Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 3, Episode 1 - Repression - full transcript

Stabler and Benson investigate the allegations of an woman who claims to have been sexually abused as a child by her father. The victim's allegations come as a result of repressed memories retrieved during sessions with her therapist. The detectives' concerns quickly turn to the minor daughters remaining under the father's care despite their mother's objections.

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Can I help you?

I want to report a rape.

Okay. Let's go
someplace private, huh?

Can you tell me what happened?

It's okay, Megan.
I'm just here to help.

He followed me
to my apartment last night.

I don't know how
he got in the building,

but when I opened my door
he pushed his way in.

And then what happened?


I told him to leave

and that I never wanted
to see him again,

but he slammed the door.

Oh, God.

Can you tell me who did this to you?

Megan, is it your boyfriend?

He's my father.

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Law & Order SVU
3x01 Repression




It started when I was
in the first grade.

Stroking, touching.

He'd help me undress for bed,
and sometimes he'd take off his shirt

and then his pants.

When I was 12,
he put himself...

Take your time.

He told me not to cry.

He'd show me these horrible pictures.

He said that that was how
daddies loved their little girls.

And this has been
going on ever since?

No, he stopped
after I got my period.

- How long ago was that?
- When I was 14.

Did anything sexual happen last night?

No, but we had a horrible fight.

If he didn't have to catch a plane,
who knows what he would have done?

I'm not going to lie to you, Megan.

It's going to be very difficult to prove
a four-year-old rape.

And we can't charge him
for the earlier abuse

because the statute of limitation
only extends back five years.

What about Lily?

Who's Lily?

My little sister.
She's seven.

That's the same age I was
when he started molesting me.

Well, did you see him
do anything to her?

Yesterday afternoon I went to
my parents' to do my laundry,

and I walked in on them.

And what did you see?

He was touching her
just like he used to touch me.

Hey, Captain, we got some background
on Megan's father.

I'm on my way to the Mayor's luncheon,
so let's make this quick.

Okay. Evan Ramsey runs
Southerland Pharmaceuticals,

and he just donated a wing
to the East Harlem Children's Hospital.

Well, if his daughter's telling the truth,

they're not gonna be hanging
his picture on their wall.

Rebecca Southerland is the wife.

She's also the daughter of
the company's founding father.

So he married into the social register.
Any other kids?

Yeah, two. Jody, 15,
and Lily, seven.

Lily is the one that Megan says
he's molesting.

So, basically,
we're working two cases here.

A rape just this side
of the statute of limitations,

and the possible molestation
of a seven-year-old.

Munch and Fin are checking
with Children's Services

to see if the family's
got any priors.

Well, where is the mother in all this?

She and Megan aren't
on speaking terms.

We're off to see the mother right now.

Good. Get back to me when you
have something to talk about.

I've been married to Evan for 19 years,
had three children with him.

I'd certainly know
if he was raping one of them.

You've always had a blind spot
where he's concerned.

Dad, please.

Megan's lashing out.
She's a very angry young woman.

Where do you think
all this anger came from?

From that therapist
she's been seeing.

- What therapist?
- Dr. Wharton.

Megan started seeing her
when she went to Columbia.

Since then, my daughter's
become an expert

on what she calls
"our family dysfunction."

I've tried talking to her,
but she just shuts me out.

We've seen these
kind of cases before,

and it's very difficult for daughters
to share this with their mothers.

It isn't the first time she's made up
little stories to get attention.

Has she ever
made up anything like this?

Nothing this outlandish,

but she has stretched the bounds of
reality to get what she wanted.

God knows what she's been
telling that therapist.

We're going to need to
speak with Jody and Lily.

I don't see why that's necessary.

It's routine. Whenever allegations
like these are made,

we'd like to talk to everyone
in the family.

Now she's putting her sisters
into the middle of her little drama.

When can we talk to them?

- They're in school.
- Where?

I'll not have you embarrass them
in front of their friends.

Then bring them down
to our precinct after school.

The sooner we can talk to them,
the sooner we can close this up.

They'll be there.

Whole Life Recovery Center
92 West 78th Street
Tuesday, February 13

Megan came to me suffering
from bulimia and depression.

What was she depressed about?

Eating disorders often signal
a deeper emotional trauma.

In Megan's case,
it was childhood incest.

- When did Megan tell you this?
- Only recently.

She built a wall between
herself and her father,

but after months of hard work
the floodgates finally opened

and the truth came out.

Why didn't you report the abuse?

Megan's an adult. I couldn't
break confidentiality.

The only reason I'm talking to you is
because she gave me permission.

What about her younger sisters?

I repeatedly asked her if she
thought they were at risk,

and she always said no,
until yesterday.

She called and she said that
she'd reported her father for abusing Lily.

Is Megan emotionally ready
for the strain of a police investigation?

She's still healing,
but she came to you,

so that tells me she's
on the road to recovery.

I had to go to the basement
to dig up this file.

How long has it been there?

Seven years,
when Megan Ramsey was 11.

Who reported it?

A resident in the emergency
room at Mercy General.

Her mother brought her in for vaginal
bleeding after a bicycle accident.

Megan told them she'd been
having trouble urinating,

and when he noticed bruising
on her backside, he called.

Your investigation
turn up anything?

Megan said she got the bruises
riding horses at her grandfather's farm.

What about the other problem?

We contacted her pediatrician.

He told us Megan had
a minor urinary tract infection

from taking too many bubble baths.

After a series of follow-up visits,
the case was closed.

Thank you.

Our complaining witness appears to
have a history of emotional problems.

She's an incest victim.

Doesn't necessarily make her
an unreliable witness.

This man is a community leader.

He's known for his good works
and political clout.

So let's make sure we have
our ammunition

before going to war with his lawyers.

- Mind if I join the party?
- Well, it depends on what you brought.

Evan Ramsey was investigated
for child abuse against Megan
seven years ago,

but the case worker found no evidence
to support the charge.

Rebecca didn't mention
anything about that.

Well, it wouldn't be the first time a wife
chose her husband over her children.

Since Evan's out of town,

find out as much as you can
before he gets back.

They're here.

Okay, separate rooms.

See if either one
confirms Megan's story.

Meanwhile, I'll see if I can
wear down Mom with my charm.

So, Lily, do you spend
a lot of time together with your daddy?

Well, sometimes we go to the park
and we ride the horses.

What else do you do together?

He reads stories to me

- and we play games.
- Yeah? What kind of games?

What is it, honey?

Why is everybody mad at my daddy?

Well, what makes you think
that we're mad?

Megan said he was doing bad things.

What kind of bad things?

I don't know.

Lily, does your dad ever
do things that you don't like?

Well, sometimes he yells
and says bad words.

What else does he do
that you don't like?


My daddy loves me.

I don't understand.

Well, did your dad ever
touch you in a way that,

you know, made you feel uncomfortable?

No. He's a great dad.
He'd never do anything like that.

How about with your sisters?

No. Sometimes he and Megan
would argue,

but he was just trying
to keep her out of trouble.

Yeah? What kind of trouble?

He said her boyfriend was bad news.

She thought he was
trying to control her life.

How's his relationship with Lily?

He never yells at her.

He spend a lot of time with her?

I guess.

So what do they do
when they hang out?

They go to the park
and he reads to her.

- Just the usual stuff.
- Usual stuff?

Anything else?

Go on.

- It probably doesn't mean anything.
- So tell me anyway.

Sometimes he goes
to her room at night,

and I hear crying.


He still gives her baths
with the door locked.

And a few nights ago,

I woke up in the middle of the night
to get a drink of water,

and I saw him changing Lily's sheets.

She was crying in the corner
with her bottoms off.

Dad was acting weird.
He said she wet the bed.


But what?

She hasn't wet the bed
since she was two.

I don't believe this.
It can't be true.

Mrs. Ramsey, I know this isn't easy,
but we're grasping at straws.

I've heard enough.

If you give us permission
to search Lily's room,

we just might come up
with some answers.

I can't take this anymore.

Mrs. Ramsey, there's someone
here to see you.


Detective Benson told me
you'd be here.

It's not true. It can't be.

He raped me, Mother.

I was 12 years old.
Where were you?

Why didn't you help me?

I didn't know.

I swear to God I didn't know.

We're going to need physical
examinations on Jody and Lily,

and permission to search your house.

Do whatever you need to do.

I want my children safe.

He'll be home any minute.

We'll handle the introductions.


What do you got?

Kiddie porn right under Lily's mattress.

There you go.

Got something else, Detectives.

Men's underwear.


- Everything okay?
- Bag it all. / You got it.

What the hell is going on here?

Evan Ramsey, New York City detectives.
We'd like you to come with us.

I'm not going anywhere
till somebody tells me...

- We just want to ask you a few questions.
- Look, you have no right to...

Please, Mr. Ramsey, for the sake
of your daughters,

let's not do this in front of them.

I didn't rape my daughter.

- That's not what Megan says.
- She's angry and confused.

About what?

I threatened to pull the plug
on her college tuition

if she didn't drop that boyfriend
and start buckling down.

So she's crying rape
to get back at you?

I have no idea why she's doing this.

I have tried to get through to her,

and she just keeps pulling
further away from me.

I mean, I... I try to hug her,
she recoils like I'm contagious.

She said she saw you fondling
Lily in her own bed.

I was helping her put on her pajamas.

What about the visits to her room
in the middle of the night?

- She has nightmares, for God's sake.
- Nightmares, huh?

I wonder if these caused them.


These are disgusting.

Well, we found them in Lily's room,
along with a pair of your underwear.

This is ridiculous.

The pictures were printed
on a digital printer

just like the one
next to your computer.

I only use that computer for business.

Yeah? That's some business.

Look, I know this has gotta
come as a big shock to you,

but on some level also a relief.

Now you get the chance
to clear the decks, get some help.

Megan has already
broken her silence.

It's only a matter of time
before your other daughters join her.

I haven't done anything wrong.

Do you have any idea what they do
to child molesters in prison?

I'm sure that they'll grow
very attached to you

once they find out why you're there.

- I want my lawyer.
- Fine.

Do we have anything
to corroborate the rape?

Only Megan's testimony.

Any physical evidence is long gone.

And Lily?

Medical exam showed vaginal irritation,
but nothing conclusive.

Jody's was negative.

That leaves us with the photos
and the underwear.

But Lily still hasn't provided testimony
linking them to her alleged abuse.

Megan passed the poly.

You know that's inadmissible.

It confirms her story.

We let him go, he goes
right back home to his daughters.

All right.
Arrest him for the rape.

- Where's my lawyer?
- He knows where to find you.

- I want to know why.
- Rebecca.

- Rebecca, come with me.
- No, let me do this!

- Wasn't I enough?
- How could you even think that?

- I trusted you!
- My God, look at me!

Do you think that
I could ever hurt them?

- You disgust me!
- Rebecca! Please...

Don't do this!


Arraignment Part 44
Thursday, February 15

Mr. Ramsey, how do you plead?

Not guilty.

Your Honor, the defendant's financial
resources alone make him a serious flight risk.

Your Honor, Mr. Ramsey's contributions
to the community are well known.

He's not going anywhere
and he's a danger to no one.

Except perhaps to his daughters.

I'm setting bail at $500,000,
or $5 million surety.

Your Honor, given the nature
of the offenses charged,

the People request an order of protection

barring the defendant from entering
the family residence

or from coming within
100 yards of his children.

So ordered.

So I hear that your daddy reads to you.


What's your favorite story?

I took her to see
Megan's therapist.

Afterwards, she rattled off the symptoms
like a shopping list.

The crying, the sleepless nights.

She says Lily's blocking it all out
because it's too much for her to bear.

It's so clear now.

Why didn't I see it?

Because he went through a lot of trouble
to make sure that you didn't.

Can I talk to her?



She hasn't disclosed anything.

She's scared.

Wouldn't you be?

She knows her father's in trouble
and she's the cause.

If we don't get her testimony
by day after tomorrow,

I can't indict her case with Megan's.

Megan's case can't stand on its own.

I'll do the best I can,
but it's a slow dance,

and I have to follow her lead.

Police Crime Lab
1 Centre Street
Thursday, February 15

DNA analysis matched hair and
fluids in the underwear to Evan Ramsey,

but we found nothing in the bed sheets
or Lily's nightclothes.

What about the pictures?

Even with ninhydrin,
we couldn't raise any prints.

In other words, we got a big fat zero.

Not quite.
Take a look at the photo.

The border was found
in a trash container in Lily's bathroom.

See how it matches the cut pattern
on the bottom?

Look at the date.
February 13.

Yeah, it's the date
they were downloaded.


You thinking what I'm thinking?

Evan was in Baltimore on Tuesday.

I'm computer illiterate.
I can't even turn the damn thing on.

What about your children?

You can't be serious.

Did it ever occur to you that the date
might have been set wrong?

We'll check that out.

But in the meantime, we need
to cover all of our bases.

My kids were at school,

and I was at my lawyer's
office filing for divorce.

And where was Megan?

Megan doesn't live here.

- But she has a key.
- Yeah.

And where were you
Tuesday morning?

I was at the grocery store.

So no one can say for sure
whether Megan came home or not.

All I know is Megan has a chemistry class
every Tuesday morning.

Did she go?

You'd have to ask her.

I dropped chemistry.

I haven't been able to
concentrate very well this semester.

So what have you been doing
with your Tuesday mornings?

I've been working with a tutor, trying to
catch up on my other classes.

- This tutor got a name?
- Michael Tobin.

- Were you with him last Tuesday?
- No.

Thought you just said
you had a tutor.

He was my boyfriend.
We broke up last week.

So where were you then?

- In the library studying.
- Anyone with you?

Yeah, lots of people.
It's mid-terms.

Look, I'm going to be late for a class.
Can we talk about this later?

You gotta be kidding me.

Hard drives don't lie.

This one shows nothing but spreadsheets,
business correspondence,

and a couple of hits
on a stock-trading website.

- What about his laptop?
- Clean as a whistle.

So his account was accessed
by another computer.

Someone who knows
his password.

Can you give us the location
of the download?

You'd have to talk to the ISP for that.

If Evan didn't download
those pictures, then who did?

And why?

The only one who can tell us
what happened in that bedroom is Lily.

She's not talking.
At least not to us.

But she did talk
to Megan's therapist.

Does Dr. Wharton accept walk-ins?

I'm not surprised she's resisting.

We really need her testimony.

Megan's isn't enough?

Without Lily to corroborate,
it's just Evan's word against Megan's.

Excuse me. / Our psychiatrist thinks
that Lily's protecting her father.

She may feel more comfortable
talking to you.

I've only seen her once,
but we did develop a rapport.

I'll clear my schedule.

Well, we appreciate that.

Sure. Okay.

All right, bye.

Munch checked with Evan's
internet service provider.

The kiddie porn was downloaded to
a terminal at the student library at Columbia.

Those pictures were downloaded
while your father was out of town.

You put the pictures
under the mattress.

No. / You planted your father's
underwear in the sheets.

- No.
- Why did you do it, Megan?

He was going to
get away with it again.

Well, tell us the truth.
Maybe we can help.

No one can help.

He's too powerful.

When he came to my apartment,

he threatened to sue my therapist
and send me to a mental hospital.

Who would believe me then?

Some crazy girl telling wild stories
about her sex fiend father?

I had to stop him. I couldn't
let it happen again.

Motion Hearing Part 65
Tuesday, February 20

In light of these developments,

we submit the People have no case,

and therefore move that the charges
against my client be dismissed.

Your Honor, the evidence
in question has no bearing

on the rape case
pending before this court.

But it does bring into serious question
the veracity of the complaining witness.

With no physical evidence
to support her allegations,

the People have failed to meet
their obligations under the law.

Have the People
anything new to present?

No, Your Honor.

Then I have to agree
with Mr. Wilmington.

Case dismissed.

Mr. Ramsey, you're free to go
with the court's apology.

Megan, honey, I know
you didn't mean to do this.

I want you moved out
by the end of the week.

What a mess.

If Megan hadn't screwed up
the investigation,

we might have nailed him.


She's trying to protect her sister.

Yeah, well, the road to hell's
paved with good intentions.

It doesn't mean she wasn't raped.

Now we'll never prove it.

And if she's telling the truth,

that means that he got away
with it all over again.

Not quite.
That was the Captain.

Evan Ramsey was murdered.

Dropped him on the spot.
Single gunshot to the chest.

Powder burns
indicate close range.


No rigor.
Blood's still pooling.

This is Richard Weiss,
one of the company executives.

He discovered the body.

Let's take a walk, Mr. Weiss.

We were both working late.

About 9:00 I cut out
to grab some dinner.

I came back to pick up some
papers and saw the light on.

Went in to say good night,
and there he was,

just lying there,
blood everywhere.

- About what time was that?
- 10:30, 11:00.

- You see anyone else?
- Not a soul.

You have any idea
who might have done this?

Evan's style put off a lot of people,

but no one would do
something like this.


Unless what?

Things were pretty tense
between him and his father-in-law.

- Charles Southerland?
- Yeah.

Ever since Evan took the company public,
the old man's been on a tear,

claiming Evan stole the business
he built from the ground up.

The molestation charges
just seemed to add fuel to the fire.

Get him hot enough to do this?

I don't know.

But this afternoon,
he stormed into Evan's office

- and went into a tirade.
- About what?

He called Evan a rapist.

Told him he wasn't going to
get away with it,

no matter what the courts said.

How'd Evan react?

He tried to reason with him.

The old man wouldn't listen.

They'd have come to blows if security
hadn't escorted the old guy out.

Ornithoptera priamus poseidon.

Cairns Birdwing.
It's quite a rare prize.

You don't seem too upset
about your son-in-law's untimely death.

If you're asking me if I'm glad
he's dead, the answer is yes.

If you're asking me if I killed him,
the answer is no.

Although, I'd like to buy
the fellow who did it a drink.

Well, it must have stuck in your craw

when the charges against
your son-in-law were dropped.

Yes. But things have a way
of working out, don't they?

After dinner, where did you
and your daughter go?

I took her home,

came back here,

poured myself a Scotch,
and went to bed.

Evan was killed by a .32 slug.

You own a.32 caliber
Derringer, don't you?


An LM5 Simmerling
with a scrimshaw handle.

- Legally registered.
- We'd like to see it.

Right this way.

I also have an authentic
Revolutionary musket,

a pearl-handled Colt .45
and a World War I Luger.

Keep them all in top firing condition, too.

There a problem, Mr. Southerland?

It's gone.


My gun.
It's supposed to be in here.

You'd better come with us.

Evan stole your company.

He molested your grandchildren.

We can certainly understand
why you'd want justice.

You've got it all figured out,
don't you?

Company executives heard you arguing
just a few hours before.

And now your.32 caliber
Derringer's missing.

You care to explain that?

Think of your family.

After all they've been through, isn't
it time just to put an end to all of this?

Don't presume to tell me
about my family, Detective.

How does he look?

Opportunity, motive,
access to a weapon,

but I don't know.

What? / The guy seemed genuinely
surprised that his gun was missing.

I mean, you'd think that if he's
going to murder somebody,

he'd at least concoct a plausible
explanation for its disappearance.

Yeah, and sometimes they just freeze

when they get caught
with their hand in the cookie jar.

A CSU conducted another canvass.

Located a .32 caliber
Simmerling Derringer in a sewer drain

in the parking structure
of Southerland's office building.

They're running a check now.

Serial number matches.

This is definitely Southerland's.

Now, the bullet removed
from Ramsey's body was on the left.

The bullet from the water tank
will be on your right.

See the lands and grooves?

Here and here.

Identical twins. / You've found
your murder weapon.

Any prints?

The water in the gutter
degraded the surface of the gun,

making it impossible to lift any.

However, we got a couple of clean ones
from the shell casings.

But unfortunately, Miguel,
they don't match Southerland's prints.

You got your weapon,
not your killer.

Where were you last night?

I had dinner with my father,
then came right home.

- What time did you get in?
- Around 9:00.

And who else was here?

My daughters
and my housekeeper.

- We all went to bed.
- Mom.

What are they doing here?

We were just talking to her
about last night.

I'm very sorry for your loss,
but we have to ask you a few questions.

Like what?

Where were you between
the hours of 7:00 and 11:00?

I picked Jody up from her dance class
and I brought her back here.

- Can anyone corroborate that?
- I can.

She stayed the night.

After what happened in court,
I wanted all my children here with me.

You had no other contact
with your father?

I cut my father out of my life.

Megan, honey, could you check
on your sisters for me?

Is there a point to these questions?

Your daughter planted evidence
to incriminate him.

And he raped her until she was 14.

Maybe that evens things out.

- What about you?
- What about me?

He molested your daughters.

His death gives you
a permanent order of protection.

He should burn in hell for
what he did to my daughters,

but I didn't kill him.

Now, if you'll excuse me,
my children need me.

Marina will see you out.

The only people who had access
to Charles' gun collection

were his immediate family.

Rebecca claims all the kids
were tucked into bed by 9:00.

How convenient. A family of suspects
giving each other an airtight alibi.

- Except Megan's.
- What you got?

Phone records.

Someone was placing phone calls
to her father's office

from her car phone
between 9:30 and 10:00.

She was supposed to be fast asleep.

Sounds like Megan's airtight alibi
just sprung a leak.

You've been the Ramsey's
housekeeper for how long?

Ten years.

What time did the lady of the house
get in last Tuesday night?

- About 9:00.
- You sure?

Tuesdays is The New Detectives
on cable.

I was watching when
Mrs. Ramsey came home.

She took a sleeping pill
and went to bed.

What about the girls?
What time did they come home?

Same time.

But later they went out.

What time did they get back?

Charlie Rose was on by then,
so it must have been after 11:00.

They say anything?


They just went up to Jody's room
and closed the door.


And I heard lots of crying.

Mrs. Ramsey...

We're meeting our priest.
Can't this wait?

Sorry, but it can't.

I've already told you
everything I know.

Actually, we're here
to speak with Jody. / Me?

Your housekeeper said you left the house
after your mother went to bed.

Well, she's mistaken.

The girls went to bed when I did.
Tell them, Jody.

You've already lied to your mother.

Don't make it any harder
on yourself by lying now.

Daddy had been calling Megan.

She wanted him to admit
what he'd done,

but he said he wouldn't do it
over the phone.

So you drove to his office.

What happened
when you got there?

Megan went inside.

What about you?

She told me to wait in the car.

And then what?

A few minutes later,
she came back out and we left.

She say anything
about what happened?

No, she didn't want to
talk about it.

We just got in the car
and drove home.

Mom was asleep,
so we went to bed.

Why didn't you tell me?

We knew you were mad at us
for seeing him,

so we lied.

Okay, let's go over that one more time.

I told you, I don't remember.

Megan, you're not doing
yourself any favors here.

We have your phone records.
We know that you went to see him.

- Just tell us what happened.
- I would tell you if I could.

Well, why can't you?

Sometimes I black out.

Oh, come on, Megan. You're gonna
have to do better than that.

You took your grandfather's pistol
and you shot your father.

- No, I couldn't have.
- Did he threaten you?

I don't remember.

I didn't remember I was raped
until a few months ago.

Ask my therapist.

She said I couldn't get away from him,
so I pushed out the memory.

I wish it had stayed away,
because now I can't forget it.

I am no longer at liberty
to discuss Megan's treatment.

But you talked to us before.

Megan has decided
not to waive privilege.

Well, she's a suspect
in her father's murder.

If you thought she was
going to commit a crime,

you're legally obligated to report it.

I have been a therapist
for 15 years, Detective.

I don't need a lecture in ethics.

Okay, can you answer some general
questions about your treatment techniques?

I'll try. / How exactly do you
recover buried memories?

With intense therapy.

Can you be more specific?

Generally, the process begins
by recovering a flashback.

A snapshot in time.

And slowly, more and more
snapshots appear

until the collage becomes
a complete picture.

Once the patient faces
what happened to her,

she can begin to heal.

How do you know if the patient's
telling the truth?

I engage a physician
to administer sodium amytal.

Truth serum.

A tranquilizer that reduces resistance

and enables the therapist
to probe for inconsistencies

and verify the memories.

Okay, but what if you overlook
your patient's inconsistencies?

I don't overlook them,
Detective, I explore them.

I don't shy away
from the tough cases,

and I have an exemplary
record of success

where others have failed.

Is Megan a success story?

I think this conversation
has gone on long enough.

If you'll excuse me, my next
appointment is waiting.

Well, technically it's called
the false memory syndrome,

but I call it the power of
suggestion run amuck.

She said that sodium amytal
verifies memories.

More like creates them.

That's why it's fallen out of
favor with most reputable therapists,

but some die-hard advocates
still administer it.

How does it work?

It places the patient
in a semi-hypnotic state,

making them extremely
vulnerable to manipulation.

This is especially true
if they're already in a fragile state.

Like Megan.

Right. She fits the profile.

I remember reading this case in which
a young woman had convinced the police

to dig up a park in search
of bodies of young boys

that she claimed her father
had buried there

after raping and torturing them.

The fact that no such bodies
were ever found did not deter her

from believing
that they were still there.

And then, later, it was revealed that
the whole thing was planted in her head

during a sodium amytal
interview by her therapist.

So there's a good chance
that Megan was never raped.

More than a chance.

These are Megan's medical records.

We got a subpoena when she canceled
her physical exam for the third time.

An intact hymen.

She's a virgin.

So Megan's memories
of childhood rape...

Are just figments of her
therapist's imagination.

And Evan Ramsey was accused
on spectral evidence.

And we all had a hand in it.

However, the forensics
aren't spectral.

The lab matched the prints
on the shell casings to Megan's.

What about her state of mind?

Megan believes that she was raped,

but none of this would have happened

if that therapist hadn't filled her mind
with a lot of garbage.

The therapist didn't
pull the trigger. Megan did.

Look, she planted those photographs
and she lied about it.

That shows a clear
and logical state of mind.

Her fingerprints
are on the shell casings,

and her own sister places her
at the scene of the crime.

Jody's not going to want to testify.

Well, I'm issuing a subpoena.

She'll testify
or she'll be in contempt.

Grand Jury Room 12
Friday, February 23

Dad called Megan after
the charges were dropped.

He said he wanted to see her,
to be a family again.

She wanted to put an end to it,
but she was scared.

Is that why she asked
you to come along?


Where did you go?


We drove to my dad's office building.

What happened
when you got there?

Megan got out of the car
and went inside.

Where were you?

I know this is really hard for you,
but I need you to answer the question.

She didn't do it.


It was me.

I didn't mean for it to happen.

The gun just went off.

I didn't mean to kill him.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

Prosecuting 101, Counselor.

Don't rely on potential defendants
to make your case to the grand jury.

Jody wasn't a defendant,
she was a witness,

and without her testimony
we couldn't put Megan at the crime scene.

Oh, it never occurred to you
she might confess to protect her sister?

We questioned her
a number of times.

Her story never changed.

Until you gave her immunity,
in exchange for her testimony.

Her immunity doesn't extend
to cover perjury.

Perjury? What if she's telling the truth?

You just freed a 15-year-old killer.

We had every reason to believe
that Megan Ramsey killed her father.

I'm still not convinced she didn't.

You're gonna have a hard time
convincing a jury

if your star witness says she's the one
who pulled the trigger.

I'm on my honeymoon here, Ms. Cabot,

so I can still blame my predecessor
for all the screw-ups in this division.

Unfortunately, I told the D.A.

I supported your strategy.

So do us both a favor, huh?

Fix this mess.

I'm sure your lawyer already
told you you have immunity.

That means I cannot prosecute you
for anything you say to me now,

unless you lie to me.

Then all bets are off,
you understand?



Just tell me the truth.
What happened?

Megan was too afraid
to go in alone.

By the time we got to his office door,
she was shaking.

When he got up from his desk,
she started screaming.

He grabbed her
and he shook her

and he told her to be quiet.

She dropped her purse

and I saw the gun.

I picked it up

and I told him to let her go,
but he wouldn't listen.

He just kept yelling and yelling,

and I hollered, "Stop!"

He just stared at me.

Then he reached for the gun.

It just went off.

He looked so surprised.

It was an accident.

I loved my daddy.

I just wanted him
to stop hurting Megan.

How do I make sense of this?

My husband is dead,

killed by my own child's hand

and my willingness to believe
he was a monster.

How awful it must have been
for my husband

to know that the people
he loved most had turned on him.

We all share that burden,
Mrs. Ramsey.

Jody will not be prosecuted.

Not by the courts,
only by her own conscience.

But what about that woman
who treated my daughter with lies?

How many more families
will she destroy?

Megan went to her seeking help.

The patient has exhibited signs
of acute and...

Dr. Wharton.

I'm in the middle of something.

If you'd like to make an appointment...

Not today.

What is this?

A subpoena for the medical records

pertaining to the treatment of
Megan, Jody and Lily Ramsey.

Those records are confidential!

We'll take extra special care of them.

You'll also find a warrant
for your arrest.

On what charge?

Reckless endangerment
in the death of Evan Ramsey.

That's outrageous. Meg...

Megan is a very sick woman.

That you made even sicker
with your sodium amytal sessions.

Oh, you're hardly qualified
to pass judgment.

Maybe not, but Megan's
new therapist is,

and he's willing to testify that
your sessions amounted to malpractice.

Based on what?

Megan recanted her accusations.

He said that you
manipulated her memory.

Why, the family is in denial.

They're just looking for a scapegoat.

They're looking for justice.

The Ramseys filed suit this morning.

The State Board has suspended
your license pending a full investigation.

All around, I'd say this is a day
that you'll never forget.

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