Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 3, Episode 17 - Surveillance - full transcript

Cellist Cassie Germaine is attacked in her apartment. Benson & Stabler's investigation leads to discovery of hidden cameras streaming Cassie's home activities to a web site with only one discovered visitor, and a shrine.

NARRATOR: In the criminal
justice system,

sexually based offenses
are considered
especially heinous,

In New York City,

the dedicated detectives
who investigate
these vicious felonies

are members
of an elite squad known
as the Special Victims Unit,

These are their stories,

You sure you won't come up?

I've got an early session

And after Iast
night, I better get some rest.

Good night.
Good night.

OFFICER: Name's Cassie
Germaine, a cellist with
the Manhattan Symphony.

Boyfriend dropped her off
after a date. Perp jumped
her as she came in.

Tore her dress off.
Looks Iike he raped her.

Any witnesses?

Who called it in?

The alarm was triggered
when she didn't
key in the code.

Where is she now?

Guy did a number on her.

I blacked out. When I woke up,
my head was bleeding

and he shredded my clothes
and cut my hair.

Did he say anything?


Mind if I show them?

I got to get her
to the hospital.

I'II ride along.

I got something here.

What's that?

See the Iens?

STABLER: That's a camera.

It's a micro-mini.
Found it in the debris.

Somebody watched
the whole thing?

Still watching.

See, it's wired into the Iamp.
Drawing juice off
the apartment electrical.

Find any more cameras?

Not yet.

What's that gizmo?

It's an RF scanner.

Each camera transmits
on its own assigned frequency.

I'm picking something up here.
Hold this for me.

That's a good angle
for you, Morales.

What have you got?

Focused on the bed.

I've got hangnails
bigger than this thing.

FIN: Found another one.

Bird's-eye view
of the toilet and shower.

How many is that?

Four so far.
One in the Iiving room,
two in the bedroom, and this.

We've got ourselves
a high-tech peeping Tom.

Where's he peeping from?

Hard to say.
These cameras
use wireless transmitters.

With no hard Iine to trace,
he could be next door
or on the next block.

What kind of range
we talking about?

150, 300 yards,
depending on signal strength.

Well, that narrows our search
to a couple of thousand
apartments and offices.

Excuse me. They told me
you were all set in here.

I'm done.

You're free to go.

Thanks, Doc.

You ready to go home?


My boyfriend grabbed
a few things for me to wear.

You get the results
of the rape kit yet?

The swabs were negative
for seminal fluid,

no vaginal Iacerations,
but that's not unusual.

So was I raped?

Don't know that for sure yet.

But the fact that he cut
your hair and your clothes,
wrote on your body,

does tell us that it was
a sexually-motivated assault.

can you think of anybody
that might want to hurt you?


Do you remember anything?
A voice? A smell?
Color of his shoes?

No. It all happened so fast.
I didn't see or hear anything.

Who else has the keys
to your apartment?

Nobody. Why?

We found cameras
hidden in your Iiving room,

your bedroom and your bath.

Somebody's been watching me?

How Iong?

We're not sure yet.

Is it the same guy
that attacked me?

It could be. That's what
we're trying to find out.

But I promise you,
we have swept
your entire apartment.

We found all of the cameras...
Where's my boyfriend?

He's outside.
He's waiting to take you home.

I don't think
it'II ever be Iike home again.

You go straight home?

Wait a minute. You don't think
I did this, do you?

Because whoever hid those
cameras was spying on me, too.

Look. You know,
I'm just trying to get
a handle on what happened.

How about friends
and co-workers?

She mention
any problems with them?

Yes. Only one.

Robert Prescott,
our conductor.

He's been after her
since she joined the symphony.

And when was that?

About six months ago.

Cassie said she set him
straight, but I'm not so sure.

Yeah? Why?

Because Prescott has a hard
time taking no for an answer.

You can ask Valerie Baxter.

I will. Who is she?

The violinist he was involved
with Iast season.

Rumor is he was abusive.

And what does this have to do
with Cassie?

Because about a month
after Valerie Ieft,
Prescott hired Cassie

and turned her into
his Iittle pet project.

Even went so far as to set her
up in Valerie's old apartment.

He set her up?

The bastard owns the place.

AII that rage
and he didn't rape her?

Maybe he didn't
have the chance.

Unis were there five minutes
after the security company
reported the alarm.

How's the boyfriend Iook?

Checked him out.
He was in a cab
during the attack.

And the conductor?

Well, according
to the building manager,

Cassie's apartment is owned
by Maestro Productions,

AKA, Robert Prescott.

And the previous tenant
was a violinist
he was involved with.

She moved out
when the relationship
allegedly turned abusive.

Think the cameras were there
when Cassie moved in?

Prescott had ample opportunity
to plant them.

Any history between
him and Cassie?

Boyfriend says Prescott's
been chasing her for months.

Maybe he got tired
of being a couch potato.

Maybe he hired someone
to spice up his Iittle show.

Either way, this guy meant
to humiliate her.

He wrote "whore"
across her chest,
Iopped off all her hair.

And took a fistful with him
to relive the moment.

What did Prescott have to say?

Nothing yet. Secretary
says that he ducked out
early this morning

to Iook at investment
property upstate.

How convenient.

Won't be back
until Iate tonight.

Well, where does a guy
get this video hardware?

The Iab tracked
the serial numbers
to a shop on 35th and Third

called Quark International.

Everything for the novice spy
under one roof.

Just Iocated his
ex-girlfriend, Valerie Baxter.

New York School of Music.

Talk to her. She might be
able to fill in some details
until Prescott gets back.

He said I have a gift, but I
needed to Iearn discipline.

So he took you under his wing.

We'd work Iate together,
into the night.

He'd drill me
until my fingers bled.

Sounds demanding.

He was. But it worked.

I was feeling the music
on a deeper Ievel
than I ever thought possible.

When did the relationship
turn sexual?

About a month after we started
private sessions.

He made me feel special,
that I could become
a concert violinist.

We hear that he was abusive.

Not until I told him
I wanted out.

STABLER: What happened?

One night, after he'd fallen
asleep, I went to the closet
for an extra blanket.

I found a video camera
aimed through a hole
in the wall.

The red Iight
was still blinking.

On the shelf,
there was a row of tapes
with women's names.

I was just another chapter
in his tape collection.

So how did he react
when you ended it?

He turned vicious.

He berated me,
and threatened me.

I couldn't pick up
my violin without shaking.

We carry a full Iine
of surveillance
and security technology

for the discerning
and private citizen.

Five hundred channels
and this is the crap
they put on?

Guess where the camera is.

I give up.

CT 30-59.
It's got a half-inch CCD chip,
auto-iris Iens,

and, with no front
element exposure,
it's virtually undetectable.

What about this?

A TRX-40 Iistening device
with digital recorder
and telephone interface.

This stuff's Iegal?

Absolutely. Since 9/11,
it's been flying off
the shelves.

Into whose hot Iittle hands
did these gems fly?

Three CT 30-10s,

and a Spymaster-4 receiver.
That's some serious equipment.

FIN: How serious?
Couple thou.

MUNCH: Cash or credit?

Good old American plastic.

The equipment was ordered
online and charged to a credit
card issued Iast month

to Mr. Herman Garfunkle
in Queens.

Imagine our surprise
when the Iovely Mrs. Garfunkle
told us

that her dearly departed died
three years ago
from a heart attack.

Well, who took delivery?

A PO box at U-Mail-It,
63rd and Broadway.

Paid for with Garfunkle's
credit card.

Within walking distance
to Cassie's apartment.

And Prescott's penthouse,
two blocks from there.

Within transmission range
of the cameras.

We need to get inside
his penthouse.

We don't have enough
for a warrant.

What about Valerie's

He videotaped her
without her consent.

It's not a crime if she
willingly engaged in those
activities while in his house.

She didn't have a reasonable
expectation of privacy?

The issue isn't
the government's intrusion
into our right to privacy,

it's the right of a private
citizen to keep the government
out of his bedroom,

and the courts still view that
as sacrosanct.

We're not talking about
his bedroom.

If he planted those cameras
in Cassie's apartment,

it's as good as
breaking and entering.

Not necessarily. He owns
the apartment.

He has certain rights
to entry.

AIex, we are talking about
a predator who's using
his position

to extract sexual favors
and terrorize women.

What if we found those cameras
in your bathroom?

He may have taped the attack.

We need a Iegitimate reason
to search his apartment.

Okay. But you have to Iimit
the warrant to the receiver

and any videos
or video equipment.

EIIiot. Camera's aimed
right at the bed.

Maestro's been very busy.

Here's Valerie's performance.

Cassie's peepshow
can be any one of those.

When's Prescott due back?

Secretary said tomorrow

Looks Iike we have
a Iong night ahead of us.

When Valerie said a row
of tapes, I had no idea
she meant three dozen.

I've totally Iost count.
Where are we?

Tape number nine.
No, number ten.

He really seems to favor
that one position there.

At Ieast he's consistent.

"Boring" is the word
I think you're Iooking for.

FIN: Wait till you see this.

BENSON: What you got?
More romping around?

Will you Iook at that?

BENSON: It's Cassie.

MUNCH: In the flesh.

Time code says
this was recorded Iast month.

Apparently, our victim's been
keeping a few secrets.

Why didn't she tell us?

Maybe she was embarrassed.

FIN: Or afraid to.

I guess the maestro
wants her to know who's boss.

Let's just get them
both in here. Different times,
different rooms.

Find out what the hell's
going on.

BENSON: It's time to start
telling the truth, Cassie.

I told you the truth. I don't
remember anything else.

We're talking about
you and Prescott.

We found a videotape
of you two.


In his bedroom.

Why didn't you tell us?

He threatened
to ruin my career.

I think we need to start
at the beginning.

I met Robert
about eight months ago
at the Casals Competition.

When I won, he offered
to bring me to New York.

Was sex part of the deal?


He placed me with
the best instructors.

He introduced me
to all the right people.

He even set up my debut.

Whenever I needed him,
he was there.

I guess I fell in Iove.

When did the relationship
turn sour?

One night, I stopped by
his apartment to surprise him
with a birthday gift.

He was in bed
with another woman.

I told him it was over,
that I was quitting
the orchestra.

Wasn't about to
Iet that happen.

He said he'd
invested too much in me
and then he showed me the tape

and threatened to show it to
all his friends in
the business if I didn't stay.

I said I'd press charges
and he said, "Go ahead."

It would be his word
against mine.

How Iong ago was this?

A Iittle over a month.

Has he threatened you since?

Not exactly.

What exactly does
"not exactly" mean?

I've been getting phone calls
and flowers.

Yeah? What kind of flowers?
What's that?

After every concert,
I come home and they're
waiting for me at my door.

AII the card ever says is,
"AII my Iove, Me."

And the phone calls?

The minute
I walk into my apartment,
my phone starts ringing.

When I answer, he hangs up.

I thought it was Robert
trying to intimidate me.

Cassie, how do you think
he knows when to call?

He's watching me
with those cameras.

I know he's cruel. I never
thought that he'd hurt me.

Do you remember
the name of the florist?



Prescott's here
with his Iawyer.

Okay. We'II take him
in Interrogation.

You and Munch,
can you give Cassie
a Iift back to rehearsal?

No problem.

That's quite
a video collection you've got,
Mr. Prescott.

Private acts between
consenting adults.

They consent
to being taped?

Of course.

STABLER: Not according to
Valerie Baxter.

In case you hadn't noticed,
Valerie is a very fragile
young Iady.

Thanks to you.

Valerie had visions
of stardom.
I tried to help her.

There was only
so much I could do
with the raw material.

And you did it
every which way you could.

Careful, Detective.

I assure you, Detective,
a good time was had by all.

BENSON: You having a good time
with Cassie Germaine?

I'm enjoying working with her.

She is a very talented
young Iady.

Now, you own her apartment.

It is a tax write-off for
my Ioan-out company.

I rent it at a Ioss
to visiting musicians
and new hires.

I also sublet apartments
on West 66th and 69th Street.

You put cameras in them, too?

STABLER: Not to mention
sending her flowers
and Iove notes.

I don't know
what you're talking about.

Where were you
night before Iast?

Are you insinuating
that I had something to do
with her attack?

Did you?

I am producing her New York
debut this Friday.

I am going to make
a big star of her.

Why would I want to hurt her?

Because she told you
to get Iost.

And we all know how well
you handle rejection.

You didn't answer
our question. Where were you?

As a matter of fact,
I was with a young Iady.

We need a name.

Since you already
have the tapes,
you already have the answer.

Her name is on the Iast tape.

It's time-coded
and it's dated.



That guy's a piece of work.

Munch and Fin called
from the concert hall.

There's been another attack.

Just walked in,
heard the scream
all the way from the Iobby.

What had happened?

They came back from a break,
found a message for Cassie.

What kind of message?

See for yourself.

FIN: It was stuck between
the strings.

Looks Iike
it's written in blood.

BENSON: Whose blood?

Where's Benson?

She's staying with Cassie
until her friend shows.

Anything on your flower man?

Store clerk remembered
the guy.

Said he never gave a name,
always paid cash.


White, medium height,
blond scraggly hair,
medium build.

I set her up
with a sketch artist.

I still say Prescott could
have hired somebody.

No, I don't think so.

The attacks were too personal
for a surrogate.

The cards,
the flowers, the cello.

These are intimate gestures.

we've eliminated

the only two men
she's been involved with.

Maybe it's an erotomanic.

He believes that
he's in a relationship
that doesn't exist.

Sounds Iike me
and my four ex-wives.

He might not even be
in the orchestra.

She might not even know him.

What flipped his switch?

A Iook, a smile,
a casual hello.

But to him, it's the beginning
of a beautiful Iove affair.

Reminds me of a case
a few years back.
A guy thought this newscaster

was sending him secret signals
through the television set.

What happened?

Well, he followed her home
one night, she told him
to get Iost, and he shot her.

So, if our guy was Iooking in
while she made Iove
to her boyfriend...

"Love, Me" turns to
"Die, Bitch."

He might not stop
until he kills her.

So where do we find
this straggly-haired freak?

Probably somewhere near
the receiver that picked up
the video signal.

Where are the tech guys
on the door-to-door?

SIow-going without warrants.
They've got thousands
of square feet to cover.

I'II ask the squad commander
to double the sweep teams.

Meanwhile, what's the purchase
date on the equipment?

Third of Iast month.
AII right.

Focus on anybody in and out
of her apartment
between then and now.

This guy had to be
in Cassie's apartment
to plant the cameras.

I want to find out how.

The entire building
got a security overhaul
in January,

so each apartment's
got its own alarm
and security code,

so nobody's getting in
without the tenant's

What about maintenance?

We always give prior
information about that,

so that way,
if the tenant can't be home,

then I stay in the apartment
until the work is done.

Now, that's policy.

Any visits
to Cassie Germaine's
apartment in the Iast month?

Yeah. Here we go. 304.
The plumber unclogged
a kitchen drain.

That was on Tuesday.
And there was a security tech

that came up to her apartment
to check on
the new alarm system.

That was on the 8th.

How Iong was he up there for?

An hour, I guess.

You guess?

Turns out I had
a Iittle problem
with the heating system in 102

about the same time.

So much for policy, huh?

I can give you
the tech's name.

It's right on the work order.

Ray Campbell.

Ever since 9/11,
it's been boom time
in the security business.

Had to hire a slew
of new guys.
Some good, some not.

Which is why we got to go back
and shake out the bugs
every now and again.

How Iong has Ray
been with you?

About 10 years.
He's one of my best men.

Well, apparently, he made
a follow-up call to
Cassie Germaine's apartment.

Do you know what the problem
was with her alarm system?

I don't remember.

But then again,
we've been so damn busy.


That's odd.

Looks Iike the work order's
not in the system,

and I have Ray
at another Iocation that day.


Next block.

Where's Ray now?

He's out on a job.

I'd Iike to talk to him.

Ray Campbell?

Detective Stabler.

What can I do for you?

Well, the 8th of Iast month,
did you do a job
at 262 West 65th Street?

I work a Iot of jobs
in that area.

Well, how about this job?

Yeah. No. I mean no.

Which is it?

Look, I installed a system
there a few months ago,

but I ain't been
back there since.

Is that your employee number?

Yeah. But that is not
my signature.

Well, whose is it?

Well, maybe it's the same guy
who stole
the rest of my stuff.

What stuff?

About a month ago,
somebody broke into my truck.

Took some tools, jacket, hat.

I didn't even think
to check the paperwork.

I mean, why the hell
would anybody
want that, right?

He posed as a security tech
to gain access
to the buildings.

Now, only three addresses
serviced by that company

fall within the broadcast
range of the cameras.

One of them
in Cassie's building.

And a tech just finished
sweeping that.

Which means the receiver
has to be in one of
the other two buildings.

I got the managers to fax me
their work orders.

Take a Iook at the signatures
on the bottom there.

They don't match.

One's a forgery.
Signature's the same
as the phony work order

from Cassie's building,
and it includes a charge

for an unauthorized DSL Iine
in the basement.

He could send out
a video signal over that.

Munch and Fin are with a tech.

Have them get over
to that second building now.

Why do we always get stuck
with the glamorous gigs?

Because Cragen Iikes
our can-do attitude.

Yeah. If I wanted to go
crawling through dark,
smelly places,

I would have joined
the Department of Sanitation.

Guys, over here.

FIN: What's that?

Looks Iike a
telephone junction box, and
that's probably a DSL Iine.

MUNCH: Like what hooks
my computer up
to the World Wide Web.

MORALES: Can you give me
a hand here, please?

There's your receiver,
connected to a Iaptop,

and those four outputs
to the four cameras.

And what's that Iaptop for?

It's probably running
a video-streaming program

and transmitting
the pictures over this.

FIN: To where?
Anywhere he can
plug in another computer.

You mean
he's sending his video out
over the Internet?

to the information age.

Turns out our perp's
hosting his own website.

Picked up a video signal
using a receiver Iocated in
a building on the next block

and then sent it out over
a DSL Iine charged
to the security company.

How many hits to the website?

According to
the Internet service provider,
a Iot of hits,

but only one computer
doing the hitting.

Whose is it?

It's a guy named
Terry Willard. 23rd and Lex.

Terry Willard?
New York City detectives.
Open up.

He's not in any trouble,
is he?

This is a warrant.
Could you open that door,

Would you stand to the side,

FIN: Any idea where Terry is?

AIMEE: Probably at work.
What did he do?

BENSON: It's just part
of the investigation.

You got a key for this?


Guys, check this out.

Now that's devotion.

He's almost finished
with another roll.

More pics to add
to his collection.

Indiana University, 1997.

He's been stalking her
since then.

FIN: Talk about your groupie
from hell.

And Terry's her number
one fan.

We'II bring the computer
back to the Iab

and see what Morales
gets off the hard drive.

Check the DVDs, too.
He might have recorded
the attack.

Yeah. We'II clean up here.

He's a good man.
Sweet, gentle.

You seem to know him
pretty well.

We've become quite close.

How close?

He's my boyfriend.

Since when?


Neither one of us
has family here,

so I suggested we go to
a coffee shop on the corner.

That was our first date.

You ever been in that room?

It's his office.
There was never any reason.

He ever talk to you
about a friend of his
named Cassie?

Maybe from college?

He doesn't have many friends.
He's too busy with work.

What kind of work does he do?

He's a partner at an
Internet company in SoHo.

It's really taking off,
which is why his hours
are so crazy.

STABLER: What's the name
of the company?


His office is in one of those
big, glass buildings
by the river.

We Iaid Terry off
a couple of months ago.

So he's not a partner?

Hardly. Terry's not really
a people person.

But he's
a hell of a website designer.

So then why Iet him go?

We had to dump 90%
of our people
when the stock tanked.

A few months back, all these
cubicles were filled with
designers and support staff.

Now we're flirting
with Chapter 11.

Well, this was Terry's

He went ballistic
when we gave him the bad news.

He have a temper?

That's the thing.
He was so quiet,
you forget he was even here.

The Iast few weeks
he seemed distracted.

Yeah? Over what?

Probably heard the rumors.

We would have kept him on,
but his work habits
became so erratic.

I mean, he Ieft us no choice.

STABLER: Erratic? How?

Missed days at a time.

He'd come in all bleary-eyed
Iike he'd been up all night.

I guess when the ax
finally dropped, he snapped.

MORALES: These four images are
a composite from the hardware
in Terry's apartment.

FIN: How'd he do it?

He downloads the images
from all four cameras
into his computer,

where he edits the video
and transfers it to a DVD.

His director's cut.

He's finished 20 days,
complete with music.

Is this the day of the attack?

Yeah. This is the morning,
still unedited.

MUNCH: Fast-forward
to that night.

That's where he blitzed her.

MORALES: Door was shut.
Lost all the Iight.

Sorry. You might be
interested in this, though.

"The Legend of
Cassie and Terry."

An online journal.
Love story begins
four years ago at Indiana U.

Hears her playing the cello.

Must have struck a chord.

Follows her to competitions
all over the world,

but the story takes a sad turn
when Terry goes to prison.

For what?

Credit card fraud
to pay for the trips.
Does a seven-month stretch.

But by the time he gets out,
Cassie's graduated
and moved away.

So he contacts
an online search engine,

buys her social security
number for 45 bucks,

and uses it to trace her
work address to the Symphony.

FIN: Any fool can do it.
AII you need is a computer
and an Internet hook-up.

Yeah, but is there anything
in this journal
that ties him to the attack?

Nothing that
makes him the doer.
No Ieads on his whereabouts.

Girlfriend hasn't
heard from him for two days,

so he knows
we Iike him for this.

MUNCH: Lucky he's
still in town.

And we know that how?

He has a half-dozen
online accounts,
all under fictitious names.

Uses public computers
in coffee shops

and bookstores up and down
Broadway to visit his sites.

We told Morales
to keep the sites
and the credit card active

so we could track
his movement.

If he ever stays online
Iong enough, the service
provider can trace the hit.

And if he doesn't?

Well, he's under our radar.

Unless we can flush him out.

Tell Benson and Stabler
to bring in Cassie
for a Iittle chat.

CASSIE: That's him?

It's a four-year-old mug shot.

His appearance
may have changed.

He followed you here
from college.

He's obsessed with you.

But I don't know him.
I've never seen him before.

HUANG: He thinks he knows you.

He's concocted a whole story
in his head about your
having a Iove affair.

The cameras were a way of
furthering that delusion
without risking rejection.

How do you know?

He kept a journal
with intimate details

of a four-year relationship
between you two.

How can he be jealous
when I've never met him?

That's part of his sickness.

He believes that
the two of you are in Iove.

Well, isn't there any way
to stop him?

We think so, but we're going
to need your help.

Now, Terry visits a website
he dedicated to you

twice, sometimes
three times a day.

Well, what would I have to do?

We'd Iike you to include
a message to him
in your press interviews.

Dedicate the performance
to him.

Tell him it's your way
of Ietting him know
how much he means to you.

But this guy is crazy.

We'II cover every entrance,
we'II grab him before
he ever gets close to you.

You haven't caught him yet.
Why should I trust you now?

Cassie, this is our best
chance of getting him
into a controlled situation

on our terms.

But we can't do it
unless you agree.

We've got a camera positioned

at each entrance
to the auditorium.

They're hooked up
to the facial recognition

which is Ioaded into
this computer.

I didn't know
we could afford this stuff.

Well, as each person passes
through the choke point,

the camera takes a series
of still shots of their face.

The software scans that face,
and compares it to
known felons in a data bank.

Could be a busy night.
These theater folks
are a motley crew.

Well, for today, I've entered
only one face into the bank.
Terry Willard.

What if he's disguised?

Well, we've Iowered
the recognition threshold

to allow for differences
between his mug shot
and his current appearance,

including changes
in facial hair, glasses,
weight Ioss and gain.

Technology's answer
to racial profiling.

And Big Brother's new toy.


What do you got?
A hit.

Aisle two. The man
in the beard, behind the woman
in the red dress.

Sir, come with us, please.

MORALES: Hold on. We've got
another hit. Aisle four.

MUNCH: How many Terry Willards
are out there?

There might be a few.
I set a Iow threshold.

Go ahead.
I'II wait for the next one.


I can't do this.

We're checking everyone.

If he's here,
we're going to get him.

Don't worry. Just think
about the music, okay?

I'II be in the front row.

You're going to be great.


Sorry for the inconvenience.

False alarm.
Same here.

So much for Big Brother.

Detectives. Found these
outside the dressing room.

They're addressed
to Miss Germaine.


FIN: What you got?

STABLER: A dead rat.

How the hell
did he get in here?

Go ahead.

Where? AII right, we got it.


Another hit.

Excuse me, sir.
I want you to come with me.

Sir, I want you
to come with me.


Leave me alone.
She invited me.

Cassie invited me.

There's no one Iike Cassie.

Now, you guys don't seem
to run in the same circles.

How did you meet?

I was taking a shortcut
through the school of music

when I heard someone playing.

The cello?

I moved to the open door
and I saw her, alone,
on stage.

I stood there Iistening,
and when she finished,

she Iooked up and saw me,
and then she smiled.


From then on,
I knew we'd be together
for the rest of our Iives.

But it hasn't always
been easy.

I mean, the traveling,
prison, the dead-end jobs.

You've sacrificed a Iot
to be with her.

Not a sacrifice
if you care about somebody.

Well, what he means,
it must have cut awfully deep

to watch her making Iove
to another man.

It wasn't her fault.

How do you figure that?

He got her drunk
and took advantage of her.

Come on, Terry.
I know you Iove her,
but you're not an idiot.

She knew you were watching
and she Iaughed in your face.

No. It wasn't Iike that.

He makes those sacrifices,
she treats him Iike
he's yesterday's trash.

I'd want to slap
the hell out of her, too!

I'd never hurt Cassie.

I Iove her. It was horrible,
the way he beat her.

How did you know
she was beaten?

I saw it.

With the cameras you put
in her bedroom to spy on her?

I found her website
on the Internet.

You were just surfing the web
and you happened
to come across her website?

I don't think so.

Terry, we know about
your Iittle scam
with the credit cards.

We know you bought
the cameras.

What about the cello? The rat?

I don't know
what you're talking about.

Why are you running, Terry?

Aimee said you were
trying to put me in jail
for something I didn't do.

Aimee, your other girlfriend?

She's not my girlfriend.
She's my Iandlady.

That's not what she said.

Then she's Iying.

Well, you know something,
Terry? I think you're Iying.

You're playing her 'cause
you can't pay your rent,

and you're playing us because
you think we're stupid.


Hey, we can't help you
unless you help yourself!

Tell us the truth, and maybe
I can convince the D.A.
to go easy on you.

If not, it's out of our hands.

I've already told you
the truth. I'd never hurt her.


We don't have any evidence
tying him to the assault
or the vandalism.

No forensics. No witnesses.

What about the cameras?

He used a phony
credit card to buy them.

We still can't prove
it was Terry who used
the card to make the purchase.

His fingerprints
were in Cassie's apartment.

AII right. Trespassing.

Counselor, he stalked her.

Stalking requires proof
he tried to frighten her.

AII of our evidence shows
he tried to remain hidden.

In fact, Cassie hadn't even
seen him until you arrested
Terry at the concert.

Well, what about
that case in Jersey?

Landlord got 30 years
for planting cameras
in a tenant's apartment.

He transmitted sound.

That elevated the charges
to wiretapping.

Terry did not record
or transmit sound.

So where does that Ieave us?

Since you found the clothing
from the security company
in his apartment,

I can try and up the ante
to burglary of the van.

That it?

Till the Iaw catches up with
the technology, I'm afraid
that's all I can do.

At Ieast we pulled the plug
out of Terry's
Iittle operation.

I read somewhere that once
an image gets on the Internet,
it can never be destroyed.

A hell of a way to achieve

I just got a call from Cabot.
Aimee posted Terry's bail.

He's in jail for planting
cameras in another woman's

and she comes to his rescue?

How blind can Iove be?

I'm going to get
a uni on Cassie.
I don't trust this guy.

CRAGEN: Too Iate.

Cassie Germaine's been shot.

WOMAN ON PA: Dr, Thomas,
call the pharmacy, Dr, Thomas,
please call the pharmacy,

How's she doing?

Still in surgery.
What happened?

She came by to pick me up
on the way to work, and I'd
forgotten my wallet inside

and I'd just opened my door
and I heard shots

and I ran back out there
and I found her Iying there.

Kevin Wilson?


Hi. I'm Dr. Barrett,
Cassie's surgeon.

Is she going to be okay?

It Iooks good.
She was very Iucky.

Can we speak with you
one second, Doc?

Hold on. So fill us in.

Two slugs to the back.
One hit the Ieft kidney,

the other barely
missed her heart.

Excuse me.
Any idea what caliber?

Small. Maybe a.22.
And, given the stippling,
I'd say it was close range.

When do you think
we can talk to her?

Soon as she's out of recovery.


That was Munch.
Internet service provider
got a hit on Terry's website.

Internet cafe
two blocks from here.

Okay. Why don't you go ahead?

I'II stay with Cassie,
see if she can make an ID.

He's still online.

AII right. Well, Iet's go.


Enjoying the show?

I'm not doing anything here.

Aren't you a Iittle young
to be watching that?

A guy was sitting here, okay?

He Ieft his computer on,
so I decided to check it out.

What guy?

He had scraggly hair.
He was sort of wigged out.

He was blubbering about
some chick Ieft him over
another man or something.

Is this the guy?

Where'd he go?

Took off about 10 minutes ago.

CIerk says our guy Ieft this.

Aimee SIocum.

Either she's the dumbest woman
in the world,

or he's a Iot slicker
than he Iooks.

STABLER: Don't you have
some homework to do?

He can't get far without cash.

Unless someone's helping him.

She keeps bailing him out.

Why don't you sit on her?

I'II hook up with OIivia,
see if she got anywhere
with Cassie.

MUNCH: Aimee?

I'm in kind of a hurry.

I'm making dinner
for a friend in Brooklyn.

Want us to give you a Iift?

I have a cab waiting.

We're Iooking for Terry.

He hasn't been home
since he got out of jail.

How did he get this?

Where did you find that?

At an Internet cafe
where he was visiting
his favorite website.

You know,
Cassie's Greatest Hits.

There must be
some kind of mistake.

Someone shot Cassie
this morning.

Not Terry.
He's the gentlest man I know.

We just want to make sure
he doesn't hurt you.

You've got him all wrong,

If you hear from him,
you'II Iet us know, right?

I will. Now if you'II
excuse me, I'm Iate.

Do you believe
that song and dance
about a friend in Brooklyn?

Hell, no.
Let's tail her.

I was waiting in the garage
for Kevin and I felt a sharp
pain in my back. That's...

My Iegs buckled.

BENSON: Did you see anybody?

No. By the time I Iooked up,
he was gone.

Okay. We've posted
a uniformed officer outside,

so no one's coming in.


AII these are for her?

What the card says.

Hold on.

"Together forever.
Love, Me." Where is he?

Delivery guy
just dropped them off.

Hey, hey. Stop.

What did I do?

AII right. Let me see some ID.
Who sent the flowers?

Not a clue. I just deliver.



Girlfriend's on the move.

She's changed cabs twice,
rode all over hell and back.

Finally Ianded at some dive
in Spanish Harlem.

I'd make book on it.

She's in Room 602.

We got the hotel room.

That's the room.
I'II take the fire escape
in case Terry bolts.

I'II take the alley.

Aimee, it's Detective Benson.

Go away.

Aimee, we're not
going anywhere.

Now open up the door.

Aimee, where's Terry?

He's gone.

Why are you still here?

I had to take a shower.

I was going to take him home
to Oklahoma,
so we could make a new Iife.

But Terry wouldn't
Ieave that whore.

You mean Cassie?

I warned her
to Ieave him alone.

So you attacked her.
You cut her hair.

Well, she wouldn't Iisten.

So you shot her.

I had to stop her.

I'm the only one
who really Ioves him.

BENSON: Hell of a way
to show it.

I didn't know what else to do.
She has so many men.

Terry is all that I have.