Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 5, Episode 12 - Brotherhood - full transcript

The murder and sodomy of a local fraternity pledge master leads the detectives to his pornographic Web site, which features college girls at a local bar. Further investigation points back to the fraternity, whose members are not cooperating, and their code of conduct for prospective pledges.

In the criminal justice system,

sexually based offenses are
considered especially heinous.

In New York City,
the dedicated detectives

who investigate
these vicious felonies

are members of an elite squad

known as
the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

How many times have I got
to tell you "No shutdown"?

We got a problem
with 8-G.

It's the only way...

Do you have any idea how much
this is going to cost us?

I don't shut the tank down,
and the diffuser motor blows,

how much is that
going to cost us?

I got something.

What is it?

Victim's a white male,
late teens, early 20's.

Looks like something's
been shoved up his,
uh, you know...

Figured we'd throw this
to Special Victims.

Good call.

What kind of security
does this place have?

Building's been locked up
on nights and weekends,

but anyone with
a pocketknife
can break in.

I mean,
who steals sewage?

Any luck
ID'ing the victim?

No wallet, no clothes,
no nothing.

Keep looking.

All right.

The diffuser creates
artificial turbulence

in the aeration tanks,
and the swirling action

keeps solids from rising
to the surface.

So that's why
the body didn't float.

How long would
decomposition take?

Oh, there's about
10 trillion microorganisms

in that sludge.

Anything organic,
they eat.

Best guess,
about a week.

Well, the body's still intact,

but I bet the microbes
had enough time

to eat up
all our trace evidence.

Well, whoever dumped
our victim...

really knew
their crap.

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and NBC

Judging from the putrefication
of the abdominal cavity,

I'd say the body
went in the water

about 36 hours ago.

So, late Saturday night.

We know
how he died?

Blunt force trauma
to the head.

Sewage washed away
most of our evidence,

but I did find this

embedded in the
victim's scalp.



Our murder weapon
was Corningware.


Didn't find any glass
at the site.

He must have been murdered
somewhere else.

He was also sodomized

with something that caused
severe lacerations to his anus.

Okay. Something
like what?

Won't know
until I open him up,

but I found this on his arm.


The body was too bloated
from immersion

to identify it first.

I had to remove five layers
of epidermis

to get a clear look
at the ink.

Those look
like Greek letters.

Tau Omega Fraternity.

I found your John Doe
in the fraternity face book.

My husband's
Alpha Phi Alpha.

He keeps his
Greek directory

right next to

his Harry Potter


"Tyler Henry,

Treasurer Pan
Hellenic Council."

Ran it through
Missing Persons.

One of his housemates,
Robb Sweeney

reported him missing yesterday.

I knew something was up

when he didn't show up
to Pong night last Saturday.

Rob, do you always call
the cops

when someone misses
a beer bash?

Ty was Pledgemaster
this year.

He'd been planning this
since August.

Man, what am I going
to tell his dad?

We'll notify
Tyler's parents.

Do you know where
we can find them?

They're divorced.

Mom lives in Maine.

Dad's a partner
in a law firm uptown.

I want to tell them.

He should hear it
from a brother.

Tyler's dad's Tau Omega.

Class of '74.

Pretty cool
for an old guy.

Let me borrow his Jag

for a job interview
in Hartford last week.

He and Tyler get along?

Are you kidding?

They were pals.

I guess Dad is pretty cool.

Not that cool.

Xander only paid tuition.

He's big on learning
the value of the dollar.

So, how'd Tyler
pay for all this?

Doing web design,
hosting sites.

Net-geek kind of crap.

Must be pretty damn good at it.

Or he's supplementing
his income.

So, how much do you figure's in
the Pan Hellenic treasury?

70, maybe 80 grand.

He wasn't stealing
from the council,

if that's what
you're thinking.

He was just good with money.

Look. It's all right here.

Your victim was
a lot of things,

but he wasn't a thief.

So, where'd he get
his money?

$40,000 came from
via direct deposit

from a variety
of web retailers.

Well, he couldn't have made
that much designing websites.

He didn't.

He made it
off his own site.

"The Rack Menagerie."

Wet T-shirt contests,
girl-on-girl action.

He made money from porn.

Technically, no.

Accessing the
video was free.

The money was coming
from advertisers.

$40,000 in pop up ads
and banners last year.

Don't tell me.
Ads for hard core porn sites.

So Tyler would show
the voyeurs

a free sample and then
they'd have to pay
for the real deal.

Funny thing is,

he had plenty
of the real deal to show.

Here's Tyler's other website.

He calls it his Free Fun House.

Hi, everybody.

You're about to see Joann
in action.

She's a freshman from Chicago.


She's not the only one.

He taped himself having sex
with a dozen different girls:

Black, Asian, blonde, brunette.
Even got one with pink hair.

Okay, we'll need pictures
of all the girls

and a list of Tyler's

starting with locals
if you got them.

So, Tyler Henry's dead?


Do you want a tissue?

He was a good kid.

Made me a lot of dough.

I thought you paid

to advertise
on his website.

Yeah, but I wouldn't of had
nothing to advertise

if he didn't dream up
Ladies' Night.

"Ladies' night at Moose's Pub.

"Wednesdays, free cover,
two-for-one drinks

"for the ladies,
$10 cover: gentlemen.

Doors close at 11:00"?

That's when

the wet T-shirt contest starts.

Hotties are tanked up by then,
guys cheering them on.

I clear three grand
on what used to be a dead night.

Tyler videotapes the show
and uses it for promotion.

The kid was a genius.

Any of these hotties
ever get upset

with kid genius
for plastering their goods

all over the Internet?

You'll have to talk
to Tyler's dad about that.

What's he got
to do with it?

He represented Ty and me,
the time we had a problem.

Excuse me.

Thank you for your sympathy.

It's hard enough
losing a son,

then you have to spend
the entire day

making a million decisions
about the service.

Mr. Henry, we're sorry
for your loss.

Detective Munch.

Do you have a lead?

We need to ask you
about Tyler's legal problems

with his website.

Do you think that had something
to do with his murder?

We're not sure.
What happened?

A girl threatened to sue Ty
to shut down his site.

She didn't have a leg
to stand on.

She stripped in a public place.

Zero expectation
of privacy.

A court in Texas
awarded a girl

who stripped in a bar
$5 million dollars.

Ruled she had a right
to privacy.

They ruled that a video company
couldn't profit

from distributing her likeness.

The footage from Ty's site
was free.

He wasn't making any money
from distribution.

You didn't have any problem
with your son exploiting

drunk college girls?

My son is dead.

You should be out looking
for his killer

instead of standing here
questioning his ethics.

He was running
a perfectly legal business.

Which might have had something
to do with why he was killed.

Her name's Chloe Spears.

One minute you're having

a couple of drinks
with some friends,

and the next thing you know,

you're all over
the Internet

like some kind of porn queen.

Yeah, but, Chloe,
you took off your
clothes in public.

Nobody forced you
to do that.

Yeah, well, 50 guys feed you
booze all night,

then they carry you
on their shoulders to the stage

and shine
a spotlight on you.

What do you call that?

I got drunk.
I got stupid.

How well did
you know Tyler?

Just from that night.

He seemed
like a nice enough guy.

Did you talk to him after he put
your video on the Internet?

I asked him
to take it off.

I could have lost my scholarship
if coach saw it.

That must have pissed you off

when Tyler wouldn't take
that video off the site.

You think?

Chloe, where were you
Saturday night?

We had an away game.

Got myself a triple double.

Beat Penn 82-45.

So, at the time of the murder,

our prime suspect
was in Philly?

Maybe she had somebody
do her dirty work for her.

No boyfriend.

Finn's checking
on the family.

Whatever happened
to keggers, anyway?

I mean, college kids
don't even party anymore.

They're too busy making money
organizing strip shows

and selling porn on the web.

We live in perverted times,
my friend.

How many girls posed topless
on that website

and how many had a problem
with it? One-- Chloe.

Just because the others
didn't sue,

doesn't mean that they were
any less exploited.

You think all the girls
on that site felt violated?

Pretty much, yeah.

Oh, please, our culture

teaches women the easiest
way to become rich

and famous is to
objectify themselves.

Why get a job, an education

when you can become the next
winner on The Bachelor.

It's the new American Dream.

Chloe's not the only one
with the motive.

Who else?

Chloe's father, Vernon.

He did three years in Sing Sing
for assault and battery.

Just got collared last week

after he busted into Tyler's

and took a swing at him.

That sounds like a winner.

It gets better than that.

Our man Vernon took a job
as a truck driver

when he got out of the pen.

He spent the last year
delivering furniture

from a warehouse four blocks
away from the treatment plant.

I was making deliveries
till midnight.

On a Saturday?

I can't even get Domino's
to deliver past 10:00 PM.

We pride ourselves
on service.

What's going on?

That frat kid you tried
to beat up last week.

We found his body
this morning.

I didn't have nothing
to do with that.

But you're not sorry
he's dead, right?

The kid deserved
a good ass-whooping.

Don't mean I killed him.

I get it.

Some rich punk takes advantage
of your little girl.

You go to teach him a lesson
and it gets out of hand.

No, you've got the wrong guy.

If you ask me,

your daughter's a very
fortunate girl.

She goes into a bar
full of horny guys,

does a striptease.

She's lucky nothing
worse didn't happen.

Nothing worse?

That son-of-a-bitch
humiliated her.

Come on. She knew
that camera was there.

She knew what she was doing.

Hey, hey, hey,
take it easy, Vern.

We're going to take
a little ride

down to the precinct.

Medical examiner
got some evidence

she wants to talk
to you about.

What evidence?

Come on.
Let's turn around.

Huh? What evidence?

Two kinds of fibers in
your victim's anal cavity.

It took me all day

to match the samples with
anything in our library.

Plate "A"
is a strand of hair.

The killer's?

Only is he's related
to Seabiscuit.

The hair found in your
victim is horse hair.

Mongolian stallion
to be precise.

So, maybe a sex toy,
a whip

or a cat-of-nine tails?

Not a bad guess.

A lot of floggers
are made with horse hair,

usually attached
to leather, though.

Our horsehair was bound

to a rare wood known
as pernambuco.

Imported exclusively
from Brazil

for the manufacture of violins
and violin bows.

He was sodomized
with a violin bow?

I've been
checking on line.

A violin bow, like
the one used on Tyler

costs over three grand.

Vernon Spears doesn't
make that in a month.

Could be he stole it.

Maybe it was just handy.

Tyler play the violin?

Checked with his dad.

Captain, only one place
in the city

makes these
fancy violin bows.

Sold one last semester
to some rich kid

at Wallace University.

Name's Nathan Angeli.

He's a pledge
at Tau Omega.

Gentlemen, we're looking
for Nathan Angeli.

Guys, police.

Nathan Angeli.

Not a word, pledge.

Eyes front.

Sorry about that.

It's quiet day.

Pledges aren't allowed
to speak.

Well, make
an exception.

We need to talk
to Nathan Angeli.

Nathan's history.

The brother's voted
him out last week.


What happens
during pledging

stays within the fraternity.

I can't get into it.

Well, come here.

I'm gonna suggest
you do get into it

before I arrest you
for obstruction.

What do you think
of that?

Pledge Patsy, tell the officers

why Pledge Nancy's bid
was withdrawn.

You may speak, Pledge Patsy.


Pledge Nancy's bid was withdrawn
because he didn't understand

the concepts of unity
and bonding, sir.

What the hell
does that mean?

Meaning no one
wanted him around

if all he was going
to do was whine.

Where can we find him?

Webster dorm.

Nathan Angeli?

I'm his roommate,

Do you mind
if we come in?

Kind of late to be
getting out of bed.

Yeah, I pulled
an all-nighter.

Look, um, Nathan's not here.

I can tell him
you came by.

Chemistry experiment?

Oh, man, you can't tell
my parents about that.

They'll freak.


Take a look at this.

This yours?

It's Nathan's--
he used to play.

I mean, he quit last month

when he started pledging.

Mind if we take it
with us?

Um, you can't.

It's not mine.

I'll tell you what:

How about we take
that bong and you?

Well, no... the violin's cool.

your roommate?

He's probably with Alicia,

this chick, uh, girl, woman
he's been dating.

Excuse me, we're looking
for Alicia Morley.

I'm Alicia.

I'm Detective Benson.

This is my partner,
Detective Stabler.

I was just going
to brush my teeth.
What's up?

Know where we can find
Nathan Angeli?

Um, is he in trouble?

Just want to talk to him

about a friend of his,
Tyler Henry.

You know him?


Then how did he
end up

with a video of you
and him having sex?

Oh, my God...

You saw it?

Uh, yeah.

He was a total pervert.

I didn't know
he was taping us.

I dumped his ass
as soon as I found out.

Alicia, did you take
these pictures?

For a class.

I'm an Eco-Science major.


Does Nathan know
about this place?

He drove me there.

Look, Nathan had nothing to do
with Ty getting killed.

He was with me.

We didn't tell you
when Tyler died.

he's been with me

every second
all week.

"I thought you were meeting me."

Is this
from Nathan?


Where were you meeting him?

Cannon Cafe,
by the bookstore.

Nathan Angeli?

Are you Nathan Angeli?

That's me.
And you are...?

Arresting you.

Turn around.

Turn it off.

I've seen it.


Tyler showed it
to the pledges.

He knew me and Alicia
were a thing,

so it was like, "Let's
watch a tape
of me doing it

with Pledge Nancy's

Just to piss you off,

I was a pledge.

Making me miserable
was his mission in life.

So, Nathan,
what did you do

to get kicked out
of pledge class?

Ty didn't like pledges
who spoke their minds.

Best thing
that ever happened anyway.

Alicia hated the fraternity.

So, that's why you killed him?

Alicia put you up to it?

You've got
to be kidding me.

Ty was a pig, but that's
no reason to kill him.

So, who dumped his body

at the water
treatment plant
last Saturday night?

How should I know?

We were at the movies.

That's just
a coincidence

that Tyler ended up
at the same facility

you'd been researching.

I don't know.
I can't explain it.

How do you explain that?

What's that?

Fibers we found inside Tyler.

They match
your violin bow.

You shoved that bow

so far up your buddy's backside,

you left wood and horsehair

up there.

That is sick.

And it wasn't me.

My bow's in its case.

Your fancy
one's missing.

The cheap replacement
was in the case.

Okay, so I-I-I stepped
on the old one,

so I threw it out.

I wasn't going to spend
three grand to replace it.

You should've replaced
your violin strings, too.

Your bow left hair residue
on them.

It matches the hairs
we found inside Tyler.

I didn't kill Tyler.

But Nathan did,
didn't he?

Now you better
start telling us
what happened

or you're both
going to jail.

Do you hear me?

It was Will.

Nathan's roommate?

He called my place
around midnight.

He was freaking out

and said he needed to talk
to Nathan.

How did Will know Tyler?

He pledged with Nathan,
but quit last month.

( door closing )

Nathan's still not giving us

You get a hold of Will?

Nobody on campus
has seen Will

for the last couple
of hours.

He's not in his room,
not in class,
not in the library.

What about Nathan
and Alicia's alibi?

It checks out.

The concessions manager
at the theater

remembers the pink hair.

The LUDS also confirm
a phone call

from Will's cell phone
to Alicia's room.

12:55 A.M.

So, Will's our guy.

This is ER at Bellevue.

Will gave Nathan
as his emergency contact.

He just drove his car
into a wall.


Hey, excuse me--
where are you taking him?

To surgery.

He's ruptured
his spleen.

Give me one second
with him. Will?

can you hear me?

it's the violin cops.

Will, did you
kill Tyler?

Look, we know

you called Nathan.

We know he went
to help you.

Did you kill Tyler?


I'm sorry.

Docket number 101771,
People v. William Caray.

One count murder
in the second degree.

Let the record show

that we are at the Bellevue
Hospital Prison Ward

where the defendant
is recovering

life-threatening injuries.

How do you plead,
Mr. Caray?

Not guilty.

The defendant seems
to have forgotten

he confessed to the crime,
Your Honor.

His parents
are extremely wealthy.

He's a significant flight risk.

The People request remand.

He's looking at six month's
physical therapy

in a rehabilitation center.

He's not going anywhere.

Let's make sure of that.

Mr. Caray will surrender
his passport

and wear a monitoring device
at all times.

Bail is set at $200,000

and if there's nothing else,

I'd like to get back
to my courtroom.

Man One, he serves
five to seven.

I have a confession
and a pile of evidence.

No deal.

There are mitigating

My client just tried
to kill himself.

Doesn't make him any less
of a murderer.

Will Caray
is the victim here.

He just attempted suicide
because he was suffering

from rape trauma

Since when
was Will Caray raped?

Tyler Henry
sexually assaulted Will

when he was making
his pledge for Tau Omega.

Why didn't Will
go to the police?

Because he was ashamed
and embarrassed.

Like most
rape victims.

How lucky for your defense

that he finally decided
to talk about his ordeal.

Do you know
what teabagging is?

Do I want to?

Tyler Henry
made his pledges

get on their knees
so he could rub
his testicles

across their faces.

Disgusting, but not rape.

He sodomized Will

with a pledge paddle.

That is rape.

Can you prove it?

Of course not.

Because, conveniently,

your client killed
his alleged rapist.

You don't believe me?

Have your shrink
talk to him.

Why do we have to do this?

My lawyer already told you
what happened.

Yeah, he said you
and Tyler

went down to the basement
of the frat house,

where Tyler
sodomized you.

Did he force you
to go down there?

No, he just grabbed
his paddle

and said it was time
to make me a man.

He ordered you
to take your pants down

and quote,
"Assume the position."

And you did.


Pledgemaster says "Jump,"
you say, "How high?"

So you were

just going to take whatever

punishment he dished out
even if it meant

being sodomized
with a paddle?

Did you tell him
to stop?


Why not?

I was afraid he'd hurt me worse
if I complained.

Why didn't
you quit?

I didn't want to be a wuss.

But you quit later.

I was sick and tired
of his crap.

I didn't want to take it

Is that why you killed him?

I didn't mean to.

He came over

to my place, he started yelling,

calling me a quitter,
pushing me around.

I thought he was going to rape
me again,

so... I grabbed a blender
and I hit him.

Will, he was just lying there.

Why did you sodomize him
with the violin bow?

I wanted to do to him
what he did to me.

Because you were
still angry.


You let him rape you,
didn't you, Will?


He's a text book example
of rape trauma syndrome.

He was raped,
but like most victims,

he blames himself
for not trying harder

to stop the attack.

Except Will
didn't fight back.

All he had to do
to stop the alleged rape
was quit pledging.

And make himself
a social outcast.

None of his
frat rat buddies

would have gone
anywhere near him.

Doesn't get worse
for a scared freshman.

is all about

making the pledges
prove themselves as men.

If you fail, you're not a man.

How does shoving

a paddle up anyone's
tailpipe prove anything?

It's about dominance.

Like a rapist wanting
to feel power over a woman.

Same reason they give
the pledges girls' names.

Okay, say Tyler
did sodomize Will.

Where's the paddle?

I'm not considering a plea
without proof.

We're going to need warrants.

Search orders, phone records.

You'll have them.

But find the paddle
or a corroborating witness.

Otherwise, I'm indicting Will
for Murder Two.

No way Tyler raped Will.

He went a little
medieval sometimes,

especially during
encounter sessions,

but he'd never do
something like that.

What's an encounter

Um, Ty and one
of the brothers

would take a pledge
down to the basement.

They'd smack you around,

see how much
you'd put up with,

but someone always
went with Ty

to make sure it wouldn't
get too out of hand.

Someone like who?

I-I don't know.

They keep
the basement dark,

there's, um,
there's loud music.

I'm sorry,
I got a midterm.

He doesn't want to get
the brothers in trouble.

If he keeps lying about what
happened in that frat house,

he's the one who's
going to be in trouble.

I'll talk to him.

You do whatever
you have to do,

but I'm telling you,

if he doesn't start
cooperating with us,

Nathan's going
to wind up in jail.

Well, that was Fin.

The lab found nothing

on the paddles that
were seized from the frat.

They've searched
Xander Henry's apartment.

Tyler spent a lot of
time there with his dad.

There's nothing there,

And both the alleged victim
and his best friend

say there was no rape.


He's still trying
to show his frat buddies

what a standup
guy he is.

There is no case here.

Why are we even
debating this?

We're waiting on the LUDS
from both places.


Everything okay?

I got what you wanted.

What's this?

The Tau Omega
initiation ledger.

They keep a journal of what
they do to the pledges.

This one goes back
to the '70s.

Did you steal this?

Is has everything you
need to nail the Taus.

I can't accept it.

It's all here.

Not just pledging
stuff, either.

It's like an
instruction manual.

"Spike a girl's beer
with grain alcohol

"and watch her eyes
roll over.

"Tell her she can
sleep it off upstairs

"and let the games begin.

Just make sure you dress
her again when you're done."

just read it.

We've made cases before
with stolen evidence?


Let's roll the dice.

"I think we cracked Pledge
Susie's skull tonight

"playing hammer ball.

"We couldn't
wake him up,

so we dumped him
outside the ER."

Where'd this come from?

An informant.

And every entry is
worse than the last.

It's like
each pledge class

wanted to outdo
the one before it.

"Pledge Kathy was being
a weenie tonight,

"so we showed him
what we do to weenies.

"He'll crap
blood tomorrow,

but we'll make a man
out of him yet."

That entry is dated the day
Will Caray says he was raped.

This wasn't an initiation,
this is pure sadism.

We should
close these idiots down.

Does the ledger
give any names?

Just frat pseudonyms.

What's Tyler's?

The pledge master

is referred
to as Brother Dahmer.

Oh, that's cute.

What do you want to do,

Well, I was wrong about
Will's rape trauma defense.

I'll plead him out.
Man Two.

With this evidence,

he'll probably get
five years probation.

That's getting off
pretty easy for murder.

If Will Caray was a woman
who killed her rapist,

would it be an issue?

The question is, what do
we do about the frat?

I mean, Tyler Henry's
already been punished,

he's dead.

But I bet
he didn't act alone.

You're right.

The day of Will's rape,

two frat boys
ran the initiation.

Brother Dahmer
and Brother Kong.

Who's Brother Kong?

The guy who's been writing
in the ledger this year.

Let's get him.

Even if he just
guarded the door,

he's still
an accessory to rape.

Will should be able
to give us his real name.

So should Nathan Angeli.

I told you, I don't know
anything about Will being raped.

Nathan, do you
know anything

about pledges being dragged
unconscious to the hospital?


A copy of the Tau Omega
Initiation Ledger.

"We dumped Pledge Susie
by the ER doors.

"Pledge Nancy
dropped his legs twice,

so I had to take
a hockey stick to his knuckles."

You were Pledge Nancy.

We're not discussing
a deal

until I've had a chance
to look through that.

Well, knock
yourself out.

Your client knows
exactly what it says.

You're already on the hook

for helping Will dump
Tyler Henry's body.

That's hindering

Two and a third to seven.

With this, I've got
a shot at assault,


maybe even conspiracy
to commit rape.

( gasping )

You got to help me out.

What are you offering?


No jail time,

in exchange
for Nathan's testimony

against the fraternity.

You've got a deal.


Who is Brother Kong?


Rob Sweeney.

Drink! Drink!
Drink! Drink!

Faster, faster,
faster, Pledge Patsy.

you want a beer?

Anybody who doesn't
want to be arrested

for underage drinking,
I suggest you leave now.

Rob Sweeney,
you're under arrest

for aggravated
sexual abuse.

I didn't abuse anybody.

What do you call
beating up a pledge

with a hockey stick?

Pledge hockey.

You have the right
to remain silent, smartass.

You give up that right,
anything you say can and will

be used against you
in the court of law.

You have the right
to an attorney.

In the unlikely event

that daddy can't
afford one for you,

the court will
appoint one to you.

Weren't you people

ever young?

Don't you know the difference

between a harmless prank
and assault?

Why don't you
explain it to me.

But speak up, 'cause I'm
starting to lose my hearing.

Not another word, Rob.

I want to see
your arrest warrant.

Mr. Henry, you can't
represent this client.

Why? Because I might
expose the fact

that you cut a sweetheart
deal with a murderer

and now you've decided
to prosecute an innocent kid?


Because Mr. Sweeney's
abuse of Will Caray

led directly to
your son's death.

That's a clear
conflict of interest.

She's letting
my son's killer go.

Mr. Henry can't be
an objective advocate.

He has a personal
stake in this.

He's the murder
victim's father.

He's representing
the interests of his son.

That's incentive,
not conflict.

My son would want
his best friend acquitted

and his killer's ludicrous
defense discredited.

There is no diverging interest.

He's right.

But it's your call, Mr. Sweeney.

The court will grant you
a continuance

if you want
to find a new attorney.

I don't, Your Honor.

The record
will show

Mr. Sweeney waived his right
to an alternate counsel.

Is there anything else?

Motion to suppress
the Tau Omega ledger

as an illegal seizure,
Your Honor.

Detective Stabler

received the ledger
from an informant.

Alicia Morley,
who broke into the Tau House

and vandalized it to the tune

of $4,000 and
stole the ledger.

Even if the ledger
had been stolen,

that doesn't automatically
make it inadmissible.

It's inadmissible

if she was acting
as an agent of the police.

Alicia came
to the police on her own.

After Detective Stabler told her
to do whatever she had to

to help the police
make their case.

Which means she was acting
under his direction,

which means
the ledger's inadmissible.

I agree.

Motion to suppress granted.

Tyler's dad came to see me.

He said I was going
to get arrested

for stealing the ledger.

I freaked.

I told him I was just
doing what you told me.

I didn't tell you

to steal anything.

And I sure as hell
didn't tell you

to vandalize
the fraternity.

I swear,

I didn't wreck the place.

Then who did?
I don't know.

Tyler's dad said

I was going to go to jail.

I'm sorry.

I was just trying to help.

I think the brothers

their own house and
made it look like a break-in.

Yeah, criminal trespass
is just a slap on the wrist.

Felony vandalism,
on the other hand,

buys you three
years in jail.

And Tyler's father
scares Alicia into saying

I told her
to steal that ledger.

Makes the ledger disappear.

You've got to challenge
her statement.

Tell the court you never told
Alicia to steal anything.

Olivia will back you up.

And Alicia goes to jail
for trying to help us out.

I don't think so.

Without the ledger,

all we have are the testimonies
of Nathan and Will.

And they've seen
Sweeney in action.

Let them just paint
the picture for the jury.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, the word
of two fallen pledges

against the all-American

Xander Henry
will say they're lying.

I can't prove otherwise.
I lose.

Casey, Rob Sweeney
enjoys causing pain.

This is a bad guy
who needs to be put away.

All right,
I'll do what I can.

But in the meantime, you and
Olivia keep looking, all right?

Find me something I can
use to nail the bastard.

Rob would make us stand naked
in the snow.

He'd hit us with
hockey sticks,

kick us sometimes.

A couple of guys
wound up in the ER.

How was Tyler
Henry involved?

Tyler was pledge master.

He made sure he did everything
Rob told us to do.

Tell the jury

what happened on
the night of December 5.

Rob and Tyler took
me to the basement.

Rob said they wanted

to see if I was man enough
to take a good paddling.

So, I took my pants down

and Ty paddled me.

What did
the defendant do?

He kicked me,

he flicked lit
cigarettes at me.

Said, "Hit him harder,
hit him harder,"

and when Tyler wouldn't,

he grabbed the paddle...

and he called me a queer.

What did he do then?

He grabbed the paddle

and he turned it around
and he stuck the handle in me.

He was like, "Are you going
to quit now, fag?

Are you going
to quit now?"

When he
was finished,

I heard Ty tell him
that I was bleeding.

What did Mr. Sweeney
have to say about that?

He said, "What do you expect
from a woman?"

Thank you.

Nothing further.

Why did you kill Tyler?

I was afraid he was
going to rape me again.

But you just said
that it was Rob

who raped you.
Why be afraid of Tyler?

Because he was
a part of it.

He did whatever
Rob told him to.

Well, if Tyler didn't rape you,

then why did you tell
your lawyer that he did?

Because I didn't want
to get Rob in trouble.

So you lied.


And you told
the same lie

to the police psychiatrist,
Dr. Huang.


And now you're lying
to the jury.

No, I'm telling the truth.

The truth is,
you cut a deal

with the police
and you will tell

any lie, blame anyone,
just to save your own skin.



Nothing further.

While you were pledging
Tau Omega,

please describe what the
defendant would make you do.

Push-ups, jumping jacks,
stuff like that.

Push-ups, jumping jacks,
what else?

That-That was basically it.

You were never paddled

or forced to stand
in the snow

or made to drink
until you threw up?

I wasn't forced.

I did it because
I wanted to.

Your grand jury

"We had to stand
in the snow so long

"I thought
I'd freeze to death.

"Rob made us
drink so much

I puked
for three days."

You were forced
to do these things?

Or are you changing
your testimony?

No, no, we had to, but...

it was, it was fun.

Rob didn't make us
do anything

we weren't okay with.

What's that
on your jacket, Nathan?

It's my pledge pin.

You were invited
back to Tau Omega?


As long as you didn't
testify against Rob Sweeney.



Nothing further.

So Nathan changes his story

and you're
going to let him walk?

He violated
the terms of the deal.

No, he didn't lie,

he just gave a different
interpretation of events.

We can't arrest him.

Okay, so we still
got the weekend.

What can we do?

I have to convince
the jury

that Will Caray was raped
and that Rob Sweeney did it,

but without
another witness

or some physical evidence,
I'm sunk.

I called every single member
of that pledge class.

Nobody will talk.

Checked out
the LUDS.

Tau Omega's, Will and Henry's,
Tyler's home.

The only thing
that doesn't add up

is a bunch of calls
from the mortuary

to Xander Henry's home.

Six of them
in the last 48 hours.

Three weeks after the funeral?

Check it out.

I kept calling and calling.

This jerk Henry wouldn't
return my messages.

What was so important?

We always double-check
with the family

before incinerating
any personals.



Mementos people
put in the coffin--

photos, letters,
that kind of thing.

Guy finally calls back

says he doesn't have
time to come down.

Just burn everything.

Have you done it yet?

It's waiting in line.
Be my guest.

Letterman jacket,

high school yearbook...

...condoms for
the after party.

Someone tried
to bleach it clean,

but it's your paddle,
all right.

I found traces of blood
and fecal matter

deep in the grain
of the wood.

Does it match Will Caray?

It's definitely his DNA.

That's my property.
You had no right to seize it.

You told the funeral home
to burn it.

That makes it
discarded property.

We can do whatever
we want with that.

Have those lab results
faxed over to my office.


Spin it any way you want,

You know
Rob Sweeney's guilty.

I've Rob since
he was a freshman.

He's a good kid.

He's a rapist.

That's some nice
ink on your arm.

How many men
in your platoon

got heat stroke or broken bones
trying to earn that tattoo?

You were pushed as far
as you could go

so you would bond as a unit.

That's what a fraternity
is all about.

Rob Sweeney doesn't give
a damn about bonding.

You've read the ledger.

That's just talk.

He wrote down exactly

what he did and that paddle
proves he raped Will Caray

and sent your son over
to his apartment

to beat on him some more.

Or was it you who told Tyler
to go over there?

Why would I do that?

You tell me.

It's your phone records
that show

you spoke to your son twice
on the day he was murdered.

Did you call to give him your
little pep talk on bonding?

What we talked about's
none of your business.

Pledge master whose pledge
quits on him.

That's got to be
the ultimate failure, huh?

So, you tell Tyler
to bring Will Caray

back in the fold
any way he has to.

But Tyler didn't want to,
did he?

He knew Sweeney

had gone too far.

I didn't believe what
Ty was telling me.

Because you didn't know
what Sweeney was doing.

Now you do.

Sweeney caused all of this.

Your son's death.

How can you defend him?

It's my job.

Mr. Sweeney...

have you
seen this before?

That's Tyler Henry's
fraternity paddle.

Why was Will Caray's
blood found on the handle?

Ty shoved the paddle
into Will.

Will Caray said

you sodomized him
with the paddle.

No. I tried to stop Ty.

Will was drunk.

He was confused.

Why did you put the paddle
in Tyler Henry's casket?

Ty loved his fraternity.

He would've wanted to been
buried with his paddle.

The police searched Tau Omega
for the paddle.

Why didn't you tell them
where it was?

I didn't want them
calling Ty a rapist

on top of everything else.

So you put the paddle
in his casket

to keep the police
from finding it?

Because you knew
it implicated you

in the rape of Will Caray.

No. I was trying to protect Ty.

Of course you were.

Nothing further.

Did Tyler Henry rape Will Caray?


As president
of the fraternity,

have you ever intentionally
hurt one of your pledges?


You've never made a pledge stand
for hours in the snow

or hit them with a hockey stick.

No, never.

And you never instructed
one of the other brothers
to physically hurt a pledge?

Sidebar, Your Honor.

The witness just denied beating
pledges with a hockey stick,

but in the Tau Omega ledger
he said, and I quote,

"Pledge Nancy dropped
his legs twice,

so I had to take
a hockey stick
to his knuckles."

The People move

to re-admit
the ledger in rebuttal.

The ledger was
illegally seized.
It's inadmissible.

It was until you
opened the door.

Then I'll withdraw
the question.

Strike the witness' response.

You can't un-ring
the bell, Mr. Henry.

The ledger's back in.

Mr. Sweeney, you've stated
under oath

that it was Tyler Henry who
raped Will Caray, is that right?


Please read
the highlighted passage.

Go ahead.

"Pledge Kathy was being
a weenie tonight."

Louder, please,
so the jury can hear you.

"Pledge Kathy was being
a weenie tonight,

"so we showed him
what we do to weenies.

"He'll crap blood tomorrow,

but we'll make a man
out of him yet."

Who was Pledge Kathy?

Will Caray.

Please continue.

"Pledge master Dahmer
paddled Pledge Kathy

for about
20 minutes."

Pledge master Dahmer
being Tyler Henry?


"I kicked the pledge
and I burnt him with my smoke,

"but he still wouldn't break.

"So I took the paddle...

"...and I jammed it into him.

"Dahmer said to stop,
but I kept going

"until Pledge Kathy
cried like a girl.

"Dahmer saw the kid was bleeding
and he stopped me.

Just like a bitch to be
on the rag during initiation."

You wrote that entry,
didn't you?

Mr. Sweeney?

You raped Will Caray,
didn't you?


You did it on purpose.

Did what?

Let the ledger back in.

That would be
a breach of ethics.

Was it because he called
your son a rapist,

or because
he caused his death?

I defended my client to
the best of my abilities.

For what it's worth,

you did the right thing.

It really used
to be about brotherhood.

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