Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 4, Episode 6 - Angels - full transcript

The team is investigating the brutalized corpse of a nine year-old boy found in the luggage compartment of a city bus and are surprised to find another boy who is hiding out there. It seems that the two boys are linked. The boys are from Guatemala, the corpse is named Jose and the boy that was hiding is named Ernesto. They are part of an adoption program put together by a string of pedophiles who brings boys in from other countries, adopt them, and sell them as prostitutes. When one of the apparently ring leaders turns up dead, there are all kind of questions of who did it and why. Did Ernesto do it to protect Jose? This exposes the wider problem of this company, it's members, and how freely it is able to falsify and manipulate the system in order to make money from these boys.

In the criminal
justice system,

sexually based offenses are
considered especially heinous.

In New York City,

the dedicated detectives who
investigate these vicious felonies

are members of an elite squad
known as the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

What'd you do? Take a
detour through Staten Island?

Freaking construction
on the Van Wyck.

20 minutes at a dead stop.

Sorry for the delay, folks.

Customers ain't interested
in your problems.

Relax, everyone.

We'll be on our way quick if you load
up your luggage in an orderly fashion

and have your tickets ready.

What the hell?

Call 911.

JFK Terminal 5.

We got a body on the bus.
I'm a nurse.

Ma'am, please stand back.

Barely breathing,
no pulse.

Can anybody help
with CPR?

Detective Katie Moore.

Hello, Elliot.

My boss caught me
on my way into work,

told me to meet Queens
Special Victims out here.

Now, we got a kid
in a luggage compartment?

Dead kid now.

Hispanic male about nine or ten. Asphyxiated.

Any ID?

Nothing in his pockets.

How we doing?

Cherry red lips and discoloration
under his fingernails.

Probably carbon
monoxide poisoning.

Where's the sex crime?

I found blood and
fluids in his underwear.

He also has a two inch
laceration on his left arm

and fresh bruising on
his chest and back.

Somebody kicked
the crap out of this kid.

And you invited me
out here to Queens because...

I've been waiting for you to
ask me that for eight months.

Since we stuck you with that dead
hooker. Is this payback, Katie?

Bus came straight from the yard
in Manhattan. No stops, no pickups.

This poor kid was assaulted on
your turf, so he's all yours.

Log says bus 202
was out of service

from 11 last night
till 7 this morning.

Any chance the kid could have
sneaked on before it came back here?

No, we would have
found him.

Driver stays behind
to check every compartment,

all the seats, you know,
see if anything was left.

They got security at the front
gate. Any other way in here?

That's what I
wanted to show you.

You got yourself
a rat problem.

Tell me about it. Every time we fix
one of these, another one pops up.

We're constantly kicking out
street kids and hookers.

Looks like you caught a
piece of one right here.

The bus the kid was on, where
was it parked last night?

Over here.

The bus left for JFK
at seven this morning.

Liv, you got
a glove on you?

Here you go,
what did you find?

There's something
underneath the wheel.

Teddy bear.

It's not weathered.

That looks like
dried blood to me.

Maybe the cut
from the kids arm.

And there's
glass imbedded in it.

Hey, you have any broken
windows on the lot this morning?

Yeah, well, we haven't had
much of a problem with vandalism

ever since the insurance company
made us put in security cameras.

Okay, we'll need to take a
look at last night's tapes.


11:47. There.

Walking along the fence.

The victim's holding hands
with this older kid.

What's he
holding right there?

Teddy bear. We found one
of those at the bus depot.

There goes his shirt.

You know, the victim doesn't look
like he's being forced. Run it back.

Who is this
older kid, anyway?

Could be his brother.

Or the perp tricks the victim into
following him, rapes him in the yard,

then locks him in
the luggage compartment.

Yeah, but the DOA was clean. If
he'd been sodomized in that yard,

you'd expect to find abrasions on his
hands, his knees, I mean, somewhere.

Could have happened
on another bus.

In which case our already
contaminated crime scene

may be on its way to
one of the airports.

Along with our perp.

I'll call the bus company
and the Port Authority cops,

have them put out alerts.

What about missing persons?

Olivia's there right now.

Have her meet you
at the morgue.

If our M.E. Can find something
to help us ID the victim,

maybe we can
catch a break.

The blood on the teddy bear
is type AB, same as the victim.

What about the glass?

Consistent with what I
found in the cut on his arm.

Crime lab says it's tempered
safety glass, no coating or tinting.

So it's probably not
from a car window?

More like the kind
used for sound proofing.

Now, a teddy bear seems like
an awful strange thing

for a street kid to
be carrying around.

Your victim's no street kid.

He's recently bathed,
well-nourished and disease-free.

And, somebody spent a
lot of money on his mouth.


Stabler and Benson,

this is our forensic
odontologist, Doctor Noah Kamens.

So, how much we talking
for this dental work?

Smooth, invisible braces. An implant
where no permanent tooth grew in,

I'd say we're looking
at ten grand, total.

Any idea how long
ago this was done?

Judging from the condition of the
materials, within the last month.

There's got to be a couple hundred
orthodontists in the Tri-State area.

True, but the implant's custom-made,

so the manufacturer's ID
will be on it.

We'll pull the fake tooth, the lab who made
it can tell us which dentist ordered it.



Rape kit's back.
Positive for semen.

And I just found something
else when I rolled him.

Suture scars. Recently healed, on his anus.

Someone's been violently
abusing this kid for some time.


We got to go. They may
have just found our perp.

Pulled in
45 minutes ago.

One of the passengers was this kid
but I don't remember him getting on.

Do you recognize this?

Yeah. That looks like
the shirt he was wearing.

How many stops
did you make?

Only one,
Grand Central.

Anyway, I ask to see his
ticket stub, and he bolts.

He must've been
hiding on the bus.

Did you see where he went?
Yeah, I chased him down this way.

He ran right in there,
but I lost him in the crowd.

Port Authority cops said
you waited 15 minutes

before you
called them, how come?

Are you kidding? My
dispatcher would skin me alive

if he found out I left that
bus unattended two seconds.

Look, I'm running late.
I got to get out of here.

You stay here.
We're not done.

Driver made
a positive ID.


Any sign of the kid?

15 minutes ago, right here.
One of my guys spotted him.

Kid took off.

All right.

I called in for help as
soon as I got the heads-up

that you had
a piece of his clothes.

Maybe we can sniff him out.

Here's the shirt.

What's back there?

It leads
straight to the tarmac.

We can get out
there this way.


Police. Stop!

Are you trying to
get yourself killed?

Leave me alone!
Calm down.

I want to go home.
Calm down.

We're trying
to help you.

Now, calm...
I want to go home.

I want to go home.

We're trying
to help you.

I want to go home.

What's your name?

Hey, you're in a lot of
trouble. Do you understand that?

Deport me.

We don't deport killers.

I didn't kill anyone.

Then what happened to your
little friend with the teddy bear?


He's dead?

Okay, let's try this again. From the start.

What's your name?


Ernesto Diaz.

Is José your brother?

He's my friend.

You said at the airport
that you wanted to go home.

Where's home?


José, too.

Well, how did you
get here?

By boat.

Two years ago.

My parents sent me
here to go to school.

The charity promised
to protect me.

But instead they gave me and José to the man.

What charity?

I don't know.

Did you come here with José?


He came in last month.

The man said I was getting
too old to please him.

What did he do to you?

Kept us locked up.

Made us have sex with him.

He would beat us
when we said no.

Did you ever try
to escape before?


He said he would kill José and
my parents if I ever did it again.

But I couldn't watch
José suffer no more.


He's not going to hurt you. He's
not going to hurt your parents

or anyone else ever again,
but we need your help.

Bret Jansen.

He made us call him "Dad".

The National Center for
Missing and Exploited Children

and NCIC have nothing on José or Ernesto,

and INS has no
record of a visa.

Maybe the Guatemalan police
know if they were kidnapped.

What about Jansen?

There's a Bret Jansen
listed on Thomas Street.

That matches Ernesto's description,
not far from Ground Zero.

Well, if that's him,
"Dad" has some bucks.

He's a partner at Stitt,
Beam and Cornell,

blue chip Wall
Street law firm.

With his own
personal sex slaves.

You know, if the INS
never processed these kids,

he had to have
smuggled them in here.

Well, let's go pick him up at
his office and ask him about it.

Jansen's office
says he's MIA.

He's probably out somewhere
looking for his boys.

So we'll get a warrant for his place.
Ernesto's statement has got to be enough.

All these deadbolts
are unlocked.

This door weighs a ton.

Steel over wood,

foam and rubber on the
inside. It's sound-proofed.

Floors are, too.
They're elevated,

insulation underneath.

Magnetic locks. This guy's
serious about his security.

Windows are locked, it looks like
you need a key to open all of them.

Guys, over here.

Broken window.

Went down the fire escape.

Dad didn't even bother
to clean up the glass.

Jansen must've panicked
when he came home,

found the boys missing,
rushed right out to find them.

Poultry shears. Probably used
it to cut through the wire mesh.

Explains the cut on José's arm and
the broken glass on the teddy bear.

And why it's tempered. Even if the boys
screamed for help nobody would hear them.

So far Ernesto's
story totally checks out.

This lock has been jimmied. Got
the shears out of this drawer, huh?

Both the boys' bedrooms also
have magnetic locks on the doors.

Kept them locked in
to protect his investment.

And I haven't seen
a phone around here anywhere.

Probably got
them locked up, too.

I think we found the guy
who owns this place.

In bed.

Sleep tight, Mr. Jansen.

Somebody slit his throat.

And sliced off
the family jewels.

Doctor found bruises
all over his body.

Permanent damage from being
repeatedly sodomized over two years.

That's a hell of a good
reason to cut up Jansen.

Ernesto have anything to do
with this murder?

It's possible.

Jansen used his genitals as
a weapon against him and José.

Cutting them off might be
the ultimate protection.

That crime scene
was a bloodbath

and Ernesto didn't
have a drop on him.

Plus we didn't find
any spattered clothing.

And CSU found fresh traces
of blood in the shower.

So whoever did kill Jansen was savvy
enough to clean up after himself.

An adult might think of that,
but a 14-year-old boy?

I said it was possible. I
didn't say I thought he did it.

Just seeing Jansen chopped up would be
horrific enough to traumatize this kid.

If he saw the murder,
then he might be afraid

that the killer will harm him
if he tells.

what's the strategy, Doc?

Ernesto was abused by a man.

Olivia, give him all the
affection and approval you can.


Last night,

no matter what happened,

it's not your fault.

Do you understand that?

José's dead.
That's my fault.

No, sweetheart. You tried to save José.

Not many boys your age
would have done that.

Now, I can help you but I need
to know what happened last night.

Please, Ernesto,
let me help you.

He went into José's room.

I heard him crying,
begging him to stop.

I yelled,

called him a pig. I told
him to leave José alone.

Then he came in,
pulled me out of bed,

and I hit him
over and over.

And what did he do?

He just smiled.

He said when he
was done with José

I'd find out
what real pain was.

Then what?

He was mad.

He told José,
if he didn't be quiet,

he'd send him
to the other men.

But José cried,

begged him to stop.

He got so mad he left.

Ernesto, these other men...

Did he ever send you to them?

I'm afraid.
Honey, I promise you,

nobody can hurt you
as long as you're with us.

I promise you.

They'd take me for a while.

Then they would give me back.

I didn't want them
to do that to José.

Now it's a ring
of pedophiles.

How many of these sick
bastards raped that kid?

Better find them fast. God knows how
many other boys they're passing around.

The level of rage in Jansen's
murder could've been jealousy.

Especially if one of his
boy-sharing buddies kept Ernesto

and didn't want
to give him back.

That makes sense. Jansen had
to know whoever killed him.

That apartment was locked up like a fortress.

Captain, it gets worse. You better
see what we found in his crib.

For your
viewing disgust.

Apparently Jansen wasn't satisfied
just victimizing José and Ernesto.

Oh, that's great.
Two men and a kid

no older than
my 10-year-old son.

Well, I recognize Jansen,
but who's the other guy?

I forced myself to scroll through
this excrement. You never see his face.

Second guy's got
a couple tattoos.

Let's turn this off.
Turn it off, will you?

Odds are that video was made
in Central America,

since that's where Jansen
found José and Ernesto.

We also got adoption papers
on both the boys, all bogus.

But this will really
make your skin crawl.

Bulletins from the North
American ManlBoy Love Association

and their constitution.

We got ourselves
a NAMBLA member.

This stuff is like a
how-to guide for pedophiles.

"Keep your lover's
identity a secret,

"never discuss your
relationship with a shrink.

"Hide your photos where
the cops can't find them. "

"How to make that special boy feel
good. " Complete with instructions.

They're pedophiles
who claim they can help boys

as young as three
discover their sexuality

in a non-threatening,
nurturing way.

And they hide behind the First
Amendment to spew that crap.

But they operate in cells like al-Qaeda,
so one group can't finger another.

Look, let's be honest. Killing
Jansen was a public service.

And if we find
who did kill him,

it might lead us to the rest of these
pervs and the boys they're keeping.

Now, first thing in the morning, you
and Olivia go to Jansen's law office,

and track down his friends.

That was the M.E.

I got the dentist
that worked on José's teeth.

As soon as the lab notified us,
my assistant called you guys.

How did José die?

We think it was an accident.

His father must
be devastated.

Well, he's dead, too,

and that wasn't an accident.

My God, what happened?

Murdered in his apartment.

And Ernesto?

He's fine.
You took care of him?

The occasional
cleaning and filling.

Nothing like
the work I did on José.

How well did you
know Bret Jansen?

Not well at all
but I admired him

for adopting two boys
from a foreign country.

He seemed like
a really caring father.

Jansen ever
make any referrals?

No, no, we're so busy we're
not accepting any new patients.

Why do you ask?

Just routine questions.

Anything unusual about him
or the boys you remember?

just that he was impatient.

He wanted it all
done at once and fast.

Did he say why?

He'd just adopted José

and he was about to
enroll him in school.

Mr. Jansen told me he got teased for
having metal braces when he was a kid

and didn't want his
son to get picked on.

Only the best for his boys.

He was a great boss.

I'm sick over this.
We all are.

Did you keep his calendar?

I put his daily schedule
on the computer.

But Mr. Jansen kept
his own lawyer's diary.

It's that red book
on his desk.

Surprised there are
no family pictures around.

Mr. Jansen didn't
have any family.

Both parents passed away,
no siblings.

He ever mention his two sons?

You must have him confused
with someone else.

No way Mr. Jansen has kids
and I don't know about it.

What about friends?

You know how many hours you
have to bill to make partner?

Mr. Jansen didn't
have time for friends.

But there was a lunch last
Tuesday. Stewart Lynch?

He's a client. They ate
at Mr. Jansen's club.

Bret was
a real ladies' man.

Different beautiful girl
every week.

I was jealous.

He ever mention
having children?

No, the only kids we ever
talked about were mine.

I could brag
about them all day.

I don't think Bret would
have made a very good father.

And why's that?

He had a terrible temper.

Let little things tick him off
that wouldn't bother most guys.

Kids would have
driven him crazy.

Was he friends with anyone
else here in the club?

Uh, Tony Damon's the only
person I can think of.

They played squash together.


Thanks for your time.

Oh, one more thing. You ever
been to Jansen's apartment?


Thanks, Mr. Lynch.
We'll be in touch.

No problem,
and it's Dr. Lynch.

I'm sorry, I didn't know.
What kind of doctor are you?

Reconstructive plastic surgery.
My specialty is hand repair.

Well, Dr. Lynch, would you
mind telling us where you were

the night that
Jansen was murdered?

Not at all. I was in the OR from 10:00
at night until dawn the next morning

re-attaching a thumb and two
fingers severed in a car accident.

Two nights ago?

I was home, just off
the plane from Chicago.

Still have the boarding pass
if you need it.

That won't be necessary,
Mr. Damon.

We just heard that you and Mr. Jansen
played squash a couple of times a week.

Well, when I'm in town.

Bret usually kicked my ass
all over the court.

Did you ever socialize
outside the club?

I'm on the road a lot
for work, Detective.

I spend my down
time at home relaxing.

Come on, you must know
something about him?

He had a strange
sense of humor.

How so?

Friday, we're in a match,
I serve and ace him.

He laughs, says
it was a lucky shot,

because I usually
play like a woman,

and that he should have
cut off my balls years ago.

Jansen's genitals weren't exactly
cut off, they were surgically excised.

Come again?

Removed with a scalpel by someone
who knows anatomy. And pre-mortem.

So someone wanted
to really make him suffer.

How did the perp
incapacitate him?

Whacked him on the head
with a blunt object.

Probably took that with him.

Now, an amateur would have
slit his throat right across.

Jansen's killer made precise
incisions at the carotid artery.

Here and here, after...

You don't need to
demonstrate that part.

Plastic surgeon would know
how to do the job on Jansen.

And sew up José.

Like an expert.

Ernesto, we got
some good news for you.

Did you find my mama and papa? Yep.

And they're coming here
to get you.


But, listen, first we need
your help one more time.

What is it?

Well, you said Bret sent
you to some other men.

Do you know any names?

What about a doctor?

Did he ever take you
or José to go see a doctor?

He would come over to
see us, when we were sick.

Okay, do you know
his name?

No. But he was nice.

Ernesto, did he
ever touch you?


We're going to
show you some photos.

Do you recognize anybody?
Just tell us.

That's him.
That's our doctor.

You're sure?


The good Dr. Lynch.

Lynch has three sons, all
adopted. He's never been married.

He's head of reconstructive
surgery at Chelsea Hospital.

He's known for operating on disfigured
kids in third world countries.

And, in his spare time, he
sews up his friends' slave boys.

Guy's a real humanitarian.

What about Damon?

Damon owns a travel agency
called Global Voyages.

He lives in Scarsdale.
He's single, no children.

Now, there was a whole lot
of phone activity between them

the night that
Jansen was murdered.

At 10:52 Jansen makes
a 30-second call to Lynch.

Presumably when he came home to
find the boys had flown the coop.

Then Jansen called Damon,
they talked for two minutes.

Damon then gave Lynch
a 20-second call back.

Customs says that Jansen traveled
to Guatemala two years ago,

around the time
Ernesto was brought here.

That's probably when that videotape was made.

Damon is setting up his friends on sex tours,

and they're bringing
back human souvenirs.

And passing them
around to their friends.

Which means we've got to try to get
Lynch's kids out of that house tonight.

All we have are two phone
calls? That's not enough.

We checked,
Lynch's three kids are boys.

God knows what he's doing
to them right now.

Are they legally adopted?

We won't know that information
until tomorrow morning.

Does he keep them locked up
like Jansen's does?

No, all three of the boys
go to public schools.

Are there any
complaints of abuse?

None to ACS or
the local precinct.

Look, we already have Lynch on
failing to report José's abuse.

An A misdemeanor?

With no priors I'd argue
for a fine and no jail time.

I think Alex is
dining with the enemy.

Can you give us two minutes?

Yeah, the game's on at the
bar. Why don't I check that out?

Look, we take Lynch's kids
away from him, and we are wrong.

A heavy hitter like him is gonna drag us
into court and make our lives miserable.

Get me some hard evidence.

Computer crimes found this
buried on Jansen's hard drive.

Your special tour to
Central America is confirmed.

If your friends enjoy,
have them get in touch.

That is an e-mail
from Damon to Jansen

right before Jansen's trip
two years ago.

Now, that sounds like
a confirmation letter.

And that he's soliciting men to
travel overseas to rape children.

That's a federal crime.

Let's catch him in the act.

Anthony Damon.
Mr. Blackmum, is it?

John Blackmum.
So, you got my e-mail?

About our special tour
to the Philippines.

Let me first ask you where you got my e
- mail address.

From a friend of ours. But I
don't want to mention any names.

Well, your personal and credit
information checked out okay.

You ran my credit?

To make sure you are who you say
you are, for both of our protection.

Which is why I also
need to see some ID.

I understand completely.


It's a standard
two-week package.

You fly business class,
stay in a business hotel,

meals and entertainment
included for $5000.

And the entertainment?

Do you prefer girls or boys?
Or both?

Boys. 11 to 13.

We work with an orphanage,
five-year-olds on up.

Plus, you get a videotape so
you can cherish the memory.

Great. It's all there. I didn't
want to leave a paper trail.

When would you like to travel, Mr. Blackmum?

Or is there another
name you'd like to use?

As a matter of fact,
there is.

John Munch, but you
can call me Detective.

Get up. Put your hands
behind your back right now.

Now! Now!

This is entrapment.

And we call it conspiracy.

Police officers.
Step away from the table.

Don't touch anything.

Get the computers
and the files.

Tape good?
Did you get it all?

Every single word.

So, what's this conspiracy
that you're charging me with?

Facilitating the rape of
children in foreign countries.

There's no state
law against that.

Federal law.

We turn our tape over to the
US Attorney, you're toast.

Federal statutes require
proof of a sex act.

That means they
need a victim.

Where are they
gonna find one?

No wonder this guy
doesn't need a lawyer.

He's got the law memorized with
all his other NAMBLA buddies.

I'm not one of those freaks.

How many boys they
pass around to you?

I don't know what the hell
you're talking about.

Do you think I am
some dumb cop?

I had nothing...

Elliot. You think you're smarter than me?

I need a doctor. You're
gonna need a morgue, pal.

He's not worth it.
Get off me!

You're nothing but a low-life
pimp who sells children.

You sent Bret Jansen
on a sex tour.

Him and a friend made a video
doing a 10-year-old boy.


I don't know
about any friend.

Yeah, right just
like you didn't know

your customers have been smuggling
back little sex toys of their own.

Listen, Jansen and Lynch did that on
their own. I had nothing to do with it.

You got nothing to do
with anything, do you?

How about sex tours? Do you
know anything about them?

Do you book sex tours?
Yes. Yes.

How many do you book?

Couple dozen.

Over the years.

Yeah. Just a couple dozen?

I swear, I'm not one of them.

I was just in it
for the money.

Which the Feds
are gonna take away

from you, while you're sitting on
death row for slicing up Bret Jansen.

What? I had nothing
to do with that.

That's funny, because somebody did to him
exactly what he joked about doing to you.

That rat bastard.
You got to be more specific,

there's a lot of them
running around in this case.

Lynch. I told him about Jansen's joke
that he was gonna cut my balls off.

He's using it to set me up.

Why would he want
to kill Jansen?

Because Lynch hand-picked José for Jansen.

Then Jansen called Lynch,
said he wanted his money back

when José and
Ernesto escaped.

When's the last time
you spoke to Lynch?

Before Jansen was killed.

Lynch called, he said
he wanted to know

why the video of this trip
hadn't arrived yet.

I told him it was on its way.

Make me a deal.
Make me a deal,

and I will give you
Lynch on a silver platter.

What can we do here?

The sex tours are federal and
I am not giving him immunity

until we're sure
he didn't kill Jansen.

Maybe we can get Lynch
without Damon's help.

The doctor's sex tour
video is in the mail.

Have the post office
set up a sneak preview.

Postal Inspectors found it
in a box marked like pottery

and knew it was
the real deal.

Mail carrier drops
it off 15 minutes ago.

He leaves, Lynch comes out,
scoops it right up.

Like a kid attacking the tree
on Christmas morning.

Police, open the door.

He's in the study.

What's up, Doc?

You can't just barge in here
like this.

We just wanted to watch
a little TV. What's on?

Looks like the doc's star
of his own freak show.

Put your hands
behind your back.

Where'd you get
Ramon and his brothers?

They're my legally adopted sons.
I have the papers to prove it.

Oh, and the boy on the tape,
he legally adopted?

I'm not saying anything
without an attorney.

Yeah, well, I'm sure
this will say it all.

If you're offering a deal,
we're willing to listen.

Listen to this.

We checked the adoption papers on your
so-called sons, they're all forgeries.

We also found the INS agent
you paid to phony up their visas

and Bret Jansen's
two boys' visas,

as well as... Well, who
knows how many others.

That is 10 years' federal prison
for every boy you smuggled in.

I smuggled in?
Are you people insane?

Not to mention kidnapping
and sexual abuse.

I didn't abuse my sons.

Look. No, I need to say this.

I would never force my boys to do
anything they didn't want to do.

Your boys are
barely teenagers.

They can't consent
to statutory rape.

How'd they feel about you passing
them around to your pedophile pals?

I did no such thing.
I love them.

I would never do
anything to hurt them.

You're not actually considering
bringing this NAMBLA crap to court?

The boys will tell
you it's all true.

And when our shrink testifies to
how your client brainwashed them,

the jury is going to lock
him up and throw away the key.

Sex abuse three for his sons and
immunity on any federal charges.

I can't speak for
the US Attorney.

You're going to have to give
me something I can bring her.

Damon is the one
smuggling in boys.

Is he a NAMBLA member, too?

No, they're just
merchandise to him.

He brought in six boys a year, two
at a time on a chartered sailboat.

Who else is in the ring?

I'll give you the names
of everyone I know.

The night Jansen was murdered,
what did he say to you on the phone?

What are you talking about?
I never spoke to him.

Until you sliced him up?
Not another word, Stewart.

I didn't kill anybody.

You surgically removed his
genitals and cut his throat.

We have a statement from our M. E.,
saying the killer had medical knowledge.

I was in surgery
the night Bret was killed.

You're a liar. Your hospital
said you were on vacation.

Wrong hospital. The case
I did was up in Rochester.

I am telling you, I would
never do two men and a boy.

Prove it.
Take your shirt off.

I'm not doing
anything without an attorney.

Okay, here's how we're gonna find out
which one of you is the movie star.

We're gonna get a court
order, we're gonna strip you,

we're gonna take some pretty
pictures and see if your tats match.

We rounded up
17 pervs so far.

Teacher, court clerk,

couple of Wall Street
masters of the universe.

All of them say that Damon got them
their so-called son or daughter.

How many kids?

ACS is placing them with
their temporary foster homes.

Chief of detectives wants us to
beat the feds to a news conference,

pat us on the back for
breaking this pedophile ring.

You know what the thing of
it is? Not one of these sickos

is gonna do nearly as much
time as whoever killed Jansen.

And Lynch's
alibi checked out.

We got a whole operating room
full of people that swear

that he was 350 miles from here
the night Jansen was murdered.

Here's the doctor's
report on Lynch's kids.

Confirms they
were sexually abused.

And that they're in otherwise
excellent health.

Blood work is normal.

Hearing and vision all
check out and perfect teeth.

What's the name of
that dentist? Massey.

He wasn't a member of the Metropolis Club
and he wasn't on Damon's sex tour list.

It doesn't mean
he's not one of them.

These pedophiles operate in
their own parallel netherworld.

Makes sense they'd
have a dentist, too.

Massey have any kids?

Two and a wife.

And he would have taken anatomy and
done oral surgery in dental school.

Find out how many of their
boys Dr. Massey worked on.

If there's a pattern, it should
be enough for us to get a warrant.

Search our house?
What in God's name for?

Mrs. Massey, I'm so sorry,
we're just doing our job.

Why don't you start upstairs
in the master bedroom,

check everything
in the closets.

Homicide? You think Walt murdered someone?

You know where he
was two nights ago?

Um... He had
an emergency patient.

I... He left about 9:30.

So Walt
couldn't have done it.

Handsome boys.

Thank you.

They look so much like you, but I don't
see any resemblance to your husband.

They're from my
previous marriage.

Where's their father?

Attica, doing eight-to-ten
years for trying to kill me.

He's lost his
parental rights.

Walt adopted the boys.

Mrs. Massey, how did you meet your husband?

I put a personal ad in the
newspaper and he answered it.

Please forgive me
for asking this,

but how has your relationship
been with your husband lately?

What's that got to do
with anything?

Please. Mrs. Massey...

Walt is a good man, our
relationship isn't about sex. It...

He's a saint. He rescued me and my boys.

Does he pay attention to one
boy more than he does to another?

The elder one, Shawn.

They're together all the time
when Walt is home.

Oh, my God,
what's he done?

Do you miss your
real dad, Shawn?

Walt's our dad now.

And how do you
feel about that?

My other dad
used to hit my mom.

He didn't want to be with me
and Darren, my little brother.

We had to live in a
shelter till Mom met Walt.

And what do you and Walt do?

You know, we hang out,
go to ball games.

He coaches my soccer team.

That's cool.

What do you do
when you're alone together?

He said I could
never tell anyone.

That they
wouldn't understand.

Shawn, look at me.

I do understand,

and there's no need
to be afraid.

Walt likes to stay with me.

Okay. What do you
mean stay, like, stay where?

At night in my room.

When did this start?

One night he just came in.

He said he wanted to be near
me, and he just climbed in.

Did he ever
touch you anywhere?

Not then.

How about now?

He says it's how fathers are
supposed to love their sons.

Shawn, you need to know that
none of this is your fault.

That what he is
doing is wrong.

I know, but Walt
takes care of my mom and

we don't have to live
in the shelter anymore.

And my mom doesn't
get beat up anymore.

Walt really loves us.

Sorry to keep you waiting. I've
been dealing with another case.

Am I under arrest?

Your colleagues dragged me
out of my office

in front of my patients,
like I'm some criminal.

That was a huge mistake.
I'm really sorry about that.

They weren't
supposed to do that.

I saw you were
talking to Shawn.

He seems like
a really great kid.

What did he tell you?

Oh, you know, how much
you love him and his mom.

Look, Elliot,
we got to move on this.

Look, I told you I'm not wasting my
time with that crap. You handle it.

You have it your way.

Have it my...

Have it my way. I got this
case, got a 14-year-old girl,

who's dating this 22-year-old
guy, completely consensual sex,

and they wanna lock this poor
guy up for statutory rape.

He shouldn't be penalized
because of the girl's age.

She was expressing
natural sexual feelings.

Well, I wish the people who
made the laws realized that.

It'd make my job
a hell of a lot easier.

So, you agree?

Look, we're all
sexual beings.

Children, adults, you know.
That's why I'm thinking that

this is a misunderstanding.

What do you mean?

Okay, my colleagues
brought you in here

because they think that you're
sexually abusing your boys.

Okay, now, I've busted
my share of child abusers.

I'm not getting
that vibe from you.

I would never do anything
to hurt my boys like that.

I believe you.

I think we both understand
it's about love.

You love your boys.

You treat them with respect.

Not like Bret Jansen.

He beat his sons.
He locked them up.

You treated José,
you know what he did to him.

He had bruises
all over his body.

Jansen does not
love those boys.

Well, he forced Ernesto and
José to have sex with him.

Forcing them, well...

Between you and me, I think
Jansen got what he deserved.

His punishment, it was especially
appropriate, don't you think?

Do you know how
Jansen was killed?

Oh, God.

I just know that he
hurt those little angels.

I think you know
more than that.

What's with this tattoo that
I've seen in the videotape?

And what about that glass
from Jansen's apartment

that we found
in your sneaker?

What am I, an idiot?

Come on.

You killed Jansen.

He ruined it for everybody.

I had to make sure he'd never
hurt another little boy again.

And I'm gonna make sure
that you never do, either.

You're under arrest
for the murder of Jansen

and for sexually
abusing your son.

No. No.
I didn't force Shawny.

He seduced me.

How could I deny him?

I never beat him like
Jansen beat his boys.

It's not the same thing!

No, it's worse. You have
sex with your stepson

and you don't think there's
anything wrong with that?

What kind of sick
bastard are you?