Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 4, Episode 20 - Dominance - full transcript

A quadruple homicide with sexual overtones is just the start of an intense rampage of killings that brings a homicide detective into the mix. As the entire squad races against time to prevent further victims, the evidence leads Tutuola and Deuthorn to a building superintendent, his two sons, and a cross to bear.

In the criminal justice system

sexually based offenses are
considered especially heinous.

In New York City,
the dedicated detectives

who investigate
these vicious felonies

are members of an elite squad

known as
the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

If the cab driver went
the way I told him to,

we wouldn't have
got stuck in traffic.

We should have
taken the subway.

Body slamming my way
onto the number nine

with the great

No, thanks.

You're a snob.

We're so late, I'm sure
they started dinner without us.

Come on, guys.

Take it easy, Josh.

I'm sure they're in the back
by the dining room.

There, open.



Sorry we're late.

Oh, my God.


Yo, Lucates,

take this couple
up to Homicide

and have Kroling get
their statements, all right?

Detective Dave Duethorn.

Missed dinner with
my wife and kids.

This better be good.

Two naked women,
fluids everywhere,

both raped and
shot in the head.

That's our bread and butter.

So, I guess the two head-shot
naked guys with them

are nothing special, right?

Well, what do you think?

Looks like the party from hell.

Dinner party
to be exact.

With an orgy for dessert.

Except they never made
it to the appetizer.

Dining room table's
still set.

And check that out.

"Happy Engagement.

Share wonderful lives together."

There's no signature.

Who's the unlucky couple here?

Evan Briggs and his
fiancée Melissa Ziman.

Other two are
Dean McCarren and
Regina Valerio.

The couple who found
them made the IDs.

Evan and Melissa invited
some grad school friends
over to celebrate.

Not the type of evening

you expect to turn into
a sexual free-for-all.

I'm thinking
home invasion.

Doorbell rings,

victim opens door,

wacko busts in
and robs them.

You got
four victims.

Got to be at least two perps.

What did they take?

All the victims'

Marks on the men's wrists
indicate they wore watches.

The women
wore necklaces.

Their wallets and IDs
are also gone,

along with Ms. Ziman's
two-and-a-half carat
engagement ring.

The couple who found them
told me she got it last week.

Oh, and there's something else,
right, Doc?

Both men were beaten,

probably with the business end
of an automatic.

must have set them off.

Pummeled the men
and raped the women.

Not just the women.

Excuse me?

The men were raped, too.

All the violence
was pre-mortem--

the beatings and the rapes.

Anything from the kits?

Plenty of fluids, but
when I combed for hairs,

things got strange.

Define strange.

Take a look.

Hairs look the same
to me.

Both belong
to Evan Briggs.

I found the
one on the left

on his fiancée.

Nothing unusual about that.

The other was in
the second male victim.

What the hell went on here?

Both men had blood
and fluids on them

that matched the blood types
of the other victims.

The perps forced the
men to rape the women

and then each other?

I'll need the DNA
to confirm it,

but that's how it looks.

The townhouse
belongs to Earl Briggs,

CEO of HappyTime Toys.

Evan is his son.

Two of them lived there alone.

Mom's deceased.

I checked Earl's background
and financials.

Aside from
being worth 50 million,

nothing points to anyone

intentionally targeting
his home.

What about the victims?
Squeaky clean.

All four
come from wealthy families.

Had entry-level jobs in media.

Ready for this?

We're looking
for one perp.

Lab found a bunch
of bloody footprints

all made by the
same pair of shoes,

and I checked VICAP.

Nobody's active
with a similar M.O.

It's hard
to believe

this sadistic son of a bitch

just suddenly popped up
on the radar screen.

Guy like this was probably
in the system before.

Sexual assault, rape, burglary,
maybe a few street holdups.

Pretty big step
from there

to making four people
sodomize each other

and then
whacking them.

What set them
off, Doc?

one of the victims

said or did something

to challenge his masculinity.

The sodomy
was to humiliate them.

Killing them

was the ultimate
power trip.

Is this nut job

going to
hit again?

If he is a sadist,
he enjoyed it,

and he'll
want more.

Fin took your notification.

Your boss agrees

we should be working
this case together,

so, you're temporarily
reassigned here.

All right,
that works for me,

but we got
a little math problem.

Yeah, well,
educate us.

Four deceased,
plus our two latecomers.

Look at the dining room table.

Seven place settings.

Well, maybe
our missing dinner guest

didn't like
what was on the menu.

We know who it is?

No, but Evan's
father probably does.

Everybody loved Evan.

I can't think of a soul
who'd want to hurt him.

Anybody have a
grudge against you?

Oh, I doubt
any of my competitors

would resort
to this kind of mayhem.

Well, as soon
as you can,

we're going to need
a list of everything
that was stolen.

There's some jewelry missing.

None of it's worth much.

The most valuable thing to me
was the picture.

What, a piece of art?

A framed photo
of Evan and me


It's hung in that empty spot
on the wall.

Why would he
steal that?

Well, it's possible it
fell during the break-in

and we have it
in evidence.

We'll check.

Best we can tell,
Evan invited two couples

and another friend
for dinner,

but we can't account
for the single friend.

I think it was Buzzie.

You know Buzzie's
real name?

Uh, I'm sorry-- Paul Dumont.

He just moved back from Boston.

Evan and Buzzie used to go
to camp together.

Do you have any idea
how we can find him?

I just got him a job
over at NOHO Magazine.

He started two weeks ago.

Paul's not picking up.

You want to leave a message
on his voice mail?

No, we want to talk
to him in person.

You don't know
if he's in?

We have over 100
people working here.

It's not my job to
keep track of them.

Is there anybody
that can help us?

The police are here
looking for Paul.

Sure, I'll tell them.

Editor is on his way up.

Appreciate it.

Are you the officers
looking for Paul Dumont?

Yes, we are.

I'm Ralph Sloan, the editor.

I just got a call
from Paul's parents.

Did something

There was an
accident last night.

He's in the hospital.

They say
which one?


He's in bad shape.

EMS brought him in
last night

with massive skull fractures.

Was he awake
at any time?

Extent of his injuries,
I'm surprised he was alive.

We rushed him to the O.R.

to reduce the swelling
in his brain.

What are his chances?

They're not good.

A lot of damage

and bleeding.

In my opinion,
too much for a fall.

Who said he fell?

EMS run report
said he was under the influence,

found lying on the street.

But it didn't scan for me.

Well, I'm no doctor,

but that
doesn't look good.

It's not.

Mr. Dumont was hit in the head
in three places

with such force
it caused radiating fractures

more consistent with being
whacked on the head

with a blunt object

than with a fall.

You checked his
blood alcohol?

Yes, and it was zero.

He didn't have a drop to drink.

Patrols from the Two-Oh

respond to a call
for a drunk in one
of the stairwells

of the 79th Street
subway station.

They find Dumont
all covered in blood,

smelling like he was dragged
through a wine vat.

Cops figure he tied one on,
fell down the stairs,

so they called the bus.

Did DNA put this guy
at the crime scene?

Uh, no, no; only blood found

belonged to
the four murder victims.

So, he never went inside.

But his flowers did.

Florist ID'd Dumont

as the guy
who bought the flowers.

So, we're thinking
the perp sees Dumont

going up the steps
to the Briggs place

with his flowers
and a bottle of wine...

Conks Dumont on the head,
throws him down the stairs,

holds the flowers
like he's delivering them.

The door opens, he goes in
and he does his thing.

Meanwhile, those
whacks on the head

leave Dumont

but not down
for the count,

so, he somehow makes
it from the townhouse

all the way to
the subway station.

That's a long way to go
with a skull fracture.

Doctor said it's
possible before
he passed out.

And the wine?
Lab found stains

on his coat.

Bottle must have broken
when he went down.

So, Paul Dumont is
victim number five.

Crime of opportunity, Captain.

Wrong place, wrong time.

Thanks. Just like
victims six and seven.

We got two more?

Riverside Park.

Parks Department guy

emptying the trash found them.

Any ID?

In their wallets.

Russell and Darlene
Weston, both 51,

live a couple blocks
up Riverside.

Both head shot, naked.

Same as the townhouse.

Any signs of rape?

Blood on Mrs. Weston's
nether region.

Still waiting
for the M.E.

You guys find anything else?

Dug a spent slug
out of a tree.

Looks like a .380.

Rushed it to

waiting to see
if it matches
the other victims.

And check this out.

Keys-- belonging to
one of the victims, I presume.

But found a
couple yards away.

And look at the ring.

Ah, he left the keys
to the house,

but he broke off
whatever was on the other end.

Maybe the keys to the car,

Cash and credit cards are gone.

So is their jewelry.

We got six murders in two days.

Dumont dies, that makes seven.

We got ourselves
a spree killer.

Add Paul Dumont
to the loss column.

Hospital called;
he died an hour ago.

Seven victims--
except for Mr. Dumont,

they were all robbed, sexually
assaulted, and then shot.

Both scenes were
within 20 blocks.

This guy has killed
as many people in two days

as Son of Sam did
in four months.

Now, you all have your

Let's get this guy.

Okay, how's it going
at the park?

CSU's still there.
Munch is supervising.

The slugs they found confirm
that the Westons were shot

with the same gun used
in the Brigg's townhouse.

Anything from the M.E.?

Rape kits on both victims
tested positive for fluids.

Doc Warner says pending
DNA, no stray hairs

were found other
than the victim's.

So it's the same M.O.--

perp probably forced
them to have sex.

Well, Mrs. Weston
also had bruising

consistent with being
pistol-whipped before she was

Perp orders them to
do it, hubby says no.

Perp beats wifey,
and threatens to kill her

unless he can get it up.

It makes sense--
he probably beat

the men at the townhouse
for the same reason.

Okay, we got five kids in their
20s and a middle-aged couple.

This guy's making it up
as he goes along.

Or to him, they all have
something in common.

Did we find out what was hanging
on Mrs. Weston's key chain?

Family said it was a picture
of her grandson.

And the photo missing
from the Briggs home?

Not in evidence, so it
was probably stolen.

Those are items
that only had value
to their owners.

Were you thinking

Very specific

He's destroying
happy families,

maybe because
he's jealous.

I bet his own family
was miserable--

some kind of abuse--

and he's just going
to keep taking it out

on these people
until we stop him.

Elliot and Olivia will run
things from here.

Duethorn and Fin,
light a fire under CSU.

We're combing the park

a half a mile
north and south,

from Riverside Drive
to the Hudson.

Any luck
besides the slug?

So far, three distinct sets
of footwear impressions

at the murder site--
two sets belonging
to the victims,

the third is a workboot,
presumably the perp's.

This is where he
left the park.

Toes facing towards
the sidewalk.

Dental stone will
pick up his tracks.

He ran from the bodies
to this point.

You know he ran?

Yeah. Check out the foot angle.

When you walk, your feet point
out slightly, at 10:00 and 2:00,

but they're slightly straighter
when you run, like these prints.


What's up, Georgie?

More impressions.

Flat sole, athletic shoe,
and workboot.

Get Ivan over
here with the camera.

Our victims and the perp.

Toes pointing to
the murder site...

Here's your entry point.

I guess Mr.
and Mrs. Weston

weren't out for a midnight
stroll in the park.

They're on the sidewalk.

They look like easy marks.

Our guy forces them
to go with him.

Then, when he's done,
he leaves the park

a couple of yards south
of where he came in.

He's got 1,000 places to run.

He goes back

to the only place where
he can be seen. Why?

"No parking,
8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m."

Our perp's traveling by car.

It's perfectly legal
to park here.

He comes back for his ride
after he's done the deed.

Well, maybe somebody
in one of these buildings

parked behind him
remembers the car.

(doorbell rings)

The reason most spree
killers get caught

is 'cause they can't help
baiting the cops.

This animal's
giving us nothing.

Yeah. Neither are
any of these people.

How'd you get past the doorman?

With this.

Detective Tutuola,
Detective Duethorn,
and you are?

Renny Nix.

And you can't barge in here
like you're Hawaii Five-O...

Take it easy, Mr. Nix.

...when there's some guy running
around killing people.

What are you doing
about that?

Seeing if anyone in
the building saw anything.

Do you own a car?

No. Now, get lost.

(lock turning)

You think they'd be more helpful

instead of slamming their
doors in our faces.

Some people don't like
talking to the cops.

Yeah. Until
they need us, right?

How old are you?


How long on the job,
eight, nine, years?


Where'd you work
before Homicide?

Patrolled in the 4-8
before I got my gold shield.

Only way that happens
is you collared
Osama Bin Laden

and I didn't get it,

or you got a real good
rabbi on this job.

Well, I grew up next door

to the First Deputy

So you parachuted
into Homicide.

You know what, start in
on how I didn't earn it,

and I'll parachute right back.

I don't need a lecture.

You do the job,
you got no problems with me.

Excuse me,

Can we help you?

I'm sorry.

My husband, Renny Nix,
was horribly rude to you inside.

He said we shouldn't get

Did you see
something, Mrs. Nix?

Yes. Last night around midnight,

I was closing the curtains
on my living room window.

I saw a man and a woman
standing here,

next to a car
that was parked right there.

Then another man got out
of the driver's seat

and walked behind them
into the park.

Did you see what
he looked like?

This dark winter coat,
wool cap...

uh, I didn't see his face.

He walked around
the front of the car.

How long before
he came back?

I don't know, I went to sleep.

Do you remember
anything about the car?

It was gold.

The last two numbers of the
license plate were three, five.

My daughter's birthday, March 5.

But... I wouldn't know a Lexus
from a Lincoln.

Detective Shubel from our
Accident Investigation Unit's

gonna take you through
this computer program.

Now, we already know
the car's gold.

Were there two doors or four?

Uh, four.

Did it have a trunk,
a hatchback,

or a flatbed?

Oh, a trunk,

So it's a sedan.

Can you describe
the rear lights?

Kind of oval?

Okay, like this?

No. The lights

around the side,

and the license plate
was on the trunk.

Okay. How's this?

That's it.

Ford Contour.

Here we go.

'95 Ford Contour.
Address-- Central Park West.

There's got to be
hundreds of them.

How do you know that's the one?

This one came up as stolen.

This about the car?

Uh, yeah. You Al Baker?

I'm Charlie Baker.

Al's my father.


the cops are here.

Hey, how you doing?

Auto Squad.
Detective Tutuola,
Detective Duethorn.

You filed
a stolen car report

with the 20th Precinct

three days ago?

Charlie, you're going
to be late.

Okay, okay.

And don't forget
your brother Billy.

So, you haven't found it,
have you?

Sorry, um, we're just
doing a follow-up.

Could you tell us
what happened?

Yeah, sure.
About three days ago,

I go out to my plumbing supply
place in Jersey,

and I go to where
the car's parked,

it's not there anymore,
so I made a report.

You sure you, uh, just didn't
leave it somewhere else?

Me, I'm always forgetting which
street I put the car on.

No, no. I searched
this neighborhood.

I'm telling you,
I even called both my boys.

I thought one of them took it
without telling me, you know?

Gonna get it
back for me?

Well, it was a Ford,

so it probably
wasn't boosted for parts.

More likely, some kid looking
for a joyride.

We'll get back to you.




How'd that happen?


Oh... I was working
on an owner's sink

and I forgot to look out
for the cabinet.

You know,
it's an occupational hazard.

Occupational hazard,
my ass.

Guy smelled like he
bathed in Johnnie Walker.

He probably didn't
even see that cabinet door.

High-end building
like this,

I'm surprised
the owners put up

with a drunk for a super.

Oh, what's up, guys?

Drag you lost your car.

Well, it sucks for Dad.

Don't know how he's
going to pick up stuff

for the building now.

This your brother?

Oh, yeah,
sorry. Billy.
(cell phone rings)

Hey, how you doing?

So, you guys
use that car?

No, it's an
piece of crap.

Would you want to
pick up girls in that?


How do you get
to work?
Uh, subway.

Charlie, we better move
or we're gonna be late.

All right.

Take it easy.
Take it easy.

All right, thanks.

What now?

They found the Contour.

Two more bodies.

Some cops in an RMP
spotted the car.

Lights on,
driver's-side door wide open.

Steering column
hasn't been touched.

So whoever boosted
this did it the easy
way, with a key.

Or the owner dumps it
with a key in it,

somebody else steals it,

owner collects the insurance.

All right. Where
are the victims?

Adam Darling and Craig
Frischetti, both 22.

Found both guy's wallets,
no cash inside.

What about jewelry?

They both wore wristwatches,

they have corresponding marks
on their wrists.

How long have
they been dead?

Six to eight hours.
They were murdered last night.

They got their
clothes on.

Any signs of
sexual activity?

Haven't checked yet,

but Mr. Darling's fly is open.

Yeah. He could've stopped here
to take a leak, you know?

This place is a lover's
lane at night.

These two might have
been in the middle
of something

when the perp found him.

Or maybe the perp
didn't have enough time

to make them do
what he wanted.

Well, assuming these two
walked in,

why'd the perp dump his ride?

My guess,
he got spooked.

He could've left on foot.

Or in the victim's car--

registration in
Adam Darling's wallet.

Silver Acura, address,
Tenafly, New Jersey.

New York Police?

We're here about
the silver Acura SUV.

My son Adam borrowed
it last night...

and we haven't
heard from him.

Are he and Craig
and the girls okay?

What girls?

Names are
Claudia Smullen
and Diane Combs.

Both 21, roommates
at Barnard.

Double-dating with
our two male victims.

We grid-searched the park,
checked their apartment

and called their parents.

These girls
are in the wind.

Let's get alerts out
on all their credit cards

and bank accounts
in case somebody's using them.

How are we doing
on those phone tips, John?

You remember that white van
everybody saw

during the D.C.
sniper shootings?

Well, our man is a plumber,
garbageman, doorman, husband.

City's out of control.

Ballistics says
it's the same gun.

Nine dead, two missing.

This guy's killed every one
of his victims so far.

Why snatch
these two women?

They're living trophies.

And I think
he's stashing them somewhere.

So, what's changed?

His confidence.

He used the victims as
surrogates to rape each other.

Maybe he's ready
to rape the women himself now.

This guy's M.O.
is all over the map.

But we still do have
some constants.

The gun, for one thing.

His comfort zone,

the Upper Westside.

He likes controlled

The townhouses,
secluded areas of parks.

And he targets couples.

A woman or a man

walking alone late at night,
they're vigilant.

Two people
walking together,

they don't always perceive
the danger.

The guy's an animal
hunting the slowest
prey in the herd.

Or a loner who has trouble
making social connections.

So, people
in successful

relationships trigger his rage.

Because they have
what he never will.

And maybe kidnapping
these two women is

his way to fulfill his fantasy.

Assuming that they're
not already dead.

How much time do we have?
When he's done

or when these women piss him
off, he's going to kill them.

Maybe we just caught
a break.

Lab got something
out of the Contour.

No blood, no prints
matching anyone in the system.

No fibers connecting any
of the victims to the Contour.

But we did find footprints

consistent with all
of the crime scenes.

So we can estimate
his height?


means the perp's shoe
size is between eight
and nine-and-a-half.

So our guy is between
five-five and five-ten.

And he's wearing these--
OutdoorWear Explorers.

Very expensive, but great
treads for trace evidence

which we found in the car

and in his
boot impressions.


Pine, oak
and cherry.

The tube next to it
has fiberglass insulation.

Sounds like
we're after someone

who works in construction.

That's what I thought
until I found the rest.

What is this,
grass seed?

Two different blends--
rye and Kentucky bluegrass.

Suburban boy?

Uh, Yonkers.

But even my old man never
made me seed the lawn

in the middle of winter.

Well, I doubt it came
from the park.

There were also traces of
Diazinon-- a common pesticide--

ammonium nitrate and lime--
both used for fertilizer--

and some metal shavings--
bronzeand brass.

From what?

I'd say a key-
cutting machine.

So you got key
shavings, wood,

insulation and bug killer.

All the stuff a
building super uses.

Except for
the grass seed

and the fertilizer.

We're looking for someone

who works around these materials
every day.

The only place
you could find

all that stuff is in a...
home improvement store.

All right, send a flatbed
and a team

and make sure nobody touches it
before it gets here.

What's up, Captain?

Your silver SUV just turned up
with somebody sleeping inside.

Anti-Crime found the SUV

parked on 49th
between eighth and ninth.

I managed to get a description

from a drunk who was sitting
in the backseat of the car.

"Young, average height,
dark hair, blue eyes."

Great, so he looks like
a million other people.

Yeah, but most of them
don't work in

a home improvement store.

And we're going
to have to canvas

every single one of
them that sells lumber.

That's the only
solid lead we have.

About five-nine,

dark hair, blue eyes.

We have several employees
who fit that description.

Um, Hari Singh, Andy Regal,

Butch Lanahan, uh, Billy Baker.

Billy Baker?

Yeah, works 4:00 to
11:00 in the lumber

He lives over
on Central Park West?

Seems funny someone with
that address would work here.

But I can't imagine him being
in any kind of trouble though.

Oh, yeah, why's that?

He's a boss' dream.

Does whatever you tell
him to, never complains.

Worked here three years,
only late once.


Other day.

Said his car was stolen.

The Contour was never boosted.

Billy just took it.

Yeah, and Billy knows
we're asking questions about it.

He figures it's too hot,
dumps it in Central Park.

Explains why the steering column
was clean.

That quiet little guy

was a time bomb
waiting to explode?

Billy's the super's kid.

He grew up surrounded
by rich people

who probably treated him
like dirt.

And every one of our victims
was wealthy

or appeared to be.

And now he's getting back
at them.

We picking him
up, Captain?


It's all a power game.

Arrest him now,
he may never tell us

where these
missing women are.

Then we sit on him to make sure
he doesn't kill again

and hope he leads us
to the victims.

Three teams, three shifts,

CSU is done
with the Contour.

Let's get it back
to the Bakers.

Unless he stole another car,

Billy's going to need
some transportation.

How you read that trash?

I've got an inquiring mind.

You get off on that
psych stuff, don't you?

Average murder's one drug dealer
shooting another,

a bar fight
or domestic gone bad.

Once you figure out the who,
working Homicide's

all about where the perps are
and finding them.

Sex crime is about the why.

This city's a...
three-ring circus

and SVU's the freak show.

And you want to
be the ringmaster.

I want to know
what makes them freaks.

Here it comes.

It's the Contour.

Okay, kiddies,
car's on the move.

Billy's driving.

South on Columbus.

Our boy's behind the wheel.
(engine starting)

Comes all the way down here
to get cash?

He could've done that
on Columbus Avenue.

Look at that.

You know anyone that
needs a cheat sheet

to remember a PIN number?

Only when it ain't
their card.

SVU detail to Base.

Subject appears to be
using a stolen ATM card.

Well, he's got the PIN number,
they could still be alive.

CRAGEN (over radio):
Take him.


We're taking him.

Nice and easy--
he may have a gun.

Police officers! Stop!


No, get off me!



Is that what you did,
Billy? Huh?

is that what you did?

You made them plea
for their lives

then you blew their heads off?
Is that what you did?

Dave, easy, easy!

Crying like a little girl.
Where are they?

Don't you move.
Where are they?

Where are the girls?

Tell us where
the girls are.

(Billy panting)

All right, cuff him.


The ATM card will be enough

to get a warrant
to search his crib.

(cuffs clicking)




If it's here,
it's well hidden.

You guys are making
a big mistake.

Billy wouldn't do
something like this.

Our evidence says he did.

Billy have access

to anywhere else
in the building?

Yes, everywhere.

I keep all the master keys
in my office.

Billy's been hanging
out in the basement
a lot lately.

What's down there?

Uh, boiler room, laundry,
owners' storage lockers.

You got keys to those, too?

Yes, sir, I do.

Don't you need, like,
a warrant or something?

Not if we have
the owners' consent.

Over here!

What have you got?

Evan and Earl Briggs.

Mrs. Weston's grandson
from her key chain.

Melissa Ziman's engagement ring.

And one pair of
OutdoorWear workboots.

Game's up, Billy.

We got you cold.

I don't know what
you're talking about.

Save it, Billy.

I don't want to hear
how you didn't do it.

It wasn't you,
you were abused as a child.

We have the boots.
Look at them.

They match prints
at all the crime scenes

and in your
father's car.

What, you can't stand
the sight of them, Billy?

Look at them, Billy.

They're your boots.
Look at them.

Why are you
picking on me?

I told you I
didn't do it!

Then explain this stuff.

You know what this is?

This is your one-way ticket
to a lethal injection.

But you got a chance here,

What chance?

Tell us where these women are

and the D.A. will spare you
the death penalty.

They die...
and it's all over for you.

The story doesn't have to end
that way, though.

Look at me.

Don't blow this.

It's your only shot.


I want to talk to my brother.

You've got to show us
some good faith here first.

Where are the women?

I'll tell you whatever you want

just let me talk to Charlie

Two hours,

it's the first
time he's cracked.

Brother goes in
and tells Billy to lawyer up,

we're screwed.
Doesn't matter.

The case is already bulletproof
without Billy's confession.

Our priority
is finding those women.

They've been missing
for 24 hours.

We've got to
take the risk.

Charlie goes for it,

I want both of you and Huang
listening to every word.

Maybe I should call a lawyer.

No lawyer in the world's
going to be able

to help him out of this.

His only chance to stay alive is
tell us where those women are.

He's right, Dad.

We have to
save his life.

Look, you sure you know
what you're doing?

Let me talk to him.

(door opening)


I'm so sorry, Charlie.


It's going to be
okay, I promise.

I screwed up.

Are you mad at me?

You're my brother.

But you and me...
we got to work this out.


The cops want you to show them
where these women are.

No, I won't do it.


You have to do

the right thing here, Billy.

You have to be strong.

You have to be a man.

I am.

Can't you see that?

No matter what happens,

I'm always here for you.

You understand?

I love you, Charlie.

I love you, too, Billy.

He's not going to
tell us a damn thing.

Lied so he could see
his brother.

Anything, Doc?

Nothing, except Billy never
asked for his father.

No, Charlie's sober--
Dad isn't.

Sorry, Detectives.

Thanks for trying.

Your father's outside.

He didn't give up anything,

We're heading back in.

Forget it.

We got two more bodies.

Greenwich Village.

Oh, that's way out
of his comfort zone.

What's going on?

Iris and Daniel Braverman.

Mid 20s, found by their maid.

Iris was shot once,
execution style.

Husband's another story.


Man, this guy's face is gone.

Found some stippling
on what skin was left.

Shooter put the gun
right between his eyes.

As if he wanted him
to see it coming.

Was Mrs. Braverman raped?

Yes, but no fluids

on the husband.

Which means our guy
did the deed himself.

How long they dead?

They're not in rigor yet.

Less than six hours.

Rules out Billy.

He's been in custody
all night.

Okay, the perp empties
the whole clip

into this guys face,
point blank,

then rapes the wife himself.

That's way off the M.O.

Could be a copycat.

Or Billy had a partner.

Whoever it is,
this is personal.

We need to check these
victim's backgrounds

as quickly as possible.

And get the ballistics.

The Bravermans have been
at the same address

for two years.

Before that college,

before that,
Daniel lived with his parents...

same address as Billy Baker.

How long?

His whole life.
He grew up there.

With Billy
and his brother.

I got it! I got it!

Guess what.

It's the same gun,
it's the same gun.

But guess what.


There's two perps.

How do we know that?

The footprints.

This one we found
at Riverside Park, right?

This one we found
in Central Park

where the women were snatched.

Two right footprints,
same boot, same size.

This one,
this guy walks normally.

And this one,

with the smudge,
we found four of them.

One right in front of the next.

This is our second perp.

And this guy,
he walks with a limp.

Just like Charlie.

That song and dance

in interrogation
was all an act.

Charlie was telling Billy
to keep his mouth shut.

Charlie's the dominate one,
he's the one calling the shots.

We got to pick him up.

Go easy.

He knows we're on to him.

He's liable to kill the women
if he hasn't already.

Charlie's gone.


I don't know.

He at work?

No, they called here
looking for him,

but, uh, they said
he never showed up.

When's the last time
you seen him?

It was when we left
the police station.

Got any idea
where he may have gone?

What, you think
he'd tell me?

Let me guess.

He's in trouble now, too, huh?

You don't even
sound surprised.

No, 'cause if Billy did
what you think Billy did

Charlie must have had
something to do with it.

Why do you say that?

'Cause Billy can't
do anything

without somebody telling him to.

This kid has never made
a decision

in his whole life on his own.

You know, lets the whole world
push him around.

Hey. Hey.

We got
two women missing

and I don't have a lot of time.

Okay, okay,

just don't hit me.

Just, just
don't hit...

All right, man,
we got it.

Does anyone besides
his brother

know where Charlie is?

Yeah, yeah, his girlfriend.

He and that slut work together.

I have no idea
where Charlie is.

Why are you asking me?

Well, 'cause you're
his girlfriend.

I was his girlfriend.

I dumped him six months ago.

He's crazy.

He and that brother of his.

You know Billy?


Too well.

That was kind of the problem.

You had sex with your
boyfriend's brother.

Billy was a little fast,
but cute.

I didn't really mind when
Charlie told me to break him in.

And you did everything
Charlie told you to do.

I thought
I loved him.

Until the last time.

What happened?

Charlie climbed into bed
with me and Billy.

You had a threesome.


Until it became a twosome.

And I wasn't one of the two.

Uh, um...

Charlie and Billy?


Billy didn't really want to,

but Charlie made him.

Billy was crying
so loud

that their daddy came back
and caught us.

Charlie threatened to kill me,
Billy and their father

if we ever told anybody.

What'd those officers
bring me here for, huh?

I told you
I don't know anything.

Mr. Baker,
how did you hurt yourself?

I'm a building

It happens.

You're pretty
accident prone.

I had a bad week.

Is that why
you've been drinking?

So I take a pop
every now and then, so what?

You reek of booze!
You're a drunk!

Hey, just don't hit me, okay?

Just don't...
don't hit me.

I'm not trying to hurt you.
Come on.

I'm trying to help you.
Get up.

Who's been
beating you, Al?


Was it Charlie?

But you caught Charlie having
sex with Billy, didn't you?


Yeah, he was raping Billy.

And you tried
to stop him.

I told him to leave him alone.

He just laughed at me.

He said I was
a drunken loser.

He said I couldn't keep a woman.

Told me he was going to do
whatever he wanted to do,

so I tried
to pull him off Billy.

He just pushed me away.

All right,
and then what happened?

Then I called him a faggot.

So he hit me.

Boy, that kid hit me.

Again and again and again.

Now he hits me every day.

Did Billy beat you, too?

No, never.

Billy would

never do that,
he's a sweet kid.

Wouldn't hurt a fly
unless Charlie told him to.

Billy's a good, good kid.

Billy didn't put
that stuff in that locker

from those poor people.

Charlie did it.

Charlie got the key
and Charlie stole every,

every time he could
from all those residents.

Said I was going to lose my job
if I told anybody.

Did you help Charlie
hide those women?

I swear, I didn't.

we need to find them.

Yeah, I know.

Are you
hiding Charlie?

Boy, you guys don't understand.

He's going to kill me.

He's not gonna ever
to be able to hurt you again.

But if you don't tell us where
he is and those women die,

that's on you.

He's in an apartment
in my building.

One of the residents
is on vacation.


Police! Don't move!


Let me go!

Get off of me!

You told them where I was.

You bastard,
I'll kill you.

I should have killed you,
for what you did to Billy.

Billy hates you
more than I do.

Cuff his legs.

.380 Beretta, is this
what you were looking for?

Huh, Charlie?

Two more seconds, and you guys
would all be dead.

Then us, then your dad,
then you do yourself.

Not today, Charlie.

You're never going
to find those bitches.

They're going to die and you're
never going to find them.

Where are they?

How many times you going
to ask me the same stupid...

As many times as it takes.

Where are they?

You're wasting your breath

because I'm not going
to tell you a damn thing.

Give it up, Charlie.

Your father
told us everything.

My father doesn't know dick.

Oh, yeah? He saw you
rape your brother.

He doesn't know what he saw.

He's a drunken loser.

That why you beat him?

'Cause he caught you
screwing your brother

and he called you a fag?

Your ex-girlfriend Marie
said that right foot of yours

ain't the only thing
that's limp.

You can make it happen
with your own brother,

ain't that right,

Yeah, that's
why you raped him,

that's why
you got that gun--

to show everybody
you're a man.


You think you guys
are better than me?

Think you're like
all those rich people?

You think you can

push me around
like they did?

Is that what this is all about?

You're damn right
it is.

And I showed them.

Yeah, you showed them.

Now tell us where they are!

If you're so smart,

you'll find them yourself.

Look at that door.

Look at that door,
pretty boy.

Look at that door.

(door opens)

Oh, you think this
is going to work, huh?

you have to tell them.

Take me back to jail.

I tried, son, I did.

I tried to protect
you from him.

So I could grow up
to be like you?

Charlie's twice the man
you'll ever be.

set you up, Billy.

What are you talking about?

You know all
that stuff you stole

from the people you murdered
and the boots you wore?

You know
where we found them?

In a storage locker
in your building.

Don't tell them anything, Billy.


not where we hid
those things, Charlie.

Why'd you put them there?

He was going to make you
take the rap all by yourself.

No, I wasn't.

It's not true, Billy.

It is true.
He stole the keys.

He betrayed you, Billy.

He would never do that.

He's no good.

I may not be much,

but I never lied
to you, son.

I never
sold you out.

He sold you out.

Only your boots
were there, Billy.

Not Charlie's.

Why did you do that?

Be a man, Billy.

Don't tell them

where those
bitches are.

Why didn't you protect me?

Shut up.

You said it was us
against everyone else.

And you lied to me.

Shut up!
You lied!

I'll rip you apart if
you tell them anything.

Charlie made me
kill those people.

Shut the hell up!

He shot those boyfriends.

Shut up!

Where are they?
Where are the women?

No, don't
tell them anything.

They're on the roof.

You stupid son of a bitch!

What roof, Billy?
What roof?

Shut up!

Of our building,
in the old water tower.

How are they?

They'll be all right.

They're frostbitten.

They wouldn't have
lasted another night.

Any signs of sexual assault?

Not that
we can see.

Won't be sure until we
get her to the hospital.

You're going to be okay.

What now?

Go to the hospital, take their
statements, get some sleep.