Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 5, Episode 15 - Families - full transcript

The body of a young girl is found. Autopsy reveals she's pregnant. And the baby's DNA reveals that the father is related to her. So they go to her mother and it appears the father is not around. They later learn that she was seeing a guy whom her mother didn't want her to see. They eventually learn that the girl and her boyfriend have the same father. Later the man is found dead and the girl's mother is arrested but she denies killing him.

In the criminal justice

sexually based offenses are
considered especially heinous.

In New York City,
the dedicated detectives

who investigate
these vicious felonies

are members of an elite squad

known as
the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

Suspect turned east
from Columbus onto Nine-Five.

Three-five William
will pick up.

( siren blaring )

I lost him between Columbus
and C-P-W.

( siren wailing )

( tires screeching )

Get him, Sammy, get him!

( barking )

( barking )

( grunts )

( barking )

Get away from me.

( barking continues )

( growls )

Get off me!

( groans )

Out! Out Sammy.

Good girl.

Good girl,
good girl.

( grunts )

I didn't do anything.

What's your name?

Screw you.

Screw You, you're under arrest
for attempted rape

until we nail you
for the other 11.

Prove it.
Does he look

familiar to you?

That's him.
That's the bastard

who tried
to rape me!

See, Screw You?

Wasn't that easy?


You better come down here.

Sammy found a body.

She's cold.

Been dead for a while.

I'll tape off the street.


Looks like he was either trying
to protect her or hide her.

Got a wound to the back
of the head.

No blood on the ground.

Could be a dump job.

Shannon Coyle,

16, from Brooklyn.

Sixth Street in Park Slope.

Logo on the backpack says WTP.

William Theodore Prep's
two blocks from here.

Doesn't look
like a robbery.

There's $70 in the wallet
and a credit card.

This couldn't be our rapist.

Lucky break
the dog found her.

Not too lucky for the parents.

( inhales )

Let's notify them,
get them down to the morgue.

Your victim died of a massive
cerebral hemorrhage,

caused by blunt force trauma.

Time of death?

Based on body temp,
I'd say between 10:00
and 11:00 last night.

And she definitely had sex
before she died.

Found traces
of spermicide.


No genital trauma,

but sex and getting
your head bashed in

don't usually go together.

Get in touch
with the parents?

Father's out
of the country.

Mrs. Coyle and
her son, Brian's
right outside.

I'll wheel her
in front of the camera.

She wants
to see her.

Mrs. Coyle, I'm
Detective Stabler,

Detective Benson.

This is
Dr. Warner.

You sure about this?

She's my daughter.


Oh, God.

( sobbing )

Oh, baby.

Oh, you're so c-cold.

Oh, my sweet baby.

( sobbing )

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Shannon always told me
where she was going

and who she was with,
so when I hadn't heard

from her by 9:00, I knew
something was wrong.

I don't know how I'm
going to tell her father.

Is your husband on
a business trip?

For the last two
and a half months.

My husband Barry works

for a French
engineering firm.

They're somewhere
in the Congo

to build a dam.

Mrs. Coyle, how was
Shannon doing in school?

She was a straight-A student.

( sniffles )

I mean, I think
she cut an occasional class,

but she was never any trouble.

Hey, Brian, was
there anyone

she didn't like?

Uh, someone giving her

a hard time?

If there was,
she would have told me.

Mrs. Coyle, there's evidence

that your daughter had sex
before she died.

She was raped?

Well, we don't
know that for sure,

but we have to consider
all possibilities.

Can you think of anyone

that she may have been
involved with?

If my daughter was having sex,
she would have told me.

And when is

the last time
you heard from her?

2:30 yesterday

She called me
from her cell phone

and said she was going
to be late.

Her choir teacher called
an extra rehearsal.

This is Shannon.

( chatter )

See you later,

Lisa Faber, you just
sang a solo

in the Winter Concert,

and you have a trig
midterm tomorrow.

What are you going
to do now?


( laughing )

Hi, Mom.

Reminds me

of Elizabeth's friends,
typical high school kids.

What do you think?


good self-esteem,

Shannon seems
well adjusted.

In other words, a normal,
healthy teenager.

Computer Crimes get anything
off her hard drive?

It's clean.

There's no visits
to chat rooms,

no suspicious e-mails.

Maybe it was
a random attack.

I doubt it.

Checked the inventory
of Shannon's backpack.

No cell phone.

Perp must've taken it.

He probably thought his number
was stored in the memory.

Which points to
someone she knew.

Warner says that
Shannon had sex,

but the mother and brother
say she wasn't seeing anyone,

which means Mom doesn't know

that Shannon
was sexually active.

Maybe her friends do.

The school is giving us
the cafeteria for interviews.

John, Fin,
see if they can

help us reconstruct
her day.

was last seen

at choir practice.

You two start
with the music teacher.

Shannon was
the best of the best.

Two years,
never missed a rehearsal.

Beautiful voice,
unlimited potential.

I feel like
I lost my own child.

Do you always rehearse
after school,

Mr. Abruzzo?

Please, call me Steve.

Um, no, not usually,

but the state competition
is just a few weeks away

and we need
extra practice.

Steve, how late did you
keep the kids yesterday?

Till 5:00.

I didn't want their
parents to complain

that they missed dinner.

You have any idea if
Shannon was headed home?

I wish I knew.

Would she know?

That's, um, Lisa Faber.
She might.

She and Shannon
were joined at the hip.

We, uh, we went
for a cup of coffee,

around the corner
after rehearsal.

( crying ):
I'm sorry.

It's okay, Lisa.

What time
did you leave?

Um, like, 6:00,
I think.

And did Shannon say
where she was going?


but I figured home.

Did you see her before choir?

Yeah, I mean, Shannon and I have
two classes together:

American history
and trig.

and eighth periods.

And before that?

We had lunch.

Food here sucks.

We grabbed a couple of slices
at Ray's, up the street.

You walk over together?

No, we met there.

She make it

to her morning classes?

Probably, she
was in homeroom.

You talk to her?

Every day for
the past three years.

My last name's Connor,
hers is Coyle.

She sat behind me.

You know if she was
dating anyone?

She wouldn't talk
to me about that.

Lisa would know.

Shannon wasn't
going out with anyone.

Not that she wasn't asked.

How do you and Shannon
usually get home?

I walk; she takes the subway.

But it was freezing last night,
so she hopped a cab.

Cab companies I talked to

can't find a fare logged from
the coffee shop to Park Slope.

Still looking.

Nobody we've interviewed

saw Shannon
after 6:00 in the evening.

She didn't die
until ten.

That's a lot of hours
unaccounted for.

for you guys.

Just ran every male employee
at William Theodore Prep.

All clean.

Only bump was the choir teacher,
Steven Abruzzo.

you find out?

He's new on the job.

Just finished a six-year gig

up in Riverdale
at Garfield High.

What happened?

I don't know.

All anyone's saying
is he suddenly quit

at the end
of the last school year.

Go ask Mr. Music why.

* Rejoice and sing

* Your gracious king...

Okay, let's, um,
let's take a break.

Wow, they
sound great.

Yeah, I was going
to cancel practice,

but the kids said Shannon

would have
wanted them to sing.

I think they need an outlet
for their emotions.

Sounds like
you do, too.

We know what happened
at your last school.

Why bring that up?

Well, let's see.

One of your students
is dead,

and apparently you
like younger women.

A lot younger.

That complaint cost me
tenure and a pay raise.

That's a pretty high price
to pay if you're innocent.

Damn right.

It was a load of crap.


Because that girl said
that you invited her

over to your place for
a "private" voice lesson.

She's a liar, all right?
( cell phone ringing )

Constantly cut class,
I gave her a "D."

This is what I get
for trying to do my job?


Look, Detective,
teaching is my life, okay?

I would never do anything
to hurt these kids.


I hope not.

The lab found something
in Shannon's purse.

So what do you got?

Heart-shaped key chain.

With a Super Lock key.

Cost ten bucks
to replace.

It matched the locks
in Shannon's place?

No, but I'm betting
this key to her heart,

opens wherever she got these.

They were tucked in
with the key chain.


So no boyfriend, but she's
ready to have safe sex.

Maybe with the guy's
prints on the wrapper--

right forefinger,
beautiful ten-point match.

In the system?
No rap sheet.

Pre-employment prints
from the Board of Ed.

Some teacher...

Steven Abruzzo.
How'd you know?

I'm a good judge
of character.

What do you know,
a Super Lock.

Let's test our evidence.

( girl moaning )

A school backpack.

What's that sound
like to you?

Statutory rape.

Sorry to interrupt.

Get up, now.

You can't just break in here.

We didn't.

We heard a girl in trouble.

Same brand as Shannon.

Hey, get up.

Get dressed.


You're crazy if you
think I killed Shannon.

You're screwing
one student;

you were screwing
Shannon, too.

You working your way through
the 11th grade there, Steve?

I never slept with her.

I believe him, don't you?

He's probably
passing out condoms

to his female students

so they'll practice
safe sex.

Or maybe Shannon
finds out

you're doing her best friend.

She tells anybody
your career's history.

So I murder her?
Are you insane?

Your career is over
anyway, choir boy.

Lisa's 16.
She's jailbait.

Steve didn't force me to do
anything I didn't want him to.

We're in love.

The law says you
can't consent to sex.

Then I'm not pressing charges.

We'll do that.

But right now Steve's
looking pretty good for murder.

My parents are on vacation.

I spent the night
at Steve's place.

He didn't go near Shannon.


She got these condoms from a box
inside Steve's apartment.

They match the spermicide
that we found in Shannon.

How do you explain that?

I gave Shannon the key
to Steve's apartment.

So she could see her boyfriend.

Their parents said
they couldn't go out,

so they had
to sneak around.

They sneak around last night?

Steve had a meeting.

So we hung out
at his apartment.

They went in the bedroom
for like an hour,

then they left.


In the same taxi.

Boyfriend's name?


How'd you get past the doorman?

Detective Benson.
This is Detective Stabler.

Is Aidan home?

I'm his mother.
What's this about?

One of his classmates
was murdered.

I heard. It's awful.

Aidan, come to the door.

What's up, Mom?

This is ludicrous.

Our son's not a murderer.

You lied to me.

I had to.

They didn't know Shannon
and I were going out.

Shannon was
your girlfriend?

Even after I told you
to stay away from her?

Debra, now is not the time.

There was nothing wrong
with her like you think.

I didn't kill Shannon.

I loved her.

Aidan, we know
that you two had sex

the night she was murdered.

What in God's name
did you do?!

Debra, please, please.

Where did you go after you left
Mr. Abruzzo's apartment?

We got into a cab.

Shannon was going to Brooklyn,
so we dropped me off first.

What time?

Around 8:30.

The taxi let me off
down the block

from our building so my folks
wouldn't see us.

But Dad was already there,
getting out of another cab.

It's true.
I still have the receipt.

Where were you after that,

Home. All night.

Ask our doorman.

We're going to need a
DNA sample from your son.

I think we should call a lawyer.

( knocking )


Excuse us.

Fin located Shannon's cabbie,
who said Shannon took a call

right after
they dropped off Aidan.

Then she told the cabbie
to take her to the school.

TARU is dumping
her cell phone.

This can't be good news.

Shannon Coyle was
eight weeks pregnant.

With a girl.

Aidan's got to be the father.

He can't be.

How do you know that?

We haven't taken his DNA.

Don't need it.

All of us get half our DNA
from our mother

and half from our father.

The fetus has 62%

of the same genes
as Shannon.

So she and the baby-/////!s
father are related.

So we're talking about incest.

With who?

Most likely her brother,

but possibly her father,
an uncle or first cousin.

Well, the pregnancy is enough
motive for any one of them

to want to shut Shannon up.

Aidan still could
have killed her.

Until we can prove it, there's
nothing to hold him on.

You better tell
Shannon's mother.


That can't be true.

Mrs. Coyle,
we understand

how difficult this is.

But the DNA proves that
the baby's father

was related
to Shannon.

What do you mean?

Do you remember

spending any time
with uncles or cousins
about two months ago?

No, she doesn't have any uncles
or cousins.

My husband Barry is
an only child.

He's been out of the country
for 11 weeks.

Oh, God...




Did you get Shannon pregnant?

Tell me what you did.

You tell me!

I didn't do anything!

Did you get
her pregnant?!

Tell me if you
got her pregnant!

Mrs. Coyle.

Mrs. Coyle,
calm down.

Come down the stairs.

Mom, I never
touched her.

Shut up!

You shut up!

Brian, you're going
to have to come with us.

Mrs. Coyle, we need
your permission

to test your son's DNA.

Do whatever you want with him.

Come on.

I was home
the night Shannon died.

My mom will tell you.

I'm sure she will.

I didn't kill
my sister, okay?


I never slept with her.

Brian, I know
how tough it is.

You accidentally
see Shannon

coming out of the shower,
undressing in her room...

You're sick.

Looks good like
all the girls...

That's disgusting. Stop!

You couldn't help

Stop! I never touched Shannon!

How could I be the father
of her baby?

Okay, what about your dad?

You sure he's out of town?

Why would he come back
and not tell us?

We can't even have Shannon's
funeral until he gets here.

Barry Coyle's company confirms

that he's been
working in Africa.

So Brian is the only one

who could have impregnated
his sister.

Elliot's got him
at the M.E. for a DNA test.

No arrest until
we get the results.

He may have killed Shannon...

Just because
he slept with her?

I can't take that
to the Grand Jury.

Susan Coyle called.

She said she lost her head

when she tried to beat
the crap out of Brian.

I'm not sure I would have
reacted any different.

Is there any history
of previous abuse?

Neighbors never
even heard

them talk loud.

They say that Susan
keeps to herself.

She lives for those kids.

What does Brian say?

He wants to go home.

Then cut him loose.

He's not the only suspect.

We know where Aidan and Brian

were the night
of the murder?

Their parents alibi
for both of them.

But parents cover
for their kids.

Let's find out who's lying.

Start with the Connors.

And ask them why they didn't
want Romeo and Juliet

to see each other.

Sweetheart, I expect
a phone call

when you're through
with study group.

Bye, Mom.
Bye, Dad.

We wouldn't lie
to you, Detectives.

Aidan was here
all night.

Mrs. Conner, why didn't
you want your son Aidan

to go out
with Shannon?

Because of her mother.

Look, I've known Susan since
our kids started kindergarten.

We used to be friends.

What happened?

I kept asking her

when we were going
to go out together.

You know, like
civilized couples do.

She kept making excuses
about her husband being away.

I finally realized, they thought
they were too good for us.

You mean we were
too good for them.

Look, I'm really sorry about
what happened to Shannon,

but my Aidan
can do much better.


It's a Maggie Norris.

What do you think?

Magnificent. How many more?

Just the Dior.

Oh, be a dear and stop
at the vault

and pick up my diamonds

We're hosting the Manhattan
Hospital Benefit tomorrow night.

I have to apologize
for my wife.

She's a bit of snob.

You don't agree with
her about the Coyles?

Barry Coyle's donated a lot of
money to William Theodore Prep.

So you've met him.

Played golf with him

a few times.

My wife would kill me
if she found out.

I'm a developer;
he's an engineer.

We had plenty to talk about.

He's a very down-to-earth guy,
really into his kids.

( phone ringing )

Did you ever
meet Shannon?

I've met all of Aidan's friends.

But you didn't know
that they were dating?

No, but I know my son.

Forget killing his girlfriend;
he wouldn't hurt a fly.

Well, thanks
for everything.

We'll be in touch.

TARU got the dump
on Shannon's cell phone.

Munch and Fin are on it.

It's just like the mother
told you--

Shannon called home
from her cell at 2:31

the afternoon
she was murdered.

Then Shannon's
at school until 5:00.

She has coffee with her
friend Lisa until 6:00.

Back to the teacher's place
for a little loving with Aidan.

They leave at 8:00, drop Aidan
off on the corner at 8:30.

Right, then the cab
takes her back
to school at 8:30.

When was that last call?

8:34. Incoming to Shannon's
phone from a blocked number.

You able to un-block it?

Traced it to a cell phone.

Billed to one Jason Connor.

Aidan called Shannon back.
They go out again.

Which makes him the last one
to talk to her

before she was killed.

Better take this.

Sector car responded
to a call for shots fired.

Found him all bloodied up
in the driver's seat,

What the hell was
he was doing here?


That's his latest construction
project across the street.

.25-caliber Beretta Jet Fire.
CSU found it under the car.

Already dusted, no prints.

Whoever did it wanted to make
sure Jason Conner was dead.

Emptied the whole clip into him.

First Shannon is killed,
now her boyfriend's father.


The night of Shannon's murder,

Jason Connor saw Shannon
and Aidan in a taxi together.

I think that Aidan Connor

murdered Shannon
and then his father.

How do you figure?

Aidan finds out
that Shannon's pregnant.

He knows he used condoms
when they had sex.

He thinks that Shannon
cheated on him.

Tragedy is, it was
with her brother.

But Aidan
didn't know that.

He kills Shannon,
then he realizes

the last person to see them
together was his father.

( telephone rings )
Murder your father

to cover up killing
your girlfriend?

That's cold.

Kid doesn't strike me
as a sociopath.

this kid has lied to us

every single time
we've talked to him.

You want us to
bring Aidan in?

Mother's just gonna
lawyer him up.

Especially now that Dad's dead.

Ballistics traced the gun.

Bought in Pennsylvania in 1985
by Jason Connor.

That narrows down
our suspect pool.

Yeah, to Aidan.

Better not jump to conclusions.

Gun's registered to Susan Coyle.

( doorbell rings )

How many times
you gonna knock?

Let's talk to a neighbor.

Can I help you?


We're looking for
Susan and Brian Coyle.

They left early this morning.

Woke me out of a deep sleep
putting a bunch of suitcases

into the trunk
of their car.

She say where
they were going?


Wish they were having
it here, though.

Having what here?

Shannon's funeral.

She was a sweet girl.

Thank you.

It's pretty hard
to have a funeral

when the M.E. hasn't released
Shannon's body yet.

Why would Susan be running
if she didn't murder Jason?

What was she doing
with his gun?

Maybe they knew each other

a lot better
than Jason let on.

Having an affair?

Susan Coyle and Jason Connor

were definitely
having an affair.

How do you know that?

I'll show you.

Coyle family tree.

We call it a genotype.

We know Shannon's fetus
should have had

half its genes from Shannon
and half from the father.

I re-tested the DNA just in case
the samples were contaminated.

Got the same results.

The fetus has 62-percent
of Shannon's genes.

So it was incest.

But her brother Brian's
not a match.

And we know that
Shannon's father Barry

was gone for more
than eight weeks,

so it couldn't have been him.

So who got Shannon pregnant?

At first I thought
there was

another sibling
we didn't know about.

Or her family lied about
no uncles or cousins.

We checked,
we couldn't find any.

Then there's only
one other option.

The fetus has
a double grandparent.

What the hell does that mean?

The DNA confirms it.

Shannon and the guy
who impregnated her

have the same father.

Jason Connor and Barry Coyle
are the same person.

Which means that Aidan Connor
is the father of Shannon's baby.

It all makes sense now.

Jason's behavior.

All those trips out of town
to "manage his projects."

Why Susan never wanted us
to meet Barry.

He was a fraud.
He didn't exist.

You're sure Aidan didn't know?

I'm not sure of anything now.

We have to tell him.

No, please.

He's a good boy.

First his girlfriend gets
murdered, then his father.

I don't think
he can handle any more.

I'm sorry.

But we have to find out
who killed your husband.

Where's my mom?

With my boss.

You and I,
we got to talk privately.

Look, I told you
I didn't kill Shannon.

I believe you.

There's something
you need to know.

About what?

Your father.

You know who shot him?

We're investigating.

I know how much
you loved your dad.

So what I'm about
to tell you

is not gonna be
easy to understand.

Did he do something wrong?

Aidan, your father...
was also Shannon's father.

Shannon's not my sister.

Her DNA tests prove she is.

How can you know this?

Because Shannon was pregnant.

And we tested the
fetus's genes.

The fetus?

Oh, God.

Listen to me,
this is not your fault.

None of this
is your fault.


She was my sister?

( sobs )

I had sex with my sister?

( retches )

( coughs )

It's not true!

( sobs )

( sobbing ):
It's not...

He couldn't fake that kind
of physical reaction.

This kid didn't kill anyone.

Susan and Brian Coyle just
turned up south of Montreal.

State Police stopped them

from crossing
into Canada.

Bring them back.

Where's Brian?

He's down the hall.

We have done nothing wrong.

Why are you taking us
back to New York?

You're under arrest for murder.

You think I killed
my own daughter?

Not Shannon.

Her father, Jason Connor.


Jason's dead?

I didn't kill Jason.

He was shot with
your gun, Susan.

No, you've got this
all wrong.


Now are you gonna put on
another performance

like you did when you slapped
your son around?

I knew Brian
didn't hurt Shannon.

That's true.

I was just trying
to protect Jason.

Why would you protect the man
who murdered your daughter?

He didn't murder Shannon.
It was an accident.

You knew what happened
all along.

From the first time
we talked to you.

I suggest you start
telling the truth.

Jason called Shannon
after they saw each other,

and they met a couple of blocks
from the school.

When Jason told Shannon, Aidan
was her brother, she fell apart.

She told him she was pregnant.

Jason begged Shannon
to forgive him.

She pushed him away.

She slipped and fell backwards
and hit her head.

Jason tried to revive her,
but it was too late.

She was gone.

So he left her in an alley.

Jason was confused.

He didn't know what to do.

And you bought his story.

You're telling me
that you don't blame Jason

for your daughter's death?

Would I blame him
if he was with Shannon

and she got hit by a car?

Of course not.

Jason would give up
everything he had

before he'd hurt Shannon.

When did Jason tell you this?

The night it happened.

He came to me
after Brian was asleep.

He was devastated,


He said he was finally
going to leave his wife.

He told me I should take Brian
and drive up to Montreal,

catch a plane to Cuba.

That he would meet us
in Havana in a few days.


your daughter is dead.

Nothing's going
to bring Shannon back.

Why would I kill him?

We found the real Barry Coyle

living outside St. Louis
with his wife and two kids.

Susan tells us that
Jason stole his name
and profession

from an engineering directory
from the public library.

What about Susan's
travel plans?

We found Brian and Susan's
plane tickets to Cuba.

But not Jason's.

There's no evidence
he ever intended

to go down there
and meet them.

If he backed out,

could be why
Susan killed him.

I'd say that's a good bet.

Debra Connor brought
some show-and-tell.

Mrs. Connor,
can I help you?

I'm here to help you.

What are these?

My diamonds.

They were in my
safe-deposit box

until they were stolen
two days ago.

Susan Coyle?

How'd she get in your vault?

She had ID in my name,
and she forged my signature.

I never went to that bank.

Jason always took care
of our finances.

How much was the jewelry worth?

Over two million dollars.

She cleaned me out.

Thank you.

Susan stole the diamonds,

she had the gun,
she had the motive.

I have all I need
for an indictment.

The bank called me.

Said I'd forgotten my sunglasses
the previous day.

I said that was impossible
because I'd never been there.

That's when I learned
I'd been robbed.

How long were you married
to Jason, Mrs. Connor?

26 years.

Did you have any inkling
he was planning to leave you?

No. Quite
the opposite.

We were planning
a benefit dinner

the night after
he was murdered.

He'd asked me to make sure
his tux was pressed.

Thank you.

Your witness.

All those years
and you never knew

your husband had
a second family?

No. I trusted him.

Obviously that trust
was misplaced.

With all due respect,
Mrs. Connor,

you must feel like the stupidest
woman on the planet.

Is there a question?

I'll withdraw.

Mrs. Connor,
do you own a handgun?


Did your husband?

He said he did.

Are you saying you never saw it?

Yes. I'm saying
I never saw it.

Do you know where he kept it?

No, I do not.
Nor do I want to.

I don't like guns.

It started out as an affair,

but then I found out
I was pregnant with Shannon.

And what did Jason say
when he found out?

That children needed a father

and he would be there
no matter what.

He was good
to his word.

But he wouldn't leave
his wife for you.

Didn't you ever want
to break it off?


But you didn't.

Because you were
dependent on him?

And because I loved him.

And because he loved
Brian and Shannon.

He tried to be as much
of a father as he could.

He provided for them.

Staying with Jason
was the only way

I could protect my kids.

When Jason told you

to meet him in Havana,

did he give you money?

No. But he did
give me his key

to the safe deposit box.

I was only doing

what he told me to.

Objection. Hearsay.


Thank you.

Nothing further.

Did he give you the key

or did you take it from him
after you shot him?


Ms. Coyle,

it was really you
who forbade Shannon

from seeing Aidan,
wasn't it?

No, Debra Connor did, too.

Because she didn't think

that your daughter was
good enough for her son.

But you didn't want them
to have a relationship

because you knew it would put
Jason's secret in jeopardy,

isn't that right?


People's two, Your Honor.

Do you recognize this?


We've heard testimony
that this weapon was used

to murder Jason Connor.

Do you happen to know

in whose name
it's registered?

My name.

No further questions.

Re-direct, Your Honor.

When was the last time
you saw this gun?

Approximately 15 years ago.

I told Jason to get it
out of the house.

Why was that?

Shannon was a toddler

and I didn't
feel safe

having a gun with
children around.

Do you know
what happened to it?

No. I never saw it again.

The gun was Susan's,
but she didn't have it
in her possession.


I wouldn't worry about it.

All this jury's heard
is how Susan's lived a lie

for the last 20 years.

They can't stand her.



Can I talk to you alone?

Yeah, what's up?

Susan's telling the truth.

About what?

The gun that killed my father.

It was in our house.

Aidan, what are
you saying to me?

Susan didn't kill
my dad, I did.

Dad kept the gun
in his underwear drawer.

Susan's lawyer was right.

I knew Dad killed Shannon.

Okay, but I want you to
tell me what happened

with you and your dad.

I got the gun,
I went to his office.

He was leaving.

I got in his car
I and shot him.

Just like that, huh?

Are you going to arrest me now?

Aidan, why are
you doing this?

Because I'm guilty.

His confession's not real,
but his guilt sure is.

Because of the incest.

Tell him he's not to blame; it's
not gonna change what happened.

Why admit to something
he didn't do?

To punish himself for
sleeping with his sister.

But what about his mother?

Aidan going away for
life would kill her.

Is he trying
to punish her, too?

No. But I think
I know what he is doing.

They can't prove
I didn't do it.

You said in court
you were disgusted.

Did you mean with yourself?

When I found out that
Shannon was dead,

I didn't know what
I was going to do.

We had so much fun
together, you know?

We could talk
like grown-ups.

We loved each other.

And then I found out

who Shannon really was...

and I feel like I ruined her.

And now I can't even tell her
how sorry I am for what I did.

I wish I had just used
my father's gun on myself.

Please... stop him.
He's lying.

How do you know?

After the bank called,
and I saw the photo of Susan,

I realized that he
was leaving me for her.

And, uh...

then I found
the plane ticket to Cuba

and I canceled it.

I knew where
his gun was.

I got it and I went
to his office to confront him.

He was just leaving
the parking garage

and he pulled over
to meet me.

And then he told
me everything.

What happened to Shannon...

that she was his daughter.

And I knew it.

My son had slept
with his own sister.

And I started shooting
and I couldn't stop myself.

He destroyed Aidan's life.

But I don't want Aidan
to go to prison

for something that I did.

You have the right
to remain silent, Mrs. Connor.

You have the right
to an attorney.

I don't want an attorney.

All I want is to help my son.

Can't you see how he's hurting?

Please... please, just help him.

Can I see my mom now?

As soon as we're done
booking her.

She's under arrest?

For murdering
your father, yeah.

When did you know?

In court.

She lied when she said
she never saw the gun.

Shannon's gone; Dad's gone;
Mom's going to prison.

( sighs ):
I have no one left.

Aidan, listen to me.

You didn't cause any of this.

You, Shannon, Brian,
every one of you

were just born
into this mess.

But you've to get
through this.

Not only for your sake,
but for your brother's.

My brother?


You're the only one
he's got left.



You want to talk?


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