Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 4, Episode 10 - Resilience - full transcript

The attempted suicide of a 14-year-old girl leads to her family, promiscuity, and her regression to a child.

In the criminal
justice system,

sexually based offenses are
considered especially heinous.

In New York City,

the dedicated detectives who
investigate these vicious felonies

are members of an elite squad
known as the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

I ever tell you
about my nephew Sandy?

Once or twice.

Well, his kid Josh
just turned one,

and got his own room.

So Sandy buys
this fancy intercom

so they can listen to Josh
and talk to him.

Anyway, the first night,
Sandy and Mel...

Josh's mom?

Yeah, decide
to test it out.

So, Sandy says,
"Hi, Josh, are you there?"

And then, no answer.

So, he says again,

"Please say something.
Josh, talk to me. "

Still nothing.

Now they're starting
to get nervous.

It's the express.

So he says again,
"Josh, talk to me. "

Still nothing...

He says, "Josh,
please say something... "


Sorry to drag you
out of bed.

Girl tried to donate her body
to the downtown express.

No panties, torn shirt,
fresh bruises on her thighs.

Does she have any ID?

Just some loose change.

And she's not talking.

Munch is checking out the
security cameras right now.

Give me a minute.


I'm Olivia.
Can you tell us your name?

We'd really like to call
your mom and dad,

and let them know
you're okay.

I've got a daughter
your age.

I gotta tell you, if
something like this happened,

I'd want to be
there for her.

Please tell us
your name.

Jackie Landricks.

Jackie, I'm Elliot.
Where do you live?

On 16th, in Chelsea.

That was Munch.
He's got something.

We're gonna call
your mom and dad

and they'll meet you
at the hospital, okay?

No, please, don't tell them.

They'll kill me.

Jackie, this is not
your fault.

They're just gonna be glad you're safe.

We got three cameras
on that side of the station.

Did you know the London
Underground has a system

for identifying
potential suicides?

It's called Cromatica.
There she is.

Your average suicide
waits about 10 minutes.

Cromatica will spot that,
and sound an alarm.

Now look at this.

See there, the guy behind her?

This is what we got
on Camera 4.

There's your girl again.

That same guy's following Jackie too close.

Can you freeze-frame
on his face?


Great. Print that out and
let's go to the next camera.

Camera 5,
shows the platform.

Still following her.

There's too many people. He
doesn't wanna make a move.

Look at this.

That was close.

Looks like he's got
something to hide.

He's got a logo on his shirt.
Can you blow this up?


The logo belongs to Mercury
Bike Messenger Service.

The night manager ID'd him
as Karl Sirett, 19.

She said he was fired
last month,

spent more time
visiting his girlfriends

than delivering packages.

Plus not all his deliveries
were welcome.

He's had two arrests
for assault.

All right,
pull him in.

Get his picture over
to Benson and Stabler.

We found fluids and
abrasions to the vaginal walls

and these.

Restraint marks?
I believe so.

She was tied down
and raped.

Multiple times.

I asked her if she'd had sexual
relations before the attack,

she said no.

Her parents.

I'll send the rape kit and the
results of the pelvic to your lab.


Mr. Landricks,
I'm Detective Stabler.

This is my partner,
Detective Benson.

Thank you for finding Jackie.

We were real worried
when she didn't come home.

And then we got the call.

Mr. Landricks,
does Jackie have a boyfriend?


It's procedure for us
to request DNA samples

from all male
family members.

I have two boys,
Gary's 12, Jason's nine.

You want them done, too?

Just Gary, please.

Whatever you need.

Jackie, you think you
can tell us what happened?

I was coming home from school
when this guy grabbed me.

I was taking a short cut by
the parking lot by A&M on 10th.

I heard a car pull up
behind me

and he pushed me
into the car.

Did you
get a look at him?


He said if I screamed
he'd kill me.

We drove a bit,

and then he pulled me
out of the car.

We walked down
some steps

and I heard a door open.

And then what happened?

He tied me to a bed.

He pulled off my clothes,
and then he did it.

How'd you escape?

After he finished, he left.

I loosened the straps
and I ran.

Jackie, I want to show you
some photos, okay?

He was following me
at the subway station.

Did he rape you?

I don't know.

I told you, I was blindfolded.
I couldn't see anyone.

Well, do you remember anything
about the man who did do it?

Something about his clothes,
the sound of his voice...

What is it, Jackie?

His penis.

It was pierced with a ring.

How do you
know that?

He made me feel it.

So why'd you run when
she tried to kill herself?

Those guys had it
under control.

Or you knew the cops
were on the way,

and she'd finger you.

Finger me for what?

We know you like
attacking women.

Did you go all the way
with Jackie?

Who's Jackie?

The girl you followed into
the subway, the girl you raped.

I told you,
I never saw that bitch before.

"I never saw the girl,
never met the bitch. "

You should get a better story,
don't you think?

And you should learn to read.
Those charges were dropped.

We could clear this up
real quick, Karl.

Just give us a DNA sample.

No way.

And I was just beginning
to think you were innocent.

Any luck?

It's a matter
of time and gravity.

You get a match
on the restraint pattern?

Well, M.E. Says
that she remembers

a female corpse being pulled out of the river

two years ago,
south of Chelsea Piers.

No head, no fingers,
but marks like these.

Manhattan South Homicide
couldn't ID her.

Called her Chelsea Doe.

Unsolved homicide.

City should still have
the corpse.

Call Warner, see if she can dig up the body.

Man needs to relieve himself.


No, but I am impressed.

I believe the technical term
for that is a Prince Albert.

Ladies love the prince.

The technical term
for these are handcuffs.

No. No.

You're under arrest for the
rape of Jackie Landricks.

you're up late.

I want my client.

His roommate called me.

He said you pulled him
out of bed.

You've held him
more than five hours.

Uncuff him and let him go.

He's not going anywhere.
He's under arrest for rape.

Based on what evidence?

Subway cameras show the
victim tried to commit suicide

to get away from him.

That's tragic, really, but it's
hardly proof that he raped her.

She identified him also by
the piercing on his penis.

Oh, so he is the only man in New
York City with a pierced schlong?

And I assume you just
happened to see his privates

when you took him
to the bathroom

after you poured soda down
his throat for five hours.

Was he under arrest
at the time?

We were just shooting the breeze. Right.

You think you're gonna get a
free DNA sample out of that?

Think again.

I want to talk
to the A. D. A.

It's standard procedure

to escort suspects
to the facilities.

Really? Is it
standard procedure

to inspect
their genitals?

You're not gonna claim
it was an illegal search.

You led him to believe
he was in custody,

when you didn't have probable
cause to keep him in custody.

That means, anything you got out of him,

including sight of his
privates, it's inadmissible.

If he's innocent, you won't
object to him giving a DNA sample.

Oh, I will object,
and I will win.

So I'll see you in Chambers.

She could win.

I hope you have
something else.

How about a dead body?

Chelsea Doe, Caucasian,
brunette. I remember her.

Pissed me off.
Perp went to such extremes

to make sure
we couldn't ID her.

These are the restraint marks
on Jackie Landricks.

What do you think?

Similar, but not the same.

We think Chelsea
had rope burns.

These on Jackie look like they
were made from some kind of strap,

like the kind you'd use to
move furniture, tie up luggage.

Was Chelsea raped?

She was in the water
two weeks.

Long enough to wash
away any useful fluids.

How old was she?
Late 20s.

Head and fingers were cut off
with some kind of cleaver,

but she was probably
strangled first.

There were signs
of capillary damage here.

You think Jackie might have
run into Chelsea's killer?

We were hoping
you could tell us.

Well, if she did,

you're not just looking
for one killer.

I got a preliminary result
on the fluid.

It was a mixed sample.

Two blood types?
Two rapists.

And one of the samples
showed traces of medication.

for high cholesterol.

Maybe Karl
had an older partner?

What about dad?

No. When he gave his DNA,
I took blood as well.

Blood type doesn't match.

We better talk to Jackie.

I'm sorry,
Tom's on a job today,

and we're
baking cookies, so...

Why don't we just keep this on
the ground there, cowboy, okay?

I run a day care center here,
call me crazy.

Sally and Jason,
two of mine.

I kept them home today.

So, did you find anything out?

We have reason to believe that Jackie
was attacked by more than one man.

Has she said anything?

Hey, Jackie,
how you feeling?

I'm okay.

Is there some place
we could talk?

Sure. Take them
to your room, hon.

Jackie, you said that
one man raped you.

Now, according
to our forensics,

there were two.

I told you,
I was blindfolded.

Did you hear two voices?

All I heard was,
"Scream and I'll kill you. "

Were there
two different bodies?

I don't know.

I tried
to block it out.

Were there different
smells, Jackie,

like aftershave
or soap?

Hi, you're Sally, right?

My name is Elliot.

Has Jackie been bad?

No. We're here to help her.

Could I have your pen?

Sure. Why do you
want my pen?

For a present for me.


can you tell me
who James Randall is?

He lives with us.

And is he, you know,
old like me?

Worse. Can I go now?

Jackie, what can you tell me
about Mr. Randall?

What do you mean,
what can I tell you?

How long has he lived
down the hall?

Couple months, I guess.

Has he ever bothered you?

You're telling me he's never
bothered you before?


Why are you asking me
these questions?

Elliot, what's going on?

Mr. Randall takes Mevastatin,
for his high cholesterol.

No wonder she's not talking.

Her rapist
lives right next door.

Just because
I have high cholesterol

doesn't mean I raped anybody.

So it's just a coincidence, Mr. Randall,

that the medication
you take

wound up inside
Jackie Landricks?

Yeah, it's just
a coincidence.

Lots of guys
have high cholesterol.

Lots of guys don't live
next to the victim's bedroom.

Jackie's kind of hot,

but schoolgirls
aren't my scene.

Know him?

I've never seen him before.

Explain something to me.

What's a hotshot ad exec doing
slumming it at the Landricks'?

I had some bad breaks.

The last time I looked that
wasn't a crime. Are we done?

No, we're just
getting started.

You think
she's kind of hot?

God, who the hell is that?

You raped Jackie Landricks.

Did you rape and murder
this girl, too?

Then give us a DNA sample.

You want a DNA sample, sure,
I'll give you a DNA sample.

Just get me a plastic cup
or a pretty woman,

I'll give you all
the DNA you want.

Put it away, Mr. Randall, all we
need is to swab inside your mouth.

A guilty man doesn't usually
offer up his DNA.

Which means he's either really
dumb, or really innocent.

That was the lab with the
results from Jackie's pelvic.

Jackie has cervical dysplasia.

Our girl with no boyfriends
has had a lot of them.

I'm sure she doesn't want
daddy finding out about that.

Where are we on Karl Sirett?

The judge refused to give
the order for Karl's DNA.

On what grounds?
Police misconduct.

Apparently we coerced the
suspect into self-incrimination

by taking him to the john.

And Cabot let him
get off on that crap?

She said we did.

Munch, Fin, see if
you can find a connection

between these two losers.

Elliot, Olivia,
get over to Jackie's school,

check if anybody knows
who Jackie's boyfriends are.

I don't feel comfortable

discussing my students'
personal lives with you.

Miss Bowen,
the principal says

that you've come to him
with concerns about Jackie.

Now we're on the same
side here.

Jackie has
real potential.

She has a gift for writing. She's bright.


Several students told me
she's been sleeping around.

Did you ask
her about it?


She said she'd been
dating this senior.

She promised she'd stop.

And you believe her?

She tells me the truth.

When did these two
start dating each other?

Last year,
when she was a freshman.

When she was 14.
How old was he?


Miss Bowen, that's considered
statutory rape.

Do you know how many
of my 14 and 15-year-olds

are having sex
with older boys?

The relationship
was consensual

and it stopped
the moment I found out.

Did you
contact her parents?

I suggested we talk to them,

but Jackie begged me not to,
said they'd kill her.

Did you talk to the boy?

I told him,

if he went near Jackie again,
I'd cut his balls off.

What's this guy's name?

Karl Sirett.

It's our Prince Albert.

You know Karl Sirett, don't you? Yes.

And you went out with him,
and you had sex with him?

It's all right, sweetheart.
Just tell them.


When did it stop?

About a month ago.
I broke up with him

after my teacher,
Miss Bowen, talked to me.

She knew about this?

Did Karl rape you?

I don't know who raped me.

Jackie, you picked him out.

Because you showed me
his photo.

I wanted somebody to blame.

Why was he following you?

Because he saw me
outside the station.

He hangs out
at the deli out there.

If Karl didn't rape you,
who did?

I told you, I was
blindfolded, I couldn't see.

Jackie, please.

We cannot help you
unless you tell us everything.

I am telling you everything,
you just won't believe me.

Can I go to my room now?


So, you think this
Karl guy's in the clear?

We don't know. I mean, you heard
Jackie, she didn't see anything.

What about
that bastard Randall?

I mean, I thought
you'd arrested him.

We questioned him, but without
Jackie's ID, we couldn't hold him.

You know, I gotta ask you something.

Why would you let
a 40-year-old man rent a room

right next to your
15-year-old daughter?


Because I need
my head examined.

We needed the money.

And usually, I only rent
to women, students,

but Randall seemed okay.

Hey, honey, we're back.


I did this!

Don't pick up,
I did it.

Has something happened?

Well, we're working
on a number of leads.

Good. I've been
so worried about Jackie.

Yeah, it might be a good idea
if you would talk to her.

She's got
a lot of stuff going on.

I got you a present.
You did?

Don't tell.

I know the case.
15-year-old rape victim.

Well, this is about her little
sister. She's six years old,

unusually friendly.

Asks strangers for presents,
gives them presents.

She's just a little
too affectionate.

Sometimes that kind of inappropriate
behavior is a sign of abuse.

I've seen abuse of families.

And her parents
seem to love the kids,

and the kids seem happy.

M.E. Got a DNA match
on one of the samples.

Charles Eno, did time
for robbery and assault,

lives a block from the
Landricks'. We're picking him up.

And here's the best part.

Two years ago, he worked as a
butcher in the meat-packing district.

Where were you
last night, Mr. Eno?

Home till 11:30.

Then I went to the club.
I work security.

Anyone can back you
on that?

I live by myself.

And you were watching TV, didn't go out
to dinner, nobody in the world saw you.

And I didn't rape no girl.

Well, your sperm
tell a different story.

That's crap.

No. You raped
Jackie Landricks

and you left your calling card inside of her.

Big guy like you have to
tie up a defenseless girl.

No. I didn't tie up
no girl, man.

Just like two years ago,
in the meat-packing district,

when you were chopping up
those carcasses.

You chop her up, too?

You're sick!

What do you think I am?

A rapist and a murderer.

All right.

I had sex
with Angie Landricks,

but I never touched
the girl.

You had sex
with Jackie's mother?


Why would I mess with jailbait

when I could get it
from her moms?

We've got his DNA
inside her,

he just put himself
in the apartment.

Why's he holding out?

Maybe he's doing them both,

and doesn't want
to cop to statutory.

M.E. Just called with a match
on the second sperm sample.

Karl Sirett's in the clear.

It's James Randall.

The jackass
who gave up his DNA.

I swear I never laid
a hand on her.


Your little tadpoles just
swam in all by themselves.

Do you know him? Yeah. He
works at a club I go to.

Oh, I think you know him
better than that.

Jackie Landricks,
she some kind of joint project

you and big Charlie
work on together?

God, what are you
talking about?

There were two semen samples
inside the girl.

One yours, and one Mr. Eno's.

I didn't touch the girl!

Don't tell me,
you just had sex with her mom.

Yeah, that's right.

That's pretty ballsy, doing it
right under her husband's nose.

What the hell?
He paid me to do it.

He paid you
to have sex with his wife?

Yeah. He likes to watch.

Is it possible
that Eno and Randall

aren't just
lying scum, Doc?

Is there any evidence that
they abducted Jackie together?

Well, they claim
their only connection

is they were both servicing
Mrs. Landricks.

Then from what you've told me
about Jackie's behavior,

and her little sister's,

I'd say dad is a
sexually obsessive narcissist.

You telling me
this guy gets his kicks

from prostituting
his wife and daughters?

His family
is his own little cult.

They devote themselves
to making him happy.

You think
he's abusing Sally, too?

I don't know
if she's sexually abused,

but I wouldn't be surprised if
she knew exactly what went on.

Well, there's
sex education for you.

Dad doesn't even have to
touch his daughters.

Just treating them as adults

turns them into his own
vicarious sexual partners.

They don't tell because he's
their dad, and they love him.

It's called child sexual
abuse accommodation syndrome.

If Jackie talks, she's responsible
for breaking up the family.

All right, besides the fact

that none of the evidence
implicates Tom Landricks,

just tell me why.

My guess is that he's
impotent, possibly infertile.

His family is the only area
where he has power.

Angie Landricks is running a
day care center from their home.

Captain, we've got to
get those kids out of there.

Then bring Angie in.

She sees her world
falling apart,

she just might tell us
what the hell's going on.


Jackie, Jackie, come on.

You can't do this. Please.
I have to call their parents.

We can take care of it.
I have to call Tom.

What have you done? Come
on. Come on. Come on.

Why are you
trying to hurt us?

I don't understand!

I'm sorry.

Detective Benson,
we've got a problem.

There's no record of these two in
the home. No names, no addresses.

What does Mrs. Landricks say?

Nothing I can repeat.

Can you tell me
who they are, over here?

That's Phillip
and that's Antoine.

Who's their mom?
Mom is.

Who's their real mom?

My mom is, stupid.
They're my brothers.

We checked birth records.
Phillip and Antoine are your kids.

I never said they weren't.

Well, who are the dads?

I don't know.

You don't know. Well, how does
your husband feel about that?

Him being so big
on family and all?

He wanted me
to have the kids.

He wanted you
to have the kids.

Sally was his last.
He can't have any more.

That's very sad.

So he just pulls men
off the streets,

and lets them
play inseminator?

Tom wanted more kids.
I wanted to keep him happy.

Well, how long are you gonna
go on keeping Tom happy?

I can't give him any more.

It was Phillip.
His birth went wrong.

I had to have a hysterectomy.

I can't have
any more children.

You can't have
any more children.

So what, Jackie's the next best thing?


You used your own daughter.

No. Those men did.
Randall and Eno.

They swear that they didn't.
But they're lying.

Either you let them
rape your daughter,

or your husband
took their semen

out of you
and did it himself.

That's disgusting. You're
disgusting! You are!

Your own child!

I want to talk to Tom.

We would never hurt
our children.

Never, we love them.

I want my husband.

Where are
you two going?

To talk to Jackie Landricks. Uh-uh.

Kid's not at Lait House. She's been
moved to Adams' Treatment Center.

What happened?
Some kind of breakdown.

Better talk to the doc.

Where are my children?

They've been removed
for their own safety.

You can't do this.
Where are they?

Mr. Landricks,
your children are safe,

you'll need to contact ACS.

Where's my wife?

She's answering
some questions.

And giving some answers.
You bastard, I trusted you.

And your kids trusted you.
Elliot, whoa, whoa!

Hey, hey,
come on, come on!

Come and sit down somewhere
quiet, Mr. Landricks,

and talk this thing over.

What's going on?

Regression in service
of the ego.

When the present
gets too frightening,

people try to escape
to a safer time.

Can she recover?

Children are
incredibly fragile.

And incredibly resilient.
Jackie could go either way.

She's playing with dolls. How
do you know she's not faking?

You don't.

Not until you talk to her.

Who, me?
No. No. No, no, no.

No, you're the shrink.

And you're the dad.

That's what she's looking for,
another father.

This is Cindy.
Isn't she pretty?

She's very pretty.

Do you like
playing with dolls?

Of course.

This is Cindy's friend, Bear.

He likes her very much,
don't you, Bear?

Why does he like her?

Because Cindy knows
what Bear wants.

And what do I want?

You want Cindy
to be nice to you.

And how are you
gonna be nice to me?

She'll make you feel good.

Do you want her to show you?

It's okay.
I know what to do.

Yeah? How do you
know what to do?

'Cause I've watched.

Who did you watch, Jackie?

My mom.

You watched her
with other men?

Is that what you want to do?

Daddy said I couldn't.

That's because
he is selfish.

He just wants to keep you
all for himself.

He loves me.

Sometimes, people say that they
love you, and they can do bad things.

No! He loves me!
He loves me!

He doesn't love you.
He doesn't love you.

Look what he's done to you.
He's using you.

He's using you.

Jackie, I know why you ran.
You're safe.

Talk to me.

He told me mom couldn't have a baby.

He said that
made him sad.

He asked me to
help him.

He wanted you to
have a baby?

I didn't want to.

But he said
I was old enough now

and that I had to.

For the family.

Okay. Okay.
Tell me what happened.

He took me to my bedroom.

He took off my clothes.

He told me to lie down
on the bed.

Then I saw
he had this syringe.

I tried to get away,

but he caught me.
He pinned me down.

Then I saw my mom.

I begged her
to make him stop,

but she wouldn't.

What did he do to you?

He pushed
the syringe into me.

He said, "Good girl. "

It's all right.

I'll make this
as painless as I can.

My client is ready
to plead guilty

to promoting prostitution.

You're trying to get him off
on a misdemeanor?

He tied down his own daughter
and tried to inseminate her.

Angie Landricks
denies it happened.

The forensic evidence proves
Tom Landricks didn't rape her.

And your search
of the apartment

turned up
absolutely nothing.

This is all a figment of a
disturbed child's imagination.

The forensics will confirm
Jackie's testimony,

that her father attempted
to impregnate her

using other men's semen.

Jackie was just transferred to
a psychiatric treatment facility.

You think a jury is
gonna buy her crazy story?

I think when a jury hears

that your client paid
strangers to screw his wife,

they're gonna believe
pretty much anything she says.

You put Jackie on the stand,

I'll be forced
to bring up her promiscuity,

her false accusations
of rape, her lies...

Take the deal, Alex.

I love my daughter.

She means everything to me. I
would never harm a hair on her head.

Shut up.

I'll see you in court.

Your honor,
I'm showing the witness

what has been marked as the
People's 967 in evidence.

These are photographs

of the night you were taken
to Saint Gregory's Hospital.

How did you get these bruises?


And how did the straps
cause them?

I was tied up.
Across here, and here.

Now, Jackie,
where were you tied up?

To a bed.

Whose bed?

What do you mean?

Was the bed
in your house, Jackie?

It might have been.

Who tied you
to the bed?

Who did this
to you, Jackie?

I don't know.

Is the man who tied you up
in this courtroom?

Jackie, please answer
the question.

Your Honor, why is counsel
badgering her own witness?

Miss Cabot,
do you wish to continue?

One moment,
Your Honor.

Jackie, do you recall
your grand jury testimony?

You said, "He made me
take off my clothes.

"I tried to get away, but he
caught me and he tied me down. "

Who was that man?

I was blindfolded.
I couldn't see him.

Do you remember
what you told the grand jury?

I said what you wanted
me to say.

I asked you
to tell me the truth.

I was scared.

That policeman told me
that my father was bad.

He told me to say that my
dad did bad things to me,

but dad wouldn't,
he just wouldn't.

So who did them?

I told you, I don't know.

No further questions,
Your Honor.

Just one question, Jackie.

Did your mom and dad
ever hurt you?


You heard Tom Landricks
is getting his family back?

It gets worse.
ACS just called.

Jackie's pregnant
and wants to keep the baby.

Daddy's turkey basting worked.

Well, what the hell happened
to the morning-after pill?

It's standard in rape cases.

By the time
we got to the hospital,

Jackie's parents
were already with her.

They must have
talked her out of it.

So the bastard gets away with
impregnating his daughter,

and gets to keep the kid.

And little Antoine and
Phillip are gonna be uncles.

How old
are Antoine and Phillip?

Four and two.

Wonder why he took so long.

To do what?

Well, Angie had her
hysterectomy two years ago.

If he wanted more kids, why wait two
years to use Jackie as a baby-farm?

What if he didn't wait?

What if he tried this
on someone else before?

Chelsea Doe?

The restraint patterns
are consistent.

Well, if we can't get him for
rape, go after him for murder.

You think Landricks is a murderer,
and not just a sick freak?

Since when did those two
exclude each other?

Randall rented a room
at the Landricks,

but Tom said that
he usually took in women.

What if one of them
was Chelsea Doe?

Munch, Fin,
canvas the neighbors.

See if there was a woman
living there,

around the time
Chelsea Doe was murdered.

Olivia, Elliot,
check with HRA,

missing persons, social
services, DMV, check bank records.

I'm going to introduce
the doc to Chelsea Doe.

The head
was removed post-mortem?

Yes, death by strangulation.

Which suggests
that it wasn't planned.

The murder was an act
of fear or rage.

A hand is easier
to cut off at the wrist,

but he takes off
the fingers.


The British
serial killer Fred West

collected bones. Fingers,
kneecaps, vertebrae.

But that increases
the risk of discovery.

And the feeling of power.

The victim may be dead,
but he still owns them.

Do you think Landricks
could've killed her?

Tom Landricks enjoys
violating the rights of others,

which is the mark
of an antisocial personality.

But he also exhibits
schizotypal features,

which provoke him
to act out his fantasies,

sometimes violent ones.

Look at these
restraint marks.

He keeps the arms
and the legs free

so that the victim
will fight,

making his dominance
more satisfying.

Yes, he could kill,

and grow to enjoy it.

Captain, DMV records show
that two-and-a-half years ago,

a 28-year-old
Karen Stenslin

gave the Landricks'
as her home address.

And? And there's been no movement

on her social security number

since Chelsea Doe's body
was found in the Hudson.

Where do her folks live?

Only living relative
is her grandmother.

Lives in Jersey.

What are you waiting for?

I'm afraid I haven't spoken
to Karen for a long time.

Is it important?

Well, actually, it is.

Do you have any idea how we
could get in touch with her?

Well, I'm afraid that
would be rather difficult.

You see, she moved to
Europe. She got a job there.

And how long ago was that?

Oh, well,
nearly two years now.

Now, I know that a telephone is expensive,

but I do wish
that she would call.

That postcard there

was the last time
I heard from her.

Manhattan postmark.
Check out the date.

Couple of weeks
before Chelsea Doe was found.

Karen's not in any trouble, is she?

This postcard doesn't
mention anything about Europe.

No. That nice man that
she lived with in New York,

he told me.

She was the nanny
for his children.

Is this Karen?

Yes, isn't she lovely?

She is lovely.
So is the bracelet.

It was her mother's.

She died when Karen
was very young.

Karen always wears it.

Hi, Sally. Hey, remember you gave this to me?

I want it back.

Where did you get it?
Where'd you get this?

It's mine.

You know,
it's so pretty, Sally.

I'd like to have
one like this.

Can you tell me
who gave it to you?

Sally, can you tell me
who gave this to you?

Nobody. I took it.
Where from?

Jackie's drawer.

Jackie, is that yours?

Whose is it?

It's Karen's.

What happened to Karen?

She went away.

And she gave that to you
before she left?

No. I found it.

Where, Jackie?

In Karen's room,

underneath her bed.

Which room is Karen's?


Used ground-probing radar
to locate the void.

Had to dig through two feet
of solid concrete.

I think I've got
a skull here.

It has to be Karen.

We went digging around your apartment, Tom,

and guess what we found.

Karen's head.

No, Karen's in London. She's got
a job there. This is a mistake.

This is a mistake, too? These
are Karen's fingers that we found

along with her head
in your basement.


There is no way that I would
hurt Karen. The kids loved her.

You are setting me up!

You put those terrible
things there.

Under two feet of concrete?

We know that it's Karen.

How, for God's sake?

Her mitochondrial DNA was an
identical match to the grandmother.

What are they talking about?
I didn't do anything.

You know something, I'm done
with this guy. Yeah, you did.

You tied her up.
You raped her.

You killed her.
You tried to hide her body.

Next time I see you, you're
gonna have a needle in your arm.

Keep denying it.

What happened, Tom?

Did she try to run away?

Threaten to call the police?

She tried to destroy us.

She said she'd have a baby,
then she backed down.

Mr. Landricks, you don't
have to go through this.

She said she'd tell.

She said she'd make them
take our kids away.

So you had to kill her.

I had to protect my family.

If there are no children,
the family dies.

What about Jackie?

She tried to run away.

Were you gonna kill her, too? No.

I'd never hurt Jackie.

Well, she's hurting now, Tom.

She's got a baby inside of her
that you put there.

Jackie loves me,
she knows that I love her.

And she'll do what's best
for the family.

How are they doing?


And you?

That's good.

I've been following
Dad's trial.

Well, that must be tough.

It's weird.

Like I'm watching somebody
I don't even know.

He's my dad.

He did all those horrible
things and he's my dad.

But you got away.

Yeah, I did.

I'm not gonna keep the baby.

It's what Dad would
have wanted, isn't it?

I'm not gonna do that anymore.