Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 21, Episode 19 - Solving For The Unknowns - full transcript


- In the criminal
justice system,

sexually based offenses are
considered especially heinous.

In New York City,
the dedicated detectives

who investigate
these vicious felonies

are members of an elite squad

known as
the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.


- Hey, Annie Oakley?
- Huh?

- One more round
then grab a quick drink?

- Aw, my sitter's on the clock.

- Just had some changes
in the squad room

I wanted to run by you.

- What's that?
Kat not working out?

- Actually...

uh, just got off the phone
with the chief

and, um, he'd like you to
report to 1-P-P on Friday.

- About what?

[gunshots in background]

Just get it over with.

- I had a whole
speech prepared...

Um, but you...


are being promoted.

Detective Second Grade.

- Oh, my God.

- Congratulations.
- Really?


I didn't even know
I was on the grid.

And after the year I've had?

- You've had some challenges
this year,

but you've persisted.

- Well, thanks.

- Congratulations, really.

[both laughing]
- That's great.

Bottoms up.
- Yep.

- [laughs]


[radio chatter]

- There you go.

- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.

- Did you get me anything sweet?

- Ooh, my bad.

[car horns honking]

[ominous music]

[car horns honking]

- Hey!

- What the hell?

No, no, no!

Oh, geez.
- Are you kidding me?

[dramatic music]

- [gasps]

- Having a little
cupcake party tonight?

- Whoa, whoa.
Stay where you are, ma'am.

Ma'am, have you been drinking?
- I hope to God you haven't,

because you just hit
a parked NYPD patrol car

on an empty street.

- I did?
- Yeah.

- I'm sorry.
- Is this your truck?

Is that your name?

- Yes.


Cup... cakes.

I need to lie down.
- Um, Jill, Jill.

Jill, stand up.
Stand up for us, come on.

Jill, stand up.
Stand up.

We're gonna have to take you in.

If you could just
turn around for me.

- Blow into the mouth piece.

- [sucking]
- Blow out.

- In...

or out?

- [gasps]

- This doesn't hurt.

[metal clanking]

[dramatic music]

- What am I doing here?

- On the charges of robbery,

predatory sexual assault,

and unlawful imprisonment,
how do you plead?

- She wasn't imprisoned.
- Guilty, Your Honor.

- The victim was 83 years old,
Your Honor.

People request remand
pending sentencing.

- So ordered.
Next case.

- There you are.

- Thank you, let's see.

People versus Jill Bailey.

On the charge of driving while
intoxicated, how do you plead?

- Plead?

- Not guilty, Your Honor.

- People on bail.
- Fin, what are you doing here?

Told you your perp
was gonna plead guilty.

- I just wanted to see
the scumbag go down.

It's good for my morale.

- Then it will be released ROR.
- Hold on!

Hold on, this isn't right.
I wasn't drunk.

- Ms. Bailey, this isn't
the time nor the place

to argue your case... Bailiff.
- Ma'am.

- Why is nobody listening to me?

- Let's go outside, talk.

- I don't need to talk.
I need help.

- Everything all right,

- Yeah, it's fine.

- No, I just realized
what happened!

Did I say you could touch me!?

- Okay, what happened here?

- I was raped last night.

And they arrested me.

[dramatic music]


- She was sexually assaulted

then drove her truck
into a patrol car.

- Yeah, Jill Bailey, 35 years
old, she's a cupcake baker.

No priors until the DWI.

- What was her BSE?
- 09.

Barely over the limit,

but the officers that arrested
her said she was wasted.

- She told me that her brain
wasn't working right.

That nothing felt real.
- So 12 hours plus in holding,

she ate, she drank,
she used the bathroom.

So as soon as we get
her statement,

we need to do a rape kit.

- I was at a bar downtown.


I never got his last name.
We met on TrueHeart.

- Dating app?
- Yeah.

He ordered these funky drinks.

- Do you remember
how many of those you had?

- Two.
If that.

They must've been strong.

I felt...

Feel not myself.

And then...


My memory drops out.
- When does it pick back up?

- Trying to drive my truck,
I guess.

I could not stay in my lane.

My body wasn't listening
to my brain.

I felt...


That would make sense, right?

And then it didn't hit
until I was... in court.


Luke had raped me.

- And what made it click?

- My clothes felt wrong,
and I'm sore.

I just know.
I know I was raped.

- We need to contact Luke.
Do you have his number?

- No.

But, I can show you the message
he sent me this morning.

Oh, what the hell?

- What did he say?
- He's gone.

He said he had a great time,
asked if I got home okay.

I messaged back,
"What did you do to me?"

- And he deleted your match?
He ghosted you.

- So you can't find him?

- Well, we can contact
the dating app, but...

right now, Jill,

we need to get you to the
hospital to do a tox screen.

- You can find out
if I was drugged?

- The clock is ticking,
but there's a good chance.

They test for over 300 drugs.

- Kat's not getting anywhere
with TrueHeart.

- Yeah, I'm not surprised.

The DMV is more user-friendly
than these dating apps.

Hmm, there's Howlers.

[soft rock music]

Hey, bud?

These things, what...
What's in 'em?

- Uh, it's white rum,
palm sugar,

muddled pandan leaves,
and coconut cream.

- That's not why we're here.


- You see her in here
last night?

- It was pretty busy,
but maybe, yeah.

- Was she with anyone?

- [sighs] Some guy.
Dark hair.

- He have a credit card
by any chance?

- Um, uh, no.

He counted out loud
as he put it down.

I wish I could help you.

- Actually, you can.

We need to see the footage
from your security cameras.

- Not mine.
I'm freelance.

- Okay, find a manager.
We'll wait.

- Where are we
on Jill's timeline?

- Security cams
put her and Luke at the bar

from 8:00 to 8:50.
- And you watched

all 50 minutes?
- Yeah. Two drinks each.

From this angle, he doesn't
seem to spike her glass.

Maybe they were
just strong drinks.

- Keep going.

- Fast forward.

They walk out.

She doesn't seem incapacitated.

- She's not visibly drunk,

but she doesn't remember
leaving the bar.

It's textbook
drug-facilitated rape.

- So we pulled street cam
footage to follow their route

after the bar.

At 9:00 p.m. they head south
on West Broadway

where we lose them.

- She's still walking normally.

You pick them up
later that night?

- An hour goes by,

and he walks her out
to her truck

on the corner of North Moore.

Kisses her good night.

- She's standing,
but not responsive.

All right,
and when was the crash?

- Ten minutes later.

- So he either drugged her
in the bar

or in the hour with no video.

- Well, we know what blocks
they're on and when,

so somebody saw them.

- You ever seen this guy?

- Yeah, I'm always telling him

to keep his dog off my planters.

Even brings his mutt
into that bodega over there.

- Thanks.
- Sure.

- Two beers almost every night.
- Does he pay by credit card?

- Cash.
Counts it out.

But I know where he lives.
When it rains, he orders in.

- Two beers?
- And a pizza.

- Yeah?

- Pizza, pizza, pizza, baby.

- I didn't order a pizza.
- Luke Mitchell.

We need to talk to you.
- Uh, yeah.

Yeah, uh, really?

My place is a little messy
right now.

- Nothing
we haven't seen before.

- Jill?

Geez, I thought that
we hit it off at the bar.

You know she drives
a cupcake truck?

- Yeah.
So what happened?

- What happened?
Oh, like after?

Um, well, uh,

I asked her
to come back here, uh...

I guess this is okay.
She already spoke to you.

Um, we had sex.

- Whose idea was that?

- Both of ours.
I-I asked.

I always ask these days.

You know, afterwards
I even walked her to her truck.

- We know.

We checked the security cameras.

- Oh, okay.
[laughs] It's a little bit

of a police state
that we live in these days.

That's... that's a good thing,

Um, yeah, anyway,
you know, I did...

I made sure she got
to her truck all right.

- So you're a gentleman?
- Yeah.

And I messaged her the next day.

Told her what a great time
I had.

- Did she say she had
a great time too?

- Well, now that you mention it,

she messaged me back
something really weird.

- Like,
"What did you do to me?"

- Yeah.

Yeah, it's, like,
I don't know what she meant.

Guys, I support
all the MeToo stuff.

I am one of the nice guys.

[dog barking]

The pendulum, it swings too far.

You know, these women,
they come up with ideas,

and then they just
blame anybody for anything.

I gotta walk my dog.

- And get your two beers?

- Um, okay, look, no disrespect.

I know you guys
are working hard and all,

but, um, can I ask you to leave?

[tense music]

- Seem like a nice guy to you?
- For a rapist.


- Luke walked me to my truck,
kissed me?

I don't remember any of that.

- So he's saying you two
had consensual sex

in his apartment.

- I was in his apartment?

- We have security footage
of you two in his elevator.

- I have no memory of that.

Did you find out
what I was drugged with?

- Actually, Jill, your
tox screen came back negative.

- How can that be, I...

That can't be true.
I know how I felt.

- It's possible that whatever
you were given

had already left your system,

or you were dosed with something

that we may not have a test for.

- Okay, I don't understand.

One of the other detectives
told me you test for 300 drugs.

- We do, but there are
people out there

who are designing drugs
we can't ID.

The labs can't keep up.

- Drugs to turn women
into zombies?

- They all have
different effects,

but what we found
with a lot of these drugs

is that the victims may be able
to walk, sometimes talk,

but they may not know
where they are

or what is happening to them.

- And you don't have tests
for them?

- They buy stuff online,

they mix up the ingredients
in their kitchen...

Tranquilizers, antipsychotics,

- But they're undetectable?

And he wiped out my memory?

So no one's even gonna believe
I was drugged?

- We believe you.

And your affect, your demeanor,

and everything
that you've described

is evidence to us.

- Still,
it's hard to get conviction

on something like this,
isn't it?

- Let us worry about that.

[somber music]

[elevator bell dings]

- Ms. Bailey.

How are you doing?
- Not great.

There's no proof I was drugged.

And I still have this DWI
to deal with.

my truck's impounded...

- Well, I'll try to get
that DWI kicked down the road,

at least until we deal with...
With this case.

- Thank you.

- Oh, Carisi.

- Where are we on Luke Mitchell?

- Oh, nice to see you too.

Uh, no priors.

We're looking for
similar assaults.

Look, this was well-planned.
- Hmm.

- All right, I think that Luke
has done this before.

- He's a risk analyst
in Midtown.

Never married,
boring-ass Facebook.

- He's a loser.

No wonder he needed an app
to get a date.

- Fin, not everybody
is as magnetic as you.

- Yeah, it's the fastest way
to meet people.

But do you know how many times
I've seen someone's profile

and then met him or her
out at a bar

and they are nothing
like they say?

- All you have is a username
and a photo.

You have no idea
who you're actually meeting.

Uh, which brings me
back to Luke.

I need a search warrant
for his apartment.

- I hear you, but the tox
screen was negative, right?

So I have no idea
what to ask for.

- I think I have something.

Similar M.O. in ViCAP
four months ago.

The vic, Rebecca Larson, reports

that she was drugged
and raped by a Luke

that she met on TrueHeart.

- Who caught the case?
- Brooklyn SVU.

It was closed, unfounded.
Insufficient evidence.

- So we open it back up.

- But after my tox screen
came back clean,

the detective stopped
returning my calls.

- We think you may
have been drugged

with something
there's no test for.

- Oh, my God.

No, but I...

I was careful.

I ordered beer in a bottle.

How did he do that to me?

- Um, you met this guy
on TrueHeart.

- Yeah, he said his name
was Luke,

but after our date,
he deleted me.

- What can you tell me
about that night?

- I don't know.

He wasn't hot,
but he seemed fine.

We went to Pinky Six.

I only had that one beer,
but I got woozy.

Then there's a significant gap,

and it's all tiny flashes
after that.

- Can you tell us
about the flashes?

- Yeah.

I'm awake,
but I can't open my eyes.

I feel limp.
I can't move.

I mean,
I knew I was on my bed...



There's someone on top of me.

My whole body is shaking,
and then my eyes pop open.

- Do you remember what you saw?

[dramatic music]

Oh, his chin.

I think that's him.

- Which number?

- Number one.

Can he come closer and look up?
That's, uh, how I remember him.

- Yeah, we can do that.

- So can each of you

please step up
to the mirror chin up.

Number one first.

- We have some more forms
for you to sign.

- Is someone else IDing him?

- Well, I can't tell you that.
Have a seat.

I'll pick up your file.

- No.

That is him.

- Ms. Larson, are you okay?
- I need to...

- Mrs. Larson...
- I'm sorry, I need to...

- Rebecca, Rebecca.

You're gonna be all right.

- I... That is him.

Number one, he raped me.

He raped me.
- All right, good.

You IDed him.
It's over, all right?

- Hey, look at me.
- Take him back.

- Look at me.
You're safe.

- No, I am not safe.
I just...

I'm sorry.
I need to go.

I need to go.

- Jill, you can't go over there.

- [groans]
- Did he rape you too?

Did he drug you?
- Jill you can't be here.

- Did you ID him?
- Ladies, please, please.

you can't talk about this.

The whole case
could get thrown out.

- You gotta come with me.
Come on.

- Did he do this to her too?
- I cannot say.

- He did though.
He did though.

Those other detectives,
they did not believe me.

I doubted myself,
but seeing her...

I'm not crazy.

I'm not the only one.

[dark music]


- Okay, we know
that you know Jill.

- Mm-hmm.

- What about this woman?

- Um... yeah!

Yeah, that's... that's Rebecca.

- Go on.
- Um...

Okay, I know... guys,
I know this'll sound bad,

but it is...
It's the same story as Jill.

It was a bar and some drinks
and then...

just sex.
- Sex?

Well, she's saying
that you raped her.

- [sighs]

- Now, one woman
makes an accusation,

maybe, right,
your word against hers,

but two women who don't
remember consenting to sex.

Two women who felt

- No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
They were capacitated, okay?

[chuckling] This is... this is
what I was talking about.

See, it's open season on men.

This girl is piling on.

- If you're not guilty,
why'd you ghost 'em?

- Is not calling
a girl back a crime?

- Drugging women
and raping them is.

- I did not give them any drugs.

- When we search your
apartment, what will we find?

- Not drugs.

Look, I kinda take these girls
to bars

that pour strong drinks.

And they may be really strong,

but it's just 'cause it...
It makes it easier to relax,

'cause the dating world
is brutal, you know?

- Sorry,
I work front of the house.

I don't recall these two.

What'd he do?

- We're trying
to figure that out.

- You ever had any complaints

about customers
being drugged here?

- Not that I've heard.
But I get it.

When I cover the bar,
I keep an eye out.

- Can you tell us who else
was on the schedule that night?

- Mmm.
Four months ago on a Friday?

- Yeah.

[background chatter]

[rock music]

We were down two regulars.

Manager called in a freelancer.

- Freelance bartender?
- There's an app for that.

Here is his photo and profile.

Ash Gordon.

- Son of a bitch.

- This is the guy you asked me
about the other day, right?

- You mean when you lied to us?

- Or I just didn't remember him

because a serve 100 people
a night, six nights a week.

They're all just
drink orders to me.

- Let me refresh your memory.
Luke Mitchell.

He called you six times
over the last six months.

- I give out my number
to lots of customers.

I have a following.

People wanna drink
where I'm pouring.

- Okay, well, the last
two times you poured for Luke

his dates ended up unconscious
and sexually assaulted.

- [scoffs]

Well, what's that have
to do with me?

- You tell us, pour boy.

- Look, I'm not stingy
with the alcohol.

These women,

they have no problem letting
guys buy them drinks all night.

If they can't hold their
liquor, that's on them,

and I guess this, uh, Luke...
- Maybe you're right.

You know, why don't you
come with us downtown,

talk about Luke a little more?

- Do people fall for that?
- [scoffs]

- Technically, I don't
have to talk to you at all.

I was trying to help.

But uh, I've got customers.

If you're not buying drinks,

I'm gonna need the room
at the bar.

- Still waiting on
the two eggs scrambled

on a buttered Kaiser roll.

So Luke spent the night
in holding, huh?

- And we think

that he has an accomplice.

- Luke took his dates
to two different bars

in two different boroughs.

Same bartender, Ash Gordon,
was at both of them.

- Now Jill and Rebecca
didn't drink a lot,

yet they both ended up
with significant memory gaps.

- But since we didn't find
any substances at Luke's,

you think Ash is the one
who did the actual drugging?

- Maybe.
Now, he has no complaints,

no arrests, no records, but...

- But he was a chemistry major
in college who got kicked out

for conducting unauthorized
recreational drug trials

in the lab.

- That's interesting.

So what's he get out of this?
- We're not sure yet, but...

- So no motive, no evidence?

I need something
to get a subpoena.

- Carisi, tell the judge
that it's your cop instincts.

- Except I'm an ADA now.
- Detective.

Got your egg sandwich.

- [sighs]

All right,
I'll try to push it through

after Luke's arraignment.

- Thank you.

- Two counts of rape
in the second.

How do you plead?
- Not guilty, Your Honor.

- People on bail?
- $50,000, Your Honor.

- ROR.
Mr. Mitchell has a steady job,

never been in trouble
with the law.

This is a case
of "morning after" regret.

- Two cases, Your Honor.

- You want 50, they want zero.

Call me Solomon.

Split the difference.
Bail is set at 25.

Next case.

- Jill, you didn't have to come.

- I'm still trying
to piece together

what happened that night.

I was hoping that seeing him,
hearing his voice would help.

- I get it.

I used to be a cop.

For what it's worth,
I've had cases like this.

It's gonna take some time.

- I just wanna know
what the hell he did to me.

What he gave me.

What did you find
in his apartment?

- Dog food and pizza boxes.

We're... we're beginning to think
he had an accomplice.

- The bartender?

They seemed to know each other.

- How so?

- They were laughing together
when I walked in.

And wait.
They knew each other's names.

- You're sure?

You may have just gotten me
probable cause.

[dramatic music]

[police radio chatter]

- I'd offer you a beer,
but what's the etiquette

for guys illegally searching
your apartment?

- We have a warrant,
but keep talking.

Maybe you'll say
something useful.

- All you're gonna find

is toothpaste,
mouthwash, vitamins.

I believe in clean living.

- Found Percoset
in the bathroom cabinet.

- It's prescription.
I had some dental work.

- Hey, Sergeant?

Well, on his computer,
search history was erased,

but I did find this.
A folder labeled Luke.

Half a dozen video files
labeled with dates.

- Anything
in the last four months?

- Yeah, three.
Right here.

- Open them.

- Um, I'm trying, but it looks
like these files were created

and exchanged
using an encrypted app.

It'll take some time.

- Sorry, guys.

Huff and puff all you want,
but that's not happening.

- Get him out of here.

- These two files... they match
the dates of your rapes,

and there's four other folders
with other guys' names.

Five or six files in each.

- So we could be looking
at 25 more rapes?


- Ash had a cabinet
full of legal substances.

Eye drops, antihistamines,
prescription Percocet.

- All of which can be used

in drug-facilitated
sexual assault.

- But any good lawyer
can explain that away.

- Well, there's no
internet purchases either,

so if Ash was buying drugs,
he's probably using cash

or cryptocurrency.

Were you able to get
into his files?

- Nope.
Triple encrypted,

and he's the only one
with the password.

- Okay, call Carisi and tell him

to get a warrant
for the app company.

- Won't help.
These apps are designed

so the company itself
can't even open them.

- We've seen this before, Fin,

with sex traffickers,
child pornographers.

There's no laws that cover this.

It's still the Wild West
out there.

So how many files are there?
- 26 total.

- Each of those is connected
to a rape?

How do we find
these other victims?

- We get them to find us.

SVU has arrested Luke Mitchell
charged with raping two women.

We believe that
he has an accomplice,

and we believe
that there are other women

who have not yet reported
their assaults.

Mr. Mitchell connected
with both victims

on a dating app
called TrueHeart.

He met Jane Doe one at a bar
in Lower Manhattan

and Jane Doe two in a bar
in Williamsburg.

Now, both of these victims
experienced confusion,

disorientation, and memory loss

and we believe that these
women and possibly others,

were drugged and raped.

Your decision to go on a date

and consume alcohol with someone

does not give them
permission to rape you.

Doing so is a crime that
we at SVU and the DA's office

are taking very seriously.

If you or anyone you know
have been victimized

in a similar manner,

we urge you to contact
Manhattan SVU.

Thank you.

- Do you have any other comment?

- So how long till a call
usually comes in?

[phone rings]
- Here we go.

[phones ringing]
- Detective Rollins.

- SVU.

- SVU.

- I met him at Vinyl Lounge.

We had, like...

two drinks and then suddenly
I can hear his dog barking.

And I'm coming to in this bed,

completely naked,

and I can't really sit up.
Like my body isn't working.

- Is there anything else
you recall hearing or feeling?

- I felt confused.

And embarrassed.

I'm lying there,
my brain is foggy,

and he's telling me
how hot I am.

And I'm thinking,
"Get out of here... fast."

- What did you do?
- I messaged him.

The next day, um,

"What exactly did we do
last night?"

I threw in some laughing emojis
to try and keep it light.

- That's very smart.
Did he message you back?

- He said we hit it off
like rock stars.

That's not what I remembered.

- So I reported him to
TrueHeart like five times.

They never got back to me.

- I didn't think
I could call the police.

- All I had was a sense

that something bad had happened.

So I tried to forget about it.

- When I saw you on the news,
I knew I had to call.

- 'Cause you were victimized,
Ms. Hill?

- Uh, not me.
My daughter, Piper.

She's inside resting.

- Can we speak with her?
- I hope so.

You could try.

She had a stroke
the night she was raped.

- I'm so sorry.

- Whoever heard
of a 28-year-old girl

having a stroke?

My poor baby
hasn't been the same since.

She's afraid to sleep.
I lay there with her all night.

Even once I'm there,
not until the sun comes up

that she fills safe enough
to drift off.

- That night I got home,

something felt wrong.

I... I called my mom.

We went to the ER.

They started a rape kit.

About ten minutes in, I...

my ears started ringing.

Numb, a stroke,
and later, seizures.

Always a surprise.
- What did the doctor say?

- That drugs could've triggered
the stroke.

- And we haven't gone
to the police

she didn't remember anything.

- When was this?

- Three months ago.


My life ended three months ago.

- Mmm, don't say that, honey.
- It did.


It did.


- My client's already
been arraigned.

You've publicly denounced him,

and now you're re-arresting him?

This is a vendetta.

- We're bringing
additional charges.

- Two women have come forward
with the identical MO.

- Two more rapes.

- And one woman
who couldn't come forward,

but her mother did.


who had a stroke that night,

is paralyzed and brain damaged.

- And if she dies,

you're staring down the barrel
of felony murder.

That's life in prison.

- No.
That is crazy.

She was fine when I left her.

I put her... now, I put her
in a taxi, and she was walking.

She was talking.

- Well,
all of your victims were,

because that's how
drug-facilitated rape works.

- I don't know
anything about drugs.

- Well, maybe not,

but your friend Ash does.

- Now, we know that you two
have been in contact

since you've been arrested.

You wanna tell us
what he told you?

- Hold up.

First off, my client
had absolutely no knowledge

of this woman's condition
or what she may have ingested.

- Well, what does he know?

- Um, before a date,
I would call Ash,

and I'd let him know
that I was coming in.

- And he would drug
their drinks?

- I guess.

- Nope, that's not good enough.
- I swear.

All he said to me was
the girls would be awake,

but they would be, um,
what was the word he used?

He said... oh, he said
they would be compliant.

- So what was in it for him?

- This guy is a mad scientist.

These dates,
he wants the videos of them.

He calls them
his clinical trials.

- Where are your copies
of the videos?

- [laughs] I don't keep them.

That would be a violation
of the girls' privacy.

- [groans]

- All right, so the night
you were on a date with Piper,

did Ash say anything
about her cocktail?

- We talked about
how my last date before Piper,

how it wore off too soon.

- Rebecca? 'Cause she stopped
being compliant?

- Kind of, and he said,

"Well, that probably
shouldn't happen again."

So he must've
cooked something up.

I mean, I have no idea.

- Well, guess what?
You're gonna find out.

- Luke needs to chill.

- I still don't get these men
who drug these women

so they'll just lay there

and they can do whatever
they want to them.

- Well, it's about control.

And maybe since the victims
don't resist,

they tell themselves
it's consensual.

- He can't get it any other way.

This way
they don't have to talk,

buy dinner... they just get
what they came for.

- There he is.

- What the hell are you doing?
Your face is everywhere.

You screwed up.
- I know, I know, I know.

I just, I need your help, Ash.
I really need it.

- You're under arrest.
We can't talk.

- I know, but my lawyer said

they might charge me
with murder.

That girl, Piper.

- I don't know names.

- Nah, nah, you remember.
It was like three months ago.

- January 5, 2020.
Long blonde hair.

Got it.
Yeah, what?

- Okay, well, she must've had,
like, a bad reaction

or something 'cause
she's, like, stroked out

and she might die,

but if I could just tell the
doctors what you gave her...

Like, I'll say it was me.

But what was it?
Roofies or...

- Are you kidding me?

You think I went to Date Rape
Depot and ordered a box?

Luke, my work is artisanal.
I tailor make each batch.

Not too lively, or she'd kick
your ass to the curb.

Not too zombie
because you'd be going,

"Duh, what do I do now?"

This doesn't happen
to other guys.

You got caught...

Hands on the wall.
- Stupid moron.

- [grunts]
- Hey!

That's enough.
- [grunts]

- You're under arrest.
- You don't have anything.

- Huff and puff all you want.
You're going down.

- Let's go.

- [sighs]

- My work is artisanal.
I tailor each batch.

- That is an admission.

- Or bragging.
You have no evidence.

- Actually, we do.

Aside from Luke's testimony,

we have five women
who will ID Ash

as the bartender the night
they were drugged.

One of whom is paralyzed.

- My client has nothing to do
with that.

- The tox screen,
which was the only one taken

the night of her assault,
found traces of Percocet,

which we also found in
Mr. Gordon's medicine cabinet.

- I have a prescription.

- Which proves
that they're you're drugs.

And when a jury sees
Piper Hill on the stand

in her wheelchair,
slurring her words,

unable to use her right side...

- That's tough,

but I never laid a hand on her
or any of them.

I'm just leveling
the playing field.

- How do you figure?

- You ever work in a bar?

I see these guys
in their sweaty desperation

getting rolled by women
night after night.

I told Luke,

if you're gonna pick up
the check,

make sure you're getting
something for it.

- And you made sure that he did.

And the same
for your other clients.

- They're not clients.
They don't pay me.

They're just guys
trying to get over.

Just like them, you need me
more than I need you.

I didn't rape these women, if
that's what you wanna call it.

But I know who did.

- And you have the encrypted
video files to prove it.

Put him in two.

- All right, we'll be right
with you, doll.

- Come on, this way.
In here.

Come on, this way.
In here.

Full house.

That's the fourth rapist
from Ash's files.

- I'll call Carisi and get them
processed, arraigned.

- And each one of them
is more beta than the next.

- Ash knew how to pick them.
He's their puppet master.

He got off watching them rape
the girls that he drugged.

- The scary part is
he worked at a bar

and had no trouble finding
five guys who were into this.

- Where are we with IDing
their victims?

- I... nowhere.
Unless these guys talk,

we may never be able
to find all of them.

- So we notify the ones we can.

[dramatic music]


- [inhales]


Thank you.

- Hmm, yeah.

- [sighs]


- [sighs]

- So I don't have to testify?
- No.

And believe me,
that's... that's a good thing.

How are you doing?

- Honestly, I don't know
how I trust anyone ever again.

- You caught him?

- Them.

So Luke,
the man who assaulted you,

will do ten years.

And Ash, the man
who drugged you will do two.

- That's all?

- He cooperated
with our investigation.

Gave up other rapists.

And technically,
whatever drugs he used,

we can't prove they're even
controlled substances.

- They should be.

Look at what happened
to my daughter.

- Unfortunately, at the moment,

criminals and the drugs
they use, it's...

It's very hard for the law
to keep up with them.

- I, uh, I don't know
if I'll be up for it,

but I... I will...

I wanna get strong enough to
make a statement at sentencing.

They... they thought of me

as just this thing
to experiment on.

I'm... I want them to know
I'm a human being.

That I matter.

- And you're going to get there.

And we will be by your side
the whole time.


[dramatic music]

[wolf howls]