Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 4, Episode 11 - Damaged - full transcript

A six-year-old girl critically injured (and subsequently dies) in an apparent robbery gone bad tests positive for a sexually transmitted disease, putting the detectives on the trail of the family, then the store clerk, and the son of a prominent attorney who had appeared to foil the crime. When evidence turns up that the little girl's older sister was dating the alleged sexual predator, Cabot has to work some legal magic to eradicate the deal made with the older sister for testimony.

In the criminal
justice system,

sexually based offenses are
considered especially heinous.

In New York City,
the dedicated detectives

who investigate
these vicious felonies

are members of an elite squad
known as the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

We should get
Out Of Africa.

this isn't gonna work.

Okay, fine. Die Hard.

No, I can't
do this anymore.

What, rent a movie?

You and me.

I told you I didn't want
a serious relationship.

You knew this
from the start.

You are such
an incredible bastard.

Hey, don't pretend like I
didn't tell you this a month ago.

Oh, my God! Oh, my God.
He's shot! Help!

John. Somebody, call the cops!

Somebody, help!

I got him! I got him!

Oh, my God!
Somebody, please!

My sister!
Somebody, do something!

Call somebody!

Somebody! Why isn't anyone
doing anything?

Dave Duethorn,
boy detective.

Guess they'll give that
gold shield to anyone.

Yeah. They gave one to
you. At least I earned it.

Don't flatter yourself. We got
a double? Could be a triple.

Bus took the six-year-old,
Rebecca Kurtz, to the hospital.

Doesn't look good.
She get hit out here?

Inside the store,
with her older sister Missy.

Pretty shaken up. E. R.'s gonna check her out.

Is this our shooter?

John Marcum. Walking in,
took one in the chest.

Poor bastard.

Should've stayed
home and watched TV.

That's the stick up kid.
Name's Eric Campbell.

Three witnesses saw him come in
wearing a ski mask, gun in hand.

Tells everybody to get down,
"Show me the money. "

So he's standing
over at the register.

The victims are
both over there.

Something spooked him.

Witness says someone
dropped a tape.

Probably the little girl.

He fires, hits the kid
and the guy outside.

All right,
who shot him?

Clerk. A kid named
Joey Field.

All right.
Well, where is our hero?

On the bus,
being treated for shock.

Name's Dave Duethorn. I'm a
detective. How're you feeling?

I guess I'm okay.
Compared to him.

I can't believe
I killed someone.

Well, think of it
as customer service.

Where'd you get
the piece?

The owner.

He keeps a loaded gun
under the counter.

I just... I guess I wasn't thinking.

All right, all right,
take it easy.

I wasn't... It's okay, it's okay, all right.

It's a good thing you got him before
he could shoot anyone else. Understand?

All right.

take the kid home.

I got him.
Come on, let's go.

That was the hospital.

Little girl's
on life support.

Are you ready for this?


Found it when they checked her
out. They're doing a rape kit now.

Any chance
she'll survive?

Bullet sliced
an artery in her chest.

Medics resuscitated her en
route, but her brain's toast.

No oxygen
for 10 minutes.

Where are the parents?
Waiting room.

They know about
the gonorrhea?

Figured I'd leave
that to the sex police.

We were renting a video.

Becca was so scared.

I kept trying to
make her be quiet.

We were just
renting a video.

Calm down, calm down. Take
a couple of deep breaths.

It's all right.
Take it easy, take it easy.

They told me that
I can't see my sister,

and they won't
tell me anything.

I mean, is she dead?

I don't believe you.
I want to just...

I need to be
told the truth.

Rebecca's on
life support.

Are my
parents here?

I really need
to be with them.

They're with your sister.

You think you can handle a couple of
questions before we take you upstairs?


Any other siblings?


You and Rebecca
got along really well?

My parents made me baby-sit her
after school, but I didn't want to.

I just wanted to hang out
with my friends.

I just wish I hadn't been such
a brat about it. Becca didn't...

She didn't want a movie.

I made her come with me.

Your parents both
at work today?

Mom's an accountant.
Dad does this...

Some stockbroker
thing at home.

Dad ever take
care of Rebecca?

Usually. But today
he had an appointment.

Your dad and Rebecca
spend a lot of time together?

After school, he takes her
to the park, to the zoo.

You know, places like that.

She's daddy's little girl.

Like you were
when you were her age?

I wish.

I was more like daddy's
little punching bag.

Nobody did anything?

Social workers came,
took me away.

The Kurtzs adopted
me when I was 12.

They're never gonna
forgive me for this.


I just spoke with Munch.

It seems that Daddy and Rebecca
had a very close relationship.

They collect
the swabs yet?

Doctor did a preliminary
genital exam.

He's gotta do a colposcopy
to confirm the rape.

Thank you.

Excuse me. Where are you going
with my daughter's clothes?

I'm Detective Stabler. This is
my partner, Detective Benson.

We need them
for evidence.

What evidence? I thought the
bastard who shot her was dead.

He is.

Well, I don't understand.

Well, honey, let the police do their jobs.

Could we have a moment
with each of you?

I can't leave her.

Can't this wait?

Why don't we step outside?
It'll just take a moment.

If anything changes,
I'll come and get you.

The doctors say that
Rebecca's brain dead.

That she'll
never wake up.

I'm very sorry.

We'd given up trying to get
pregnant, so we adopted Missy.

And Rebecca
was our miracle.

Your husband must
have been thrilled.

We all were. Missy had a little sister.

Peter just...

He stayed home,
working so he could...

Oh, he couldn't get
enough of them.

Why would God bless us like
that and just take her away?

Look, did something
happen to Missy?

Because the other detective
said she was all right.

No, no, she's fine. They're
actually going to bring her by soon.

Please wait. I gotta figure out how to
explain to her that this wasn't her fault.

She's been
through enough.

Well, then I will
get her a ride home.

Is there somebody there?

Yeah, my family's coming in
from upstate. She won't be alone.

Look, Detective,
what aren't you telling me?

There's no easy way
to say this.

Rebecca's been
sexually abused.


We're still investigating,

but the doctor said that she'd
tested positive for gonorrhea.

Oh, God.

How could this
be happening?

In these kinds of cases, it's
typically somebody who knew the victim.

Well, then it must
have been at school.

I mean, she's there
most of the day.

I understand that you're
her primary caregiver?

Yeah, I...

You're accusing me
of hurting Rebecca?

Sir, we're not
accusing anyone.

Yes, you are. You think I raped my daughter.

Mr. Kurtz.

It's my job
to rule everyone out.

Now, you'd really help us out if
you'd consent to a gonorrhea test.

You go to hell.

Rebecca's social
calendar was packed.

She had ballet twice a week.
She took piano lessons at home.

Taught by a 75-year-old

We checked her and the
ballet teachers. All clean.

And the school?

That's where we're
off to right now.

Dad agree to
the gonorrhea test?

He told me
to shove it.

But under the circumstances,
I might've said the same thing.

Your gut says he's clean? Yeah.

He came across as
a devoted family man.

Quit his job so he could
stay home with the kids.

I wish I could do that.

Yeah, but unlike pops,
you got no priors.

What for?
Sexual abuse.

Missy filed a complaint
against Peter Kurtz 5 years ago.

Well, let's find out why.

Missy told her teacher
that Peter Kurtz abused her,

and we looked into it.

What'd you find?

That she was mistaking normal
affection for sexual advances.

Define normal.

Oh, a kiss on the cheek,
a hug.

That's as hot and
heavy as it got.

So she doesn't know the difference
between a good touch and a bad touch.

Not surprising, considering
the hell the girl came from.

Missy told us that her
biological father beat her.

And raped her.

And if that
wasn't bad enough,

crack bastard pimped
her out to his friends.

I hope you spread the short eyes
label through the prison yard.

Didn't have to.
He died last year of AIDS.

Missy tested negative.

So Missy's complaint against
Peter Kurtz just went away, huh?

They don't just
go away, Detective.

We got her some counseling,
and she recanted.

How deep did you
dig on the Kurtzs?

Foster agency
checked them out.

Put them through

parenting classes,
surprise visits.

They jumped through
hoops to adopt her.

I wish all my Missys wound up
with parents like them.

Rebecca is a sweet
little girl. Great student.

Everyone here
is devastated.

We've had to bring in
counselors to talk to the kids.

Aside from her
homeroom teacher,

did Rebecca have contact
with any other adults here?

Art, music,
phys ed instructors. Why?

Mr. Curtis, the reason that we're here

is because Rebecca
has gonorrhea.

My God.

You don't think that
one of my people...

We would like to test
the employees here.

I can't invade
their privacy.

I'd be opening up
the school to a lawsuit.

Well, not if they volunteer. It's
actually a very quick procedure.

I'll call a meeting
for the staff.

But if they refuse, you'll have
to go through other channels.

Is there anything else?

Excuse me.

Yeah, one more thing.

Have you noticed any behavioral
changes in Rebecca lately?

A few weeks ago, her teacher, Mrs.
Leas, said she had trouble focusing.

And I've had to call home
about incontinence.

How many times?


But I didn't
think anything of it.

It's not uncommon
for first-graders.

What did the Kurtzs say?

Well, they knew about it.

Rebecca's been
wetting the bed, too.

They were taking her
to see the doctor.

Thank you.
We'll be in touch.

That was the Captain. He wants
us back. Why? What's going on?

The Kurtzs want to pull
the plug on Rebecca.

They haven't
done the rape exam yet.

Rebecca's parents want
to donate her organs.

They wait much longer,
they won't be usable.

Can't they do
the exam post-mortem?

M.E. Says once
there's no blood flow,

tissue deteriorates and
we could lose our evidence.

She tested positive
for gonorrhea.

Isn't that enough
to prove our case?

Not if we want to prove
that she was also raped.

We need every bit
of evidence we can get.

Alex, this bastard
should die in his cell.

Can you buy us
some time?

I'll try.

This is inhumane.

The People's request for a
temporary restraining order

only prolongs
Rebecca's suffering.

A colposcopy is invasive
and unnecessary.

Ms. Cabot, has a pelvic exam
been performed yet?

Because of the victim's age,

a specialist is required to determine
whether or not she was raped.

The Kurtzs want something
good to come out of this.

Now, there's an 8-year-old boy at
Children's Hospital in Philadelphia.

He's at the top of
a transplant list for a liver.

Rebecca Kurtz is a match.

And this boy can't wait until
the examination is complete?

The clock is ticking,
Your Honor.

For someone in Rebecca's
condition, after 24 hours,

microvascular collapse
begins to occur,

causing blood clots which
irreparably damage the organs.

The People certainly don't wish to
exacerbate the Kurtzs tragedy, but...

Then, don't. If that little boy in
Philly doesn't get Rebecca's liver,

he won't last another day.

And this additional
evidence is so critical

that the People are willing to
jeopardize the life of another child?

Our responsibility is to find
who committed the rape

and prevent this crime
from happening again.

Mr. Kurtz, my heart goes out
to you and your family.

But it is my duty to see that justice
is done on behalf of your daughter.

And since we can't
un-pull the plug,

I'm afraid I have no other choice
but to grant the restraining order.

I'm sorry.

You got your
restraining order.

Why don't you
leave us alone?

Mr. Kurtz, the last thing
that we want to do

is inflict any more
pain on your family.

We need to find out
what happened to Rebecca.

Do you have children,

I have four.

Then how can you
put us through this?

If one of my children were sexually
abused, I'd want to know who did it.

What do you
want from us?

Test your family
for gonorrhea.

You look like crap.

I didn't sleep all night.
I kept checking in on my kids.

Well, you should
have called me.

I didn't sleep, either.

Anybody page you?

No. Why? What's up?

Rebecca Kurtz
died this morning.

They do the transplant?

Kid in Philly is in
surgery right now.

Alex woke up a judge
to lift the T. R. O.

As soon as they
finished the colposcopy.

And? And she was raped repeatedly.

What about the gonorrhea?

Family's clean.

Well, it's a good thing we
put them through hell, then.

Well, much as I hate to say
this, dad could have been treated.

Test comes up negative if the
doctor's given you antibiotics.

You should know better than to ask
me any questions about a patient.

And you should know
that you have to answer them

if you have any information about
Peter Kurtz abusing his daughter.

What are you
talking about?

Rebecca Kurtz
had gonorrhea.

My God.
I didn't know.

The school said that you
saw her for wetting the bed.

You don't usually test
for STDs on a six-year-old.

She didn't complain
of any symptoms.

Failure to report child abuse
is a crime, Doctor.

It wasn't her father.
Peter didn't do it.

How do you know that?

I just did Peter's physical.
His urine was clean.

Why'd you test it?

Because I wanted to make sure
Peter hadn't abused Missy.

Missy has gonorrhea?

I treated her two weeks ago.

Missy, we need to
talk to your parents.

Do you know who
raped my sister?

We think you do.

We know you
had gonorrhea.

We're trying to plan
a funeral here.

Don't you people
have any decency?

It's not their fault,
Daddy. It's mine.

No one could ever blame you
for what happened.

He raped me and he raped
Rebecca, and I couldn't stop him!

Missy, what are you saying?

He just... He told me he would
kill me if I ever told anyone.

Who? Who, honey?
Who was it?

Missy, there's nothing
he can do to hurt you anymore.

It was Joe, my boyfriend.

Missy, why didn't you tell me?

I was afraid.

Where can we find him?

He lives with his parents on Park,
and he works at Movie Madness.

The clerk from the store
where Rebecca was shot?

He made me
bring her there.


Becca had said that she was
gonna tell what he did to her.

I told Joey,
I said to him,

I said that there was no way that
he could ever go anywhere near her.

But he said that he would kill
both of us if we didn't show up.

It was a set up?

Missy says that Joey Field
and Eric Campbell were friends.

She didn't know that Campbell was the
shooter until they pulled off his ski mask.

Joey orchestrates
Rebecca's murder,

he burns his friend
so he can't talk,

makes himself
look like the hero.

But even with Missy's testimony,
all we can get Joey on is rape.

He murdered
three people.

And to prove it,
we need physical evidence.

Joey Field has no priors,

and you can bet he's gonna
have top dollar representation.


His father is Malcolm Field.
Of Prescott, Field and Browne.

Deep pockets and a lot of friends in
high places, including the new D. A.

Here's Eric Campbell's sheet.
Two theft, three assaults.

It's not a big leap
to murder.

But still, it takes
a special kind of scrote

to be shooting
an innocent kid.

Yeah. The kind who
does it for money.

Which Joey could've got
from his rich lawyer daddy.

What does your boss
want to do with this?

My lieutenant says
it's your call.

All right. Well, we started this
mess, we'll take it from here.

Missy'd have
kept her mouth shut,

it would've been
the perfect crime.

You don't know there's
a trampoline in the room,

you're not going to dust
the ceiling for prints.

Well, the crime lab thought
it was a robbery gone bad,

just like the rest of us.
We tell them what happened,

maybe they'll
help us prove it.

All right, call them.

You make the notification
on Eric Campbell?

Yeah, to his father. He lives in
a bottle over in Alphabet City.

Take Munch.
Pay him a visit.

They're in for
a real treat.

What do you think you're gonna
find that the other cops couldn't?

So you don't mind us
taking a look around then?


Eric talk about
his friends?

I don't think
he had any.

Loser like him,
he's better off dead.

Yeah, well,
you set a fine example.

Yeah, well, I didn't teach him to
rob stores and shoot little girls.

No robbery. That little
girl's shooting was a hit.

He killed that
kid on purpose?

You seem surprised.

He was more of a loser
than I thought.

Looks like a stereo
showroom in there.

Your loser son been flashing
around money lately?

He didn't flash it, but he
sure knew how to spend it.

Mind if we take a look?

Knock yourself out.

This must've fell off
the back of some truck.

Actually, paid cash
for it last week.

TV, DVD player,
answering machine.

No new messages.
Old messages.

Eric, you there?
Pick up. Pick up the phone.

Hey, Joe, I'm here.

Got what you need?

Yeah, I got it.
What time?


Don't worry,
I'll be there.

Shooting happened
right after 3:00.

That conversation,
they could've been

planning to meet for
a game of tiddlywinks.

I think I can prove they
had something else in mind.

Witnesses put Eric Campbell at the
register when he demanded the money.

He turned and fired,
missed Rebecca,

and hit John Marcum
outside the store.

But when he fired the second time
and hit Rebecca, he was standing here.

And you know that how?

I fired the murder weapon
at these pieces of oak tag

from ten, five
and three feet away

to figure out where
Eric was standing.

Then I compared the results to the
gunshot residue on Rebecca's shirt.

So Eric was three feet away
when he shot Rebecca.

He moved forward.

Because the first shot
was too high.

He had to deliberately
move closer and aim lower.

It's the only scenario
that matches the evidence.

Hey, Joey Field.

We're Detectives
Benson and Stabler.

Is this about
that little girl?

Did she make it?

No, I'm sorry,
she didn't.

Can we talk to you
out here for a minute?

What for?

The Mayor's office sent us. They
want to give you an award for heroism.

We just need to
fill out the paperwork.

Who is it, Joey?
It's the cops, Dad.

They want to give me an
award. Joey, get back in here.

Joey Field, you're under arrest
for the murders of John Marcum...

What are you...

...Eric Campbell
and Rebecca Kurtz.

What murders?
I didn't do anything.

Look, I'm an attorney. Where
the hell's your arrest warrant?

Don't need one.
He stepped outside.

You tricked me. Reasonable
deception. Ask your dad about it.

Joseph, don't say a word! I'll
be right down to get you out!

You have the right
to remain silent.

If you give up that right,
anything you say

can and will be used
against you in a court of law.

Be nice if we could listen.

It's pretty convenient having a
father who can double as your attorney.

Looks like Joey would
rather have somebody else.

Malcolm Field's
record is good,

but I don't think even he
can get his son out of this.

Joseph had no idea Eric Campbell
was going to hold up that store.

You have no case.

Excuse me?

How many more people would that bastard
have killed if my son hadn't stopped him?

Your son raped a six-year-old and
murdered three people to cover it up.

We have the forensics
to prove it.

If Joey would like to share anything,
Counselor, now would be the time.

If you're looking for a
confession, you can forget it.

No, we'll take our
chances with the jury.

"People v. Joseph Lee Field. Three
counts murder in the First Degree,

"two counts rape
in the First Degree. "

Counsel, approach.

What the hell's
going on, Malcolm?

People are making
a big mistake.

That may be true.

But do you think you're the
best person to represent Joey?

Your Honor seems very well acquainted
with the counsel and his defendant.

Relax, Ms. Cabot.

I'm sorry, Malcolm.

We can't help you
out on this.

Step back.

Mr. Field,
how does your client plead?

Not guilty, Your Honor.

Bail, Ms. Cabot?

Considering the ease with which the
accused could flee the jurisdiction,

the People request remand.

Your Honor, you have my word
as an officer of the court,

the defendant will remain
under my personal supervision.

With all due respect to Mr. Field,
his son is facing a capital charge.

He shouldn't be
on the street.

Under the circumstances
I have to agree.

Defendant is remanded
without bail.

Next case.

Before Missy agrees
to testify against Joey,

her parents want a guarantee
that you won't prosecute her.

Prosecute her?
She's a victim.

Yeah, and two weeks from now,
you could charge her with rape one

for delivering her sister to
the man who raped them both.

Roger, you know us
better than that.

Oh, hey, I trust you.

But not your new
good old boy D. A.

I mean, what's to keep Branch from
throwing her in prison to make an example?

Stop blowing smoke
up my ass, Roger.

I'm just defending my client.

What do you want?


Come on. We're giving you
Joey Field on a silver platter.

Are you sure she won't be
too scared to take the stand?

Not if it gets
him the needle.

We'll send you the paperwork.

Good luck putting these
witnesses on the stand.

They took one look at Eric in the
ski mask, and they ducked for cover.

You ready for some more?

What's this?

Malcolm Field's motion
to suppress the recording

on Eric's Campbell's
answering machine.

On what grounds?

illegal search.

It was Campbell's home.
Field doesn't have standing.

We still have to respond.

He could bury me in paperwork for the next
decade if he thinks it'll save his son.

Hey, guess who Joey Field's father
is calling as a defense witness.

Oh, sure. Who better to testify that
no witnesses corroborate Missy's story.

Not to mention
his son's a hero.

Bastard's gonna hang me out
to dry in front of the jury.

This just keeps
getting better.

Well, here's more good news.

What's wrong?
It's from the lab.

Copy of a tape Fin and Munch found
when they searched the Fields' home.

We got a real problem.

Come on, Joey.
Do it already.

Can't we just
leave her and go?

No. She is knocked out.
She won't feel it.

Missy, look, okay,
I don't want to, okay?

No, it is not okay.

You like that?


Yeah? You want
a little more?

Then you'll do
what I say.

If Missy lied
about being raped,

who do you think
really planned these murders?

I'm not saying anything.

We watched
the tape, Joey.

Joseph, you have
to tell us the truth.

Your girlfriend set you up. She
said you raped her and her sister.

She's blaming you
for the murders.

You're lying.
She would never do that.

She loved me.

You don't understand. You
could get the death penalty.

We know she
made you do this.

You don't know anything.
You never have.

Missy and Rebecca
both had gonorrhea.

So what?

The doctor gave you a
physical when you got here,

and you tested negative.

Do you know what that means?

I don't give a damn.

Well, either you were treated, or Missy
has been sleeping with someone else.

I don't believe you.

Do you really want to protect
somebody who was cheating on you?

She'd never do that.

Well, then how did she and Rebecca
get gonorrhea and you didn't?

She got it from somebody else,
and then she gave it to her sister.

Can't you see what
she's doing to you?

I met Eric at the video store,

and he introduced me to Missy.

I just... I'd never
been with anybody like her.

It's like being high.

My brain just stopped working.

What did Missy
do to Rebecca?

She would drug her,
and then she would...

She would do things to her.

And one time,
Rebecca woke up.

Said that she
was going to tell.

And you had to kill Rebecca
to keep her quiet.

No. No, I told Missy
I didn't want to.

And she said that Eric
would do anything for money.

So she paid him,
and I told him what to do.

Whose idea was the robbery?

Missy's. See, I mentioned once that
my boss kept a gun under the counter.

She said she'd drop
some tapes to make noise,

make it look like
Eric had freaked out.

And then, he would shoot...
He would shoot Rebecca,

and then I would shoot him, and
nobody could trace it back to us.

Tell me this isn't
as bad as it seems.

Oh, it is.

And Missy's immunity
is etched in stone?

We can't touch her.
We're screwed.

Branch okayed the death
penalty motion on Joey Field.



Give it a rest.

She played us, Liz.

This office,
the police, her own parents.

Missy used Joey to murder her own
sister, and now she's killing him, too.

We dealt ourselves this hand,
and it's all we've got to play.

Maybe not.

You can't reverse
Missy's immunity.

A judge can.

No judge is going to give us
a second chance.

Unless someone else
makes the argument for us.

Mr. Field,
we need your help.

What, to execute
my son?

To reverse Missy
Kurtz's immunity.

Well, Missy's immunity
helps my case.

You can't put her on the stand
because you know she'll lie,

and without her, all your physical
evidence is circumstantial.

Do you really think
a jury is going to care?

Look, Missy's the only one
who can testify to motive.

A jury's going to
want to hear that.

A jury is going to
want to punish somebody

for the rape and murder
of a six-year-old child.

Your son is the only person
sitting at the defense table.

I did such a good job as a
father, my son despises me.

He won't even
let me save him.

You still can.

The D. A. Is willing to take the death
penalty off the table. Work with us.

What are we doing here?
My client has immunity.

I agree.

I've seen the tape, but
it doesn't change anything.

The evidence turned up
after immunity was imposed.

That's not our problem.

It is our problem.
Your Honor.

You know I can't reverse immunity, Mr. Field.

Unless it violates my client's
due process right to a fair trial.

People v. Osorio.

Osorio isn't on point.

Sure it is, Judge.

The People can't put Missy Kurtz on
the stand without suborning perjury.

That means my client can't
confront his accuser,

which is a violation
of the Sixth Amendment.

Ms. Cabot?

The People made a mistake.
We're not going to deny it.

How about you colluding with the
defense to railroad my client?

You gonna deny that?

That may be the case, Mr. Kressler,
but you'd have a hard time proving it.

You can't do this.

I can. And I am.

The immunity agreement between
the People and Missy Kurtz is void.

Thank you, Your Honor.

Stick around, Ms. Cabot.

Aren't you going to thank me for
cleaning up your mess, Alexandra?

Mr. Field made
a valid legal argument.

Which you handed him.

I'm tired of you manipulating
my court to suit your needs.

I'm keeping this
case for trial.

When can I expect to see
an indictment on Missy Kurtz?

We'll begin working
on the rape immediately.

And the three murders?

Insufficient evidence, Your
Honor. We're just not ready to...

You're telling me that you jeopardized
my judicial record, and you're not ready?

You sure as hell better be.
By tomorrow.

A search warrant for the Kurtz's
home. Please, find me something.

Why? Because some judge
put you in the jackpot?

I'm not blaming anyone.

Is Missy in interrogation?

with her lawyer.

Let me see if I can
get myself out of this.

She must've really
pushed Petrovsky's buttons.

Yeah, while Missy
pushes everyone else's.

Including her parents.

You arrested Missy?

Mr. Kurtz, Mrs. Kurtz, why don't
we go someplace where we can talk?

Why? Are you going
to arrest us, too?

Excuse me.
What's going on here?

You couldn't build your case against
this animal, so you go after Missy?

Joey Field.

Joey Field raped Rebecca
because Missy told him to.

The murders were Missy's idea.

Missy was raped
by that bastard.

I'm afraid the evidence
proves otherwise.

What evidence?
I want to see it.

We really don't want to make
this any harder than it has to be.

What could be harder?

Show them.

You like that?


Yeah? You want
a little more?

Then you'll do what I say.

That's enough. Turn it off.
Turn it off!

All right.

We loved that girl from the
moment she came into our home!

That bastard gave
them both gonorrhea?

No, Mr. Kurtz,
he didn't.

Joey never had it.

My God. Missy gave it
to Rebecca?

Oh, my God! Oh, my God!

How didn't we see?

Because Missy made
sure that you wouldn't.

What do we do now? What now?

We need your help.

Joey says Missy paid Eric
Campbell $1,000 to shoot Rebecca.

Any ideas where she could
have gotten that kind of money?

Missy murdered Rebecca just as surely
as if she had pulled the trigger herself.

Now, whatever you know,

you can't let her
get away with this.

What she did
was reprehensible.

But you've
gotta understand.

We've just lost
one daughter.

You can't ask us to help you
take the other one.

So we here
to talk a deal?

Why? Your client
want to plead?

Sure. How about
sexual misconduct?

On an A misdemeanor?

Your client worked
in concert with Joey Field.

Then she raped her sister, then she
murdered her sister and two other people.

You can't prove that
she killed anybody.

We have you on tape
abusing your sister.

You both had gonorrhea.

We checked your parents'
phone records,

and you and Eric Campbell
spent a lot of time chatting.

It's all circumstantial.

Not when Joey Field ties it
together on the stand.

Joey's not going
to testify against me.

He loves me.

Joey told us everything.

He knows you've
been sleeping around.

He's a love-crazed

When Rebecca threatened
to tell her parents,

Joey couldn't bear the thought
of Missy leaving him,

so he hired Eric Campbell
to murder Rebecca,

and then he murdered
him to shut him up.

He did what Missy
told him to do.

And after a jury hears that
Missy was repeatedly raped

by her biological
father and his friends,

do you think they're going to hold
her responsible for any of this?

So, Missy still thinks
she's got us over a barrel?

She's right. I can't
mention the murders at trial,

and even her calls
to Eric Campbell

don't definitively
prove it was her idea.

And Kressler puts Joey Field on
trial, it's he said, she said.

He's setting her up to plead not guilty
by reason of mental disease or defect.

Let's call a psychiatrist.

I'll send Huang over
to Rikers to see her.

Tell me about your
biological father.

You read the file.

I want to hear it from you.

My mother died
when I was five.

They said that's when my father
started having sex with me.

What do you remember
about the abuse?

It hurt.

But as long as I cried,
I didn't get hit.

How did it feel when they
took you away from him?

At first, I was glad.

Then after they moved me the third
time, it didn't make any difference.

The Kurtzs adopted you. That
must have made a difference.

Yeah, right.

The Kurtzs wanted
their own kid.

Once Rebecca was born, they
didn't want me around anymore.

They just kept me
out of pity.

That's not what
they told us.

Yeah, well. People say they
love you, but they really don't.

Joey loves you.

Joey loves sex.

He was ready to face
the death penalty for you.

But he didn't, did he?

He's out for himself,
just like everybody else.

Missy has flat affect, minimal
insight, and no capacity for empathy.

So she's a sociopath. That doesn't
make for a legit psychiatric defense.

Kressler will spin it as untreated
post-traumatic stress disorder

with dissociative features.

Her early childhood
was severely traumatic.

Without immediate
intensive therapy,

no way she could form
healthy attachments.

By the time the Kurtzs
adopted her, it was too late.

So Missy's mad, not bad,
and Daddy takes the rap.

Missy didn't get the therapy that
she needed. That's not her fault.

Well, it doesn't
excuse her behavior.

Missy knew what she was doing
was wrong. She just didn't care.

It's too bad
her father's dead.

I'd love to prosecute him.

Look at this.

Where have you two been?

Eric Campbell's room.

Whatever Missy paid him
must've burned a hole

in his pocket
at the electronics store.

We know whether Missy
has her own money?

Couple of hundred in her checking
account, no recent withdrawals.

Same with the parents.

Missy probably
never even asked them.

You're a teenager,
you need some quick cash

and you can't ask your
parents, what are you gonna do?

You're either gonna
borrow it or steal it.

Or sell something valuable.

Or give something to the
hit man in lieu of cash.

Something jog your memory?

We found a half a pawn ticket
in Eric Campbell's room.

Dated two days
before the murder.

Where'd you get this?
A dead man.

How'd he get dead?

Somebody shot him.

You got any more questions, Al, or
you gonna show us the merchandise?

Today's your lucky day.

Is it real?
You kidding?

This is white gold.
The chain looks the same.

Half a karat
of pave diamonds.

Look at you.
A connoisseur.

It's gotta be worth
at least $3,000.

Dumb punk who brought it in
gave it to me for a grand.

There's even an inscription
on the back.

"To Missy with love,
from Mom and Dad. "

What's this?

Jewelry your client
gave to Eric Campbell.

Payment for his services
as a hit man.


We have a sworn statement ID-ing Eric
as the man who pawned this pendant.

Joey stole it
and gave it to Eric.

A jury is never going
to believe that, Missy.

You can't prove it
didn't happen that way.

Do you want to explain it
to her? What can we do here?

Joey got Eric
to kill Rebecca.

Joey shot Eric.

Joey's going to get
the death penalty.

No. We made a deal with Joey.

Joey is going to plead guilty and go to
prison after he testifies against you.

You are getting the death
penalty for murdering your sister.

She wasn't my sister.

Rebecca was an innocent,
six-year-old child.

You think I'm
supposed to feel sad?


I don't.

You can't kill me.
I'm already dead.

Ms. Cabot.

Missy's lawyer told us the D. A.'s
going for the death penalty.

I know.

Well, there's gotta be
something you can do.

I'm sorry, Mr. Kurtz.
It's out of my hands.

Ms. Cabot, killing her
won't bring Becca back.

It is my job to
speak for the victims.

Ms. Cabot, can't you see
how damaged Missy is?

Yes. Yes, I can.

Well then, why can't you
just put her in prison?

Because I have
to follow the law.