Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 22, Episode 7 - Hunt, Trap, Rape, And Release. - full transcript

Benson teams up with Lt. Barek and the Bronx SVU to track down a serial rapist with victims in both boroughs.

In the criminal justice

sexually based offenses

are considered
especially heinous.

In New York City,
the dedicated detectives

who investigate
these vicious felonies

are members of an elite squad

known as
the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.


I know, Mom,

Mom, I gotta go to sleep.

I had a couple drinks tonight.

- Yeah.
- Yeah, I love you.


♪ ♪


Is someone there?

Be a good girl.

What do you got?

Vic is Rosie Zaran, 23.

She says the guy came
through the window.

- We get a description?
- Not much.

- He wore a mask.
- Okay.

Pulling street cams?

Uh, yeah.
We're on it.

And CSU's running
the apartment.

So they were finishing a bodega
break‐in about two blocks away

- when the call came in.
- All right.

And the vic's still
in the apartment?

She didn't want to leave.

I don't argue.
That's your job.

- Uh‐huh.
- Okay.


This can be pretty upsetting.

It might be better
if we could talk at the hospital.


I'm sorry.

Where‐‐where was I?

You were saying
that he had on a ski mask.

Yeah, I could
only see his eyes.

Just for a second,

before he pulled out
the‐‐the duct... tape.

He whispered, "Be a good girl."

And then...
and then he tied my hands

like... like, in prayer.

Did he say anything else?


No, no, he was silent
while he raped me.

When he was done, he said,

"If you call the cops,
I will kill you."

She did agree
to a rape kit?

But don't get your hopes up.

He used a condom.
He wore gloves.

And there are no security cams
on that block.

So no prints,
no DNA, and no video.

- We're looking at a pro.
- Maybe a serial.

I just found a pattern
number four in the Bronx.

Six vics in the past year.

I don't remember reading
about this in the press.

- Same M. O.?
- Single women.

Window entry, duct‐taped.

Told to be "good girls"?

Okay, our case is in Inwood
up by the Bronx,

so he's staying close to home.

Kenyatta's still captain
at Bronx SVU?

He was reassigned
a few months ago.

Fin, do you not read
your emails?

Do you want us to head up?

Come with, but I'll
take the lead on this.

I used to work with the new CO
when she worked at Major Case.

My first question...
why weren't we looped in?


All right, domestics,

David's Pizza!

Lieutenant Barek.

Captain Benson.

It's been a while.

Uh, wait, do I owe you a call?

From a few months back.

I was just calling

to congratulate you
on your promotion.

So you came all the way up to
the Bronx to congratulate me?

- No.
- No.

You didn't get my email
from this morning?

I don't read
my emails either.

Sergeant Tutuola.
Nice to meet you.

You too.

So what can I do for you?

Well, we caught a rape case
last night in Inwood

and it matches
one of your patterns.

The vic's hands were
duct‐taped in prayer.

Good Girl Rapist.

He started before I took over.

My best investigator,
Ari Moldovan, is the lead.

We brought along
our case file.

I'll give that to Moldovan.

If it's the same serial,
how about we coordinate?


No disrespect,
but it's a Bronx case.

You're new to SVU.

We usually keep
each other informed.

Okay, look, Chief Garland
was really clear

about what my job was here,
which was to build trust.

I bring Manhattan in,
there goes morale.

There's a rapist out there.

Shouldn't that be our priority?

It is.

Thanks for coming up here
and all.

Sorry you wasted a trip,

but we got this.

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

Season 22 Episode 07

Episode Title:
"Hunt, Trap, Rape, and Release"

Aired on: February 18, 2021

Well, in my experience,
too many cooks spoil the sauce.

All right, listen...

So you think
our guy's in Manhattan?

That would be a first.

Well, it's
the exact same M. O.

He duct‐taped her hands,
her eyes.

Told her to be a "good girl."

Worth talking
to the vic, Ari.

Not until Barek signs off.

She's new, wants to show
she can run a tight ship.

I'll ask.

Too many boots.
It's like too many cooks.

Not if you manage them

Lieu, sorry to interrupt.

No, it's great timing.

Sergeant Moldovan,
this is Captain Benson.

Sergeant Tutuola.

- You here to poach our case?
- No, no, no.

This isn't about credit.

We're just trying to get
a bad guy off the street.

No doubt.
So give us your file.

We don't hand over rape cases

unless Chief Garland
tells us to.


That Harvard guy trying to
tell me how to investigate now.


Look, I have a lot of respect
for the Chief and his time.

There's no reason
to bring him into this.

One vic last February,
two in March.

One in September,
two in December.


Then he takes
over a month off

until he hit Inwood last night?

- If it's even the same guy.
- Do you have any suspects?

No prints,
no DNA, no vic ID.

And it's just you and Ruz
on the team?

Welcome to the Bronx...

short on resources,
long on trouble.

Can I ask why the public
wasn't alerted?

This past year,
a rapist in the BX?

Not a high priority
for the press.

We figured, he's not on to us,

he'll drop his guard,
make a mistake.

Goren used to say,

our mistakes are our signature.

We all follow rules
the same way.

Our mess‐ups?
All our own.

Yeah, but he may have
already made a mistake.

We need to re‐interview
all of these victims.

The last thing they need...

Fresh eyes?
Good idea.

Do you mind if one of us
sits in, Captain?

Not at all.

He said...

"Be a good girl."

But Sergeant Moldovan
knows all this.

He's still working the case.

Can you describe
your attacker?

Not really.

He was tall, I guess.

You said he wanted
to stay around afterwards?

I was just...

waiting for him to kill me.

Can you tell the sergeant
what he did?

Just sat on the bed,


He told me
he liked my apartment.

How long did he stay?

It felt like forever.

He said he liked girls
who collect animal figurines.

- Did he ever threaten you?
- No.

He asked me my favorite color.

It's black,

but, um... but I said pink.

He liked that.

He said
if I went to the police,

he would come back and kill me.

Did you believe him?

Don't worry.
He won't.

Guys like him?
Control freaks.

But he's not here.
He's a ghost, Rosie.

If you say so.

I can still smell the whiskey
on his breath.

That's helpful.

You didn't mention that

Anything else come to mind?

To be honest,
I had a few last night.

It's okay.

That doesn't matter.

Hold this, will you?

- She was comfortable with you.
- I was skeptical,

but that training, questioning
in a non‐linear way?

Really helps vics
recover memories.

Oh, yeah.
So this sounds like your guy?

Number seven.

I just don't know
why he left the Bronx.

Barek wants me back uptown.

Still a little turfy
about this.


I left four messages
for the Bronx DA.

They know we're teaming up
on this, right?

Barek said she'd call them.

You know, her political chops
are worse than yours.

It might take a day, Carisi.

- But she's on board?
- She's still finding her way.

But she definitely wants
to find this guy.

Okay, good.

So these women,

doesn't look like
he has a type.

No, so it's more
about access, vulnerability.

They all live alone.
Easy entry.

First floor, or window
right off the fire escape.

He works different
neighborhoods in the Bronx.

Sometimes at day,
sometimes at night.

Bad news from Ruz.

Good Girl Rapist struck again.

I was sleeping.


The vic's name is Paz Orduña.

- I'll meet her at Barnabas.
- Okay.

- Kat, go with.
- Copy, Captain.

- Come on.
- Tonight's attack

is consistent
with previous rapes.

We now believe we got
a serial working the Bronx.

- You know anything about this?
- No, not at all.

We advise residents,
keep your windows,

your doors locked.

If you're a victim
of an assault...

- So why now?
- If you see something,

if you hear something,
please call our tip line.

Your guess is
as good as mine.

Lieutenant, you called
the press before you called us?

No, they beat us here.
Those crime apps...

We're still working
this together.

We're in the middle
of helping a rape victim.

- Sorry I hurt your feelings.
- That's not

- what this is about.
- It's not?

How many lights did you run to
get here before the press left?

Why don't you take it easy?
Not now, Sergeant.

You can pitch up your guys
all you want...

- Take it easy.
- She's not my CO.

All right!
Back down!

Heard what she said.
Stand down.

- You stand down!
- Hey, let's take this inside.

Get out of my face!
It's my case!

- These are my vics!
- Hey! Yo, get off her, man.

- Get your damn hands off me!
- Hey!

- Stop.
- Okay!

Fin, stop.

So you both made
the front page.

You must be very proud.

Chief, it looks worse
than it was.

Small comfort.

The department is working
to regain credibility,

and two of our sergeants engage
in a public brawl?

In front of press?

Not to make excuses for Ari,

but this case,
it's eating him up.

He can't sleep
until he catches this guy.

Okay, with all due respect,

if he doesn't get some rest,
he's gonna blow the case.

Excuse me?

Your sergeant is off.

He blindsided us.

We were in pursuit!

- What were we supposed to do?
- Are you two done?

Stop? Make a phone call...
Are you done?

- I'm sorry.
- I'll wait.

Is this how you lead
by example?

- I'm sorry, Chief.
- I'm sorry.

I'm due at CompStat,

where I'll have to explain
why we have a serial rapist

who has just struck
for the eighth time

while two of my units
are fighting.

Do you want us there?

Well, they asked.

But I'm gonna tell them
you're too busy

setting up the Bronx‐Manhattan
Good Girl Rapist Task Force.

So... we're now officially
a joint task force?

Who's gonna tell Moldovan?

So you said you wanted
to talk to me about something?

Maybe it's just
a coincidence,

- but Paz, last night's vic?
- Mm‐hmm?

Good Girl Rapist worked
this neighborhood before.

- Last April.
- April?

I don't remember seeing
an assault in April.

- Are you sure?
- April 9th.

I remember because
it was my sister's birthday.

I should've
mentioned it earlier.

I think her name was
Bella... Gardner.

Okay, let me take a look
at the DD5.

The thing is,
there isn't one.

I took her disclosure,
same M. O.,

but she never followed up
with me.

My captain at the time,


he said to circular‐file
the report.

And Moldovan
went along with that?


Don't blame Ruz.
This is all on me.

I completely forgot about it.

Forgot about a rape?

I had a 105 fever.

I thought I was dying
from the 'rona.

But Ruz did take
a disclosure?

Over the phone.

She asked the vic
to meet her at the hospital,

but the woman never showed.
Never called Ruz back.

And your old captain
never followed up?

Last spring,
with the bodies piling up?

We had more refrigerated trucks
sitting outside hospitals

than supermarkets.

Thank you.
I remember.

Yeah, so do I.
But that was then.

Now, we need to talk
to Bella Gardner,

see what she has to say.

- Ruz and I will make it right.
- Actually, take Rollins with.

The vic might blame Ruz.

- Hey, you ready?
- Sure.

So this is how
the other half lives.

Lots of elbow room.
Nice waiting area.

Your cleaning crew
comes through, what,

- four times a day?
- Yeah.

It's a regular Xanadu.

The officer on the phone
was completely overwhelmed.

She wanted me to meet her
at the ER,

but back in April?

I wasn't going anywhere
near a hospital.

And we're sorry.

You should have gotten
a better response.

But I'm getting one now
because you think this guy is

the serial rapist
you're looking for?

Would you mind telling us
what you remember

from the night of the assault?

He had booze on his breath.

He taped my hands,

and my eyes.

Before that,
did you get a look at him?

No, just a shape in the dark.

- Did he talk much?
- Not really.

After he taped
my hands and eyes,

he whispered,
"Be a good girl."

Did he say anything else
to you?

When he was done, he said

if I told the police,
he'd know,

and he'd kill me.

We've really screwed up.

That brings his vics
to, what, nine?

I don't know.

Most of these rapes,
he's Chatty Cathy,

but with Bella and Rosie,
he's silent

until the end when
he threatens to kill them.

They both said
he had booze on his breath.

Maybe when he's drunk,
he drops the small talk.


He may have struck again.

Attempted sexual assault
near Hunts Point.


The vic's dog took a chunk
out of his hand and leg.

He's on the run.
Kat and Ruz are in pursuit.

Look, if you want to head home,
see your kids, I got this.

No, we're all in.

I'll call my sergeant.
Let's go.

We got blood!
Call it in!

Special Victims to Central.

Suspect's heading south
on Dupont... bleeding.

We got a visual.

He's heading
into the Expo Center.

Over there!

Let's go!
Let's go!

Suspect has entered silos

near expo entrance
on Oak Point Avenue.

We are in pursuit.

Responding units,
form a perimeter.

Go, go, go!


NYPD! Stop!
Hands in the air!

Take one more step,
and I'll shoot!

Look, man.
I got my hands up.


Shots fired.
All units respond.

What the hell, Ari?

- I told him not to move.
- He slipped!

He was reaching
for something.

I fell...
You shut up!

You're lucky you didn't have
two bullets in your chest.

Sergeant, it might be a
good time to put away your gun.

I got this.

Get your hands up
where we can see them.

Get your ass up here.
And don't do anything stupid.

Nice and easy.

You're under arrest
for attempted rape.

NYPD staying
bein' crooked, huh?

- You got him?
- Yeah.

- Nice work.
- Congratulations, Sarge.

Come on, man.

- He was unarmed.
- How do we know that?

Is that how
we're playing this?

- You saw a gun?
- I saw what I saw.

We'll find a weapon down there.

I'm not losing my job
over this.

You won't.

Look, I lost my cool.

You know how these cases
get under your skin.

I missed.

Aside from the dog bites,
the scumbag's fine.

- Yeah.
- I'll do the paperwork.

Anyone asks, you got here
after I fired.


I'll say you said
you saw a gun.

I did.

Rollins, Moldovan.
You guys okay?

We're fine.
Right, Rollins?


Well, you fired your gun.
You know the drill.

Got it.
Turn in my weapon, bend over.

Hey, you got your guy.

Thank Detective Rollins.

Something I should know?

It's the Bronx.

They still haven't found
the weapon?

Hmm, trying to find a gun
overnight in the river?

Look, the Bronx DA is
a cop hater.

I got to protect my sergeant.

And he told me
Rollins backed him up.

She said what she saw
and what she didn't.

What do we have
on the suspect?

Danny Gonzalez, 38.

He's a Gypsy cab driver.

He knows every street
in the Bronx.

And he's a devout Catholic.

Same pattern
as the other rapes.

Do you think it's a good idea
for Moldovan to be in the room?

It's his collar.
It's his case.

Force Investigation's
already cleared him

working on it.

Serial rapist?

I know what this is.

My client was unarmed,
you shot at him,

you have to justify...
Don't pull that crap in here.

So you're saying your client

wasn't in Dana Ortiz's

Even though his blood is
all over her floor?

Look, I'll be honest
with you.


I was
in that girl's apartment.

But I'm no rapist.

I was casing the alley,
saw an open window.

Figured I could grab
a cell phone or some jewelry.

So you didn't know
she was home?

Middle of the day.
People should be at work.

Yeah, of course.

I never would've gone in.

I didn't know she had a dog,
for damn sure.

She surprised you?

That why you duct‐taped
her eyes and her hands?

Told her to be a "good girl"?

- I was talking to the dog.
- Danny.

May I?

This is an attempted burglary
gone bad.

He didn't even take anything.
He was unarmed.

Nothing he did justifies
being shot.

All right.

Maybe he can help us out
with some other burglaries.

Nine other victims.

- The same M. O.
- You guys are unbelievable.

Now you're trying to pin all
your open cases on my client?

We're saying,
now that we have his DNA,

if there's any match
at the other scenes,

might be a good time
for him to get in front of it.

- I think we're done.
- No, it's just...

Actually, I'll take a look.

- Maybe I can help.
- We appreciate that.

March 1st, 2020.

Let me think.

And Wellen Park?

March 5th?

This woman,
what's she saying?

How about
we ask the questions?

Do you have alibis
for these dates, Danny?

- It was a long time ago.
- So that's a no.

Mott Haven?
April 9th?

April 9th?

Can't remember where you were
that night either, Danny?

Actually, I can.

Locked up in Tallahassee

on a B&E.

Nice try.

If you're saying
that one rapist

is good for all of these,

then you got the wrong guy.

That B&E story?
A joke.

This is definitely our perp,
ten vics.

Not Bella Gardner, not if
he was locked up April 9th.

Check with Tallahassee PD.

So what else do we have
on the other eight women?

There's no DNA on the kits.

And he taped their eyes,
so there's no visual ID.

Let me talk to him

He's not gonna confess
to the cop that shot at him.

He's not gonna
confess to anybody.

- He's a pro.
- Who made the mistake

of saying the exact same phrase
to eight other women.

Be a good girl.

- Number five.
- Be a good girl.

Number five.

I think.

You can take your time.

Maybe four?

You went fishing.

The big one got away.
We done?

I will let you know,

Okay, Rosie?

I'm sorry.

- It's not any of them.
- Okay.

And now, we done?

Thanks, Lieutenant.

So that was Barek.

The voice ID in the Bronx
went a little better.

Five of seven
positively IDed Gonzalez.

The problem is,
three of the nine didn't,

so he can claim reasonable
doubt on all of them.

And he has proof
that he didn't do one.

Tallahassee PD confirms
that Gonzalez was locked up

in county jail,
April 2nd to August 18th.

Okay, so he didn't rape
Bella Gardner on the 9th,

- but the M. O. Was the same?
- No, not completely.

Bella and Rosie both said
their assailant hardly spoke

and had liquor on his breath.

So maybe it's a copycat.

Except that it wasn't
in the press, Kat.

Okay, so for now,
let's go back to the assault

in our jurisdiction... Rosie.

Gonzalez had an alibi
for that night?

- He was with his grandmother.
- Oh, the abuelita alibi.

It's not as airtight
as a lockup, but

she and Bella had overlap
in their disclosures.

Go back to Rosie.

See if any of
the other details dovetail.

You never told me how it went
with Force Investigation.

No big deal.
I told them

Moldovan said he saw a gun.

But you didn't?

I... I don't know.

A lot was going on then.

- Officers.
- Hey, Rosie.

Sorry to bother you.

We just had
some follow‐up questions.

Oh, I'm... I'm already
answering them.

Sergeant Moldovan got here
ahead of you.

Oh, okay, we must've
got our wires crossed.

- Can we come in?
- Yeah, of course.

Rollins, Tutuola.

I should have given you
a heads‐up.

What are you doing here?

Lieutenant Barek and I
decided it might be a good idea

to go over
the victims' statements.

Sergeant Moldovan was
explaining that it's normal

- to be confused after a trauma.
- He was?

Which is why he wants me
to do the voice lineup again.

That guy that you arrested...

um, the one the dog bit?

Yeah, I can pick him out
this time.

I know I can.

I've gone over
Moldovan's record.

Twenty years on the job,

closed several
high‐profile cases.

Gun Hill Road Rapist,
the Black Hood Rapist.

All his COs speak very highly.

Yeah, including
Lieutenant Barek.

Look, I get it.
He's a good SVU investigator.

What I saw was
clear witness tampering.

Or overzealous police work.

He's been trying to push us
out of this case from the get.

He's turfy.
He's got an ego.

What's Lieutenant Barek's take?

I held off on talking to her
until I talked to you.

Look, it's gonna be
very difficult

for us to work together
once I...

I get it.
So what's your gut?

Gonzalez good
for these rapes?

Most of them,
but not all of them.

Look, without a confession,

without DNA, if we indict...

His defense attorney
has a field day.

And that's before finding out
Moldovan was coaching a vic

to make an ID.

So we have a problem.

You still want me
to coordinate with Barek?

For the moment,
separate tracks.

And first, discreetly find out
how much we need to worry

about Moldovan's work
on the Bronx rapes.

Barek's gonna find out
sooner or later.

Yeah, and when she does,
she's gonna defend him.

Look, and what
do we really have?

He was re‐interviewing
a victim.

Look, I could talk to him.

I mean, Rollins didn't
just come out and say it,

but from what I get,

there was something off
about that shooting.

Look, you and Moldovan?

What I don't need is a rematch.

There's gotta be a less
confrontational way to do this.

He says it'll just be
a minute.

- Cool.
- What were you saying?

Ari was the only male
I ever worked with

who didn't hit on me.

Even when he's had a couple.
He just taught me what he knew.

Must've felt like you were
thrown in the deep end

when he went into quarantine.

He was on the phone with me
every day.

I mean, he was worried
I'd get the bug too.

He even said, don't meet
Bella Gardner at the hospital.

Yeah, he was trying
to keep you safe.

Yeah, he said,
tell the vic to get a rape kit

before you interview her
in person.

Make sure you're not
exposing yourself.

"Different times call
for different measures, Ruz.

You gotta stay alive
to do good."

Sounds like he goes above
and beyond.

- Yeah.
- Well, it's probably why

he went back to Rosie's
after the voice ID.

He said she was shaken up.

He blames himself for that one.

Why is that?

His one fault?

Sometimes he gets so wound up,
he hits it hard end of shift.

He was at an Inwood dive bar
that night.

He called me to meet him.

- Okay, ladies.
- Oh.

- Here you go.
- Thank you.

Later, he beat himself up

'cause he was close
to the scene.

I said, "Sarge, it's not like
you could've stopped it."

Hey, the blinds are drawn.
What's going on?

Moldovan was at a bar

in the neighborhood
the night that Rosie was raped.

Ruz says that's why
he blames himself

and why he went to Rosie.

Because he cares...
So much.

I don't like
where this is going.

Ruz trusts me.
I can go back to her.

Hold off for now.

Thanks, Kat.

And good job.

Anyone think
this is a coincidence?

Bella and Rosie said
their rapist was quiet

- and had booze on his breath.
- And we know

that Gonzalez is not good
for Bella's rape.

Rollins, one more time.

When Moldovan shot
at Gonzalez...

If you're asking...


Yeah, he could have been
trying to kill the guy.

Well, this changes
the trajectory

of our investigation.

If Moldovan is a copycat,

then we need to look
at his other cases.

Those women?

They coulda just gotten on
with their lives,

but one little thing, and they
go running off to the police.

If they had to live through
half of what I had to...

That's not why
we're here, Joey.

Detective Moldovan.

Oh, that mother...

Oh, I almost forgot.
I brought you something.

- Where were we?
- Detective Moldovan.

He's the one that got me here
in the first place.

Well, you had a lot
to do with it.

You tied up your victims, put
a black hood over their eyes.

Hood kept them alive.

They couldn't see me.
I could go about my business.

- Six rapes?
- Sure.

- That's what they say.
- That's what who says?

You wanted to talk
about Moldovan.

In your initial confession,

you admitted to four
of the six rapes,

with your DNA.

And then, two hours later,
you confessed to all six.

Including the final two
that didn't have any DNA.

Besides the cookies,
what's in it for me?

All right, no one's
gonna believe me anyway.

If we can prove that
you were forced to confess

to a crime that
you didn't commit,

then I can tell the new Bronx
DA that you cooperated with us.


Moldovan's like a dog
with a bone,

telling me to take the rap
for all six,

and I save the two other women
from the anguish

of blah‐blah‐blah.

Like that's my problem.

Then why'd you confess?

Moldovan said he'd make sure

I got locked up close to home.

My mom was sick.

She couldn't take
no eight‐hour bus ride.

So I cop to the six,

and Moldovan opens his jaw,
drops me out.

My mom passed a month later.

She never came to see me

So screw Moldovan.

Moldovan's like a dog
with a bone,

telling me to take the rap
for all six,

and I save the two other women
from the anguish

of blah‐blah‐blah.

This is appalling.

So the Good Girl Rapist,
Black Hood Rapist...

Sergeant Moldovan
takes on the M. O.

Of serial rapists
he's investigating?

There's no way
of knowing for sure.

And there's no way
to prove any of this.

This guy is smart.
He left no DNA.

I'm worried he's gonna find
some way to wiggle out of it

and frame somebody else
as the copycat.

And all we have is the word
of a convicted rapist.

So unless Moldovan confesses,
or he gets caught in the act,

I‐I don't see
how you make this case.

Well, his first mistake
was getting drunk

and hitting Manhattan
instead of the Bronx.

I mean, since we've been
working on this case,

he's been losing control.

Going at it with Fin,
shooting at Gonzalez.

So he's devolving, paranoid.

Shouldn't be too hard
to speed that up.


Hey, Moldovan.

Thanks for meeting me.

What's going on?
You want a drink?

Oh, yeah.
I'll have what you're having.

Hey, I'm getting a lot of heat.

Gonzalez's lawyer
is threatening to sue.

My captain and sergeant,
they're already in the barrel.

That guy in Central Park?
That case is bogus.

No, it's going forward,
and my captain says

that there are a lot of eyes
on SVU.

And she keeps asking me
about the gun...

whether I saw it.

Listen, don't worry
about Gonzalez.

Force Investigation?

They won't take that pervert's
word over ours.


Unless you're
changing your story?

Mm‐mm, no, no, no.
God, no.

I talked to them once.
That's enough.

- Then we're good.
- No, there's more.

My sergeant didn't like you
showing up to Rosie's place.

- Yeah, I got that.
- Yeah.

So Rosie came in
to do the second voice ID,

- like you wanted her to.
- And?

She wasn't able
to ID Gonzalez.

But we know it's him.
It's his M. O.

Your ADA is an ex‐cop.
He'll indict, right?

Actually, there's
another flag on the play

'cause Rosie told my sergeant
that she recognized your eyes.

I told him that
you interviewed her twice.

- She was conflating.
- That can happen.

But the thing is,
you are already

in my sergeant's crosshairs.

He checked your cell records,
the night of the rape.

My cell records?

So your sergeant's a rat?

What'd he find?

My cell puts me in
the neighborhood the night of?

- Yeah.
- 'Cause I was here.

Didn't Officer Tamin tell you?
She talked to Ruz.

Yeah, she said
you felt guilty.

I did.
What I didn't say before?

I saw Rosie here that night.

She was partying hard.

She told us
she had a drink or two.

How many rape victims you
know tell you they were wasted?

That's why she didn't want
to go the hospital,

get her blood alcohol run.

And now Rosie
makes me as the perp?

I try to help her,
get this guy off the street,

close it out?

- No good deed.
- No good deed.

I work my ass off.

One dumb-ass captain
after another.

Babysitting rookies.

Fricking amateur hour.

- I hear you.
- Then everyone says,

"Ari, now it's your turn."

But nah,

they bring in that mumbling
head case over me.

- That's not right.
- None of it is.

'Cause you're the one
tracking these guys.

Getting inside their heads,
learning their every move.

- That's right.
- So what happened, Ari?

Did you go so far
down the rabbit hole,

you couldn't get out?


I'm not like those animals.


No, I'm just trying...

- I think you got a text.
- Yeah.

You know what?

I should get going.

But I've had too many.

You wanna give me a lift home?

You can tell me
about your girls.


Nice and easy.

My phone...

Gun! Gun!
He's got a gun!

- Put that gun down!
- You set me up!

Drop that gun!

It doesn't have
to end this way.

You're right.

- How about this way?
- Don't do it.

I'm not asking you.

Do it.

Do it.

Do it.

Screw you!

You got nothing on that wire.

- You okay?
- Yeah.

Let's just get his ass
out of here.

- There you are.
- Ruz.

So you asking me out
for a cuchifrito,

- you were just setting me up?
- Hang on.

It wasn't
to talk about the case

or to get to know me.

You were working me
about Moldovan.

You're a rat.

And so is Detective Rollins.

Ruz, Moldovan is a rapist.


He's a rapist.

I have to live with that
every day...

that I had no idea,

that I covered for him.

But you could have been
straight with me.

He was your mentor.

We couldn't risk
you tipping him off.

There were other ways
to handle this.

You made every one of us
look bad.

You played me like
some dumb chick rookie?

You're a good cop, Ruz.

A cop.
Not a detective.

You'll get your shield
over this.

But me?

They'll never promote me now.

I'm probably looking
at five years, tunnel duty.

Oh, come on.
That'll never happen.

Screw you.

Are you mad at me,
or you mad at Moldovan?

You don't get
to talk about that!

Word's gonna get around.

Moldovan has a lot more friends

in the department than you do.

Next time you call for backup,

I wouldn't hold your breath.

You okay?


She needed
to blow off some steam.

- Kat, listen...
- I'm fine.

All good.

Moldovan is on suicide watch
at Rikers,

- awaiting trial.
- Tell me

that they're not
gonna cut him a deal.


1PP was worried
about the headlines,

but I convinced them,
if we don't send a message

on a betrayal of trust
like this, we're lost.

The way he was working me,
I should have seen through it.

You're new to SVU.
Your predecessor missed it.

We all did.
Nostra maxima culpa.

But somebody's
gotta hold the bag.

I feel like this is where
I turn in my papers,

and you tell me
I can keep my pension.

Not necessary.

Of course, you can't stay on
at Bronx SVU.

I can move you back
to Homicide.

Keep your head down,
do your job.

Everything passes.

That hasn't always been
my experience.

Every performance review
I've ever received said,

my failing as an officer
was that I was a lone wolf,

that I didn't listen,
didn't collaborate.

One time I go and delegate...
Listen to me.

It's not gonna help you
to second‐guess yourself.

The fact of the matter is,

is that Moldovan was
a good detective.

And that's what
you picked up on.

But 20 years?
20 years at SVU?

That'll... eat you up.

- You've been here 20 years.
- And then some.

Look, I hope that
I haven't devolved.


but it does take a toll.

So I'm lucky to get out
before I get in too deep?

Carolyn, Moldovan fooled
a lot of people

before you got there.

You're gonna get through this.

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