Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 5, Episode 11 - Escape - full transcript

A pair of inmates jump a guard and escape from prison using the guard's clothes. One of the two kidnaps his own son's older half-brother, a son who was born after the escapee was imprisoned for raping the older brother.

In the criminal justice system,

sexually based offenses are
considered especially heinous.

In New York City,
the dedicated detectives

who investigate
these vicious felonies

are members of an elite squad

known as
the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

Let's go,
get a move on.

Don't mess with me, hack.

You know what I'm in for?

Yeah, yeah. Whatever it is,
I'm sure you didn't do it.

Come on.

( muffled yells )

What the hell?

Yo. Yo.

My cuffs, man.

( muffled yells )

( muffled yells continue )


What happened?

Gamble and Baxter jumped me.

Lock it down! Lock it down!

Officer injured,
two men escaped.

Your fugitives
are Dion Dwayne Gamble,

aka Double D.

Murdering dope dealer
in for life.

And Michael Baxter,
kiddie rapist.

Five years left
on his sentence.

How'd your
inmates escape?

Knocked out Officer Edwards.

Baxter put on his uniform,

to be escorting Gamble...

And strolled right out.

Your COs sleeping or
are they just morons?

Give it a rest,

Double D hails
from Houston, Texas.

Good idea as any
he's heading home.

I'll send a team down there.

Baxter was living here
in Virginia, so...

For what it's
worth, Marshal,

a reliable inmate
heard Baxter

yapping about heading back
to New York City

to tie up some loose ends.

His ex-girlfriend Carin
lives there.

Baxter raped her son.

I've got a grand jury in an hour

on the Wellman
pedophile case.

Well, if I catch, I'll pull Fin.


Olivia Benson,
Elliot Stabler,

Deputy U.S. Marshal
Andy Eckerson.


Hey, guys.

Nice to see you.

Deputy Eckerson
is requesting our assistance.


Pigs really do fly, huh?

We've got an escaped con
from Virginia

named Michael Baxter,
may be headed this way.

Why here?

Baxter's ex-girlfriend,

Carin Healy, and her son, Lee,

moved to New York
about ten years ago,

right after Lee testified
against Baxter for raping him.

You think it's payback?

You guys know how to deal
with rape victims.

We could use your help.

Okay, let's go talk to him.


Carin and Lee must've changed
their last names.

We can't find a listing
for either one of them.

You pull a social
off recent W-2s?

The results will be faxed here
any minute.

Elliot, you're going
to be late for court.

Olivia, work this
with the marshal.


Let's see if
your fax came in.


How do you know Eckerson?

Before Andy went federal,
he was NYPD.

Oh, and he also
used to date Olivia.

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You used to like
a challenge.
I still do.

Good, then try
and keep your mouth shut,

and let me take the lead
on the interview.

You know, I don't
just kick doors down.

I can actually
talk to people.

Well, you asked us for our help
because we know victims.

Or did you come back
for another reason?



Detective Olivia Benson,
Special Victims Unit.

This is Deputy Marshall
Andy Eckerson.

Can we have a word
with you privately?

It's okay.
Jeremy's my nephew.

You're here
about Mike Baxter, right?

News said he escaped
from prison.

You don't think he'll
come here, do you?

Well, we don't know,

but until he's recaptured,
your safest bet is to stay home.

We'll post officers

outside your apartment.

Carin, we're going to
need your son's address.

You think that bastard
will go after him?

We don't want
to take any chances.

He moved in with
his girlfriend

a couple of months ago--
114 West 37th.


What if Mike's after Danny?

Who's Danny?

My younger son.

I was pregnant
when Mike was arrested.

He's Danny's father.

Does Danny know his father

was in prison?

I told him he was dead.

I don't see him.
He's got to be here.

All right, what's
does he look like?

A couple inches shorter
than me, brown hair.

Daniel! Daniel!


What are you doing here?

Get your things.
We're going home.

In the middle of the day?

What's wrong?

Just do as I say.

Just the thought of Mike
coming anywhere near Danny...

We're going to make sure
that doesn't happen.

Fugitive Detail's on their
way to Lee's apartment.

We'll escort you home.

Is there anyone else
that Baxter might go to?

His mother, Sheila.

They're still close.

Grandma ever
talk to Lee?

She asked for his address
last month.

She wanted to send him
a birthday card.

Okay. Come on.
We should go.

You think Baxter
will come here?

After all these years?

I was just a freakin' kid.

How will you protect us?

We're going to put
a radio car out front.

That's supposed to stop him?

We can move you,
put you up in a hotel.

maybe we should do that.

So now I'm a prisoner?

What about my job?

I-I have to go to work.

Well, until
Baxter's caught,

you should work
out of your home.

( sighs )

You know, not a day goes by,

that I don't think about
what that bastard did to me.

I changed my last name.

My phone number's unlisted.

I thought I was safe.

Baxter's mother knows
where you live, right?

Sheila wouldn't help
that pervert.

She knows what he did to me.

She wouldn't help him.

Maybe she wants to see him
before it's too late.

Too late for what?

She's dying of cancer.

I heard about the escape
this morning, on the radio.

Has your son
contacted you?


He ever mention that he might
try something like this?

Not that I can remember.

Ma'am, sometimes
we think back

on conversations
that we've had,

little things that
didn't make sense then

make sense now.

What are you insinuating?

We haven't spoken in months.

Still, you're
his mother.

Nobody knows him better
than you.

I'll never stop loving my son...

but he destroyed Lee's life.

He should be in jail.

Mrs. Baxter, does
your son know

that you're sick?
I haven't told him.

You understand that
if he contacts you,

you need to report it.

I know. I will.

No, you won't.
You'd do anything

to see him one last
time before you die.

If I were your son,
I'd do anything to see you.

But if we find out

that you've been
concealing information,

I'll arrest you, sick or not.

Why didn't you just
slap her around?

It would've been
more effective.

That woman knows a hell
of a lot more than she's saying.

She admitted that
he was guilty.
Give her a break.

Oh, come on, Olivia.

She's playing you,
and you're falling for it

because the sweet old lady
is dying.

God, you're even more
cynical than I remember.

Why, because I chase criminals
and you baby-sit victims?

You know, even when
you were a detective,

it was never
about the victims.

It's always been about
the rush with you.

You liked it
when you first met me.

Yeah, till I realized

it would put you
in a body bag.

( phone rings )


Yeah. Okay, we're on our way.

Kid just spotted our second
escapee on 44th and Seventh.

Yeah, it was the guy
on the news all right.

He walked right past here.

He with anyone?
Some ugly white chick.

So how much do I get?

Hey, we're not
offering a reward.

Wait, I put my neck
on the line for nothing?

Now you know how we feel.

Look, it would really
help us out here

if you just tell us which
direction they were going.

Downtown, I guess.

Can you describe
the woman?

Dark hair, kind of tall.

you've been very helpful.

Fine, don't believe me,
but I know I saw him.


Flags indicate

82 reported sightings,
none confirmed.

We do have one solid lead

from a trucker who picked
up Baxter and Double D

outside of a Chevron
in Richmond.

How far did he take them?

Jersey City.

Dropped them at an outlet mall

near the entrance to
the Holland Tunnel.

Well, the easiest way
to the city from there

is to take the Path train,
or a bus.

I bet they're on the way
to get Lee.

Women. You think
with your head.

These guys think
with their peckers.

First place they're going to go

is for a drink
and a piece of ass.

Or maybe that kid's
tip was legit.

Could've seen Double D
with a hooker.

So we hit every rat hole,
every hooker stroll

within a mile of the Path
and Port Authority.

911 call
from Lee's girlfriend.

I told Lee to stay home,

but he couldn't miss
a big meeting.

Then his office called,
said he didn't show up.

I never saw Lee
exit the premises.

How many cars went out?


An old black guy, silver caddy;

white female, tan Honda.

That's Lee's car.

Over there.
That's our spot.

Looks like fresh blood.

Oh, my God.

There's something over here.

You recognize this?

It's Lee's.

I gave it to him for Christmas.

Describe the driver.

White female, dark hair,
glasses, kind of butch.

No one else in the car.

Bodega boy didn't see Double D
with a hooker.

It was Baxter, in drag.

Marshals are searching the
area around Lee's apartment.

Lee could already be dead.

Look, if Baxter just
wanted to kill Lee,

he would've left his
body in that garage.

This is a kidnap.

Ransom or revenge?

Even money on revenge.

Lee's testimony put Baxter
in prison for ten years.

He wants to make
this kid suffer.

He already has.

The lab says the blood
in the garage was Lee's.

Baxter roughed him up before
he shoved him in that trunk.

We watching Baxter's mother?

We've got a team
on the house,

phones tapped, but so far
sonny boy's a no-show.

Well, he's got no money,
so he can't go far.

We flagged Lee's credit cards,

in case Baxter
tries to use them.

Double D and Baxter were
together before the kidnap.

They might try to hook up again.

Andy's out canvassing the area
where Double D was spotted.

He got any other
friends on the outside?

Warden says he's got no visitors
from around here.

All right, we're going
to have to check

his prison phone records.

John, call Virginia.

I want the name of
every person he talked
to in the past year.

Speaking of visitors.

He called the house.

Danny answered the phone
and Mike told him who he was.

Now my son wants to know

why I told him his
father was dead.

Did Baxter say
where he was?


I grabbed the
phone from Danny,

and Mike said he had Lee
and they needed to talk.

Then he just hung up.

Did Baxter say where he was
headed, if he was calling back?

Just that they were going

someplace safe,
and that I shouldn't worry.

That Lee was all right.

I'll have Detective Munch
take you home.

No, I don't want to go home.

Can't we just wait here?

Well, actually,

we need you at your apartment
in case he calls again.

What if he does?
We have a trap
on your line.

The second he calls,

we'll know where he is.

( knocking on door )


Excuse me.

Andy just called.

He's got a lead
on Double D.

The desk clerk hit
on Double D's photo.

He's in Room 213.

ESU secured all exits.

We're good to go.

Hit it.

U.S. marshals! Show your hands!


Easy man.
I ain't got no gun.

You ain't kidding.

Put her in the car.

Damn! You know
how long it's been

since I had some ass?

Where's Baxter?
Hell if I know.

Wrong answer. Try again.

Make me, bitch.

( grunts )

Watch your mouth.
You hear me?

You want to try that
one more time?

Look, I'm going to tell you
all again, all right?

We split up hours ago.

I don't know where he at.


On my mama's life,
man, I don't know.

Your mama's dead, moron.
Let's go.

You know, those guards
are going to be so happy
to see you.

after the hurt

you put on Edwards
during your break.

It didn't go down like that.

Yeah, well, I got to tell you,
guards get really angry

when a brother officer
is injured on the job.

Edwards? He was in on it.

Looks like Double D

was telling the truth.

First time for everything.

Officer Edwards is dirty
as hell.

Four months ago,

he found himself
a fairy godmother.

She's already gifted him
with 15 grand in money orders.

You trace them?

Yeah, right back
to Sheila Baxter.

She's been playing
you from the jump.

We got the prison LUDs.

Baby boy calls Mama every day.

I just wanted

to see my son before I died.

So, you should have
visited him in prison.

He didn't want me
to see him caged

like a criminal.

He is a criminal.

He raped an 11-year-old kid.

Michael swears he's innocent.

Well, if Michael
didn't attack Lee,

then who did?

I don't know,
and neither does Michael.

That's why he wanted
to write Lee a letter,

to find out the truth.

You want to know
what the truth is?

Michael only wanted
Lee's address

so he could kidnap him.

( sighs )

Michael just wanted
to talk to him.

He would never hurt Lee.

He already has.

He's splattered

Lee's blood all over
that garage.

That must have been an accident.

My son is innocent,
and his lawyer will prove it.

What lawyer?

Isaac Sage
of the Innocence Project.

He believes Michael.

He just doesn't
have enough

evidence to overturn
the conviction.

And let me guess.

You helped your son break out
of prison

so that he could find
the evidence.

I'm a good mother.

I don't have much time.

You broke the law.

I have nothing to say.

Lock me up,
or let me go get my chemo.

Let her go,

but have an
officer escort her

to the hospital
and bring her back

after her treatment.

She's not going to talk.

She's a sick old lady,
clinging to the hope

that her son's innocent.

He who lives on hope
dies of starvation.

She knows that he's guilty,

but she needs to believe in his
innocence to justify the escape.

We have to break her
before he kills Lee.

She talks
about this lawyer

like he's her last salvation.

Maybe she confided in him.

John, go see this Isaac Sage.

Ask him if the old gal

was planning a
family reunion.

All right.

If I'd known

about the escape,
I would have reported it.

I only try
to free prisoners legally.

Yeah, looks like
you're pretty busy.

Every inmate in
the country wants

his case reopened.

DNA tests are unlocking a lot
of jail cells.

How's that going
to help Baxter?

His DNA put him away.

It's won't.

The kid accused him,
rape kit confirmed sodomy,

and the crime lab found
a DNA match.

The trial was
properly conducted,

and Baxter was more

than adequately

Which you told him?

I sent him a letter
four months ago.

I said the conviction was fair,

and that he'd run out
of options.

Well, how about helping us
give Mom a reality check?

Mr. Sage, thank God

you're here.

She won't believe me.

Tell her Michael
didn't do it.

I can't,
Mrs. Baxter.

I rechecked

The trial transcripts,
the evidence.

There's no doubt

in my mind
that Michael is guilty.

He raped Lee.

He told me you believe him.

I told your son

there was nothing
I could do.



Michael is running out of time.

Help us save Lee.

Tell us where he is.

I don't know.

Yes, you do.

He knows that
you're sick,

and you were
going to meet him.

You were going to see
him one last time.

Sheila, your son is armed.

He's holding a hostage.

Now, if the marshals
find him first,

they may have
to kill him.

( crying )

You tell me
where he is,

and I promise you, I will try
to bring him in safely.

He's down the Shore.

We used to go there
when Michael was little.


Cape May.

He was going to call
when he got a motel room.

Not a lot of motels
open this time of
year at the Shore.

Well, let's just hope
that he parked Lee's car
outside one of them.

Always the optimist.

Look it, if we split up,

we're going
to cover more ground.

All right, tell Fin
to meet us down there.

I'll call the Jersey
State Troopers.

Nothing so far.

I have three motels
left on my list.

I'll check in with you later.


Haven't seen him.

It might help if
you actually look.

Wait a minute.

That's room 612.

He makes an ugly woman.

A better wig might help.

Which rooms are occupied?

Kind of slow right now.

Just 614, upstairs
in back, and, uh,

115, first floor.

Call for backup.

Evacuate everybody
on the first floor.

I'm going
to take the upstairs.

Are you alone?

Where's Baxter?

I don't know.

He left a couple
minutes ago.

Let's go.

Stay close to the wall.

Stay back.

Andy, it's me.

I got Lee, no Baxter.

Anvil Motel.

You stay there.

Give me the gun,

or you're both dead.

What happened?
Olivia went in.

She didn't wait
for backup.
Any shots fired?

No, but we have to assume
that Baxter disarmed her.

I shouldn't have
left her alone.

She's smart.
She'll figure a way out.

Yeah, I just don't want
her playing the hero.

You talk to her?
I tried. The bastard
wouldn't let me.

Threatened to
kill them both.
What room are they in?

612. Command Center's
in 109. You Palmer?

Yeah. Jersey SWAT.
I've got the silent drill

and the fiber optics
you asked for.

The rest of my team
is on the way.

All right, we're not waiting.
Come on.

SWAT's pulling up.

All right, I'm
through the wall.

Hand me that scope.

Looks like
you've done this before.

It's not my first
hostage situation.

( helicopter hovering )

Fiber Optic Team, go!

Suspect's in room 612,

and I drilled
through the baseboard of 611.

Camera is set up.

MAN 1 ( over radio ):
Snipers get into position.

MAN 2 ( over radio ): Command.

We're entering the adjacent
motel room now.

MAN 1:
Roger that. Clear.

Where are we
with the fiber optics?

Almost there.

I need a picture up, now.
One more minute.

Room phone's disconnected,
plus we got a generator

in case we got
to cut the juice.

McKenzie's on
the roof across
the parking lot.

Venetian blinds are limiting
the view into the room.

What's his count?

Three subjects,
all moving.

Right. Let me know
when anybody has a shot.

Cragen's on his way.

Munch is
at Carin's apartment,

in case
you need her cooperation.

Picture's up.

MAN 1:
SWAT Team, we have eyes.
Stand by.

What are you doing?
Watch this.

MAN 2 ( over radio ):
Ten-four, SWAT Leader.
Standing by.

( phone ringing,
Benson sighs )

Hand it over.


Come on.

Who's calling?

That's my partner.

They want to negotiate.

I don't want to talk.

You got no chance here.

Because the marshals are going

to put sharpshooters
all around us.

That's all right.

They got to know

that I got a pretty
marshal as a hostage.

They're not
going to fire on
one of their own.

I'm not a marshal.
Well, who the hell
are you then?

I'm a detective, NYPD.
My name is Olivia Benson.

I'm going to show you my shield.

No. You're going
to keep your hands

where I can see them,
right on your knees.

Okay, we can work
this out, you and me.

I got it all
worked out.

Everything I need is right here.

I got my old, my buddy Lee.

I got a nine millimeter.

Don't touch me.

Why? What are you
going to do, huh?

What, are you
gonna tell Mommy?

I bet she freaked

when she heard
I escaped from prison, huh?

Mike, hurting Lee is not going
to help you.

Lady, I don't
want to hurt him.

I just want him to talk to me.

Whatever you need,
I can help you,

but you're going to have
to trust me, okay?

Trust you?

This isn't about you.

It's about me now,

because I'm here.

And I am your best chance
of walking out of here alive.

I don't need you.

Go on, get the hell out.


I'm not going to stop you.

Go, Olivia.

What the hell are you waiting
for?! Get out!

Go on!

I'm not going anywhere.

What, are you crazy, huh?

Get out of there.

I promised your mother

that nothing was going
to happen to you.

I'm going to do my best

to keep my word.

You keep my mother out of this.

You don't even know her.

She had everything
to do with this

because you pulled her into it,

and she's as involved
as you are now.

Shut up.

I want you to shut up now.

She paid for your escape, Mike.

She gave you

Lee's address.

She's in really deep.

If anybody goes near
my mother, I'll kill you.

I'll kill both of you.
You understand me?

All right, McKenzie,
green light-- shoot the bastard.

I don't have a shot.
I can't isolate the target.

Take a shot through the wall?

Too risky;
it might ricochet.

What's going on?

You can't shoot
with her in there.
This is my call.

And that is
my detective in there.

You need to negotiate.

He's not going to talk to us.

He said if we contact him,
he'll kill them.

Listen to me.
You're not a murderer.

Don't become one.

And you need to end this
peacefully, Mike.

Don't give your mother
any more grief,

She loves you.
She wants to see you again.

So why don't you put
the gun down,

and you and me are going to walk
out that door right now, okay?

My mother is the only one
who believed in me.

She knows that I didn't do it.
She knows that he lied.

Why does she keep saying
that she's sorry

for what you did to me?

What did you say,
you little prick, huh?

Sit down.

She knows what
you did to me.

Everyone knows
what you did.

What have you told my...
my son?

What have you
told Danny?

Danny doesn't know anything.

He only found out that
you were alive

when you called
the house today.

I've been waiting for years
to see my boy.

And the whole time
you've just been

filling his head
with lies.

Command, I have a shot.

Repeat, I have a shot.

McKenzie's got a shot.

Don't do it.

This isn't up to you.

They're talking.

Give her a chance.

Your mother sees your son.

Your mother sees Danny
all the time; they're close.

McKenzie, hold your position;
wait for my signal.

Roger that.

She would have told me
what he looks like.

She couldn't.

Carin made her promise not to.

It was the only way she would
let your mother visit him.

No, you're just screwing
with my head.

You're making things up.

My mother would have told me
if she had ever seen Danny.

She knew that
you were guilty.

That's why she
didn't tell you.

She didn't want you messing
with my little brother

like you messed with me.

No, my mother never would
have helped me escape

if she thought I was guilty.

Your mother wants to see
you before she dies.

And I can take you
to her,

but you've got to let him go.

And then what,
your pals shoot me down?

No, because you
know why?

I'm going to walk out
of here with you,

and you can use me
as a shield, Mike...

Son of a bitch,
what the hell is she doing?

She's going to get
herself killed.

She's connecting with him.

See, I just don't trust cops.

You people believe what
you want to believe,

not the truth.

So what if somebody
made a mistake?

Lee was young.
He was traumatized.

I've seen it
happen before.

I didn't,
I didn't make a mistake.

Yeah, but suppose
somebody did

make a mistake.

That makes you a victim.

I don't need your help.

I need his.

You sick bastard.

Lee... Lee...
You ruined my life.

I loved you like a son.

Your father walked out,
and I was always there for you.


You wanted
one thing,

and you used my
mother to get it.

I never hurt you.


I want to talk to Carin.

You leave
my mother alone.

She hates your lousy guts.

The phone is dead.

They cut it off.

They cut it off...

but they can connect you.

Munch there yet?

He's waiting for instructions.

Tell him to prep Carin.

Get her ready.

Try to stay calm.

( sobbing ):
He's got Lee in there.

How can I be calm?

We can get him out safe,
but we need your help.

I can't.

You got to gather yourself,

pull yourself together
and do this.

Okay. Okay.

All right.

Just gather yourself
and do it.


All set.

Stand by.

( phone ringing )

Answer it.


It's Carin.


Hello, Mike.

They said you wanted
to talk to me.

Is Lee all right?

I don't want to hurt him, Carin.

What do you want?

To talk to Danny.

You know, when I first went
to prison,

I used to try to call
all the time.

I wanted to have
a picture of my son.

Carin, I didn't
even know his
name until today.

Danny, say hello to your father.




I'm your dad.

Everybody said you were dead.

I hope someday that

maybe I can explain
everything to you.

Listen, whatever happens,

I think it's important
for you to know that...

I love you,

and I've loved you ever since
the day you were born.

That's enough, Mike.

Now, I let you talk to Danny.

Let Lee go.

No, no, no.

Not until you listen to me.
You never would.


Carin, that night,
I came home from work

and the police were waiting
at our front door...

I mean, you never even
gave me a chance to
tell my side of the story.

You lying sack of...

Lee, you've got
to let him finish.

Shut your mouth.

Carin, you've got to believe me,
I swear, I never touched him.

He's getting too emotional.
We got to cut the phone off

before Baxter loses it
and does something crazy.

Hold on, hold on.

I never went
into Lee's room ever.

You snuck in my room
and touched me every night.

You're going to stop lying...
right now.

You're going to tell
her it wasn't me.

Tell her!

Yes, you did; you raped me,

and I hope
that you burn in hell!

Give me the gun.

I ought to kill you right now.

Green light.
Take your shot! Go!

Let's end it right now.

Shoot the bastard.

I'm going
to take the gun, Mike.

( gunshot )

( grunts )

The bullet grazed his aorta.

We had to put in a graft.

What are his chances?
Touch and go.

We'll call if his
condition changes.


So, you heading back
to Virginia?

Yeah, my job's done.


Here comes trouble.

Look what you've done.

And you promised you wouldn't
let them hurt my son.

All these years, I've
had to lie to everyone--

tell Lee I believe him,

tell Danny his
father's dead,

tell my son
I've never seen his child.

Michael has suffered
for ten years.

Did he tell you anything
about what really happened?

He said that
he didn't rape Lee.

What did Lee say?

He stuck to his story.

Well, he's lying.
Can't you tell that?

He put a gun
to her head.

You're lucky
he's still alive.

You know that Michael
is innocent.

Now, I told you where he was
so you could help him...

not execute him.

Why are you still here?

I just need to finish
a few things.

What you need is
a few days off.

And a visit to
the department shrink?

That's up to you.
I think you should go home.

I can't.

Something's not right.

What's bothering you?

A couple of things.

Baxter could have fled
to safety,

and instead he risked
coming here.

He didn't want revenge.

All he wanted was
to talk to Lee.

Don't you mean
terrorize Lee?

Put a gun to his head
and force him to recant?

I was in that
room, Captain,

and by the end, I didn't know
what to believe.

Then believe
the DNA, Olivia.

It says Baxter's guilty.

Actually, that's just
what I was looking at.

Did you know that
the Virginia crime lab

that tested the DNA
in Baxter's case

is under investigation?

Let me see that.

The guy who heads it up,
his name is Paul Wytko.

He was indicted for lying
about his qualifications.

He personally handled
Baxter's case.

Just because
he faked his resume

doesn't mean
he fabricated evidence.

No harm in making sure.

All right, call Warner.

See if she knows anybody
in that lab

who can retest the sample.

But if the DNA doesn't exonerate
Baxter, it's over.

Ten years ago, DNA testing

was in its infancy.

A serologist would
eyeball the results

and determine a match visually.

So there was room
for error?

The DNA should be identified
by a code number

to prevent
biased results.

When Wytko tested Baxter's DNA,
it wasn't a blind sample.

He knew
the facts of the case.

Which means that
he knew that Baxter
was being charged

with sodomizing an
11-year-old boy.

That makes it pretty
hard to be objective.

Lab in Virginia
retested the samples

and e-mailed me the results.

Left is Baxter's,
right is the sample taken

from Lee's bedsheets.

That doesn't
look like a match.

It's not.

Whose DNA is it?

I don't know, but
I compared Lee's DNA

to the sample
from the bedsheets,

just to make sure
they were different.

And what did you get?

Quite a surprise.

They're different,

but they have the same
Y chromosome.

Lee and his rapist
are related.

Baxter's not guilty?

Great, I ordered
the shot

that could have killed
an innocent man.

Andy, you didn't
have a choice.

He's an escaped prisoner
holding two hostages.

So who the hell raped Lee?

Somebody related to him
on his father's side.

But the grandfather has
been dead for 30 years

and the dad moved to Europe
when Lee was four.

What about uncles,
they have the same Y chromosome.

There's only one.

He moved to Vegas 12 years ago

and nobody's heard
from him since.

Which leaves us
with cousin Jeremy.

The guy that works with Carin?

I read the file;
he never lived in Virginia.

But according
to Carin's statement
to the Virginia police,

he was visiting them.

He returned to New York
the night before the rape.

The cops didn't
see a reason

to interview Jeremy.

We've got one now.

I was there for two weeks
over spring break,

but I left
before it happened.

Can anyone corroborate that?

What's this all about?

Just tying up
loose ends.

You caught Baxter.

What do you want from me?

Your DNA.


It would really help us out,
for exclusionary purposes.

To exclude what?

A couple of details

that the Virginia police
may have overlooked.

You've got
to be kidding.

That pervert breaks out of jail,
holds my cousin hostage,

and now you want to put my
family through more hell?

I'm guessing that's a no?

Damn right.
You have the man

that raped Lee.

Yeah, standing right
in front of me.

You're wrong.

No, I'm not.

Let's see you prove it.

You son of a bitch.


You've been lying
for ten years.

Andy, let him go.

An innocent man almost
died because of you.

Ten years of his life,
Andy, that's enough!

That's enough!

Stop it!
Let him go!

Get the hell out!

Can you get us a warrant
to test Jeremy's blood?

Are you sure
you want me to?

Why wouldn't I?

Because I'd bet
my paycheck

that Jeremy will counter
with a brutality complaint.

What the hell
did you tell her?

The truth.

The truth is, he's a liar
and he's a rapist.

I'm trying
to protect you

and the integrity
of this investigation.

I suggest you find
a way to prove your case

without a warrant
for Jeremy's DNA.


You okay?

Just a bruise on my forehead,

otherwise he didn't hurt me.

What about
ten years ago?

What is that supposed to mean?

You don't
believe Baxter?

I believe DNA.


Good, it was a match.

That's right, Lee,
it was a perfect match,

but not to Baxter.

The lab made a mistake.

We retested it.

We know that it was Jeremy.

You're crazy.

Jeremy didn't rape me.

Lee, stop.

I understand

that you're scared,

and I understand that
you're embarrassed,

but the lies have to end now.

I told you,
Jeremy didn't rape me.

Then it was consensual.


Lee, I don't think
you're hearing me.

Think of your little brother.

He's never even seen his father.

And your mother, believing all
these years

that the man she loved

was a rapist.

Please, just stop.

The lies have to stop, Lee.

Now, tell me

what really happened.

Be a man

and make things right.

We shared a room.

Jeremy got into my bed
and he touched me.

Things got out of hand.

I didn't know
what to do.

When my mom saw
the sheets, I panicked.

I didn't think

she would call the police.

I was scared.
What was I supposed to do?

What was I supposed to do?
I was scared.

Please, don't tell my mom.


( door opening )

What have you done?

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry. It just came out

and then it was too late
to take back.

I'm sorry.

Mike loved you like his own son.

You stole ten years of his life.

No, no,
he was not right for you.

We were doing great,
just you and me.

You needed a father.

I needed you,

and Baxter was taking you
away from me.

He got you pregnant.

You were going to go
have your own family,

and I was going to be left out.

I never meant to hurt you.

Mom, this is
not your fault.

Yes, it is.

I raised a son with... no heart.

This isn't right.
I didn't do anything.

Sure you did.

You obstructed justice,
hindered prosecution.

Plus you're a lying
piece of crap,

but we ain't gonna
charge you with that one.

I'm not putting up
with this.

Hey, my lawyers are going
to sue you

for brutality.

Be my guest,

tough guy.

You're kind of low on
credibility there, Jeremy.

Lee told us everything.

What did you tell them?

What you did to me
ten years ago.

You're making it up.

You're confused.

You told me to keep it a secret,
so I made myself forget.

Do you know
that I said it was Baxter

so many times that I almost
believed it myself.

But it was you.

We were just kids, okay?

We were just
messing around.

With ten years
of someone else's life.

Come on, we're
going to booking.

I spoke to the Virginia DA
about Sheila.

They're willing to settle
for a nolo contendere plea

for her role
in the prison break.


What about Baxter?

If he recovers,

Virginia will vacate
the original sentence.

Because he's innocent,

they'll give him time served
for the prison break.

Well, either way,
your work is done.

I could stay a couple more days.

Andy, I don't think
that's a good idea.

How about one drink
before I leave?

It's not going
to work between us.

Why not?

Because I have enough
insanity in my life.

I need stability.

See you around, Liv.

Detective Benson.

How you doing?

Not too bad.

Considering I got

a hole in my chest.

Kind of wish the bullet
had hit my heart.

I can't go back to prison.

You're not.

We know that
you didn't rape Lee.

It was his cousin Jeremy.

You can prove it?

I already have.

You're going to be
a free man, Mike.

Your mother is on
her way over here.

So is Carin,

who is bringing Danny.

She wants him to get
to know his father.

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( wolf howling )

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