Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 21, Episode 17 - Dance, Lies and Videotape - full transcript

In the criminal justice system,

sexually based offenses

are considered
especially heinous.

In New York City,
the dedicated detectives

who investigate
these vicious felonies

are members of an elite squad

known as
the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

Oh, my gosh.

- That was amazing.
- You were amazing.

You all sound quite
pleased with yourselves.

Which is astonishing,

considering the appalling mess
we just witnessed.

As of now...

"Moulin Boheme"
is on track to being

the worst ballet
the National has ever produced.


Sascha's taken a lot
of chances on all of you,

including gifting you,
Ashley, with your first role

as a principal.

But I can read
your reviews now...

"Lackluster, labored,
and dull."


This is your first solo, yes?

After all these years.

Delia, this is your
first performance with us.

Unless things improve...

It will be both
of your farewells.

- We open in one week.
- Start performing as if you

belong here,
or you will no longer be here.


What just happened?

That's their idea of a pep talk.

Don't worry, you're amazing.

Come with me.

- Where?
- Shh, just come.

I'll make you feel better.

Brad's on a roll lately.


Hey, you looked great out there.


Why do they call it Studio X?

'Cause X marks the spot.


We don't have to
if you don't want to.

No, I want to.

Heels together, chin up,
follow us.

And... step to the side
and plie.

Yes! Well done today.
See you all next week.

Bye, girls.

So cute.

Do the dads seem a little
thirstier than usual today?

They're harmless.

Delia, do you have a second?

I know since I got
into the National

my schedule's been
a little tricky, I just...


The thing is, we won't
be able to do this again.

- What?

I like you, Delia.

What you do on your own time
is your business.

But I can't have that
around the kids.

- What are you talking about?
- One of the moms showed me

the video.

Apparently, the dads
have all found it already.

So I'm sorry.

What video?


What is it?
What is it?


No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

No, no, no, no, no.

So, the man in the video,

the other dancer, Delia...
He's your boyfriend?

Brad and I just started
seeing each other.

He's a nice guy.

Not like most of the jerks
in ballet.

- There's no way he did this.
- W-What did he say?

I texted him.

He hasn't answered.
He's been in rehearsal.

I need your help.
I have to get this taken down.

I mean, I already got fired
from my teaching job.

You know, my God.

- What if the National finds out?
- Delia, Delia we are...

We are gonna do everything that
we can to help you, believe me.

But to be honest,
once these things go viral,

it can... it can be difficult.

- Isn't it illegal?
- If you did not agree

to be filmed, yes.

Are you sure Brad
had nothing to do with this?


Then he won't mind
talking to us.

Delia and I are
on internet porn sites?

How did that happen?

We were hoping
you could tell us.

- I have no idea, I swear.
- You didn't know that

- you were being recorded?
- No, neither of us did.

- Ask Delia, she'll tell you.
- We did.

She's wondering why
you haven't texted her back.

Well, our rehearsals have
been at different times,

we're... we're opening
in five days.

If... if I'd known that was why
she was texting me, I, um...

She didn't say.

She's embarrassed, humiliated.

I get it, this is
terrible for both of us.

C-Can you take it down?

Well, as far as we can tell,
the site that had initially

reposted it is based in Cypress.

We're trying to find out
how it got uploaded

in the first place.

There must have been
a camera hidden in the studio.

You think?

Delia and I aren't the only
people to hook up in there.

It's secluded, you know?
It... It locks from the inside.

Everybody knows about this?

It's the company's
worst-kept secret.

Rafael Barba and I go way back.

- He speaks very highly of you.
- And he of you.

- He is a fan.
- He gave me a bit of

a heads-up about the issue.
I can't say I'm surprised.

That your dancers
are having sex,

- or that they're being taped?
- Both.

One thing I've learned
over the years...

I can teach them to dance.
I can't teach them not to be

young and stupid.

So you've had problems before?

- Well, like everyone else.
Times have changed.

When I started as artistic
director, we didn't even have

an HR department.

You know, I hear you,
but you should know that, um,

we're maybe looking
at more than an HR issue.

We're talking criminal activity.

Unlawful surveillance,
posting on pornographic sites.

- Alistair, what's going on?
- Not now, Jason.

I hope we can keep this private.

We open a new ballet this week...

Ironically, starring Brad
and introducing Delia.


- You keep me posted.
Give my best to Rafael.

Of course.

- Hey, CSU got anything?
- A lot of bodily fluids.

Sweat, blood, semen...

It's like a petri dish in there.

What about a camera?

Looks like a wall mount
was ripped out.

- So they knew we were coming.
Get me a list of...

- Of anyone who had access.
- On it.

Ballerina getting nailed
in a tutu?

That's a whole genre.
But what isn't?

Rule 34, am I right?

You gotta be more specific.

Okay, well, this was
posted two days ago.

And there's been
an official complaint.

- You need to take this down.
- So it's revenge porn.

You still can't just waltz
in here, flash a badge,

and expect me to fold
like a cheap tent.

- And why is that?
- Well, in case they didn't

teach you this in cop school,
there is a little thing

known as the First Amendment.

Well, I actually
went to lawyer school,

where they taught us
about subpoenas.

So how about I go get one
for every hard drive

- in this dump?
- We start kicking the tires,

you don't think we're gonna
find dozens of minors

in your little video cache?

Maybe we got off
on the wrong foot.

Let's start again.

I can scrub this from our site,

but it's not gonna
mean anything.

Nothing disappears
from the internet.

No, it gets pirated,
goes airborne,

and then mutates
like the Plague.

Well, for now,
let's eliminate Patient Zero.

How did you get this?

Well, yeah, that's my email,
but I...

I don't even look at porn,
so someone must have hacked me.

- Oh, you were hacked?
You don't watch porn?

That's the best you can

come up with?
Because you're a dancer,

you had access to Studio X.
Now, are we gonna find

- your prints on the camera?
- I-I don't know anything

- about a camera.
- Hmm.

I... I mean, yeah, I've been
in the studio, but either way,

it wasn't me.
Brad's a friend.

How about Delia?

- Well, she's new.
I barely know her.

You get a little more time
to work on your story.

TARU went through Jason's phone.

He uploaded the video
to Pornmonger,

but he didn't record it.

- So who did?
- It was texted to him by Brad.

Along with other
homemade sex videos.

So the nice, sweet guy

twirling his baton out in front
of the victim bandwagon...

Are you surprised?

They were both in on it?

Jason was always hitting on me,
but Brad, he...

He's a gentleman.
Are you sure?

- Sorry, Delia.
- From the looks of the video,

he knew exactly
what he was doing,

where the camera was...

In ballet, the boys move
the girls... that's how it works.

Brad placed me on the barre,
in front of the camera.

- How could I be so stupid?
- You couldn't have known.

And you weren't the only dancer.

Brad, Jason, Edward Jenkins...

He's in the corps.

They shared your video
in a group text,

and there were videos
with other women.

- That's Beck Silva.
She's in the corps, too.

That's Grace Pressley.

Ashley Fallon.

I feel sick.

Edward and I
hooked up last year.

This was at his parents' house.

This one...
oh, my God.

That's Alistair's desk.

Edward kind of dared me.

Did you know he was filming you?


I'm on a visa.
I have to be careful.

Who's seen these?

Did Jason post this
on the porn site too?

- Not to our knowledge.
- I can't have that happen.

I'm engaged.
My fiancé's family

is very religious.

I don't think Jason
wants to make things worse.

He's in a lot of trouble
right now.

- Not with the company.
There are 20 ballerinas

to every male dancer.

These guys can't get fired.

- Yeah, so that happened.
- You knew?

Did I know I was
having sex with Brad?

Did I know I was being filmed?

I mean, not that time,
but everyone's made

a sex tape or two, right?
Anyway, just thank God

it didn't get posted
like Delia's.

Captain Benson,
is everything all right?

- Uh, actually, no.
- Ashley?

Uh, yeah,
just heading to rehearsal.

- Oh, good, you need it.
You too, Tina.

- Let's go, honey.
- Right behind her.


This is Sascha Thomas,
our choreographer.

- Captain Benson.
- I filled him in.


And I'm working around three
male dancers being unavailable

this afternoon because
they're sitting in detention

- at your station.
- They may be unavailable

- longer than that.
- Oh, come on now.

There's no one sexier
than young dancers.

Get enough of them in a room
together, this is what happens.

Sascha, this is more than
just boys being boys.

Yeah, I get it, yes.

We'll make sure that whatever's
been happening stops now.

And it won't happen again.

Well, depending on where this
goes, they could be looking

- at prison time.
- Hmm, well...

that does not work

because we have a premiere
in three days.

We're talking hundreds of jobs,
weeks of rehearsal,

millions of dollars
on the line...

Piece of advice?

Let's set aside some time
for understudies.

Excuse me.

- Unlawful surveillance?
- Mm-hmm.

It's obviously consensual.

The girls look like
they're playing to the camera.

Well, they all say
that they weren't aware

they were being recorded.

Well, my clients say otherwise.

Maybe the girls
have regrets now.

They swear they didn't know
they were being filmed,

and they absolutely did not
want the videos shared...

Have you seen the texts
between the boys?

Here's a transcript.
Shall we read it out loud?

All this proves
is that they're idiots.

I should know,

I'm Brad's mother.
Being an idiot is not illegal.

But dissemination is.

And they're definitely
guilty of that.

- It's just guy stuff.
- A competition.

You know, with, like,
points and everything.

We didn't hurt anyone.

Why don't you ask Delia?

I mean, you're still
rehearsing together.

Did you even talk to her
about any of this?

My mom told me not to talk
about this to anyone

because there's...
legal stuff involved.

My son feels terrible about
this being distributed

on porn sites and had
absolutely no involvement

- in that.
- He distributed it via text

- to all of his dance buddies.
- First degree.

- An E felony.
- Clearly an overreach.

Maybe this rises to the level
of misdemeanor harassment.


We all know the real
felon here is Jason.

Surveillance, dissemination,
it's all on him.

My clients can help you
make that case.

Okay, so Brad and Edward
are willing to testify

- that Jason set up the camera?
- Well, in exchange

for bumping them down
to misdemeanor harassment.

Can't we get them
on misdemeanor dissemination?

She's smart, she doesn't
want that on their records.

Okay, so this is our best
chance to get one of

- the three boys on a felony.
- Yeah, with their testimony,

we can get Jason on unlawful
surveillance, dissemination,

and toss in revenge porn
for the hat trick.

Which is gonna be tough to
prove because we have to show

intent to harm, which,
even so, is just a misdemeanor.

So texting the video to a
friend is worse than posting it

- on a porn site?
- Tech lobbies,

civil libertarians...

They got their fingerprints
all over the state's

revenge porn bill.
It's basically toothless.

- But Jason doesn't know that.
And he hasn't lawyered up yet.

This might give us
some leverage.

- Yeah.
- Yeah, well, what's Jason

gonna give us that
we don't already have?

You never know.

- Revenge on Delia?

I get plenty.

Well, then why did you send
the video to a porn site?

I don't know.

I thought it was a goof on Brad.

Well, Delia didn't
consent to being filmed.

Well, that's not
what Brad told me.

- How was I supposed to know?
- Because you're the one

who installed the camera
in Studio X.

- What are you talking about?
- Yeah, your dance buddies

told us the whole thing
was your idea.

Okay, hang on, I... I don't
know who set up the camera,

- but it wasn't me.
- Well, that's not

what they said.
And they're willing to testify.

- Testify?
- Mm-hmm.

- Like at a trial?
- Yeah, like at a trial.

And with unlawful surveillance
and dissemination charges,

you're looking at
felony jail time.

This is total crap.

I'm the fall guy.

Everybody in the company
knew about it.

- Brad, Edward, Sascha.
- Sascha?

Your choreographer?

Jason, if you know
more than you're saying,

now would be your last chance
to help yourself.

And start with Sascha Thomas.

We showed him some stuff before.

He never said boo.

H-He would...
He would watch the videos

like the girls
were auditioning for him.

And he never told you to stop?

If he liked something he saw,
he'd ask a girl out,

and if she said yes,
he'd make me delete it.

There are no videos
of me and Jason.

Because Sascha had it deleted?

- You know about that?
Sascha's a friend.

With benefits.

After Sascha saw the video,
he said he needed to make sure

it didn't get out,
or my career would be over.

But not Jason's?

You kidding?
There's a hundred other dancers

who could be in my costume
and my solo tomorrow.

Sascha said he'd make sure
that didn't happen.

And what did he want in return?

For me to do to him what
I did to Jason in the video.

Tina, he pressured you.

He extorted you.

That's rape.

Like any of the other girls
wouldn't do it.

Sascha saw all the videos.

He chose me.

Tina, that was your cue.

- Tina...
- Sorry, my solo.

- Not the time.

Well, she says it wasn't rape.

- That's that.
- Well, from what I heard,

rape culture is so much
a part of this company,

they don't even
realize it anymore.

Tina said the sex
was consensual?

It wasn't, she just doesn't
wanna see it that way.

Sascha's her boss,
he gave her the choice

of losing her job or getting
a solo, depending on whether

or not she was gonna
reenact that video with him.

It's forcible coercion,
rape three.

- In theory, yes.
But his defense attorney's

gonna say the relationship
was consensual.

At worst, transactional,
one in which she was

- a willing part of.
- Sascha?

From what the other dancers
said, this is happening

- all the time at the company.
- Then we need to try

to establish a pattern.
Are there any other

- allegations against Sascha?
- No official complaints

lodged with
the National HR department.

Yeah, the cone of silence
in ballet is real.

I knew a few bunheads
at LaGuardia...

Rehearse nonstop, never spoke
out of turn, never ate...

I mean, that kind of
conditioning sticks with you.

Listen, this isn't just ballet.

It's churches, news
organizations, movie sets.

When your boss is a predator,
people are afraid.

Well, unless someone breaks
ranks, we're stalled.

More bad news.

Cybercrime said somebody ran
Delia's image through

facial recognition.
Her identity has gone viral.

- Hey.
- Now anytime someone searches

my name, this video comes up.

How long before
my parents see it?

Cybercrimes are tracking
down the sites one by one,

enforcing the court order.
Delia, it's just...

- It's not easy.
- In the meantime,

we can help you
get the links removed

- from the search engines.
- No one knows who I am

in the ballet world.
This is what I'm famous for?

- The National's gonna fire me.
- Delia.

- They're not gonna fire you.
- They're too busy covering

their own asses.

- I don't understand.
- So, it turns out

that Sascha looked
at the videos.

It's not just about
the boys anymore.

- So he knew?
He didn't stop them?

Just the opposite.

So there was a video of Tina?
That's why she slept with him?

Everyone was wondering why
she finally got her solo.

Delia, do you know of any
other dancers that were

involved with Sascha?

Wait, you guys are
going after Sascha now?

- No way.
I'm out.

- Hang on.
- No, I never should have

come to you in the first place.
He's the choreographer.

He gets to do whatever he wants.

Not if you're willing
to help us.

It's ballet!

It's like my friend Hudson says,

"Straight male, can't fail.
Gay men, it depends."

But girls in ballet?

"Do what we say."

Five more minutes, Hudson.

- How long you out?
- Rest of the season.

Fifth surgery in ten years.

But no one leaves ballet until
they're fired or crippled.

You here to talk to me
about Delia?

- Poor kid.
- You knew what was happening?

- Honey, everybody knows.
- But no one says anything?

- It's a straight male world.
We just dance in it.

You dance?

Uh, hip-hop, modern.

I was a little...
Statuesque for ballet?

Look, if you're here to talk
to me about male dancers

videotaping girls,
I can't help you.

Actually, I'm here to ask
you about your choreographer.

- Sascha? What's to know?
He's a pig.

Can you give me any specifics?

You want me to be the
Norma Rae of the National?

While I'm hanging on to my spot
in the company by a thread?

- Talk to me in a few years.
- So that's it?

These girls are
just on their own?

- They know the drill.
You want this life,

you pay the price.

- Hey, Kat, any luck?
- Struck out again.

So we're 0 for everyone?

They've danced their whole
lives, sacrificed everything

to get to the National.
They have too much to lose.


- Don't be.
Just need to find somebody

who already lost.

That was a lifetime ago.

That was at the gala last year.

It's right after you got
picked to be the principal.

- How did you get my name?
I quit the company a year ago.

No one from the National
has even called.

We read the interview
in your hometown paper,

"The Suffolk Times."

How excited you were
to get your first lead,

and you never actually danced.

You're with NYPD,
why do you care?

Well, we're looking
into a company-wide pattern

- of... of sexual abuse.
- You're actually investigating

- those pricks?
- We are.

How did you even
find out about this?

- Who came forward?
- Delia Kelly, initially.

Oh, no,
she was one of my students.

Sascha raped her too?

Is Sascha the reason
that you left the company?

Well, he's the reason I'm here.

Jason made a sex tape of me.

Sascha got a hold of it,
told me he could make it

go away if I did to him
what I did to Jason.

He wouldn't take no
for an answer.

I just gave up
and let him do it.

Rose, I'm... I'm so sorry.

Few days later, he promoted me,

told me that what happened
was just between he and I,

and that he'd do it again
any time he wanted.

Did you tell anybody?

I mean, any other dancers
or friends or family?

I told the one person
who I thought could help me...

Alistair said he would help me,

that I could do a lot better
than Sascha.

And what did he mean?

Every year at the gala auction,

dinner with the prima ballerina
is the top item.

But what's expected
is not just dinner.

Alistair said if I'd let him
auction me off,

he'd get Sascha to back down.

Then he told me if I said no,

he'd leak Jason's sex tape,

fire me immediately for cause,

and blackball me
with every other company.

So that's why you left.

I didn't even dance
the premiere.

I couldn't go on that night.

And Alistair was right.

I've never danced since.

Okay, so the highest bids
at every gala auction are for

a "Dinner for Two
with a Ballerina."

That doesn't prove these women
are being sex trafficked...

You said that you wanted
a pattern, and we have one.

- Go ahead.
- So the male dancers

are secretly recording the
women having sex with them.

Sascha is using the tapes
to blackmail these women

into reenacting
these videos, right?

So if they consent or if they
just fail to fight him off,

- they get solos.
- Yeah, but none of these women

- are willing to testify.
- Rose Sullivan is.

She told us that Sascha
coerced her,

when she went to Alistair
with it, he doubled down,

blackmailed her, and told
her if she didn't sleep

with the highest bidder,
that she would lose her job.

We're looking
at sex trafficking here.

Okay, maybe... did she
actually go through with it?


So the board's gonna circle
the wagons,

the dancers aren't talking,

and these donors
sponsoring ballerinas...

They certainly won't.
So at the end of the day,

this is Rose's word against
Sascha and Alistair's.

All right, you got any ideas
or are you just gonna keep

playing the "I'm the ADA,
I need more" card?


You know what would be helpful?

A confession.
How about that idea?

I don't see that happening.

Or we catch him in the act.

This year's gala is tomorrow
night after the premiere.

We put in a UC,
and we get Alistair on tape

- promising to deliver the goods.
- Huh.

- How about Hasim Khaldun?
- Your transit-groper cop?

- He could pass as an oil heir.
- Or a venture capitalist

from Silicon Valley.
He's... He's a chameleon.

You clean up nice.

I'd rather be in jeans
on the E train.

How was the ballet?

The last ballet I saw
was "The Nutcracker"

when I was ten.
This was better.

So did Sascha walk you
through the night?

- Briefly.
He's prepped Alistair that

there's a potential "Diamond
Tiara" level tier donor

- waiting to meet him.
- Hey, Diamond Tiara.

- How much is that?
- If you have to ask...

- Okay, here.
- What's this?

That's the key
to your hotel suite.

Break a leg.
Or whatever it is they say.


Alistair, meet our newest

- Nick Khan.
- Pleasure, Nick.

The Kendricks could not
stop singing his praises.

Oh, they took a leap of faith
in me and my company.

I'm glad it worked out
for all of us.

- You're in from Palo Alto?
- Yup, and not looking back.

Took six years,
but just had a windfall

with a cybersecurity app
we sold to Google.

Hit my number and walked away.

- He's pretty good.
- I'm buying it.

Let's hope they do.

Aha, look!

Sarah and Padma.
I'll go kiss their rings.

I have to admit,
we don't see many donors

from the tech world.

And I have to admit,
up until tonight,

I had not seen a lot of ballet.

- Did you like what you saw?
- Yeah, it was awesome.

I'm assuming Sascha mentioned,
but I'm looking to establish

a presence here in New York
as a benefactor

- in the performing arts world.
- He did.

May I suggest,
instead of seeding start-ups,

you make one quality
high-profile investment.

- That's my plan.
I've spoken to some donors

from past years,
and I'm willing to step up

to the level they did to
receive the benefits they got.

They mentioned sponsoring
one of the primas.

There is no more gratifying
entrée into our world.

Ashley was mesmerizing tonight,
wasn't she?

Like I said, I don't know
a lot about ballet,

but I couldn't take
my eyes off of her.

Private dinner for two
with the prima

will be the final item
on the auction.

I've been told
it's more than dinner.

One of the great traits
of ballerinas...

Wherever you lead, they follow.

Can I, um, can I make
a preemptive bid?

Would a six-figure
commitment take Ashley off

the auction block?

It would take Ashley
anywhere you'd like to go.

I have a suite reserved
at the Park Milano.

Saoirse can run
your credit card.

Oh, I was hoping
Bitcoin would work.

That's not a problem.

- That's an admission.
- It's more like an innuendo.

Ashley still needs to show
she's willing to play for pay.

So he's a trafficker, and
we're going after the victim?

She has not been
cooperative so far, right?

We need the leverage.

I know you wish there
was a better way, but...

Yeah, I do.

Hope you don't mind
me getting you out

- of the gala early.
- Oh, no, not at all.

So you're a ballet fan?

Not, uh, not really.

- Uh, champagne?
Japanese whiskey?

I'm good.

Well, you're very generous

to support the company this way.

And you're very kind
to let me sponsor you,

with, um, all that that entails.

So we're clear,
this is just for one night.

- And safe sex only?
- Absolutely.

You're in charge.

Then unzip me, Nick.

- W-What the hell?

Ashley, I'm Sergeant Khaldun.

- What is going on?
- It's up to you.

- This is not my idea.

Then tell us whose it was.

Am I under arrest?

We all want to avoid that.

But you could be looking
at prostitution charges.

You can't be serious.

Ashley, we know
this wasn't your plan.

Whose was it?

I can't say.

If we call Alistair Woodford
and tell him you were picked up

in a police sting,
about to service a sponsor,

you think he'll protect you?

He didn't give me any choice.

We need to know how this works.

Every year, at the gala,

dinner with the prima
goes to the highest bidder.


Everybody knows
it's more than just dinner.

This year I was
on the auction block.

How did he get you
to agree to this?

Same way he got everybody else.

He had a video.

Me, Brad, and Jason.

- Does Sascha know about this?
- He gave Alistair the video.

What did Alistair
say to you, exactly?

He said I'd already worked
my way through the dancers

and the choreographer
for my career,

so compared to that,
this was a small ask.

And if you refused?

The video would be made public.

He said, after that...

The only way I'd be able
to make a living was in porn.

That's enough
for an arrest warrant.

- Better idea.
We pick him up now.

See you Monday.


Alistair Woodford,
Sascha Thomas.

Captain Benson, what is this?

Give it a second,
it'll come to you.

You're making a major mistake.

Not my first, won't be my last.

- You vouched for him.
- Don't worry.

- He's under arrest too.
- Whatever I did,

I did to subsidize art.
That man's your rapist!

- So you knew?
And you used it as leverage.

That makes you a sex trafficker.

Get him out of here.

So Alistair and Sascha
took a deal?

- Felonies, both of them.
They'll do prison time.

- What about Jason?
- He'll do a few months,

and we're still working
to get the video taken down.


What happens to the National?

Well, Brad and Edward
were fired, although...

they're filing a suit
for wrongful termination.

- Of course they are.
Boys in ballet.

From day one,
they get all the breaks.

I bet they'll
get their jobs back.

Maybe, but maybe not.

You heard that the new board
hired an all-female

artistic team?

Yeah, good for them.

Hey, have you, uh, do you
ever consider going back?

I spent my whole life
in that world.

To leap high,

to spin in midair,

to feel the rush of an ovation.

It's the only dream I ever had.

But now,
I imagine dancing onstage...

And the only thing
I can think about

is everyone in the audience
leering at me on the internet.

And that...
That's never going away, is it?