Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 4, Episode 7 - Dolls - full transcript

When the decomposing body of a sexually molested five-year-old girl is discovered, Detectives Benson and Stabler's investigation leads them to the painful reality that they are searching for a serial pedophile as they race to save the life of his latest victim. As the mother of the missing girl frantically awaits news of her daughter's whereabouts, she must reconcile with the fact that her own recent bout with addiction may have played a part in her daughter's fate.

In the criminal justice system

sexually based offenses are
considered especially heinous.

In New York City,
the dedicated detectives

who investigate
these vicious felonies

are members of an elite squad

known as
the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

My girlfriend, she hates
that I do this.

She wants me
to quit.

MAN 2:
She won't complain when you
find her that diamond ring.

Could that happen?

Oh, man, you wouldn't believe
the stuff folks throw away.

Oh! Oh, what
the hell is that?

I don't smell nothing.

Oh, man, you're crazy.

That thing stinks.

It may smell bad,
but the pay is good.

Not good enough.

Break up that mass

before it jams
the grinder.

The damn thing's stuck.

(machine stops)

Let me see that.

Is that a hand?

Holy mother of God.

ME says she's five,
maybe six years old.

Raped and murdered.

Came in with
a load of garbage.

Where from?

Commercial Dumpster.

Half the carting companies
in the city off-load here.

Is there any way to tell which
truck brought the body in?

Plant manager says

they get more than
100 trucks in here everyday

and they all dump in one heap
that feeds into the maw.

(clears throat)

You see everything
on that belt?

Yeah, what about it?

Once the ME's done, I want you
to bag up everything on it.


Cause of death was
ligature strangulation.

And the sexual

Injuries to the genitalia
show no signs of healing.

Raped close to the time of death

but that was a while ago.

Her skin
is shriveled.



The body was stored
before it was dumped.

I'll know more
after an autopsy.

It's going to be
tough to make an ID

with her face
damaged like that.


Probably from
the garbage truck blades.

She was a fighter.

Take a look at this.

of blond hair.

Maybe she got
a piece of him.

I sure hope so.

Tell me you've got his DNA.

Sorry, the blond hairs
that were found in her hand

turned out
to be synthetic.

From a wig?


I'm sending the fibers
over to the lab

to be checked
against the FBI database.

We at least know
how long ago she died?

Based on the insect

I'd say between
six and eight weeks ago.

Judging from the mummification

the body was kept
in a cool place.

Can we get an ID
from the dental records?

I doubt it.
Look at this.

There's so much
tooth decay

it's unlikely
she ever saw a dentist.

We'll definitely need
a facial reconstruction.

I'll send
the body

to our forensic anthropologist.

He'll also try
to raise fingerprints.

So that's it?

Except for a few details
that'll break your heart.

of her front teeth

suggest she sucked
her thumb.

And she liked jumping rope.

How'd you
get that?

The scuffed toes.

I ruined enough pairs
when I was her age.

A five-year-old kid

disappears and
nobody reports it?

I checked her dental X rays
against every missing

five to seven year old
African-American girl in the

No match.

Someone snatches your kid,
you call 911.

Unless you don't want anybody
to know that your kid's gone.

So we're thinking
this girl was raped

and killed
in her own home?

Perp is a parent, explains
why there's no report.

And if she's not in school,
she's a perfect victim.

Nobody outside the family
would even know she's missing.

We don't even know where
she's missing from.

The garbage
might tell us.

Lab should have
gone through it by now.

Olivia, Elliot...

quicker we get her
picture out there

quicker somebody
recognizes her.

Meet Cherish Doe.

What? Jane Doe's
not good enough?

Mmm, it's too impersonal.

Cute little girl with braids
deserves something better.

Don't you think?

Femur length, plus the lack
of epiphyseal plate fusion

I'd say Cherish
can't be more than six.

So were we able
to get prints?

Still working on it.

Do you
want to share?

The finger tips
were too shriveled...

So you cut
her hands off.

I disarticulated

They're soaking
in embalming fluid

to reinflate the tissue.

Hopefully enough
to roll a print.

You guys owe me big time.

Find an address
in all that swill?

No, but I did find
an unusual amount

of fast food wrappers,
coffee cups, fish scraps

and stained
cotton balls.

Cotton balls?

From a nail salon.

Which apparently
shares a Dumpster

with a burger joint,
a coffee shop and a fish market.

That leaves, what?

Only a couple dozen places
for us to check out?

How many city blocks
we going to have to walk?

None, if you can manage

to drag your asses
over to the computer.

I plugged your coffee shops

burger joints, fish markets
and nail salons

into the zoning and business
permit databases.

You still think Big Brother
isn't watching us?

Now we eliminate areas
where all the variables

don't coexist
in close proximity...

Well the garbage
plant's way uptown

and the manager says
they only pick up Dumpsters

north of 96th Street.

No problem.

In goes the information...

and out comes one location,
123rd and Lenox.

There we go.


Burger Land, nail salon.

There's Letty's Coffee Shop,
back of the fish market...

Why do we always get
the trash details?

'Cause we're the right men
for the job.

Plus we got the will
and we got the skill.

Bloody bed sheet.

You think the bastard
wrapped her body in it?


All those windows up there,
maybe somebody saw.

CSU have any luck
with the Dumpster?

Blood type on
the bed sheets

matched the victim,
that's it.

Nothing on
the canvass, either.

Maybe our karma will improve
once we get these on the street.

Police today are searching
for the killer..

Looks like somebody
beat us to it.

...found in this Upper Manhattan
garbage plant.

The only clue
to the killer's identity--

long blond hairs
found in the victim's

lifeless grasp.

How the hell
they'd get that?

Somebody gave
them the fiber.

That detail was
our hold-back.

Now when every nut in town
starts making false confessions

we got no way
to screen them out.

We must have passed out
a couple hundred flyers

recognized her.

Are we wrong thinking
she's from the neighborhood?

Maybe he is.

He stored her body
for a month or two

he dumps her in a place
close to his house.

I mean, where's
he going to go with her?

Sounds like he's in
his comfort zone.

Paroled sex offenders?

We checked.

No pedophiles
registered in the area.

Who says he's registered?

We don't even know
if the perp's a stranger

or the little girls' parent.

Or some

wearing a blond wig.

We canvassed.

Nobody remembers
seeing a little black girl

with a guy with blond hair.

Well I guess that leak
to the media paid off.

Community relations
just called.

There's a candlelight vigil
tonight for Cherish Doe.

How many times have
we collared predators

at their victim's

Let's flush him out.

Make sure he sees us,
maybe we'll see him.

Cherish Doe...

we gather here
to remember you.

A sweet innocent child
stolen from life too soon.

We stand here tonight
as your family

until your own family
is found.

It's all clear over here.

Nothing on this side.

... not rest until
justice is done.

I call upon you to search
your memory and your conscience.

Anything you recall
will be welcomed by the police.

Thank you for your support.

We need every single lead

that you can provide.

Now, if you recognize
Cherish Doe, please call us.

NYPD has set up
a confidential tip line.

Now we don't need your names,
but we do need your information.

You get anything yet?

So far no hits on the facial
recognition software.

What's your

All known sex offenders

whose victims
were under ten.

Huang's suggestion.

Yeah, but there's no guarantee
his mug shot's in there.

I mean some guys
molest dozens of kids

before they're caught.

Your positive attitude's
a real joy.

What's up with that
lady in the blue?

Why's she looking
around like that?

Zoom in on that lady
right there.

Got her.

Something ain't right.

I'll be right back.

Cherish Doe, you walked
among us as a stranger...

Detective Tutuola.
Can I help you?

I can't find
my daughter?

Okay, let's go
to the front

and make a missing child

No, I don't mean here.
Not tonight.


I don't know when.
I'm not sure when.

Okay, what's your name?

Violet Tremain.

I saw Cherish Doe on the news.

I had to come here to...

She may be my,
my little girl.

She looks just like my Nina.

I just came back tonight.

I was gone
for five months upstate.

Doing time?


I was in rehab.

I'm not a crack addict,
if that's what you think.

I'm a painter.

And I do graphic design
to pay the bills...

I'm not judging you.

We were in a car accident.

My husband, Nina's father,
was killed and...

I, uh... messed up my back

and I couldn't work without
pain killers and I got hooked

but I'm clean now
for four months.

ACS took your daughter away.

I knew if I put

Nina in foster care,
I might not get her back.

So, I left her with a neighbor.

That shows a lot of trust

to leave your daughter
with a neighbor.

Mrs. Hawkins was like
a grandmother to Nina.

She watched her ever
since she was a baby

and never took a penny.

She loved Nina.

You check
in on her?

I couldn't call from rehab,
so I wrote letters.

I started to worry when a letter
I sent last week was returned.

And then
I saw the news.

And you checked out of rehab.

No, I just left.

I called Mrs. Hawkins.

The phone was disconnected.

I called another neighbor,
she said Mrs. Hawkins was dead.

She'd passed away six weeks ago

and no one knew
what happened to Nina.

Sit down.

You got to tell me
more about Nina.

How old is she?

She's five.

Her birthday was last month.

She's smart.

She can't wait to start school.

She's... playing all the time.

The child has a lot of energy.

She like to jump rope?

All the time.

What about the dentist?

When was her last checkup?

Couple of years.

I freelance

and my husband didn't, uh, he
didn't have dental insurance.

It's my Nina, isn't it?

We don't know that for sure.

Well, I have to see her.

No, no. No sense

in getting ahead
of ourselves, okay?

Somebody probably
took her in

and didn't know how
to get in touch with you.

Then we have to look for her.

It's after 12:00.

There's nothing
we can do right now.

How can I get in touch
with you tomorrow?

I don't know.

I haven't figured that out yet.

Don't worry.

I'll take care of that.

telling the truth.

Junkies lie all the time.

Your words.

You didn't talk to her.

Then let her see the body.

The child had no face.

No mother can
handle that.

Sounds like you're lacking
a little objectivity.

Why, because I'm not handling
things your way?

The Department doesn't
have a budget for
Violet's hotel room.

You're paying for
it, aren't you?

So what?

Well, I guess she
is kind of cute.

Look, somebody knows who took
Nina after Mrs. Hawkins dies.

We've got to canvass
the neighborhood.

Let's go.

I still think you ought
to let her view the body.

Are you coming or what?

How do you
even know

she has a kid?

Maybe she's using Cherish Doe
for a handout.

I pulled the birth certificate
myself, so back off.

Lover's quarrel?

Gonna be
a domestic dispute

if Munch don't get
out of my face.

Look, why don't Fin and I go
canvass Mrs. Hawkins' building?

Good idea.

We got dozens of new leads
in last night.

Munch and I will prioritize them
and assign them out.

Come on, let's go.

Old lady died a month
and a half ago

heart attack on her way home
from the market.

Nina with her?

Smart little girl--
called 911 from a pay phone.

Here it is-- 3B.

Who cleaned this place out?

Salvation Army.

You called them?

Mrs. Hawkins' daughter did.

Said everything
in here was junk.

Told me to let them in.

Okay, and what
about Nina?

Did Mrs. Hawkins'
daughter take her?

She said just because
her mama took in strays

didn't mean she had to.

Said the child
was my problem.

You try to reach
Nina's mother?

Violet never said
where she was going.

What could I do?

Had to send her

to Child Welfare.

Hope for the best.

All Nina could tell me
was that her mother went away.

Mrs. Tremain didn't leave
any names or phone numbers

of any of her relatives.

Under the circumstances

we had to classify Nina
as an abandoned child.

Nina's mother didn't
abandon her.

She voluntarily entered
into a rehab program.

Well, then she should
have come to us

instead of leaving her child

with an elderly neighbor
in failing health.

We could have placed
Nina voluntarily

while Violet was away.

Your agency doesn't
always make it easy

for parents to get
their children back.

Well, children are often
better off in foster care

then they are being
raised by addicts.

Violet's cleaned up and
wants her daughter back.

Yeah, well, that's

for the courts to decide.

Mrs. Tremain's going
to have to prove

that she can provide
a stable home environment

before we can release Nina.

Where's Nina living?

I won't release that information

if you're planning
to take the mother

on an unauthorized
home visit.

You see the resemblance
to Nina Tremain?

This little girl was raped

murdered and tossed
in a Dumpster.

Don't get in my way, lady.

I... I placed her
with Thelma Price.

Mrs. Price?


I'm Detective Benson.

This is Detective Tutuola.

We'd like to talk to you
about Nina Tremain.

She's not here.

Where is she?

I don't know.
Ask Children Services.

They said that they
placed her with you.

You don't believe me?

Take a look.

That child was nothing
but trouble--

hyperactive, no manners,
always making a mess.

Well, when did they
take her?

Must have been
over a month ago.

Then why did
Nina's caseworker

tell us you had her?

Hell if I know.

That woman is lazy.

Never makes a home visit.

Well, I find it hard to believe

Mrs. Preston would forget
to tell us she took Nina.

She didn't take her.

It was some white guy

with dark hair.

Did you get his name?

Told you

it was a month ago.

Expect me to remember that?

When was the last time
you saw Nina Tremain?

I'm going to have
to check the file.

You got a memory problem?

I think it was
last week.

Wrong answer.

It's possible
that I missed a visit.

Or more than one.

Even if I did, it's
hardly a police matter.

Wrong again.

Well, when you can't
make a visit

you ever send a colleague
to cover? A guy maybe?

No, never.

Then can you explain
why your records say

that you visited her
last Tuesday

and Thelma Price
says you didn't?

That woman's a liar.

You're a liar, lady.

I want my union rep.

Well, why don't you
tell your union rep

that Nina Tremain
is missing

and that you haven't
seen her in six weeks?

You were responsible
for this child's safety

and you didn't even
bother to check on her.

This is not my fault.

Whose fault is it?

Do you know what my job is like?

How big of a caseload I have?

There's no way
I can see every child.

Looking for sympathy, you're
barking up the wrong tree.

Thelma Price was
a good foster mother.

I thought Nina
would be all right.

How could they let
someone just walk off

with my child?

We don't know, but we're doing
everything we can to find him.

Now, I need your help.


Do you have something
with Nina's fingerprints on it?

We draw together all the time.

I keep her pictures with me.

Guess it's like having her here.

Please be careful.

They're all I have.

I'll take good care
of them, I promise.

Violet, is this
Nina's handprint?


We made that together
last Thanksgiving.

Mother authenticates that
it's the child's handprint.

Will it work?

Let's see.

sent the hand over.

It's finally ready to print.

Couldn't ask for better.

If people did their jobs,
this wouldn't have happened.

Sorry, guys.
Prints don't match.

You're sure.

Not even close.

So, Nina's not the dead girl.

Nina Tremain
might still be alive.

Two little girls,
look like sisters

from the same neighborhood--
tell me that's a coincidence.

Same guy that killed Cherish
might have Nina.

Are we sure it's
the same guy?

He's got dark hair
when he took Nina

and a blond wig
when he killed Cherish.

Well, maybe he played dress-up
before he killed her.

Maybe it's not even a blond wig
we're looking for.

Well, I got to tell Violet that
Cherish Doe isn't her daughter.

Cherish's real name
is Susie Marshall.

How'd you get that?

Computer kicked out a match
to a KidPrint card on file.

Grandmother had her printed
during Safety Week.

I always thought
this day would come.

But not to hear
my grandbaby is dead.

Thought it would be Ronnie.


My daughter-- the junkie.

That's why you were
taking care of Susie?

Ronnie'd ask me
to baby-sit her for a night

and disappear for months.

Then she'd come home,
clean and sober and...

beg me to give Susie back.

And this last time,
I agreed because I thought

that Ronnie had finally
straightened herself out.

When did you last see
your granddaughter?

About five or
six months ago.

Weren't you worried
because it had been so long?


I was relieved.

Ronnie came by and told me

that a man from Child Welfare
had taken her away.

Perfect stranger
shows up at your door

says he's a
social worker

and you just turn
over your kid

without a second

Predator profiles
his victims.

The kids come from
a chaotic household.

He knows they're not
going to question him.

Posing as a social worker

is a perfect cover.

Well, that's
true for Nina

but ACS has
no record

of contacting
Susie Marshall
or her mother.

There's got to be
another connection.

Well, take your pick.

Our perv either knows the kids
or their mothers.

What do we know
about the fathers?

Well, we know

Nina's father is dead

and Susie's father went back
to Jamaica.

We got a rap sheet
on Ronnie Marshall yet?

String of arrests

collar for shoplifting
three years ago.

Last known whereabouts,
strung out on the street.

Then we got to go back

to Violet.

Show her pictures
of Ronnie and Susie.

Maybe she can connect the dots.

I'd remember this girl.

She looks just like my Nina.

I'm sorry.

How about this woman?

That scar--

I've seen her before.

An N. A. meeting.

I remember thinking
someone cut up her face.

Which N. A. meetings
did you go to?

5:00 at the Community Center.

St. Virgil's on Tuesdays.

A few others
when the urge hit.

Well, the whole point of N. A.
is total confidentiality.

It's first names only.

They're not going
to talk to us.

Bet they'd talk to you.

What do you mean?

I mean, your story

might convince a 12-stepper
to open up.

You in?

What's he doing?

I'd do anything
to get my baby back.

(tap on glass)

Whatever it takes
to find Nina.

I'll do anything
I can to help

but I'm not going
to put a civilian

in the middle
of a criminal investigation.

Whatever you're
thinking, don't.

Violet's our only way in.

Violet would be
acting as an agent
of the police.

Any evidence she
obtains could be
excluded in court.

We're not looking
for evidence, Counselor.

We're looking for a lead.

Nina Tremain might still
be alive.

We're talking

about violating
the confidentiality

of a drug
treatment program.

Alex, I tell people in AA things

I wouldn't want my best friend
to know.

Now, I'd be the first
to agree with you

but I don't see
how making an
appeal could hurt.

I would prefer
to get the information

through legal channels.

I'll get a subpoena.

For what?

N. A. doesn't
keep membership
lists or records.

You want to
tell that woman

you care more about the law

than the life of her child?

She's living a
parent's worst

You think

I really had
to run a number on her?

All right

but the only way
we do this is the right way.

Open meetings only.

Disclose your presence,
and don't let Violet

out of your

The Ninth Step says

we have to
make amends

to those harmed
by our addiction.

Well, I...

I harmed my baby.

Because I got high,
I couldn't take care of Nina

and some monster kidnapped her.

I have to find
Ronnie Marshall.

I think she's been here before

and she might
have some information.

Ain't that against
the rules?

The only way I can
get my little girl back

is with your help.

I have to find Ronnie.

This is her picture.

The same freak who stole my
Nina murdered her daughter.

Time is running out.

If you know anything

I'm begging you to tell me.

Hey, what's the rush?

None of your business.

Look, trust me,
it's my business.

I got nothing to say.

Then why are
you running

like a little
scared rabbit?

I don't know nothing
about no missing kids.

But you do know
Ronnie Marshall.

I don't have
to tell you anything.

I respect people's

How about respect
for the dead?

You think
Ronnie wants

to attend her own
daughter's funeral?

This is for real?

It's not a scam?

Got my word.

I don't know, man.

People won't trust me
if I talk to a cop.

We never talked.

A place Ronnie and I used
to get high--

The Starlite Lounge.

Oh, yeah.

Ronnie used to come in.

Used to?

A while back.

I threw her out
for shooting
up in the can.

Haven't seen
her since.

Well, do you
know where we
can find her?

I don't get personal
with the customers.

They pay, they drink,
they leave.

Any customers talk to Ronnie?

Only guys who
were drunk enough

to think she
looked good.

She'd go with
a leper for the
price of a fix.

Well, any lepers around here?


Hey, Pat...

you banged that
skanky chick
once, right?

Ronnie? The one
with the scar?

Oh, don't
remind me.

This bitch
boosted my

You go to her place?

Woman's shelter
don't allow guests.

We did it in
the alley.

You know which shelter?

You see Ronnie


Wait. There she is.

This is Ronnie.

Ronnie Marshall?

Mmm. Leave me alone.

I have a couple more hours.

Wake up, Ronnie.

Who the hell are you?

I'm a cop.

I didn't do nothing.

Who's she?

I'm Violet.

I'm looking for my daughter

and I need your help.

Costs you 20 bucks.

I'll help you
all you want.

We got no time for games.

We think the same man

took your

No. A social worker
took my baby.

That man wasn't a social worker.

Hmm. Oh, no?


Who was he?

Okay, I'm sorry, but...

Susie's dead.

We found her body
two days ago.

She's better off.

That's how much you care
about your little girl?

Come on, get up.

Come on, let's go.

Look like crap, Ronnie.

When you going to
let me out of here?

Orange juice.

You're going to need it.

What do you
want from me?

Description of the man
who took Susie

for a sketch artist.

I can't remember
back that far.

Can I go now, huh?

Look, I found your works.

If you don't cooperate,
I'm going to bust you.

What is your problem?

Your daughter's dead

and there's not one cell
in your junkie body

that gives a damn.

That man who took

my daughter was right.

I'm not fit to be a mom.

Susie deserved more than... me.

Now she's gone

and there's nothing
that I can do

that's going to change that.

You could help us
save this other little girl.

Make it right for Susie.

We got to get a description
of this guy.

You can do this.


Thelma, Ronnie worked this up
with a sketch artist.

Does this look like
the man who took Nina?

That's him.

There's got to be a connection

between this guy
and the three of you.

So, both Ronnie and
Violet went to the
same N. A. meeting.

Thelma, have you
ever been to one?


Maybe it wasn't
the meetings

but where they were held.

Ronnie and I both went
to St. Virgil's.

You go to that
church, Thelma?
No. First Baptist.

How about Haven House?

Never been there.

Ronnie, can
you think

of anyplace else,
anywhere at all?

Mmm, not really.

Come on, think.

Where did this guy see you?

Um, maybe at the Community
Center on Eighth Ave.

I stopped in there

a couple times.

I go there for Bingo Night.

Nina liked their playroom.

Oh, God.

I went to meetings there.

I took Nina with me.

Oh, he cut his hair

and shaved his beard

and he never
wore glasses

but it could be
Terry Jessup.

Who's that?

He worked here. Quit
a few months ago.

How long have
you known him?

Oh, most of his life.

He's a local kid.

Just about grew up here.

Had a mother who's unstable.

Went on and off
her meds.

ACS ever remove him?

Well, we called
them several times.

Once when he had
a terrible burn
on his hand.

But, you know,
he told them it
was an accident.

What did Terry do here?

Cleaned up.

You know, took
out the trash.

Small repairs.

He used to fix the broken toys.

That was his real passion.

So, he was around the kids?

He had quite a doll collection.

He loved showing it to them.

Strange hobby for an adult man,
collecting dolls.

He inherited them
from his mother.

Terry called
them his legacy.

We're going to need
to talk to Terry.

Um, do you have an address
for him?

I can't imagine
that Terry's

in trouble
with the police.

Do you recognize
this little girl?

That's Cherish Doe,
from the news.

Her real name is Susie Marshall

and the other one is
Nina Tremain.

Oh, my God.

You do recognize them?

Just to say hi.

I can't believe it.

You ever see Terry
around either one of them?

No, but he did pay
special attention

to the kids with
tough home lives.

He said that they
needed extra love.

Damn it!

We're too late.

Here we go.

Paper's three months old.

Jessup must have
taken off after he
kidnapped Susie.

He's got to have another place

where he stashed Susie's body
before he dumped her.

Got something over here.


Susie Marshall.

Yeah. Dressed up
like a little doll.

Dolls are idealized

of men and women.

They're pure, perfect
and sexless.

Terry Jessup
is like a child

who uses dolls
to act out his fantasies.

But he's a grown man
and his fantasies are sexual.

And he feels guilty

about being attracted
to children

and so he turn them
into dolls.

Which works
for a while...

Until he gives in, he
has sex with the doll

but then it's not a doll
anymore, so he kills it.

Why stash the body?

Again, out of guilt.

And then when he finds
a new playmate

he just discards the last one.

Talked to your friend
at Bellevue.

Got me the psych records
on Jessup's mother.

Diagnosed with severe depression

with intermittent bouts
of mania.

She'd go around having sex
with dozens of men

then go on these spending sprees
buying nothing but dolls.

Give you anything
on Jessup?

Well, the shrink
said that she

was intermittently
abusive and seductive
towards him.

Perfect way to raise
a serial killer.

I talked to a couple
of Jessup's neighbors.

Stress of his mother's death
a year ago

pushed him over the edge.

He became reclusive
and explosive.

I just got off with CSU.

No forensic evidence
either Nina or Susie

were in Jessup's apartment.

Well, to keep
the girls prisoner

Jessup would've needed
privacy and isolation.

He snatched both girls
in the hood

dumped Susie back there.

If he's following a pattern,
Nina's got to be nearby.

Check this out.

Moving in?

My own doll collection.

The fibers came from
a Madame Charlotte doll.

Very exclusive.

Well, how exclusive
is their distribution?

Only three stores in the city.

Sure, I've known Terry Jessup
for years.

Not a lot of guys
are into collecting

but his money's good.

When's the last time
you saw him?

A couple of months ago.

He came in to buy the
new Princess Alexis.

Craftsmanship, that's
what Terry cares about.

Only perfect dolls
in mint condition.

We need an address
for him.

I send mailings to
preferred customers

whenever a new Madame Charlotte
comes out.

Here we go.

"2555 Eighth Avenue."

That's his
old apartment.

Avid collector like Terry

surely he sent you
a change of address.

But he called a
couple of weeks ago.

He ordered a Virginia Belle.

Left a number for me to call
when it came in.

917 area. Cell phone.

Call Terry and tell him
his order came in.

Terry, I'm sorry.

(sotto voce):
He just came in.

What's wrong?

After I called you,
I opened the box.

The shipment was damaged.

Would you take
a Princess Renee instead?

You know I don't
collect Renees.

The workmanship's shoddy.

How about a
50th anniversary

Nicolette, limited edition?

Okay, but I still want
the Virginia Belle.

Promise I'll
call you.


He's on the move.

Let me see your hands!

Don't hurt me.

Don't move!

Where is she,

On your knees.

Nina Tremain,
where is she?!

Tell us where Nina is
before I take

your punk ass head off.

I don't know.
Hey, Terry.

where's the top sheet?

Did you use it to wrap up
Susie Marshall's body?


(glass shattering)

Please don't hurt my dolls.

Please, don't.

Tell us where Nina is!

She's not here.

Get his ass up.

We ran line-ups.

We got positive IDs
from Thelma Price
and Ronnie.

Nice job.

I don't need a
confession to
win this case.

But we do need one
to find Nina Tremain.

Any chance she's
still alive?

Warner couldn't pin down

the exact time of death
for Susie.

All we know is that
he kept her breathing

between two
and four weeks.

And we're at the four week mark
with Nina right now.

If he killed her,
he'd be agitated.

He'd be on the prowl
for his next victim.

Instead, he's in there

sleeping like a baby.

You know what?

Why don't you all
take a little walk

while Terry and I
get better acquainted.

He's not going to respond
to threats.

He's very lonely.

Dolls and children
are his only companions.

He needs a friend.

Your dolls are beautiful.

I had lots of dolls
but never ones as nice as yours.

Girls are lucky.

They can play
with dolls.

Boys aren't
supposed to.

I had dolls.

You did?
What kind?

You know, G.I. Joe,

Those are
action figures.

Terry, I hear that your mother
started your doll collection.

She liked beautiful things.

I inherited them when she died.

And you love them very much.

They were her
most precious

And now they're mine.

She can't take them away
from me.

Your mother didn't want you
to have the dolls?

Well, she'd hit me
if I touched them.

She said that I'd break them.

"Boys are too rough.

Boys can't be trusted to handle
fragile things."

But sometimes, when
she was really happy

she let me dress them up.

I was very careful
not to break them.

I bet you take really good care
of those dolls.

And I hear that you fix them,

Yeah, I can fix anything.

I'm really good with my hands.

Man, that burn
must've hurt.

It was an accident.

Did your mother
do that?

She loved me.

But little boys
are wicked.

Little boys
need discipline.

But your mother had
no right to hurt you.


Little children deserve
to be loved.

Bad mothers shouldn't bring
little children into this world.

Did Susie Marshall
have a bad mother?

She was
a crack whore!

Susie was sad all the time.

I let her play with my dolls.

Is that why you
took her, Terry?

So she could
play with you?

In the Center,
she loved my dolls.

But then she didn't want
to play anymore.

She just wanted
to go home.

And that must've
made you mad.

She broke one of my dolls.

I told her not to.

I told her that she'd be sorry.

But she wouldn't listen.

That's when
Susie got hurt?

I don't want
to talk about it anymore.

Where did you
keep Susie?

I can't tell you.

Okay, Terry, okay.

Well, then, let's talk
about Nina.

Terry, Nina has
a good mother.

No, she doesn't.

I saw her leave Nina
with that evil woman.

I saw that woman yelling
at Nina.

Terry, Nina's mother came back.

She misses her and wants
to see her again.

I know what you're trying to do.

You're trying to trick me.

where is Nina?

Where is Nina?!

Where is she?

He's completely

Just give him
some time.

We don't have any time.

It's too late.

Detective Tutuola.


What are you
doing here?

Fin called me.

He told me that you have the man
who took Nina.

We have a suspect
in custody.

Who won't talk.

I've got to see him.

Give us a minute.

I thought we were working
this case together

and you called Violet
without telling me?

You got another way
to get Jessup to talk?

Putting Violet and Jessup
together is a bad idea.

She was strong enough
to go to those NA meetings.

We prep her correctly,
I know she can handle it.

Back me up, Doc.

Jessup thinks he's saving Nina
from an abusive parent.

If you challenge his delusion

he might break.

And if this doesn't work

the guilt will
destroy Violet's life.

A dead child's going

to destroy her even more.

Nina'a going to die
if we don't do something.

You sure
you can do this?


No matter
what he says

you have to
be stronger
than him.

I'm ready.

Hello, Terry.

Do you know who I am?

Nina's mom.

That's right.

My name is Violet.

You ran away.

Nina was so sad.

I was sad, too.

I missed her very much.

But I left to help Nina.

I was no good to her
the way I was.

That's why Violet
came back, Terry.

She came back for Nina.

Well, it's too late.


No, it's not.

Nina needs
her mother.

Make it right.

Nina's a good girl.

Yes, she is.

I'm a good mother.

Do you love her?


With her gone,
it's like a knife in my heart.

I have another place.

Bastard's playing us.

Maybe not.

Trap door. Elliot.


It's okay, baby.

It's okay, baby.

I'm a police officer.


I got you.
It's okay, baby.

You okay, baby?
Look at me.

Look at me, baby.


I'll get you out of here.

I want my mommy.

I'll take you home.

She'll be all right.


Thank you.

(wolf howling)