Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 21, Episode 9 - Can't Be Held Accountable - full transcript

A fellow detective asks the SVU for help when he suspects his two daughters are being groomed by a serial predator. Kat disobeys the Captain's orders.

In the criminal justice

sexually based offenses

are considered
especially heinous.

In New York City,
the dedicated detectives

who investigate
these vicious felonies

are members of an elite squad
*LAW & ORDER Special Victims Unit*

known as
the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

Oh, my goodness!
Hi, baby.

- Who are you?
- Oh, thanks a million...

Oh, Georgie is a handful.

He's so cute.

I hope this doesn't sound
weird, but you are stunning.

- Do you model?
- No.

You should.
I'm a scout for Steve Getz.

He owns GimmieThatBody Fitness.

I... yeah, I've heard of it.

He likes fresh,
healthy girls like you.

We're launching
an athleisure line.

The test photo shoot's

- Uh... I have school.
- It's always after school.

Wouldn't want
the mothers worrying.

It's actually just my dad
right now.

They're separated,
and my mom's in...


Sounds like you could use
a break.


Give us a go.

- Thanks again.
- Yeah.

Just tell me, Ivy.
Tell me, tell me!

You know GimmieThatBody?

Yeah, I've seen their Insta.

They're starting
a teen clothing line,

and I'm auditioning
to be a model.

- You? Seriously?
- Yeah, but you can't tell Dad.

Can't tell Dad what?


- How are you?
- Good.

Mac and cheese, my favorite.

Good job.

Looks good.
Thanks, Ivy.


Like this?
Show me that smile.

Get a close-up of her face.

♪ So loud... ♪

I think Steve
really likes you.

You do?


Ivy, I think I've found
my new GimmieThatBody girl.

Wait... are you serious?

Yes, and I should know.
I'm the boss.

Granya, make sure that Ivy
has the address to the party.

How cool is this?

♪ Ooh, never look back ♪

Hey, you.

Oh, my God, this is insane.

Oh, take it in, Ivy.
That model life.

♪ Never look back,
never look back ♪


Look who's here.
Just waking up.

- Ivy, glad you could make it.
- Ah, this is Ivy.

Wow, I've heard great things.
Nice to see you.

♪ Slow down ♪

♪ I'm miles away
from crashing ♪

♪ It's all over now ♪



♪ You keep calling ♪

♪ You keep calling ♪

♪ You keep calling
so I'll turn around ♪

Yes, right into the lens.

Now, chin up a little bit.

Very good.

Very nice, Ivy.
Now just the bra.

♪ Tomorrow, tomorrow ♪

♪ Ooh, never look back ♪

♪ Never look back ♪

♪ Tomorrow, tomorrow ♪

Okay, over your shoulder
a little bit.

You are gorgeous.

Really nice.

- Really good stuff, Ivy.
- Thanks.

All right,
now drop your hands.

Um, I... I don't know.

Come on, Ivy.

It's GimmieThatBody.
You can do that, can't you?

It does pay more.

♪ Ooh, never look back ♪

♪ Never look back ♪

♪ Ooh, never look back,
never look back ♪

There's an extra hundred
there for you.

♪ Ooh, never look back ♪

♪ Never look back ♪

♪ Tomorrow, tomorrow, oh ♪

♪ Tomorrow, tomorrow ♪

- Ivy, your lunch.
- Oh, I'm good.

Yeah, but you need to eat.

I'll just get something
at school.

♪ Tomorrow, tomorrow ♪

♪ Tomorrow, tomorrow ♪

- You work with Steve, right?
- Mm-hmm.


♪ Tomorrow, tomorrow ♪

♪ Tomorrow, tomorrow ♪

Hey, hon.

You're looking good.

Diet's working.

You have a little sister,

What was her name?

Steve says bring her
next time.

Hi, love.
Thanks for coming.

This place.
It's like a palace.

More fun.

Ivy's little sister.
We've been waiting.

How old are you, sweetheart?

Almost 13.


Isn't that wonderful?

♪ Ooh, never look back ♪

♪ Never look back ♪

Special Victims Unit*

*LAW & ORDER Special Victims Unit*
Season 21 Episode 09

Episode Title:
"Can't Be Held Accountable"

So he's smart, kind, funny,

you enjoy his company,
he's good with your kids...

- What am I missing?
- It's not like that.

We're friends. We're partners.
We were partners...

till he left
for the DA's office.

Which I'm sensing you have
unresolved feelings about.


No, I'm over it.

Not that he even knew that
there was a problem.

Did you tell him?

- He should've known.
- Because he knows you?

I see what you're doing.


That's... that's the end
of the session.

But, uh, next week we should
talk about my dad.

He called this morning.

- And you haven't spoken in...
- 15 years.

Doorknob comment?

Might've been worth bringing
up earlier in the session.

Uh, sorry, Captain,

I'm just stepping out
of the shooting range.

Yeah, Detective Bucci...
Yeah, he, um...

He hit on me
in a courthouse waiting room.

He's asking for me?

All right, tell him
I'm on my way.

- Detective Bucci.
- Hey.

I didn't know who else to call.

I'm kind of going out of
my mind here.

Okay, what's going on?

So Detective Bucci's

He's got Ivy, 15, and Milly...
Milly, 12...

May be victims of a predator.

And my wife, we're separated.
She's in rehab.

- I have custody now.
- Got it.

Ivy's got this job...
seemed okay.

Ivy's been working as a model
for GimmieThatBody.

That's how
they lured her in.

This Getz, he really plays
on teenage girls.

Hold up. Steve Getz,
the... the billionaire?

Yeah, he's a pervert,

Last night,
Ivy takes Milly to a party.

Getz is there, all the guys,
Milly freaks out,

Ivy takes her home,
Milly starts trying to tell me

what's going on,
and Ivy denies it.

- Okay.
- She's lying.

I searched her room.

I found four grand, cash.

- Adderall, birth control pills...
- Okay, okay, none of that-

None of that is great
for a father to find,

but we don't know

- what's going on.
- It's Getz. I know.

Ivy's changed.

I retired, took my 20
six months ago.

Now I'm working private
insurance fraud,

security, double shifts.

I missed the signs.

It's my fault.
What signs?

Ivy's wearing
a lot of makeup.

All right, she's staying out
late at night.

Short skirts, she's talking on
the telephone all the time.

This Getz, this son of a bitch,
what he's done to my girls...

We're... we're gonna talk
to them, okay?

I don't even know
where Ivy is.

I kind of went off on her

and she stormed off.

Now, I pulled Milly out of
school, and uh...

She's not gonna rat out
her sister.

Ivy was so mad
when I told our dad.

I'm an older sister.
I get it.

I know you're worried
about it,

but we just want to help,

It's been so hard.

She's, like, not my sister

How, honey?

She's mean.

Maybe 'cause she's hungry.

I can hear her crying
in the bathroom.

And I think she's having sex.

What makes you
think that?

She left her computer on

I checked her history.


It was sex stuff.

And there were these guys
DMing her,

saying how hot
they were to...

do her again.

Okay. Do you... do you know
where your sister is now?

Ivy, look at me.
Right off camera.

There we go.
Looking good, looking good.

Really comfortable.
Really nice, really nice.

All right, take a break, girls.

- Ives, good work.
- So proud of you.

Let's see what you got
so far.

Yeah, this is what we want.


Can I talk to you?
Do I know you?

I'm a police officer.
Kat Tamin.

- What, did my dad send you?
- Yeah, he did.

Okay, my little sister
is lying.

I'm a model,
and I got to get back to work.

Hey, Ivy,

I don't care what you've
been telling your father.

I went through
your computer.

We both know what's really
going on here.

You did what?

Okay, I don't need to talk
to you.

Yes, you do,

or I'm going to tell
the people that you work for

you already did,
and that you're giving them up.

- No, don't do that.
- I can, and I will.


Everything okay?

- All fine, Granya.
- Who's this?

Kitty Bucci.
I'm Ivy's aunt.

Yeah, I just wanted to come by
and see for myself

what all this modeling
was about.

It's so exciting, isn't it?
We love Ivy.

Could you and I speak

Ivy, they're waiting for you.

She's such a nice girl.

You mean when the men
pass her around,

and she does
whatever they ask?

- Excuse me?
- Cut the crap, Granya.

I know what's going on.
You're taking care of Ivy.

You've got to take care
of me too.

That's something
we can talk about.

Is that your boss, Steve?

He know my brother's an ex-cop?

It would be a real good idea
for Steve

to get Ivy's dad
and me on his side.

Why don't I
introduce you two?

I'm sure he can
allay your concerns.


You have a special visitor.

Steve Getz,
good to meet you.

What is Kat doing?

Captain said to suss out
the gig, talk to Ivy.

- She's calling an audible.
- But Getz is smart.

If he makes her, this...
This case is blown

before we even open it.

So what do you want me to do,
shoot her?

You're her sergeant.
Reel her in.

- I'll talk to her.
- Really, will ya?

Let her play this out.

All right.

Kitty mentioned
she used to be a runway model.

I knew that
without you telling me.

This is Granya Marcil,

Steve Getz's
sometime girlfriend

and company talent scout.

- You mean his procurer?
- Seems like it.

Told her I wanted in on the
action, and she didn't blink.

You approached her?

Yeah, Kat kind of
went off book,

but she did get an invitation
to Getz's townhouse tonight.

I saw an opening,
and I went with my gut.

Next time, don't.

It worked out this time,
but, Kat,

you could have just as easily
blown up the case

or gotten yourself shot.

Copy that.

For the record,
Getz is not only wealthy,

he's in tight with
the New York power players.

Politicians, tech founders,

GimmieThatBody is one of dozens
of retail chains that he owns.

Six residences,
private islands, private jets...

So your average billionaire.

Look, you're already in,

so get Granya on tape.

Talk to doormen,
sit on the house,

follow the girls.

We have to hit him
from every angle.

If you're trying to arrest
Steve, that'll never happen.

He's too smart.
They all are.

Ivy, Kitty,
so glad you could come.

The girl's a regular.
The tall one, she's new.

A little mature for Getz.

- What's his type?
- Candy stripers.

I've been working security

girls coming and going
all hours.

- It's like food deliveries.
- Yeah,

do you ever see Getz
do anything with the girls?

I mean, physically.

If I did,
you'd be fingerprinting me.

This place is beyond amazing.

I thought that you said
there was a party tonight.

- It starts later.
- How about a tour?

Homework to do?

you've got to ride 'em.

Oh, wow.
It's not real gold.


Ivy mentioned that
Mr. Getz has a state-of-the-art gym.

- I'd love to check it out.
- Not gonna happen.

It's Steve's private area.

Ivy knows all about
his private area.

- Let's talk.
- Mm.

So, Kitty, we appreciate
your interest in Ivy.


This is how it's going
to work: ten grand.

A one-time finder's fee for you
and your brother.

- That seems fair.
- You can take Ivy home now.

The next time she comes,
it's without you.

So, let's forget about
my brother for a second.

You mentioned a finder's fee.
If I were to find more girls...

We're not really hiring
at the moment.

Too bad.

I'm a Catholic school
social worker.

The neglect in some
of these homes,

these sweet, pretty girls...

Steve might be able to make a
real difference in their lives.

You know his type.

Don't waste my time.

Thanks to you,
I just lost 500 bucks.

Thanks, Dad.

You arrest the guy?

Frank, you know
how this works.

I do know how this works.

The DA's afraid
to go after him.

We've got an ADA on our side.
He used to be a cop.

Our Captain just wants to
hit him from every angle.

We will take care of this.

Good, 'cause if you don't,
I will.

So these are the first three
girls that we talked to.

There's a dozen more
that we're tracking down.

I get it,
but none of these three

are willing to testify, right?

Getz bought Palmer's
grandfather a new Cadillac.

And Sarah's closets are full
of Prada, Louboutin, Gucci.

Okay, what about this one?
Any luck?

Okay, that's Tessa,
so her story is,

Getz was a gentleman
until her 17th birthday.

He's paying for her college.

We do have Granya on tape.

Yeah, which implicates her
a lot more than him.

What about Ivy?

Okay, so Ivy's still mad
at her father,

so she's siding with Getz.

So we have no
complaining witnesses.

We have a pattern here.

Yeah, of teenage girls going
in and out of his townhouse,

which he will claim
are photo shoots

and launch parties.

Milly and her father
are willing to testify.

To what?
That he's a sleaze?

Look, I feel for these people,
but legally,

there's no there here.

Until one of the victims
flips on Getz,

I can't take a crowbar
to his front door.

Any other advice,

Figure it out.

So we keep looking
for more girls.

- We bring Granya in.
- Or...

We go directly to Getz.

This guy is arrogant.

Maybe there's a way
that he implicates himself

without realizing it.

You think he's just gonna
come in?

No. We have to get inside
his Boyd Cycle.

- His what?
- It's a Chief Garland thing.

We have to catch Getz
off guard,

not on his turf, you know...

Throw off his
decision-making process.

Okay. Chief have any idea
where that might be?

No, but I do.

Paige, we have some guests
flying in.

Get some movie theater candy.

Maybe some edibles
while you're at it.

Ah, told you.

This is the men's room.

Well, we looked for you
in the little girls' room,

but they told us
you were in here.

Good place to talk to you,
Mr. Getz?

Am I under arrest?

Not if you come with us

Paige, I'm being harassed.

Call Abrams,
tell him to meet me at...

SVU. Special Victims.
Let's go.

Would you mind
if I zip up first,

or you want to do that for me,

Hard pass.

Wash your hands, sweetie.

What is this, neighbors
complaining about my parties?

Well, it's more like
the neighbors

worried about
your guests.

Young teenage girls,
coming and going at all hours?

You know who I am.

- I run a modeling agency.
- Oh, so they were modeling.

At 2:00 a.m.?

Well, sometimes they're
guests at company parties.

These young models
all have parental permission.

They're contracted employees
on a payroll.

We follow all state-mandated
working conditions.

Then why does he pay 'em cash
and give gifts?

That's my fault.
I like to give my young ones

a little something extra.

Their parents cash
their checks.

It's just my way of making sure

that the girls have
nice things.

He can gift up to 15K a year.

You want to charge him
with generosity?

Why is my client even here?

Because we've been talking
to several girls

who "work" for Mr. Getz,
and one of whom was asked

to bring her 12-year-old sister
to the party.

Yes, they all told me.
They're very loyal.

What I tell them:
Jealousy is the thief of joy.

Whoever's complaining
just wishes they were me.

Even for just a day.

Thanks for confirming
what we suspected.

You have nothing.

You can stop hanging around

My client won't be speaking
to you again.

And by the way...

Ivy's a great kid.

I'm not gonna hold this
against her.

But you might want
to think twice

about using her
as a battering ram.

Her father's a drunk ex-cop
who shoots from the hip flask.

He's in such a deep hole,

he sent his sister
to shake us down.

So much for his Boyd Cycle.

The good news?
They're not onto Kat.


I just got a call
from the 116 in Forest Hills.

Frank Bucci had
some kind of accident.

He's in bad shape.

EMTs are taking him
to Queens General.

Detective Bucci,
how are you?

- I'm fine.
- Yeah, you look it.

Yeah, busted shoulder,
bum knee.

They want to rule out
internal bleeding.

- Okay, how did this happen?
- Two goons rear-end me.

I get out of the car,
one blindsides me

with a metal pipe.

They took my wallet,
but that was just for show.

- Are you sure?
- They didn't take my gun.

What do you think?
It was a hit.

The thug with the metal pipe

"Tell your little sister
to back off."

I don't even got
a little sister.

- So was it that rookie UC?
- We'll look into it.

Okay, where are
your daughters now?

Now you worry about them?
Milly was in the back seat.

- They could have killed her.
- Okay.

What are you gonna do, huh?
What are you gonna do?


That idiot EMT called my wife
in rehab.

- Give me a sec.
- Okay, sure.

How's he doing?

Well, he's hurt,
and he's angry.

And he wants to know why
the guys who beat him up

told him he'd better have
his sister back off.

Any leads?

EMTs found him unconscious

two blocks from his apartment.

- We're pulling security cams.
- Good luck.

Two guys in hoodies,
they rear-end him,

attack him, steal his wallet.

Getz is trying to make this
look like a bump-and-rob.

After we just brought him in?

I don't think this has
anything to do with us.

He's trying to send Frank
a message about Aunt Kitty.

Yeah, you mentioned that
twice already.

The Captain already talked
to me about it.


This is all
your frickin' fault.

- Ivy, let me explain...
- You got my dad beat up.

If anything happens to him,
it's on you.

That's... that's enough.
Fin, Fin.

Ivy, I'm Captain Benson,
all right?

And I'm her boss.
Ivy, why don't we take a walk?

Milly, you okay?

I'll hang here
with your sister, okay?

My dad could've died
because you sent in

that lame-ass UC rookie.

Ivy, it's not on her.

It's on Getz.

He's not
who you think he is.

Granya said you'd try
to get me to turn on him.

What? Here comes
the "He's a bad man

who took advantage of you"

Not just you.

What about your 12-year-old

- Nothing happened to her.
- Nope.

- Not yet.
- She's fine.

And if you'd kept out of this,
my father would be too.

I was so scared.
My dad was just lying there.

I thought he was going to die,
so I called 911.

You know, you did good
telling them that he was a cop.

It got everybody there
real quick.

Ivy and my mom say
this is all my fault.

My dad would be fine
if I hadn't said anything.

Your mom?

I'm not supposed to say,

Ivy's been telling her

They're not officially

so even though Mom's the one
in rehab,

she keeps pumping us
for information

that makes Dad look bad.

And you're stuck
in the middle.

- Back off!
- Get your hands off me!

- Sir, stop, please...
- Get out of my way!

Wait here.

- Get out!
- Please take a seat.

The doctor says you need
a CAT scan.

I'm fine!

Mr. Bucci,
you need to calm down.

- Don't tell me to calm down.
- Hey!

- You calm down.
- I got this.

I got it.
Just give us a minute.

Take it easy, they're just
trying to help.

Oh, yeah, are they trying to
help like SVU's trying to help?

You should've told me
about your UC screwing up.

My ex told me everything!

She might've overstepped,
but we've got to work this case

from the inside out, all right?
You know how that is.

- Where's my gun?
- Frank...

- Where's my gun?
- Hey, hey, hey.

Shh, you don't need that
right now.

Getz assaulted my daughter.

- He tried to kill me!
- All right.

I should've handled this
myself in the first place!

Okay, Frank.

It's all right.

Getz went after your father.

He has his sights set
on your sister,

who is a child.

He's not gonna stop.

That's why you should just
leave him alone.

We can't.
Ivy, what he did to you...

That's against the law.

And we need you to testify,

so we can put him
in prison where he belongs.

Hurry, Daddy's in trouble!

- What?
- Come on.

I want my gun back.
You guys took it!

You took my gun, you guys
have it, I want it back.

- Okay, Frank, stay over here.
- Where is it?

- NYPD, it's all right.
- No, it's not.

I want my gun now.

Hey, Detective Bucci, I need you...
I need you to stop.

I just want my gun back.

Daddy, please,
you should be resting.

Ivy, take your sister home.

- What are you doing?
- Taking care of you.

I just want to talk
to that scumbag.

- That's not a good idea, Frank.
- Dad, please, you'll go to jail.

Detective Bucci, you know
that this is not the way.

Ivy, I said
take your sister home.

Nobody listens to me.

Detective, I'm gonna have to
ask you to calm down.

Don't tell me
to calm down!

Nobody listens to a damn word
I say!

I'm listening.
We're all listening to you.

Good, 'cause
he's not getting away with it.

You hear me?
All right, let's go, girls.

I don't know what that means,
Frank, but I can't let you walk

out of here with those words.

- Now!
- Dad, wait, stop.

- I said let's go now!
- Stop!

I'll testify.

I'll tell them everything.


We've had the house
under surveillance.

There is a steady stream
of girls coming...

I heard you, Detective,
but all you really have

is one 15-year-old girl

who's been on Getz's payroll
as a model.

She'll testify
to nude photo shoots,

forcible touching, rape...

And we also have
his procurer,

Granya Marcil, on tape,
buying off our UC,

who is posing
as Ivy's aunt.

- A UC Getz is onto?
- Not yet.

But he does know
that he is the target.


You didn't bring him in,
did you?

You should've come
to me earlier.

Getz could've cleared
his hard drives.

He could be on a private jet
as we speak.

Which is why
we need to move now.

Ah, the press are here.
Wonder who tipped them off.

I have no idea
what you're talking about.

But if I was you, I'd wipe
that smirk off your face.

You had me fooled.
You play a low-rent whore

- like you were born to it.
- You would know.


Take the top floors.

You do know
there's an elevator?

Get DNA and fingerprints.

Black-light and Luminol
every surface in here.

Mr. Getz, you're charged
with rape in the first degree,

forcible touching,
and patronizing a prostitute.

How do you plead?
Not guilty, Your Honor.

- People on bail?
- Remand, Your Honor.

Mr. Getz owns private jets

and has residences
around the globe.

He's the definition
of a flight risk.

He has no priors.

He's a respected philanthropist
and businessman.

- Oh, please, G...
- Frank, easy.

He has strong ties
to the community.

Save it, Counselor.
The charges are serious.

The means to flee
are very real.

I'm granting People's request
for remand.

Your Honor, my client's
safety is at risk in prison.

We will provide
round the clock security

for home detention.

He's worried
about his safety?

He can be put in
protective custody until trial.

Thank you, Judge Catano.

What is protective custody?

Nice work in there.

How long have you been
with the DA's office now?

How can I help you,
Mr. Abrams?

Better... how can
we help each other?

You've got
one complaining witness.

Yeah, for now,
but your client's insatiable.

After the indictment, there's
gonna be a line of girls

from my office to the Battery.

- All with their hand out.
- Can you blame 'em?

We're still combing through
all the stuff

we found at his townhouse,
but we already have

explicit videos and photos
of underage girls.

I hear you, Mr. Carisi.

my client's a sick man.

He's in denial, still thinking
this could all go away...

Well, it won't.
It's already on the front page

of every newspaper.
"Billionaire pedophile."

Now, jurors don't like
either of those two words

on their own,
but you put 'em together...

Let me talk to him.
I know Steve,

and after a night or two
at Rikers...

- Already looking for a plea?
- Not likely.

Hear me out.
Two, please.

Listen, Steve, um... he doesn't
see himself as a rapist.

He's not gonna plea to that.

But if I could sell him on,

criminal sexual act?

That's four years.
Puts him on the registry.

Yeah, no.
He rapes these girls.

This would also spare
that poor girl,

her family, from testifying.

We both know her father
isn't exactly stable.

I appreciate your concern,
Mr. Abrams.

I'll have to run that
by my boss.

She's already heard.

I headed up a firm
with her boss a few years back,

but I'll be in touch.

Thanks, Carisi.

Breaking news: Getz cut a deal.

Four years.

Getz is no dummy.

He loses that trial,
it could be a 25-year bid.

And Carisi's okay
with the plea?

Ms. Hadid is,
or her bosses are.

Yeah, they want this
hushed up,

and they really don't want us
finding out

who else goes
to Getz's parties.

Flipping Granya,
finding his other vics,

going through his guest list...

It's gonna be a lot easier
once he's locked up.

Frank Bucci's
not gonna see it that way.

See if you can get him there.

Four years
for raping my daughter?

Ivy doesn't have to testify.

And with... with
the legal judgment against him,

you can file a civil suit.

This isn't about the money.

I want that piece of crap
to hear in open court

what he did to Ivy, my family!

We can ask the DA to let you
make a victim impact statement

at the sentencing.

- Absolutely.
- That's it?

- Huh?
- I hear you, Frank.

We're gonna keep this
investigation open, okay?

And if more
of the girls come forward...

He'll find a way
to rig that too.

You and I both know Getz
will never be held accountable.


By the way, Counselor.

Taking down a guy like Getz,
not easy.

If I didn't say so before...

Good job.

Thank you.
I'm trying.

What the hell?
Where is everybody?

Let me find out
what's going on.

- Hey.
- Can I help you, Counselor?

Yeah, we're looking
for Judge Catano.

We're here for a sentencing
hearing, People vs. Steve Getz.


Getz, uh...
that's Part 26.

Nah, that can't be right.
You sure?

Just moved on the docket.

- Thanks.
- No problem.

Thank you.

Court officer said
the case has been...

- Reassigned.
- How did we lose Catano?

Abrams filed to have her
removed for bias.

She had a membership
at one of Getz's gyms.

They wouldn't let her
out of her contract.

She sued and won.
Who'd we get?

- Joe Ellery.
- Ellery?

"Let Him Go" Joe?

They're trying to rig this.

Your Honor,
lock this predator up

and throw away the key.

I pray what he did
to my daughters,

he doesn't do
to anyone else.

Thank you, Mr. Bucci,
for your moving words.

That being said, many aspects
of this case give me pause.

The defendant had no way
of knowing Ivy Bucci's age.

She provided a fake ID.

Ignorance of age is no excuse
under the law, Your Honor.

She was paid thousands
of dollars,

along with being gifted
cell phones,

designer clothing,
an Uber account...

Your Honor,
we've agreed to a plea.

And I'm revisiting that plea.

After reviewing the case file,

I don't see
criminal sexual acts here.

Oh, my God.

I see consensual
sexual activity.

Again, Your Honor,
she's under the age of consent.

What? She's just a kid,
Your Honor. He raped her!

- Frank.
- Enough, Mr. Bucci.

I don't want to hold you
in contempt.

This girl made her own choice.

If a 15-year-old has
the constitutional right

to an abortion
without parental approval,

how should she not also have
the constitutional right

to consensual sex?

I'm dismissing the top charges
of rape and forcible touching.

The case can move forward
on the prostitution charge.

We plead guilty to that,
Your Honor.

The DA's office
strongly objects.

And your objection
is on the record.

Mr. Getz, I sentence you
to time served.

You're free to go.

I knew it.

- You lied to me.
- We had a deal in place.

What that judge did,
nobody saw coming...

Frank, we're not
gonna let this go.

You should.
He got off.

You put us through all this
for nothing.

- Mm-hmm.
- Dad, let's just go home.

- Yeah, let's go.
- Frank, Ivy, just wait.

Why don't you just
leave us alone?

No hard feelings, huh?

Listen, Mr. Getz
would like you to join us

at his victory party
on his yacht.

This isn't over, Mr. Abrams.

- Not by a long shot.
- Yes, sir.

Well, we were outplayed.

The guilty charge
on prostitution

means the defense will claim
double jeopardy.

- We can appeal.
- Don't get your hopes up.

This is on me.
Abrams is a shark.

Should never have let a green
ADA like you go up against him.

Getz's lawyer come over here
to gloat?

Yeah, he just invited me
to the victory party.

Maybe you should go.
I don't know, take Hadid.

- Come on. Guys.
- Sorry.

I'm gonna go see my girls.

You okay?

Should I be?

Getz is a child rapist, and
he... he just walks out of here?

- With a slap on the wrist?
- For now.

Go home, get some rest.
We're gonna regroup.

Come on, really?
No, we just had pizza.

How about... how about Chinese?

Okay, honey, I'll see you then.


Frank Bucci called.
Ivy and Milly are missing.

Bucci thinks
they're with Getz.

He's gone out
ooking for them.

Okay, Carisi told me
that Getz is having a...

A victory party.
Find out where.

Got drinks, champagne,

there's food in there,
everything you could want.

- What a host.
- Enjoy your time.

All right, let's get
this party started.

Hold up.

Captain Benson, I don't
think you're on the guest list.

No, but Milly and Ivy are,
and we need to speak with them.

The girls are fine.

Why don't you let them
tell us that?

That's a great idea.
Milly, Ivy!

Say hi!

As you can see,
safe and sound.

You're really doing this,

Two underage girls

on your boat,
without parental permission?


Oh, they have permission.

Donna Bucci?
Meet our friends from SVU.

Let them know
you granted permission.

Oh, hi!

I'm their mom.
I gave permission.

And I'll be supervising.

Does that check
all the boxes, Captain?

Let's sail.


We got to get this guy.

Make sure Detective Bucci
knows that this ain't over.

Thank you for seeing me
after work.

It's been such a long day.
This Steve Getz case,

we get completely blindsided.

- I've been following.
- Yeah, so you've seen...

Can we start
with your father this time?

That? It's no big deal.
He, um... he called.

He's getting married, and he
wants me to bring the girls

- to the wedding.
- That's no big deal?

I shot it down, so...

- Who are you?
- She knows me.

Frank, you can't follow me.

Your gun.
You left it in the car.

You shouldn't do that.

- You hear me?
- Okay.

Frank, what are you doing?

My kids,
I want them home safe,

and I want Getz in jail!

- Okay.
- Until then...

- This isn't the way.
- Sit down!



Don't do this.

- Way past that.
- Don't do this.

I want him in jail,
do you hear me?


- I want him!
- Okay.

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