

then caught the subway home.

Then loses
too much blood

and passes out
on the subway platform?

He's embarrassed,

so, he blames it all
on some homeless guy.

We get the surveillance
tapes from Transit yet?

Still waiting.

Olivia, Elliot,
see if CSU

has a lead on
this homeless guy.

You two pay Dr.
Dudayev a house call.

Yes, I castrate men.

Right on this table.

I sterilize first.

I am a doctor.

Can you prove it?

State license to
practice medicine.

You're an allergist.

I'm still a doctor.

That doesn't
give you license

to relieve men
of their peckers.

If you ask me to beat you
and I do,

have I committed a crime? No.

Someone wants me to excise
their testicles or penis,

it's the same thing.

Is this one of your volunteers?

Never seen him,

but I'd be happy
to take a referral.

Gorman's shoes

match the footprints.

We followed them
back from the escalator

to the pool of blood

here in this
construction area.

So, he gets off the train,
homeless guy jumps him,

chops him back here

and skips down
the abandoned tunnel.

Unfortunately, this site

is outside the range
of the surveillance camera.

Any sign
of the, uh, missing goods?

Not yet.


we got some blood drops
over here!

Looks like Gorman
wasn't lying

about a homeless guy.


we got somebody.

Get your paws off me!

You talk to her.

I'll take a look around.

Hey, put her down.
Put her down.

Settle down.
Look at me.
Look at me.

We're not going
to hurt you.

We're not going
to hurt you.

What's your name?

Hey, Dot, you see anyone

come down here this morning?

I can't tell you.
He'd cut my eyes out.

Who will?

Samuel. He sees everything.

No blood.

Hey, Dot, did you see
Samuel this morning?

I promise we're not going to
say anything if you tell us.

He came running
into the tunnel.

His, his hands
were all bloody.

He said
he got an offering.

What kind
of offering?

A human sacrifice.

Dot, where does
Samuel live?

Down below.

At the Grand Center.

Samuel's somewhere

in there.

Samuel's been living
under Grand Central

for years.

Is he violent?

I wouldn't want to run
into him by myself.

His crib is right
around here somewhere.

There it is.

Right in there.


Elliot, fresh blood.

Oh, God.

What do we have here?

Mr. Gorman's missing parts.

It's him.

( growling )

Police! Stop! Police!

( grunting )


Why are you in such
a hurry there, Samuel?

I can't see!

Why don't you take
off those sunglasses?

( screaming )

Stop it! You're hurting me!

You're coming
with us, pal.

No, no light!

Not into the light, please!

It'll burn my skin,
eat my eyes! Please!

( groaning )


I'm Dr. Huang.

Light, too much light.

You're hurting me.

Is that better, Samuel?

Not Samuel.

My name is Samael.

Lucifer when he was in heaven.

Yes. Before

the fall from grace.

When he was still an angel.

God wants Samael
to return to heaven,

but Samael
belongs to the darkness.

Does God speak to you, Samael?


He sends his archangel.

She brings me... offerings.

What kind of offerings?

The jewels

of Sodom.

What does this

angel look like?

She wears
a white hood,

and she carries

a shining sword.

She cuts the limb

from the
Judas tree.

Don't tell me--
Catholic vampire?

I think he has a genetic
disorder called porphyria.

That accounts
for his light sensitivity

and his
abdominal pains.

And the delusions?

Porphyria could be
causing that, too.

Well, we got
an eyewitness,

and when we found him,
he had Gorman's goodies on him.
He's our guy.

He's violent, so he's
definitely capable,

but the light
literally hurts him.

I don't think
he would have ventured out
onto the subway platform.

Well, what did he do,
have a messenger deliver
him Gorman's package?

Let's find out.
Transit is here with
the surveillance tapes.

Here comes
the 2 train.

Only one camera
on the platform?

Yup. Another's

on the escalators,

but the camera
doesn't cover

where your guy got
sliced and diced.

There he is.
That's your guy.

Hang on. White hood.

That Samuel's angel?

Could be.

He talked to her.

They know each other.

( phone ringing )

Come on, baby.
Show us your face.

Look up. Look up.


That's all I got.

Camera stops there.

She follows him.
She knocks him out.

She cuts him up.

There's nobody around
to stop her.

Let's find out
why Mr. Gorman lied to us.

Well, that was the hospital.

Mr. Gorman
just checked himself out,

against medical advice.

See if he went home.

Mr. Gorman?

Mr. Gorman, it's the police.

The guy's got enough newspapers
and toilet paper

to last a lifetime.

Mr. Gorman have any
women in his life?

Uh, no, he's
a confirmed bachelor.

Well, that's funny.
He's got wedding photos.

You recognize
the wife?

No, I've
never seen her.


all these women are different.

Gorman's been spreading
the joy around.

The brides are all wearing
the same wedding dress.

And the same dog collar.

Oh, my God.


I know her.


She came in to the squad.

She said that she'd been kept
in a dungeon by some freak

and forced to marry him.

She was drunk,
and I didn't believe her.

Her name is
Hilary Barclay.

She came in here
about four years ago.

It was a rainy night.

Guy offers her a ride.

She gets in the car.

He kidnaps her.

He keeps her locked up
for three months.

And then one day,
he just tells her

that she's going home.

He blindfolds her,
he drives her around,

and he dumps her.

You checked it out?

There was
nothing to check.

All she would
give me was

that it was a
white older male

driving a
dark two-door.

But you didn't buy her story.

I wish I had.

I remember her, Captain.

She was drinkin', druggin',
totally incoherent.

With a good reason
to make it all up.

She took a drug collar
right before her disappearance.

She missed her court date,
so judge issued a bench

Yeah, but she said
that the guy forced her

to put on a wedding gown
and marry him.

Last known address was a place
in the East Village.

Landlord said
she moved out two years ago.

No forwarding address.

Her mother is Juliet Barclay.

The supermodel?

Yeah. She now owns
an antiquity shop

on Madison Avenue.

Maybe she knows
where the daughter is.

Hilary and I
are estranged.

So, if this is another
of her sob stories,

you're wasting your time.

Hilary didn't come to us.

We're actually looking for her.

Well, I haven't
seen or spoken to
her in two years.

Has she tried to contact you?

Just once.

I did not reciprocate.

She's still your daughter.

Excuse me?

She's brought me nothing
but grief.

She's a junkie.

When she wasn't in and out
of rehab or psych wards,

she was stealing from my store,

wrecking my marriages,
telling outrageous lies.

My pregnancy ended
my modeling career.

Sounds like
you never wanted her.

Women didn't have the choice
back then.

So, whatever she's done now,
it is her problem.

She was kidnapped and raped.

What are you
talking about?

That story that she told you
four years ago

about being abducted was true.

What crazy lie
is she telling now?

We have evidence.

Photos. It happened pretty much
the way she reported it.

My God.

She begged me to believe her,
and I didn't.

No one did.

Ms. Barclay, do you know
how we can find Hilary?

She wrote me a letter
last month asking for

She's somewhere
on the Lower East Side.

( knocking )

I remember you, Detective.

What the hell
are you doing here?

We need to talk.

How did you find me?

Your mother,
from the letter you sent.

I bet she never read it.

I told her I'm clean now,

and getting my life together,

but she still doesn't want
to have anything to do with me.

She wants to talk to you now.

Screw her.

And screw you.

We know you were telling
the truth about what happened.

Took you long enough.

So I guess I wasn't so crazy
after all, was I?

Hilary, you have
every reason to
be angry with me.

Yeah, you bet your ass I do.

Now get out.


we need
your help.

So you can do nothing again?

I told you all about that man
and his dungeon.

He may be holding
another woman.

You know who he is?

Yeah, we do.
We're looking for him.

Well, what's his name?

How did you find him?

We can't talk about
the investigation yet.

Where were you
the night before last?

I was at an NA meeting.


attacked him.


But he
got away.

Hilary, I need you
to tell me everything

that you remember

about where
he kept you.

He called it his party place.

It was a hellhole.

I thought I'd die there.

I would have killed
the son of a bitch,

but he kept a combination lock
on the door,

so I never would have
gotten out.

What about windows?

There weren't any.

And it was cold

and damp, so I think
we were in a basement.

Did you hear anything?

You'll think I'm crazy.

Hilary, believe me,
that's the one thing
we won't think.

I heard singing,

in a strange language

like some kind
of satanic cult.

He certainly was the devil.

You find anything, John?

Horace Gorman's never walked
down the aisle.

He's got no kids we can find.

But for a gentile, he's given
a lot of money to the Jews.

Any Jews in particular?

The B'nai Barak
Synagogue on the
Lower East Side.

He's an architecture
freak. He won an award

for funding
the restoration
of the temple.


From the dungeon.

Hilary said
that she heard chanting

in a strange


Hilary must have heard
the cantor.

Horace was our savior,
if you'll pardon the

Back in '98,

he personally supervised
the whole restoration.

Haven't seen
him since.

So he had access
to the basement.

To the
whole shul.

You find him?

No, but I came as soon
as I heard.

My folks brought me here once.

They're Jewish?

No, but neither was this place

a couple of hundred years ago.

It was an Episcopal church,

and a major stop
on the Underground Railroad.

why he's your
biggest donor.

What does hiding slaves have
to do with Horace Gorman?

Secret tunnels.

Underground railroad brought
slaves to Manhattan,

moved them
through these tunnels,

up the Hudson,
and on to Canada.

Gorman must have
found this place

when he was
the synagogue.


We got something here.

Okay. An anomaly
on the scope.

There's a void
behind that wall.

Maybe another room.

We're through.

A toilet.

A bathtub,

All the comforts of home.

A bed, TV set.

We got access.

I'll go through the tunnel,
see where it goes.

Got a light.

Oh, my God.

Barely got a pulse.

Radio for a bus
and get me bolt cutters.

( garbled radio transmission )

Raise me on the radio

as soon as you get
to the hospital.

Elliot, I found
the tunnel exit back

His own
private entrance.

Wait until dark,
bring the women down.

Nobody would ever see him.

We hit the jackpot.

The wacko kept diaries.

Our victim's
still unconscious,

and malnourished.

Won't be able
to talk for a while.

Listen to this.

"My first bride is feisty,
but I will break her spirit.

She dare not move
without my permission."

"How quickly
this new wife learned my rules.

She kissed my feet gladly
for a crust of bread."

"I am her lord and master.

Her life belongs to me,
and she'll beg to keep it."

This guy's sick.
He hates women.

But he likes
humiliation and control.

And variety.

Different ages, races,
body types.

By "marrying" these women,
he owns them.

Feels entitled to use them
however he wants.

He's a collector.
Magazines, toilet paper,

it's all the same to him.

Elliot, come here
and look at this.

Check out the background.
It's plaster walls.

Gorman's dungeon
had stone walls.

Same as this one.

Okay, okay.

It looks like
Gorman marries his wives
in some other place.

This could be
where he's hiding out.

The victims might know
where he took them.

But they haven't come forward.
Do you think he killed them?

He released Hilary.

I'd say he lets
them go when
he gets bored.

So we got a half
a dozen women

who would love
to make this guy a falsetto.

Which is why he lied.

He couldn't tell us
who sliced him

without giving himself up.a

It's one of these women.

That's why he bolted
from the hospital,

because they wanted
to shut him up permanently.

Elliott, can I
talk to you?

Yeah. What's up, Lauren?

I'm here
about a client.

runaway who says

some guy raped her
in a dungeon.

Her name's Neva.

She called me after
she saw the news.

This one.

He said he owned me.

I had to call him "Sir."

If I didn't do exactly
what Sir said, he'd kill me.

What else did
he want you to do?

Keep diaries.

Of what?

When I ate,

when I peed.

When he...

...had sex with me.

He made me
write him love letters.

When did he make
you put on the
wedding gown?

After I'd been there a while.

He said it was time
to get married.

Where was
the wedding?

Someplace else.

He blindfolded me,

took me down in the tunnel,

put me in a car.

He took off the blindfold

in the lobby
of some ratty hotel.

Anybody see you?

The manager.

But Sir said if I screamed,
he'd kill my family.

Then he took me up to the room.

And he called it
the honeymoon suite.

He had candles,

flowers, cheap champagne.

Then he took pictures.

Sir said we were man and wife.

He made me drink a toast.

Then he said it was time...

NEVA AND HILARY: consummate the marriage.

And he raped me again.

Could you see
anything out
the window?

We were facing an alley.

Do you remember
hearing any sounds?

Boat horns,

like near the river.


And helicopters.

They seemed real close.

The only chopper pad

on the East Side
is off 34th Street.

Real estate around there's
too expensive

for a grubby hotel.

What about one
of those SROs

near the helipad
by Chelsea Piers?

That's got to be it.

Where's Olivia?

She walked out with
Hilary a while ago.

We can't wait. Let's go.

Know this guy?

Never seen him before.

A little
incentive help
your memory?

Show me the money.

How about you keep your teeth?

Okay, he's here,
but he's busy.

What room?


Police! Don't move.

What the hell happened?

He was dead when I got here.

What did
the ME say?

That he'd been dead
less than an hour.

Single stab wound
to the chest.

Most likely
a smooth-edged knife.

Like the one used
to castrate him.

I'm taking the body
to the morgue now.

I'll call you
as soon as we know.

Are you
protecting her?

You think that
I'm covering for Hilary?

Where'd you drop her off?

At her mother's.

They're estranged, remember?

Hilary wanted to talk to her.

When'd you leave her there?

A couple hours ago,

and I don't need you
interrogating me.

Why didn't you
come back to the squad?

Because I had a hunch.

I checked out five hotels,

and this one was number six.

Without backup?

What the hell's
the matter with you?

Eliot, don't start with me...

You're out of control...

I never had control
of this one, remember?

I lost my judgment.

Everyone makes mistakes.

Get over it.

( woman speaking
foreign language )

He said he's looking
for a date.

Did anyone report
you missing?


Who cares about a lousy...?

So this wasn't
the first time...?

( speaking foreign language )

I'll be right back.

The women
from the wedding albums.

How'd you
find them so fast?

They found us.

They saw the story
on the evening news.

So when did
he snatch them?

Haven't gotten
that far...

When did Gorman
kidnap them?

After Hilary.

Hold on.

What's going on?

I can't do this anymore.

It's not your fault.

One of those victims
must've killed Gorman.

And the worst part is...

none of this would've happened

if I would have
just believed Hilary.

These are vulnerable women
no one would believe.

You can't control
what other people do.

There will always
be perps and victims.

You think you need
to tell me that?

Only reason I'm standing here

is because my mother
let herself get raped.

Let herself?
Since when do you
blame the victim?

My mother
was drunk.

And so was Hilary.

And that's why
I didn't believe her.

Now these women
are paying for it.

Okay, quit.


Throw away the good you've done

and the good you'll do
over one mistake.

Let's go.


To find out which one of our
victims killed our rapist.

Tell me which
of these women you saw.

I saw no woman.
Only an archangel.

Okay, Samuel,
is one of these your angel?

Look here.

Is that her?

That's my angel.

Detectives, my daughter's been
through quite an ordeal today.

Could we maybe do this
in the morning?

We found Horace Gorman.

Thank God.

I want to see him.
I need to see him locked up.

He's dead.

He was murdered.


I hope he suffered.

It's over, Hilary.

Maybe for you.

Detectives, do you
know who killed him?

It was you, Hilary.

You're wrong.

No one hated him more than me,
but I didn't kill him.

No, no, no,
you can't take her.
You can't take her!

You can't take her.
She's suffered enough already!

Mrs. Barclay,
stand over here.


Mom, I...

I did it!

Take me.

Mrs. Barclay, do you realize
what you're saying?

Yes, I do.
I killed the bastard.

I had to protect my daughter.

Let's go.


Mom, don't do this.

Juliet Barclay,
you're under arrest
This is a mistake!

for the murder
of Horace Norman.
You're wrong!

You have the right
to remain silent.
My mother didn't do it!

If you give up that right,
anything you say

can and will be used
against you in a court of law.

You have the right
to an attorney...

Horace Gorman murdered
my daughter's soul.

And I made it worse
by not believing her.

I did what any mother would do.

I spent years blaming her
for my problems.

It was time
to make things right.

Well, there are
a few loose ends here.

Like how'd you know who Gorman
was and where to find him?

Last week,

saw him leaving
his apartment building.

She recognized him right away.
It was a terrible shock.

She didn't know what to do,

so she
came to me.

Why didn't you
go to the police?

You didn't listen to her
four years ago

when that monster abducted her,
did you?

I knew Hilary would
never be safe
while that man

was alive.

I followed Gorman
for a few days,

then I castrated him
at the subway station.

I didn't want
to kill him

in case he was holding
a woman captive.

How'd you know
where to find Gorman tonight?

He never went
to the dungeon.

He would hang out
with these hookers

at that dingy hotel.

When you told Hilary
that he'd fled,

I knew
where he was.

Why don't you walk us through
exactly what happened tonight?

I knocked on his door,

and I asked
if he wanted company.

My only though was what
he'd done to my daughter.

He let me in, and I...

I stabbed him.

There was so much blood.

What'd you do
with the knife?

I threw it just down the sewer,

just a couple blocks
from there.

Juliet Barclay's confession

was nothing more than
a mother's desperate attempt

to protect her daughter.

Dream on.
She was properly Mirandized.

Doesn't matter.

This is the clearest Payton
violation I've ever seen.

Is that true, Miss Novak?

Did the police arrest
the defendant inside her home?

No, she wasn't arrested

until after she stepped
outside her apartment.

She didn't step outside.

She was forcibly dragged
by the police.

She wasn't cuffed
or restrained.

She was intimidated.

Two armed police officers
woke her up

in the middle of night
and threatened her daughter

before her eyes.

She volunteered
to go to the precinct.

Under extreme duress.

You and
your officers

should know better.

Juliet Barclay's
confession is out.

My courtroom at 10:00
for jury selection.

Your Honor, I...

Ready to talk plea?

Not on your life.

You don't have anything.

I have the spontaneous
admission in the apartment.

Juliet said,
and I quote, "I did it."

What more do I need?

Horace Gorman was an evil man
who committed unspeakable acts

of violence, depravity
and cruelty.

Nothing would've
pleased me more

than to convict him
and send him to jail

for the rest of his life...

but I can't.

I can't, because this woman
took the law into her own hands

and executed Horace Gorman.

Now, some of you
may be thinking,

"Hey, good for her,"
or "You'd do the same

to anyone who'd
hurt your child."

We all understand the impulse
to take revenge,

but that doesn't mean
we should do it.

No one is above the law.

Murder is murder,
no matter who commits it...

or why.

Ms. Novak's arguments
make sense to me,

and I hope to you.

"Murder is murder,
no matter who commits it,"

but ladies and gentlemen,

we don't know
who killed Mr. Gorman.

Sure, the DA indicted

my client, but an indictment
isn't evidence.

Juliet Barclay
may have had a motive
to kill Horace Gorman,

but motive isn't evidence...

and if it was,
Juliet Barclay is only one

of any number of women
with the same motive.

There's one woman

who had more
than just the motive

to kill Horace Gorman.

She also had the means
and the opportunity.

A woman who knew exactly where

Horace Gorman was hiding,

and went there alone
to take her revenge.

A woman with a desperate desire

to see Mr. Gorman pay
for his sins

and atone for her own.

That woman
is Detective Olivia Benson.

Objection, Your Honor!
( gavel banging )

Order! Order, or I'll
clear the courtroom...

I can't believe Granger's
making me a suspect.

You went to the
hotel alone.

You were found
with the body.

He's trying to create
reasonable doubt.

So what the hell do I do?

Fall on your sword.

Meaning what?

You'll admit that you
screwed up four years ago

and that you went to
the hotel room alone,

then you'll deny
you murdered Gorman.

I-I got to talk
to my boss,

see if I can
fix this mess.

She didn't even ask me
if I did it.

She can't.

Look, if she did,
and you admitted
killing Gorman,

she couldn't put you
on the stand without
suborning perjury.

You didn't ask me, either.

I know you didn't.

You'd have shot
the bastard.

Hilary said that she'd heard
choppers from the hotel.

There's only half a dozen
fleabags in the vicinity,

so I decided to
check 'em out.

Why not call your partner?

Well, I was going to
canvass the desk clerks,

call for backup
if I got a photo hit.

The clerk at the Lydia said
that he'd seen Gorman come in.

I thought
that he might have a woman

up there, so I
didn't want to wait
and risk her life.

When you entered

the room,
what did you find?

Horace Gorman's body

lying on the floor... dead.

Detective Benson...

did you kill him?

No, I did not.

Thank you.

Four years ago, Hilary
Barclay came to you

and reported she'd been
abducted and raped.

Did you close her case

because you thought
she'd made the whole thing up?


How many women were abducted

after Hilary told you
about her ordeal?

So the abduction, rape,
and torture of six women

occurred because you failed
to believe Hilary's story.

Those six victims
were assaulted

because Horace Gorman
was a psychopath.

Whom you failed

to bring to justice.

Is that why you went
to the hotel


or so you could
redeem yourself

by arresting him
on your own,

or so you could kill him
without any witnesses?

Objection, Your Honor.


Explain why,
after finding the body,

you didn't radio your partner.

I was about to when he arrived.

Really? The desk clerk said

there was a ten-minute interval
between your arrival

and that of your colleagues,
and no one else

went up to the room
that night.
The desk clerk

was too busy playing cards
to notice who arrived.

Answer the question,
Detective Benson.

Why didn't you call
when you found the body?

'Cause I was stunned!
Murder can have
that effect

on people, but you know that.

You've murdered twice before,

haven't you?

I shot two suspects
who were armed

and about to commit murder.

Two killings and no charges?

I guess the third time's
the charm.

You don't think the jury
buys Olivia as a suspect?

They don't have to,
but it gives them

reasonable doubt
about Juliet's guilt.

You going to be able
to turn 'em?

I don't know.

Hilary's the defense's
first witness.

She'll dirty up Olivia
a little more,

and I can't attack her
because she's the victim.

So Hilary can lie
all she wants?

Yeah, unless I can disprove
what she says,

or we can come up
with something more concrete.

Will gold do?
You got something?

He does. Nick Petracho,
forensic metallurgist.

Warner called him in
because the murder weapon

scraped against Gorman's

and left microscopic
gold particles on the bone.

The knife was made of gold?

Even solid gold's too soft
for an effective stabbing

The blade was probably carbon
with decorative gold trim.

I used x-ray
fluorescence analysis.

Based on the refraction index
of the particles,

the gold's 99% pure.

And the other one percent?

Rhodium. Only present
as a trace element

in gold mined in Syria
dating back hundreds of years.

I'd say your knife
is mid-ninth century.

Like one you might find
in Juliet's antique shop.

That's it. I sprayed
every knife here.

No blood.
Was there any way

she could've cleaned 'em
with bleach or something?

No, believe me,
Luminol will pick up

the most microscopic trace
of blood.

Check it out.

Found this under the sink.

It's been cleaned,
but the engraving

trapped traces of blood.

Get this to Warner
for DNA analysis.

I need the results
in court by morning.

What time did Detective Benson

drop you off
at your mother's house

the night Horace Gorman
was killed?

Around 10:00.
Giving her ample time

to commit the murder
before her colleagues

found the body at midnight.

Objection, Your Honor.
Withdrawn. Your witness.

Hilary, do you believe

Detective Benson
killed Horace Gorman?

I know my mother
couldn't have.

Then explain why
Mr. Gorman's blood
was found on an antique

Syrian sacrificial knife
in your mother's shop.

Sidebar, Your Honor.

My mother didn't do it.

Don't say another word.

She confessed
to save me,

but I did it! I killed Gorman.

Hilary, stop it!
No, Mom,

I have to tell the truth.

Stop her!
Miss Barclay,

I must advise you...

I need to explain.

Gorman's blood
is on the knife

because I took it
from the store.

I still had a key.

I... I used
to steal things

to sell for drugs.

I killed Gorman.

I castrated him, too.

You don't have to protect me

The People request a mistrial.

On what grounds?

The defense suborned perjury

when they put Hilary Barclay
on the stand.

Patently untrue.
I had no idea

Hilary was going to confess.

You have my word as an
officer of the court.

Hilary's outburst
poisoned the jury.

Well, if the jury finds
her confession credible,

then they can make
a proper verdict

of Not Guilty.
And what if she's lying?

We need time
to reinvestigate.

GRANGER: You just want
a mistrial so you can
try my client again.

That's double jeopardy,
Your Honor.

Ms. Novak...

I'm sorry.

I cannot grant a mistrial.

Do you have reasonable doubt
as to the defendant's guilt?

At this time...


Then what is your decision?

The People have no choice

but to dismiss the case
against Juliet Barclay.

Very well.

Ms. Barclay,
the case against you

is dismissed
in the interests of justice.

You are free to go.

( bangs gavel )


Go ahead.

No, you can't take her.

She only did
it to save me.

You can't take her.

Hilary Barclay...
Please, please...

you're under arrest
for the murder of
Horace Gorman.

You can't take her.

It's okay, Mom.

I'll be all right.
Don't worry about me.

You have the right
to remain silent.

If you give up that right,
anything you say

can and will be used against
you in a court of law.

Ready to go home?

Hilary's sound asleep
in the cage.

I'm actually going to stay
and take her

to Central Booking
in the morning.

Look, she made
her own choices.

Doesn't mean
that I have to feel good

about her going to jail
for murder.

She's not.

Juliet's attorney
shared this with me.

Venti whole milk latte.

That's what you ordered
at the coffee shop

when your mother
murdered Gorman.

We saw you on their
surveillance tape.

Are you going to arrest her?

We can't.

Double jeopardy.

I don't mind going to jail.

Because you castrated him?

I followed him for days,

waiting for the right moment
to kill him.

He saw me
on the subway platform.

I said, "I know who you are,"

and that I was going to tell
his dirty secret.

He laughed and
said, "Go ahead.

No one's going to believe
a whoring junkie."

He turned, and I hit him
on back of the head,

and I dragged him
to the end of the platform...

and he was lying there...

and I had the perfect chance
to kill him...

...but then I realized
that castrating him

would make him
suffer even more.

Then you told your mother
what you'd done.

When did you find out
that your mother murdered him?

Not until after you came
to arrest me.

She did it for me.

She wanted to keep me safe.

I couldn't let her go to jail.

She belongs there.

Now, what happened to you
is horrible, and I am sorry,

but nothing gives you
the right to lie

or your mother
the right to murder.

Well, he'll never torture
another woman again...

will he?

( wolf howling )

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