Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 4, Episode 8 - Waste - full transcript

The SVU team is put on the case of a woman who has been in a coma for 14 months and is found to be 7 weeks pregnant. After going though many suspects, they focus on the patient's doctor. ...

In the criminal
justice system,

sexually based offenses are
considered especially heinous.

In New York City,
the dedicated detectives

who investigate
these vicious felonies

are members of an elite squad
known as the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

Hi, we're looking for a
patient, Stephanie Rawley?


We don't have her.

You sure?
She's a rape victim.

I haven't had
one all night.

Call came from this hospital, just got it.

Well, maybe you
mixed up hospitals.

Maybe you could
check the computer.

Oh, well,
here's your miscom.

She's not in emergency.
She's in the ICU.

Good God.

What'd this guy
do to her?

Put her on
life support.

Beautiful girl.

He didn't touch that. There's
not a mark on her face.

No defense wounds,

Blitz attack
from behind?

Knifepoint to the throat?

check her chart.

She has pneumonia.

But she's out
of the woods.

We brought the fever
down with antibiotics.

Somebody called in a rape.

That was me.
I'm Dr. Sedaly.

She was transferred here
from Mountcastle Rehab.

Drug overdose?

No, she was in
a car accident.

About a year ago.

She's been in a persistent
vegetative state ever since.

Okay, she's been in a coma. I
don't understand why you called us.

Because of the pneumonia,
I ordered a chest X-ray

and the lab automatically
ran the standard tests.

Hers turned up positive.

For what?

A baby.
She's six weeks pregnant.

My daughter
was raped?

We should have
kept her at home.

I told you I could
take care of her.

Prayer wasn't going to
bring her back, Janice.

Mountcastle was
our last hope.

How could they
let this happen?

I promise you,
we're going to find out.

Was Stephanie moved from rehab for
any reason, say six, seven weeks ago?


Check all of Mountcastle's
employees. Anyone who had access.

Don't bother.
I know who did this.


It couldn't have been David, he
still has a restraining order.

Who's David?

The man Stephanie
was living with.

The wreck was his fault.

Why is there
a restraining order?

After she went into Mountcastle,
he tried to kill her.

I never tried to kill her.
I only told them her wishes.

Death wishes?

We lived together for six years.
Yeah, we talked about everything.

Stephanie never wanted
to live like this.

Ma and Pa catch you
tripping over the plug?

No, but they convinced
a judge I might.

I love her more than
anything in the world.

Really? How's your
sex life been lately?

None of your business.
It is now.

If you two think...

You two are sick.

Besides, I haven't
seen her in months.

Call me a hopeless romantic, but
I don't see a little court order

standing in the way
of your undying love.

You don't know
her parents.

If it wasn't for them, I'd have been
there to protect her from that pervert.

You blame them, even though you're the
one that put her in a vegetable crisper?

It was my bachelor party.

The guys dragged me off to
a strip club in Port Chester.

My friends got smashed, so
I called her to come get me.

She drives out there,
you being a man,

had to take the wheel,
even though you'd had a few.

She never showed up.

She got hit by
a truck on the way.

He came across
pretty straight up.

We're not completely ruling him out,
but we're thinking an inside job.

That's a big place. Benson and
Stabler could use some help.

They're interviewing
the coma wing staff now.

I don't even want to think how
under-reported coma rape is.

Well, victims
don't tend to come forward.

Counselor, question.

What would it take to blanket
DNA an entire facility?

A constitutional amendment.

But we know
the rape happened there.

It doesn't cover probable cause
for each individual employee.

Not to mention patients,
vendors, visitors...

I mean, where would
your genetic dragnet end?

Whose side
are you on?

What about that
case in Germany?

11-year-old girl
was raped and killed,

they tested everybody in
the town. Over 16,000 men.

But it was on a strictly volunteer basis.

I'll take volunteers.

It's still cost-prohibitive.
It's $600 a pop.

Who says they're all
gonna be processed?

I say we get everybody's
DNA now while we've got 'em,

we can narrow down
the suspects later.

I gave your tech a separate list
of everyone working six weeks ago,

including swing, graveyard
and weekend shifts.

We'll need to start with the men
who worked directly with Stephanie.

At this point, she's basically
receiving supportive care,

turned to prevent bedsores,
change IV tubes.

Mostly female nurses.

Except for Clark Jensen,
her physical therapist.

That should
make it easy.

Oh, and her neurologist, Dr.
Mandell. He's her primary.

And where can
we find him?

He's with a patient.

Catch you
at a bad time?

Not at all.
I'm just doing an LP.

Is that a
spinal tap?

She's having unexplained seizures

and since she can't
fill in the blanks,

I need to find out
what's going on.

Don't you normally
have a nurse present?

I'm an old hand at this.

I meant
as a chaperone.

That policy isn't
for the patient,

it's to protect the doctor
from false allegations.

She can't make any.

Neither can
Stephanie Rawley.

And she has
a legitimate one.

Yeah, I can't tell you
how upset I was to hear that.

You examine her alone?


Stephanie's parents insist
that I repeat every test,

hoping there'll be
a change in her condition.

And what's
her prognosis?

Oh, it's very grim. She's
suffered massive cortical damage.

She has minimal
brain stem activity.

She has no intellectual
or motor function.

Sounds like you
spent a lot of time with her.

I spend time with
all my coma patients.

Would you have any problem
volunteering your DNA?

Not at all.

Clark Jensen?

You do these exercises
with Stephanie Rawley?

Three times a week, to keep the joints
fluid and the muscles from atrophying.

She's hooked to life support.
You roll those machines up here?

I have a special routine for the coma
patients. I can do them in their beds.

You don't say.

Two-minute break,
Mr. Crowe.

You happen to hear about
the voluntary DNA test?

I was the first in line.

You work with Stephanie a lot.
Who do you think did it?

I don't know.

But I can't believe one
of my co-workers is a rapist.

What about a patient?
Or visitors.

You ever see this guy?

Month or so ago.

I came in early one morning,
he was with her.

I knew the deal, but when he told
me his side, I felt for the guy.

Didn't report it, though.

What exactly was he doing
when you walked in?

Sleeping in her bed.

You lied to us,
Mr. Andersen.

I had to.

The second the Rawleys find out
I broke the restraining order,

they'll have me arrested.

You looked me right in the eye
and had the violins going...

I stayed away as long as I could,
then I started visiting once a month.

Guess we all know what you
brought her instead of flowers.

You're wrong.

How'd you manage
to sneak in there?

There's a nurse
on night shift.

She feels bad for me,
she looks the other way.

So you get to spend the night with her in
the moonlight, just like old times, huh?

it got hot and heavy.

She gets agitated
at night.

She shakes,
her face twitches.

What do you do about it,
David? I just hold her.

The doctors say
that she's not aware,

but it seems to
calm her down.

So you'd have no objections then,
to taking a paternity test, huh?


I want to know who did this
to her as much as you do.

So far nobody has a clue or has
any problem giving up their DNA.

Including the fiancé, who
was at the top of our list.

Still headlining mine.

I think he's so lovesick he doesn't
care whether he goes to jail or not.

If that's the case,
why not just admit it?

Cause he's freaky sick.

I don't know. They were gonna
be married in one week's time.

Come on, like that makes a difference?

If she didn't give consent,
it's still rape.

I'm saying she would've
if she could've.

Fiancé, best case scenario.

It's not like she's facing psychological
trauma over this. She's produce.

Mrs. Rawley.

Try to stay calm,
we're gonna be right there.

Mrs. Rawley went to mass and when
she came back, Stephanie was gone.

Where is she?

Nurse said she'd been transferred
back to the rehab center.

Why would they send her back
to where she was raped?

Where is she?

Tell me where she is!

Mrs. Rawley,
let us handle this.

I want to see my daughter.
Right now.

I don't understand
what the problem is.

Was Stephanie

Yes, a few hours ago.

Don't tell me you put
her in the same room.

Well, yes, but she isn't there now.

Well, where is she?
The procedure room.

For what?

You're gonna have to talk to Dr.
Mandell, he's the one who ordered it.

Ordered what?
What is he doing to her?

Mrs. Rawley, do us a favor and stay here.

Dr. Mandell, can we have a word with you?

Hey, this is a sterile field.
Get out of here.

Who the hell are you?

Dr. Garrison.

Now, would you
please get out?

As soon as you tell us
what's going on here.

Just a routine procedure.

Dr. Mandell called me in.

To do what exactly?

Terminate the pregnancy.

I understand you just interfered
with a medical emergency.

What's that,
doc-talk for cover-up?

What are you
talking about?

You tried to destroy evidence in a
rape case in which you're a suspect.

No wonder you were so willing
to give up your DNA.

You knew you could fix it so
there'd be nothing to compare it to.

Look, all I knew was that Stephanie
Rawley's life was in danger.

It's funny how the docs at Wheaton
Memorial seemed to miss that.

Yes, well, they're not experts in
the care of the profoundly devastated.

So you decide
to play God.

No, I called in
Dr. Garrison,

who agreed that it would be malpractice
to allow the pregnancy to continue.

How very noble of you.

Except for the fact that you
failed to get the parents' consent.

It's right here.
That's crap.

Mrs. Rawley came to us,
hysterical, when she found out

Stephanie was
brought back here.

I dealt with Mr. Rawley.

I didn't know
what else to do.

I knew you'd
never consent.

Of course I wouldn't.

A sick pervert
raped our daughter.

I wanted that
monster out of her.

Was it Dr. Mandell's
idea or was it yours?

He called and told me the risks
of continuing the pregnancy.

After all this,

I couldn't lose
my daughter.

An abortion goes against
everything that we believe in.

This is different.
It's Stephanie.

Do you want to raise
that thing inside her?

That thing is
our grandchild.

Why don't we
talk over here.

I'm a father, too.

What would you do?

I don't know.

I come visit every day
on my lunch break.

With Mrs. Rawley?
No, alone.

What are you saying?

I'm sorry to have to say
this, it's standard procedure,

but I should
get a DNA sample.


You just assaulted
a police officer.

It's your call.

No, it's okay.
It's okay.

Questioning the father as a
suspect is never a crowd-pleaser.

Verbal vitriol you'd expect, anyone else
think the father protests a bit too much?

You're not a father.

You don't have a raped daughter in
a coma with a devil cake in the oven.

That you just
tried to abort.

Well, we'll know if
it's Dad soon enough.

When do we get the products
of conception for testing?

We don't. They're keeping it. Why?

Wife's Catholic.

Still, I've never had a keeper
with a stranger rape before.

John, Olivia's mother
was raped by a stranger.

My mother
made a choice.

Look, Olivia,
we were just talking...

No, save it.

If the same thing
happened to me,

morning-after pill,
no question.

So where
are we on the case?

No abortion, no fetal tissue. We're screwed.

We'll just have to wait a couple
of months to start paternity tests.

Until then, we'll work it without DNA.

Where are we with
the rehab employees?

We ruled out a handful with
verifiable medical reasons.

And we interviewed everybody on
the list that volunteered their DNA.

I'm more interested
in anybody who refused.

That would be
two employees.

Okay, let's split up
and find out why.

I know the drill.

Somebody committed a crime, so
let's check out the black guy.

That stinks of
racial profiling.

We're looking
at everyone.

Where's your
probable cause?

What about a
search warrant?

This flies in the face
of the Fourth Amendment.

Mr. Hill, supplying
your DNA is voluntary.

No, it's not.

If you decide not to volunteer,
you're presumed guilty.

I guess you're right.
So just ante up.

Hold on. Mr. Hill has a valid point.

Our likes, dislikes and habits are
all stored in huge computer systems.

On top of that, you got facial recognition
technology, public video surveillance.

National ID cards.
Where does it end?

Every piece of data
you put out there,

exponentially increases the
control The Man wields over us.

I can see you understand why
this conversation ends here.

Good day to you both.

Mr. Hill, if you didn't rape Stephanie
Rawley, DNA can only exclude you.

We're off your back.


Fascist pig.

What the hell was that?

Good police work.
Here's your DNA.

Well, what if I have a fatal illness or
something? Then I'd know. I don't want to know.

We won't be testing
for any diseases.

But what if someone
gets ahold of the test,

finds out that I do have a
disease, then denies me insurance?

I can't make all
those medical bills.

I assure you, no one
outside the police department

will have access
to your DNA.

Once you exclude yourself,
it's destroyed.

Okay. All right.

Well, what if I've committed
some crime in the past, huh?

Can you arrest me, once
you get ahold of my DNA?

Have you committed
another crime?

No. But, you know.

They make mistakes
all the time,

guys go to prison for years
before they figure it out.

Mr. Baltzer, if you don't clear yourself,
we're gonna have to start digging around.

And asking questions.

Why? Look, you had access to the victim.

You were here alone,
at night, no witnesses.

No, no,
that's not true.

I am not here alone,
I swear.

There are a lot of people
who wander these halls.


Like the vending guys,
the delivery men.

The fellow who
picks up the...

Picks up the what?

You know,

from the morgue.
The stiffs.

I get hungry.

The vending machines upstairs
have better selections.

Well, how do they compare with
the snacks in, say, the coma wing?

I don't know.
I don't go there.

Oh, come on. All those
nights you've roamed the halls

jonesing for a ding dong fix, you
never once checked out the coma wing?

What are you getting at?

Wesley, we're collecting DNA from
everyone who has contact with the rehab.

We'd appreciate
your contribution.

No. No, I don't think so.

Why not,
what's to hide?

I know how you cops operate. You
get a case, you can't solve it,

you plant evidence,
make Wesley your fall guy.

Sounds like you've had a
run-in or two with the police.

I don't have a record.

No, but we did find a
dropped complaint against you.

Maxine Hatters?

Who the hell is that?

The woman you
assaulted a year ago.

The woman you
tried to choke.

She called the police?

She's lucky I didn't
have her arrested.

You attacked her. Why would
you be the one to press charges?

Because she
stole my wallet.

I only took it so
I could turn him in.

Creep tried
to strangle me.

That's a serious charge.
Why drop it?

I didn't like the way
I was being treated.

I tried to tell my story and your
boys in blue put it back on me.

You want to tell us,
we'll listen.

So, I'm sitting in this
chicken joint, like, 3:00 a. m.

This guy comes over, starts
asking me about the chicken.

The chicken.

He offers to buy me some.
Some chicken?

Yeah. Only when we get up to
the motel room to eat it...

Maxine, the guy's a john.

You're all alike. I'm a pro, so it
doesn't matter he tried to kill me.

We don't care about your night job, we're
just trying to get the story straight.

So we get up to the motel
room, I ask him how he wants it,

I'm supposed to strip naked, lie flat on
my back, not move a muscle, not say a sound.

You got a problem with that? No.

He's the one who had a little
problem, if you know what I mean.

Okay, so you laughed at him,
he chokes you.

No, I was very understanding, till
he started filling the tub with ice.

For what?

He told me to lie in it. I'm like,
"No way." That's when he chokes me.

He was trying to lower
your body temperature.

Said he couldn't do it
unless I really seemed dead.

You gotta
be kidding me.

Wesley, what is this thing
with you, water and women?

I'm just doing my job.

I mean, the hot showers I get,
but ice baths?

We tracked down Maxine.

Your old prostitute.

The one you hired to pretend
to be pretty much like her.

I heard you weren't real
happy with her performance.

How'd Stephanie Rawley do?

I told you, I've never
been to the coma wing.

Could you please go?
You're gonna get me fired.

Oh, we wouldn't
want to do that,

seeing as you've only been here
for, what, a couple of months?

Before that you were at

Upson Funeral Home.

What went wrong there?


No, Wesley was great. It was
just time for him to move on.

After seven weeks.



Ma'am, just so you know,
the Federal Trade Commission

no longer requires you to buy
your casket at the funeral home.

You can save a few thousand
by buying from the supplier.

Not when you take into account the
discount package I'll be offering you.

I'll be right back
to discuss that.

I assume you gave her the
price list, as required by law?

All right.
We had some thefts.

Some jewelry, a few gold
fillings, so we installed a camera.

We're not here
about grave robbing.

Well, Wesley wasn't
our thief.

But I'm afraid we
did catch him on tape.

Doing what?

The late Mrs. Thurgeston.

Kind of late to be paying
your respects, isn't it?

you two were close.

Really close.

You like
the quiet type, huh?

Please turn it off.

Oh, relax,
it's over in a second.

Ah, but I guess I don't
have to tell you that.

Can I please
have a glass of water?

Heavy on the ice,

He's got dry mouth.

At least we're
making him nervous.

you more than Elliot.

He's a necrophiliac. His greatest
fear is to be judged by women.

The emasculation tactic might
not be the way to go on this one.

That's why we
pulled you out.

What are you

Shame is driving
his compulsion.

He was most likely raised in
an overly religious household,

where an intense degree of
shame was attached to sex.

So what are we thinking?

Tell him that
we understand?

I doubt that
he understands.

Pretty girl, isn't she?

I guess.

Almost like Sleeping Beauty and
she's been in a coma for a year.

Look, I've never
seen her before.

Come on, Wesley, I understand. I'm a guy.

Hard opportunity to pass up.

It's not like she
knew what was going on.

You don't understand.

I do, more than you think.
It's what every guy wants.

No one judging you...


Just Stephanie lying there
perfect. Deaf, dumb and blind.

No, it doesn't
work that way.

Why doesn't it
work that way?

She's alive.
Come on!

Don't split hairs with me,
Wesley! Come on!

People snap out of
comas all the time.

Well, what about the hooker
that you hired, huh?

She was alive
and kicking, pal.

And I bet she told you what
a miserable failure I was.

Yes, she did. And we had a
big laugh at your expense.

I knew she'd talk.

You can't trust
a woman with a pulse.

Get him his water.

Okay, but I don't see this guy giving
it up, whether I'm in there or not.

What if there's
nothing to give up?

Obviously we weren't
watching the same tape.

I'm just saying, there are some
extreme cases where a necrophiliac

can't sustain the arousal
required to penetrate,

let alone impregnate,
a warm body.

So, you don't
need me after all.

No, hold on.

The only thing
rendering Mr. Dilbert limp

is the 12-to-25 he's facing
on rape one as opposed to...

What does
necrophilia get him?

Sexual misconduct.

A misdemeanor.
Great. One year, max.

Is there anything
that links him to Stephanie?

Any witnesses,
physical evidence?

We'll have paternity
in two months.

Well, at the very least, let's
save the late Mrs. Thurgeston

another spin in her grave.

We'll charge him with necrophilia,
get him off the street.

"Docket number 269501.
People vs. Dilbert.

"Sexual misconduct
130.20 sub 3."

Sub 3?

Which one is it, Counselor?

Was the sexual conduct with
an animal or a dead human body?

Mr. Dilbert is a funeral home
attendant who was videotaped

having sex with
a human corpse.

Your plea, Mr. Dilbert?

Not guilty, Your Honor.

I'll hear from
the People on bail.


For an A misdemeanor?

He has insufficient
community ties,

poses an ongoing threat, and,
we believe, is a flight risk.

He has limited financial
means, no criminal record,

and given the non-violent
crime he's been charged with,

I see no threat
to the community.

Your honor, Mr. Dilbert
is the number-one suspect

in the rape of
a comatose patient.

We believe this heightens
the flight risk considerably.

I'm sorry, I don't see
an indictment on that charge.

You will.

Until I do, His Honor cannot possibly
consider it in determining bail.

Request ROR.

Bail's set at $5,000.

So he'll be
out by morning.

Free to ruin someone else's daughter.

Why couldn't you charge him
with Stephanie's rape?

We don't have enough
evidence to support it yet.

Mr. RAWLEY: When will you?

We need the fetus' DNA
to determine paternity.

The earliest an amnio
can be done is 14 weeks.

That's almost two months.

They could have it now
if they had the tissue.

That's not an option.

You know,
I may have one for you.

Dr. Huang is familiar
with the case.

With amniocentesis, as with
chorionic villus sampling,

there's always a chance of
miscarriage or other complications.

Oh, my God.

That's why they've been experimenting
with alternative testing.

A colleague of mine, a forensic
gynecologist, has been successful

in adapting the alternative to
determine early prenatal paternity.

So what did
you get for us?

Well, we took 30 cc
of Stephanie's blood

and we subjected it to density
gradient centrifugation

to remove the maternal
non-nucleated red blood cells.

Leaving you only
with the fetal cells.

So, did it work?

Well, mind you, even
during the optimal period,

the frequency of fetal cells in maternal
blood is only one in ten million.

Luckily, we have this high-precision
magnetic cell-separation technology.

So, did it work or not? Yes.

Did you compare it to Wesley
the Necro's DNA sample?

There was no need.
The fetus' blood type is AB.

The mother's is type A,
which means...

The father can
only be type B.

And Wesley is type A.
So, he cannot be the father.

That's right.

Damn it.

We have those other volunteered
samples to run. How many are type B?

Well, not the fiancé,
not Mr. Riley,

not the night custodian,

not him...


Look who we have here.

Do you have any idea how many
people have type B blood?

One in ten.
We did our homework.

And you're the only
one who had type B

and had access and tried
to abort the evidence.

Doc, you just keep popping
up on our radar screen.

Now what are we
supposed to think?

Well, fortunately,
you don't have to.

Modern technology has removed that
burden. You have my DNA, just run it.

Well, we'll get the results
back in a few days.

The problem is, you make us wait till
then, we're gonna be in no mood to bargain.

I think I'll
take my chances.

Why, Dr. Huang.
What brings you here?

Some fascinating results from
the gynecological examinations

performed on Dr. Mandell's
other female coma patients.

These are forensic pictures
taken with a culposcope

of the uterine walls of
your patient, Audrey Logan.

Dr. Mandell,
help us out here.

What's your diagnosis?

I'm not a trained OBIGYN.

Come on, we all did gynecology in med school.

Give it a shot.

Well, it looks like
a healthy uterus, no

signs of endometriosis,
no polyps, no cysts.

Well, it does take a trained eye,
but if you notice right there,

there's miniscule scarring.

From a sexual assault?

No. I'd say more likely
from a recent abortion.

So, you raped her, too.

And got rid of the evidence.

I need to speak
with my attorney.

Doc Mandell took
care of both women.

We know he tried to abort Stephanie's
fetus, he's not copping to the other.

Well, what do we know about
raped coma victim number two?

Audrey Logan, captain of her
high school debate team

until she went to a rave three years ago
and ingested one too many party favors.

Yeah, now she's captain
of the drool team.

Fin went to get
her medical records.

What have you
dug up on the doc?

No dirt, per se, yet,
but listen to this.

Turns out he works two days a
week at a place called Diotyne.

Bio-tech company.

What does he
do there?

Parkinson's research.

Well, it make sense.
He's a neurologist.

medical files?

No record of an abortion
and the only operation

was for an ovarian cyst
removed four months ago.

Time frame fits
with the scarring.

Guess who the OBIGYN was.

Dr. Garrison.

That's the same woman Mandell
brought in to abort Stephanie.

I think it's time we
invite her in for a chat.

Tried, she wasn't
at the hospital.

She works for some
research lab called...


How do you know?

Just a crazy hunch.

My relationship with Dr.
Mandell is none of your business.

He's in a lot of trouble, Dr.
Garrison. And he's dragged you into it.

Dr. Mandell hasn't
dragged me into anything.

You're awfully

How's it work? He rapes 'em, you scrape 'em?

He's not a rapist.

As I explained, Stephanie's
life was, and is, at risk.

And what about
Audrey Logan?

You did a good job
removing her cyst.

Didn't even leave
a scar on her ovary.

But you did leave
one on her uterus.

How do you
explain that?

It's not what you think.

Oh, yeah,
what is it?

Bureaucratic roadblocks.

When Bush limited stem cell research
to cell lines already established,

he essentially shut
down Graham's work.

What does that have to do with
Stephanie Rawley and Audrey Logan?


He lost his federal funding and
we had to turn to private sources.

Which is legal, but unfortunately
has strings attached.

What are you
talking about?

Do you know who
Davis Langley is?

The software magnate?

He put up all the money.

I could have stopped him but
this is for the greater good.

Where's the greater
good in rape?

They weren't raped.

They were inseminated.

Stephanie's parents
signed a blanket consent.

Did it mention insemination
in the fine print?

It covered
experimental procedures.

I've done everything conceivable
to bring her out of the coma.

This wasn't for her. It was
for an old, sick billionaire.

I have done nothing wrong.

I didn't profit
from this in any way.

We'll be checking
your financials.

Look, do you have any idea
what Parkinson's does to a body?

Any idea?

I watched my

father slowly deteriorate
and then die from the disease.

I couldn't do
a thing to stop it.

Being a doctor, that must have
been very frustrating for you.

It's why I became
a neurologist.

I didn't want to see anybody
else suffer the way he did.

I was just trying
to help Mr. Langley.

But the hell with Audrey
and Stephanie, right?

Don't you get it?

Medical advances
have a price.

Now, the first ten bone marrow
transplants ended in death.

Now if we'd given up, thousands
of people would have died.

Like they'll go on
dying from Parkinson's

if you stop me
from doing my job.

Don't you get it?

You're going to jail.

I haven't broken
any laws.

You impregnated two girls
against their will.

What will? They barely have a pulse.

Audrey is in no worse condition
now than she was before.

And I could have said the same about
Stephanie if you hadn't stopped the procedure.

Oh, so now it's our fault.

All I needed was a genetic
match for the stem cells

to be implanted into
Mr. Langley's brain.

It's still experimental,
but it's his only hope.

Sorry to keep you waiting.

I'm Milton Schoenfeld,
Mr. Langley's attorney.

Well, since we're whipping them out, this
is Alex Cabot, Assistant District Attorney.

What can I do for you?

Well, for starters,
you can produce your client.

Anything you have to say to
Mr. Langley, you can say to me.

If there's anything of
interest, I'll pass it along.

Of interest?

How about paying a woman
to be forcibly impregnated?

Then conspiring to abort the fetus
and play Frankenstein with the parts.

Mr. Langley is not a doctor,
although he has consulted

several regarding
his condition.

He can't be held responsible if
any laws were broken by one of them

without his knowledge.

Right, he had no idea why
he was jerking off into a cup.

He's given countless specimens.
Blood, urine, tissue...

He couldn't tell you what
was done with those, either.

So he wouldn't have any trouble
testifying against Dr. Mandell.

I'm afraid his failing
health would prohibit that.

Oh, that's too bad,

because if there's one place you don't
want to be when you're sick, it's Attica.

My client has done nothing illegal,
so good luck getting an indictment.

don't bother us again.

Alex. Hey,
how'd it go?

The grand jury gave me both
doctors, but no-billed Langley.

Did they see the three million
dollar check he wrote to Diotyne?

As a perfectly
legal donation.

That was payment
for stolen goods.

It doesn't even meet
the burden for a felony.

Because it's illegal
to buy and sell body parts,

by law they have
no monetary value.

You mean, I could go to jail
for stealing a toaster,

but not for stealing
a woman's eggs?

Unfortunately, the law hasn't
quite caught up to the technology.

Well, what if Dr. Mandell's theory is right

and the procurement of genetically
matched stem cells is the answer?

Does that up
the ethical dilemma?

Mandell and Garrison essentially
raped a woman with a turkey baster.

So, you've got aggravated sex abuse one.

Well, that's what I'm going for, but
they're gonna argue no sexual gratification.

Every jury has a mother, a daughter
or a sister. Play the emotion card.

Mrs. Rawley,
take your time.

Stephanie's been in a coma...

It'll be 14 months
next Tuesday.

And during that time, has she
ever regained consciousness?

No. She's on life support.

Machines constantly
monitor her vital signs,

so there would be a record if she
had ever woken up, even momentarily?

Oh, yes.
That hasn't happened. Yet.

So there is no way she could have
consented to being impregnated

and then having her fetus aborted by
Dr. Mandell's experimental procedure.

Absolutely not.

And she would never have agreed
to that, under any circumstances.

Do you ever
visit your daughter?

Every day.

I talk to her, read to her,

when her lips are chapped, I

put ice chips on them.

But if Stephanie can't
communicate with you,

or with anyone else
for that matter,

why do you put
yourself through it?

Because I know she's still
in there somewhere.

People wake up from comas all
the time, sometimes after years.

And I'm going to be
there when she does.

Thank you.

Your daughter was
a very pretty girl.

She still is.

Kind person?

Ask anyone who
ever met her.

Sweetest girl
in the world.

What did she
do for a living?

She graduated with honors,
she could've done anything,

but she chose to work with
special needs children.

I have a copy of her
driver's license here.

She was an organ donor?


She intended to spend the rest of
her life, and after, helping people.


So, would it be fair to say,

considering her

she might have
chosen to contribute

any way she could to help
the suffering of millions?

Stephanie loved children.

How dare you imply that she would
have created a life just to have it

destroyed by that monster.

We trusted you.

You promised you would do
everything you could for her.

Your job was to help Stephanie,
not use her as a human petrie dish!

What good could possibly have come
from this experimental procedure?

To start with,
the cure of Parkinson's.

From there,
treatment for Alzheimer's,

spinal cord injuries,
heart disease, diabetes.


Well, I'm afraid
it's quite involved.

It's a culmination of 15
years of my own research,

not to mention a century of
experimentation by countless others.

In a nutshell?

The Holy Grail of medical
research. Embryonic stem cells.

Now, unlike adult cells,
they have a


In layman's terms?

Well, these cells haven't decided
what they're going to become yet.

Meaning we can coax them to
grow into any cell type we need.

In the case
of Parkinson's?

The brain must produce dopamine
to control muscle movement.

In Parkinson's, the basal ganglia
cells which produce this chemical

start to degenerate and die.

And it's our hope to finally
replace these damaged neural cells.

Thank you.

Mandell actually took the
stand in his own defense?

He still doesn't think
he did anything wrong.

So he hung himself.

Not if he reaches
even one juror

whose parent is dying from
Parkinson's or Alzheimer's.

Well, they have no choice
if you made your case.

He lost a lot of ground when he
admitted he tried to abort Stephanie.

And I still
have my summation.

I'm afraid there's going to
be a slight delay on that.

Sorry for the late notice, but
this witness just became available.

Who is it?

Well, he was too
sick to testify for us,

but it looks like
Davis Langley has made

a miraculous recovery
for the defense.

At the start it was
just my right hand.

My hand, it was ice cold all the time.

Then, my arm

stopped swinging when I walked and that was

six years ago.

Now, I...

I can't even
brush my own teeth.

I can't button
my shirt.

I can't control
my bowels.

I piss in this bag,
for God's sake.

I choke on my food.

I'm even afraid to
take a drink of water

because usually it
goes down the wrong pipe

and causes havoc
in my lungs.

I've had
pneumonia three times.

And why did you choose to come
forward today, Mr. Langley?

Because they're
prosecuting the wrong man.

Dr. Mandell fought
me tooth and nail.

He made it perfectly clear
that they had some success

with animal trials but they
were years away from humans.

Why would you
put yourself at risk?

I haven't got five more years
to wait for government approval.

At this point, I don't think
I've got five months.

Thank you.

Mr. Langley,

were you aware how Dr. Mandell
attempted to procure stem cells for you?

Actually, it was my idea.

I wasn't aware you had a
medical degree, Mr. Langley.

I don't,

but I read everything there
is out there about the subject.

If they could create

a picture-perfect
genetically matched cell,

they could up the odds.

So, who cares if a comatose woman
is violated in the name of science?

No, no.

My sympathy
to the family, but

their beautiful daughter
left this earth a year ago.

But out of their tragedy
could come a gift of life

for many, many others.

You have all the money in the
world. Why not hire a surrogate?

Well, it's one thing to
carry a baby for someone else,

it's quite another
to do what we needed.

I couldn't ask any woman to
knowingly carry that burden.

Mr. Langley, are you aware
that you have just confessed

to being a co-conspirator
in this crime?

Young lady, look at me.

Prison couldn't compare
with what I'm facing now.

Even if it's
too late for me,

it could end up
helping millions.

I'm willing to
be the guinea pig.

Please, let me
make it happen.


Verdict came in.

No. They did not let 'em off.

Slaps on the wrist.

The only charge I got a guilty
on was the straight battery.

They tried to
steal a human fetus.

A guy in Jersey got 10 years
for selling stolen horse sperm.

Got no priors, there's a chance
Mandell won't even see jail time.

There's just no precedent
for this kind of case yet.

Mrs. Rawley, I am so sorry
I could not do more.

You okay? Can I get you something?

You have got
to stop him.

Stop who?

Davis Langley just filed
for custody of the baby.

He wants to take my
grandchild away from me.

He can't do that, can he?

His attorney says he is
the biological father,

that you just established
that for him in court.

And he says that
biology always wins.

Mrs. Rawley,
let's have a seat.

Let's just calm down for a
second, come on over here.

I don't get it.

Why would Davis Langley
want custody of that baby?



If he's granted custody, along with
the baby comes the umbilical cord.

I've cut four of them, it's not exactly
something you save for the scrapbook.

Cord blood is chock
full of stem cells.

Half of which will be his
perfect genetic match.