Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 3, Episode 21 - Denial - full transcript

A woman is raped at a party and the attacker is quickly caught but the detectives must still determine why the victim was carrying a finger from a long dead infant.

NARRATOR: In the criminal
justice system,

sexually based offenses
are considered
especially heinous,

In New York City,

the dedicated detectives
who investigate
these vicious felonies

are members
of an elite squad known
as the Special Victims Unit,

These are their stories,


Tina, wait a sec.
I'm out.

What do you want me to do?
You've done enough.

I can't believe
you're making this up.
I saw you, Malcolm.

You checked her out,
and then you got her number.

No, I didn't.
Empty your pockets.

Come on.

Hey, get out of here.

Sorry, man.

Malcolm, get out of the way.
You can get your coat Iater.

There was someone
on the bed. Now move!

MALCOLM: Dude went out
the window.

5'10" to 6', buck 90.

Between 30 and 40 years old,
dark brown hair, brown eyes.

Any distinguishing marks?

How'd you see all that?

You only had
a couple of seconds,
and it was dark.

We've been examining
eyewitness testimony
in mock court.

Most of the time
it's unreliable, and that's
why I wrote it all down.

You a Iaw student?
Third year, NYU.

You find him, I can ID him.

There's plenty of semen
and foreign hairs present.

She still out of it?
Tox screen
is positive for opiates.

There are needle marks
between her toes
and her upper thighs.

When can I talk to her?

In a while. I gave her some
Narcan to wake her up.

Detective, we have a problem
with the rape victim.

No ID?

No, we know who she is,
but I found something
in her purse.

What the hell is this?
A finger?

Does anybody know why
our rape victim was carrying
a human body part?

Fin's at the hospital
waiting to ask.

Name's CIaire Rinato,
a 29-year-old heroin addict.

She's unemployed.
She Iives across the river.

Well, we know what
she was doing in the city?

Probably scoring.

She was arrested Iast year
for drug possession
and resisting.

It was bumped to a
misdemeanor probation
and court-ordered rehab.

Yeah. Her maternal
grandmother, Rose Rinato,

paid her fines,
assumed responsibility for her
granddaughter's compliance.

Well, I guess the rehab
didn't take. We got any
Ieads on our rapist?

I put the witness
with a sketch artist.
She should be done soon.

I'II make sure Fin
shows it to the victim.
If we're Iucky, she knows him.

I want an update from Warner.

And a New Jersey
search warrant
for the rest of the body.

Detective Fin Tutuola.
I'm here to
take your statement.


Hospital has extras.
We had to keep your clothes
as evidence.

What kind of a name is Fin?
It's mine.

Remember anything
about your rape?


What time did you
get to the party?
Around 11:00.

Go alone?
Guy I know told me about it.

We were supposed to hook up,
but he never showed.

What's his name?
It's not important.

He your dealer? Hey, we know
you Iike the needle.

We found it in your blood,
so don't even waste a Iie
on me.

Anybody bother you?
Pay too much
unwanted attention?


I didn't notice.

Who'd you score from?

I knew it.

You ever think the guy
might have slipped something
in on you on purpose?

A guy at the party
offered a sample.
Said he Iived there.

Okay. Let's go check on him,
see what he has to say.

Lose something?

My purse.
Yeah. I got that.

Do you always carry
a human finger around
in your bag?

I found it on the street
Iast night. I put it in
a baggie for safekeeping.

It's official.
The finger's dead.

For how Iong?

The mid-PIP has
partial epidermis and some
mummified tissue intact.

Without the rest of the body
and the temperature conditions
of its Iocation,

I'd have to guess, say,
10 to 12 years.

There may not be a body
if the victim says that she
found that on the street.

No, she didn't.
There's no dirt
or signs of scavengers.

It didn't come from a
medical school or Iab because
there's no formalin present.

And the base of the finger
shows it was ripped
from the hand.

Then the body was stashed
somewhere that was protected.

Yes, and you need to find it
so I can tell you
how the baby died.

How young a child
are we Iooking for?

Caucasian between the ages
of 20 months and a Iittle
over two years.

You have access
to the common Iiving areas
and CIaire's room only.

You've been
through this before.

My granddaughter's having
a rough time trying to
reconnect with her mother.

Was CIaire visiting her

Over the weekend.
It didn't go well.

Is that why
she's using again?

Whenever she
visits her mother,
there's usually a fight.

Why don't they get along?
Grace thinks
CIaire is just willful.

If she really
wanted to quit drugs,
she would.

Where does Grace Iive?
AIphabet City.

How bad is it?

What did CIaire do?
She was raped.

I'm going out,
so this'II have to be quick.

Did your daughter stay here
in the Iast couple of days?

That was the plan,
but we got into it, so she
decided to go elsewhere.

What'd you fight about?

Her complete Iack of control,
the company she keeps,
same old, same old.

What'd she do this time?
Your daughter
was recently raped.

Well, if CIaire was high,
then it's her own fault.

She was asking for it.

No one asks to be raped.

So if my cub
didn't do anything,
why are you here?

We've discovered
a child's decomposing finger
in her purse.

Any ideas where she got it?

A finger?

Did you ask CIaire?
She says she found it.

(SCOFFS) Strange as it seems,
she probably did,
knowing the company she keeps.

Is your daughter in the habit
of carrying around
human body parts?

Who can know with CIaire?

She's had so many problems
for so Iong,
it's hard to tell.

She's been in and out
of trouble,

she spent a year in juvenile,
she's tried every drug
they make.

I'm not surprised by anything
she does anymore.

FIN: Mr. Harding.

Here's the hump
that threw the party.

Is he the guy
that slipped you the sample?

You the detective that called?

What's going on?
Looking for a rapist.

I already told the cops
I didn't do it.

And when I catch the bastard
that did, what do you think
he's gonna tell me?

What's up, fellows?
OFFICER: Captain told us
to swing this by.

Come here.

You recognize him?
That's the guy with the tar.

Yeah. I saw him.
What's his name?

I don't know,
but he came with a waitress.

Name's Bella,
she works at the diner
a couple blocks away.

I need to ask about
a friend of yours, Bella.

You went to a party
Iast night, is that right?
What's his name?

He couldn't have
done anything.
He was with me.

He Ieave your side
for more than 10 minutes?

Yeah. We weren't
attached at the hip,
and it was a party.

He Ieave with you?

He said he had to
meet a client.

A woman was raped
at that party, and I
need to know his name.

Arthur Felton. He's a
car broker. At Ieast
that's what he told me.

He comes in here,
flirts with me. I thought
he was a nice guy.


Sweet ride.

Artie Felton.
Knew you'd Iike her.

Hey, Iet's take her
for a spin.
Tell me what you think.

Detective Odafin Tutuola.
What the hell's going on?

You have the right
to remain silent.

Anything you say can and will
be used against you
in a court of Iaw.

Felton processed?

On his way to the Tombs,
and his blood's at the Iab.

Good job.
I wish they were
all that easy.

The Iineup must
have been solid.

Well, the witness
did everything
but wrap him in a bow.

Sorry to blow your high,
but the DNA on the finger
came back a match.

To who?
Our rape victim,
CIaire Rinato.

I thought you caught
the guy who raped me.

We did.

We want to talk to you
about the finger
you've been carrying.

I've already
explained that to Fin.

You got any kids?
I wouldn't bring
a child into this world.

So you've never been pregnant?
How is that
any of your business?

We ran a DNA test on the bone.

It belongs to your
blood relative. Who?

CIaire, she and I
can be very patient.

You think you can Iast all day
with that knot churning
in your stomach?

Her name's Lisa.
She was my sister.

What happened to her?
I was 13 when she was born.

I took care of her.

I got her
ready in the morning,
dropped her at the sitter,

went to school, picked her up.

I fed her, gave her a bath,
did my homework,

sang songs to her,
taught her not to cry,
to never, ever cry.

And if she did?
My mother would hit her.

Crying drives her crazy.

How did your sister die?

I had to stay after school.

I called the sitter, asked her
if she could keep Lisa
till I could pick her up,

but she was busy.

So what happened
when you got home?

She was dead when I got there.

She probably cried for me
and Grace just snapped.

What did your mother tell you?
That it was an accident.

Lisa fell and hit her head.
I knew she was Iying.

CIaire, where's the body?

Grace stuck her in
an old trunk and put it
in the bedroom closet.

Why are you bothering me
at work? You could've
made an appointment.

God, how am I gonna
explain this to my supervisor?

Tell him the truth.
Which is?

We're investigating
a homicide.

Did something happen
to CIaire?

No. Your daughter's
at our precinct.

Did you have a child in 1986?
Why are you asking?

CIaire said that she had
a baby sister whose body
is stuffed in your closet.

And you believe that?
Why shouldn't we?

Because it's ridiculous.

Did you have another baby
after CIaire was born?

I've only had two children,

One, a son who died
a Iong time ago,

and two, CIaire,
who's slowly killing herself.

Why would your daughter
Iie to us?
To get back at me.

Well, we certainly don't
mean to make the situation
between you two any worse,

but we have to check
these things out.

I guess.
We could always
search your home.

That would satisfy us
and CIaire. Maybe even
get her to face her problems.

I'm sorry, but I can't
allow you to invade my privacy

just because my daughter
told you a fairy tale.

Even if it might convince
your troubled daughter
to get some help?

If you had Iived
with CIaire's problems
as Iong as I have,

you would know
when to throw in the towel.

I need to get back to work.

We done here?
You got someplace to go?

I'm tired.

Well, we got some cots
back at the station.

No, thanks.
I'd Iike to go home.

Well, we need you to hang
around the city for another
day while we sort things out.

Fine. I'II be
at the Lydia Hotel in midtown.
You can find me there.

That's a junkie whore hotel.
They charge by the hour.

You're just Iooking to score.

I need to nod, or are you
offering to cop for me?

You don't scare me.
Not sporting
that retro ponytail.

You Iook Iike a pimp.

AII you need
is a feathered hat
and a crushed-velvet suit.


Stop it.
Just waiting on you
to turn it off.

You're hurting, so Iash out.

Say when, I'II try
to get you some help.

Next you're gonna tell me
you understand my pain.

No, not me. I didn't see
my sister stuffed into a box

and stored in the closet
Iike an old pair of shoes.

So you could cut me
some slack here.

Maybe can the Iecture
and Ieave me alone.

You Iike what you've become?
You Iike being a junkie,


Why no needle marks
for anybody to see? You stick
the needle between your toes.

Let go.

Why hide it
if you're so proud of it,
if you Iike it so damn much?

It's the only time
I feel good about myself,

I can't see her face anymore,

except when I'm high.

How'd you make out
with CIaire?
Who knows?

She's got more demons
than most.

No wonder,
with a mother Iike that.

FIN: You Iean on her?

We asked nicely
to sweep and search,
Grace still refused.

But we've got an RMP close by
just in case she decides to do
a Iittle spring cleaning.

That doesn't mean anything.

Fin, I gotta tell you,
your attitude baffles me.

You either believe
CIaire's story or you don't.

Living with an addict's
a special kind of hell,
Ioving one's even worse.

I Iearned a Iong time ago
not to believe
most of the things they say.

Grace Rinato has agreed
to Iet the police
search her house.

She say when?

Tomorrow afternoon
when she gets home from work.

So go sit on her
in case she dumps it.

What is she waiting for?
Dead of night.

That smells good.
It is good. You want some?

I can't. Coffee runs
right through me.

We're wasting our time,
The ho's probably asleep,

Well, I hope not
since I don't want to be
sitting here all night.

That's easy to do
in a nice warm car.

In another 10 minutes,
you're gonna have to
park your ass out here.

Okay. It's a go.
She's on the move.

FIN: She's on the street,

As soon as she drops it, check
the bag. You give us the all
clear, we'II pick her up.

She chucked it.

Take her.
I'II call the morgue, get CSU.

Grace Rinato,
you're under arrest
for the murder of Lisa Rinato.

Hey, I didn't kill anybody.
You have the right
to remain silent.

Anything you say
can and will be used
against you in a court of Iaw.

You don't understand.
I had to get rid of it.

I couldn't Iet anything else
happen to CIaire.

You have the right
to an attorney.

If you cannot afford one,
one will be appointed to you.

PIease don't do this,
or my daughter'II go to jail.

It was an accident.

CIaire killed her baby sister
14 years ago.

You almost done
with the bones?

We're just degreasing
the Iast batch
with soapy water.

Wasn't a Iot of tissue Ieft,
so it didn't take Iong.

Dr. Phillip Devere,
he's our consulting
forensic anthropologist.

Fin. Thought you only used
facial recreations
to ID a body.

Well, there are no photos
of the victim, and you need
visuals for trial.

And it'II help connect
the jury with the Iittle girl.
I'II show you.

Now, it used to take a few
days working with modeling
clay to sculpt a face.

But now, with this
new computer software,
it just takes a few hours.

AII right now,
I'm guessing at the eye color
and the flesh tone,

but at Ieast most of
her hair was still intact.

Am I too early
for cause of death?

For a written report, yes.
For my findings, no.

AII right, now, she has
a compound fracture of the
Ieft scapula. It's shattered.

WARNER: Pay close attention
to the fracture pattern
of the ribs.

Most are cracked
and broken, perimortem.

The trauma is ventral
to dorsal,

in other words,
the blows Ianded
front to back.

Which means
she was kicked to death.

More Iike she was
Iying on her back
when the attack started

and turned defensively
on her right side.

This kind of damage,
she was stomped.

Can I smoke?
Maybe Iater.

I don't have any cigarettes.
I don't have my purse.

You said that CIaire
killed Lisa accidentally.
What happened?

CIaire had only been Iiving
with me for a couple months
when I got pregnant again.

So where's the baby's father?

We were a family for a while
until CIaire ran him off.

She was in and out of trouble,
and he couldn't take any more.

He didn't have to
since she wasn't his.

Where's CIaire's father?
Who knows?

Why wasn't Lisa born
in a hospital?

Because I wanted a home birth.
It's more natural.

Everything went fine.
Lisa was a healthy baby girl.

Right up until
you beat her to death.
CIaire did that.

She was always jealous
of Lisa. I doted on my baby
and CIaire hated that.

She used to
fly into these rages.
Jeez, I couldn't control her.

Fights at school, suspensions,
cops always at my door.

That girl was trouble
from the minute she was born.

What happened
the day Lisa died?

I contacted her father.

Thought it would
be good for Lisa
to have a relationship.

God knows,
girls need their dads.

We agreed
to work something out,
and CIaire overheard me,

started asking questions
about her own sperm donor.

AII right.
What did you tell her?

The truth.

That I've been with a Iot
of guys, and I didn't really
know who he was.

I thought she could
handle that.
So how did she react?

She seemed okay,
but the rage came Iater.

Where were you
when CIaire beat your
daughter to death?


That's funny,
'cause CIaire said that
she was out, too.

Not Iikely, since she was
babysitting Lisa.

STABLER: Out on a date?


Okay, so I was in a bar
getting fixed up. Men
considered me very attractive.

They still do.

If you didn't trust CIaire
with Lisa, why would you
Ieave them alone together?

I didn't think she'd kill her.
Look, I'm not proud of myself.

When I got home
my baby was dead,
and CIaire was a wreck.

She said it was an accident.
She was always sorry
after her rages.

She needed help then,
and obviously
she needs it now.

So you stuffed the remains
of your youngest child
in a trunk to protect CIaire?

Why not get her help then,
when you knew she needed it?

I did help her!
Her secret was safe
with me for 14 years.

Is that why you didn't
dump the body before?

Well, I couldn't risk
anyone finding it
and tracing it back to CIaire.

With her juvenile record,
she would've gone
straight to prison.

Look, I'd already
failed her enough.

She's my daughter.
What else could I do?

Well, that's textbook
hump behavior.

Deny everything
and stick it
to the other guy.

I've got enough
to put Grace Rinato
away for murder.

She Iied to the police
and she dumped the remains.

Possession's being
nine-tenths and all.

sticking in your craw?

Both suspects have an agenda.
Neither one of them
is exactly trustworthy.

We should do
a thorough background check
and find out who's Iying.

Well, Iet's just check
into Grace's statement,

Iook into CIaire's records
from her school,
juvenile facility.

We'II pull up the old 61s,
see if she's as much trouble
as her mother claims.

Well, it's up to you, AIex.

Do you want to vacate the
charges against Grace while we
try to nail her to the wall?

Not a chance. I've got enough
to go to trial.
Anything else is just gravy.

"Docket number 624353,
People v, Grace Rinato,

"Two counts of Murder
in the Second Degree, Intent
and Depraved Indifference.

"One count
Hindering Prosecution.

"One count Tampering
with Physical Evidence"'

How do you plead?
Not guilty.

Remand, Your Honor.
That's ridiculous.

My client has permanent
residence. She's gainfully
employed by the state.

She's not going anywhere.

CABOT: The defendant
committed murder.

She willfully and maliciously
beat a two-and-a-half-year-old
child to death

and then callously dumped
the remains in a bedroom
closet to avoid justice.

Do you propose
to try your case right here,
Miss Cabot?

No. I'm merely using rhetoric
to make my point.

One of your
more endearing qualities.

There seems to be
some error here.

There is only one defendant.
There should be two.

I don't understand.

Your entire case rests upon
the word of the victim's
drug-addicted sister,

who I don't see
on my docket. Why is that?

The People aren't charging her
with Lisa Rinato's death.

Is there any corroboration?

My client acted
to prevent her daughter,

from being charged
with murder.

The defendant
had possession of the body.

If that's your only argument,
CIaire Rinato was also
in possession of body parts.

Well, if that's true,
then it stands to reason

that you would
charge CIaire Rinato
as a co-conspirator.

So I expect you to
bring charges before
the close of business today.

With all due respect,
Your Honor, you don't have
the right or the authority

to tell the District
Attorney's Office who or when
to Ievel charges against.

Step back.

The People
have requested remand.

Well, you're not gonna get it.

CABOT: Objection.

Your Honor, I must object.
Since you've rebuked me
for manipulating

the Iaw to my own advantage,
your ruling seems

That's enough.

One more word out of you
and you will be enjoying
my hospitality.

Ma'am, I urge you
to reconsider or you will
force me to file a grievance.

You're in contempt. Bailiff.


Lewin is making nice
with the judge
to get you out of here,

so be prepared
for that ass-chewing
phone call.

I'm not going anywhere.
Petrovsky crossed a Iine.

I want to get her censured
or thrown off the bench.

At Ieast you're not dull,
I'II say that for you.

Forget her, AIex.
She'II bury you.

I need your support, Liz.
For what?
So you can start a war?

You file a judiciary
grievance against her,

and every judge we face
will take it personally.

So what, she gets
to push us around?

She's not pushing us around,
she's pushing you.

AII the more reason
not to bait her.
How am I baiting her?

By refusing
to prosecute someone
I don't think is guilty?

I won't do it,
and she can't force me to.
But I can.

And I wouldn't be so quick
to pronounce

CIaire Rinato innocent
without all the facts.

SVU detectives found
that CIaire was prone
to uncontrollable rages.

It's all well-documented
by the school
and juvenile detention.

She attacked kids and had a
nasty habit of kicking them
while they were down.

Are you ordering me
to file charges?
No. I already did it for you.

Thirty-four hours,
22 minutes and still clean.

I'm dying,
just Iike my plants.
Gotta Iock you up, CIaire.

You Iied.

About what?

About flying into rages
and attacking people.

You there when
your sister was killed?

I couldn't stop it.
It was already too Iate.

I gotta take you in, CIaire.

What's happening?
Stay out of it, Nana.
Let him do his job.

She's gonna be booked
and sent to the Tombs.

Arraignment'II be
day after tomorrow. Bail
will be set around $300,000.

You'II need 10%.
Can you get that?

Miss Cabot.
My granddaughter
did not kill her sister.

With all due respect,
Mrs. Rinato, you didn't
even know she had one.

I was ill. It took me a Iong
time to recover. But I
raised CIaire. I know her.

You raised Grace as well.
Are you saying
she's capable of murder?

Mrs. Rinato, you need to see
the clerk just down the hall
to post CIaire's bail.

What's really going on here is
a young woman is paying
for your inability

to play well with others.

If nothing else,
you should recuse yourself.
Not gonna happen.

Your client was present
during the crime,

and she does have a history
of violent behavior.

Then charge her as a minor.
She was only 15 at the time.

I'm sorry,
but my hands are tied.

Maybe a different judge
can untie them for you.

You've got five minutes.
I'm all ears.

My client is running Iate,
Your Honor.

My docket is full.
Define "Iate"'

I can't.

Was the defendant made aware
that the motion hearing
was scheduled for today?

A motion that you filed
on her behalf
to try her as a minor.

Yes, sir.

Did the People send notice?
We did.

Then where is she?
I don't know.

When was the Iast time
you actually spoke
with your client?

Your Honor, if there are
no objections, I would
be willing to reschedule.

A generous offer, Miss Cabot,
but totally unnecessary

since I'm issuing
a bench warrant for the
defendant's arrest right now.

You wanna tell me why
a bench warrant goes
city-wide for CIaire Rinato,

and you couldn't
pick up the phone?
There wasn't enough time.

The judge issued the warrant
when she didn't
show up for court.

If you hadn't charged her
in the first place,
she wouldn't be in this mess.

That wasn't my call.

CIaire Iied to us. I can't
ignore that. I don't think
you should, either.

Can you buy me some time?
Why, do you know where she is?

I'm guessing this skank hotel
in midtown she Iikes.

She came in a while ago
and hasn't Ieft
since I've been on.


Damn it!

Yeah, this is
Detective Tutuola,
badge number 43198.

I need a bus at the
Lydia Hotel, midtown, Room
419, got a heroin overdose.

Come on. Don't do this.
Come on.

Damn you, CIaire.

Trying to take
the easy way out?

And if I was?

Then it's too bad
I got there in time.

I really didn't mean
to overdo it, really.
That's what all junkies say.

You've done your good deed.
Now you can go.

Maybe you don't get it.

You're in serious trouble.
You don't pay attention,
you're going to prison.

Are you still here?

I really can't believe,
you know, I almost bought it.

How you took care
of your sister and Ioved her.

Damn girl, you're better
than the soaps.

You have no idea what it feels
Iike to have a mother that
doesn't give a damn about you.

Violin's gonna
start any minute.
Screw you.

Lisa was all I had.

Oh, she was actually happy
to see me come
through the door.

Unconditional Iove is a rush.

Give it to me straight.
You kill her?


But I couldn't protect her.

Grace was too strong.

She told me

that if I didn't keep
my mouth shut,

I was next.

You tell anybody?

I called my grandmother
the first time I was alone.

But she was recovering
from another stroke

and I guess
she didn't believe me.

Well, if that's
how it went down,
then it wasn't your fault.

That Iittle girl
trusted me to keep her safe.

How is it not my fault?

CIaire's on her way back to
the Tombs. Is there anything
we can do to help her?

No, she's going to prison.

With her history of violent
rages, the jury's going
to believe that she is guilty.

That's what you're going with?
She did it 'cause
you can sell it?

I'm not railroading her.

You just need a win
to get the boss
out of your ass.

You seem to have done a 180
all of a sudden.

Excuse me?

If CIaire killed her sister,
she wouldn't have taken the
finger after all those years.

Well, I might
be able to sell that

if she had turned her mother
in or asked for help
or told someone.

She did tell somebody.
She told Grandma.

Grace had three kids.
Two are dead. Now I don't
Iike those odds, do you?

Maybe it's time to ask Rose
the hard questions.

And dig up the infant's body.

Just so you know, if you're
Iooking for a miracle,
you'd better start praying.

The death certificate says
crib death. I'm just hoping
they missed something.

SIDS-related death
is an exclusionary
pathological finding.

So if a kid croaks
and the ME can't
find another reason,

it's Sudden Infant Death.

We call that idiopathic
when there's no clear
medical explanation.

Everyone experiences
sleep apnea.

You stop breathing
during the night,

but usually the body knows
when to start up again.

SIDS babies don't know
when to breathe,
and we don't know why.

What if our suspect
smothered the kid
with a pillow?

I'd check the eyes,
but at 30 years plus,
I probably can't tell you.

Don't give up yet.
Just giving you the Iong odds.

While I was recuperating,
I didn't speak to CIaire.

She'd upset me
wanting to come
Iive with me again.

And I barely spoke
to her mother.

I could never get
a straight answer.
Straight answer about what?

How CIaire was adjusting
to Iife with her. I'm only
here to vouch for CIaire.

You don't Iike Grace.

She's my daughter,
Detective. I Iove her.

It's not her fault
she's Iike she is.

She's had problems
from the day her father Ieft.

So CIaire didn't fit in
with her Iifestyle.

The situation
required an adjustment
for both of them.

But I was concerned
because Grace isn't patient.

Is that what happened with
the first baby? Was her Iack
of patience the issue?

What are you getting at,

What happened
the night he died?

We went to sleep as usual.

I got up
in the middle of the night
to check on Anthony.

The crib was in Grace's room.

When I got there,
he was already blue.

Why did you check on him?

Grace was a young mother.
She didn't know anything.

Stands to reason
I would help her
with the baby.

Yes, but the baby
was two months old
when it died.

Why didn't she have
a handle on it by then?

He was colicky.
Cried all the time.

Nothing worked.
We spent our nights
walking him.

We were told that your
daughter can't stand crying,
that it makes her crazy.

Excuse me, how is this
going to help CIaire?

Ma'am, no one can help
your granddaughter.
She's going to prison.

Why? She didn't do it.
You have to believe that.

AII a jury has to hear
is that CIaire's violent, and
she's doing 25-to-Iife, easy.


Fin just called.
Warner can't find a thing
to support infanticide.

The hyoid wasn't broken?
That'd be too easy.

She probably smothered him
with a blanket.
I'm out of suggestions.

Let Mrs. Rinato
talk to Grace in Rikers.

We don't have evidence.
We're gonna need a confession.

I think Rose is ready
to fall on her sword.

If the purpose
of this Iittle gathering
is a digging expedition,

we can stop right here.
It's a separate issue.

We are within our rights
to interrogate
a homicide suspect.

You can do that on cross,

I can't cross-examine
your client

for something she hasn't
been charged with yet.

BARBOUR: Excuse me?

Let's talk about
Anthony Rinato.

What about him?
Stop. Who's Anthony?

STABLER: Another dead child.

We exhumed his body, Grace.
You can't do that.

Can they just do that?
Can they just dig up
my son Iike that?

They need a court order
or permission
from a family member.



I can't Iet you do it, Grace.


You sold me out, didn't you?
Should've done it Iong ago.

Oh, you promised me, Mama.

You swore when Daddy Ieft
you'd Iook after me.

Since you were the one
that drove him away.

That man was a Iousy husband
and horrible father.

I don't know why he never
kept in touch with you.

Maybe he saw
something ugly in you,

something I couldn't face
until now.

No. That's not true.
He Ioved me!

It was your fault. You
kept him from me. You're just
bitter 'cause he dumped you.

Grace, I'm tired of the guilt.

I'm tired of cleaning up
your mess. I'm tired of you.

You suck the Iife out of
everything you touch,

but you won't get CIaire.

What the hell's
so special about her?

She never killed anyone,

She never covered
her son's face
to stop his crying

and watched him
struggle for his Iast breath.

I didn't kill him, you did.

If you had taken him for
just one night, but, no, you
had to teach me a Iesson.

You wanted that baby,
you were damn well
gonna take care of him.

He was your responsibility.
I never wanted him.

Kids are the price you pay
for being with a man who'II
just dump you in the end.

Isn't that what you said
when Daddy Ieft?

Whose idea was it
to put him in that crib
and wait to call the doctor?

Hers. Isn't
my mother brilliant?

I did that to protect you.

I wasn't the best mother.
You needed so much.

I just could never
fill that hole in you.

But you jumped through
hoops for CIaire.

You thought she was
your second chance
to get it right.

Well, she's a junkie, Ma,
so you still screwed up.

It's not me, it's you!

Deep down, I knew
you'd kill again.

The only reason CIaire's alive
is that I took her from you.

Wish I could've
done the same for Lisa.

I never should've
covered for you.

Who are you kidding, Ma?

You covered it up for yourself
so the neighbors
wouldn't gossip.

I know that, Grace.
I Iive with it every day.

Do you have what you need?

I'II drop the charges
against your granddaughter
as soon as we're done here.

BARBOUR: What are you
offering, Counselor?

CABOT: Nothing,
going for the maximum.


You're under arrest
for obstruction of justice in
the murder of Anthony Rinato.

Do we have to use the cuffs?

I'm responsible for the deaths
of two innocent children,

I think handcuffs
are appropriate.




How's my grandmother?
She's holding her own.

You won't be able
to see her till tomorrow.

What's that?
Your Iast excuse
for not going to rehab.


No more Iame-ass whining
about how you gotta get high

to remember what your
sister Iooked Iike.

I would hug you,

but I can tell you don't
Iike to be touched.

This is a good place to go
to start getting clean.

A friend of mine runs it,
and I told him to expect you.


Don't make me have to
come run your ass down,