Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 21, Episode 15 - Swimming with the Sharks - full transcript

Chief Garland must put friendship aside when a pastor at his church is arrested.

In the criminal justice

sexually based offenses

are considered
especially heinous.

In New York City,
the dedicated detectives

who investigate
these vicious felonies

are members of an elite squad

known as
the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

♪ I got a fashion
that you want a piece of ♪

- ♪ Oh yeah
- ♪ This is the high life

♪ This is the fame

♪ I'll make you want
a piece of me ♪

♪ Again and again

This is pretty.

Yeah, it says here
that goes up your...

- Oh.
- Mm-hmm.

It's a positive message,
I guess,

empowering women
through wellness.

The message
I'm getting...

Spend money... lots of it.

Why sex?

Why not sex?

At We-B-Well, we believe
in wellness for the whole self.

Be well.
Be hot.

- Be happy.
- Luna, we love you!

I love you too.

And women need to know
it's okay to love our bodies...

Especially the parts
they tell us not to talk about.

Come on, ladies.
Don't be shy.

Show me some love.
See you on stage.

Herbal or detox tea,
Captain Benson?

- Oh, I'm good to go.
- Okay.

Well, Luna's so sorry she
couldn't welcome you in person.

- She can't wait to meet you.
- Ah.

Okay, that's the crescendo.
I love it.

- Captain Benson.
- Yes.

- Olivia. May I call you that?
- Mm-huh.

Luna Prasada,
She-E-O of We-B-Well.

Let me just say,
I am so impressed by you.

Well, thank you.

Thank you so much
for having me.

Hi, I'm Melanie, the COO.

We're so happy that...
Thank you so much for coming.

You must be so busy
since Me Too.

You know, we are, but
any time I can raise awareness,

I'm just happy for the chance.

Us girls... we run the world,
and in our spare time,

we try to fix it too.
Come on.

So when we're attacked,

our brains
don't process information

in a linear way.

We revert
to our... lizard brain?

Yes, because the frontal lobe
shuts down,

and our body reacts in a...

So when lawyers or senators
ask why we don't remember

all the specifics,
it's because...

It's because trauma
is processed in a sensory way...

By sounds or smells,

not who, what, and when.

Revisiting trauma isn't easy.

Survival takes strength.

Survival takes strength.


You mind if I steal that?

Let's give it up!


Thank you.

Her car comes in 20.
Enjoy your face time.

I see you.
I hear you.

I-I am with you.

Bobby, finally.

Sweetie, can you hold this
for a minute?

Question for you, Bobby.

Question is...

Saffron or the chive?

Luna, this IPO, going public,
it's not business as usual.

Sweetie, we just had
a fantastic three days, okay?

So enjoy the moment, huh?

We have edibles,

and we have drinkables,

so let's just live a little.

- Yeah.
- Uh-huh?

I've been going
through the books.

Bobby, you do numbers.

I do ideas...

Brilliant ideas, okay?

Good for you, but you're CEO.

You'll be signing
the statements.

I want you to know
what's in them.


First we drink,

and then you can show me
your little PowerPoint.

The audience
really appreciated you.

Well, they were there
for Luna.

So was Luna.

Why invite you on the panel

if she's gonna cut you off
every five seconds?

She is high energy.

I'll give her that.

Don't tell me
you bought something.

- What?
- My sister's birthday

is coming up.

Text from Luna's assistant.
She says it's urgent.

Whatever she's asking,
just say no.

- See you guys later.
- All right.

- Hey.
- Hi, um...

Luna didn't want
to bother you, but...


Hey, Luna.

What's going on?
What happened?

I was raped.

Oh, God,
why would he do this to me?

Special Victims Unit

Season 21 Episode 15

Episode Title:
"Swimming with the Sharks"

I just wanna take
a long, hot shower.

Well, we're almost done here.

She's gonna get you
some antibiotics.

Here's some water.
Thank you.

Luna, you said that Bobby
came up to your room?

Yeah, he's our CFO.

I keep putting him off because
he's always got bad news.

I call him "Bum Me Out Bobby."

Okay, go on.

Well, I offered him a drink
to relax him a bit.

I have to admit, I was
ahead of him on that front.

Mm-hmm, that's okay.

We never got
to the financials.

He took a shot of tequila.

He pushed me down on the bed.

I wanted to push him off...

But I just froze.

It was just like you said.

I... I just wanted to survive.

And your relationship
with him,

has it changed recently?

It's become more tense.

We were about
to announce our IPO...

Oh, my God.
I can't do this.

If this comes out,

the whole thing
is just gonna go poof.

I can't believe
he did this to me.

I can't believe it.

Look, you can do
your investigation,

but I'm not gonna
press charges.

That is your decision,
but the good news is

that if you change your mind,
we got the rape kit done.

I don't think
you realize this,

but my whole brand depends

on women wanting to be me,

and rape...

does not fit
into that picture.

Bobby Frost,
Stanford frat boy.

A decade in Silicon Valley

before becoming the CFO
of Luna's company, We-B-Well.

Any criminal record?

College DUIs, a divorce
with mutual DV allegations...

Basically, nothing worse
than your typical congressman.

Well, security cams show
Frost entering Luna's suite

at 8:30 p.m. and exiting
34 minutes later.

Did we get results
from the rape kit and her exam?

Yeah, tox screen
showed high levels

of alcohol,
marijuana, and Adderall.

Which she also told me about.

Also the presence
of trauma and semen,

not inconsistent with assault.

Also not inconsistent
with rough sex

if he gets
a good defense attorney.

- Thank you, Counselor.
- How cooperative is Luna?

She said that we can start
the investigation,

but she's afraid

of how it will affect
her company's upcoming IPO.

Any outcry witnesses?

Yes, her assistant, Sequoia,

texted me
right after it happened.

All right,
take her statement,

and let's see if we can catch
this guy Frost off guard.


One thing led to another.

I mean, you've seen her.
It was really hard to say no.

So you and Luna did have sex?

Yes... consensual.

Oh, no, what is she saying?

Is she accusing me
of something?

Just tell us what happened.

Right after we... finished,

Sequoia walked in
and freaked out.

Oh, no.

That's what this is about.

No, Sequoia and Luna
are involved,

so Luna couldn't admit
that she was cheating on her.

She's making this up.

Full confession... Luna and I
used to be involved.

- Who broke it off?
- I did.

Sex was against our HR policy.

Smash cut
to a few months later...

Luna is a proud pansexual.

She's got this hot,
new 25-year-old assistant.

She promptly bumps her up
to CLO.

- CLO?
- Chief listening officer.

You ever hear of that?

I walked in,
and he was on top of her.

Okay, she saw me.

She screamed for help.
He ran out.

She said he assaulted her.

Bobby Frost told my captain

that you and Luna
are also lovers?

Did he also tell you
he's furious about it?

He claims it's an HR issue,
but it's his toxic ego.

He hates that I make her happy
when he couldn't.


Seriously, I-I don't see
how that is relevant.

Luna, we need to know
everything that happened...

Everything that Bobby knows.

And you didn't mention to us
that Sequoia walked in.

I did not mention Sequoia

because I was trying
to protect her.

The fact is he raped me.

And now he is accusing me
of making this up?

That's what rapists do.

His DNA is on the kit,

so he admits what he can't deny
and denies what he can't admit.

Son of a bitch.

He thinks he'll get away
with this because he knows

I'm not gonna jeopardize
my company.

There's always reasons
for women to stay silent.

But the good news is,
the world is changing.

There's no stigma
in coming forward.

It can be empowering...

heroic, even.

Survival takes strength.


Bobby Frost.

In the middle
of a meal here.

Yeah, we're gonna need you
to come with us.

Whatever Luna said to you,
it's a lie.

Well, then you have nothing
to worry about.

Come talk.


There's something
I didn't tell you before.

I found out she's been robbing
the company blind,

and I confronted her.
That's why she's crying rape.

We're still gonna
need to talk.

Let's go.

You should know,

she's not Luna Prasada
from Darien.

She's Lori Wisznewski
from Hackensack.

That's not a crime, Bobby.

It's a tell, but I hear you.

It didn't bother me
at first either.

She's created her whole persona
as a sales tool,

and it worked.

Until my client started
preparing the IPO prospectus.

Due diligence, huh?

So what'd you find out?

Well, at first, small things.

Travel and expenses
were overly generous.

Spa visits categorized
as research.

Then I dig deeper
and, fast-forward...

She's embezzling
on a major scale.

But you didn't report
that to the DA or the SEC?

Or us
when we first talked to you?

My client's only crime
is putting his concern

for his company
over his concern for himself.

If word gets out,
this torpedoes the IPO,

thousands of jobs gone,
but Luna is forcing my hand.

One last chance...

What happened when you walked
into Luna's room?

- I showed her my spreadsheets.
- Mm-hmm.

I told her she could
reimburse the company,

and we could paper it over.

And how did she respond
to that?

By seducing me.

She takes off her clothes.
She gets down on her knees.

And you went along with it.

We get the picture.
Go on.

She pulls me

into that feng shui thing
she calls a bed.

We're going at it,
and, boom, her assistant,

Sequoia, walks in.

Luna pushes me off of her
and cries rape.

So you're the victim here?

Thank you.
Yeah, me and the company too.

He raped me,
and now he is

just making stuff up,
all right?

It's pathological.
Maybe it's neurological.

Maybe his frontal lobe is shot.
I don't know.

Well, he claims
that he has evidence.

Well, he can't,
because there is none.

I mean, We-B-Well is my child.
It's my life.

I just don't even know
where I end and it begins.

Luna, I hear you,

but we are obligated
to investigate his charge.

maybe that's a good thing,

because I did not do this,
and you will see that,

and in the meantime,
you will arrest him.

Well, not yet.

The DA thinks
that if his defense

is your claiming rape
to cover up embezzlement,

then we have to hold off.

Come on, this is psychotic.

He's still working for me.
I mean, I gotta go.

I gotta fire him.

No, no, no, no, you can't
have any contact with Bobby.

Listen to me.

You can't do anything
to strengthen his hand.

Bobby Frost gave you these?

Yeah, he said,
as chief tech officer,

you could shed light
on some of these IT expenses.

Like this one here, yeah,
for $800,000.

That's your signature?

I sign off on dozens
of projects every month.

So that's a yes?

Did you get any feedback
about the work that was done?

I don't recall
receiving any complaints.

Yeah, you wouldn't have

because the vendor
doesn't exist.

It's a shell company, and when
we try to track the money down,

it disappears
into a Caribbean LLC.

- I'm not laundering money.
- Then who submitted the bill?

It was Luna Prasada.

Did she say
what the work was for?

- Not specifically, no.
- You didn't ask?

You usually sign
six-figure checks

without knowing
what they're for?

She made it clear
that wasn't my concern.

Look, she's starting
a charitable foundation.

She mentioned needing to move
money around for tax reasons.

She swore it was all legal.
And you just went along?

She's the boss.

The tech officer before me?

She fired him
because she didn't like

the color of his aura.

So Vinay said
that she was diverting

our tech budget
to fund the foundation?

My God.

There's no saying no to Luna.

But you're
the chief operating officer.

It's your job
to keep her in line, right?

She's the majority
shareholder of her own company.

The board is
all of her rich girlfriends.

It's Luna's world.

None of us would be here
without her.

Is it possible
that she was using

the foundation
as a personal account?

How do you mean?

There are wire transfers
to offshore LLCs.

There's payments
to shell companies.

Eleven checks made out to cash,
$9,000 each,

deposited by a Tisa Chee.

Tisa, she worked in creative.

I didn't know
these were for her,

but Luna did ask me
to approve these payments.

Did she tell you
what they were for?

Consulting fees.

We need to get
in touch with Ms. Chee.

I left We-B-Well
a few months ago.

But you're still consulting
there, right?

- No... I mean, yes.
- Which is it?

We're following up
on some fees you were paid...

11 checks written out
to cash for $9,000.

Multiple checks all just
under the IRS reporting limit...

That's called structuring.

I signed an NDA.

I can't talk
about Luna or the company.

Tisa, you're looking
at serious charges here.

An NDA isn't going
to protect you.

I didn't do anything wrong.

Then you need to tell us

what those payments
were really for.

To keep me quiet.

About what?

About Luna stealing
from the company?


She sexually assaulted me.

We were at a retreat
on Lake George.

They don't usually invite
my level,

but Luna
specifically asked for me.

When did the assault happen?

The second night.

Luna invited me
to her private cabin.

I thought it was gonna be
all the creatives,

but it turned out
it was just me.

She offered me tequila.

You're probably thinking,

"She's my boss.
I should have said no."

We're not thinking that.

Um, then she wanted me
to try out a new product...

A, um, Vi-Brildo?

It's kind of a combination
of a vibrator and a...

Yeah, we get it.

She wanted me to use it

on myself...

in front of her.

I didn't want to, so she said,

"Okay, just try out
our bondage tape."

Once I was
pleasure restrained,

she forced me down

and used the device on me...

And, um, inside me.

Tisa Chee,
she was in product testing.

New scents, toys...

hopefully not in the office.

And how 'bout
on a corporate retreat?

You said new allegations
have been raised.

- Can we get to them?
- Yeah, Tisa Chee is claiming

that you bondage taped her

and then used the device on her
against her will.

Wait, what?
That's insane.

Now, but she did come

on the corporate retreat
to Lake George?

It was a team building event.
I think her whole group came.

Okay, were you ever alone
with her?

It's possible.

What is she claiming exactly?

That Luna invited Tisa
back to her cabin,

offered her tequila,

and then when she wouldn't
test... the Vi-Brildo, is it?

Bondage taped her to the bed
and forced it on her.

Okay, this is ludicrous,

because I never stepped foot
in that cabin.

I stayed in the main lodge
in a suite with Sequoia.

What is this,
open season on my client?

Anyone who wants to can make up
a completely specious claim?

We do have an apology email
that you wrote to Tisa.

This is your email account?

I never wrote this.

And you didn't authorize
these 11 payments?

Or this NDA?

I've never seen this.

Okay, that's not
what your COO said.

Oh, Melanie?
Well, that's impossible.

We need some time
to go over these documents.

Yeah, you do.

Luna is not the easiest,

but I believe
in what we've built,

and I can't say anything
that's gonna damage the IPO.

No, we're way past that now.

You're looking at fraud,
money laundering...

I was only doing my job.

Well, traditionally,
not a great excuse

for breaking the law.

Mr. Gupta, if you're aware
of any criminal acts

by your CEO, now's the time
to reveal them.

An offshore LLC?

Well, I'd have to dig in
a little.

I'm sure it was
for tax reasons.

I spent five years

in white collar crime,
Ms. Franks.

I see offshore LLCs,
that's a red flag.

Yeah, most often
for embezzlement,

drug running,
or money laundering,

so which are you involved with?

None of them.

I tried to tell Luna
it would look bad.

She stopped listening to me.

We've known each other
a long time.

Her star rising, the money,
celebrity friends...

She let it go to her head.

My mother used to say,

"You climb too fast,
you end up gasping for air."

You're arresting me?
Are you serious?

For what?

money laundering,

sexual assault.

I didn't do
any of these things.

Look, they're lying.

I don't know why they're lying,
but they are lying,

and you need to help me.

I'm sorry.
Call your lawyer

and have her meet you
at Central Booking.

Luna, Luna, over here!

- I-I can't.
- Keep your head down.

Lun, did you do it?
Are you guilty?

- Betrayed all women, rapist!
- Hold her back.

Hold her back.
Let us through.

Ms. Prasada,
how do you plead?

Well, I didn't do
any of this.

Not guilty, Your Honor.

People on bail?


The defendant
has unlimited resources,

access to a private jet...

She's not going anywhere.

She wants to fight
these ridiculous charges.

This court takes
sexual assault very seriously.

So does my client.

Bail is denied.

Ms. Prasada is remanded
pending trial.

You'll be fine.

No, you... you can't
do this to me.

There has been a...

It's okay.

There has been
a horrible mistake.

Now, I haven't done
any of these things, get...

No, no, no,
get your hands off of me.

Get her out
of my courtroom now.

Get your hands off of me!

Get her out of my courtroom.

This is not...

Oh, no, this is not justice.
This is insanity!

Let us through.
Let us through.

Come on.

When they turn, they turn.

Also known as
"the harder they fall."

Oh, the press and the public
cannot get enough

of her humiliation.

I've seen male serial predators
get more respect than this.

Yeah, quite a dramatic crash
from a week ago.

What I don't get... why make
a false rape accusation

with so much to hide?

It's like she was asking
to get caught.

I'm not sure that
that accusation is false.

I don't know,
but, to be honest...

None of this makes
sense to me.

Effective immediately,

Luna Prasada has been removed
as CEO of We-B-Well.

I will be taking over
as acting CEO.

Our public can rest assured
it is business as usual.

Bobby Frost, our CFO,
has a few words.

In her attempt
to avoid the charges,

Luna made completely unfounded
allegations against me.

I will fight tooth and nail

to save the company
she started.

He didn't waste any time.

From Luna's lawyer, Miglani.
Luna wants to talk.

The other inmates
held me down,

and I heard somebody say,

"Oh, yeah, she needs to know
what it's like

to be raped by another woman."

Oh, Luna, I am...
I am so sorry.

The thing is,
she was probably right.

I mean, I must be guilty

'cause there is
no other explanation.

Your client wants
to change her plea?

Against my advice.

I can't go through the trial.

I just want this to be over.

Are you saying

that you did embezzle
from We-B-Well?

That you did assault Tisa Chee?

I'm saying
that I can't remember.

At first I thought, "Oh, oh,
they're setting me up.

Someone's gotta be
setting me up."

I read your emails.
I read the documents.

It sounds like me.
It's got to be me.

Ms. Prasada, if you're gonna
change your plea to guilty,

you have to admit your guilt.

So I've got to swear
to crimes

that I don't remember

or I have no awareness of?

Oh, my God.

Have I lost my mind?

I gotta be crazy!

I mean, that's the only thing
that makes any sense!

Oh, I mean,
as a woman, you know,

I always thought,
"I've gotta be strong.

"I'm... I can... I can get
on top of things.

I can take control of things,
'cause I'm a woman!"

You know?

I've always been
about empowering women.

Women... because
we can overcome things.

We can overcome anything.
We can.

We're women, okay?
We're women!

I can't overcome this.

I feel like
I've been betrayed by my mind.

I'm going insane.
I think I'm going insane!

All right,
she needs to see a doctor.

And a psychiatrist.

Come with me.
Okay, come with me.

Okay, okay.


Honestly, my mind...

I don't wanna lose my mind!

Oh, my God!

What, is she trying
for a psych defense?

I think she's trying
to figure out

what the hell is going on here.

She spent her entire career
empowering women,

and now she just falls apart?

Look, either she's got
a split personality...

That's not likely.

Or her employees
are framing her,

and she's having a breakdown
because she's being gaslighted.

Captain, how's Luna doing?

Still under observation
in the psych ward.

Did you find anything?

Not a slam dunk,
but your conspiracy theory...

There might be something there.

Sequoia confirmed
that she and Luna

spent every night
in Lake George

in a hotel suite,
not the cabin.

Oh, that doesn't track
with Tisa Chee's story.

Nope, so I checked
Tisa and Luna's phone records.

No texts or calls
between them that week,

but I did find
multiple late night calls

between Tisa and Vinay Gupta,
the chief tech officer,

going back six months.
Late night.

Maybe they're having an affair.

He gets her
to make a false charge.

Rollins, anything
in Luna's emails?

The account is the same

that Luna uses at work.

The IP address matches, too,

and they sound
like her somewhat.

Okay, well,
that's her sign off...

"Be well, be hot, be happy."

But there are phrases

with more aggressive, more male
energy than in Luna's idiolect.

"Keep my powder dry,"

"cut to the chase,"
"red ocean."

"Red ocean"?

It's an MBA phrase...

One that's used quite a bit
in Bobby Frost's group emails.

Here's one Bobby sent
in November.

So Bobby ghosted her emails
and set this whole thing up.

Is that enough
to get the charges dropped?

If only.

Look, all we have
is an alternate theory.

One that Hadid
is going to hate.

Late night phone calls,
phrases in an email,

three company executives
and a staffer

all conspiring
to frame their CEO?

It's insanely elaborate.

You mean elaborate enough
to drive someone insane.

That's more likely
than the scenario

that Luna is crazy and guilty?

Okay, Ms. Hadid,
guilty people...

They mitigate, deny,
they blame others,

but they don't
blame themselves.

They don't think
that they're losing their mind.

Luna is not faking this.

She had a breakdown
right in front of us.

Okay, I hear you,

but we're not dropping
the charges against Luna.

In fact, we're moving forward
on the prosecution.


Prep all four accusers
for a grand jury.

Why... so they can
nail down their stories?

Get immunity?
All due respect, Ms. Hadid...

If they're going to lie,
I want them on record.

Right now, they think they've
gotten away with toppling Luna.

If this is
some sort of conspiracy,

we don't want them to know
we're on to them.

Fair enough.

Start with the victim Tisa.

There's no way
that she's the mastermind.

So I sit here,
and you'll ask me questions?

That's right.
You'll be under oath.

There'll be 23 grand jurors
across from you.

And your testimony
is vitally important.

You see,
with white collar crimes,

juries... they tend
to glaze over,

but a rape... you have the chance
to put Luna away for years.

- Years?
- She sexually assaulted you.

Okay, you ready?

All right, Ms. Chee,
on the night of September 27th,

Luna Prasada invited you over
for the evening.

Yes, I thought
it was gonna be a party,

but it was just her and me.

And where did you meet her?

In her cabin.

In her cabin... are you sure?



There's a minor discrepancy.

I don't... I don't understand.

Tisa, it turns out

that Luna never even
checked into a cabin.

Now, is that something
maybe you got wrong?

- No.
- No.

Um, okay, you know,
we'll get back to that.

Now, you said
that she invited you.

Was this from a cell?

- Yes.
- That's strange...

Because we couldn't find
any records of her calling you.

Wait, um, she texted me.

Oh, that makes sense.

The thing is,
we also checked your phone.

And the only text or calls

we found from that night
were from Vinay Gupta.

You and Vinay talk a lot.

We were co-workers.

Do you call other coworkers
at 2:00 a.m.?

If you tell this story
to the grand jury,

you'll be looking
at seven years for perjury.

You're at a crossroads here,

Now, I think
that you're a good person

who maybe got talked
into saying some things

that you knew were wrong.

That... that's right.

It wasn't my idea.
It was Vinay.

He said
it wouldn't get to trial.

It was just...

Luna was crazy,

and we needed
to save the company.

So Tisa admitted
I never assaulted her?

Well, why would she
make that up?

Because she was having
an affair with Vinay.

He talked her into it.

He told her that they
had to force you out.

- Why would he do that?
- He's denying all of this.

He said that Tisa came to him,
and he believed her.

- And do you believe him?
- What is going on here?

We think that Bobby,
Vinay, and Melanie

conspired to frame you

for the embezzlement
and assault.

So the emails...
I never wrote them?

No, we believe
that Bobby did.

We assume it was Vinay
that broke into your accounts,

but we can't prove that.

Okay, but my passwords

would be very difficult
to hack.

They're very complicated.

First pet,
street you grew up on?

Yes, but also
my home phone number

from when I was a kid.
It was unlisted.

Only a...

A few friends knew it.


Melanie's name... her nickname
from when we were kids.

We used to go
to summer camp together.

you never mentioned that.

It never... that was
a lifetime ago.

I'm not Lori
from Hackensack anymore.

I evolved.

But is it possible
that you evolved,

but Melanie didn't?

Yes, Lori and I...

Luna and I were friends
a long time ago.

That doesn't mean that I hacked
her personal accounts.

You should be talking to Vinay.

Oh, we talked to him
and his girlfriend, Tisa.

Tisa's his girlfriend?
He's married.

Oh, maybe that's why
she gave him up.

Yeah, she didn't wanna go down
for a fake rape accusation

you guys pressured her into.

I had nothing
to do with that.

What exactly do you have
on my client?

She's part of a conspiracy

with Vinay Gupta
and Bobby Frost

to frame Luna for embezzlement
and to rape her.

No, no, that was
never part of the plan.

When you help plan a rape,

you're just as guilty
as the rapist.

No, Bobby told me
that never happened,

that Luna was making it up.

Well, after he saw
the rape kit results,

he told us that it
was consensual sex.

God damn it.

Bobby... he never got over
her dumping him.

And you had nothing to do
with this assault?

No, I swear.

It was all to protect
the company.

We all knew that at some point,

Luna was going to drive us
over a cliff...

With an HR lawsuit, the FDA.
She has no boundaries.

It's all about her
all of the time.

Have Bobby and Vinay
cooperated yet?

So we get the cheese?

The whole wheel.

He has to cut you
a deal, but...

If it was up to me...

How could you do
that to another woman?


She spent her whole life
doing that to other women.

Growing up,
we didn't have a lot.

One Christmas, my father got me
a gold heart necklace.

I know I shouldn't do it,
but I wore it to summer camp.

Then, one day, it disappeared.

I was wrecked.
I lied to my parents.

I told them
I didn't like it anymore.

The next summer, who shows up
wearing my necklace?

I asked her if it was mine.

She denied it,
but then she said

I could borrow it sometimes.

She spent her whole life
doing this...

Stealing what is mine,
then acting gracious,

letting me have...
just a little back.

It's a crazy kind
of gaslighting.

So you gaslighted her
right back.

We-B-Well was my idea.
I made the business plan.


She's gorgeous, charming,


I just wanted her to tell me
she was sorry, you know?

I just wanted her
to give me my necklace back.

So We-B-Well was your idea.

Now whose idea was it to take
the company away from Luna?

Luna was the problem.
Removing her was the action.

Success is the result.

It is a calm, blue ocean now...

Bobby Frost,
you're under arrest.

Oh, come on.

For conspiracy,
filing a false report,

- and rape.
- Hands behind your back.

Hey, slow your roll.

Get your hands
behind your back!

- I'm calling my lawyer.
- Yeah?

Keep your powder dry.

You can call her
on the way downtown.

Let's go.

So Bobby took a plea.

He'll do at least seven years,
and Vinay does five.


And my old friend Melanie?

There was no case
without her.

So she walks.

Was it just about the money?

For the men, yes.

But for her...

I could've been
a better friend.

I've been thinking about it.

When you arrested me,
I thought it was karma.

I burned a lot of bridges
in my time.

Hell, I... burned
my whole house down.

Well, you know what happens
when your house burns down?

You get a clear view
of the sky.

You mind if I steal that?