Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 4, Episode 15 - Pandora - full transcript

The brutal rape and subsequent death of a female motorist turns out to be an informant for the FBI acting as a cyber vigilante for catching on-line pedophiles to capture the predators. Stabler, along with the homicide detective who found the victim's husband murdered, follow the trail of evidence for the latest victim she had been tracking, leading them to the US Attorney's Office and a trip to Prague for Stabler to assist the Czech authorities when they find the kidnapped girl.

In the criminal
justice system,

sexually based offenses are
considered especially heinous.

In New York City,

the dedicated detectives who
investigate these vicious felonies

are members of an elite squad
known as the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

I just don't understand why
you never bring your cell phone.

A cell phone won't change the
fact that you ran out of gas.

No, I didn't!

The gauge is broken.

Where are you going?

Maybe they have
a cell phone.

Wait, you don't
know who they are.

Now what?

Start walking.

What was that?

Somebody's in there.
Get it open.

Flag down a car.

Multiple stab wounds.

Looks like the guy clocked
her a couple of times

with a tire iron before raping her with it.

She's conscious,

She tell you anything?

Can't. He superglued
her lips shut.

She stopped breathing,
so we had to crike her.

You got anything to
dissolve that with?

E. R.'s got a solvent if
she gets there. No promises.

I'll go. Call you
if she says anything.

You got an ID?

No purse, no keys. Car's
registered to Meredith McGrath.

Seems like there's some
recent damage to the bumper.

So he bumps into her, she
pulls over, he attacks her.

Found these
in the trash.

Eighty bucks cash
in her wallet.

No driver's license. All the
credit cards say Meredith McGrath.

Did you find keys in there? No.

So he took the keys.

He leaves the money,
he takes her license.

With her home
address on it.

What's the address
on that registration?

What the hell happened?

Someone heard
a commotion.

By the time we get here,
he's already dead.

Homicide here?


Special Victims Unit.

Sam Bishop.
This is Roger McGrath.

Looks like he
surprised a burglar.

But I'm pretty sure
the guy wasn't raped.

His wife was.


Couple hours ago.

We think the perp
stole her house keys,

came here looking
for something.

Hard drive of the computer.
Ripped it right out.

Was that the only
thing he touched?

Looks like.
But he missed this.

Found this in the desk,
with a couple of burned CDs.

I don't know, might tell me something.

So, how do you
want to work this?

I'll give you a call
if I need your help.



Okay. Thanks.


My victim, she's dead.
Does that help?

Olivia back
from the hospital?

Still there. Caught a
child abuse case in the E. R.

But what's the story
on the husband's murder?

Witnesses only
heard a fight.

We found prints
at the apartment.

They matched prints
on the wife's car.

I ran them through
the system. Zip.

All this to steal the hard
drive off the home computer.

Explains why
the husband was killed,

but why attack the wife
and superglue her mouth shut?

Sending a message. Talked
when she shouldn't have.

Anything pop up
on the laptop?

Homicide detective
sent it over to TARU.

Said he'd give a buzz
if anything looked useful.

Yeah, meaning after his case clears,
we'll never hear from him again.

So let's concentrate
on our own victim.

She was driving home from
work when this happened.

Let's start there.

Everybody here
loved Meredith.

Anybody love her
in private?

What, like an affair? No.

At least, not with anybody here.

How do you know?

Well, 80 percent of the department is female

and I don't think her door swung both ways.

The guys, not to be a jerk, but I doubt
she'd risk her marriage on any of them.

Did she get a promotion lately, a new office,

anything to make one of
her co-workers jealous?

Not at all. In fact, I almost
had to fire her a few months ago.


Well, some
performance issues.

Distracted, took a lot
of sick days, vacation.

Then she was
back to normal.

What was going on
with her?

I'm not really sure.

She changed her e-mail address
seven or eight times last year.

I think she had
some kind of stalker.

Do you mind if we take
a look at her computer?

Oh, she didn't
have one here.

She always
brought her laptop.

Need the TARU report
on that laptop.

I don't have it yet.

Well, it belonged
to my victim.

You get anything
off those CD-ROMs?

Yeah, I got something.

Kiddie porn.

Hundreds of pictures.

Probably what the perp was
looking for on the hard drive.

And when were you going to get around to
sharing that piece of information with me?

I've got to report to you
if my victim's a pervert?

No, you've got to tell me when you
find something pertaining to my victim.

That CD belongs to her.

How do you know? There's
no usable prints on it.

Listen to me.
Listen to me.

Meredith McGrath changed her e-mail
address seven times last year.

I am betting she did it because she
didn't want to get caught with that.

She was raped,
tortured and murdered.

This guy was after her,
not her husband.

Well, you SVU guys want the
perv crap, you can have it.

Real pleasant work,
detectives. Thanks for sharing.

Find more kiddie porn?

More than 50 images.

From what I can tell, they're
of two different girls.

One looks
eight or nine.

One 14 or 15.

Really twisted stuff.

This computer is jacked.
Some kind of virus.

I haven't been able
to view everything.

Any way to ID
these girls?

We send all child
pornography to the FBI.

They use facial
recognition software.

Compare the porn to the
database at the National Center

for Missing &
Exploited Children.

Any idea where Meredith
got these pictures?

She saves his e-mails
along with the photos.

And where can we
find this Nick?

Used a Wiremail account.
Anonymous server.

Yeah. Truth is, nothing is really anonymous.

Every e-mail you send,

every website you visit, you
transmit an internet protocol address.

Most e-mails have the IP number
in the header information.

Who is it?

All I can tell you
is the server he used.

The IP is assigned to the
computer lab at Stuyvesant College.

Get a subpoena, they can
tell you who the user is.

One more thing. Mrs. McGrath also
liked to save her Internet chats.

Oh, yeah? What did she chat about?

Trolling for more porn.

I tried reading a couple but then
I stopped when I felt like puking.

Wow. This your partner?


Does she date?

A lot of guys. So, there's just
no way to retrieve it, right?

Okay. Thank you.

College computer lab?

There's no record of anyone
accessing the IP address.

Someone from a remote site
bypassed the log-in code.

They were hacked.

It's an old system. There's
no way to trace this guy.

This Nick2Shy is going
through an awful lot of trouble

to keep his
identity a secret.

Well, come on,
if he killed her,

I mean, I think
he did us a favor.

I mean, listen to this one.

Here's a guy offering Meredith
300 photos of boys under seven.

In return, he wants to take
her son to a motel for an hour.

Isn't that sweet?

She doesn't
have any kids.

She told this
guy she did.

That is something
I am not understanding.

She seems to be doing
an awful lot of lying.

She goes into an adult chat room,
pretends she's a 13-year-old girl.

She changes her screen name
to "luv2cheer13."

Almost immediately,
six guys are hitting on her.

So she's getting
off with a fantasy?

I don't know, but then
she starts setting up

meetings in hotels
with these guys.

Now, what the hell
is the point of that?

It's not like she
can all of a sudden

turn into this 13-year-old
girl once she gets there.

Okay. Why does she
flirt with them online?

Think about it. She saves
every one of the communications

she has with these guys.

She doesn't offer
them anything illegal

until they ask for it.

Now, what does that
sound like to you?

A sicko.

It's also how the Feds
sting pedophiles online.

She's an informant.

Yeah, that makes sense.

Well, that virus I thought I
found? Actually a Trojan horse.

What's that?

It's a program hiding within
a seemingly innocuous file.

In this case,
it was designed to record

every single keystroke
Meredith McGrath made.

Each time she signed online, it would
transmit the information in an e-mail.

To Nick2Shy.

Attached the Trojan to
a picture he sent her.

After that, he could read
every word she typed.

So he found out she was an
informant and killed her,

stole the evidence that she'd
been collecting against him.

So she's on
FBI payroll?

Possibly. She sent huge
bundles of information

to a dot-gov address.
Federal domain.

Someone named
Claudia Williams.

It's not FBI.

She's an assistant
U. S. Attorney.

When were you going to let us
know that she was working for you?

When I had something
to give you.

Well, when were you going to tell me that
you were using a civilian to do your job?

Meredith McGrath was going
after pedophiles on the Internet

long before
our involvement.

She considered herself
a cyber vigilante.

All on her own? Why?

Maybe because she was
raped as a young girl

and decided to get back at
people who exploit children.

She came to us, Detective. What
were we supposed to do, ignore her?

So she did
your dirty work.

When she got killed for it, "Oh well,
it was her decision. " Is that it?

Meredith helped us put away
five pedophiles in the last year.

Believe me when I tell you,

I want to find out who killed
her just as badly as you do.

Okay. I want to see the files
on every perp she went after,

and I don't want to hear about
it compromising your cases.

Recognize her?

14-year-old Mia Van
Wagner from Queens.

She's one of the girls in the
pictures on Meredith's laptop.

How did you ID her?

FBI computer got the match.
She's been missing for two weeks.

Mia's photographs didn't start showing up on
the Internet until after her disappearance.

You're thinking she was kidnapped
and Meredith found out about it?

It's possible.

Sounds like a motive
for murder to me.

What did the 117 have to
say about this missing girl?

They wrote it up
as a runaway.

She packed her bags, stole a couple
hundred bucks from her mother.

There's no mention
of the porno pics.

Morning, Captain.

Bishop, you're getting to be
a regular fixture around here.

Thinking about
a department transfer?

No, thanks. I like my victims dead.

Found the address
of the mother's work.

in Queens.


I had told the police that
I don't think she ran away.

I know it looks
like that, but...

I think she must have
been forced or something.

Mrs. Van Wagner, does Mia
spend a lot of time online?

No. My daughter
can't have the Internet.

I don't allow it. Why?

Pictures of her showed up in some e-mails.

We're just not quite
sure who sent them.

What kind of pictures?

Mrs. Van Wagner...

You have to show me.
Let me see them.

You don't need to
see the pictures.

If it were my daughter, I wouldn't
want those images in my head.

Oh, my God.

Well, what's
happening to her?

That's what we're
trying to find out.

Is it possible she uses
a friend's e-mail account?

I suppose.

She spends a lot of time at
Samantha Gilligan's house, but...

You know, the police
already talked to her.

Mia just took off.

She didn't tell me
where she was going,

and she hasn't
called me, okay?


You know, you don't seem too
worried about your friend.

Mia can take
care of herself.

She's way more mature than people think.

She ever come over here
and use your computer?

I don't know.

You don't know?
Come on.

You guys went online together, right?

Hit the chat rooms,
maybe try to pick up guys.

Okay, whatever.

Did any guy ever
try to pick up Mia?

Am I psychic?

Wonder what your friend's doing
now? Here, take a look at that.

Look like she's
having a lot of fun?

Put it away. Oh, my God. That's Mia?

Put it away. Somebody's
doing that to your friend.

So if you know where she is,
you've got to tell us right now.

She had this
boyfriend, online.

Where are they?

I don't know, I swear.

She called me a couple
of days after she left,

but she didn't
tell me where she was.

There's no way he would do that stuff to her.

He loves her.

How do you
know that?

She showed me
his e-mails.

They were
really romantic.

Did you save
the e-mails he sent?

Go to the computer
and get them for me.

Why the hell did
you show her that?

She was lying
her ass off.

So your solution is terrorizing
her into giving you information?

Hey, we got what we came for. I
don't have time to hold her hand.

Listen to me.

I don't want you jumping
in my game like that again.

Are we clear?

Look, it's only going to
get uglier from here on out,

so if you
can't handle it,

you've just got to
let me know right now.

Look, let's break
up the work.

I'll run down the phone
dump on this girl,

you run down the e-mails.

I don't recognize
the server name.

Let's see if the IP
tells us anything.


I think this is going to be a
little out of NYPD's jurisdiction.

Another state?

Another country.

Server's in Prague.

As in the Czech Republic.

U. S. Embassy in Prague has
confirmed the sender is Erich Tassig,

a German national, living in the
Czech Republic for the last two years.

They pick him up?

The Czechs won't arrest
him based on e-mails.

Which shows he was pursuing a
sexual relationship with a minor.

He invited her to live with
him. What else do they need?

Proof that he's
got the girl.

Erich Tassig has not left the
Czech Republic in eight months.

Yeah, well, he must have
convinced her to go on her own.

U. S. Immigration says Mia Van Wagner
has never been issued a passport.

All right, I don't know
how this dirtbag did it,

but he smuggled her
out of this country

and he's now circulating
pornographic pictures of her.

Prove it.

The Czechs will
play ball with us.

We'll make sure of it.

Mia Van Wagner had an e-mail
relationship with Tassig

for over one year.

Now, photos of Mia
and this unknown girl

were found on
Meredith McGrath's laptop.

All of those photos were
sent to her by Nick2Shy.

I'm thinking that this is the guy
who murdered Meredith and her husband.

Could Tassig and Nick2Shy
be the same person?

I was thinking that, but the
e- mails coming from Tassig

were clearly written by somebody who
doesn't speak English as a first language.

Nick2Shy does.

So, Nick helps Tassig
get Mia out of the country.

Meredith finds out about it.

Nick kills her.

The question is, how do
these guys know each other?

Okay. More importantly...

This girl is being
raped and tortured.

Where the hell is she?

Phone dump on
Samantha Gilligan.

Mia Van Wagner called
from a prepaid cell phone.

LUDs on that show she used it the
first two days she was missing.

Nothing since.
Who else she call?

Three calls to the same
number. Photocopy shop, Midtown.

You get passport photos
from those places.

Hi, can I help you?

We're looking for a girl who
came in for a passport picture.

Oh, sure. That's Kerry.
What, is she in trouble?

How do you know Kerry?

I met her a couple weeks ago. Ron
brought her in. She's his daughter.

Ron who?

Ron Crowley.
He's my boss.

He's right in the back
if you want to talk to him.


I'm sorry, this area's
restricted to employees only.

No, it's not.
We heard you brought

your daughter to
work a couple weeks ago.


Is that her?

Strong resemblance,
but no, that's not Kerry.

Take a better look.

Clerk out front said that
is definitely your daughter.

Well, I guess I'd know my
own kid better than she would.

How many daughters you got, Ronnie?

One. Is that all?

Got any pictures of her? I got
tons of pictures of my kids with me.

Come on. I'll show you
mine if you show me yours.

What are you doing?

Let me see
your wallet, Ron.

You can't do that.

Is this your daughter?

She looks nothing like the
girl you brought in, Ron.

Let's go.

I never saw that girl in my life.

So your employee
was lying.

She made a mistake.

How come Mia Van Wagner
called your store three times?

How do I know? Maybe she needed copies.

Wrong answer.

What the hell
is your problem?

Detective Bishop
here is very impatient.

Now, you're going to do yourself a big favor

if you just answer our questions honestly.

I am.

Good. Tell me about
Meredith McGrath.

Never heard of her.

The woman you
raped and murdered.

Wait a minute.
You got the wrong guy!

She found out
about you, Ronnie,

what a sick little worm
you are. So you killed her!

I did not!

Take a walk, Detective.

It's all right.

Let's go, Bishop.

I'm Claudia Williams,
Assistant U. S. Attorney.

Are you all right,
Mr. Crowley?

I'll be better when I smack a lawsuit
on that guy's ass. Did you see that?

Well, you won't be dealing
with Detective Bishop anymore.

Mr. Crowley, do you still have
custody of your daughter, Kerry?

No, my ex-wife's got her.

Did you recently obtain
a U. S. Passport for her?


I have an application you made
to Immigration with your signature

and I have an official copy of
your daughter's birth certificate

that you gave them
along with this photograph.

This is not your daughter.
This is Mia Van Wagner.

Fraudulently obtaining a U. S. passport
is a serious offense, Mr. Crowley.

And if you think
the NYPD was tough on you,

just wait until you start dealing
with the Federal government.

I didn't kidnap her.

All I did was get
her the passport

and help her leave the
country, which she wanted to do.

Who's in Prague?

I don't know his name.

You trade kiddie porn with
him. Don't bother to deny it.

Customs is already
searching your house.

He gave me five
grand to help her.

He bought her
the plane ticket,

but I'm telling you,
that girl went willingly.

Who's this girl?

I've never seen her.

Her picture is on
Meredith McGrath's computer.

I never heard of that woman.
Look, I didn't kill anybody,

and I didn't force
anybody to do anything.

I was helping.

Is that a crime?

Crowley's wrong
for the murder.

His prints don't
match either scene.

I'm more worried about
finding Mia Van Wagner.

Detective Stabler,

how is it that you've never
been issued a passport?

Never needed one. Why?

Well, you do now.

Customs wants an SVU detective
in Prague when they find the girl.

You can pick up your passport and
plane ticket at Kennedy in two hours,

assuming Captain Cragen is
amenable to loaning you out.

Sounds like you
better pack, Detective.

Detective Stabler?

Kate Logan.

I'm the Europol officer
assigned to this investigation.

Nice to meet you.

U. S. Customs will furnish you with a
sidearm for the duration of your stay.

Do you speak
Czech or German?

A little Spanish. Sorry.

Then you'll
stick with me.

NYPD doesn't often
dispatch their detectives

to foreign countries
to arrest a suspect.

Well, they do when the guy
is a particular dirtbag.

Well, you'll find there's
no shortage of those here.

Welcome to
the Czech Republic.

Why is Europol so
interested in Tassig?

Czech Republic is not even
an E. U. Member yet.

Both Europol and Interpol have
independently suspected Erich Tassig

of trafficking young girls from
Eastern Europe to Germany and Austria.

Two years ago, he fled to the Czech Republic

and he's been off
our radar ever since,

reinventing himself as
this Internet entrepreneur.

Producing and distributing
child pornography.

but we can't prove it.

All his work appears to be legitimate.

My specific interest?

We almost had the bastard and
he slipped through our fingers.

It won't
happen again.

glad to have you aboard.

Mike Pearson, U. S.
Customs attache.

I'd like to give
you a chance to sleep

but we've had some developments
since you left New York.

That's okay.
I came here to work.

What developments?

Last night, the Czech police jumped
the gun and raided Tassig's flat.

He and the girl
are in the wind.

How did he know that we were onto them?

Customs in D. C. traced an
e- mail from Tassig's ISP

to a Samantha Gilligan
in New York.

Samantha replied
the next day.

That's Mia Van Wagner's friend.
She must have warned her.

Well, we've released this picture
of Miss Van Wagner to the media.

Tip line goes to the Czech police,
they'll contact us with anything legit.

How hard would it be for
them to leave the country?

Tassig won't try it.

He's got too
much reason to stay.

Why? He's already
got the girl.

I think you need a lesson on the child
sex trade in the Czech Republic, Detective.

In some of these
Czech border towns,

the brothels outnumber
the churches.

So every week, about 10,000 Germans come here

because the prostitutes
are half-price,

because anything
you want, you can get.

See those pink curtains there? Mmm-hmm.

They indicate that if you were
so inclined and had 500 crowns,

they'd give you a child under
the age of 10 for 30 minutes.

That's $17 U. S.

Blue curtains
mean you'd get a boy.

Where do they get
these children?

Some are orphans, smuggled
in from Romania and Bulgaria.

Eric Tassig isn't the only man
profiting off the sale of children.

You don't do anything about it, huh?

Europol has no authority
over the Czech citizens.

As far as the Czech police, they
have no incentive to stop it.

There's too much
money to be made

handing out parking tickets
to the German tourists.

Look, this is the world that
we live in, Detective Stabler.

I should think in your line
of work, you'd understand that.

In my line of work, we wouldn't
just sit back and take it.

That's very noble.

But as long as the demand
for child exploitation exists,

there's little
we can do.

So what the hell
are you doing here?

It's my job. What are you doing here?

Excuse me.


Yes. All right, thanks. We're on our way.

Detective, a credible tip just came in.

It's not far.

You've seen this girl?

Yes, I've seen her.
Comes by every day.

Buys chocolate
from me.

She with anyone?

Alone mostly.

There was a man with her
once or twice. Not her father.

And how do you
know that?

The way he kisses her.

Have you
seen her today?

Not yet.

Then we wait.

Erich, I think somebody's
following me. Come on.


Mia! Mia!

Let's go.

Come on, run!

Over here.
Come on.



Mia, wait!



No! Let me go!
I got you.

Erich, help me!

I'm here to help you.

I'm a police officer.

Please! Please! Please!

Where's Tassig?

He's gone.

Stand up.

Stand up. Okay.

You let him run.

I had two choices,
get him or save the girl.

I thought Mia
was more important.

You just took away Tassig's one
reason to stay in this country.

He could be
anywhere now.

So your solution is I should
have just let her run away again?

We would have had him in custody
and we'd have eventually found Mia.


And what? In the meantime, you
just let a child wander around

in a foreign city
for a few days?

What about the other child you're
looking for, Detective Stabler?

We forget about her now?

Like I said,
I made a choice.

We'll talk to Mia,
she'll lead us to Tassig.

Mia has been terribly abused
and won't admit it.

She thinks we are the enemy.
You expect her to help us?

You know, I just figured out why
you're so pissed off and you're right,

it is easier to arrest the bad guy
than it is to deal with the victim.

Why aren't you
letting me leave?

Because you're 14 years old
and we have to protect you.

I don't need you
to protect me.

That's Erich Tassig's
job, right?

Yes. So, why'd he leave you behind?

You think he
loves you?

I know he loves me.

And I love him and I don't care if you
guys don't understand because it's true.

Mia, he's told that
to so many other girls.

He's very charming.

You're a liar.

I'm not going to
talk about it anymore.

He sells girls for sex.
Did you know that?

Very young girls.

No, he doesn't.

Mia, we've seen
the pictures.

What pictures?

He made you do things.
He put drugs in your arm.

No, he didn't!

So you wanted to
do those things.

You wanted those
pictures taken...

Stop it! Shut up.

You wanted them
put on the Internet?


Did you want them
put on the Internet?

That's how
we found them.

That's not true, right?

Mia, look, I'm sorry,
but it's true

and this guy is not who you think he is.

Erich Tassig is a criminal,
he's a liar, he's a manipulator.

He won't protect you.

So don't sit here
and protect him.

Oh, my God.

But you could get
them back, right?

I mean, nobody has to see them?

We'll try.



You can't
let anybody...

You can't let my mom...

If we find Erich, then we'll know
every place he's sent your pictures to.

We can destroy them and
I promise you, we will.

Look, he's got this place where he works.

We'll talk to him
at your precinct.


You are arresting people all
across the globe these days?

A pleasant benefit
from terrorism?

I'll never understand the pedophile's
instinct to incriminate himself.

We found Tassig's Internet
business with customers in

New York, Virginia, Washington.

Business is booming.

The authorities in this country have
a history of violating human rights.

That shouldn't be your concern, Mr. Tassig.

You're not in
Czech custody.

Because I have
done nothing wrong.

You recorded yourself numerous
times having sex with Mia Van Wagner.

This is a crime?

The age of consent
in this country is 15.

She's 14.

She told a lie.
That sucks for you.

Why? Was I forcing
her on those tapes?

No. She loves me.
She wanted me.

Did she want
these two guys also?

Did she want
that other girl?

Mia has appetites
like any of us.

She is an adventurous woman.

She's a 14-year-old girl

that you drugged and
photographed being raped.

That is a lie.

I am not a pornographer.

We have your computer equipment, Mr. Tassig.

You run a child
pornography website.

You're in possession of over a
hundred thousand illegal images...

Why are you so obsessed with children?

That is disgusting.

Your business is selling child
rape videos and we're disgusting?

I am trapping
these people.

They buy from me and
then I know who they are.

I'm doing your work.

Don't arrest me,
arrest them.

If you're so innocent, Mr. Tassig,

why did you arrange to
kidnap a child from America?

Mia came to me
by her own choice.

But I don't expect
you to understand.

I understand.

I understand.

Who is she?
Who's that girl?

She is lovely.
I don't know her.

You have 50 pictures of her on your
computer. Did you photograph her?

No! I am not a deviant.

I'm supposed to be afraid that the
American detective will hurt me?

You can't. It is against your laws.

What did you
just say to him?

I merely reminded Mr. Tassig
that we were not in America.

So perhaps he'll be more inclined to
cooperate and stop this ridiculous performance.

You need permission
from this bitch?

Come here...

What did you
say to me? Huh?

What do I need?

All right. This little girl. Who is she?

I don't know her. I swear.
But I have seen her website.

What website?

It has pictures and
video of this girl.

It says her name is Amy.
That is all I know. I swear.

We found the site
in Tassig's computer.

It's called
Amy's Little Secret.

You need a password to get on.

And for $29.99 a month, you can
buy one from another website,

allowing you to access multiple
pornography sites, adults and children.

They charge it to
your credit card,

it shows up as a subscription
to a fly-fishing magazine.

How can we see
what's on that?

We use the ambassador's Amex
and get our own password.

I already did it.

Pretty sick stuff.

Hundreds of images,
all of the same girl.

Amy at age nine.

Amy, age five.

Age three.

Live webcast,
twice a week.

Shut it off.

Can we trace the person
uploading these images?

All we can do is find the same
e- mail that Detective Stabler had,

this Nick2Shy guy.

We sent Tassig's computers on to this
Customs CyberSmuggling unit in D. C.

They may be able
to tell us more.

The password company

is taking money for the website.
They've got to know who's operating it.

According to the credit card charge,
they're from your neck of the woods.

Outfit operating
out of New York State.

Looks like you're
going home, Detective.

Hey, welcome back.
Things turn out okay?

Mia Van Wagner's
back at home.

She's not too happy about it
but she's got a long way to go.

I didn't expect to see you
back at this department.

I'm supposed to take you
down to the Federal Building.


You won't believe
what you started.

Customs put this together
while you were on the plane.

Glad everyone's
been keeping busy.


All this from
Tassig's computers, huh?

Customs found financial
records showing payments

from a company
called Private-Code,

the same password company that
they used on the Amy website.

We traced it to a residence in Westchester.

What are
the payments for?

sells the passwords.

Tassig gets a cut
of the profits.

Up to 25 grand a month.

And how many people
are we talking about?

Preliminary search found 15 child porn
sites all on Private-Code's payroll

in three different countries,
over 400,000 individual images.

Who knows how
many subscribers.

only a middleman.

Who will lead us
to the producers

and the distributors
and the consumers.

We're busting 17 producers
in the Tri-State Area alone.

You've opened Pandora's box, detectives.

This is huge.
So I see.

With the FBI,
Customs, the local PDs.

Looks like you got it covered. We do.

I just thought you'd want to be
there when we take the bastards out.

Let's move.

United States Customs service, we
have a warrant to search the premises.

Police! Drop everything!
Let me see your hands!

This is private property.

No, this is destroying the evidence
that you pay people to molest children.

We only sell passwords. We don't
know what people put on their website.

What are you
telling me, lady?

That you don't know what the
website child-dot-rape's all about?

Shut up.

What's the story?

Unbelievable. This is even
bigger than the Feds thought.

Company grossed 15 mil in
the past fiscal year alone.

For selling a $30 password?
How many subscribers they got?

Last count, 300,000 accessing more than a
hundred child porn sites in 20 countries.

What else have you got on the subscribers?

Everything. They keep
immaculate records.

Bank accounts,
checking accounts,

credit cards, e
- mail address, home address.

Already found 60 in Manhattan, Detective.

You guys are going to be busy.

How hard would it be to look up one of these guy's e
- mail addresses?

Just a simple word search.

Nick2Shy, Wiremail account.

Name's Nicholas Taylor.
No address listed.

However, I've got a
MasterCard and Visa account.

Bills got to go somewhere.

Print that out.

Are you Amy?

Hi, I'm Elliot. I'm a
policeman. Is your dad home?

He's upstairs, sleeping.

Where's your
policeman clothes?

Well, I'll tell you what,

will my policeman's badge do?

Why don't you take it
while I talk to your dad?

Please, sweetheart.

You can hang out here
with my good friend, Sam.

He's a cop, too.

What do you say?

Will you do
that for me?

Can I get a
glass of water?

Which way's the kitchen? Go ahead.

You're under arrest.
Get dressed.

Where's my daughter?
Where's Amy?

Where's your daughter?

Like you give a damn.

Now, get dressed.

Your prints were at the scene
of Meredith McGrath's murder.

And your prints were at the
scene of Roger McGrath's murder.

Okay. Let's get
Cabot down here.

We're ready to deal.

You think you can get a deal out of her
on two murders and prolonged child abuse?

Good luck.

It's not going to make a difference
once the Feds get you, anyway.

I don't abuse my daughter.
Yeah, you do.

Since before she
was able to walk.

So you say.

So your website
says, genius.

That's why you killed
the McGraths, isn't it?

She knew what you were doing.
You had to protect your secret.

She misrepresented herself.

Yeah. Pretending to be
as disgusting as you.

She betrayed me.

You betrayed
your daughter.

I did not.

I love Amy more than
you'll ever realize.

And I'm not going to feel bad just
because you're telling me I should.

That's enough.

This interview is over.

says I'm wrong.

But not long ago, society said
interracial marriage was wrong, too.

Not long ago, society executed homosexuals.

Did you hear that?
Now, that is a classic.

It's the pedophile's justification for
why he's not the pervert we know he is.

I used to think
I was alone. I'm not.

There are hundreds of thousands
of people just like me.

Maybe millions.

You mean your buddies on the Internet?

You're right.

And you freaks will never be alone in prison.

Ever think that maybe
you're the minority?

Ever think that
maybe you're the freaks?

Go ahead, arrest us, persecute us.

We're not going away.

We're not going to
play by your rules

and nothing you can do

will ever change that.

Another round.
I'm buying.

No, I've got
to get home.

I've got to make sure my kids
remember what I look like.

Yeah? How many you got?


They why you do
this job?

They're part of it.

I guess I can see
what you get out of it.

All those guys you put away, who knows
how many more kids they would've hurt.

Tough gig, though, huh?
Really got to love it.

No. You've got
to hate it.

It's the only way you'll be any good at it.