Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 4, Episode 17 - Privilege - full transcript

Detectives Benson and Stabler are called to a crime scene--a young woman dressed in a maid's uniform has apparently committed suicide. But there's lots of sexual-related bruising so they question whether she was pushed and if she was raped.

In the criminal
justice system,

sexually based offenses are
considered especially heinous.

In New York City,

the dedicated detectives who
investigate these vicious felonies

are members of an elite squad
known as the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

Love is all very nice, darling,
but what does he really want?

Your pecan pies or your
nice, fat bank balance?

What on earth?

Not you, dear.

I think there's a dead
animal in my wisteria.

Now, if Albert
is only after sex,

you have my blessing.

I mean, you're pushing 70.

How many more rides are left
on the merry-go-round?

Home owner's name
is Katerina Blundell.

Victim dropped in
on her unexpectedly.

She's in her 20s. Wearing
a maid's uniform. No ID.

Miss Blundell
have a housekeeper?

No. Lives alone.

She recognize the victim
from the neighborhood?

I doubt it.
The victim has no face.

From the lividity,
she's been dead a while.

Why'd you call us?

Looks like a suicide, but somebody
worked her over pretty good.

There's bruising on her
breasts, buttocks, thighs.

Maybe a rape
and toss?

Some of these
are old.

This stuff didn't
just happen once.

Looks like
she fell from there.

Trellacker Tower.
Millionaire heaven.

So she lands head first,
breaks the glass,

falls onto the plants
which hold her for a while

until Katerina
goes poking around.

She's a maid. Probably
doesn't speak much English.

Alone in a foreign country.
If she was raped,

it's not surprising
she didn't call the cops.

So she takes the high dive.

Or she was pushed.

Mr. Paysen?

SVU. Detective Stabler.
My partner, Detective Benson.

Now, the doorman says that you run
security for the Lamerly family.

Yeah. SVU?
What's this about?

We've got a jumper. Looks like
she fell from the penthouse.

Did you check all
the other apartments?

Well, the doorman says that the windows
don't open wide enough to let a child out.

Well, why is sex crimes
interested in a suicide?

We believe that she was
assaulted before she fell.

You did some
time on the job?

Put in my 20 at the 29.
When'd this happen?

Sometime over
the weekend.

No one's been in the
penthouse from Friday morning

till Sunday night when
Mrs. Lamerly came home.

From where?

The rest of the family's
still up there.

I drove Mrs. L. Back early
to take in a concert.

There's no sign
of a break-in.

Even so, we'd like
to take a look around.

Like I said, nobody's been
here since Friday morning.

Well, we could come back with a warrant
and a couple of TV crews if you'd like.

Just let me
warn the old lady.

Thank you.

You think she fell
from our balcony?

It seems likely.

Oh, the poor soul.
Do you know who she is?

We're working on that. She was
wearing a housekeeper's uniform.

Gray dress,
white apron.

But all our help
had the weekend off.

We'll need
names and addresses.

Of course. Tom will get them for you.

There's our
crime scene.

There's no sign of
a struggle here or inside.

I still don't understand how
she could've got out here.

We're going to need to take a look
at the building security camera tapes.

Ma'am, please don't
touch the railing.

I'm sorry. Is this
where she fell?

Looks like it.

We're going to have to have a Crime Scene
Unit come up here and check things out.

Of course.

Lamerly money comes from late
Grandpa's real estate business.

He had the cash,
Grandma had the class.

Son Douglas runs
everything now.

Wife lives in Bermuda
and rarely comes ashore.


Yeah, one son, Drew,
just back from Europe.

And what about Granny?

She hosts tea parties and presides
over a dozen charitable events.

Their story hold up?

Doorman said that the penthouse
had no visitors over the weekend,

but he can't see who comes
in through the garage.

This is off
the penthouse lobby camera.

4:45 p. m. Saturday.

She's got her own key.
Any pictures of her face?

Now, that would be too easy.
And that's it.

She's the only one who
went into the penthouse

till Gran and the chauffeur
come home Sunday evening.

Any reports of
missing servants?

All present and
accounted for.

So who is this woman?

I'm running prints,
dental, DNA.

There's too much bone damage
to try facial reconstruction.

Tested her for drugs
and alcohol. She's clean.

Did you get anything
from the rape kit?

No fluids.

But traces of lubricant and
spermicide. Her attacker used a condom.

Can you connect the assault
to the time of death?

Most of the bruises and strap marks
are old, but there are petechiae here.

Broken capillaries that didn't
have time to form bruises.

So she was raped, beaten, and
went up to the penthouse to die?

Or she likes rough sex. None
of this proves she was raped.

Hands around the throat
could be erotic asphyxiation.

The strap marks could be
the badge of an S&M junkie.

Possible. The degree of
violence is pretty controlled.

Another thing,
CSU only found one shoe.

They're still looking
for the second one.

Pretty high-end for a maid.

Nice stockings, too.

Okay, she's wearing high heels,
fancy underwear, dresses like a maid,

and lets herself into
a rich man's apartment?

Sounds like an out-call
fantasy to me.

My God.

I think it's Anna.

I can't believe
she'd do this.

Who's Anna,
Mr. Lamerly?

Anna Rivera.

She worked
a month for us,

and then we learned that she
lied about her legal status.

Last week we
had to let her go.

Do you always check the
immigration status of your staff?

We lead public lives,

We have to be able
to withstand scrutiny.

Do you have any idea
why Anna would kill herself?

She was very upset
about losing the job.

She begged us
not to fire her.

But I honestly never
thought she'd do this.

The severance was very
generous. Three months' salary.

That'll put a dent
in the bank account.

Did Anna usually wear
shoes like this to work?

I have no idea.

I don't inspect
the staff's shoes.

She was wearing stiletto
heels and expensive underwear.

I don't think she came up
to polish the credenza.

What are you trying
to say, Detective?

Whoever abused Anna
made a habit of it.

Her body showed signs
of repeated, violent sex.

Well, what has that
got to do with me?

Anna came to this apartment
to die, Mr. Lamerly.

Why do you think
she did that?

You can't honestly think I
have anything to do with this.

How well did
your son know her?

Where was he
Saturday night?

In Connecticut.
We all were.

You barge in here, no warrant, no
nothing, making wild accusations...

Douglas, please.
Don't shout.

Police have to
do their job.

Do you know
where Anna used to live?

My son will get
you the address.


Something you should see.


Took the same prints
on the balcony door.

Was she alone?
Far as I can tell.

There's only the one set.
What about inside?

Nothing. Place is immaculate. But,
hey, Granny looks like a clean freak.

So our victim gets attacked someplace
else but comes here to kill herself?

She came straight out here,
she climbs over the edge,

she holds onto the railing.

Smearing suggests she
didn't let go right away.

She changed her mind.
She tried to pull herself up.

Wasn't strong enough.

Anna's address.

Mr. Karenn, when was the
last time you saw Anna?

When she paid her rent.

Did she pay you
for the whole month?

Wouldn't be living here otherwise.

She ever bring
boyfriends here?

No. Is she in trouble?

That's what we're
trying to find out.

This her?


You got any numbers or
addresses for her family?

Said she was from
Guatemala. Try there.

Can't find a note.

What was Anna like,
Mr. Karenn?

Quiet, clean. She paid her rent. Perfect.

Then I guess you'd be real
upset to find out she's dead.

Oh, jeez.

What am I going to
do with her stuff?

Why don't you
send it to Guatemala?

We'll take these for the M. E.
So she can make a positive ID.

Can't get anything off of these
for DNA. They're brand new.

Oh, well, that figures. All right,
I'll have CSU comb the place.

Take a look
at this first.

Lots of fine cuts,
some healed, some new.

From cleaning
a penthouse?

I swabbed her hands.

Didn't find any household
cleaners that a maid would use.

Only an acetone
called Rexton,

exclusively used in
cleaning motion picture film.

Early 20s,
handles lots of film.

Could be a
film student.

The Lamerlys were
definitely in Connecticut.

Had some local muckety-mucks
over for dinner.

Son Drew even got his picture taken up
there running a red light in his little Audi.

6:10 p. m.

Anything on
the film schools?


Any idea how many film
schools there are in New York?

Plus a student failing to show
up for class on Monday morning

is not exactly going
to set off alarms.

Any chance Anna
was taking classes?

Well, not unless she went by
the name of Carmen Trancoso.

Carmen was supposed to screen her
first-year film at the New School.

She didn't show. The girl she made it with
said she hasn't seen her since Saturday.

Suzie, you knew her well.
Has Carmen been upset lately?

Why? Tell me
what's going on.

We're worried
about her.

Does she leave her
personal stuff here?

This is hers.

And this stuff.

Yeah? Where's Carmen from?

Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Well, she have a hard
time adjusting here?

She does okay considering
her English isn't too good.

Is this Carmen?

She's a beautiful girl.

Does she have
a boyfriend?

Used to. They broke up.
Carmen was pretty upset.

She talk
to you about it?

Not really.

Well, what'd
she say about it?

That she was going
to make him pay.

Well, do you think Carmen was
upset enough to try to hurt herself?

What do you mean?
Is that what's happened?

We don't know, but we have to
look at all the possibilities.

What's her
boyfriend's name?

Drew. Drew Lamerly.

M.E. confirms.

The DNA off the lipstick
proves that the dead girl

is Drew Lamerly's ex,
Carmen Trancoso.

So he dumps her, she goes to his
apartment for an attention-seeking suicide?

Dresses as the maid
to get by the doorman.

She uses a key that either
Drew gave her or she stole it.

What about Anna Rivera?

Customs has no record of her
on any flights out of New York.

And if she's going to go home, why
not take all of her stuff with her?

Look who's here.
Poster boy.

Hi. Can we help you?

My name is Drew Lamerly.

Suzie called me.

I think I should
make a statement.

About what?

Carmen Trancoso.

It's my fault
she's dead.

Carmen and I went
out for about a month.

It was intense.

So intense it scared me.
I broke up with her.

When'd you break up?

About ten days ago.
She took it bad.

She kept coming to the
apartment, following me around.

When was the last time
you talked to her, Drew?

Saturday. She called me,
begged me to see her.

I said I was with my family in
the country. She became hysterical.

Said she'd make me sorry
if I didn't come over.

So I told her to get
a life and I hung up.

If I'd just gone there, been kind
to her, she might still be alive.

What time did
she call you?

Around 5:30, I think.

So Anna Rivera
isn't dead then.

No, she's not.

One of the other maids just heard
from her. Turns out she's in Miami.

Why'd she run and leave
everything behind?

Well, she didn't. Her aunt was
really sick and she had to go see her.

Aunt is sick.

I'm missing something here.

Drew, why did your dad say
the dead girl was Anna?

He got all teary-eyed
and everything.

Well, the girl in the tape
looks just like Anna.

She's wearing
a maid's uniform.

Well, so was Carmen.

Why is that?

She knew she couldn't get into
the building any other way.

I'd told the doorman
not to let her in.

Carmen got by him dressed as a
maid. She get a copy of your key?

Yes, which she must have taken from
me while I was sleeping and duped it.

You guys spent the night
together a lot, right?

Well, I told you, it was a
very intense relationship.

You call beating the crap
out of her intense, huh?

You little prick,
you did this to her.

Yes, I did do this,
but she wanted me to.

No. No woman wants this.

Carmen did!
This was her thing.

So you beat and rape her
because it was her thing?

I never raped her.
She liked it.

It was never enough, though.
She wanted more.

She wanted more of what?

She... She wanted me to...

She wanted me to choke her
until she blacked out.

But I couldn't do that.
I couldn't.

That's when I knew
it was too much.

I couldn't do it.
I'm sorry, okay?

I'm sorry.

Drew's story checked out.

We got a 10-minute call from
the penthouse to Connecticut.

5:32 p. m. Saturday.

What about the bruising?

M.E. Said the violence was controlled.
So it could have been consensual.

What's your take
on this kid?

He's got answers
for everything.

Fin, you and Munch see if Drew's
got history. But do it quietly.

I don't want the Lamerlys complaining
to the brass that we're harassing them.

You know, this is Carmen's date book.

She met with this Roger
Burnbaum three times last week.

There's a number here.

Another boyfriend?

Maybe it was Drew
who didn't end it.

Maybe Carmen dumped him
for this Roger Burnbaum.

Guess who I'm holding for.

Roger Burnbaum and DeLisle,
personal injury lawyers.

She was suing someone.

We represent Carmen Trancoso, but I
can't say why without her permission.

She can't give it.
She's dead.

What happened?

She committed suicide.

So I hope
you're paid up.

We take cases on
a contingency basis.

No win, no fee.

That's noble of you. What
was Carmen hoping to win?

A substantial settlement from
her ex-boyfriend for rape.

Her ex-boyfriend
being Drew Lamerly.

How do you know? She said
she hadn't told anybody.

Carmen died by throwing herself 20
floors from the Lamerly penthouse.

She have
a good case against him?

To be honest, no.

She told me her sex life with Mr.
Lamerly had gotten increasingly violent.

She tried to break up,
he pursued her.

When she resisted,
he raped and beat her.

And how is that
not a good case?

She refused to report
the rape to the police.

Afraid it might
affect her student visa.

Did you believe her?

I believe
he hurt her very badly,

but I wasn't
sure he raped her.

But you took the case anyway.

Yes. I thought they'd settle.

If you were the Lamerlys, would
you want this sort of publicity?

our attorney, Lorna Scarry.

Funny, we just came from
Carmen Trancoso's attorney.

How is Mr. DeLisle?
Hit by any ambulances lately?

He's sad that he won't
be trying his case.

Oh, pity.

Just when he thought the gravy
train had stopped at his station.

You see a raped woman
as a gravy train?

I swear to you
I never raped her.


Believe me, officers, I am
sorry for the girl's death,

but she was unbalanced.

She tried emotional blackmail,
she tried the law,

and when she realized that we weren't
going to cave in to her outrageous claims,

she killed herself.

Well, the marks on Carmen's body
support those outrageous claims.

I told you,
that's what she wanted.

Well, that's easy to say, given
she's not here to defend herself.

Can you prove it?

It's not our job to prove.
But we can.

Affidavits from three of
Carmen's former boyfriends,

two of whom
she picked up in bars.

They testified that
she was an animal.

The rougher the sex,
the better.

So our victim is now a gold-digging whore
and we are totally being jerked around.

Every time we come
up with something,

the Lamerlys are ready and waiting
with some plausible explanation.

What've you got?

Facts and figures
on Drew Lamerly.

Your typical red-blooded, all-American
boy with an eight-figure trust fund.

Wrapped a few sports cars around
lampposts, a few parking tickets,

but no record, no
ex-girlfriends crying rape.

He's popular.
Played hockey and tennis.

Good enough for any
college varsity team.

Except he didn't graduate high school.
He spent three years at college in Paris.

Well, you know what I think? I
think we've got nothing we can prove

and too many cases with real, live
victims to waste time chasing shadows.

Now, see if there's a reason Drew didn't
graduate. If there isn't, case closed.

I'm afraid the Radleigh School didn't
quite meet Drew Lamerly's needs.

Can you translate
that for me?

We expelled him. Pity.
He was a good student.

What did he do?

Disrupted our senior prom.

He brought a very attractive
older woman as his date.

I suspect it was to show off,
but she seemed out of her element.

Kind of girl you don't
bring home to Mom and Dad.


Well, it still doesn't
explain why you kicked him out.

To cut a sordid story short, they both
got drunk, there was an altercation.

The woman called the police and
accused Drew of assaulting her.

Did he?

The police didn't
seem to think so.

And neither, in the cold light
of day, did the young woman.

She dropped the charges.

However, school policy is
very clear on these matters.

No alcohol.
He had to go.

Do you remember
the young woman's name?

It was five years ago.

Radleigh High prom gives
us a date, May 16th, '97.

We're at the 29 now. Yeah.

All right, we'll be in touch, Captain.


There's no 61.

You mean no one
filed a complaint?

Oh, they filed a complaint,
but the 61's disappeared.

Looks like the Lamerlys are
sweeping up after Drew again.

This time they
missed some dirt.

One of the cops
filled out an "Aided" card.

They're not kept in the
same place as the 61s.

Nope. Card gives the assault victim's
name as a Miss Jenny White, 24.

She refused medical assistance,
but she did give us an address.

I'm Camilla Hartnell.
Can I help you?

Yeah. Detective Benson, this
is Detective Stabler, SVU.

We'd like to speak
to a Miss Jenny White.

Jenny gave this address in a
complaint that she made to the police.


About five years ago. She was
assaulted at a high school prom.

It's taken you
this long to respond?

Well, we have some
new information.

I'm sorry, I... I've lived here for 20
years and I don't know a Jenny White.

You know him?


Oh, Frank, hi! See you
tonight at around 6:00. Bye.

Is there anything
else I can do for you?

No. Thank you so much.

It's a dead end.

I think we need to talk to the
cops who took the statement.

Wait, check this out.

Want to go get a cup of
coffee? Come on, come on.

Yeah, okay.

I think one of Mrs. Hartnell's
girls just decided not to come home.

Place is a brothel.

Oh, you're still here.

Yeah, and we're going to stay here
until you start telling us the truth.

I have told
you the truth.

Then your memory's
not serving you correctly.

Jenny White works for you,

and if you don't
tell us where she is,

we're going to have
Vice tear this place apart.

Do you really think
I'm afraid of Vice?

All I need to do is
make one phone call...

Great. Why don't you go
ahead and do that then?

Excuse me, but where do
you think you're going?

All right, listen up.
NYPD. This is a raid.

Everyone up
against this wall.

Let's go.
You, all of you out of here.

Stand right there.
Come on.

Please, don't do this. Don't.
I'll tell you, I'll tell you.

Jenny White stopped working
here three years ago.

Where is she?

Married to Angus Rochester, one
of the richest men in Manhattan.

And I think you'll find she's similarly
disinclined to remember the past.

Excuse me,
Jennifer White?

I'm sorry,
my name's Rochester.

Prom night, Radleigh High School. Remember?

I don't know what
you're talking about.

Sure you do. We spoke to your
former employer, Mrs. Hartnell.

Drew Lamerly ring a bell?

We believe he raped another young
woman who recently killed herself.


Lady, we don't care
who you were or who you are.

Just yes or no, did Drew Lamerly rape you?

Yes, he raped me.

But if you ask me anything in
front of my husband, I will deny it.

Oh, who's that?

Hi, hon.
Hi, sweetie.

Stabler. Yeah.

So now Drew gets
away with it again.

Maybe Drew's
luck just ran out.

Something was bugging me about
Carmen's suicide, the arc of the fall.

So I had the boys
set up a simulation.

Digital model of
Trellacker Tower.

The M.E. gave us Carmen's weight,
factored in building height,

wind speed,
body's acceleration.

If Carmen just let go of the railing or
simply stepped off it, this is what happens.

She falls into
the yard next door.

Five yards short of
where she actually landed.

But if she's given some lateral
propulsion from the railing, we get this.

Lateral propulsion.
She was pushed.

That's right.

Wait, but the prints show that she was
over the railing clinging onto the edge.

Yeah, but if she's pushed
back against the railing,

she'd be gripping it
in exactly the same way.

So he pushes her
further and further,

she fights, she kicks him,
the shoe comes off,

but his body weight is against her,
she can't hold anymore, she goes over.

Not suicide, murder.

So somebody pushed
Carmen off the roof.

For all the evidence you've
got, it might as well be a ghost.

That ghost is
Drew Lamerly.

Wouldn't be the first rich kid who thinks
he's entitled to treat women how he wants.

You only have the two rape
cases, Jenny White and Carmen?

Well, one can't talk
and the other one won't.

We've been looking.
Can't find anyone else.

But who knows how many others were
bought off or intimidated into silence?

Okay, what's your
next move?

Well, Fin's checking
on why the cops buried

Jenny White's 61
from five years ago.

CSU just found the other shoe stuck
in a tree nearly half a block away.

They're running tests.

It's Drew, Captain, and I'm
going to put him on that balcony.

Well, your first
problem is

to explain how he is running a red light in
Connecticut at the time of Carmen's death.

What if he's not Drew? Baseball
cap is covering half his face.

Well, it doesn't help us
if it's not a positive ID.

Isn't there some work
you could be doing, John?

I am working.

The techs checked the security tape
after Carmen entered the penthouse.

Came up with zip. I've been
looking at it before she arrived.

I think I got something.

Look at the second
hand on the clock.

It stops and then
it jumps forward.

Ten seconds
are missing.

Somebody cut it
out of that tape.

The doorman said that a
repairman from tower security

came by Sunday morning
to do a maintenance check.

So at 4:15, half an hour
before Carmen arrived,

we've got someone
entering that penthouse.

He was waiting for her.

That call from the penthouse to
Connecticut at 5:30 wasn't from Carmen,

it was from Drew, calling
home to say what happened.

Dad jumps into Drew's car, runs a
red light, it's an instant alibi.

So Drew kills Carmen but leaves no
trace of himself on her or the balcony

and he's clever enough to make sure that
Carmen's prints are left on the railing?

This kid had to have help.

He did. Guess which cop interviewed
Jenny White five years ago?

Tom Paysen,
the Lamerlys' Mr. Fix-it.

Plot's starting to unravel, Tom.
We know about Jenny, the camera...

I don't follow you.

Drew calls Carmen, tells her
to come over to his penthouse.

"Let's try to
work things out. "

Then he tells her to dress as a maid
so the doorman doesn't recognize her.

Yeah, and Carmen comes over, she
still loves Drew, but they fight.

So he rapes her and
pushes her off the balcony.

That's when
the cover-ups begin.

Word from the local precinct
is the jumper has no face.

Cover up number one, girl's in a maid's
uniform, why not call her Anna Rivera?

Anna gets moved out, place gets cleaned
so the DNA doesn't mess up the story.

But the dumb old cops figure
out it's Carmen anyway.

Cover up number two,

Carmen's a nut and a whore who offs herself
because she loses her rich boyfriend.

But who could have
fixed all this?

Somebody who knows how the
police think, how they work.


I got to hand it
to you guys. SVU.

I thought you were just the panty
police, but you're right up there.

Up where?

Dreamland. Carmen was a mixed-up
kid who committed suicide.

Look at the evidence,
you dumb bastards.

Evidence you manufactured. You cut
10 seconds off that security tape.

How many more cover-ups
you think this clown's got?

I don't have to
listen to this.

You've been off the job
so long you forgot the law.

Yeah, what law?

The ones you broke, hindering a police
investigation, tampering with evidence.

Make yourself at home.

I'm sorry to have kept
you waiting, Detectives.

I was getting changed.

My son isn't back from the city
yet and I'm afraid I have to go out.

Yet another
charity dinner.

Mrs. Lamerly, we need
to speak with your grandson.

But that's not possible,
Drew's my escort tonight.

Detectives, what is it?

We know that you were
in the penthouse with Carmen.

So what'd you do
to her up there?

What are you
talking about?

He was with us that night.
Tell them, Drew.

Look, can we do this somewhere
else? My grandmother's not well.

Drew, we know
about the cover-up.

Are you saying Drew hurt that
girl? That's not possible.

He couldn't do
such a thing.

Oh, yeah?
Jenny White.

That name mean
anything to you?

I knew this would
come out eventually.

I told you, I told your
father. He wouldn't listen.

You told him what?

That Drew should take his
punishment for hurting Jenny.

So you admit
that he did it?

Well, why didn't you speak up then
instead of shipping him off to Paris?

One's instinct is to protect
one's children, Detective.

But I insisted
Drew get help.

Six months in
a psychiatric hospital.

He was a child then.
He's grown up now.

And become a murderer.

Drew didn't do
anything to Carmen.

Test him.

You have lie detectors,
don't you? Test him.

If he didn't kill Carmen,
who did?

Tom Paysen,
our security man.

He was obsessed with Carmen. He
wasn't here on Saturday night.

How can I make
you believe me?

Take the polygraph test.

How would you describe your
childhood? Was it happy or unhappy?

Pretty happy.

Did you get along
with your parents?

Am I being tested yet?

This is
the pre-test interview.

I asked you about your
relationship with your parents.

Well, I mean,
it's okay, I guess.

My mom is not well.
Hasn't been for a while.

Dad's working
all the time.

So I guess you could say
we're mutually indifferent.

We're set.

I'm going to
show you some cards

and I'm going to try to guess
what each one of them is.

You must answer no
even if I guess correctly.

Is it the four of hearts?


Is it the king of spades?


Is it the eight of diamonds?


It is the eight, isn't it?

The graph clearly
registers the lie.

No way out then, huh?

Are you ready?

Is your name Drew Lamerly?


Have you ever
stolen from a friend?


Have you ever forced a woman
to have sex with you?


Was that woman
Jenny White?


Did you force Carmen Trancoso
to have sex with you?


Did you murder
Carmen Trancoso?


The polygraph says
he's being truthful.

But I think he's lying.

What, he's using

Yeah, like a pebble in the
shoe, breathing control.

Anything to manipulate his
body's physiological response.

Well, how do you know
that from the test?

I ran a Control
Questions Test

which means that I included
non-relevant questions

which could still
provoke a guilty response.

Like, "Have you ever
stolen from a friend?"


Drew was taught how to
spot the control questions

and how to adjust his
body's response accordingly.

The polygraph shows a guilty response
for, "Have you ever stolen from a friend?"

But almost no response
for the relevant question,

"Did you murder
Carmen Trancoso?"

Well, couldn't that
mean he is innocent?

It could, but I think
he fooled the machine.

He ramped up his body's
response to the control questions

to cover up his lies
about killing Carmen.

He wanted to take the test.
He knew he'd pass.



You get anything
out of Tom Paysen?

He denies murdering the girl
and won't roll over on the kid.

Even though the Lamerlys gave him up.

He's a cop. He knows we
have no case against him.

Even if you get him for tampering, the
most he'll get is a couple of years.

And one hell of
a Christmas bonus.

If we can't put Drew on that balcony
with Carmen, we got no case against him.


Maybe we do.
CSU found something.

There are traces of suede in the
abrasions on the heel of Carmen's shoe.

Blue-dyed calfskin,
pretty nice material.

So it looks like something caught in
the heel, like a blue suede jacket.

Is that enough
for a warrant?

How many suede jackets are
running around Manhattan?

This suede was produced
by a toxic tanning process.

For starters,

they used a hexavalent instead of a
polyvalent chrome to clean the leather.

Okay, which means?

Not made in the U. S. Probably comes
from one of your Baltic states.

If your perp has the jacket,
I can match it.

What's going on?

We have a warrant to
search Drew's room.

What on earth for?

Kid's got taste.

can I help you?

We're helping ourselves,


Heel made
an impression.

Drew Lamerly,
turn around. Turn around.

You're under arrest for the
murder of Carmen Trancoso.

You have the right to remain
silent. If you give up that right,

anything you say can and will be
used against you in a court of law.

You have the right
to an attorney...

Okay, want to deal?

Getting cold feet,


Man two. He does five years
in a psychiatric institution.

Your client inflicts a
terrifying death on a young woman

and you want him
to get counseling?

No. Murder two.
He does 25 years.

No, thanks.

The results of
Drew's psych eval.

Here's your notice.

Not guilty by reason
of mental disease or defect.

Diminished capacity caused by
brutalization at the hands of his father?

You've got to be joking.

See if the jury laughs.

Well, it's an
impressive tactic.

Brutalization is part of criminologist
Lonnie Athens' violentization theory.

Another lame excuse
for criminal behavior?

Not necessarily.

Athens believes that violent
environment and example

are the cause of all
violent criminal acts.

What, no interest in genetics
or brain chemistry?


Athens interviewed a hundred
convicted violent criminals

and found that they were
all abused as children.

All saw family
members brutalized

and were all taught
to use extreme violence

in response to stressful
and threatening situations.

We found nothing that
even hints Drew was abused.

How am I going
to fight this?

By using Drew's
own words.

Defense claims that Drew's father abused him.

But in his polygraph
interview with me,

Drew said that his
relationship with his father

was one of mutual

Was Drew's
childhood happy?

It was comfortable,
not happy.

Why not?

He always had to succeed.

At school, at sports, at everything.

And if he didn't?

He was punished.

By whom?

By whom,
Mrs. Lamerly?

His father.
My son, Douglas.

Did his mother
not protect him?

Grace tried, but she
was terrified of Douglas.

That's why
she turned to alcohol.

Several years ago she checked
herself into a clinic in Bermuda

and Drew hasn't
seen her since.

Did Douglas
ever beat Drew?


After a flunked
test or a lost game.

Douglas said failure reflected badly
on the family, made Drew less of a man.

Your Honor, I am showing the
witness Defense Exhibit Three.

Mrs. Lamerly, do you recognize this x-ray?

Drew's broken arm.

He got in a fight
at a hockey game,

and when he came home, Douglas
threw him down the stairs.

Because he had
been in a fight?

Because he didn't
win the fight.

What happened the next
fight that Drew was in?

He had to be pulled off the
other boy. He nearly killed him.

So he had learned the violent
lesson his father had taught him?


Thank you.

Mrs. Lamerly, you don't seem to have a
problem exposing your own son in court.

I am mortified.

Douglas is my only son.
I failed him.

Don't mock me for trying to
redeem myself with my grandson.

You say that your son
often abused Drew,

but in his interviews with the
police, Drew never mentioned that.

In fact, Drew said...

Your Honor, the interview to which the
A. D. A. Refers was with a psychiatrist.

It's privileged.

Mr. Lamerly volunteered to do
the interview, Your Honor.

He was talking to an FBI
psychiatrist in a police precinct.

A psychiatrist
is a psychiatrist.

My client had the expectation of privacy.

I'm sorry, Miss Cabot,
the interview is out.

You say that Douglas
taught Drew violence.

Did he also
teach him to rape?

He showed him
how to abuse women.

Drew's mother
will testify to that.

she's in Bermuda.

So do you have
some other examples?

He taught him to think
that women can be bought.

So does the advertising

The fact is that Douglas didn't
teach Drew to rape, did he?

Drew learned
that all on his own.


From the age of 13,

Douglas took my grandson to have
sexual encounters with prostitutes.

Buy a woman, you can do
anything you want with her.

Mrs. Lamerly assassinates her son and
turns her grandson into the victim.

I couldn't put
a dent in her.

Jury's buying this
brutalization crap, huh?

Well, so far the evidence supports it.

Drew got into fights,
he beat up Jenny White.

Maybe his dad
did brutalize him.

You don't
believe that.

If Drew was a gang kid with no
dad and a mother who was on crack,

we wouldn't blame them for
using an environment defense.

I do blame
his environment.

He's a spoiled rich kid whose family
helps him get away with rape and murder.

What can we do, Alex?

Well, the defense is going
to use violentization to say

that Drew was not
responsible for his actions.

Carmen threatens him and Drew's
learned response is violence.

So in a rush of rage,
he pushes her off the roof.

If we could prove that there were other cases

where Drew acted violently
without provocation,

then we might
have a chance.

But who'll testify
against him?

Jennifer, we really
need you to testify.

No. I can't.

You're going to let Drew Lamerly
get away with rape and murder.

Very much, will you please just go?

I understand what
you have to lose.

We've got to stop this guy,
and we can't do it without you.

What's going on, Jen?

I can't. It's nothing.

Who are you?
What do you want?

Police, Special Victims.

We were hoping we could speak to your
wife about something that happened to her.


It was before
you knew her.

It's not important,

I know about
Jenny's past.

Well, maybe you don't
know the whole story.

She's my wife. Try me.

Drew said he
needed a date.

He bought me a dress,
picked me up in his car.

For a while it was
as if I really was...

His prom date.


But Drew had been drinking.

He pulled me into a room,
started to have sex.

I went along with it.

After all, that's how I made my living.

But suddenly he
slaps me and says,

"I'm not paying you
to enjoy it, bitch. "

He ripped my dress.

He hit me
again and again.

And he raped me.

He treat any of the other
girls the same way?

A couple said
he'd hit them.

But he was easier
to handle then.

He was 13, 14.

When his father
first brought him?

No, that was the sickest
thing about Drew.

He came with
his grandmother.

She'd pick
his girls for him.

I told Carmen
that it was over.

She got really upset,
ran out on the balcony.

And I tried to calm her, but
she screamed at me, hit me.

And then something
inside just snapped.

You... You saw red?


She kept on screaming
and kicking at me

and I pushed her
against the railing

and I just pushed her and
pushed her until she fell.

Drew, did you
mean to kill her?

No, God, no.

Thank you.

Remind us again, Mr. Lamerly,
how did you break your arm?

I told you, my dad did it.


Because I have affidavits
from your former headmaster

and the teacher
who took you to the ER,

and they could swear that you
did break your arm playing hockey.

They remember because they were
afraid your parents were going to sue.

Your Honor, we haven't
seen any of these.

It's the People's 23,
People's 24.

Go on, Miss Cabot.

So tell us again, Mr. Lamerly,
how did you break your arm?

Your father didn't do it.

He didn't touch you, did he?

Yes. Yes, he did.

Mr. Lamerly, do you recognize this woman?

No, I don't.

Her name is Jennifer White

and I have a sworn affidavit
from her as well, the People's 25,

that states that you attacked and
raped her without provocation...

Your Honor...

... which expressly contradicts
your violentization defense.

Your Honor!

The jury will disregard
the last statement.

Miss Cabot,
watch your step.

Your Honor, I'm trying
to establish that

Mr. Lamerly's entire
defense is a lie.

Then stick to
the facts in evidence.

Do not try to
introduce new material.

You testified that your father
took you to a brothel. Is that true?


May I remind you
that you are under oath.

I told you, it was him.

Who took you, Mr. Lamerly?

Stop it! Enough!
That's enough!

Your Honor,
we need a doctor!

Order! Order in the court!

How could you do such a thing,
you bitch? It's all your fault!

You're going to pay for this!
You're going to pay for this!

You can trust me on that!
Get off of me! Get off of me!

Get him out of here.
Settle down!


Mother, it's the police.

How are you feeling,
Mrs. Lamerly?

I'll survive.

I hope so.

Long enough for you
to stand trial, anyway.

What are you
talking about?

Conspiracy, perjury, hindering a
prosecution. Do you want me to go on?

You can't prove
a damn thing.

We can. Douglas told
us everything

and now you'll be
joining Drew in prison.

What have you done?

I let you turn my son
into a monster.

You are nothing.

I built this family,
I kept it strong.

You never loved Drew like
I did. I made him a man.

I made him a man.

You are nothing!

You never were anything!
You're nothing!