Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 5, Episode 3 - Mother - full transcript

Police find a female forensic psychiatrist unconscious and bound in a basement, along with would-be rapists. She turns out to be the author of a book about rehabilitating convicted sex offenders. The detectives identify one of her patients as a suspect, and ask the doctor for his records, but they disappeared when her office was vandalized shortly after she left the hospital. A tape that disappeared during the break-in is brought to police by another suspect's sister, which leads the investigation to focus on victimology.

In the criminal justice system

sexually based offenses are
considered especially heinous.

In New York City,
the dedicated detectives

who investigate
these vicious felonies

are members of an elite squad

known as
the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

Okay, I think

I've soaked up
enough atmosphere
for one night.

That paraplegic
hooker's good for
two chapters alone.

Open those doors
to perception,

I'll promise,
you'll have an entire novel.


Ricardo down at the Java Barn
in SoHo said

you could hook us up?

Twenty bucks.

That sounds reasonable.

And you have
something for us?

That was just the house fee.

Enrique's downstairs,

third door on your left.

It's the second door
on the left, right?

I don't know.

I'm just trying not
to pee my pants.


I don't think
we're in the
right room.

Who cares?

We're still
going to score.

I'll flip you to see
who does her first.

You're a sick freak.

She's unconscious.

She is totally hot.

Come on, man.
It's now or never.

Once you shoot the H,

you won't even
be able to get it up.

Then why the hell
would anyone do it?

Police! Don't move.

Keep those hands
where we can see them.

Down, down, down!

Hey, tighty-whitey,
no funny business.

I tripped!
Okay, lady.

Let's get our clothes on.

Lady, wake up.

Hey, Will, I don't think
this one came here on her own.


No track marks,

looks like she took
a nasty blow to the head.

Any ID?


Caught that one
with his pants down,

just about to do her.

You don't say.

I was just trying
to help her up.

With your penis?

How she doing?

Stable, but she hasn't
regained consciousness.

Elliot, the
Fitzsimmons trial.

It's one of the victims?

No, the expert witness.

Greta something...

Greta Heints.

She's the woman who thinks
she can fix rapists.

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and NBC

Dr. Greta Heints,
top forensic psychiatrist,

teaches at Hudson
Medical School...

Yeah, but spends most
of her time

trying to cure sex offenders.

She even wrote
a book on it.

Yeah, I read it.
It's a load of crap.

Any records on the two losers
they found her with?

Clean. Claims they were
doing research for their art.

Well, what kind of research
was our noted shrink doing

in a shooting gallery?

I don't know, but
the hospital said

her tox screen
was negative.

Rape kit?

No fluids, but signs
of external trauma.

They said they'll call
when she comes to.

Get your hands
off me, fool.

Where have Munch and Fin been?

Narcotics. Working
through the addicts

picked up in the raid.

You're not going
to put him in
here, are you?

What'd you two pendejos

tell them? Ow!

Look at that.
They're old friends.

I swear, sir, we didn't say
a word about your job there.

What job?

I was just hanging.

That makes you
a material witness.

Which means
that we can keep you

in here a good long time.

Sooner you talk,
sooner you walk.

I don't know nothing.

Don't sell yourself short.

Hey, what about us?
We didn't do anything.

How do we know

you're not the ones
who attacked that woman?

We just got there.

Ask that nice gentleman
with the tattoos.

When did they get there?

They came in a minute
before the bust.

I knew
those cholos are bad luck.

What time did she arrive?

What do I look like, a doorman?

No, more like a lowly look-out

who saw everyone
coming and going.

You got me confused
with someone else.

Oh, yeah? Javier
Francisco Medina, aka Bad-Ass.

Possession, Possession
with Intent to Sell,

Menacing in the First Degree,

Criminal Facilitation.

Shall I go on?
All right, all right.

Not a lot
of room left

on that rap
sheet of yours.

She came in a half hour
before the raid.

She walk in,
or somebody carry her in?



For what?

One of those do-gooders.

Bad for business.

I didn't want to let her in.

So, why did you?

She said a patient
was in trouble inside.

She seemed desperate.

Okay, she gave me 40 bucks.

( knocking )

Hospital called.

Doctor's awake.

Dr. Heints,

can you tell us
who attacked you?

No. I-I'm sorry.

Apparently, the trauma

to my head has caused
retrograde amnesia.

What's the last
thing you remember?

Leaving the Hamptons
late on Sunday.

And we got home
just before 10:00.

Uh, the phone was ringing.

Who was it?

Patient line. I know
by now not to ask.

She went out right after that.

How many of your
patients live or work

in Washington Heights?

I'm not sure any of them do.

We're going to
need a list.

I can't do that.


Honey, you do enough
for them. Please.

You are obligated

to report them if they're a risk
to themselves or others.

If I had a name
to report,

which I don't.

I have no idea
who did this,

and I can't have
you traumatizing
the innocent ones.

You treat rapists.

None of them
are innocent.

I'm sorry.

She's pretty uncooperative.

Her hands are tied.

What was your take
on the husband?

Loves her, hates her job.

Well, how would
you like it

if Kathy was treating
sex offenders,

every day?

Wouldn't let her.

Let her?

Did I say that?

Look, you know, these skels
are only going to see Dr. H.

because the court
ordered them to.

Making it
public record.

Want to drive?

Well, let's see.

Out of the 500 parolees
I supervise a year,

I farm out about
50 per shrink.

I figure a good portion
of those have reoffended,

gone back to prison.

Then some finish out,
move away, die,

or just disappear.

How many go straight?

That's a good one.

How many are seeing Dr. Heints
right now?

Two dozen.

That's still a long
list. Who do you like?

( sighs )

This guy, Bruce Horton.

He came back
after a few sessions,

said he'd rip her guts out
if he had to see her again.

What was his problem?

Her method.

It's a little unorthodox.

She's a freak.

Takes one to know one.

What did she do?

The bitch tried
to emasculate me.

Come on.

A big guy like you?

She told me to

suck my thumb.

Excuse me?

She's into that

inner child crap.

Gave me stuffed animals,
read me bedtime stories.

She even had me call her Mommy.

( knife chopping )

That monster.

Where were you Sunday night?

I was here working
a double shift.

We'll be checking on that.

Who you should be checking
out is that quack.

Her therapy backfired.

That a confession?


But I got to tell you,

her program made me want
to go out

and prove my manhood,
if you know what I mean.

Dr. Heints is a pioneer
in the field.

She operates on the assumption

that all sex offenders were
themselves abused as children.

Well, how is that new?

Most were.

Greta believes
that if they can be regressed

back to the time
of their original trauma,

she can reparent them
in a correctively emotional way.

Healing their
psychic boo-boos.

It's cutting edge,
but the jury's still out.

Well, what
do you think?

Regressing violent criminals
can be dangerous,

but if she can find a way
to make it work,

she'd be a hero.

Sexual predators
can't be changed.

All you can do
is lock them up.

Yeah, but sooner or later,
they get out.

Seven out of ten rape again.

As least
she's trying something.

What's wrong with
civil commitment?

Ah, yes, after prison,
toss them in the nuthouse.

Punish them twice
for the same crime.

Goes over gangbusters
at the ACLU.

Greta serves on the Civil
Commitment Review Board.

You're kidding.

They just let out
their first committed rapist.

Yeah, Benny Edgar Ralsay.

He raped seven women
up in Albany, right?


That's just how many
they got him on.

He did 30 or 40.

They called him
the Duct Tape Rapist.

The day he got out of prison,

he was civilly committed
to the state psych hospital.

Where is Benny now?

On the street. A few months ago,

he was released
from the psych hospital

right here
on Randall's Island.

Of all the psychos

our victim could have set free,
why this one?

She claimed his treatment
was a complete success.

Planning your next rape, Benny?

Dr. H. completely rewired me.

I don't even think that way


Now, isn't this your old
restraint of choice here?

You don't have to broadcast it.

I paid my debt,
and I'm registered.

Seen your
therapist lately?

I never missed
a session.

Afraid this week's is canceled.


Somebody put her
in the hospital.

What happened?

You tell us.

I would never hurt the doc.

She's the reason why I'm out.

Where is she?

Why would you need
to know that?

I'd like to send her flowers.

She's like a mother to me.

So tell me,

why do you hate your mother?

I told you,
it wasn't me.

Where were you Sunday night?


Don't tell me. Alone.

Yeah. So?

Can somebody put you there?


Mr. Ankle Bracelet.

It's a pilot program.

One of the conditions
of his release

is that he not go out at night.

So there's no way
that he could have

gone out last
Sunday night?

If he had so much as stepped out
onto the sidewalk,

I'd have been notified.

He's never broken curfew once.

Really? How do you
know that for sure?

We've got him on GPS.

This system can track him
within six feet.

So, You can tell us
where he is right now?

See the moving dot?

56th and Broadway.

Two blocks from work,
on his way home.

What are the red zones?

Known areas of prostitution.

Most of his victims
were hookers.

Well, they're now off-limits.

He's getting awful close
to a ho zone right now.

What happens
if he takes a right here?

Well, that would signal
an unauthorized departure.

And I would be beeped
immediately on my PDA.

Well, get ready.

Nope. Resisted temptation again.

And there's no way
of beating the system?

It's foolproof.

Although, every time
they build a better mousetrap,

someone finds a way
to outsmart it.

Looks like he's itching
to get out.

This guy Benny's
climbing the walls.

Okay, thanks.

Munch just got the LUDs
from Dr. Heints' patient line.

How'd we get those?

Cragen talked her
into giving us the hour

before the attack.

Any calls from Benny?

No, and none coming
from his building.

It was a pay phone.

In this neighborhood?

No, 86th and Lex.

Now, you got a subway
right down here,

and two stops up
on the 6 train

is the pay phone.

But how'd he beat the monitor?

The guy's in

I think he's also trying
to climb out the window.

Just his cat.

( meows )

( loud beeping )

Unauthorized departure.

Cat must be a diversion.

Fin, he's on the move.

You see him
coming out back?

I've got nothing back here.
It's dead.

How the hell
did he get out?

I don't know.


Check out the cat.

Benny's ankle bracelet.

That son of a bitch
slipped his leash.

Benny Ralsay pop up
on the radar yet?

No, and we're
working blind here.

We can't even get
into his apartment.

We're still waiting
on a warrant.

Maybe his employer
could steer us
in some direction.

Yeah, the unemployment line.

It turns out he was fired
yesterday after we left.

All the coworkers revolted
when they found out who he was.

Well, if he's smart,
he's halfway cross-
country by now.

The next of kin is listed
as a mother in Pennsylvania.

Authorities there
are watching her house.

Tell them not to
hold their breath.

We just subpoenaed the
visitor logs from Attica.

Mom didn't visit him
once in eight years,

nor did anyone else.

Where are you
on the search warrant?

Floundering in
unchartered waters.

What is the problem?

This guy violated
the conditions of his release.

He served his full
prison sentence

and was never on parole.

Therefore, he was never subject

to the Department
of Corrections' supervision.

So who has jurisdiction?

The Department
of Mental Health.

But remember, this
is their first civil
commitment release.

They have never had to
deal with enforcement.

I'm telling you

this guy is
the Duct Tape Rapist.

His victim is
his own psychiatrist.

More than enough for a warrant
if Benny was on parole.

Legally, he is Joe Citizen.

The standards for probable cause
are much higher.

I need more.

Our only road left is
his shrink-slash-victim.

Get her to hand over his file.

Might have trouble finding it.

Just got word somebody
vandalized her office.

First he attacks you
personally, now professionally.

This is a vendetta.

In your sessions
with Benny,

has he been unusually
upset recently?

I take all my patients
to painful places.

None have lashed out
like this.

This is empty.

What was in here?

( sighs )

My session tapes
from the last week.

Why would he take
all of them?

They're sent out
for transcription.

To ensure privacy,
they're-they're labeled

by case number, not name.

So whoever did this
would not know

which tape was his.

Dr. Heints, has Benny

disclosed anything
incriminating lately?

Look, he hasn't reoffended.

Course you couldn't say
even if he had, right?

Dust this. Boy, I tell you,
therapists and priests--

always there to listen,
just not allowed

to tell, huh?

Benny is my biggest success.

He had a new life, a good job,
a healthy relationship

until you persecuted him.

Who was this so-called
healthy relationship with?

( sighs )

Doctor, you want

to clear him,
we need to find him.

I only know her first name. Amy.

Well, who else
would he go to?

He was estranged
from his family,

but I'd been encouraging him
to reconnect.

He's an embarrassment
to the family.

We want nothing
to do with him.

He's your baby brother.

If he had trouble,
seems like he'd come to you.

Not after last time.

I made myself
crystal clear:
lose my number.

When was this?

Couple of weeks ago.

Said he needed to rebuild
his family support system.

I don't know what talk show he's
watching, but I ain't buying.

So, you don't think
he's changed?

I got a wife
and three kids, all girls.

I can't take
any chances.

You at least catch up?

Find out what's going on
in his life?

New friends?

Maybe a special lady?

That was his big pitch.

Said he was dating
a nice wholesome girl.


Yeah. That was her name.

I thought for sure
he was making that up.

Why is that?

Get this--
said she was a librarian.

Here you are, Trishan.

Benny and I just celebrated
our one-month anniversary.

Uh, have you ever noticed, Amy,

that Benny wears
an ankle bracelet?

It's a little hard to miss.

Oh, I know all about
his house arrest.

And you didn't have
a problem with that?

It's not his fault.

Well, whose
fault is it?

Benny had an addiction,
but it's under control now.

( clears throat )

I gotta tell you,

you are pretty damn

We have a whole section here
on that subject.

You'd be surprised
how many people

have a problem with gambling.


( sighs )

Your boyfriend raped
over 30 women.

Why would you say something
so horrible?

He told you that he was
from Albany, right?

In the early '90s, Benny was
known as the Duct Tape Rapist.


Amy, where is he?

He's at my apartment.

He said his sentence was over.

It was the first time
he ever spent the night.

( door opening )

Ah, sweetie, you're early.

I made your favorite.

I wanted to surprise you.

Trust me, Amy can't handle
any more surprises.

Whatcha cookin'?

That's a bad idea.

Step away from
the knives.

Step away
from the knives!

( grunting )

( grunts loudly )

You're a creature
of habit, Benny.

You might want
to change your MO.

Benny, tell me something.

How many times
have you gone out

while the cat stayed in?


This is my first time.

Right. Where are
the tapes you stole?

I told you!

I didn't break
into the doc's office.

And you didn't attack her
the night before?

I don't do that anymore.

Oh, I believe you,

but Amy doesn't.

What did you tell her?

Ah, just a few things
that you were obviously

too bashful to mention.

That made her want
to learn more.

So, she went
through your suitcase.

She doesn't remember
posing for these.

Or giving you permission

to take them
while she was sleeping.

She looked so pretty.

Well, she wasn't
when she found these. Uh...

gloves, crowbar,
glass cutter...

Oh, and look a-here,
it's our old friend,

Mr. Duct Tape.

What exactly were you doing
with these?

Okay, I admit I
still think about it.

It's-it's a
constant struggle,

but the doc was
keeping me clean.

Try again.

I didn't buy them
until you started
hounding me.

But I wasn't going
to use them, I swear.

Benny, science has advanced
an awful lot since you went in.

Now, all this stuff
is at our crime lab right now.

If there's even one
microscopic wood fiber

on this crowbar,
they can match it

to the busted drawer
in her office.

If the strip you bound
Dr. Heints with

was the last off that roll,
we'll know it.

I didn't do it!

I wouldn't!
Don't you get it?!

Dr. H was helping me.

Then why
did you run?

Because my life here was ruined,
thanks to you.

Can you believe
this guy?

It's our fault
he's a sick...

We were way
off track, huh?

( knocking )


( door opens )

Mental Health Board
finally took a stand

on the violations.

We're shipping Benny
back to the state hospital.

Screw civil commitment.

We're putting this
guy back in prison.

I'm afraid not.

I just talked
to the lab.

Nothing matches
Benny's tools or prints.

So he must have worn gloves.

Well, whoever broke in,

Prints were everywhere,
including on the locked drawer.

Belong to a Robert Logan.

I don't remember
that name from her
sex offender list.

He's not a con.

He's a second-year law student
from Hudson U.

How do we have his prints?

He clerked for the city
last summer.

Well, Dr. Heints teaches
at Hudson U.

Maybe she treats
some of her students there, too.

His address is in the file.

Pick him up.

( tires squeal )

What's going on?

Bloody mess.
Suicide attempt.

Oh, maybe not.
Female victim?

Male. Some law student.

Robert Logan.

Yeah, that should be him
right there.

He's a suspect in a rape.

He needs to be taken

to Bellevue prison ward.


What the hell is
she doing here?

When I got to Robert's
apartment, he was despondent.

He'd locked himself
in the bathroom.

I feared the worst,
immediately called 911.

Well, what were you thinking

making a house call after
what had just happened to you?

He was a patient
in crisis.

He's the one
who attacked you.

( sighs ):
I suspected that.


The last time I saw him,
he had anger issues with me.

Well, when was that?


Doctor, it would've saved us
an awful lot of time and energy

if you had told
us this before.

I couldn't.

Remember, I had
no memory of that night.

My testimony would have
been based solely

on privileged communication,
which is inadmissible.

We have a very
resourceful ADA.

She would've found
a way around it.

It's fruit
of the poisoned tree.

your independent investigation,

any half-decent defense attorney

would've thrown
the entire case out.

Well, you seem to have

the whole thing figured out.

Now, why exactly
was Robert angry with you?

I told him
I needed to transition him

to another therapist.

Because he threatened you?

No, because
I'd lost control.

Because I took him too far
too quickly.

He'd become obsessed with me.

I thought it best
he have a male therapist.

So obviously Robert didn't
handle the rejection too well.

( chuckles wryly )

Greta loves me.

She's leaving her husband,
you know.

To be with you?

Yeah. In our sessions,
all we do is make love.

Who initiated
this relationship?


She was professional at first,

and then she started dressing
seductively, just for me.

How did you respond
to that?

I had dreams about her
every night.

I couldn't think
about anything else, you know?

Why did you steal
her session tapes?

So I could hear her voice.

It hurts when I'm not with her.

Where are the tapes now?

Somebody stole them.

I have to get them back

because they prove
that she loves me.


Tell me about them.

Well, uh... she wants me
to take my clothes off

so we can take a bath together.

She wants me
to suck on her breasts.

Does she ask you to hurt her?


Then why did you?

Excuse me,
I would never hurt her.

But what about the crack house?

You called and told her
to meet you there.

Tell me what happened.

I can't remember. I-I...

I lose chunks of time, you know.
I always have.

That's why I started seeing her
in the first place.

You have blackouts?

I don't know. I don't know.
I don't know.

You know, I go to sleep
and I wake up days later

and sometimes...
sometimes it's in another town.

Did you black out
on Sunday night?

I just told you
I don't know.

I don't... I don't know.

What is the last thing
you do remember?

( sighs )

Greta breaking up with me.

What happened?

She just said she didn't want
to see me anymore.

It's common for patients

to fantasize
about their therapists.

In psychiatry,
it's called transference.

Around here,
we call it sexual assault.

Robert doesn't
deny the attack.

He just has no memory
of the details.

Oh, bull.
Plus, he has a history

of going into
psychogenic fugue states.

Okay, I'll bite.
What's that?

Dissociative episodes where
one loses days, even weeks.

The patient is not aware
of the time that's lost

nor has any memory of
what happened during it.

Including a half-assed
suicide attempt?

I read the report.
He sliced the wrong way.

He sliced deep enough
to have the hospital
admit him.

Look, this is obviously
a desperate attempt

to get the doctor
back in his life.

Or set up for a handy
insanity defense.

In which case
we couldn't touch him.

His attorney has
requested a 730 exam.

I've asked our civil actions ADA

to observe
the psychiatric evaluation

and let me know if and when
he is fit to stand trial.

Well, frankly, I don't
see that happening
any time soon.

He may be crazy,

but he was competent enough
to plan that crime.

Okay, look, we'll dig
into his mental state
leading up to it.

Robert hasn't been
to class in weeks.

Is that a habit
with him?

No, it only happened
once before.

Last year.

He made Law Review,
but the pressure got to him.

Day his article was due,
he disappeared.

When did he come back?

A week later,
thinking it was due day.

He freaked when they told him
he wouldn't be published.

I had to force him
to get out of bed and eat.

So you two were dating?

I tried.

It seemed like
he needed me.

He's so smart and cute.

But troubled.

He's an overachiever.

He worked so hard

he just didn't have
any energy left for, you know.

He's impotent?

I hoped he'd work through it
with that shrink,

but she only made him worse.

How so?

Robert told me
to stay away from him

because I was dirty.

Where'd that
come from?

I don't know,
but it wasn't just me.

He cut off everyone.
I'm late.

What about family?

Maybe his sister, Christina.

They were really close.

We've always been
so proud of him.

He's a genius,
you know?

He was going to be
the first person
in the family

to really make
something of himself.

That's an awful
lot of pressure.
Maybe it got to him.

I'll tell you what got
to him, that quack.
Dr. Heints?

Since he started
seeing her,

he hasn't had
a thought of his own.

( groans )

You, you better
come with me.

Everything's always,
"Greta said this.

Dr. H. said that."
( groans )

Robert's obsessed
with her.

Because she brainwashed him.

Thanks to her,
he's a nonfunctioning mess.

It got so serious,
I filed a complaint

with the State Medical Board.

Excuse me!
Excuse me, Dorothy.


Dorothy, take care of him.

And what did they say?

They contacted Robert,

who said she was helping
him, so they dropped it.

Then he tried to kill himself
over her.

Over what he did
to her.

What did he do to her?

Your brother attacked
Dr. Heints.

He put her
in a hospital.

Robert's never been violent
his whole life.

When was she attacked?
Sunday night.

Then it couldn't have been him.

Let me guess...

He was with you that night.

No, earlier, that morning.

He was rambling
like a three-year-old.

He didn't even know who I was.

So I took him to St. John's

where they admitted him
for 24-hour observation.

Robert Logan was admitted
at 2:15 Sunday afternoon.

Take a look
at his file?

Sorry, it's...

we know.

Hey, Nurse Lynch.

Uh, no pun intended,

but this place
is kind of a madhouse.

Is there any chance that Logan
could've slipped out of here?

Absolutely not.

When someone's checked in
for observation,

we do observe them,
quite regularly.

So he was here

the whole 24 hours?



Wait a minute.

You just said he
couldn't get out.

I said
he couldn't sneak out.

Robert checked in voluntarily
so he was free to leave.

AMA, mind you.

Against medical advice.

Right, so you knew
he was dangerous.

His behavior was erratic

when he came in,
but he settled down.

He wasn't suicidal or homicidal,

so we couldn't stop him
from going.

You got a real
crack team here.

After he left, your
patient tried to kill

his own psychiatrist
and then himself.

Dr. Heints?

You know her?

First couple hours Robert
was here he kept asking for her,

but we couldn't reach her.

And how did he
respond to that?

Not well.
But when he settled down,

he remembered
they had a session coming up.

He said he'd be fine
as soon as he talked to her.

Got a pretty solid motive:
she rejects him, he falls apart,

begs to see her,
she doesn't come.

Just hours before the attack,

he tells witnesses
he's going to find her.

You know,
he may be crazy,

but he definitely knew
what he was doing

when he lured her there.

Who cares?

Who the hell are you?

Bettina Amador.

You must be Benson and Stabler.

The Civil Actions ADA

Alex so highly

Ms. Amador here
was informing me

Mr. Logan won't
be going to trial.


I just got the results
of his 730 exam.

say he's not fit to proceed.

Well, they're wrong.
Look, we just busted our hump

getting this guy's
state of mind.

It was premeditated.

It's not relevant.

Doesn't matter how sane he was
at the time of the attack,

they're saying
he's looney tunes now.

Which means he can't help
with his own defense.

Well, I think that he's doing
a damn fine job.

He's faking it.

Okay. It's a long shot,

but I can challenge
the findings.

Might want to spruce up
a little bit for court.

I examined Mr. Logan

and found him to be delusional
and highly agitated.

His sense of reality is so poor,

he doesn't understand
the charges against him.


He looks pretty calm
and collected to me, Dr. Baca.

He's heavily medicated.

Oh, he's high.

Well, maybe that accounts
for his inability

to help in his own defense.


Mr. Logan is so
entrenched in fantasy,

he believes
his relationship

with Dr. Heints was consensual.

Does Robert understand
assault is a crime?


And does he
also understand

he's being charged
with attempted rape?

Yes, and he's deeply
upset about it.


Doesn't that indicate remorse?

Well, that's where
it gets complicated.

Robert is devastated
that Dr. Heints was injured,

but he maintains
that she controlled

every sexual aspect
of the relationship.

The victim was asking for it?

Isn't that what they all say?


Nothing further.

Robert is extremely ill.

I'm afraid the attack
came out of our intense therapy,

which triggered
his emotional ability.

Actually, his competency
at the time of the attack

is not at issue here.

But his premorbid
condition is.

He suffers from well-documented
psychogenic fugue states.

He was in one
when the incident occurred.

Have you ever requested--
of anyone--

to be hit over the head
with a blunt object,

rendering you unconscious?

Are you in love
with Robert Logan?


What? Why would she say that?

Have you ever engaged

in sexual intercourse
with him?

No, of course not.

What? Why are you lying?

Just tell them the truth.

Tell them you love me.


Robert, calm down.

Is it safe to say

your patient was, and is,
sexually obsessed with you?

Not with me.

Then who?

You're the one
he attacked.

The fantasized relationship

is projection
based on transference.

In layman's terms?

He has confused the pain

of his severe
childhood abuse

with the intimacy of
our corrective therapy.

In his mind the two have melded,

and he is desperate to believe
that we are in love.

Oh, come on. We are!

Why are you denying it?
Just tell them that...

tell them you love me.
Why won't you do that?

Just tell them you love me.
Counselor, control
your client.

Come on.
Just tell them you love me.
( gavel pounding )

Robert, please.
Robert, let her go.

Please, calm down.
( gavel pounding )

I am not who you think I am.

Robert, I'm
your doctor.

Please, just tell them.

Just tell them you love me.

Please restrain
this man!

Just tell them you love me.

Just... just tell them
you love me, please.

Just tell them...
just tell them you love me.

Just t-tell them.
Tell them. Tell them.

You missed quite a circus.

Robert had a complete
meltdown in court.

For show or for real?

It doesn't matter.

Judge deemed him
unfit to proceed.

I'll tell you why.

Because of what that woman
did to him.

I want her arrested
for malpractice.

Christina Logan,
this is Robert's sister.

This is our captain,
Donald Cragen.

I'm sorry, Miss Logan.

This is a matter
for civil court, not criminal.

Just listen.

This is what your illustrious
Dr. Heints considers therapy.

HEINTZ ( on tape ):
You know what my favorite time
of the day is, Robert?

When you come out
of the bathtub.

You're naked and clean
and you smell so good.

I hold you close.

You find my breast with your
lips, and you start to suckle.

( turns off tape )
I can't listen anymore.

It makes me sick.

Where did you get this?

I needed answers so
I searched Robert's apartment.

You still think
she's the victim?

You were screwing
your patient.

I absolutely was not.

HEINTS ( on tape ):
Think about me

lying next to you in bed.

I wrap my arms around you
and smother you with kisses.

Insurance cover
a session like that?

It is not what it sounds like.

This is all part
of Robert's therapy.

Sex therapy?

I'm a professional.
This is my life's work.

I would never be inappropriate
to a patient.

I was reparenting him.

Lady, I've got four kids.

If I ever talked to one of them
like that, I'd arrest myself.

I had to regress Robert

to the point
where he was traumatized

and give him the love
and affection

he desperately needed,
but never got.

And that just had
to involve breasts, huh?


A baby bonds with his mother

during breast-feeding.

So you simulated

No, not physically.

I talked him through it.

Like phone sex.

There was never
any physical contact.

I'd say the doctor has some
unresolved issues of her own.

Maybe it's

That's when
the therapist

develops feelings
for the patient.

It's not uncommon.

Well, and when the therapist
has sex with a patient,

that's Rape Three.

And don't forget,
he assaulted her.

She's the victim.

Well, they're
both victims.

And perps.

We know Robert attacked her.

The judge ruled him unfit,
so we can't touch him.

The question is:
Did she have sex with him?

I ran Robert's picture
past the junkies

busted at the shooting gallery
that night.

No one puts him there.

What you got?

You talk to the lookout?

Mr. Bad-Ass is
in the wind.

We're tracking him down.

He's the guy we need.

Everyone had to get past him.

One of my informants just did.

We're on it.

You drive.

Business never skips a beat.

I'm out.

Hey, man, I got
no business here, man.

Then you're

Let's go. You're going
to come with us.

Now, what do you want?

This guy ever
cross your path?

Yeah, I seen him before.

Night of the bust?

No, couple weeks
before that.

Doing what?

Passing out needles.

Showed up with one
of those do-gooders.

What's his name?

Her. Pain-in-the-ass woman
come around all the time,

passing out flyers
for her clinic.

Pushing methadone?

Yeah. She gets a few,

but they always
come home to Papi.

Robert's sister, Christina,
works at a clinic.

that's the bitch's name.

Was she there
that night?

Yeah, it was kind of weird.

She don't usually
come around after dark.

It all makes sense now.

You hated Dr. Heints.

You tried to get
her fired.

You tried to get
her license taken away.

And when no one
would do anything,

you decided to take it
into your own hands, huh?

Who knows how many lives
she's screwed up.

I doubt I'm her only enemy.

You're the only one a witness
puts there that night.

I'm there all the time
trying to help people.

He mixed up the nights.

He also plant your prints
on duct tape?

The strip you used

to bind her.


Come on, Christina.

Tell us what happened.

After I checked Robert
into the hospital,

I went back to his apartment
and I found that... cassette.

I went crazy when I heard it.

I didn't know what to do.

The things she was
doing to him--

they were humiliating.

I phoned her and told her
that I was a friend of Robert's,

that he was in trouble
and to please come quick.

Why the crack house?

It was the lowest
place I know.

I wanted her to fall
as far as Robert had.

You sexually
assaulted her.


Christina, there was trauma
to her genitals.

That's because I kicked her
as hard as I could

between her whoring legs.

No matter what she did
to your brother, this was

a pretty, um, extreme thing
to do, don't you think?

I am all he has.

I've been looking out for
him since he was seven,

when Mother died of cancer.

So, you were just
being a good sister.

And if I have to go
to jail for that, fine...

but she has to pay, too.

Christina insists on pressing
charges against Dr. Heints.

That's a tough week
for the doc.

Brutally attacked,
life's work discredited.

Now she's facing jail time.

If she Freudian-slipped it
to him,

she could end up serving
longer than her attacker.

It's Christina's
first offense.

She's looking
at a year, tops.

Dr. H. could do up to four.

Yeah, well,
Robert could be

screwed up for life.

He's turning out to be
the only pure victim

in this whole thing.

That's messed up.

Well, so is this.
Christina just told us

her mother died
of cancer, right?


I just Googled
the Logan family.

Newspaper article
says that Victoria Logan

died in a house fire in 1987.

You sure you got
the right woman?

"Her son, Robert, age seven,

"was found wandering the streets

with no memory
of what happened."

Sounds like one of his
psychogenic fugue states.

Losing your mother in a fire?

That's probably
what started them.

The fire was suspicious.

Accelerant used
was lighter fluid.

We thinking Robert set the fire?

What fire?

The one that killed
Robert's mother.

What are you talking about?

Their house burned down
when he was seven years old.

It's a matter
of public record.

You two never talked
about this?

We spent a year on his mother

and we never got
anywhere near this.

Are you telling me he witnessed
the death of his mother?

We believe that he
may have caused it.

My God.

If I'd known this, I would have
never taken him down that path.

This completely
explains the attack.

He-/////!s not the one
who attacked you.


It was his sister



She felt you were responsible
for Robert's condition.

Not for the reasons
that she thinks.

I never touched him,
but I did push him too far.

Listen to me.

It's imperative someone
see him immediately,

to talk him through this.

You know that we can't
allow you to do that.

No, of course not,
I'm the worst person

at this point.

What about the psychiatrist
you had see him?

Dr. Huang.

Did Robert respond
to him at all?

He talked-- pretty
freely, actually.

He's got to talk
to him again.

Well, you got to give us
something that he can go on.

Robert's mother was
a religious fanatic.

She'd pull him out of bed
in the middle of the night

and make him pray for his sins.

You're seven years old.

What sins does she
think you committed?

I was born a boy and...
boys are dirty.

Is that why she washes you?

All the time.

Does it hurt
when she washes you?


She... She...

She hits me down there.

Your genitals.


She ties a string
around it, tight.


So it'll die and fall off.

Why would she want
to castrate you?

Sex is evil.

That's what makes men bad.

Robert, when
your mom died...

how did it make you feel?

I don't want to talk about it,

I know it hurts.

You've kept it in too long.

Robert, you've got
to let it out.

I can't.

I'm right here.
Just take me through it.

I'm not allowed.

Who won't allow you?

I don't want to talk
about it, okay? I can't.

I can't! I can't!

I don't...

Don't do this to me!

I don't want
to talk about it!


You don't have to keep
punishing yourself.

We can take away the pain,

but we have to talk
about the fire.

No, please... Please.

Your mother is
in the house.

Where are you?

Where are you, Robert?


Tell me
what's going on.

I can hear her screaming.

She can't get out.

But you did get out--

after you
set the fire.

No, I didn't set the fire.

Who did?

She did.
Who's she?

I can't tell.

Why can't you tell?

Because I promised.

Who did you promise?


It's okay, Robert.
You had to tell.

Christina will understand.

No, she won't.

Why not?

She did something bad
when she was little

and my mother
sent her away.

She wasn't allowed
to be there.

But she came back that night.

To save me.

You killed your mother.

My mother threw me out
when I was 14.

I never saw her again.

Why'd she kick you out?

She didn't approve of
the boy I was seeing.

We heard she didn't approve
of any boys at all.

What was that about?

One got me pregnant.

Mother nearly beat me to death,

and left me with relatives
in Minnesota.

Told me never to come back.

But you did come back.

You were there
the night of the fire.

You're mistaken.

I came back after I read
about it in the paper.

No one here even knew I existed.

She told everyone
Robert was her only child.

And we all know
what she did to him.

Christina, we understand
why you killed her.

We know the horrible things
she did to your brother.

She wasn't abusing
my brother.

She was abusing my son.

She tore him out of my arms
the day he was born.

He was punished for seven years
for my sins.

When you came back for him,
you saw what she had done.

You had to protect him.

Wouldn't you do the same thing
for your son?

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