Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 4, Episode 2 - Deception - full transcript

A school reports to SVU about a 5 year old girl drawing distressing pictures of her family. The girl tells Benson mommy reads her stepbrother stories with the doors closed "all the time", and that she once saw stepbrother and mommy "playing together" naked in bed. The girl also tells Benson that mommy, a widely known actress, loves her stepbrother more than her. Not long after a heated public exchange between mommy & daddy witnessed by Benson & Stabler, daddy is found dead on the floor in his home, and a bloody baseball bat is found under the stepbrother's bed. While out on bail, stepbrother marries stepmother during a quick trip to Virginia, where marriage at age 17 is legal with no waiting period for a license and no blood tests are required. After the detectives discover the marriage and get bail revoked, they find first that stepmother is three months pregnant, and then that she's in a hospital due to having been raped.

In the criminal
justice system,

sexually based offenses are
considered especially heinous.

In New York City,

the dedicated detectives who
investigate these vicious felonies

are members of an elite squad
known as the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

So what kinds of things
do you like to draw, Chloe?


I like cats.

You know, your teacher showed me a
really great picture that you drew.

Is that your family?

Are you
in this picture?

That's me and that's Mommy and Kyle.

You look sad in this
picture. Are those tears?

Why are you crying?

Kyle is your brother?

He's my half-brother.

Oh, 'cause you guys have
different moms, right?

We have the same daddy.

There's no daddy in this picture. Where's he?

He's out of town.

Is that
why you're sad?


Okay. Chloe,

are you sad 'cause someone's hurting you?

I don't know.

Usually Chloe's
very happy, outgoing,

but lately
she's been withdrawn.

And I've noticed some bruises on her legs.

Okay, once Detective Benson's
finished talking with her

we'll need to take her to
the hospital for an exam.

The father's a little
high-strung. What do I tell him?

We'll send an officer here to meet
him, bring him to the hospital.

What do you mean,

A yeller. You know, corporate
mogul type, Lawrence Fuller.

Fuller Telecom?

Guy's name
is on my cable bill.

Well, you should probably also know
that Chloe's mother is Gloria Stanfield.

The actress. She did a few
movies about 10 years ago.

So you're asking
for discretion.

No, I'm just giving you fair
warning. They're both a handful.

Chloe, your mom and Kyle
look really happy here, huh?

How come you're the only one that's sad?

Because Mommy loves Kyle more than me.

I bet she loves you
both the same.

She reads him stories all
the time, but not to me.

Where does she
read Kyle stories?

In his room.

They close the door
and I'm not allowed.

You never went in there? Not one time?

It was because
I heard noises.

I thought
Mommy was crying.

What were they doing?

They were
playing in bed.

They didn't have
any clothes on.

The colposcopic exam didn't
reveal any signs of sexual abuse.

Anything that indicates
straight physical abuse?

Some bruises
on her shins.

Pretty typical
for a five-year-old.

Scan showed healed wrist
and tibia fractures,

but she doesn't remember
how she got them.

You talk
to the parents yet?

Actually, we're gonna wait
till we speak with Chloe.

Yeah, well, I think that's her father,
and he looks like he wants to go.

Are you the detectives
who brought my daughter here?

Is she all right?
She's fine, Mr. Fuller.

Why don't we go someplace where
we can discuss it more privately?

School tells me I have to go to the hospital.

No one tells me why.
Is Chloe hurt?

No. No, but there was
some concern at her school.

Concern about what?

She said some things that
might indicate problems at home.

What kind of problems?

Actually, we were hoping that
you could help us with that.

When did Chloe break her wrist and her leg?

When she was three. She fell
off a slide in a playground.

Is that what this is about?
It was an accident.

You dragged her
to a hospital for that?

We brought her here based on
a picture she drew at school

and statements she made to Detective Benson

which seemed to

describe a sexual relationship
between your wife and your son.

What are you talking
about? What kind of picture?

Your daughter said she'd seen them
sleeping in the same bed together.

Are you out of your mind?
She's his mother.

Do you think that
Chloe made it up?

She had to. I...

Where's your wife
now, Mr. Fuller?

Our house in the Hamptons,
antique shopping.

Have you ever seen any behavior
that confirms Chloe's story?

I don't think so.

But you damn well better believe
I'll be finding out.

Sir, it's really best if
you allow us to investigate.

You investigate all you like.
I'm taking Chloe home.

Kyle Fuller's school records
describe a normal, well-adjusted kid,

till the second grade when his
mother was killed in a car accident.

Not surprising
he had a tough time.

In the fifth grade
his behavior got worse.

Loss of appetite, sudden outbursts, fighting.

That was the same year his
father married Gloria Stanfield.

Well, it could be
adjusting to a stepmother.

Or the stepmother pulled a
Woody Allen way back then.

Proving that's the only way we're
gonna charge her with statutory rape.

It's not illegal to have
sex with a 17-year-old.

He turned 17 last month.

You don't think it's likely that
the abuse started long before that?

Doesn't matter what I think if
they're not breaking the law.

Even if the abuse started yesterday,
she's still essentially his mother.

She's taking advantage
of her control over him.

Unless he's a normal teenager who's
just happy to be banging an actress.

Look, if nothing else,

that environment is unhealthy
for that little girl.

Well, this all depends on whether
we believe what she's saying is true.

And I do.

Kids her age don't usually
make up things like this.

When is the mother
due back in town?

Anytime, if she gets word
we're looking at her.

She's gonna want to circle
the family wagons.

Well, I'd like to know if we have a
complaining witness before that happens.

Fin, you and John
go talk to Kyle.

If he is a victim, he may want to know
there's something he can do to stop it.

You know, a family like this
probably has plenty of hired help.

Something's going on in that
house, they'd know about it.

All right, discretion,

The longer we keep this out
of the papers, the better.

Kyle Fuller. Can we talk
to you alone for a minute?

I'll see you guys later.

What's this about?

You talk to
your father today?

No, I won't see him till tonight.
Why, did something happen?

He's fine. How things going for you at home?

Okay. Why?

Get along with
your mother?

My stepmother?

She's all right. Why
are you asking about her?

One of our detectives
talked to your sister Chloe.

We're with the
Special Victims Unit.

One of the things we
investigate is child abuse.

You think Chloe's
being abused?

No, not Chloe. You.

She told you that?

She said you and your stepmother
sleep in the same bed. Is that true?

Okay, wait.

Wait. If you think
that we're sleeping together,

like, having sex,
that's just sick.

I mean, Gloria's been my
stepmom since I was, like, 10.

And you don't wanna get her
into trouble. We understand that.

No. It's just that there's no
way that we're sleeping together

or having sex
or anything.

I mean, if that's what Chloe told
you, look, I'm sorry, I really am.

I'm sorry you came down here
and wasted your time,

but it's just not true.


I've told you three times,

my employment contract includes
a confidentiality clause.

Meaning you know something,
you just can't say.

That's not what I mean.

Do you get along with
Ms. Stanfield?

She's an excellent employer,
and that's all I will say.

Well, what do they pay
you for a gig like this?

That's none
of your concern.

I'll bet there are a lot of
under-the-table cash transactions.

Is that true?

Well, we could find out.
Drop a dime to the IRS,

have them go through your undeclared
cash income with a fine-toothed comb.

That would jam her up for,
what, about three years?


We find truth in what Chloe is
saying, your boss is going down.

You'd better decide right
now. You want to join her?

I saw them together once,
a few weeks ago.

Doing what?

I walked into the room.

She was kissing Kyle.

It wasn't the way
a mother kisses her son.

It was only a moment.

I hardly saw anything.

It sounds like
you saw plenty.


Gloria Stanfield's back in
town. At her lawyer's office.

Our presence
is kindly requested.

Sorry to keep you waiting,

You must know my client,
Gloria Stanfield.

Heard a lot about you.

I'll be with you
in a minute.

She wanted to clear this matter
up as soon as she got back to town.

How were
the Hamptons?


I know the other detectives
already spoke to Kyle.

He told you the truth.

I am not having a sexual
relationship with my stepson.

What more
can I tell you?

You think Chloe
lied about it?

I think she makes up stories. She's a child.

Well, then, why do we
have other adult witnesses

who describe a pretty passionate
kiss between you and your stepson?

I kiss everyone,

The simple fact
is you're investigating

the misconception of
an imaginative five-year-old.

Where do you think
Chloe got these ideas from?

Television, probably. My
old movies, for that matter.

You know, this is
really ridiculous.

Chloe draws a picture, and
everyone blows it out of proportion.

I would never do anything
to hurt my stepson.

No complaining witness,
no physical evidence of abuse,

no independent verification other
than an uncooperative housekeeper

who saw a stepmother
kiss her stepson.

And no indictment based on a
kindergartner's art project.

There's something
going on in that house.

That woman's wrong.

We're gonna need more
than your gut.

I can contact my counterpart
at Children's Services.

At the very least, they
can start a file on Gloria.

I just got a call from a patrol out of the 22

responding to a domestic
disturbance at the Formby Day School.

What happened?

Gloria and her husband are fighting
over who's taking the daughter.

You let me take my daughter home right now

or I will slap a lawsuit on you
so fast... Don't let him near her.

You see
how angry he gets.

Shut up.
She raped my son.

God knows what she did to
my daughter. Our daughter.

Look, you don't deserve to be
a mother. You're disgusting.

Yeah, make up
some more stories.

Everyone knows it's so you can get out
of child support when I divorce you!

I'm gonna kill you if you
touch my children! Mr. Fuller!

I don't want to hear another
threat like that. Now, am I clear?

You say I'm the abuser.

He hits me and he hits them.
You should investigate that!

You two can fight this out in Family Court.

Until then, your children will
be in the custody of the state.

You can't do that!

If we think your children are in
imminent danger, we certainly can.

If they keep at it, bring
them in for disorderly conduct.

Oh, no, no, no.
Chloe, sweetheart.

Wait a minute.


It's okay.

This is kidnapping!

Munch, I need you to do an
emergency removal of Kyle Fuller.

Pick him up at his school.

You guys are friends
of Kyle Fuller, right?

You seen him?

He left already. What are
you guys investigating?

Kyle get along okay with
his family? His stepmom?

Yeah, he and Gloria
got along really well.

How do you know?

Well, everybody knows
about Gloria.

She's very open.

What, is she putting out
for all his school buddies?

Not that. She just likes
having guys around.

She doesn't mind, you
know, if you look at her.

Yeah, it's like she's wearing clothes,
but you can totally see through them.

And she's always giving
everybody backrubs.

And what does
Kyle think of all this?

He digs it.

It's not his real mom,
so who cares?

It sounds like you think
there's more going on

than just backrubs
and peep shows.

I don't know if he's banging
her, but I wouldn't be surprised.

Where's the little one?

ACS placed her with an
aunt and uncle in the area.

Well, let's all hope
insanity isn't a family trait.

Any luck with Kyle?

No. Not at home,
not with friends.

Munch and Fin are still out
looking, and your day isn't over yet.

Doorman called it in. No
witnesses. Nobody heard a struggle.

Where's the rest
of the Addams family?

Forced entry?

Door was ajar,
locks intact.

Whoever did this knew the security
code. There's no apparent robbery.

Bashed in
his skull, left.

Blow to the back of the head's
probably what did it,

but he's got impact wounds to
the torso, thighs, forearms.

Went down fighting.

Murder weapon looks like it's cylindrical,
two or three inches in diameter.

Like a baseball bat?

That'd do it.

I found it under Kyle's
bed. I'll bag it for prints.

Fin's talking to the doorman
to see if Kyle left in a hurry.

Mr. Fuller came in
around 8:00.

After about 20 minutes,
Ms. Stanfield left,

then Kyle about
15 minutes later.

Did you notice anything
unusual about either of them?

Ms. Stanfield was in a
hurry, but that's typical.

Kyle. I guess
he seemed a little upset.

Where are
the other entrances?

Back and side doors,

but they're all locked and
hooked up to the alarm system.

And no one enters
without signing in.

Pretty quiet today.
Nobody out of the ordinary.

Just guests of the tenants.

Okay. I'm gonna
get this back to you, okay?

What's going on?

Your father was killed.

Somebody attacked him in
your apartment. I'm sorry.

Where's Gloria?

Well, I was gonna ask you
the same thing.

You're taking your father's
death kind of well, though.

Come on.

It's my day off.

I stopped by to check on Ms. Stanfield

and the front door was open.

I came in,
found Mr. Fuller.

Why were you checking on Ms. Stanfield?

She called
after you took Chloe.

She was so upset. I wanted to
make sure she was all right.

You know where
she was calling from?

I assumed here.

There was no one else
in the apartment.

She couldn't have done this,
Detective. It's not possible.

How'd you get
that shiner?

At school, in Phys Ed.

It looks like
you got punched.

Thought it might be
your dad.

Is that what happened?

He started to hit you
and you defended yourself?


I didn't kill him.

Any idea who did?

Where'd you go tonight?

For a walk.


Because I felt like it.

Your dad and stepmom
were home before you left.

That's gotta be a pretty contentious
relationship these days, huh?

I don't know anything
about it.

Okay, you went out for a
walk. Where'd Gloria go?

She didn't kill him.

Well, how do you know?
You went out for a walk.

I just know.

How many school uniforms
do you have?

About six. Where's the one you wore today?

I changed when I got home.

Blood stains kind of clash
with the school colors, huh?


Hold off on the questions for a minute.

Kid lawyered up.

Mr. Schaefer, if you'll
follow me to interrogation.

You're not worried about a conflict
of interest there, Counselor?

Ms. Stanfield
is a suspect also.

If charges are filed,
Kyle obtains new counsel.

Until then,
no conflict.

Who's representing you?

I'll answer any questions you
have without my attorney present.

I'm gonna advise you
against that.

No. Really, it's okay. I
haven't got anything to hide.

Right this way.

I have no idea what happened.
I went to a hotel tonight.


You saw my husband
at the school.

Do you honestly think I wanted
to be anywhere near that man?

Well, then
why go home at all?

Well, Detective Benson,
to get my things.

My stepson was there.

I tried to explain to him
what was happening.

Kyle got so angry,

and then Lawrence walked in.

They started fighting.

Lawrence got physical,
as usual, pushed him.

I couldn't stand it
anymore so I left.

You left your husband
to push around your stepson?

How would I stop him?

Believe me, I've tried.
It only makes things worse.

Will the hotel
confirm your story?

The Sienna. They'll tell
you when I checked in.

Is that all?

One more thing.

Was your husband still
breathing when you left?

I didn't kill him.

I have no reason.

Well, actually,
I could think of a couple.

Custody of the kids.
Inheriting his money.

Lawrence made me sign
a prenuptial agreement.

He always believed that I
was a gold digger at heart.

The money goes to Kyle and Chloe in
trusts that I am not allowed to touch.

So when you left Kyle and his
father were still fighting?

Kyle didn't do this.

But you'd already left, so
you don't know that for sure.

Look, I will answer any
questions that you have about me,

but I just lost my husband
and my daughter.

I'm not gonna help you
frame my stepson.

Anyone look good
for the arrest?

Well, one's covering for the
other. I'm just not sure who.

The murder weapon was found
under the boy's bed.

I'm guessing Gloria Stanfield
doesn't have a baseball bat.

Well, doesn't mean
she didn't borrow it.

Kyle came back
to the crime scene.

If he killed the guy, why
the hell didn't he stay away?

Maybe to pick up the murder weapon.
Only one set of prints on it.

Kyle Fuller's.

Arrest him.

We have been more than cooperative, so if
you're not planning on arresting Kyle...

Stand up.

Because we're planning
on arresting you.

For what? The murder of Lawrence Fuller.

Come on, let's not
make this any harder.

You have the right
to an attorney.

You want my advice, don't take one
that's on your mother's payroll.

You're making a mistake.
My son is innocent.

You're the only
other suspect,

so if you got a confession,
now's the time to give it.

I'll have him out
by morning.

Kyle, don't say

I won't.

I'm getting you a lawyer.
I'll take care of everything.

Don't tell them

"Docket ending 137.
People v. Kyle Fuller.

"One count
Murder in the Second Degree. "

Trevor Langan for
the defense, Your Honor.

How do you plead?

Not guilty.

I'll hear the People
on bail.

The defendant has unlimited
financial means at his disposal

and no business
or familial responsibilities.

We consider him to be a flight
risk and request remand, Your Honor.

He is a 17-year-old boy

with strong ties to his stepmother
and his five-year-old sister.

Who is currently residing with
relatives at the behest of the state

pending an ACS investigation
of the stepmother.

All the more reason he's not
a flight risk, Your Honor.

The defendant is charged
with viciously beating

his father to death
with a baseball bat.

This is a first arrest.
He is no hardened criminal.

Bail is set at $1,000, 000,

and we'll also hold onto
Mr. Fuller's passport

for the duration
of the trial.

Next case.
Let's move it along.

"Docket ending... "

Take him all of five seconds
to come up with the cash.

He didn't pull
this off alone.

Find me some evidence and I will charge
Gloria Stanfield as a co-conspirator.

First place I'd like to
look is her hotel room.

I can't send you
on a fishing expedition.

The judge is going to want to
know what you're looking for.

Kyle's school uniform.

If he was wearing it when he killed
Fuller, it's gotta have blood all over it.

He had to stash it

I'll get a warrant.

Gloria Stanfield's room,

I'm sorry, I can't give that out.

This says
you can.

I can give you the room,
but she's not in right now.

Well, do you know
where she went?

I arranged for a car to JFK. They
didn't say where they were going.

They? She had
her son with her?

He was young, but I'm sure he wasn't her son.

Not the way
they were acting.

Anything from
the passenger manifests?

We're calling on domestic flights. There
are over 70 airlines that fly out of JFK.

Well, there's no activity
on her credit card,

so if they flew, they must've
paid cash for the tickets.

Departed on Flight 1647
to Dulles, 11:00 this morning.

DC? What the hell
they doing there?

They're already back.

They landed at JFK
two hours ago.

The other officers have
already searched the room.

How many times
do you need to see it?

Till we find
what we're looking for.

Don't worry about it.
The warrant's still valid.

The guests may be inside.

You know what?
Let's surprise them.

Come on out, Kyle.

Don't come in here!

We got a warrant to search this room,
and we're going to start with the bed.

Hey, you forget that little detail
about not leaving this jurisdiction?

You blew it, buddy.

We didn't do
anything wrong.

Yeah, you did.

So get up, get dressed,

and have your lawyer meet you
down at the station.

We don't have to say anything
to you. We're married now.

Where's Kyle?

In a cell at the courthouse, waiting
for a judge to revoke his bail,

send his ass to Rikers.

Explain this to me.

You're questioning my client because
she was in bed with her husband?

Who, up until yesterday,
was her stepson.

You want to tell us again how
you never abused him, Gloria?

He's 17 years old.
It's not abuse.

You expect us to believe that she waited
until it was legal to sleep with him?

Well, unless you have evidence to
the contrary, you have to believe it.

I never abused him.

We're in love.

You're in love with a boy you've
raised since he was 10 years old?

Sweetheart, that's not
love, that's pedophilia.

Nothing happened
until after he was 17.

A month ago.

You must've given him one hell
of a birthday present, Gloria.

I'll take
the blame for it.

I was lonely.

My husband was never home. He
hadn't touched me in over a year.

Kyle knew I was hurt.

He only wants me to be happy,
and I want the same thing for him.

What happened between us
may be wrong in your eyes,

but we can't help
the way we feel.

The detectives will explain to you
that you've done nothing wrong at all.

You're not blood-related.
There's no crime.

So the widow Stanfield
marries her stepson

right in the middle
of a murder investigation.

Now neither one of them has to
testify against each other in a court.

It's a huge coincidence.

Spousal privilege protects the
sanctity of marriage, Detectives.

Well, it also protects them from telling
the truth about who killed Lawrence Fuller.

During the course
of their investigation,

SVU detectives discovered the
defendant left his jurisdiction,

violating the conditions
of his bail agreement.

This was obviously not an
attempt to skip bail, Your Honor,

as evidenced by the fact that my
client was on his way back to New York

before the detectives
knew he was gone.

The sole purpose of this trip was
to travel to the state of Virginia,

which allows non-residents
to obtain marriage licenses

without waiting periods
or blood tests.

He skipped town
to get married?

Virginia also allows a
person under the age of 18

to marry with the permission
of a legal guardian,

despite the fact that the defendant was,
in fact, marrying his legal guardian,

his stepmother,
Gloria Stanfield,

currently under investigation
for child abuse and murder.

None of this is relevant to
the matter of bail, Your Honor.

But it is relevant
to the defendant's trial.

This marriage is an attempt
to abuse spousal privilege

and circumvent the very investigation
which may land the defendant in jail.

Whether or not the defendant
intended to avoid prosecution,

he violated
his bail agreement.

Bail is revoked.
Defendant is remanded.

Congratulations on your nuptials, young man.

Get anything
from the blushing bride?

She's sticking
to her story.

Nothing happened until after he turned 17.

Cut her loose. We sure the marriage is valid?

According to the Virginia
State Attorney's office.

There is nothing on the books preventing
a minor from marrying a stepparent.

It's perfectly legal.

And newsworthy.

Did Gloria Stanfield
abuse her children?

Is the district attorney planning to
indict her for her husband's murder?

We have no comment.

Hey, does Gloria Stanfield's

have any effect on
the child abuse allegations?

Who told you that?

I'm not
at liberty to say.

Let me talk to you a second. Hey, hey, hey...

Right over here.
I won't reveal my sources.

You know what? Don't give
me this intimidation crap.

First Amendment, kids.
I'm a journalist.

For the National Probe. That's
a real respectable publication.

You guys are just pissed because
I got the goods before you.

What'd you do? Stake out her doctor's office?

Bribe some receptionist
for her medical records?

All I'm saying is, she's
knocked up. Three months along.

And that stepson of hers
is the father.

How do you know that?

Because she brought him
with her to the appointment.

Use your brains, honey. Why
else would she marry the kid?

Heard you're gonna be
a daddy. That true?

Don't answer that.
Why the hell not?

Whatever his answer is, it doesn't
incriminate him, just his mother.

Gloria is my wife.

Look at him.
Know what that is?

Fatherly pride.

Kid's yours, then?

My client has no way of knowing the
paternity of Gloria Stanfield's child.

But it's possible,

Ask him something he can
actually answer or we're done.

Did she tell you that was your
baby? Is that why you got married?

Anything Gloria told me was
after we were married.

That means I don't have
to answer your question.

Thank you, Detective Benson.
And they say chivalry's dead.

You shopping for your husband's
funeral or maternity clothes?

Little bit of both.

We wanted to offer our
congratulations to you.

And you're bringing me
a present.

Yep. Paternity test
paid for by the state.


I think
you can guess.

So you can prove I had sex
with Kyle before he was 17.

Do I have a choice?

You can wait
until the baby is born.

We can get a court order,

but that means you have
six more months of visits

to look forward to from
Detective Benson and myself

just to make sure
you don't get lost.

Contact my attorney.
He'll set up the test.

It's a boy.

Not what we
wanted to know.

Makes the paternity testing
a lot easier.

Only have to compare
the Y-chromosomes.

Got Lawrence Fuller's
DNA from the morgue.

He and Kyle
have the same Y.

Then so should
the baby.

No. Chromosomes
don't match.


Somebody else
is the father.


You're not gonna
believe this.

Gloria Stanfield is in the
hospital. She's been raped.

Came in by ambulance
about an hour ago.

Contusions to her thighs
and upper arms.

Rape kit was positive for fluids.

She lose

Awake for the whole thing.
He hit her hard.

Bruising's pretty severe.

No sign of trauma
to the baby.

We're keeping her overnight
for observation.


Who did this to you,

I don't know.

You gonna tell us some stranger
just crawled in through your window?

Forget it, Gloria.

You know who did it because
you were sleeping with him.

Every word out of your mouth has been a lie.

Now, you want our help,
you give us his name

and you give it to us now.

Frank Barbarossa. I did...
I had a stupid fling with him.

I ended it months ago.

I thought he was over it,

and all this time he was just
thinking up ways to hurt me.

He the father of your baby?


When he found out that I
married Kyle, he went crazy.

I really did think that Kyle killed his
father. I was just trying to protect him.

But now you think differently.
You think this

Frank murdered
your husband.


He said it was my fault.

That if I keep
playing games with people,

sooner or later that I
was going to have to pay.

And that
if I couldn't understand that,

that he would do the same thing
to me that he did to Lawrence.

Frank Barbarossa?

Who are you?

Police, Frankie.
You're under arrest.

What are you
arresting me for?

Raping Gloria Stanfield.

Rape? Wait a minute.
She was raped?

And beaten, tough guy.

That why you pump iron?
So you can mess up women?

No, no, you guys are making a
mistake, you're making a mistake.

I didn't... I didn't rape her.
I didn't rape her.

Then I'm glad we got your DNA
so we can clear your good name.

No record.
The guy's a personal trainer.

Three of his clients live in
Gloria Stanfield's building.

She one of them?

But he was there
the night of the murder.

Doorman didn't mention it because
Barbarossa's in the building all the time.

He checked in at 7:30,
out by 9:10.

To see who?

According to this, one of
his clients, Greta Zabor.

But she says the training
session ended in an hour.

Which leaves half an hour
unaccounted for.

What happened to Gloria?

Ah, one of those guys
who likes to relive it.

Yeah. All right.

Legs, arms.

Didn't touch
the face, though,

because what fun is it to rape a movie
star if you can't recognize her, right?

Oh, my God.
What's the matter, Frankie?

You can't stand the sight of your own work?

No, I didn't do this.

I love her, okay? I would
never lay a hand on her.

Where were you
last night?

I was home.

Anyone confirm that?

No, no. I live alone.

Look, why do you guys think
this was me?

Because she fingered you.

She said that
you raped her

then threatened to kill her
like you killed her husband.

No, that's a lie.

Read her statement, Frank.
We got you.

And we got your DNA
to match to the rape kit.

That alone will get you 12-and-a-half to
25 years of personal training at Attica.

No, man. It ain't gonna match,
because I didn't rape her.

Of course there's a murder
conviction. That's another 25-to-life.

Your parole officer
hasn't even been born yet.

Look, I'm telling you guys,
I didn't kill anybody.

Think about this,

The jury sees you, the schmuck
trainer to the rich and famous.

You're jealous,
you want what they have.

So you knock up the actress, kill
the husband and set up the son.

We got officers going through
your place right now.

You think they're gonna
find anything?

Did you throw away those
shoes you were wearing

when you killed
that guy?

I hope so, because blood
is really hard to rub off.

Damn near impossible.

That lying bitch.

Tell me about it.

That bitch! I'm gonna kill her! Sit down!

No. No, you get me a lawyer. You get
me a lawyer. I don't say anything.

Legal Aid's backed up.

Frankie won't have
representation until tonight.

It doesn't matter. Once the DNA comes
back, no lawyer's gonna get him out of this.

Got the LUDs on Barbarossa's
cell. Something interesting.

He got a call the night
of Fuller's murder at 8:40.

There's a missing half hour. He's
still someplace inside that building.

Where was the call from?

Pay phone
in the deli across the street.

Odds are it's one of two
people, Gloria or Kyle.

They were both out of
the apartment by then.

I doubt Kyle's gonna call his
wife's boyfriend. It was her.

She calls Barbarossa minutes
before he kills her husband.


Find out.

You know this woman?

Yeah, yeah. Seen her
in the neighborhood.

Real diva, that one.

She ever been in here?

A few nights ago.

I asked her for an autograph,
she acted like I was stalking her.

Screw her. She's not that
good of an actress anyway.

What'd she come
in here for?

Made a phone call
on the payphone,

then she watched out the
window for a few minutes,

made one more call,
then left.

What was going on
out the window?

I think she was waiting
for somebody

to come out of the building
across the street.

You happen to eavesdrop
on those phone conversations?

No, man.
And I tried.


We got your message.

There's something wrong
with our DNA sample?

What did you do
to my sperm?

Not a thing.

Somebody did, because there's no way
it came off a rape victim. Look at this.

See how the tail of each
sperm is bent at the tip?

Yeah. What does
that tell you?

This sperm was frozen.

So, unless your guy was
shooting through ice cubes,

there's no way this semen
could have come from a rape.

Do we know
whose sperm it is?

Oh, it's your guy.

Frozen or not, the DNA from the rape
kit matched the DNA from his towel

which matched
the paternity test.

There's another thing.

The presence of spermicide
from the rape kit sample.

Like from a condom.

That Gloria saved after she
had sex with Frank Barbarossa.

She freezes it, she plants it on
herself to set him up for rape.

And murder.

You drop the rape charges,

he'll plead to murder two,
minimum sentencing recommendation.

Why should we do that?

Because he's gonna give you
Gloria Stanfield.

He agrees to testify against her,
assuming we can corroborate his story,

and you've got a deal.

Go ahead.

The bitch set me up.

Frankie, just tell her
what you know, okay?

I'd have done
anything for her.

I didn't care about
the money and all that.

I killed the husband, but I did
it because Gloria told me to.

How did she
set up the murder?

She called me that night,
and she said he was crazy,

and that if I didn't do it right
then, that he was going to kill her.

Did she pay you?

That's not why I did it.

She said she was afraid
for her life.

He used to knock her and
those kids around all the time.

If he was out of the way,
that we could be together,

but he'd never let her go.

Telling you about her abusive husband
doesn't mean she asked you to kill him.

Well, how the hell you think
I got in the apartment?

She gave me
the security code.

That doesn't
prove anything.

Why the hell not?

Because you were
screwing her,

so she could have given
it to you at any time.

Yeah, but she made up
a rape to frame me.

That proves that she's
a liar, not a murderer.

The kid's baseball bat.

She told me where it was and she told
me what to do with it when I was done.

It was her idea
to set him up, too.

Mr. Barbarossa, with your
statement you are the only person

going to jail for this murder.

I need something
I can prove.

Well, I guess she's gonna
get away with it.

We arresting her?

Nothing he said definitively
points to Gloria.

This might. Dumped the
payphone from the deli.

That other call that Gloria
made went to Kyle Fuller's cell.

Wonder what that
conversation entailed.

"Honey, get out of the house. Your
father's about to get murdered. "

Would explain
why he's sitting in Rikers.

He thinks she did it,
he's protecting her.

You get Kyle
to testify to that,

we've got corroboration and
an indictment against Gloria.

When's Kyle
getting released?

I'm bringing Barbarossa's confession
before a judge tomorrow morning

to formally drop the charges.

Kyle's a free man by noon.

And a dead man.

He cashes in that trust,

Gloria's got no reason
to keep him around anymore.

My client's being released
within the hour, Detective,

so I'm not quite sure
what we're doing here.

You know why they're dropping the charges?

Because I didn't
kill my father.

They tell you
who did?

Some guy that worked
in my apartment building.

No, not some guy.

Your stepmother's

You think you can just make up
these lies and I'm gonna believe you?

You've been sitting in prison for one reason,

your stepmother
set you up for murder.

That's not true.

Kyle, think about it.

The weapon was your baseball
bat, hidden under your bed.

And whose idea
was that?

It was your

Gloria is my wife.

Who's having
another guy's baby.

Results of her paternity
test. See for yourself.

Kyle, there's no reason
to protect her anymore.

She doesn't deserve it.

It's not true.

Can't argue with DNA.

She had her boyfriend kill your father.

And he did it because Gloria told him
that they would live happily ever after.

She said the same thing
to you, didn't she?

But you couldn't kill him, and
so she got someone else to do it.

But she wanted
to get married to me.

It was her idea.

So you wouldn't testify
against her.

But I would have protected
her. She didn't have to lie.

She called you that night
before you left the apartment.

What'd she say to you?

She told me to leave.

That she was gonna take care of everything,
and that after that night we'd be together.

She told me she loved me.

Hey, can I have
your autograph?

What, are you
following me?

We heard you made
an appointment.

Family planning services. You're
getting rid of the baby, too.

Guess nobody's safe
around you.


What are you doing?

Sweetheart, I told you
why I can't have the baby.

We agreed that this was
the best thing for us.


But you said
it was mine.

Which proves we were
having sex before I was 17.

Kyle, this is for us.

No, it's not.

Look, I know
the baby isn't mine.

So if you wanna kill it, go
ahead. I don't care anymore.

Kyle, please.

Just tell me something.

This whole time we were
together, this whole year,

was it all
part of your plan?

Make me love you so I would
do whatever you wanted?

Absolutely not.

Because if it was,
you didn't have to do that.

You didn't have to pretend.

I already loved you, Gloria.

I can't remember
when I didn't.

I do love you, Kyle.

We're married.

That's why I don't wanna have
another man's baby.

Look, I only lied to you

because I thought you were too young
to understand. It was my mistake.

I will not let that
happen again.

I had my lawyer do this.

It's for you. Petition for divorce, Gloria.

You're gonna be
a free woman.

Not for long, though. You're
under arrest for murder.

You don't know
what you're doing, Kyle.


I know exactly
what I'm doing,