Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 4, Episode 12 - Risk - full transcript

When cans of baby formula are found to be filled with cocaine, Detective Elliot Stabler, with the help of Detective Olivia Benson and the rest of SVU, goes undercover to bust open the world of corporate drug trafficking.

In the criminal
justice system,

sexually based offenses are
considered especially heinous.

In New York City,

the dedicated detectives who
investigate these vicious felonies

are members of an elite squad
known as the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

All right, I got the pick. I got the pick.

Switch! Switch!

I got you.

What you got?
What you got?

Help me!

Help me!

Help me, please!

My God.

Help me!

Lynn, what's wrong?

He's not breathing.

My baby's not breathing.

Tuck, call 911.
All right.

Hurry up!


Oh, my God!

Baby's name is Jawan Hauser, 10 weeks old.

EMS brought him in
a couple of hours ago.

How's he doing?

On a respirator,
his pulse is weak.

Kid was probably
oxygen deprived.

We won't know the extent of the
brain damage until he wakes up,

if he ever does.

We talking shaken baby?

Body scan's negative
for healed fractures.

Head CT normal.

No bruising
or retinal hemorrhaging.

So, you must have brought
us in here for a reason.

I was concerned
when he came in.

Elevated heart rate, shallow
respirations, dilated pupils.

Sounds like an OD.

You're right. Tox screen's
positive for cocaine.

Someone doped this kid up.


And you think
I gave it to my baby?

We're not jumping
to any conclusions.

Because I'm black,
live in the projects,

so I must be
doing drugs, right?

Why don't we calm down?
That's not what we're saying.

My mother was a junkie.

I never touched that dope
in my life.

I worked my ass off
cleaning houses

to keep me and Jawan
in that apartment.

I need you to tell me
exactly what happened.

I picked up Jawan
from his daycare after work,

brought him home.

I fed him,
but he wasn't very hungry

because he went
right to sleep,

so I put him
in his crib.

When I checked on him,
he was hardly breathing.

Is Jawan dead?

No. No. No.

But the doctors say
that the cocaine looks like

it was mixed in
with the baby formula.

Oh, God.

How did that happen?

Well, we need
to find out fast.

Where'd you buy
the formula?

At the store.

Which store?

I don't remember.

Lynn, you gotta
listen to me.

You do not want
to be responsible

for that poison being fed
to another baby.

It was my fault.
I borrowed it.

From the people
that you clean for?

I was short on money,
so I had to.

I swear, I was gonna
give it back.

Oh, my God.

You have to call them.
They have a 4-month-old boy.

Thank God
I got your message.

Tommy and I just got back from the park.

I was about to
feed him.

Baby Growth
is the brand we use,

but you said
someone poisoned it?

I can't believe she would
do something like that.

Well, we can't take
any chances.

My God, if I had
given it to Tommy...

I keep all the formula
in here.

Mrs. Pfeiffer, we're gonna
need to do that. Sorry.

Do you remember how many
cans you had left?

Six. I buy it by the case.

I count five.

Lynn must have taken
the missing can.

I never noticed.

Mrs. Pfeiffer,
it's urgent that we know

where and when you bought
this baby formula.

My husband got it
a couple of days ago.

Gentry's Market on Columbus.

We took every can of formula
off the shelves at Gentry's,

tested each one.
All clear.

What about the ones
in Pfeiffer's pantry?

Four, perfectly
normal liquid,

and the other one
had the same chemistry

as the stuff fed
to Jawan Hauser.

baby formula.

I wouldn't call it formula.
It's 90º/º pure liquid cocaine.

That purity probably came
from south of the border.

I've never seen it
smuggled this way before.

Take a look, solder plug.

That's where
they drained the formula

and refilled it
with liquid coke.

Seal it up,
glue the label back on,

ship a couple of cases
to los Estados Unidos,

nobody's any the wiser.

They gotta have labs on
both sides of the border

to turn it into liquid,
then back into powder.

And how'd this end up
on some store shelf?

I can't help you there,
but the manufacturer can.

Baby formula's closely
regulated by the FDA.

Each can has a lot number
and expiration date on top.

You can find out where
it was made and purchased.

I called the FDA.

They're gonna issue a Class
I recall, highest priority.

All the FDA can do is ask the
company to pull the product.

Not when it involves
infant formula.

Then they have the authority.
How're we doing?

Every can of Baby Growth
in the market

and every clean can
at the Pfeiffers'

was made
at the Atlanta plant.

And the two bad cans?

Lot numbers
weren't even close.

Why? Because
they were manufactured

at the Baby Growth plant
in Mexico. Juárez.

Cartel country.

So, our friends
get it down there,

replace the Spanish language
labels with ones in English,

and then they smuggle it
up here.

Yeah, the question is how
did those two cans from Mexico

end up in
the Pfeiffers' closet?

Well, what do we know
about the Pfeiffers?

She's home with the baby.
The husband's name is Derek.

He's a stockbroker,

works at a firm called Chandler
Hinton down on Wall Street.

Well, that wouldn't be
the first time

some big shot,
hard up for cash,

moonlighted in
the drug biz.

Derek Pfeiffer sounds
like our perfect candidate.

Credit report in the dumper.

Filing for bankruptcy
when he miraculously erases

$300,000 in debt.

Sudden windfall?

Yeah, like the kind you get
from a big drug shipment.

Who says crime doesn't pay?


That was the hospital.

Jawan Hauser died
a half-hour ago.

That's depraved
indifference murder

for whoever smuggled that coke
in those formula cans.

Go talk to Pfeiffer.

If you don't like what he
has to say, bring him in.

I really appreciate you guys
getting that stuff out of my house

before something bad

That's no problem. We just gotta
figure out how it got in your house.

That's easy.
I bought it.

Problem is, there wasn't
another bad can in that store,

which means the only two
cans of liquid cocaine

on the Upper West Side
were in your pantry.

I wish
I could help you guys.

Take any trips out of
the country lately, Derek?

Say, like, down Mexico way?

I have clients
all over the world.

That's okay, you don't have to
tell us. We can check with Customs.

I just got back from Mexico
City on company business.

Look, it's not good
for me to be seen here

talking to you guys
like this in the office.

What a coincidence.
We were gonna suggest

that you come down
to our office

and continue
this discussion.

I'm not going
anywhere with you.

Sure you are.

Or you'll be seen wearing steel
when we drag you out of here.

Is this really necessary?

I have five client meetings
this afternoon.

Believe me, that's the
least of your problems.


What's the matter?

I smell a rat.

Big time.

Sergeant Tucker, to what do we owe
this visit from Internal Affairs?

Don't forget to salute
or you'll get a 30-day rip.

What are you doing?

Standing here
talking to a friend.

His name Derek Pfeiffer?

What's it to you?

Mr. Pfeiffer's
coming with me.

We got a dead kid
on our hands.

That baby is no longer
your concern.

Narcotics dime us?

All you need to know is your
captain signed off on it.

Mr. Pfeiffer, my name
is Sergeant Tucker.

You need to come
with me, sir.

Our captain told you
where we were?

What's the deal
with Tucker?

Sergeant Tucker
from IAB?

Yeah, did you send him?

Send him? What's going
on here? Where's Pfeiffer?

Tucker took him right out of our hands.

Said he had your okay.

Let's take a ride.

Captain Cragen, Detective
Stabler. How can I help you?

You lying son of a bitch.

Now, it's not enough you go
behind my back to steal our case.

Now you want my people
thinking I'm in your pocket.

Get off me now.

You don't need
what he can do to you.

Just relax.

I should lock you up.

Do it. Then explain it
to your bosses.

You need anger
management, Captain.

And you need to kiss my ass.

Where's Derek Pfeiffer?

We questioned him
and let him go.

He's a suspect
in a murder investigation.

Any of your people
go near him,

and you'll go
before a trial board.

Good, and then
you can explain

why an infant died
on your watch.

I want to know what the hell's going on here.

I don't have to
tell you squat.

IAB investigating means
a dirty cop's involved.

I want a name.

Go to hell.

So, now what's
our next move?

Pick up Derek Pfeiffer.

You really wanna
take on IAB?

Tucker doesn't tell us
how to do our jobs.

Look, Elliot, you're following
an order from your CO.

If it gets ugly,
that's what you tell them.

If we hurry, we can catch
Pfeiffer just leaving work.

Hey, Special Victims,
what's up?

Came in as a 34.

Suit, not breathing, in a
bathroom on the 20th floor.

That's where Pfeiffer works.

Damn it.
It's Pfeiffer.

Somebody beat us to him.

Whoever killed Pfeiffer
must've followed him in

and got him before he closed the stall door.

Cable he was
strangled with

could've came from any
office in this building.

Perp could've brought it
in to make it look that way.

This is Keith Gerard.

He's Mr. Pfeiffer's
immediate boss.

Detectives Munch
and Tutuola.

Sorry for your loss.

I don't know how this happens
in a business like this.

Building's been locked down tight since 9l11,

all visitors signed in
and escorted by security.

Probably 10 other ways to
get in, nothing's foolproof.

Possible one of Pfeiffer's
clients had it in for him?

If losing money were
enough to set someone off,

we'd all be dead by now.

Derek's desk. Feel free.

Anything unusual about
his behavior lately?

Derek was under
a lot of stress.

You mean because of
the market going south?

No, I mean he got demoted.

What happened?

His biggest accounts
lost millions.

The investors called for
his head and they got it.

He used to run the floor.

And then
you stepped in.

Believe me, that's not
how I wanted it to happen.

You mind telling us
where you've been

for the last
couple of hours?

Sure. Meeting with
the managing partners.

Well, we're gonna
need their names

and a list
of Pfeiffer's accounts.

I'll have my assistant
get it for you.

This has gotta be a hit.

They knew Pfeiffer was talking
to us and they shut him up.

That means his wife's
a target, too.

Derek never would have
been involved with drugs.

We think that
your husband smuggled in

the baby formula
from Mexico.

No, you're wrong.

Did you know your husband
was demoted at work?


Did you know
he filed for bankruptcy?

I knew we were in debt,

but Derek said
he paid everything off.

Bonus for closing
a big deal, he told me.

Mrs. Pfeiffer,
did your husband

ever talk to you
about work?

No, he said he didn't want
to bring the job home

because he worked
so many hours.

Are all those hours
at the office?

He used to entertain clients,

three nights a week,
at the Bear and Bull.

Did you ever meet any of
his business associates?

No, I told you, Derek
didn't want us in that world.

Why are you asking me
all these questions?

Mrs. Pfeiffer, if your
husband was murdered

because of his
involvement with drugs,

the people who killed him
may think you know something.

Oh, my God.

Are you telling me
Tommy and I are in danger?

Two detectives are
on their way over here.

They're gonna stay with you.
It's for your own safety.


No, we'll go to
my sister's.

I'll feel more
comfortable there.

Has somebody
threatened you?

Mrs. Pfeiffer?

After you were here,
a man knocked on the door.

Said Derek sent him
to pick up the formula.

I told him
I gave it to you,

and he got really upset.

I asked him how he got
past the doorman,

and he showed me his badge.

It's an IAB operation,

and I warned you
to back off.

Your detectives...

Were following my orders.

Now who else at IAB
was in on this?

Don't even try
and pin this on me here.

Only five people in this
squad knew about this case.

Three of us are here, and the
other two are cleaning up your mess.

Now, I still got
a few friends on this job

who wear stars
on their shoulders.

You wanna tell them how
this went down, or should I?

Twice, over the last year,

Narcotics tried to infiltrate
your baby formula cocaine ring.

Undercovers got made
both times.

By your dirty cop.

Narcotics thought
it was one of theirs.

That's why they
turned it over to us.

And you have
no idea who it is?

We're not sure.

You're not sure
about much, are you?

You know, our D. A. could've
made a deal with Pfeiffer

to give up your dirty cop

if you hadn't crapped
all over our case.

It's our case, Detective.

Not anymore.

Your people can't handle
this kind of work.

My people do
this kind of work every day.

A baby died
of cocaine poisoning,

and we're damn well gonna
find out who's responsible.

Now, you wanna help us, fine,

otherwise get the hell
out of our way.

All right.

What do you need?

Fake IDs, vehicles, drugs
and buy money, for starters.

You don't make a move
without telling me.

Checked everyone on the
security log at Chandler Hinton.

All visitors accounted for and
nothing useful from the canvass.

Pfeiffer's phone records
any help?

Well, the only thing
that stands out

is that whenever Pfeiffer
was at the Bear and Bull,

he always called home from a pay
phone instead of using his cell.

Sounds like he doesn't want anyone to know

who else he's calling.

Classic paranoia.

Could be where he does
his other business.

Hey, there's plenty
of drug activity

down at some of those joints
in the financial district.

Coke to fuel
the high stress jobs.

You're the one with
undercover experience.

I go looking to score in
one of them Wall Street bars,

I might as well put a sign
on my back that says "cop. "

But Elliot here, he looks like
the clean-cut corporate type.

Well, if that's a compliment, I'm game.

All right. Olivia and Fin will ghost you.

Munch and I
are backups.

We need to get you
a cover story.

Baby formula scheme's
down the toilet,

so they're gonna be looking for
a new way to bring in the product.

You wanna get
their attention real fast,

you gotta be the solution.

And I gotta be

Never flash
your buy money.

If they offer to buy,
you know the test.

Snow seals.

There's a quarter gram
of coke in each one.

And take this.

What are you gonna do,
page me?

It's a wire. If they frisk
you, they'll never suspect it.

Got it from a buddy
in TARU.

We got backup inside.

I'll be out here
recording. Cool?


How's it going?

What can I get you?

Give me a beer,
that last one on the end,

and give the lady
whatever she's having.

Scotch on the rocks?


You got it.

Thank you.

You're welcome.
How you doing?

I'm not bad.
How are you?

Better now.

Here we go.
That'll be 12 bucks.

Sorry about that.

That any good?

I'll tell you what, why don't
you just take a little taste

and you tell me?

I can turn you on to
something a little fresher.

Have a taste.

What's your name?


He's talking to somebody
at the end of the bar.

Probably the resident dealer.

And he's coming back.

I'm good. That's for you.

Gentleman down the end of the
bar would like a word with you.

He interested?

Says he'll make it
worth your while.

He's following some guy
into the bathroom.


This your idea
of a conversation?

You trying to sell
this crap on my turf?

Who the hell are you?

Who am I?

I'm the guy whose spot
you're parked in.

And I gotta tell you, pal, I
don't like competition, okay?

Wait a minute. This guy
said you were interested.

This is a big

Hey, I don't want a
problem here, man, really.

So, what's your name?


Greg Elliot.

So, Greg, where are you
serving out of?

Building where my office is.

And how much?
How much...

How much quantity?

Three hundred grams
every two weeks, about.

That's... That's impressive.


What are you paying
your supplier?



I'll tell you, Greg,
my people could do better.

My customers like
what they're getting.

The stuff I got,
it's top quality.

Okay, I'm listening.

Good. Good.

Why don't you meet me tonight at the
entrance to the seaport, say, 8:00?

And bring your money.

Who's he?

Shut up.

Nice to meet you, too.

He's clean.

Still didn't answer
my question.

You got the money?


Wow, you wanna show me
the product?

It's a little better
than mine.

Seventy a gram,
introductory offer.

Then we renegotiate.

No, you gotta do
better than that.

Why don't you taste it?

Taste it, because they do
random drug tests where I work.

I don't do this stuff.

All right.
All right. All right.

Seventy a gram.
Permanent price.

Permanent price. Done.

Hey. Hey.
Take the money.

What're you doing?

You guys, look. Hey.

He's got a gun,

Wait a minute.

Everybody, hang tight.

Show me a badge.


He's got a gold shield.

Look, guys,
let's talk about this.

Now he's got
Elliot's wallet.

What do you say? You gonna read me my rights?

You don't got
any rights.

Well, I guess we just
found our dirty cop.

This doesn't look like any
police station I've ever seen.

You think I'm gonna do
business with some dumbass punk?

Are we just gonna
sit here

while they beat
the crap out of him?

If they wanted to kill him,
he'd be dead by now.

What is this?
Some sort of initiation?

The guy with the shield just
wants to show he's the alpha dog,

to mark his spot.

Your call, Captain.

You see a gun come out,
move. Don't wait.

I hope you didn't bring me
here just to kick my ass.

Gregory Elliot, married, four
kids, house in Forest Hills.

You still got that gambling problem, Greg?

What's that?
Your homework assignment?

Director of Station Operations
for Global Package Express.

What's that mean?

I run our worldwide
shipping stations.

What are you doing?
Putting together my résumé?

Must be
a lot of travel.

Yeah, I do my share.

I think you're just
the guy we're looking for.

Guys, I just sell the stuff,
small quantities.

I don't move it.

You do now.

I'm telling you,
I'm selling this

for an old friend of mine,
that's it.

You want loyalty,
get a puppy.

I got you with enough blow
for an A-1 felony.

That's life
without parole.

You don't think my company
doesn't have safeguards

to prevent people
from doing this sort of thing?

Then you're gonna have to
think outside the box,

like they teach you
in business school.

You got till
tomorrow to decide.

Phone number's
on there.

Who's answering?

Call me Kendall.
Oh, one more thing.


That's for the attitude.

Can I have
my wallet?

How's the patient?

Couple of scratches.
He'll live.

What'd you find out?

Brad Kendall's
got 13 years on the job,

nine in Manhattan Narcotics.

He's got more decorations than
you can hang on a Christmas tree.

Sounds like he was
a good cop once.

Nothing lower
than a commendation,

even got a combat cross.

He walked in
on a gas station robbery,

perps shot at him
and missed.

He killed them both.

Decade of watching drug
dealers make the big bucks,

guess he wanted
a piece of the action.

If I had went Kendall's route, I
could've been a rich man by now.

He matches
Laura Pfeiffer's description

of a cop who came looking
for baby formula.

We know if Kendall ever made
an appearance there before?

I spoke to all the doormen
in the building.

It was only that one time.

Which means Pfeiffer normally
delivered the cocaine to him.

Probably at
the Bear and Bull.

Okay, what about
Kendall's butt boy?

Frank Barry.

Thirty. In and out of prison
on a string of drug collars,

mostly for possession.

Never carried enough weight to
be charged with intent to sell.

Well, he and Kendall
are soldiers.

There's no way they got the brains or
the muscle to run an operation like this.

We don't even know
how big this thing is.

But there's no way that
Pfeiffer's their only mule.

Well, Kendall
gave you 24 hours.

That means he's hard up
for product.

If he doesn't
get some soon,

the people that buy from him
are gonna cop from somebody else.

Get back to Kendall.

Turn up the heat this time,
but meet in a public place.

We don't want
a rerun of tonight.

Why here?

This is where
I do business.

You know, I don't remember
us talking money

while you were
kicking my ass.

I'm letting you
stay out of jail.

There's nothing
to talk about.

Oh, no? Well, what's to stop
me from going to the cops

and telling them
you're shaking me down?

I'm a hero cop.

I mean, who do you think
they're gonna believe?

Then you must think
I am some dumbass punk, huh?

You know what I think?

You're trying
to stay in business.

What, you got
a crystal ball or something?

You need me so bad you're
blackmailing me to work for you.

That smells
of desperation to me.

I'll tell you what,
hero cop, you're right.

Lock me up.

What do you want?

A third of the profits
of whatever I ship,

after you tell me why I'm
the answer to your problems.

What's the difference?
It's business.

I don't do business
with liars or screw-ups.

I'll take it to my people.

I don't know
what that means.

What does that mean,
take it to your people?

What, you can't close
the deal?

I mean, doesn't sound like you're
very high up in the food chain.

Maybe I should be talking to
someone who has a little more juice.

No, you're dealing with me.


Have it your way.
You go "talk to your people. "

See if they can afford me,

and I'll let you know
of my decision.

Try the veal,
it's great.

Okay, I'll call you back
with the details.

What do they want you
to do?

Bring in 10 boxes
of terracotta tiles

made of cocaine base.

Four kilos per box,
each worth $80,000.

My cover story,
I'm retiling my kitchen.

Where's it coming from?

Mexico City.

Gotta find a reason
to get me on down there.

Mexico's a little
out of our jurisdiction.

Not to mention,
out of our league.

Okay, you tell Kendall

you can't make the trip
on such short notice

without arousing suspicion.

Somebody in Mexico City
will make the pickup for you.

Where's the drop?

My alter ego's house
in Forest Hills.

Delivery company
drops off the tiles,

Kendall will come
and pick them up.

We'll have to involve DEA.

They can get us
a cover house

and handle
the pickup in Mexico.

Kendall could be working
with DEA people.

Well, that's a chance
we're gonna have to take.

That's the last one, sir.

Thanks a lot.

This is the most we've been
able to bring in at one time.

I guess you're saying you're
a satisfied customer then.

That'll be $267,000.

You wanna count it?

I don't know. Do I need to?

Now let's move these.

Honey, are those the tiles?

No, it's a mistake.

They're the wrong ones. This
guy's gonna exchange them.

He's got ours in his van.
Hey, this is my wife Dana.

Hi. How are you?

Baby, you gotta get
in the shower.

We have to be at Vanessa and
Glen's in less than two hours.

Oh, are these the tiles?
I don't want to go...

Hey, hey, hey.
What's he doing back here?

Yo, I must've not signed for
it. He must've made a mistake.

I'll deal with this.

Son of a bitch.

Back off!

Police, Kendall, freeze!

Freeze! Drop the gun!

Drop your gun.

Drop your gun.
Drop your gun!

Drop it!

Drop the...

You okay?
Call the bus.

10-13, Manhattan SVU.
We got an officer shot.

We're at 6432 99th Street,
Forest Hills, send a bus.

What happened?
He turned around.

I had no choice. The son of
a bitch just turned on me.

He turned on me.

Okay. Take it easy.
He turned on me.

I had no choice.

He wanted me to shoot him.

Son of a bitch
wanted me to shoot him.

Why'd he make me do that?

He didn't have the guts
to do it himself.

Elliot, I need your gun.

I know the drill.

Upon realizing
he was the target

of our sting operation,

Detective Kendall
pulled his weapon

on Detective Benson
and myself.

What happened next?

He ran. I followed.


Detective Benson
wasn't armed.

Undercover operation,
it was her call.

But you were armed.
My call.

I didn't trust Kendall.

Are you sure you don't want
your union delegate here?

I've got nothing to hide.

Now how many more times
are we gonna go over this?

Detective Kendall never
fired his weapon, but you did.

After I identified myself
as a police officer

and ordered Detective Kendall
to drop his weapon,

he turned
and pointed it at me.

Just like I told you before.

And how many times
did you fire your weapon?


Because you saw him
raise his weapon.

To shoot me.

There's nothing else
I could've done.

I'm officially notifying you
you're on modified assignment,

restricted to your office until
our investigation is completed.

You're not to make
any arrests

or interrogate any suspects
until then.

Is that clear, Detective?

The bastard makes me
shoot him,

and I'm the one
under investigation.

Elliot, maybe you ought to
take a few vacation days.

Not until I find out
who bankrolled Kendall.

I killed him,
I killed our only lead.

Elliot, the lab found
dandruff flakes

on the computer cable used
to strangle Derek Pfeiffer.

Matches Kendall's DNA.

So Kendall whacked Pfeiffer
to shut him up,

probably on orders
from the top.

With Kendall gone, we may
never find out who that is.

Well, Kendall arranged that
shipment of tiles somehow.

Anything on the phones?

Just a few local calls
to family members.

Nothing suspicious.

We also took a prepaid
cell off him, untraceable.

What about his gofer,
Frank Barry?

We haven't found him yet, but
he's too low on the totem pole

to have access
to the top guy.

Maybe Laura Pfeiffer
can fill in the blanks.


We found the bad formula
in her kitchen,

we're thinking
Derek brought it in.

But when I called customs

to check on his trips
to Mexico,

we found out
she traveled there, too.


In the last three weeks, five
round trips with her baby,

all on different flights
than her husband.

Doesn't make sense they would
travel separately every time.

It does if you're smuggling
cocaine in baby formula cans

and you wanna stay
under the radar.

Mother traveling with a baby.

Customs wouldn't have given a couple of
extra cans of formula a second thought.

No wonder she refused
our protection.

She's the mule,
not Derek.

But Derek's the one
that got whacked,

so he's gotta be in on it.

So question is, did he or his
company arrange his business trips?

Let's go ask his boss,
Keith Gerard.

I'll go with you.

He was servicing
a Mexican client,

billionaire entrepreneur
who's afraid to fly.

So we go to him.

Fax this to Chicago.
Yes, sir.

Do you usually send a guy
to your billionaire clients

who spends his day
making cold calls?

Look, Derek was
the company's scapegoat

against the bear market.

He shouldn't have lost
his position,

so I tried
to throw him a bone.

You wanna tell me what this
has to do with his death?

Derek was smuggling cocaine
on your time and your dime.

Running drugs?
Are you kidding me?

Along with his wife and son.

I knew it couldn't be true.
You're wrong.

And why's that?

Derek and Laura
don't have any children.

If Tommy isn't
the Pfeiffers' child,

then who does he
belong to?

Somebody who needs
the cash so bad

that they're willing to rent
their kid out as a drug mule.

And Tommy,
or whatever his name is,

he can't be the only one.

So you're thinking
whoever's running this

has a ring of mothers
with babies

bringing the coke in.

Well, it's gotta be.

Even if Laura Pfeiffer brought in
three cans on each of her trips,

it's not enough of a profit
to warrant the risk.

We know where she is?


She's staying with her sister, Denise Draper,

out on Staten Island.

I can't believe they let him cry like that.

This must be the sister's. The
Pfeiffers don't have one registered.

Let's check around back.


Glass is still
on the floor,

nobody cleaned it up.

Let's go.

You take him.
I'll check the rest.

Hey, hey, hey. Sweetheart.

It's okay, buddy. It's okay.

It's all right, sweetheart.
I know. I know.

Let's go find your mommy.

Olivia, in here.

It's okay, buddy.
It's okay, sweetheart.

It's okay.

Come here.

Come here. It's okay.

Neighbors hear anything?

CSU found the pillow

the shooter used
to muffle the gunshots.

Any chance
this is Kendall's work?

Unless it's his ghost.

M.E. Places time of death
at four to eight hours ago.

Well, somebody's cleaning up the
loose ends Kendall left behind.

If that had been
the cartel,

they would've killed
everybody just to make a point,

including the baby.

Guys, Tommy
was Laura's nephew.

I found his birth certificate

in the dining room credenza
next to this.

Plane ticket
to Mexico perhaps?

Rio, one-way.

Probably so Laura
couldn't be extradited.

This guy's one
cold-blooded customer.

He killed
this baby's mother,

he'll do the same
to the others.

So we're on borrowed time, and the
perp's already two steps ahead of us.

Call Elliot.

Have him start checking
every murder in the Tri-State

since Kendall was killed.

We're looking for any victims with an infant.

Yeah. Got it.

Can you tell me
what time it happened?

Whacking mothers
with infants.

Right. Right.
Are you sure...

Yeah, that's what I said.

Any children?
Two victims.

No, I'm not kidding. We
think there's gonna be more.

I'm not trying
to be difficult.

Thanks a lot.

Odafin Tutuola.

Tutuola. You need me to
spell it for you? Come on.

Call me when you find out.

Got another one.

Mount Vernon.

Any kids?

They don't have that yet.

What do you mean,
they don't have it?

Munch, I need information.

I'm stuck here.

You guys are the ones who are
out there trying to find this guy.

You think
I'm just gonna watch?

You need to take a break.

You should call
Mount Vernon back

and find out
if the victim had kids.

I brought you
some dinner.

Now is not a good time.

You've got to eat.

I gotta find this guy.

It's after midnight.
Come home, get some rest.

Kathy, I can't leave.

Olivia, state police just found
Kendall's sidekick Frank Barry.

Munch, wait a minute.

Hug the kids. I love you.
Thanks for dinner.


Body washed up
on Jones Beach.

Same MO? One to the back of the head.

Olivia, grab your coat,
we got another one. Queens.

Hey, Donny,
called your people

as soon
as it came in.

They're in
the living room.

Olivia Benson, Lieutenant Philly
Panzaretti, Queens Homicide.

Hey, nice to meet you.
What've we got?

Two victims.

Francisco and Blanca Flores.

Lived here with their little
girl, eight months old.

How's the baby?

Screaming when
patrol showed up,

but otherwise, okay.

EMS took her to Elmhurst
to make sure.

Shooter used a pillow
to muffle the gunshots.

Looks like the same MO
as the Staten Island murders.

Except the perp
broke into that house.

There's no sign anyone
forced their way in here.

So, whoever it was,
the victim knew them.

Looks like somebody
worked from home.

Mr. Flores was a gardener.

His truck's parked out back.
Wife did his billing.

Judging from this place,

Mr. Flores wasn't making any
extra money running drugs.

Or he just hasn't
spent it yet.

What'd you find?

An invoice made out
to Keith Gerard.

Mr. Flores
landscapes his house.

That's no coincidence.

He's running this drug operation
from that brokerage house,

he's the top dog.

Renting babies from people
like Mr. And Mrs. Flores

who work for him
and need the money.

And now he's gotta kill them
all so they can't finger him.

Detective Benson,
Captain Cragen.

We need to speak
to Mr. Gerard now.

I'm afraid
he stepped out.

Do you know
where he went?

He said he was going to the
corporate daycare center.

Where is that?

Right downstairs
on the second floor.

What's going on here?

You listen.
Listen very carefully.

If Gerard calls, you do
not tell him we're here.

You got it?

There's Gerard.

With his next victim.

Drop your weapon.

Please don't hurt my baby.

Shut up.
Drop it.

Get back.
Get back now or she's dead.

It's over. It's over.

We can all walk away
from this.

I'm leaving the building
with her and the kid.

You're gonna have to
show us some good faith,

all right?

Just let them go.

Just let them go.

You're gonna watch her die.

This is between us.

What, you think
I'm an idiot?

Just don't hurt them
and there's a way out.

A way out?

Okay, all right,
look, let them go.

You can walk
out of here alone.

No cops?

No cops.

Get off,
you're hurting me.

Yeah. That's tough.

I can make you
both rich.

Yeah? You better save it for
the fancy lawyer you'll need

to appeal
the death penalty.

D. A.'s office isn't gonna
drag you before the grand jury,

and IAB cleared you.

In two days, how?


Spare themselves the
embarrassment in the press.

What did it cost you?

Not nearly what it was worth.

I'll see you tomorrow.

Good night, Captain.

How'd it go?

We got them all.

Ten other mothers.

Gerard paid each mother 20
grand to rent those babies.

Good job.

They making you
see the shrink?


You been there?

Not yet.

I thought I was okay, too,
when I shot that guy.

But even a lowlife like
Kendall's gonna stay with you.

I gotta get home.


How long has that sandwich
been sitting there?

I got busy. It's all yours.

You sleeping?


Seeing that shrink,
did that help?

Not much.